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MARCH 2010

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THERE’S NOTHING LIKE A PICNIC ON THE GRASS. And if there’s one thing we’ve got a lot of, it’s grass.

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A DAY ON THE GREEN FESTIVAL You don’t have to be a golfer to enjoy a day on the green. Join us on the 28th of March and the 25th of April from 9am to 3pm for a fun filled festival of music, gourmet food and wine. Not to mention the ‘farmers market’ and jumping castle for the kids. Bring a blanket, family and friends and come and relax on our lawn. This is what Sundays are made for.

Phone (07) 5530 9000 Fax (07) 5530 9019

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get it Hope Island March 2010

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84 Upton Street Bundall Queensland 4217 Email: Ph: 5 59 2 0161 F a x : 07 5 59 2 0 3 8 3 Hope Island March 2010

Contact one of our designers for a FREE 1 hour interior design consultation.


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hen i was in Catholic kindy many years ago, sister alyosisus could put you in your place in two seconds flat, just by giving you one of her withering looks. actually, she had a few other politically incorrect tricks up her big sleeves that convinced you it was in your best interests to be good. i’m not going to risk any wrath telling, but whatever her methods, they must have worked. i’ve been good ever since. how things have changed since those days. a reader rang to tell us of a gold Coast day care centre that has banned the use of the word ‘no’ when talking to its children. the centre doesn’t want to risk damaging the sensitivities of its small charges, and has decided ‘no’ is too negative a word – well there’s a surprise for you. so, instead of saying ‘no’, it’s now ‘stop’. stop more chocolate, stop more ice cream, stop more television. hmm, just doesn’t have the same ring, does it? in a similar vein, a hope island grandfather was recently warned off taking photos of his young granddaughter splashing about in a public pool, because other swimmers might get snapped in the shot and have their privacy invaded. Well, that’s a laugh in itself. didn’t think there was any privacy left to invade. thought it was swallowed up years ago by the banks, electrical authorities, phone companies and even pizza shops, who require your name, rank and serial number, plus the identity of the first person you ever kissed, before

they even bother to ask why you are bothering them in the first place. and while we’re not bothering, why are we still here years later, still tip toeing around all the pC business? you know everyone’s will have their own view on the issue and argue that black is non-specific colour, anyway. yet all this time, if you are fat, you are fat. if your hair is red, it’s red. if your skin is brown, white, black or orange from a spray tan, that’s what it is. if the king isn’t wearing clothes, he is plain and simply naked, not armani-challenged. the words or the reality don’t seem to be the problem. seems it’s more about the delivery. even the word ‘good’ can come out sounding bad if it’s thrown at someone with enough sarcasm, vitriol and intent to wound. Meanwhile, in england, the nursery rhyme baa baa sheep that reportedly offended some primary school officials, didn’t know they were meant to be multi-coloured. but they aren’t sitting around on their fleece taking it lightly. they have launched a group counter-action against those denying them their rights to be the black sheep of the family. Witnesses are being called, but no one has been able to track down the chief complainant, the missing rainbow sheep. should you spot one in these parts, could you give us a call? to share your viewpoint, go to www. Sharon Kells

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march 2010

its osCar tiMe, v rOSSI OScArS Monday March 8. limes hotel, brisbane international will host the annual academy awards WoMen’s day and the event, rossi’s oscars. organised by brisbane’s own Mr hollywood, damien run up to a Month anthony rossi, part proceeds go toward of free eVents at cancer research. it’s a night of celebrities, the arts Centre entertainment, fashion and festivities to

v tHe WAY OF WOmeN

March 8, 12 and 13. it’s the month when international Women’s day is celebrated on the gold Coast. the organisers behind the event are about to mark their 15th year. the program includes special events to highlight young women and their leadership prospects, as well as the naming of the youth leadership and overall leadership winners, plus an exciting expo showcasing events, businesses and special interests for women. Check it out by calling the Women at Work advisors on 5561 1477.


March 6-14. it’s rotary’s annual bowelscan week. the week is held to encourage residents to test their bowels to check for any early cancer signs or problems. Kits can be picked up from local pharmacies and cost $7. once used, the kit can then be deposited to any sullivan nicholaides outlets, who will check the pathology for free and send results to residents. for more information contact 044928066.

mark the oscars with only 150 tickets available to the public. Cost $110. to book, call limes hotel, 3852 9000.


March 1. it’s the day the sporting greats come to town and the action will be focused on the links golf Club, hope island. the Qantas legends golf day sees celebrity players lining up to raise funds and have fun in the process. famous faces you’re likely to see include dawn fraser, nikki hudson, glynis nunn Cearns and pat rafter.


saturday, March 27. it promises to be a night of spectacular food, fashion and fun - and it all happens at sanctuary Cove’s Marine Village. streets will be closed and dinner under the stars set up in the central area, with one long single table seating 500 guests. entertainment will include street theatre, music and a fashion showing. following dinner, an after party will be held in a purpose- built champagne bar, recreating a 1940s-50s nightclub, with the band swing Central performing.seats are limited and selling fast. Contact 5577 6500 for information or check details on www.

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v FIVe Free DAYS IN AprIL the gold Coast arts Centre, the mainstay of the city’s arts and entertainment, in undergoing an ‘extreme make-over’ this month. new name, new look, new energy. the changes will be announced at an official function at the centre, in bundall road, on March 24 and throughout april, a special program of free movies, free performance and free music will run for five days, and some nights, to welcome in the changes . DaY onE wednesday, april 7 kicks off with a free sing along movie at 7pm, where guests are invited to dress to the mood and sing their hearts out to the songs on screen. the featured film is the feel-good Mama Mia to give run to your voice. DaY TWo thursday, april 8, it’s music in the basement with the unplugged program livening up the stage from 8pm. DaY THrEE friday, april 9, the action and the laughs keep coming with Comedy in the basement – and everything is on the house. and on the same day, from 5.30pm to 7.30pm, the photographic awards exhibition takes place. DaY four saturday, april 10, the kids art workshop is sure to have the young artists delivering their best efforts from 11am-2pm. in the arts Café, performers will entertain diners and guests from 11-1.30pm, with free nibbles, and at 8pm, the basement turns on the cabaret talent. DaY fiVE sunday, april 11 at 2pm, it’s back to the movies with the free screening of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, a family film you’ll want to share and in the morning, from 11-1.30pm, there are impromptu performances in the arts Café. on both april 10 and 11, you can tour the centre with expert guides. all entertainment and movies outlined are free, but you still need to register at the gold Coast arts Centre booking office on 5584 4000 for tickets. it promises to be a fun, free month at the new arts centre.

The friendliest club

in Paradise EnTErTainmEnT

Every Friday night from 6.30pm and Sundays from 5pm

Brain FrEEzE Trivia Every Thursday at 7pm


Each Tuesday with eyes down at 9.15am sharp


Wednesday & Friday nights at 7pm


Available 7 days a week from 11am

DolPhin CovE BisTro

Open 7 days for lunch and dinner


12.00 – 2.00pm


Sun-Thurs 6pm–8pm Fri & Sat 6pm–8.30pm

Paradise Point Bowls Club 22 Thrush Ave, Paradise Point P: 07 5577 1948

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d o o w y l l o H in the blood F

OR years, Alicia Mayer Beverley kept the family secrets locked away in her fashionable closet. Only those closest knew of her ties to Hollywood’s silver screen aristocracy. Even later, when she decided to add Mayer to her married name, no one clicked. No one connected it back to her Uncle Louis, a few greats removed, or the fact he was the legendary Louis B. Mayer, part of the triumvirate who established Metro Goldwyn Mayer – or MGM – and virtually created the modern day American film industry. Nor would they have known her cousin was david O Selznik, the man who produced Gone with the Wind, and her grandmother, Mitzi Cummings, a glamorous ingénue, and talented entertainment journalist, screenwriter and composer, was frequently snapped in the company of stars like Judy Garland, Fred Astaire and Clarke Gable. The details of her family fortunes – and in some cases misfortunes – only emerged a few years ago, when American-born Alicia decided to become involved with the Australian film industry, and was appointed Vice Patron of the Academy of the Asia Pacific Screen Awards. But on a casual Monday morning,

by sharon Kells catching up for a coffee and chat at Sanctuary Cove, who would know, or even care that there was a little bit of Hollywood royalty sitting at the next table. Just another busy mum, on her way back from dropping off her two young sons at school, with a return pick up scheduled for later on that afternoon. And in between waiting for a flat white and a plate of banana bread, some shared conversation about old Hollywood, and the dynasties, divas and dramas of the intriguing world of film. “When you grow up in a famous family, or really any family for that matter, whatever is going on is just part of your life,’’ Alicia explains. “It’s not something you’re conscious of. But if you do begin to realise that your family is a bit different, you sometimes want to pull away from it – as my own mother did.” “My mother was very private. She didn’t want to live with the attention that fame sometimes brings, and she didn’t want me to be part of it either,’’ says Alicia. Alicia’s great grandmother, Ida May Cummings, was one of five children, including

Louis, born to Russian Jewish immigrants Sara and Jacob Mayer. When the enterprising Louis turned his string of two-bit burlesque theatres into a major movie empire, establishing the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Science and the Oscar awards in the process, many of the family followed. They became intimately involved in the ‘business’, as it was commonly termed, and Ida’s daughter, Mitzi, Alicia’s grandmother, was at the heart of it. With her sister Ruth, they wrote songs and scripts for films and had unprecedented access to the stars. “That’s why we have so many of these wonderful photos of my grandmother pictured with film greats of the day, like George Burns, Judy Garland and Jean Harlow. “They were part of her everyday world.” Alicia spent most of her school holidays in Los Angeles with her grandparents, Mitzi and Sol Baer Fielding, and as a wideeyed 10-year-old, would sit in darkened theatres, alongside voting members of the Academy, of which they both were, watching nominated films and listening to discussions of who might take the Oscar. “This was before dVdS and tapes, so they would all came to the screenings of the movies at the theatre, where we’d sit,

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1) Left to right, clarke gable, myrna Loy, Lionel Barrymore, Louis mayer and Jean Harlow. 2) Jean Harlow with Alicia’s grandmother, mitzi cummings. 3) uncle Louis B mayer, founder of mgm with a young relative. 4) Fred Astaire and mitz with unknown film director. 5) george Burns and wife gracie at front, with mitzi at back next to comedian Joe e Brown and unknown guests. 6) mitzi with a young Judy garland.

eat and drink. I thought this is what always happened when you went to the movies,’’ Alicia recalls. “After the screenings, we’d go to cafes and they’d talk some more, sometimes for hours, about the movies, the stars and more often than not, about Uncle Louis.” Mayer had died two years before Alicia was born, but she says he remained a huge presence in everyone’s lives. “I certainly felt like he was part of my life, even though I’d never met him. ‘’He was this God-like character. My grandparents and cousins spoke of him often, of how unforgiving he was, but equally, how brilliant he was, especially in business.” It was a world of passion and excitement, especially for a young curious teenager, but one she was forced to keep to herself. Her mother wanted nothing to do with this glitzy world of film or the family that created it, and had left home at 19. “She ended up in Haight Ashbury, in San Francisco, which in the ‘60s was known as the birthplace of free love. She met my father, a tall, dark and handsome Mexican, travelled to Greece, where I was born, but he left before I arrived.” Her mother returned to Los Angeles, but later packed up her daughter, hopped into her car and hit the road, finally stopping at Albequerque in New Mexico, where she still lives today. “My mother would send me to stay with my grandparents on holidays, but always told me never to talk about our family or the film world, to anyone. “So, for most of my life, up until very recently I never did.’’ Such was her loyalty, that Alicia once

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get it Hope Island March 2010

worked as an assistant in film production in New Mexico when she was a teenager, without her mother or stepfather ever knowing. When she turned 19, she headed for New York, met her first husband, an Australian working in foreign affairs attached to the UN, and returned with him to Canberra. She made a fledgling attempt to become involved in the film world here, but at the time, America had shut Australia out of its own industry, and her accent was not welcome. What Alicia did next, after having a baby, was to fall back on the entrepreneurial genes, which ran as deep in her lineage as ‘talking pictures’. “I designed a three-in-one baby bag – a carry bag, that became a play mat and also doubled as a sleeping bag,’’ says Alicia. Called the My Place Baby Bag, it was a self assembling kit that became so successful, it was named invention of the year. As a result of patenting her own design, Alicia also began advising other businesses and companies on ways to protect their intellectual property, and was later commissioned to rewrite some of the guidelines and data put out by the government’s Australian Intellectual Property sector. She followed up her work with a book, titled Make It Big – How To Make Money from Your Million Dollar Idea – again showing good old American know-how. It featured the advice and experiences of a number of successful inventors. Continued overleaf

Alicia mayer Beverley

get it cover story

groWing up With faMily faMe

the style of mitzi

In 2008, when Alicia made a decision to follow a long held passion for film and became involved with the Academy of the Asia Pacific Screen Awards, she crossed the line of family secrecy. Her renewed involvement in the film industry and revelations about her family background created a major rift with her parents. “My mother didn’t approve and as a result, we don’t have contact now. Maybe it will change, and maybe it won’t. “But I’d kept quiet for so long, and I felt it was a matter now of honouring my family legacy,’’ she says. “I had this ultimate goal to become filmmaker myself and put the Mayer name back in Hollywood because there’s no one left now.” As an indirect result of her appearances on behalf Asia Pacific Screen Awards, she also recently launched an on-line fashion boutique, called Zizi Living, a play on a nickname given to her 18-yearold daughter. “I launched the site because I was often going to film events and being photo-

graphed, but it’s not a good idea to keep wearing the same outfits,” she explains. “’So I put some of my own pieces on the site, plus vintage items, pieces from designers like Lisa Ho, some new end-ofline items from top labels, and some highend preloved clothing,’’ says Alicia. “I was raised in a family with generations of glamorous women who loved fashion, but who also had a keen eye for hunting down a bargain. “Here, you can pick up a beautiful outfit for $100 or less and look a million.” As if film, fashion and family were not enough, Alicia Mayer Beverley also has a screenplay in the wings. “It’s about a famous son, an Australian actor who comes back to a small country town, in this case Toowoomba, and to his family. “I’d love nothing more than to get it up and running, then see it doing the rounds of Hollywood, with the Mayer name intact.” Uncle Louis would undoubtedly be impressed. v

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FOR THE MONTH OF MARCH* Houseboating is an affordable way to get away with family or friends. Take advantage of our Look after the Locals Special for March 2010 with 20% off* all normal season hire prices – this includes weekends, mid week and weekly hires.

Fantaseas Houseboats has been operating for over 21 years and with a move to Hope Harbour Marina last year things are only getting better. Our new location offers easy boarding access, parking at the top of our marina ramp and a boat ramp to launch your tinnie or jet ski. Hope Harbour Marina is located right in the middle of the boating playground. Our fleet has grown to 14 houseboats, ranging from 2 to 10 berth boats. Our boats are as spacious, private and comfortable as an apartment, but allow you the freedom to cruise at your leisure, stopping at whatever island or spot that you desire. Everything is provided on all vessels – full bath and bedroom linen, all kitchen equipment, BBQ, CD Stereo, TV and DVD players and full upper deck furnishings. Just bring your clothing, food and drink and don’t forget the fishing gear.

In December last year we welcomed a new vessel to our fleet. The Gold Coaster is 50 feet, refurbished and very stylish. It boasts 4 bedrooms (master has a queen size bed), 81cm flat screen TV/DVD player, bathroom with two toilets, an outstanding upper deck with dining table, bar stools, sun beds and wrap around clears for protection. The Empress is a real treat for a couples get away and the Emeleah would suit three couples. If you can’t get away just yet, keep Easter weekend in mind. This is one of our busiest times of the year so to avoid disappointment make sure you get book.

All vessels are self skippered and NO BOAT LICENCE is required.

Go to our website at or call 07 5514 0311 for a brochure and further information.

Fantaseas P Arm, Hope Harbour Marine 1 John Lund Drive, Hope Island * Conditions apply. This special offer is for all new bookings taken after the 01/03/2010 and cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offer.



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341 Hope Island Road Ph 5530


Building work above $1,100 requires licensed contractors. See instore for details pertaining to QBSA regulations


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The magnetic pull of


beaCh, bush and sandy bays. MagnetiC is an island With the WelCoMe Mat perManently on shoW. it’s Waiting right at your baCK door step, so taKe a trip north and let the CurleWs shoW you around.

16 |

get it Hope Island March 2010


agnetic island is one of those destinations that sit quietly in your backyard for years, waiting its time until you finally get round to noticing. if you had come across it holidaying in greece, france, or even over the tasman in new zealand, you’d be singing its praises loud but sitting off townsville, an airborne two hours and a bit from the gold Coast, you were never going to find it by chance. as it was, i was enticed friends and former gold Coasters, peter rigby and Josephine tobias had already made the island change more than six months ago, moving north to operate the popular all seasons resort – one of the first accommodation buildings ever constructed on Magnetic. it took little more than an invite and a plane ticket to pack a bag and head north. Coming over on the ferry from the mainland, there was a lot of talk about how the island’s name came about. one version put it down to high levels of magnetic ore in the huge granite

rocks that dominate the island landscape. another claimed to be more of a spiritual deal, to do with the magical, mystical pull the island is said to exert on all who do business with it. “there’s an attraction people have to this island,’’ the explanation went. “it casts a spell over you that you can’t ignore.” as it turns out, that may be not so far from the truth. but the official verdict is less romantic and a lot more historical. it seems when Captain Cook sailed past the island on his merry way to botany bay to officially discover australia, he veered off course. he put it down to a malfunction in the navigational equipment, thought to be caused by the magnetic influences of the nearby land mass. investigations failed to find any real evidence for such an affect, but Cook was the captain, everyone was playing by his rules, so Magnetical island it was to be – later shortened to just Magnetic.

get it contents

it’s a name that suits the place well. from the minute i stepped ashore, the island had that laid back holiday feel to it. and although you are definitely not in greece, there’s a lot of Corfu about Magnetic. it has got that same relaxed Mediterranean air to it and when you travel the boulder-lined roads that cross the island, you find them taking you to the very crescent of the hill, then tipping over to reveal a brilliant blue sea and white-etched shoreline below. sandy bays, private inlets, a bush and rock landscape. this island, however is also a living, working playground. the main business of the day is tourism, and Magnetic is a well-charted stopover for numerous international backpackers and visitors, who often stay several months for work, then spend the money they earn in the same cycle. but it’s also a romantic destination for honeymooners, family holidaymakers and anyone in need of a home grown reminder of australia’s special brand of wilderness.

get it feature

the island is a world heritage listed national park, part of the great barrier reef and known for its great natural beauty. it’s home to an abundance of native wildlife, starting with the more than 2500 free-roaming koalas – and with half the world arriving on our shores to see a cuddly koala or cute kangaroo, this really should be their first stop. although they remain the most shy of little critters, so you’ll still have to make the effort to find them. the area also hosts a variety of colourful and entertaining bird life, while the coral reefs and tranquil waters teem with tropical fish, and then, at certain times of the day, the rock wallabies who live in the sheltered boulder landscapes, come out, en masse, for public feedings. at the all season’s resort where i’m staying, the wildlife has moved in and you’re never likely to be short of company. every morning on my way to the terrace for breakfast, the curlews that are native to the island, walk alongside, filling me in on their day so far. each afternoon, at 5pm on the dot,

the resort manager peter brings a plate of sliced meat up and, the blue winged kookaburras who line up on a rail by the pool for happy hour, are always up for a natter. in the evenings, a waddling little possum, strolling past the tables on his way home, sometimes shares the trip with diners on the balcony outside the restaurant. and then at night, back in the room, which looks onto a nature reserve, the lights go on and the grazing wallabies in the garden scamper off to another party. being an australian, i find it a rare treat to enjoy such close proximity to the native fauna. it gives you the feeling of really being part of nature, which you talk about wanting to do so often, but rarely have the chance to experience. but for visitors arriving from foreign parts and places to take all this in, it must be the biggest treat. if you’re looking for more conventional amusement, the island provides activities that will keep you on the go from dawn till dusk, if you so choose. Continued overleaf

get it Hope Island March 2010

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the island also accommodates some fantastic bushwalks, blue water snorkelling, horse riding on the beaches and eating at a variety of great restaurants. and you really don’t want to miss friday night at the local rsl, which is effectively one big open hall in a makeshift building. but it’s also the site of a bustling food and craft night market – an outdoor treat that really needs to be experienced. Magnetic island has the paradise package wrapped up. it has the green bush, the rocky granite landscape, the sandy bays and an environment of natural beauty and friendly wildlife and there’s some-thing else. it’s a community that wears its green credentials well. public facilities like the bus shelters

one of the most popular is an island tour, which takes you from the bays to the bush and back again in an open-air stretch mini-moke. the tour makes sure it visits all the delightful bays the island is so known for, skirts round the cafes and restaurants, drops into the local hot spots, arrives in time for a spot of lorikeet feeding at a popular park, then winds up the tour with drinks on the beach and the spectacular sunset at the bay on West point. then, just when you think the day is over and you’re heading back on the sandy track at night, you turn your head and the bush lights up with the wings of a million fireflies, creating a fairy wonderland.

and the toilets that sing to you when you arrive and leave, are serviced and lit by solar panels. Much of the area is also under an irrigation system serviced through a major water-recycling program. undoubtedly, the magnetism of this island is everywhere. v Sharon Kells WIN A HOLIDAY tO mAgNetIc ISLAND. For a chance to win a trip for two, staying at the beautiful All Seasons resort. See our competition on page 44. For accommodation at All Seasons resort, contact 07 4778 5806. For travel arrangements contact Harvey World travel, Hope Island, 5530 8633.

Celebrate Club Med’s 60th anniversary seCOnd PersOn saves 60%*

at Club Med Lindeman Island in the Whitsundays * ConDITIons AppLy

One PriCe all inClusive PaCKaGe

+ Return flights & transfers


Twin share superior accommodation

+ Open bar & snacking


6 Night all-inclusive packages with flights start from^


All day dining Sport & leisure on sumptious activities with buffet & gourmet expert tuition cuisine

Supervised activities & childcare

Departure: Brisbane

1st Adult(18+) $1960

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Family of 4 $4940

^ 60 day sale – From 1st February until 31 March 2010. For travel until 31 Jan 2011. Prices based on Superior Twin Share Accommodation, departure date 1st June 10. Family based on 2 adults and 2 children (10 & 4 yrs)

HARvey WORld TRAvel HOPe ISlAnd Tel: 07 5530 8633 Email:

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budget every



A beautiful garden says a lot about you – and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. For more than 20 years, we’ve used our ecologically sustainable methods to grow, shape and maintain some of Gold Coast’s most beautiful gardens. If you’re building, renovating, or just struggling with your garden, we really can help. Call (07) 5528 4123 today, for a consultation and obligation-free quote.

xperience our exquisite E menu and treat your senses to the authentic taste of India. New restaurant now open at Emerald Lakes.

Dine in | Take away | Home Delivery

Shop 4 Hope Island Central, 340 Hope Island Road P 07 5530 8111 Shop 6, 3027 The Boulevard, Emerald Lakes P 07 5594 5050 2 |

get it Hope Island March 2010

licenced. Byo wine only. no corkage charges for lunch. open 7 days a week, 365 days.

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Above, Jenine Beekhuyzen, Bronwen Whitely and Nikki curtis.

Takiing The geek ouT of The girl...To page 22

the ‘it’ girls of cyber there’s a braVe neW World of inforMation teChnology Waiting for WoMen to heed the Call – and it’s definitely not for the geeK-hearted.


here’s nothing all that difficult about computers. you push the on button to start the day, the off button to end it, and in between, interact with a million and one interfaces. the machinery is hard wired into our everyday experiences. but what goes on beyond the key board, the hows and whys of its workings, are best left to a super race – those with expanded foreheads, simple tastes in clothes and poor eyesight, the legacy of hours fixated on a small box of binary magic that is the computer. they are commonly referred to as geeks and nerds, and if worldwide statistics are to be believed, most of them are male. “and there you have it, a whole lot of technology stereotypes in one sweep,’’ says Jenine beekhuyzen, who despite being a well-credentialled it specialist herself, fits none of the above. not male, not big of forehead, not geeky. but these are the perceptions, she says, which help to explain why so many young women are failing to take up careers in information technology – a phenomena that is reflected globally. in australia, the rate of female students enrolling in it degree courses averages 10-20 per cent of the total applicants, with male uptakes significantly higher. reasons for this disparity vary from the belief information technology is ‘too nerdy and dull’ for girls, to concerns the study

is too difficult and job choices too limited. “Most people’s idea of who’s who in information technology is the person, usually a guy, who turns up to fix your computer when there’s a problem,” says Jenine, a graduate of griffith university, who runs her own business teaching software systems. “but that’s not what it’s about at all. “Women are not shy of technology. they use it everyday, and know their way around sites like the networking, facebook and twitter. “but they aren’t learning the systems, or moving into levels where they’ll be the ones creating and developing new ideas of technology. “if we leave it all to the boys, we risk losing the female perspective and ending up with technology that’s somewhat skewed to male needs.’ Many experts believe females still suffer from ingrained perceptions that subjects like maths and science, associated with it study, are more suited to boys. but Jenine says this shouldn’t deter young women from taking up degree courses. ‘‘there are so many areas of study to consider, and it’s growing and changing all the time. for instance, my area of research, which is music downloading, didn’t exist 15 years ago’’ she says. “you could compare the differences in it areas with dress design. “a designer will create the dress, a pattern maker draw up a template, a

get it feature

cutter prepare it, and a machinist sew it together. then someone might be in the background, making sure details like pleats or trims all work. “in it, it’s a little bit the same. a team of system analysts and designers will create and draw the concept, a programmer will fine tune it and put the pattern into play, then a project manager will help put it all together following certain guidelines. there are all levels of these jobs available.” a push is underway to open the it world to young women, and while countries like india and China have no problem putting the feminine touch into their it industry, australia and much of the western world seems to have imbibed a cultural resistance. Jenine has been involved in researching the reasons behind the trend under a program called the Winit project – Women in information technology started in 1995 by associate professor liisa von hellens and dr sue nielsen. their aim is understand better the reluctance of women to take up it, and in the process, hopefully find ways to address it. Jenine and her colleagues run a free, one-day support and mentoring program through the universities, for female students years 4 to 12, designed to help them better understand their it options. she says in general, boys take a different approach to computers. “funnily enough, their interest in video and online games often draws them into the idea of programming or technical careers. it’s a more tangible interest. “however, it’s not the same for girls. they want technology to relate more to real life situations, to social problem solving, to useful applications. Continued overleaf

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get it feature “they don’t like the association that they might end up spending their days hunched over a computer screen – which is not the case.’’ she says girls are not often encouraged to go beyond basic computer skills at high school, so don’t associate higher technology studies with a career. but she points out an it degree gives options for you to work in practically any field you choose, be it travel, medicine, media, law, business or sport. and within those frameworks, you could go on to design web sites for film companies, security systems for hospitals, create software programs for airlines to streamline flight bookings, or even end up working on designs for robots and refining artificial intelligence. “in fact, to use a cliché, the world is your oyster in the field of technology,’’ says Jenine. “and unlike a lot of other job choices, it’s a career that travels well.’’ When bronwen Whitely was at school, the idea of a career in it never entered her head.


“to tell you the truth, i didn’t even know what it was about,’’says bronwen. “i did an arts degree because that’s what girls were steered towards, then changed to international relations, and when still undecided about my career, took up it on the suggestion of a friend.” that degree took her to america where she ended up working for austrade, combining both her international relations and it skills. bronwen, who after transferring back to australia and having a baby, says she enjoyed the benefits of being able to do most of her work from home. she believes there are many misconceptions about what it actually is and where it can take you career wise. “you aren’t seeing enough high profile women working in it jobs on television or in movies, or if you do, they are usually put in the background. so young girls don’t associate it professionally,’’ says bronwen. several it lecturers have even hinted, tongue in cheek, that female interest in technology careers would surge, if the Sex and the City series featured savvy successful it women, in their Manola blahniks, working alongside Carrie bradshaw. or maybe it should start even earlier with an it barbie. “it helps seeing the funky girl on the crime series nCis, who uses her technology skills to solve intricate problems and get her boss out of a fix,” says nikki Curtis, also an it professional. you make a connection.” nikki graduated from griffith university with a Communications degree, but through media connections, found opportunities to develop her tech skills. she then combined her writing and technology, and with her artist husband Chris Worfold, produces an innovative on-line graphic novel called The Impossible Girl. “the thing about the it industry is that it’s relatively new,’’ says nikki. “it’s got its own language and is changing so fast, that it’s not surprising people are just beginning to get a fix on it.” one problem identified as a difficulty for prospective students contemplating careers is in understanding the ‘techno titles’ of jobs. While people know the general workings of a doctor, lawyer or accountant, the idea of becoming an ‘intelligent environments engineer, a network analyst, an e-business

systems analyst or perhaps, a security systems researcher, needs a ‘please explain’ tag. but Jenine says this understanding will come with time, as people become more familiar and exposed to the it industry. both nikki and bronwen, along with 14 other female it professionals have also featured in another project aimed at spreading the it word to young students. the women are highlighted in a lighthearted and entertaining book produced by Jenine and friend rebecca dorries, called Tech Girls are Chic. the book details not only their work life, but their idiosyncrasies, hobbies, fashion weaknesses, handbag fetishes and favourite travel destinations and shoe taste. Jenine, who recently completed a phd on online music piracy, also requested each write a short story of make believe. “the book is meant to be fun, to show young girls that this is the real world of it, this is what we do, this is how we have fun. “We might even be considered geeks, but if that’s the case, we are geeks with style, interests, personal lives and successes.” Jenine says she balances her it work by making jewellery and colourful, ceramic mosaic wall hangings. bronwen is a shoe-aholic, owning more than 40 pairs, who also lists her favourite movie as Steel Magnolias, her favourite book as The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe and her favourite drink as Mountain dew. as for nikki, she had trouble choosing her ideal holiday so listed them all, from climbing the eiffel tower in paris, to drinking coffee by the canals in Venice or watching the sun set over the mountains of southern China. “We wanted the book to show that it girls are normal ‘nerds’. they are also chic, accomplished and have so many opportunities in jobs that offer financial rewards, flexibility and endless choice,’’ says Jenine. “and that we want to encourage young girls to take advantage of these opportunities and take up the tech call.’’ the world is just waiting on-line. v Want to find out more about careers in It and options available? then, go to our website, www.getitmagazine. fill in your details, and we’ll send you a free copy of tech girls are chic.

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A little part of town with a lot going on HOPE ISLAND CENTRAL

Eat, drink, get fit, get fashionable, take care of business, check out the restaurants, drop off your dry cleaning, buy a house, rent a house, trade up your computer, get beautiful, get a haircut, buy your groceries, take care of your printing, look at Japanese art, eat some sushi, have your nails done, have a facial, get a make-over, buy some jewellery, taste Thai, eat Indian, have some Italian, have another latté... and most of all, make sure you enjoy the ease of shopping at Hope Island Central. Anytime Fitness | Aura International Real Estate | Amarante Beauty & Nail Bar | Chic Hair & Beauty Buon Apetito Italian Restaurant | DeVos Jewellers | Forest Computers | Hannah’s Place | Haute Femme Fashion Boutique | IGA Supermarket | Island Printing | JMS Laundry LJ Hooker Real Estate | Mulberry Tree Japanese Gallery | Randhawa’s Indian Restaurant Sawadee Thai Restaurant | Sushi | Wilson Blanksby Real Estate | Zarraffa’s Coffee

Accessible from Hope Island Resort by Buggy 340 Hope Island Road, [opposite 7Eleven] Leasing opportunities available. Call Twaanie Caine 0411 611 888 or Dominique 0422 172 609.

get eating




afé st tropez has been a favourite of Queensland locals and tourists for more than 17 years. located next to the marina in the prestigious sanctuary Cove Village, this alfresco fine dining restaurant has been a popular venue, both for its enticing Mediterranean cuisine and the beautiful water views that go with it. new management recently took over Café st. tropez, giving regular and loyal customers even more reason to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner at the waterside location, seven days a week – closing just for Monday nights. “the key behind a reputable restaurant delivering its customers a great dining experience, is to leave them remembering more than just the food,’’ says head chef Vance brown. “We definitely have great food on offer, but we also want our customers to leave talking about the excellent service they received, and the warm atmosphere

they enjoyed it in. and from what we see, people love eating here. Customers make it a regular venue, coming in sometimes two, three or even four times a week – and that’s the best recommendation.”

Vance says the café wanted to go beyond expectations, even if was simply for guests who stopped in just for coffee, scones, or a glass of champagne. “the standard we plan to set for our patrons is right up there,’’ he says. “We have added highly trained professionals to our staff and want customers to walk out after dining here raving about the service, as well as the food. ‘’ a long-term tradition for local residents has also been the tuesday roast nights at the restaurant, delivered by chef sammy. sammy has been serving up his dishes for more than 15 years and is well known for his tuesday night feasts. now he is adding another evening treat to the menu, every thursday night, when he will create exotic dishes for the international fare night. each week, the food of a different country will feature on the menu. another new addition to the café, is the new Monday to friday lunch special. five generous sized dishes are on offer to choose from, with two, alternating lunch special menus available – and all for an affordable $13.90. v

Alfresco dining

overlooking the marina at Sanctuary Cove

Indulge in our new summer menu of superlative Mediterranean Cuisine and fine wines. Our Chef’s newly created ‘lunch specials’ menu is is not only delectable, but the best value for money in Sanctuary Cove.

Open 7 days a week. Monday breakfast & lunch, Tuesday to Sunday breakfast, lunch & dinner BYO (Mon-Thursday)

The Promenade, Sanctuary Cove. Phone (07) 5577 8379. Bookings appreciated.

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Where a beautiful waterfront setting meets good food and good times

Find all your favourite restaurants in one place at Enjoy a drink in our waterfront bar then indulge in a memorable dining experience.... the combination of ambience, delectable dishes and service second to none make VIBE a unique dining experience. Open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Live entertainment on Friday & Saturday nights. Sunday session with George Ferguson 2.30 to 6pm.

Georges Steak & Seafood Restaurant for fresh seafood daily. P 5570 1222.


for fresh fresh, home-made pasta. P 5570 1030.

Thai Thai

for authentic Southern Thai. P 5538 6694


for Mediterranean cuisine. P 5538 1222.


for gourmet pizzas. P 5572 7522.

Present this voucher and receive a complimentary bottle of Richland wine with the purchase of any 2 main meals from our dinner menu. * one bottle per table, excluding specials.


Marina Shopping Village, Santa Babara Rd, Hope Island Book Now on 55 109 500

Get 10% discount on presentation of this advert and a free Reward Dining card when you log on to

italian food

at its best Buon Appetito is the new name for Dany Pizza Pasta Grill in Hope Island Central. The name may have changed but not our standards. We are still a favourite amongst locals and the place to enjoy authentic, delectable Italian dishes and friendly service.


2 |

Hope Island Central, 340 Hope Island Road Phone: 07 55 140 011

get it Hope Island March 2010

Not just great value, and great food, but a great night out Live music every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Present this advertisement to Mexi’s staff and receive a bottle of red or white to the value of $30 for every two main meals ordered.

For bookings call 07 5577 9976 Marine Village, Masthead Way, Sanctuary Cove.

Candles, Cuisine and Couture A night of extraordinary dining under a canopy of stars in the streets of The Marine Village, Sanctuary Cove.

Saturday 27 March

For one night only dine under the stars in the streets of The Marine Village. Richly adorned tables will line the village streets and guests will enjoy exquisite food from the restaurant of their choice, wine, live entertainment and a trunk show of latest designer fashions.

07 5577 6500

www.sanctuarycove. com/events


Tickets are limited. Contact participating Marine Village restaurants or Hyatt Regency Sanctuary Cove.


he lights will go down, the streets will close off, the candles will glimmer and sanctuary Cove’s Marine Village will come alive with the excitement of its first Candles, Cuisine and Couture dinner, on saturday, March 27. the event will transform the main street of the village into a night of romantic, sophisticated dining under the stars. – and you’re invited. seven of the top restaurants in the complex, including the hyatt regency, have each put together an exclusive dinner menu, which can be viewed online and ordered beforehand, then served up to allocated diners on the night. a long, white-covered table will stretch down the street, seating up to 500 people and creating a spectacular effect covered in candles, dinnerware and decorative touches. “each restaurant will have a specific section on the table, where diners wanting to enjoy the foods of their particular restaurant of choice, can book and sit in that section,’’ says tracey toovey marketing and events manager for the Marine Village. she says the idea behind the dinner is to showcase the variety and style of foods, wines and beers on offer at sanctuary Cove. “but while there’s an emphasis on delivering a night of fine food and dining, it’s also one that will be full of delightful surprises,” she says. part of the program will include singers, comedians, and street performers, and another stunning highlight of the evening will be the announcement of the

Romance and sopHistication come togetHeR foR a nigHt of food, fun and fasHion at sanctuaRy cove tHis montH winner of gold Coast fashion incubator next generation retailer competition, a fashion event that will see six young local designers compete for a run of spectacular prizes, including a featured exhibition at the prestigious fashion exposed Melbourne 2010. “these six finalists were chosen from hundreds of entrants and from March 9 until the night of our Candles Cuisine and Couture dinner, will have their stunning fashions on show in a shop provided in the Marine Village,’’ says tracey. “shoppers and visitors to sanctuary Cove can pop in and check out their design work, and then vote for who they think should win the next generation contest,” says tracey. throughout the night of the ‘long, white table’ dinner, models will parade each designer’s work, allowing dinner guests to also place their vote on their favourite. then at 9.30pm, the lights will come up briefly to highlight the winning entry and the designer awarded his, or her prize, at an after-party for all guests, which will take place in a purpose-built champagne bar. the March 27 dinner coincides with the celebration of earth hour, when World Wildlife fund has asked people all over the world to turn off their lights for an hour from 8.30pm-9.30pm. tracey says the lights in the village will already be out for the evening and will stay off until the earth hour deadline at 9.30pm, when they will come back on for the winning designer and fashion presentation. ticket prices for menus vary, so check the website for bookings.

Candles, Cuisine and Courture promises to be a spectacular evening and event, but tickets are limited and selling fast, so book in now to lock in a seat. The Candles, Cuisine and Couture event is the first in an exciting calendar of signature events rolling out at Sanctuary Cove this year. “Summer provides us with the perfect platform for an outdoor dining event such as this,” says Tracey. “Autumn will see the return of the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, which runs from 20–23 May, and we are planning a winter warm up with a three-week food, fashion and art festival in June.’’ “Plans are also underway for our Spring Racing Carnival and Melbourne Cup celebration later in the year and our Community Christmas concert will return in december.” For more information on ‘Candles, Cuisine and Couture’ and the Next Generation Retailer Competition visit www.

get it feature

get it fashion

Lisa’s fashion dimensions


or the last 24 years lisa Ho has been at the forefront of australian fashion. instantly recognisable, her designs are feminine with a strong modern edge. popular among celebrities including Elle Macpherson, olivia newton John and Jennifer lopez, lisa garners inspiration from watching people from all walks of life and interprets it into distinctive designs. Q: What inspired you to begin the lisa Ho label? When I first started out, I was designing swimwear because I couldn’t find any I liked to wear. It took me only one season to realise how difficult swimwear is to make and it was a natural progression to move into designing the Lisa Ho brand I have today. Q: lisa Ho fabrics have a reputation for being unique and elegant, do you travel to find such fabrics? We develop all of our own prints to give us an exclusivity in the global fashion market. Q: Do you save pieces from each collection for your own archives? Yes, absolutely. I have a room dedicated to storing these, as well as vintage finds which are chronologically archived. Q: as a successful international fashion designer and mother how to do juggle the work/life balance? I’ve learnt to slow down a little. I usually take a Friday or Monday off to spend more time with my family, as well as taking time for myself. Q: What is your signature everyday style? That would be a great dress, maybe in a print paired back with a structured jacket and a great heel. Q: What was a recent career highlight? Most recent would be dressing some of Australia’s emerging actresses. We dressed Maeve dermody for the AFI’s and Sophie Lowe for the IF awards Q: Who is a lisa Ho customer and what makes her distinctive? She is stylish, sophisticated and always glamorous. She has an appreciation for detail and knows the importance of building on her wardrobe staples – she looks for investment pieces. Ingrid Bonnor

1. Long feather dress in nougat, $12,999. 2. marble print dress, $759. 3. Night lights printed top, $479 with emu feather skirt in yellow, $1,495. 4. Long marble print dress in black and white, $1,149. 5. Double wool twill jacket, $999, emu feather skirt, $1,495. Lisa Ho 02 8303 7888

get stylish

advertising promotion

women ed Hardy Love Kills Slowly crystal t, $249.

Sinful Angel Wings knit, $239.

style trends

christian Audigier crystal t $349

true religion has its eye on style and fashion in its new range of sunglasses for all seasons. durable, contemporary and glare reduced, the glasses are accessory cool and at $429, make a perfect match for the true religion jean story, or go with ed hardy’s and Christian audigier’s special brand tees. available from harry’s sanctuary Cove, 5577 9435 or harry’s Marina Mirage, 5528 2600.

Billy Super t denim jean, $299.


kids ed Hardy multi foil embroidered jacket, $229.

ed Hardy core basic tee $99

true religion mickey gunsmoke denim jean, $548.

true religion unisex denim jacket, $275.

get it interiors

A stunning acrylic table with its vibrant shafts of colour



of furniture



sovereign interiors strives to achieve original roM the outside, you would never know. the shop front is unassuming, the street directions, sophisticated styles, and create location relatively quiet for the gold Coast. fresh new classics. this is particularly evident however, behind the sliding glass entrance in the stunning and stylish bedroom suites to sovereign interiors in upton street, bundall, displayed in the showroom. a perfect example is the one and only it’s another story altogether. as you enter, you are met with an array of bedroom suite, crafted from a deep canela beautiful, innovative, and most definitely, high noire veneer, and offset by a crisp, white leather upholstered headboard. quality furniture and furnishings. the one and only collection is aptly it may be all about furniture, but the showroom named, as it is the only one is more a display of art than in australia. simply a collection of chairs, this distinction in design tables and accessories. continues through to the it is evident in the Monte striking, modern acrylic Carlo dining suite, with its sculptures, wall sculptures art deco inspired design and furniture pieces, availwhich instantly catches your able in an assortment of eye – a big, bold, and colours and combinations beautiful suite crafted from of stainless steel and acrylic. sycamore and stained an the exceptional pieces intense dark mocha. made by hand in america, the rio samba dining suite, bring a unique and concrafted from a rich flame temporary approach to design. mahogany, is another example “these designs are very of superior craftsmanship. popular. if you put pieces Complimented by slim-line like these in a home, you black leather chairs, this don’t need to add much stunning suite encapsulates more. they become a centre the italian essence of class, or art piece, and create an sophistication and style. this acrylic sculpture piece was ambience to the space,’’ one of the most striking inspired by the events of 9/11 Krystal explains. dining tables on display twin towers tragedy as well as being a retail is the elegant fili d’erba. store for fine furniture, sovWith its glass top and innovative twisted Murano glass base, this ereign interiors provides its clients with a suite epitomises what is essentially pure italian comprehensive interior design solution from the concept stage through to craftsmanship. Murano glass has been a renowned product of the manufacture and installation of all the Venetian island of Murano for centuries and interior finishes. the qualified and skilled interior design the process of making it is extremely complex. team ensures a smooth transition from the Moving into the living room, quality italian leather is the key ingredient in the lounge conceptualisation through to realisation. “We have a complete design service to help suites, also designed and manufactured in you work out exactly what you need for your italy, many of which can be configured to suit home,’’ says Krystal. design and taste. “With everything we have here, we can work according to Krystal Clarke from sovereign it around your tastes and personal style. interiors, the pixel and planet white leather “and everything in our store is exclusive to suites are proving big favourites on the sovereign interiors – you won’t find these items gold Coast. anywhere else in australia. it’s quite unique.” “they have a little of the hollywood glamour it’s all in the art of design. feel about them,” says Krystal. For more information go to www.sovereign

Look 10 years younger in 10 days

2 HOUR Wash and Wear Organic SPRAY TANS

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Dr Victoria Timchik specialises in: • Personal Facial Rejuvenation Plan • Wrinkle Smoothing Injections • Medical Microdermabrasion • Lip Enhancement Injections • Photodynamic Therapy • Full Facial Rejuvenation • Mid Facial Rejuvention • Cheek Augmentation • Non Surgical Eyelift • Excessive Sweating • Tear Trough Fillers • Nefertiti Neck Lift • Full Pout Lips • Popply Chin • Frown Lines • Brow Lift

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Bridal- Full facial rejuvenation which includes medical skin products, microdermabrasion and non surgical wrinkle smoothing treatments


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Conditions apply. Limited time only- bookings required to redeem offer, not available in conjunction with any other offer.


hese products and the financial independence

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As a school teacher, although I was making a difference, I wasn’t getting the financial rewards or recognition to really change things. Fortunately, at a time when I needed it most, I was given an opportunity to join a dynamic Swiss cosmetics company. This company offers the only Swiss formulated skincare range to make use of direct selling, allowing women and men to enjoy Ultimate Premium skin care at affordable prices. What started part time eventually became my career, and I’ve never looked back. If you’re a motivated woman and you’re looking for an opportunity to improve your life and financial situation, I would love to hear from you.

Lynn Mattern, 0415116734


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get beautiful


M a n i a

if you are thinKing of sWitChing froM traditional MaKe-up to natural-based Mineral, then you need to KnoW your options

3 2 4




1. Jane iredale Mineral eyeshadow kits, $86. 2. eles Minerals Makeup nail enamel, $18.95. 3. Jane iredale super-shape Me brow kits, $118. 4. youngblood Mineral Cosmetics mascara, $39. 5. youngblood Mineral Cosmetics lipstick, $38.00. 6. pur Minerals paint by numbers lip pallet, $49.50. 7. eles Minerals Makeup liptox™, $64.

Q&a WItH BeccA gILmArtIN, mAKe-up ArtISt Gold Coast make-up artist Becca Gilmartin has worked with a string of international celebrities and high profile models including local talent Sophie Monk and Margot Robbie from Neighbours. She also featured at Rosemount Australian fashion week and Australia’s Next Top Model. Becca gives the word on the ever-growing trend in mineral make-up. What’s your opinion of the trend towards mineral make-up? In my professional capacity, I don’t stock my kit with mineral makeup as my work has different needs. However from personal experience, I have seen some

2 |

get it Hope Island March 2010

good and some not-so-good results. can you give an example of some great results and why? I once worked with a girl who suffered from eczema, and mineral make-up was the only foundation she could wear without irritation. It was quite sheer and looked amazing on her. Why do you think mineral make-up has become so mainstream? I believe there is a bit of a ‘fad’ connected with it. People say ‘but it doesn’t have the preservatives and my skin doesn’t break out etc’. But from my days of cosmetic counter work, skin problems often come down to an

incorrect cleanser that doesn’t properly remove foundation. any particular skin type that should avoid mineral makeup? The powder look is not very complimentary on dry skin, as it can highlight flaky patches and make it look even more dehydrated. It can also highlight facial hair if applied roughly, so the liquids work better on dry skin. finally, could you give our readers a tip for applying mineral make-up? If applying mineral make-up with a brush, use circular motions, not ‘brushing’ motions. Otherwise you will end up with an inconsistent application and more powder on the floor and bench than on your face. Ingrid Bonnor

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it’s easter – tiMe for giVing all things ChoColate. and soMetiMes, an easter gift Can arriVe When you least eXpeCt it.


ere’s the most special of ways to celebrate Easter. Select a beautiful gift hamper of your choice from the Gift Box Gallery, one that’s full of surprises and treats, and send it to someone you care for this Easter. And here’s the bonus. Mention this magazine advert and we’ll deliver the hamper to its intended destination on the Gold Coast at no extra charge. If you’re a company or business, reward your staff or clients with an Easter treat – also on our delivery run. Just make sure you get your order in before March 29, and we’ll do the rest. To make a selection, check out the offers in our on-line shop www.giftboxgallery. or call us on 1300 726 946

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The 7 best-kept health secrets you must know, but were never told. B

eing different is never easy. It can be tough. Real tough. I used to just ‘go with the flow’ and not ‘rock the boat”, but sometimes one’s heart beats to a different drum. You’ll see what I mean shortly… Let me introduce Ben Levi myself. My name is Ben Levi. I’m a third generation Gold Coaster born into a family of two generations of Medical Practitioners. So, I’ve been around the medical model all my life. But this is where I’ve made a change. I decided to help people get well without uing drugs or surgery. So, I became a chiropractor. I’ve heard people say, “oh, so you’re a back cracker”, or “bone cruncher”. This is exactly why I feel compelled to expose some secrets and dispel some myths! The 7 secrets I’m sharing with you today will change the way you look at your own and your family’s health forever.


Our Symptoms are a poor indicator of our health…how we feel and how well we heal are different. Our degree of symptom is not a health barometer. We can be symptom free and have cancer, heart disease or even just tooth decay. High cholesterol isn’t caused by a shortage of statin production. Pain isn’t a result of ibuprofen insufficiency. These symptoms are merely our clever bodies trying to give us a warning signal. If you hear a rattle in your car do you turn the music up to get rid of it? Or do you get a qualified mechanic to fix the problem?


We need a healthy spine to have a healthy body…your spine and nerves are like a switchboard for your body. If we have some of those spinal ‘switches’ in an ‘off’ position, similar to a blown fuse, our body won’t work properly, like the lights get switched off when a fuse blows to your house. We need to live with all the switches in an ‘on’ position to be healing properly and therefore be healthy for life.


Healing happens from the inside out …our bodies have a natural ability to heal! It’s abundant and free! Everyone has the power needed to live to 120. It’s called innate intelligence, and it’s that power to heal we are all blessed with. You can’t buy it or swallow it. You just need to let it work without interference. This is where subluxations come into it. They interfere with normal healing by blocking the flow of electrical impulses from our brain to our body. Remove the subluxations, and miracles happen. So what is a subluxation?


Subluxations may be devastating… A Subluxation is any misalignment of the spinal bones which chokes the spinal cord and spinal nerves. As you know, your brain and nervous system is the master controlling system of your body. It has ultimate control of over 50 trillion cells that make you breathe, smile, digest, swallow and even control your blood pressure! When the spine misaligns its called subluxation and this can put massive pressure on the spinal cord and nerves. Imagine that! And what’s worse, is that usually we can’t even feel it. Less than 10% of the nervous system carries or perceives pain. That means things we do every day, such as sit at a computer or playing sport, can cause misalignment, and put pressure on the nerves, weakening our nervous system. Sometimes we are lucky and we get some body signals such as headaches, fatigue, and back pain, telling us there is something wrong.


Chiropractors specialize in the detection and removal of subluxation We study the intricate workings of the spine and nervous system extensively so we can carefully remove this potentially damaging condition. It takes 5 years full time at University to learn how to find and remove subluxations from the spine. I graduated with a Masters degree in Chiropractic and studied a further two years to hold a Degree in Nutritional Medicine.

neck? Do you have a sway back? Is one shoulder higher than the other or one leg slightly shorter? Bad posture not only looks bad, it is bad. It’s as bad on the inside as it is on the outside and should not be ignored.


Chiropractic adjustments are safe, gentle and effective…an adjustment is a very specific and gentle way of realigning the spine. I know many of us have experienced practitioners who are too heavy handed. I agree, I’m fussy about who adjusts me, too. We use very gentle, yet extremely effective methods of adjusting the spine. We make it our responsibility to get the best possible results, in the safest possible way. Try something different. For the next 2 weeks we’ll give a thorough spine and posture check for just $30, normally valued at $220. We have our x-ray facility on site, if required. Just mention this article. Come and say hi to Kerrie, our naturopath and massage therapist. Whatever your needs, we’ll endeavour to look after you. We are located at Suite 9, 1 Rialto Quay Drive, Hope Island, next to BiLo, above the Thai restaurant, on the turn off to Sanctuary Cove. Call Di, my friendly assistant at Chiropractic Central, on (07) 5530 8494, mention this offer and we will schedule you in as soon as we can. We look forward to meeting you very soon! Yours in health, Ben Levi ,Chiropractor. BSc M.Chiro.Grad Dip Nutrition Med.

Remember, your health is your wealth


Your posture is the window to your spine…if your posture is out, your spine and nervous system is under pressure. That’s right, you may have subluxation. How do you stand? Does your head sit forward of your shoulders? Are you getting a bump at the base of your

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get fit


With sanCtuary CoVe reC Club


am a young mum in my late 20s and I am looking to get fit and into shape. How many times a week should I exercise in order to see results. Is it okay to take the weekends off? improving your health and fitness and getting into shape, can be a complex task with many variables. training is a very individual topic. there are general rules which apply to many, however there are always exceptions to any rule. When it comes to improving your health and fitness, we need to understand that there are other aspects to look at in addition to physical exercise. other factors that come into play as well as the physical, include your nutritional, mental, emotional and spiritual health. it only takes one of these areas to be even slightly out of kilter for everything to be affected. before starting any fitness regime, it is recommended to get a full fitness assessment from your club, or if you are not a club member, then consult a fitness professional. an assessment will provide information about the level your body is functioning at and clarify your health and fitness goals, so a specific program and individualised steps can help to achieve your desires. some tips to begin: 1. start out doing the things you really enjoy – the best program for anyone is the one they will actually follow through. 2. get a coach. a fitness professional will motivate you, correct techniques and fast track results.

Looking for a place where getting healthy is a family affair?

Come check out The Rec Club

where kids have fun!

Kidz Club Crèche LOOK WHAT WE HAVE ON OFFER FOR THE KIDS WHILE YOU TAKE TIME OUT IN THE GYM, GRAB A MASSAGE OR LOUNGE BY THE POOL l Arts & crafts l Babies – 10yrs old welcome! l Music and dance classes l Plus Dance Club Saturday l Indoor & outdoor play areas mornings: Jazz, Ballet, Cheer Leading, Funk Performance & l Fully supervised 2 hrs of care technique classes! l Kids enjoy snack time too e here, is welcom Your family to meet you. ait we can’t w HOuRS E H CREC am-12noon, 30 8: Mon-Fri m Sat 7am-11a P: 5577 6020 Gleneagles Drive, Sanctuary Cove

3. be consistent and persistent. results will come to those who make their health and lifestyle goals a priority on a regular basis. once you have started, stick with it and its never too late to start. 4. endeavour to either equal, or better, your results from the previous time. 5. ensure there is variety in your regime. 6. update and review your program every four to six weeks. the body adapts fast to change therefore you have to keep challenging it for results. 7. Work smarter not harder. train well but be aware of not over or under training. one of the most important parts of your exercise program is the intensity you work at. this makes for the best results possible for the time and effort you put in. also make sure the body is getting enough rest to rebuild its tissues and recover. v information provided by sanctuary Cove rec Club. if you have any fitness questions, email

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With Quill group


my parents are looking at moving into a retirement village. they have recently applied for an age pension and are concerned that if the sell their home, they will lose the pension. Is this a problem? a: With the aged population growing each year, this issue is becoming increasingly important. not only is there increasing evidence of a greater demand for retirement accommodation for younger retirees, but also a big increase in those seeking hostel and nursing home places once baby boomers reach their early 80s. an increase in recent years to the asset test threshold to qualify for an age pension, has also meant that the majority of retirees over age 65 will qualify for some part-pension payment. given that the family home is normally excluded from the assets test, the question of if and when to sell becomes extremely important.

by selling the home and using the proceeds to purchase a retirement dwelling, the balance of any cash left over from the sale of the home will be counted as an asset. this could well result in an increase in overall assets and consequently lead to your parents losing the age pension, depending on their total level of assets. if the house was rented and other assets used to purchase the new property, then the former family home would now be counted as an asset under the Centrelink

rules and used to calculate pension entitlements. the rules are different however, if one or both were leaving the family home in order to enter a hostel or nursing home. this is a fairly complex subject and certainly a good time to seek professional advice from a financial planner, who specialises in this area, before making any decisions that would affect the age pension entitlement. v information provided by Quill group. if you have any questions regarding your finances then email

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I am in my early 40s and recently found that my hair, which used to be really thick and straight, is suddenly becoming really thin, with strange kinks and curls in it. Are there any treatments or styling options I could look at to get that thick, straight look again? a: as we age, we notice changes in different aspects of our body. it’s even been termed ’falling to pieces’. and it’s a similar story with our hair. studies show that hormones can have a major effect on the hair, usually resulting in changes to texture and thickness. such changes could occur as a result of certain hormonal imbalances, or pregnancy. other studies show, although this has not been proven, that stress may also trigger thinning of hair. the best way to deal with these changes to your hair is to try and learn to live with them. straightening irons are a fantastic way to attend to any kinks and can also help make the texture appear shiny and smooth. if the hair has become really curly, then maybe you can think of opting for a cut that suits. GetIt_Jan.pdf

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nioxin is a product used as both a cleanser and therapy, which helps to rebalance the scalp and encourage hair growth. it’s a great product, not just for women, but for men who suffer from hair thinning. nioxin is available at KonC hairdressing. restoring balance from the inside out is probably the most important factor to help your hair. Medication or hormones may be upsetting the internal balance, so it’s important to correct those problems from within. if you are extremely concerned with the changes in your hair, we’d suggest seeking medical advice.v information provided by KonC hairdressing. if you have any hair care questions, email info@ getitmedia.

8:25:53 AM

get it Hope Island March 2010

Hair careQ&a With KonC hairdressing

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I have a website where I publish interesting articles I have found on the internet that I feel would benefit my readers. Am I breaching any copyright laws by doing this? a: Many people mistakenly believe that if they provide a link back to the original article on the internet, they can use that information on their site without any breach of copyright. While doing so protects you from any plagiarism claims, it does not protect you from copyright infringement. Copyright holders have the exclusive right to reproduce their work, if it is original, in any format and that includes websites and blogs. this is not just a text or article issue either. it is equally applicable to pictures, graphics, videos, music files, sound recordings and even computer programs. so, when you copied that cool animation sequence from another website and ‘only’ changed the image to a picture of you, there is still a breach of copyright of the code that created the effect. a simple rule of thumb is that if you did not write, or create the article or work, you are putting on your website,

you probably need to get permission of the copyright holder to legally publish it. one way to be able to provide your readers with any interesting articles, videos or sound files you find, is to write a brief introduction to the item and then provide a hyperlink to the original site. in this way, you have not reproduced any part of the article or file on your site, and therefore have not breached anyone’s copyright while still providing the information for your readers. you can also quote from the copyright work, or use parts of it in some circumstances. legal advice is always recommended if you intend to do so. if you are unsure of whether or not your website has infringing copyright material, you may need to do a legal website audit. at ffrench commercial lawyers, we do a comprehensive examination of your site and make sure you are compliant with all current laws, licensing, trade mark and copyright issues. failure to be compliant could result in legal action and fines. v

LegallQ&a With ffrenCh CoMMerCial laWyers

information provided by ffrench Commercial lawyers. if you have any legal questions, email

Specialised, cost-effective, practical legal advice  Commercial  Property


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get social there Was a CarniVal atMosphere When sanCtuary CoVe residents tooK part in a Very long buggy ConVoy, CriCKeters’ parade and a Children’s dash to MarK australia day. Most buggies Were adorned With all things aussie and prizes aWarded to the best dressed buggies.

l, Darlene Bob Gordon, Sue Marshman, Carole Greg Camp, bael l nd Cheryay Campbell, Lorraine and Alan Gray and Bentley h M a. iss M Peter Campbell (front). Petruk wit

am, Gwen Barbara Kerr -Grah lyoake. Ho t Be d Skinner an

Leigh and Carl Odendaal.

Jamie, Jim and Christopher Quinn .

A head to toe EXPERIENCE...

Uzuri Hair & Beauty Clinic is simply quite unique. If you enjoy being pampered in a modern salon, but with a friendly, unpretentious atmosphere, then Uzuri is the ideal place for you. We specialise in the following: ❁ Human hair extensions ❁ Up styles for formals, weddings or special occasions ❁ Colours, cuts, perms, ❁ Foils & straightening ❁ Glycolic, aha’s & oxygen facial treatments

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Saera [Apprentice]

get it Hope Island March 2010

Trish [Hair]

Nina [Beauty]

❁ Make up for all occasions ❁ Manicure, pedicure, waxing, tinting, shaping ❁ Body treatments & massages ❁ Acrylic nails ❁ Spray tanning

UZURI Hair & Beauty Clinic

Call 5530 8811 now for your appointment for pampering, or Trish (hair) 0439 810 184, and Nina (beauty) 0431 035 250. Hours: Tues - Sunday 8am ‘til late. Shop 121 [upstairs] Village Square Markets Cnr Hope Island Rd & Sickle Ave, Hope Island

get social

australia day reVellers paCKed the deCK of the boardWalK taVern at hope island Marina to Cheer along the annual bathtub raCes. eVeryone Was shoWing their Colours.

Judd Bnight.

Patricia Hogg, Marion Hillho use, Betty Reis and Maureen Underwood.

Jessyka Kahlan, Campbell Kitchingman, Grant Atkins and Jeff Dears.

Greg and V icki Mutton.

Sam Bell and Shorty Thomson.


Pool Care

Pump & filters, pool heaters, chlorinators, automatic cleaners, liners, covers, chemicals, spare parts, etc

Zodiac Inflatable Boats – with more than one million inflatable boats sold worldwide YaCHtliNE 470 was $45,000

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Deluxe range of spas at affordable prices SUltaN SPa was $5350


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Discount Pool Chemicals


Come in today, for free water testing, chemicals & advice

Mobile pool care PrICes sTarTING frOM


Pool servicing, on site repairs & installation

EXECUtiVE SPa was $14,000



Helensvale Homeworld Centre Shop 26, 502 Hope Island Rd, Helensvale P 07 5502 6727 f 07 5502 6538

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Hope Island February 2010

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get social

Gary and Suzanne Kilkenny.

Lauren Scott and David Kelso.

Ashlee Kilkenny and Brendan Theodore.

Stephanie Bell, Bethany Mylchreest and Leigh Batchelor.

Chris Young and Mar ee Skinner.

5 free fun days of

The Arts Centre Gold Coast has had a facelift and taken on a new name and a new look. To celebrate, we invite you to enjoy all that we have to offer... for free.

we’ve got you

Wednesday 7 april Sing-a-long movie “Mamma Mia”, 7pm Come dressed in your ABBA best! Thursday 8 april Unplugged in The Basement 8pm Friday 9 april Gold Coast City Gallery, opening of Photography Awards 5.30 - 7.30pm Opening of Flying Colours 5.30 - 7.30pm Comedy in The Basement 8pm saTurday 10 april Gold Coast City Gallery, Kids Arts Workshop 11am - 2pm Performers at the Cafe 11.00am- 1.30pm Complimentary treat with coffee Venue Tours10am - 12.30pm Cabaret in The Basement 8pm sunday 11 april Performers at the Cafe 11am - 1.30pm Complimentary treat with coffee Venue Tours 10am - 12.30pm Arts Theatre family movie “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” 2pm



for blinds and awnings...

Basement and Movie numbers are limited so please register for your ticket with the Box Office (phone 07 5588 4000 or in person only) and mention this ad to win a ticket prize pack. Full program details at | get it Hope Island March 2010

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Call now on 5537 3088 Factory & Showroom 25 Ereton Drive, Labrador

Get it magazine invites you to save the date Thursday May 6, 2010 for an exciting new event to be launched right here in Hope Island. Ladies dust off your designer dresses and fellas straighten up your ties for Get it magazine is about to reveal its big surprise. Register your interest now to obtain exclusive updates, discounts and notifications. Come on get amongst it. Limited tickets available. Go to to register your interest or call 5519 6900.

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Here’s your chance to win a 5 day holiday for two on beautiful Magnetic Island in Queensland’s Barrier Reef You can enjoy the clear blue bays and beaches, explore the island by mini moke or bike, bushwalk, horseride, go sailing and work your way through the great restaurants. Get It Magazine and All Seasons Resort are offering a five-day getaway, with return airfares for two of our readers in our Magnetic Island Give Away Competition. To be in the running to win, simply register

your details, name, address, daytime phone number either on the back of an envelope, and send it to Get It Island Give Away, PO Box 674, Sanctuary Cove, Qld 4212, or on our website by logging on to www. The competition will run for the month of March, with the winner being selected by a random draw and notified by phone. * Conditions apply and winners are required to give at least one month’s notice of travel dates to allow for booking confirmations.

www.g etitma g a zine .com.a u/ma gnet ic is la n d

get it links news

Swing in to an equity investment


our years ago, anthea steans packed up her life in sydney and relocated to the gold Coast and a home in hope island resort. having made the move it was hardly surprising that when offered an equity share in the adjoining links golf Club, she would take it up. or that she’d think the buy was such a good idea, she’d convince two of her friends to do the same. nothing unusual so far. but what does come as a bit of a shock is when you learn that anthea is not a golfer, never has been, and with her current busy schedule as a consultant, is unlikely to find the time to take to it in the near future. “My husband was a golfer, but i never took it up,” says anthea, who is a widow and works as an advisor and consultant in the pharmaceutical area. “i bought into the club as a shareholder purely for an investment,” she adds. “it’s such a beautiful club, located right next door, and when i bought the equity share on offer, i thought it would prove a great advantage to include with my

2 |

get it Hope Island March 2010

anthea steans JuMped at the ChanCe to buy an eQuity share at linKs – and she isn’t eVen a golfer home, should i ever decide to sell it.” anthea’s two friends, one who lives nearby in the resort, the other from Melbourne, and who are also non-golfers, followed her lead and bought equity shares. “for me, the share buy was a good investment all round,” she says. “i can offer my membership to a jockey, who can enjoy playing golf without the full share outlay and who in turn pays me for its use. “because i introduced my friends, neither who are golfers, i also received two years in annual fees as a bonus at the club. “and apart from the fact that the investment is likely to increase in value, i also enjoy the social use of the club, and have made a great new circle of friends.”

anthea says she might be more interested in taking up golf if she had the time. her work involves representing drug companies and complementary medicine interests to government bodies, helping them work out the necessary rules and regulations, labelling, advertising and general presentation. in her spare time, anthea also volunteers one day a week at the upper Coomera state College stanley advancement Centre, which caters for children with special needs. so, back on the course, although there are no clubs on standby in her closet, anthea still has her golf buggy ready and waiting in the garage. “it’s such a convenient way to travel, and i can head up to the club for lunch or dinner and enjoy sitting on the Member’s terrace overlooking the lake and course,” she says. “not to forget popping in on a sunday for farmer’s Market and tunes on the terrace.” “even though i’m not hitting off, i still get to enjoy all that the club offers.’’

w n k

get it links news

New directors come on board W

JapanEsE ToasT anD TEE off on Course With sushi and saKe


hen more than 20 members of the links Club turned up for their monthly Japanese golf day on January 20, they found themselves in for a special treat. the members, all Japanese, hit off at 9am for the usual 18-hole rounds. but when they reached the 10th hole, to celebrate the new year, organiser and Japanese liaison for links hope island, luke hashimoto, had set up a special refreshment tent serving glasses of cold sake for the men and champagne for the women. and when they wound up back at the clubhouse, he provided plates of sushi – and not just any ordinary sushi. luke, who had owned his own sushi shop in southport had prepared special chirashi sushi, a mix of fried rice, fish, egg, prawns and eel. “you don’t often find chirashi on a normal sushi menu,’’ says luke. “so, we made our own.” luke says the Japanese golf day, launched six months ago, was designed to offer Japanese Club members a social outlet, combined with their favourite pastime, golf. luke says while the Japanese enjoy golf, it’s not as easy to play

the game in their own country as it is here in australia and hope island. “in Japan, if you live in a city or major area, you often have to drive two to four hours into the mountains, where most of the golf courses are. “as well as that, the rules and regulations are more stringent, and the cost considerably higher. players are often required to leave the course at the 10th hole, and go back to the clubhouse to eat. “so, to be able to play at a beautiful course like hope island, with the fantastic weather we enjoy here, makes golf very popular with our Japanese members.” the links hope island golf Club has about 40 Japanese members, many who spend several months of the year living back in Japan. the day also saw players compete for the ‘shortest drive’ competition. “usually, when you play golf, you’re teed up to score the longest drive. “but we decided to be a bit different and go for the shortest drive.” the January’s winner was yukki sakamoto, who took home a Japanese herb plant for his efforts. “Mr sakamoto is a favourite. it’s not the first time he’s won the competition,” says luke. “he often takes the prize.’ the next Japanese golf day is planned for later this month.

w n k

ith the election of two new members to the Links Golf Club Board at the last annual general meeting, the line-up now numbers five in all. Jeffrey Tate and Antony knox joined chairman John Thomas, and directors don O’Rorke and Lachlan Grantley. Both Jeffrey and Antony were corporate members before becoming foundation members. Jeffrey Tate was an executive with Super Amart but retired recently and now spends time travelling with wife Lyn and visiting with grandchildren Taiga and Cody. “I offered myself for board election so I could actively participate in the formation of the new private enterprise.” Jeffrey says as a non-resident of Hope Island, being a board director gave him the opportunity to have ‘closer interaction with all aspects of club life’. “I’m hoping that during the period leading to the handover date, I’ll be an active, reliable and responsible member of a cohesive board that presents the golf club to the shareholders in the best possible condition,” he said. Antony is solicitor and partner with law firm Mcdonald Balandra and Associates. He and his Irish-born wife Grainne have two young children, Aishling and Joe, with the whole family sharing a passion for the outdoor life and sporting activities, of which golf is of primary interest. Last month, Antony took his father-in-law, visiting from Ireland and his nine-year-old son Joe up to the course for few rounds of ‘generational’ golf. Antony says he put his hand up for the board directorship because he wanted to support the club in every way. “This is one of the best golf clubs around,’’ he says. “Not just for the golf alone, but because of the friendly welcoming atmosphere, and the way families can be involved in all activities.”

Jeffrey tate

Antony Knox

get it contents

get it links news

fancy a

Day on the Green?


he links golf Club has combined two of its most popular events – the farmer’s Markets and tunes on the terrace to provide a fun-filled day on the green for members and guests, designed to entertain the whole family. the double-barrelled event takes place on the last sunday of every month, with the next one scheduled for sunday, March 28. the markets kick off at 8am, offering a tempting choice of gourmet foods, cheeses and breads, fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as interesting gifts and products. the markets run through until

12pm, with some stall holders continuing to trade into the afternoon. the tunes music will fire up at 11am and swing its way through until 3pm. outdoor food stalls, providing hot foods and snacks, a barbecue and not forgetting a Corona and wine bar, will be available from 11am to 3pm. links restaurant and bar will also offer a full food and beverage menu in the Clubhouse. all these sunday activities will take place on the grassy area looking out onto the first fairway. Children are welcome, with a jumping

leaRning tHe play


ade Pearson had never really played golf before arriving back in Australia. Living in Hong kong, she spent time on the driving range, hitting balls out of buckets. But coming back to Hope Island to a home on the golf course, she decided to take it up. She signed up for the beginners social group at Links Hope Island Golf Club, held once a month on a Saturday afternoon to offer a fun introduction to the game. “It’s a great afternoon and is designed as a kick off for the absolute beginner or for the rusty golfer, who needs to get back in the game,’’ says organiser Luisa Slack-Smith. “You can get together with your girlfriends, or husbands and wives can come along and test out their golfing compatibility.” The social day consists of a half-hour lesson with golf professional Peter Cote, followed by practical play over four to six holes. The beginners then head back to the clubhouse for social time, tapas and refreshments.

2 |

get it Hope Island March 2010

castle set up for their entertainment from 8.30am till 3pm, and face painters, as well as various other amusements on hand for their interest, throughout the day. bring a picnic blanket and relax with friends and family on the grassy slopes, or take up a position at the tables and chairs provided on top of the hill. both these events have been welcomed by members, and now they have come together, the fun promises to be even bigger. it’s a great all round way to spend a sunday. so make it a monthly date in your diaries.

After her initial introduction to the game, Jade went on to sign up for the club’s sixweek golf clinic program. She says this allows for more detailed instruction, with the tips and guidelines opening her eyes to the science of the game. “Each week, coach Peter Cote runs through each club, like the pitcher or sand wedge and shows us how they are used and where. “And he’ll explain things you hadn’t thought of, like the fact that wherever your belly button in pointing, that’s where your ball goes. The lessons last for an hour and cost for the six-week clinic is $120. All inquiries for the beginners social group or the clinics, contact Luisa Slack-Smith, business development manager for Links Hope Island, on 55309094 The next beginner’s social day will be held on March 26 while dates for the next series of clinics with day and time options are Tuesday, March 16, at 10am; Thursday, March 18, at 10am and Saturday, 27 March at 2pm.

w n k

get it directory t F OyFou s ad % 0 en thi

Restore exterior wood back to its best possible appearance.



1 wh ion nt


All Commercial & Residential Cleaning • House & Roof Washing • Boat Wash Down • Driveways & Resealing • Jetties & Pontoons • Pool & Patio Areas • Tennis Courts & Shade Sails Water restriction exempt

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No job is too big or too small for us. We offer a professional reliable service by a licenced trademan & specialise in premium timber of luxury homes, and waterproofing.

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No matter what your storage needs are, our state of the art facilities are brand new, safe, secure and affordable. Ideal for household goods, commercial and archive storage. Cartons, tape, locks and insurance available. Call 3801 8040 or email for more information

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get it Hope Island March 2010

Shop 26 Homeworld, 502 Hope Island Rd, Helensvale P: 5502 6727

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5519 6900

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Funky Monkey CLEANING SERVICES m Home & Office Cleaning m Windows m Strip & reseal floors m Floor polishing m Pubs, Wine Bars a speciality

your local life risk insurance advisor

DAVID ZAHNLEITER Specialising in Trauma Income Protection - Life

FREE consultation & fitness assessment *conditions apply

Authorised Representative of The Financial Link Group Pty Ltd ABN 12 055 622 967. AFSL No. 240938

Quality cleaning guaranteed

CALL MICK 0424 581 937

PHONE 0408 784 081 or 5510 9953 or email


Your dog will have a holiday as good as yours guaranteed... or your money back!

we’ve got you

for blinds and awnings...

 Enjoy your holiday knowing that your dog is staying with a caring family  Your best friend stays in the home of one of our carefully screened minders or we can provide a visiting service for those pets staying at home  Plenty of love, pats, cuddles and walkies

Call Carole today for more information on 1300 30 70 21


Remote control specialists

Call now on 5537 3088

Factory & Showroom, 25 Ereton Drive, Labrador

Coochie HydroGreen Your Lawn Care Specialists Providing the full scope of fire protection. Industrial, commercial, residential, mining, infrastructure projects and health Call us on

1300 387 387

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Lawn wetting agents Organic Soil Conditioning Lawn Grub & Pest Control Weed Control Liquid Fertilising Greener Healthier Lawns

FREE On-Site Inspection & Advice

CALL 1800 245 955

Love thna!t Gree

Rotary Bowel Cancer Awareness Week 6 – 14 March 2010

Rotary Bowelscan Kits will be on sale at selected pharmacies and shopping centres during this week. 2 |

get it Hope Island March 2010

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New!!! 3D Laser Orthotics Orthotics = $0


Health fund members with Podiatry Cover in most cases receive orthotics with no out of pocket expense

Sore Lower Back Sore Hips Orthotics

Sore Knees

are medical shoe inserts designed to correct poor foot alignment.

Sore Feet

Poor Foot Alignment

Corrected Posture

Caused by dropped arches, flat feet, pronation

Using Orthotic Inserts

Laser Scan Captures over 100,000 data points in 30 seconds to give a complete 3D copy of your feet No more Plaster Casts!!!

Customise Computer designed for almost unlimited options Soft, Medium or Firm 3/4 Length or Full Length Extra Thin & Super Flexible available

Computerised Manufacturing The ultimate in accuracy and precision

Absolute Footcare

Shop 1046 Level 1 Australia Fair Southport (Between the Post Office & Medicare)

5528 3226

* Offer subject to processing through HICAPS. The type of ‘no gap’ orthotics available will depend on your level of cover and annual limit available.

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