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Get Optimized Marketing – Blog Post Draft SEO – A Brief Introduction What is SEO? Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the act of altering or optimizing your website and it’s content in order that search engines deem it to be relevant and useful to certain topics. You are able to select the most appropriate topics through the use of certain keywords in your website and by taking advantage of various SEO tools that are built in to most major content management systems. When surfers conduct searches on search engines they are presented with a list of results for that search term. These results are called Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and generally speaking, the websites that appear at the top of the SERPs will receive plenty of traffic to their websites from searchers. In fact the top 3 links on any result page will receive approximately 60% of all traffic and the top 10 results garnering a staggering 90% of all traffic. How are Search Results Determined? In order to determine your position on the SERPs, search engines use their own algorithms. While nobody knows with absolute certainty what these algorithms are, it is widely accepted that your website needs to be easy to navigate, popular and relevant. Easy navigation means that your site should have text links to each of its pages. If you use a menu system then you should include a sitemap in order that search engines and visitors can quickly and easily find their way throughout the entirety of your website. In order to make your website appear popular you need to get links to your site. While search engines would rather these links were generated because visitors to your site genuinely found your content useful, it is commonplace to undertake a link building campaign to help generate inbound links. These links can be obtained via numerous means including articles marketing, press releases, directory submissions, social bookmarking, etc. Relevance is judged by your content. By including the keywords you place in the titles and meta description of your site and throughout the body of your content, you are indicating to the search engines that your website contains relevant information. By combining these factors you can effectively convince search engines that you deserve to be near the top of their SERPs. However, this can take time and a lot of effort if you don’t fully understand what you are doing. Originally published on GO Marketing.

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Get optimized marketing rough draft seo a brief introduction  

Get optimized marketing rough draft seo a brief introduction