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AUSTIN STYLE GROWING UP IN HOUSTON, Mandy Granado ventured west and arrived in Austin 12 years ago to further her career in the beauty industry. While working on a job for a magazine, Granado met a hairstylist who gave her a fulltime job as a makeup artist. Doing makeup 24/7, Granado found a love and passion for hair, as well. “Through blood, sweat and tears and working late hours, I mastered hair coloring and hair cutting. I have experience with professional hair color lines such as Paul Mitchell, Aveda, Redken and my signature favorite, Wella.” Most of Granado’s clients are cut and color. She offers complimentary makeup touchups after hair services are completed. When she is not “behind the chair,” Granado works off site on photo shoots and travels to do hair and makeup for concerts, shows and other creative venues. “It keeps my job interesting – never a dull moment,

REINVENTING THE MAKEUP WHEEL Women with sensitive, aging or otherwise problematic skin can look and feel beautiful with Granado Mineral Cosmetics, Mandy Granado’s natural skincare cosmetics line. By: JODY JOSEPH MARMEL



for sure. I am always meeting someone new, and I love taking on new clients.” As she specializes in makeovers, those of you who want to change your look or need some advice on what can accentuate your look need not look further. Granado covers it all and then some. Another wonderful service she offers is a “how to” appointment. “I show you how to style your own hair for that fresh salon blowout look. I go further and show how to use a round brush, how to curl your hair and what kind of blow dryers and curling irons to purchase. I love educating my clients on how to achieve your own look at home.” With her array of beauty service packages that will help enhance your desired look, Granado has an exceptionally creative handle in the beauty industry. As if this were not enough, Granado launched her own line of cosmetics a couple of years ago: Granado Mineral Cosmetics. Marketing more toward the well-being of your skin, it is a natural skincare cosmetics line with fashionable colors. Granado explains that most natural makeup lines tend to be afraid to add color. Granado’s line features high-fashion colors with an edge. “The ingredients are the favorite part of my cosmetic line. For instance, my concealer has arnica gel infused in it to help repair damaged skin and inflammation.” The cosmetics also treat acne and problematic skin, as well as people suffering from rosacea and acne. Granado does not use any synthetic fillers to replace color. All cosmetics are pure pigment, concentrated and paraben-free. Granado Mineral Cosmetics has natural sunscreens and humectants to fight against humid weather. With antioxidant power, the more you wear the cosmetics, the better your skin will feel and look. “Just after a week of using my foundation, you will notice a tighter and smoother feel to the skin. It doesn’t clog pores, and therefore, fewer breakouts will occur.” Granado’s creamy treatment concealer covers any post-surgical bruising and acne blemishes. The cosmetic line can be found at Grapevine Salons in Austin, or you can purchase Granado Mineral Cosmetics online. Made especially for women with sensitive skin, problematic skin, aging skin, hyper pigmentation and post-surgical skin, Granado will continue to educate as many people as she can about her wonderful products that make you look and feel beautiful.

Grapevine Salons is located at 7942 Great Northern Blvd., No. 3, in Austin, Texas. For more information, call 512-3004052 or visit www.granadocosmetics.com.



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