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Xaver Jewels: broadening your diamond knowledge and bringing your bling-filled visions to life By: SAUMIL MANEK and EMILY A. JASCHKE


When celebrating a momentous occasion with a diamond, it is difficult to equate potential market value with that of sentiment. Rest assured that your investment has three major payoffs: ➊ The joy it brings the receiver ➋ The love and eternal commitment it represents ➌ A polished diamond is an annual appreciation-yielding commodity Compared to other investment venues, the diamond market is less volatile, thus paving the way for stable capital preservation. Current market trend projects that prices will increase due to growth in consumer demand and supply decline. According to Edahn Golan, an analyst specializing in the diamond industry, “In practical terms, there is no expectation that global diamond production will increase in the next 10 years – at best.” Acquiring one of nature’s most precious and sought-after gems – a diamond – yields both financial and sentimental return. Xaver’s knowledge of the industry, accompanied by vast resources, will maximize your investment while preserving your budget.




With a purchase often driven by emotion and expectation, establishing a diamond budget can be austere. Alleviate unnecessary stress by making it your first priority. When love meets budget, keep a level head. Carefully evaluate your finances to establish a comfort level. If purchasing together, make sure you and your partner’s money values align. Long gone is the rudimentary formula that two months’ salary equals the value of an engagement ring. While it is at the buyer’s discretion, it is recommended to purchase within your means. Plan ahead for the extras. Allocate a portion of your budget for a setting and wedding band. Personalized, high-tech jewelry boxes are in vogue and engraving is often an option. You need to protect your investment with a warranty and an insurance policy. Take a moment to analyze the benefit of having a private jeweler versus cost of a using a retail vendor:



Two Payments: Down Payment and Last Payment Due at Pick Up

Multiple Payments: Down Payment, Monthly and Last Payment Due at Pick Up

Reasonable, One-of-a-Kind Designs

40 to 50 Percent Increase for Mass-Produced Designs

No Financing Needed

Average APR: 24.9 Percent

Best Value for Your Money

Same Value, Extra Expense


HISTORICALLY AND CULTURALLY, gems and luxe adornments represent a gamut of intentions – perhaps the most important being a token of love. Whether for a promise, for gratitude or for a commitment, the act of giving is a deep representation of your investment in that individual. Xaver Jewels is your personal assistant in successfully solidifying that connection. As a private jeweler, we set out to establish a life-long relationship with our clients. In the “getting to know you” process, we extensively discuss need, want and aesthetic preference. In addition, we educate you regarding budget, quality and certification. We value you as a life-long client as you will value your diamond investment for a lifetime. Most importantly, Xaver strives to bring your bling-filled vision to life.

Houston NSIDE Texas Business March/April 2014