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The Ambassador

Lasallian Personal Effectivesness Program


Lasallian Personal Effectivesness Program


Lasallian Personal Effectivesness Program


Lasallian Personal Effectivesness Program

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Cliniquing! ! Where the hungry come to feed. !

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Culminating Night

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One Liners " Smile. When things can't get better, don't let them get worse." Justine Ragos

One Liners " Kapuso ka ba? Kasi tinatanung ng magulang ko kung kailan ka magiging kapamilya eh. :>" Mela Sison

One Liners " The more complicated things are, the less it is love." Jomar De Leon

One Liners " Don’t let your limitations hinder you from what you want to do and what you want to be.' Mimi Evasco

One Liners " There is no difference in the amount of fear between a brave person and a coward; the difference is the choice they make with it. Embrace your fears and use them as the starting point for your new journeys." Nikko Bigtas

Quotable Quotes

Love is not blind. It sees but it does not mind. Fred Ho

Quotable Quotes “If there’s a voice within you that says you can’t paint, then by all means paint! And the voice will be silenced.” - Van Gog Ninoy Enciso

Dear Diary My LPEP experience was fun and unforgettable. I have been a runner for most of the runs, but I realized that it’s not about being an orientor or a runner. Both roles are equal in a way. As an orientor, it’s fun seeing a new batch of Lasallians have their LPEP, one of the best Lasallian experiences, and you are actually part of theirs. While being a runner, aside from the delicious runner food, you get to bond with your co-LAmbs more. In addition, LPEP made me grow, not only as a LAmb, but also as a person. For me, my most unforgettable LPEP experience would be the GCOE run. Even though I was a runner, seeing everyone participate made it the most unforgettable LPEP experience.!                 - MC Nocum!

Dear Diary Well, in LPEP, I had quite a different experience because I handled young adults, which I must switch to a pedagogy setting. Well it was hard from the start, but it was a challenge for me. First I observed my partners’ actions and tried to imitate it. I got along with it then I partly mastered it. Of course every partner I had was a mentor for me. For me, LPEP changed my character. This event taught me to interact with the frosh, listen to their experiences and talk with them about everything else. My unforgettable experience during LPEP was competing with the other blocks for their cheers. I wanted my block to be competitive and to make them to be like more the “BIDA”. I handled blocks SOEblock 4, COB block 13&14, COE block E77, COS block N91. I am hoping that my orientees will never forget me and my partners as their Lasallian Ambassadors and the memories we made together.! " " " " " " " " - Mark Bernardo !

Dear Diary My most unforgettable LPEP experience was the nonstop dancing with my co-LAmbs. :) Also, nothing can replace the hugs, smiles and laughter I received from my orientees. It felt very surreal to become a Lasallian Ambassador because I got to say things like, “Welcome to La Salle!” and “Hi! ID please!” (I was part of the reg. team). It’s like the feeling that just last year, the LAmbs were saying those things to me, but this year, I got to say them to the froshies! It felt weird in a good way. I realized that it’s fun in LPEP because you get to meet new people almost every day. It also feels good to know that you’re improving as a person. I felt a huge confidence boost, I improved my communication skills and many more. That’s why I’m very thankful that I became a part LAmb.! " " " " " " " - JC “Mr. Pogi” Hernandez!

Dear Diary LAmb for me is more than just an organization. It occupied a huge part of my college life that I can almost call my degree BSECE-LAmb. It’s really amazing how one org can transform an overly passive individual into a person that I am now. I owe my resume to LAmb because without it I might not have been able to debelop my confidence in order to strive for bigger student involvement. It is through LAmb that I got to meet my best and closest friends. I don’t regret not spending my summer and class breaks on what they were supposed to be spent for. To be honest, being with the LAmbs had always been the best part of my day.! " " " " " " " " - Renz Tarnate!

Trust me It's Paradise This is where the hungry comes to feed For mine is a generation that circles the globe in search of something we haven't tried before so never refuse an invitation never resist the unfamiliar never fail to be polite and never outstay your welcome

just keep your mind open and suck in the experience and if it hurts you know what... it's probably worth it you hope, and you dream but you never believe that something is gonna happen to you not like it does in the movies and when it actually does you expect it to feel different more visceral more real I was waiting for it to hit me

I still believe in paradise but now at least I know it's not some place you can look for cause it's not where you go it's how you feel for a moment in your life and if you find that moment It will last forever

Reminders for Thanksgiving: 1. Please remember to give your waivers by July 2, 2012. 2. Please bring the following for the trip: a. Clothes ( since we be chilling) i. clothes that you are okay to get wet with ii. Swimming clothes b. Personal Medication ( self-explanatory) c. Costumes ( chill out in style) d. Toiletries (no stressing out) e. Food (chilling with good vibes & good food)

Prepare to hang loose and enjoy the beach with your fellow Lambs! See you!

The Ambassador June – July 2012

The Ambassador  

LAmb Online Magazine June - July 2012