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MEDICAL PRACTICE By Cynthia Huchingson


ou know you’re guilty of thinking it. From the moment you hear the news about a doctor leaving a medical practice, you gasp and think, “Oh gosh, it must have not worked out.” When you talk about it to your cohorts, everyone lowers their voice to a strange, slow whisper, as if you might catch “the illness” if you speak about it too loudly. The connotations associated with doctors leaving their practice are vigorously negative, and a Google search on “leaving a medical practice” doesn’t provide much solace. It returns scores of petrifying legal ramifications if you don’t leave “just right.”


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But what if you could leave with unabashed confidence? Would you? 1. Start With Why The start of a new year is always a good time to think about change. Perhaps you are just beginning to think about changing medical practices, or worse, maybe an unanticipated change is going to smack you in the face when you least expect it. Regardless of whether your transition is pre-planned or a “pants on fire” response to an unavoidable termination, start with why. Are you unhappy where you are or just stuck? Is the system crumbling or do you just want to apply your amassed medical knowledge to the

world in a different way? Are there risks or changes inherent in your particular practice or field of specialty that would make precluding a departure impossible under a certain set of circumstances? Knowing why you’re leaving is important to ensure you don’t recreate any significant problems or challenges you had before. More importantly, however, knowing why helps you define your new opportunity. Outside of the practice of medicine, people are changing jobs all the time and it’s an overwhelmingly positive thing! Although there are few longitudinal studies reporting exact average lifetime job changes, a 2015 Bureau of Labor Statistics report on a

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