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OVER THE LAST DECADE, popular culture has embraced yoga. Now meditation is taking its place in the spotlight. Though both yoga and meditation have existed for millennia, of late, they have been adopted by an ever larger segment of mainstream Western culture. The workplace is now no exception. This is due partly to the physical benefits of these practices, but evidence from clinical studies and research shows remarkable benefits for one’s mental health and general well-being as well. Many experience a strengthening of the immune system, the alleviation of depression, a boost to brainpower, and a modulation of emotions— even a rewiring of the structure of the brain has been shown to occur as a result of a regular meditation practice. This has an impact on the experience of customers who interact with those who undertake a meditation practice. At Xaver Jewels we strive to instill this level of consciousness into our valued employees so that they, and everyone with whom they come into contact, will benefit. Through the act of conscious breathing, the quieting 12


of our minds and the relaxation of our bodies, meditation expands our horizons and ideas of the possible. As others have endeavored to improve their lives through exercise and healthy eating choices, we at Xaver Jewels are now also embarking upon the next journey of fully realizing our personal potential. This journey begins within our own minds. As our CEO states, “it’s about training our minds to be more focused, to see with clarity, to have spaciousness for creativity and to feel more connected.” The culture at Xaver Jewels is encapsulated in the statement, “to give compassion to ourselves, to everyone around us -- our colleagues, customers -- that’s what the training of mindfulness is really about.” There are a myriad of meditation techniques and traditions from the simple to the most advanced, yet all have the same intention: to experience life in a way that dramatically decreases stress and increases responsiveness and awareness. With a meditation practice, one can more successfully manage the modern world and all its easily distracting and often overwhelming effects. We are able to release subconscious

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burdens and to activate bodily and mental processes that lead to greater overall health and a general feeling of happiness and balance. Who would not wish to shop in such a peaceful and welcoming environment? At Xaver Jewels, our environment is one that manifests the fruits of our practice. To begin, here are two methods that take first steps toward a meditation practice and the integration of that practice into the chaotic and hectic swirl of the modern, work-a-day world: First, simply take a moment and go for a walk. One can do this around the office building, around a city block or in a local park; it doesn’t matter where. The simple act of walking in deliberate and mindful steps, taking notice of the breath and becoming aware, focused upon the present moment, can have a miraculous and lasting effect. It creates the space and time to relax the mind and become more aware of the peace within. A more advanced method is to find a pleasant and calm place in which to take just a few minutes out of your day, (preferably increasing those minutes as you develop your practice), and quietly focus on your breath. Simply breathe in and then breathe out. As thoughts come to your mind—as they inevitably will— simply acknowledge them and let them go. As you let go of these thoughts, you release the mental and physical stress that has a tendency to build up over time. As a result, you improve your focus. You experience a relaxed yet alert state. The mind is clear of noise and clutter. It is highly suggested that you must treat meditation as a daily part of your life to fully reap its benefits. At Xaver Jewels our staff has done exactly that, and it is our hope that one’s shopping experience will be greatly uplifted and improved as a result. In our experience at Xaver Jewels, we have seen the best results come from setting aside a daily time and place dedicated to meditation practice. You can begin by doing just a few minutes a day, and then add more time as you become a regular meditator. Just as you regularly attend to your appearance and personal grooming, make a similar commitment to attend to the grooming of the inner world of your mind. You will see that what is felt within is out-pictured into your external experience as well. Schedule a daily time for your meditation practice and keep to it, just as you would with any commitment. This is the kind of dedication shows results. It is important to feel inspired to continue, because the


Meditation is one of the eight limbs of yoga: introducing mindfulness into the workplace.

San Antonio NSIDE Texas Business Sept/Oct 2014  
San Antonio NSIDE Texas Business Sept/Oct 2014