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Online Typing Job Just Might Suit You In the previous years, typing jobs were done by clerks, secretaries, and bookkeepers. But in the changing times, typing jobs are already outsourced as companies pay less if they just hire someone temporarily to do the job for them. And this might be the job for you! It might be what you need to give you a livable amount of income. But just like anything else in this world, there are still a lot of things to watch out for when looking for and accepting online typing jobs. Never accept an online typing job that requires you to send them money so you could be considered part of their “employment pool”. You should never pay for the ability to work for a company. Most of the time, it is the companies that asks them hire you which will pay for your registration fees. Before starting the assignment, you should also negotiate clearly with them about the money you should be expecting and the circumstance which could affect your rate. Typical online typing jobs pay you based on the number of words at a rate per word. You should also ask them first about their acceptable error rate before accepting the job. It is better that you know the rules before assignment is started and put them into writing to have everything documented. You can refer to it if there is any dispute in any of the parties. You should also clarify deadlines with them. Sometimes, these deadlines are very vague. But you need to ask them clearly as this might be their reason not to pay you for your effort. There are also companies who require documents to be submitted in a specific file format. You should ask them regarding the file format they need. It is possible to convert files from one type to another, but there are chances of errors in this conversion. Using the correct software right at the very beginning eliminates the need for conversion. If you’re trying to bid against other freelancers, do not be threatened by their extremely low rates. When companies offer typing jobs, they already have a good idea about the reasonable rate for their work based on past assignments. These extremely low rates can make them wary and perhaps, might scare them away. Making a reasonable bid might put you into a lot of rejections but certainly, you’ll be receiving jobs from reputable companies who are willing to pay the right amount for the right quality of service. Deadlines are extremely important. You should never miss any deadlines if you’re eyeing on a continuous online typing job. Some may offer you a bit of leeway but this will put a stain in their view of your professionalism. Even if the online typing job company keeps you on its list of writers, your rating may be lower for a late submission, thus reducing your chance of receiving future jobs at the frequency you wish. So, do you think online typing job is for you now? If you think so, you can start clicking your way to your first project in and type your way to your first income. Good luck!

Online Typing Job Just Might Suit You  

But just like anything else in this world, there are still a lot of things to watch out for when looking for and accepting online typing job...

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