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“DESIGNING INTERIORS IS THE HEART OF MY BUSINESS, AND MY PILLOWS ARE THE SOUL.” the latest trends with the charming elements of the past, weaving them into a beautiful tapestry called “home.” Building Steel Feather Interiors on her own as a single mother is a goal that this talented businesswoman has successfully achieved. “I am very proud of where I am and where I am going. It makes me proud to know my three sons appreciate my hard work and dedication. They see what it takes to grow a business. It is a huge life lesson for them, as well.” Gauthreaux’s interior design clients typically have homes in the price range of $800,000 to $5,000,000. “I try to use as many cost-effective pieces as possible without compromising quality. Then I add in unique pillows, lighting, wallpaper and artwork to create a unique look for each and every client.” The pillow boutique, PS…I LOVE YOU, opened in April 2013. Gauthreaux chose to start this boutique because she has never seen a store solely focusing on pillows. Due to the fact that she has always had an obsession with textiles, as an interior designer, she strongly believes that adding the perfect pillow in any room creates the punctuation. “A pillow can pull it all together, just like pairing the perfect earrings with an outfit.” PS…I LOVE YOU is a collection of pillows, ottomans and accessories that evolved from her travels to North Africa in 2012. “I felt compelled to share and express my passion for this culture’s bright colors, intricate patterns and hand-woven textiles.” The Morocco Collection 2013 uses the colorful handwoven textiles as inspiration in each individual subcollection. These include the Hookah Collection,

the Kasbah Collection, the Signature Collection, the Marrakech Collection, the Suzani Collection and the Tangier Collection. Each collection is grouped according to color; the Signature Collection is Gauthreaux’s unique designs inspired by tiles found in Moroccan architecture. All pillows are stunning, and there is a pillow that is sure to satisfy every customer’s style. In fact, the collections are so inviting that one pillow is often not enough; clients usually choose a few because the colors and patterns are dynamic designs to add to any room. The pillows, ottomans and lighting are all oneof-a-kind pieces, which drives the price tag higher than most, therefore, demanding a high-end client much like her own who appreciates quality and uniqueness. “To me, this is what sets a beautifully furnished home apart from all others,” Gauthreaux says. “A home is only a house until it has the finishing touch of a beautiful pillow or pillows. Not only can the material, pattern and color of a pillow embrace you, but a down insert can make all the difference in comfort.” Using 100 percent linen, velvet or hand-woven natural fibers on the front for comfort, PS…I LOVE YOU uses brightly colored, comfortable, environmentally friendly, flame-retardant Trevira on the back of the pillow for durability. The inserts are a high-quality down feather fill that assures longlasting comfort and will hold their shape over time. “Designing interiors is the heart of my business, and my pillows are the soul. I couldn’t create a room without designing my own pillows for each interior

design project. I think this is what sets me apart from other designers. I truly want my clients to have something in their home that is unique.” Most of the designs are sold at PS…I LOVE YOU. In October 2012, Gauthreaux had a soft opening at Round Top. You can also find her pillows at LOFT Home, located in The Domain. “I have not sold my products out of state yet, but I have hopes to do so very soon,” Gauthreaux says. “I am searching for locations that are passionate about one-of-a-kind pieces and can appreciate a grassroots company such as mine. “I will continue to explore artistic inspiration in other countries. My goal is to unify cultures, one pillow at a time. To show my commitment, Steel Feather Interiors will donate a portion of sales from the Signature Collection to organizations promoting women artisans’ economic independence.”

Steel Feather Interiors and PS…I LOVE YOU are located at 1605 W. 35th St. in Austin, Texas. For more information, call 512-468-4915 or visit www.steelfeatherinteriors.com. NOVEMBER.DECEMBER 2013 / NSIDE TEXAS BUSINESS


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