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Paid Survey List – Get to Know them Better Searching for paid online surveys to make money from home can be a daunting task. You need to be sure that you are working on a reliable site before commencing with the surveys. There are sites that provide information on what to look for to find a good paying survey site. It might help you in your quest to find a paying and reliable survey site. To help you out here some the list of top five paid online surveys and some information about the sites. It is also best if you join at least couple of them, so that you will always have fresh surveys to work for money. The important thing that you need to remember while signing up and going through list you must not pay any amount when you sign up to paid survey site. A reliable site are absolute free of charge. Here are the top five surveys. 1. Fusion Cash - According to reviews and member of this site, this by fact the cream of crops if it comes to free survey list. A list will not be complete without this on it. It constantly updates its database and it is one thing that you should look for in a reliable site. Aside from updating constantly, this site pays you using Paypal or direct deposit and you can clearly say that they are leader of the competition. It helps you earn $30 in half an hour just by doing the 1st page of paid survey. 2. Global Test Market - Its name says it all since this is really is Global. It has an extensive list of best paying surveys. It is unique that they have the tendency to have lots of exclusive. And having an exclusive is one of the things that you need to focus is you are searching for a good site. It has high paying surveys opportunity that cannot be found in other sites. It is said to be the Grandfather of paid surveys industry. Aside from the wide option of surveys available on the site they even send you more exclusive surveys in your email. Payment is never a problem since they always pay on time. 3. My Points - free paid survey sites which has been available since the online survey started and continue to remain on the top. You might be wondering how do this site pays you. It pays you through Paypal and not by points. Having the name points does not literally mean that they will be paying on with points. You can convert those points into cash if you need it. They have enhanced their database to add more top dollar earning surveys you ever encounter and they also have exclusive ones sent to your email. It has the best support and have high paying surveys. 4. Memo Link - This site lets you know instantly. They update database with fresh surveys frequently. If surveys are new, it pays more therefore you have the great chance to make more than other people will have within a week from this site. Points you get can be converted into gift cards or cash. 5. Survey Adventure - This site gives you choices to join several sister survey sites that all have several surveys to take, therefore you wont run into the similar ones, therefore you get payments for every thing you do.

Paid Survey List – Get to Know them Better