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Denise Bell Skin Care creates a vibrant glow in Austin By: JODY JOSEPH MARMEL



EVERY PERSON’S SKIN IS DIFFERENT AND WHAT SOME PEOPLE RESPOND WELL TO, OTHERS DON’T. THE TRUTH IS THAT AFTER ABOUT THE AGE OF 20, WE ARE ALL AGING. does anything that will make us look better. “I found it fascinating that sculptured nails were really invented by a dentist and it is the same with microcurrent. Athletes use microcurrent to heal quicker from injuries.” Denise also offers the “Supermodel” because people who are in the sun need exfoliation and nothing makes you feel better than a quick microderm. It brightens the skin and preps it for products so that they aren’t just sitting on the top layer of dead and dried out skin. “It gives you a glow that supermodels have. After a microderm, you must avoid the sun. The only thing worse than damaging your skin in the sun is damaging new skin in the sun.” Other treatments include ultrasonic facials as well as classic European facials. Facials include steam, massage and serums that are customized exactly for your skin. “I treat your skin for what it needs on that day and that will be different depending on the season and what you have going on at the time. Hormones, stress, and sun damage all play a large part in how your skin looks.” Denise Bell Skin Care offers peels, tinting and waxing. Peels help uncover the new skin underneath; they lighten pigmentation and promote the growth of collagen. There are peels for hyperpigmentation, acne and wrinkles and Bell has used them all with amazing results. Tinting and waxing/tweezing brows are one of her favorite things to do because the effect is so immediate. “During the summer, I offer a lash and brow tint special because women, especially young moms, are running around in yoga pants taking kids here and there and are always on the go. If you have your brows and lashes tinted, you can get out the door with 1 or 2 products-tinted moisturizer with at least a 30 spf and if you are a lip junkie like me, you need gloss. That’s it!” Every person’s skin is different and what some people respond well to, others don’t. The truth is that after about the age of 20, we are all aging. But the rate at which a 30 year old experiences that is very different from a 50 year old. In general, a person in their 30s main goal should be prevention. Sun damage is responsible for 90 percent of premature aging so protecting your skin from the damages of sun, stress and smoke are vitally important. “At the age of 50, skin care is more about correction. If you’ve been on a good skin care program all through



TEXAS is full of beautiful women and Denise Bell’s mission is to provide the ultimate in skin care and by doing so, she is helping keep the Lone Star State as beautiful as possible. Born in Phoenix, Arizona-also known as “The Valley of the Sun” can wreak havoc on your skin due to the dry, hot climate. Bell says, “From a very young age, I was always interested in the beauty and fashion business and read every magazine I could get my hands on. I pictured myself working for a magazine publication which lead me to UT Dallas where I earned a degree in English and History.” Bell taught English and also has experience in health care, both of which have been great backgrounds for what she does now, communicating with people on the health of their skin. “Healthy skin is beautiful and naturally people want to look their best. Looking good is part of feeling good. If you feel good that will be reflected in how you look. It’s all connected.” Many things have inspired Denise and continue to do so. In the beginning, it was more about makeup and how to create certain looks. The more she studied, she soon realized that what makes a beautiful face is not makeup; it is the canvas that you start with. “I tell clients all the time that if you have radiant skin, you can wear a pony tail and flip flops and look beautiful.” Denise Bell Skin Care opened in 2012 in Westlake. It is not a typical spa; it’s very private and clients can come and go without seeing anyone. “I think that is one of the reasons I have many male clients. Men are more comfortable with getting treatments than ever before but it is still nice that you don’t have to worry about running into anyone. I love it when people tell their friends about me and many of them do. On the other hand, if I’m your little beauty secret, then that’s fine too.” Aging and acne are 90 percent of Bell’s business. It’s frustrating for people to have fine lines and blemishes. Learning how to combat acne on aging skin can be a challenge, but it is absolutely possible. Many of Denise’s clients tell her their goal is to look 10 to 15 years younger. “When you’re 50, you are not going to look like you’re 20, but if you could look 35, that would be great. And you can; that is all a part of the beauty of what I can do for you.” Bell’s “Spa Menu” is a work in progress. She is constantly learning new techniques and perfecting ways to do certain treatments. Her area of concentration in skin care is microcurrent. “Most people don’t know what it is or what it can do. Some people think that if they use botox then microcurrent is something that they don’t need. But microcurrent can benefit 95% of the faces I see, even if you use botox. Microcurrent is actually very beneficial to botox users because it helps keep the muscles in the face energized which is really important since they can’t move on their own.” Naming her microcurrent facial the “Real Housewife” because it does what women over 40 want-it tightens, tones and increases cell energy so that your skin can repair itself from the damage of life. Microcurrent was originally used to heal damaged skin and tissue and the beauty industry swiped it just like it

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