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February 2014 January 2014

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WHY FACEBOOK LIKES ARE NEEDED AND HOW TO GET FREE FACEBOOK PAGE LIKES  JANUARY 16, 2014 GETLIKES  LEAVE A COMMENT Social media is being considered to be the biggest platform now for the promotional activities and many businesses take advantage of it 7RDTQGPDTGQ3 . Facebook is the leading player in this sector and getting more Facebook page likes can surely enhance the credibility and authenticity of your FB page in order to attract more potential customers. It is a well-known fact lately that you can excel in your online business promotions on making use of the social media effectively. The social networking sites are so popular now as every one out of two internet surfers spend majority of their time on the social networking sites. It also spreads an air of authenticity and it is for sure that businesses can find their potential customers easily on this platform.

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networking sites like Twitter,


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Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn etc., which are being used by many users for different purposes. But as you are aware, Facebook (FB) is the market leader in this sector, far exceeding its competitors with a huge number of members universally. Even though many of the business and service providers have their Facebook page, much of them are not aware why Facebook likes are needed in order to popularize their page. Why FB likes?

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Getting a Facebook like is similar to earning a vote of trust in your favor. So, as much likes you have, you can project these as the proof of your authenticity and quality. However, it is not easy to get

your authenticity and quality. However, it is not easy to get Facebook likes unless you are well known globally. So, all those who got social media presence are competing to get Facebook likes from all possible corners and there are also some genuine methods to get more FREE Facebook page likes. Further, we will see a few major reasons why Facebook likes are important. • You can see the number likes on your profile status tab itself, with which the visitors come to know whether you are already popular before they start to read through your page. So, having a good number of Facebook fans will give your FB page a lot more credibility and buy the belief of people that you are a worthy try. It is the number of likes on your page, which is the deciding factor on how much more you may probably get. • Apart from the general users, if you are having business interests, it is also a fact that the promoters and marketers will consider you seriously only if you are having a substantial count of likes on you. It will set open new avenues for you in terms of cross-promotions to help your business grow further. • Through Facebook, you can easily promote your products and services to a broader customer base once if you get established with a large number of likes. Here, the Do you need professional PDFs? Try PDFmyURL!

likes will act as an attestation to your product or service quality, and those have voted a like for you, are willing to get your promotional offers too, and this way it enhances the scope of reaching to more customers instantly. Free likes There are a few genuine options now to get more FREE Facebook page likes. There are some services offering intelligent methods to get likes. For example, you need to submit your website with the Facebook URL link to the ‘get likes’ service. In order to get approval need to like another 10 sites of your same category. It is like helping others to get help. Similarly you also will get 10 likes when another one submits their for approval and the chain goes on. Author Bio: Aditya Sen is a social media expert as well as a freelance blogger. He is specializing on social media promotions and supporting clients in many unique ways to get FREE Facebook page likes in order to enhance the online performance. FREE FACEBOOK LIKES

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Exploring need of facebook likes and how to get it free  

As we all know that the biggest marketing platform is Social Media and everyone use it for their business branding & reputation. Facebook Pl...

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