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A FUSION OF THE HEALING ARTS Dr. Rosanne Butera: Austin chiropractor par excellence

Dr. Rosanne Butera practices at 1803-A West 35th St. in Austin, Texas. For more information, call 512-323-6767 or visit

DR. ROSANNE BUTERA received her B.S. in Dance and Psychology in New York City. She followed her heart and was a dancer, teacher and trainer in her 20s through her early 30s. Her path then led her to working for a short time for a chiropractor as a trainer and a receptionist. “I noted that although I could see many imbalances in the body, the chiropractor was able to affect her patients in a profound manner where I had no skills; I just had a vision of the problem,” Butera says. “She also had a profound effect on my health and wellness.” Butera interviewed other health professionals before she made the choice to become a chiropractor. “It seemed very apparent to me that those who chose chiropractic were the most satisfied with their choice and had the most expansive view of their work,” she 26


says. Pursuing this career change, Butera moved to Austin immediately after graduation. She started by working as an associate for one-and-a-half years, and then she opened the doors to her private practice. And her practice has been thriving ever since. “My work is a fusion of the healing arts,” she says. “I have a strong Pilates-based rehab program that offers a functional rehab model in a tri-plane mode that addresses the individual patient’s needs in a comprehensive manner.” Her first response to a patient accepted into care is chiropractic; the technique Butera uses may vary, but the premise of structural integrity and clearing nerve interference is primary to good health. Chiropractic clears the body and corrects biomechanics while allowing the body to heal itself. This is of paramount importance for all patients to under-

stand on their journey to becoming holistic patients. Butera utilizes adjunct therapy to increase the desired results of treatment. Acupuncture, physical rehab, taping and nutrition will be applied as needed to patients’ individual concerns. Butera explains that acupuncture can be used to balance emotions and help decrease inflammation, resulting in an increase in healing time. She uses acupuncture to enhance the effects of chiropractic; examples cited include sinus congestion, digestive problems, lowered immunity, anxiety, nerve and joint pain and paresthesia, just to name a few conditions. Focusing on nutritional support decreases inflammation caused by external sources and increases the healing process. Butera looks for food allergies and sensitivities. She develops nutritional programs



San Antonio NSIDE Texas MD May/June 2014  
San Antonio NSIDE Texas MD May/June 2014