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cold case

Heartbreak behind missing children social menace Is Facebook ruining your marriage?

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Columns 10 From the Lip 16 Beer Goggles 46 Hair 53 Wine 64 Horoscopes Features 19 Baby Mamas Is competitive birthing causing womankind to turn on their own? 26 Social Menace Could Facebook be ruining your marriage? 28 You Beauty! Meet the new local beauty who’s carving a career in modelling. 30 Cold Case Unearthing the heartbreak behind missing children. 32 Drugstore Cowboy In this real-life epic, we charter a young teen’s battle with drug addiction. Eat 52 Our local foodie discovers a hidden treasure at Ferry Road. Fashion & Beauty 42 Caramello Delight Sharp tailoring teamed with warm natural colours are bang on trend. 50 Steal her Style One part of style sister duo, Mary-Kate Olsen. Last Word 66 Natalie Portman’s rising star and impending motherhood. Out & About 58 Get it’s social scene

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F you could turn back time and take something back or do it again what would it be…? At the risk of sounding like a Cher song, we all have times when we wish we could change things. Maybe you told a secret you shouldn’t have, asked someone how far along they were when they weren’t actually pregnant, or bought something ridiculously overpriced when you knew your credit card was maxed out (who me?). There are times we’d like to change and take back (or be swallowed by a hole in the ground). But a little mantra I like to remind myself is, ‘you can’t spend too much time looking backwards, you’ll get a sore neck’. Okay so the Dalai Lama is safe in his spiritual leader role, but you see my point. If you hear the words ‘I should have done this’ fall out of your lips, you’ve got too many regrets. I’ve definitely had a few shopping regrets, they remind me of that every time I open my wardrobe door and they look out at me, but if we worry about fixing up the past, we can’t look forward to the future. I’d like to step back in time – but not to change things so much – mostly because (and those close to me know this) I’m not often wrong – more to relive times when everything was perfect. When my son was born, when I married my husband, when I bought my first car (okay so maybe that last one’s a bit of a stretch but it was a cherry red beetle!) Those are the times you wouldn’t change for the world. As you read this I’ll be in NZ, cuddling my friend’s firstborn baby (the baby whose gender I have been desperately awaiting because she refused my constant insistence she get a gender scan). We’ve spent the last 24 years together and have been at each other’s side through everything from my wedding (she sang and had to blink back the tears) to childbirth (this time I had the tears but she still has my foot impressions on her hip) and when we both shed tears over a devastating loss. Now it’s my turn to be part of one of her most defining moments. One that from the second her tiny bundle comes into the world, she’ll want to turn back time (sorry, Cher again). Ultimately though, we must all remember – you can’t fix every problem, so don’t try. If you let things drag you down, you’ll never make it to your future. Sure, there will be times you’ll want to take back – but it should be for the good stuff not the bad. Take a line from Madge: Don’t regret just reinvent… Oh and never, ever ‘assume’ someone is pregnant (your horror will be much worse than theirs). This month at Get it, we’re really excited about our change – we’ve gone interactive – that means you can have your say on the stories you read. And, if you prefer to get your copy of Get it mag dititally, you can go online: Enjoy your month! Be sure to check out my new blog:

Tan – all buttery and smooth. From shoes to belts and bags. My fave is this leather skirt from Country Road.

K – for Kendra! You just can’t help but love this girl – even though she laughs like a hyena in a fight. A Kendra Marathon is all I need to keep me amused on a Tuesday night and seriously, that baby – can you get any cuter?!

Jeans – you got it baby: it’s almost time to hunker down in your jeans again. Loving the new Scout by cult denim label, JBrand.

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The heavily-tattooed and highly melodic boys from Good Charlotte will rip it up with our Aussie local lads Shortstack at their one and only QLD show on April 8.

Rock out with unrivalled ruthless attitude as rock‘n’roll icons Motörhead come to town.



-10: Fishing fanatic and adrenalin junkie Matt Watson from The Ultimate Fishing Show will be giving his top fishing tips at the Brisbane Tinnie and Tackle Show: National 4x4 Show and Outdoors Expo.




-17: A thunderous celebration

of Irish music, song and dance, Riverdance has tapped its way onto Brisbane’s QPAC stage this month.


Victoria Beckham celebrates her birthday today


Easter Sunday

April 2011




This Anzac Day, give thought to all our diggers lost at war. Lest we forget.







21-25: Get ready to immerse yourself into the REAL festival experience with five days of soulful tunes from the likes of Bob Dylan, BB King, Wolfmother and more at this year’s Byron Bay Bluesfest.

22-25: Hoe into your hot cross buns as the Easter long weekend begins.

Good Friday

Supafest is back and bigger than ever. Hosting a stellar line-up of the hottest urban artists worldwide, this is one R&B concert you don’t want to miss!


– May 2: Gear up for four days of the nation’s best country artists with free concerts and events daily at Caboolture’s Urban Country Music Festival.

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The Friendliest Club in Paradise

April 2011



cold case

Heartbreak behind missing children socIal menace

T hur s d a

Is Facebook ruining your marriage?

Autumn issue

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dolphin Cove Bistro

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girl talk

rom THE


With more venom in her bite than a taipan snake, she’s ready to dish out the dirt and shoot from the lip, sparing no mortal soul.



this is daylight robbery! I moaned at Kitty-kat. Yes, thanks and Happy Christmas, now we’re going to land you with a bill that’s sure to send your credit card company laughing all the way to their little interest haven in Switzerland or someplace. It appears that Gold Coast water should now be listed on the stock exchange directly underneath gold and oil. It’s that much of a commodity. Really, how can six months worth of water usage cost four hundred bucks? It’s bad enough when I get belted with a $900 power bill for keeping my aircon on constantly but at least I get to feel that axe for the jugular with a nice cool cloud of air floating around me as I sleep every night. But water. What? Unless Kitty-kat has been secretly lapping her fur under four-hour showers every day while I’m not home, stuffed if I know where all the water’s going. It has now gotten so bad I’ve resorted to laying my dishes out on the lawn so the sprinkler system can wash them at the same time as it waters the dry-as-a-buzzard’scrotch lawns. It’s time for desperate measures in the Lip household. Animals are being forced to drink milk and the pool will soon be nothing but a dried up concrete vessel – perhaps for housing pot plants that have died off due to lack of water in strained financial hardship. As always, of course I’d still rather forsake a simple mineral such as water over my shopping addictions – which if removed could have far greater consequences on my life. (They make me happier for Go to getitmagazine. longer and I can always get the moisture I need from a good strong Vodka and soda, which might also help ease the burden

our hundred and eighty three dollars and fifty-two cents. No that’s not the price of my new pair of heels, that’s the amount of my freshly delivered Gold Coast water bill. For half a year’s water supply. And it didn’t even come with a bow wrapped neatly around it. Or a dust bag tucked in the bottom of its box, just a dingy window envelope. When I opened it, I almost fell off my heels. Holy hydro lakes Batman,

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of said water bill). In my new water-saving bid, I’ve also decided to channel the great, wise and beautiful Egyptian Goddess Cleopatra and bathe in milk… apparently it’s cheaper at around a buck for two litres these days! While I’m being bled dry by the powers that be with their gigantor water bills, at least my skin will be silky and smooth. Ah how nice it would be to go back to the ‘80s with black and white tellies when you didn’t have to pay through your eyeballs to use water. I’ll happily don my leg warmers, tube mini and Wham t-shirt if it means I can spend my hard-earned cash on other things that are just as important as water. Like heels. And bags. And new season’s frocks. I’m telling you now if this keeps up, pits everywhere are gonna get a whole lot smellier (the arm variety that is) when people are forced to shower on alternate days. So please Mr Alconnex, I implore you to you reduce my water bill – if not for me, for the suffering people who have to stand next to my un-showered armpits on the bus that I’m now forced to catch due to my lack of money to put petrol in the car!

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between the

Get stuck into some good gossip fodder with Mia Freedman’s latest offering, Mia Culpa and uncover the ghastly past behind Aussie screen scarlet Sarah Wynter’s tormented life in Blood Vows. BLOOD VOWS Helen Cummings (The Five Mile Press)

Mia Culpa: Confessions from the watercooler of life Mia Freedman

During the ‘70s, a pretty young woman named Helen Cummings – daughter of the nation’s first female Lord Mayor, Jill Cummings – met the man of her dreams. A tall dapper looking man who had recently qualified as a doctor. They married and had two children – Hollywood actress Sarah Wynter and a son, Brendan – but soon after, cracks began to show in their marriage. Years of abuse led Helen to flee her hellish existence taking her two young children with her. She thought she had escaped her husband’s evil clutches. She thought it was over. But her husband remarried and continued his tirade of abuse on his new young wife and their young infant daughter. Soon after, their fate was met with an evil end. Unable to help, Helen is still haunted by what happened to Stuart Wynter’s second family. Blood Vows is an account of Helen’s sometimes glamorous and mostly fearful life as a wife locked in a bond of abuse and torment that led to her eventually becoming a federal magistrate for the Family Court. As a ‘mother of a famous daughter and the daughter of a famous mother’, Blood Vows is part true crime and part memoir as Helen recounts her loving upbringing in Newcastle to her road of recovery after an abusive marriage.

When Mia Freedman talks, people listen. Perhaps not her husband…or her children… but other people. Women. As a newspaper columnist, author and former magazine editor, Mia Freedman has been called the voice of her generation possessing a natural gift for putting into words the dilemmas, delights and tortuous dramas of women everywhere. In her latest book, (this is her third) Mia Culpa: Confessions from the watercooler of life, she doesn’t shy away from the tricky stuff. The gutsy author has a knack for capturing the concerns, obsessions, passions and cohabitation rules of women and all the things that annoy or perturb them. With an ear for the pressure points of life – whether it’s children, husbands, parents, friends or jobs. And the great thing is that, like most women, she doesn’t have all the answers. New rules for dating in the internet-romance age? Things aren’t what they used to be, you know? And sex talk at the dinner table? Appropriate or not? Perhaps not, unless in an educational capacity and even then some things are best left unsaid. Then what about Botox, Brazilians, and boobs that are not as fabulous as they once were? With intrepid curiosity and a sassy sense of humour, Mia navigates her way through all topics – great and small – of modern life. Mia Culpa is both funny and moving at the same time and just like one long captivating dinner-party conversation.

April 2011




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A new generation of talent is emerging with Gold Coast photorealism artist Joel Rea.


here has been some talk of painting becoming a deceased art form. But young emerging talent, Joel Rea’s work is quashing that notion with one swift brush-stroke. The young virtuoso is nothing less than extraordinary. Born in 1983, the Gold Coast local graduated from the Queensland College of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Art in 2003 and was awarded Golden Key International Honour Society membership along with the Griffith Award for academic excellence in Fine Art. Joel’s outstanding scholarly achievements and skilled brush work were soon recognised by modern art enthusiasts around the world. Immediate success and acclaim for his meticulous detail and vivid concepts followed and before long, he was smashing record high prices for single paintings, including an original, ‘Killing Me Softly’, which sold for $30,000. Recently, Joel has been a finalist in the 2010 Metro Art Award in Victoria and in the Redland Gallery Biennial Contemporary Painting Competition in Cleveland. As a child of

the ‘80s does that era influence your artwork? Growing up, I remember being glued to morning television cartoons like Astro-boy, The Smurfs and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I would obsessively draw the characters and give myself art projects to complete around those themes. I once constructed a rainbow to cover my entire bedroom, it was made from small pieces of paper that would join up in colour and looking back, it was a pretty ambitious project. I think my inclination to endure time-consuming artistic endeavours came from then. You’ve received numerous awards, how has that affected your career? In my final year of university I received The Griffith Award for high academic achievement, and it was towards the end of uni that I really began my love affair with oil painting. That helped me stand out and, along with referrals from my lecturers and a strong portfolio, I immediately began a private painting mentorship after university (with Lethbridge Gallery director and esteemed artist Brett Lethbridge). In the

Is there one thing you strive to create? In my fine art practice I strive to produce technically-striking oil paintings in the realm of photo-realistic/surreal painting. The imagery in my paintings primarily comes from my photography and study of nature, the figurative, still-life and landscapes while exploring themes of the human condition and a young artist’s place within society. Like many great artists, does emotional turmoil fuel your creativeness? Absolutely! When I was borderline about going through with an art career, I was also working two jobs – one at a takeaway shop and the other at a nightclub. At the nightclub I was surrounded by alcohol and drugs and although there was a lot of fun times, by the end of most nights there was a dark side of violence and addiction. In that industry there were no decent role models. I’d hear a lot of ‘talk’ from people but I could see no commitment, [just] a wasteful side to my generation that would give me much inner conflict. I had to take myself away from the

The Gold Coast had a very baron art scene at the time and I could hardly find any culture to embrace following years I had sold every painting I had made. In 2010, I decided to hold back some work to enter in prizes. I was selected as a finalist for the Redland Contemporary Painting Award and also The Metro Art Award, the richest art award in Australia for under 35’s. This has encouraged me to enter more prizes in the future. The events introduce you to a lot of great people in the industry and give you a great reason to leave the solitude of the studio.


safety of the crowd and do my thing on my own. The Gold Coast had a very baron art scene at the time and I could hardly find any culture to embrace. I created my own scene in my head where the art was most important. I painted constantly and avoided distractions that would slow my progress. Soon enough I had developed enough self-discipline to treat painting like a real job and by doing that, it became a real job. A recent survey revealed a possible link between madness and creativeness. What is your take on this?

It can be the case, but usually madness only enhances the art if the technique suits. My painting style requires the concentration of a maths test so I have to be calm and sharp. My ideas can seem crazy and ‘out there’ but they mostly come from my immediate surroundings – like the giant dog – he’s my dog, Jax. Making him giant is fun and reminds me of childhood fascination with dinosaurs and movies like Gulliver’s Travels. I’ll admit, as I often show in my paintings, that as an individual I’m torn between the business savvy side and the artistic skater boy within me. I paint myself as these dual identities to show my inner conflict but it is a healthy duality I enjoy discussing and painting about. What’s your favourite medium and what do you base most of your work around? Oil on canvas seems the best picture-making method for me. I enjoy painting classical themes like drapery, figures, places, landscape/seascape and objects, but I also like to blend in modern culture – like graffiti and the hoodie character of myself. What is something people would be surprised to know about you? In the early years people would be surprised how young I was to be achieving such great technical painting results, but now it’s been six years

time. It’s surprising I have never had to pick up a side job to support my art career. I acknowledge I’m still very young in my field but I’ve done thousands of hours at the easel now and feel very qualified and settled as an artist. What tools do you use to create your artworks? Camera, PC with Photoshop, printer, mineral turpentine, brushes, paint and canvas. Which artists or creators do you turn to for a quick boost of inspiration? Salvador Dali, Mark Ryden, Ron English, Mark Tansey, and a handful of oldies like; Ingres, Gerome, Rembrandt, Davide and Caravaggio. Tell us about hosting your own workshops and exhibitions: I have been exhibiting in Australia since 2005, with shows concluding with many national and international acquisitions. I have also conducted painting workshops specialising in oil painting techniques. The workshops aim to offer beginner painters the techniques and study of oil painting that I have had the honour and privilege to embrace in my day-to-day vocation for the past five years. I aim to expand consistently, my practice of painting, and to share my art practice insights with a wider audience. My goal is being able to entertain, inspire and encourage viewers, artists and students alike.


What’s hanging on your walls at home? I have a few pieces by my mentor Brett Lethbridge. They’re brilliant, like all his work. What would you tell an aspiring artist who wants to break through to the next level? Dali would say: ‘to become a genius you must act the genius.’ It’s a great logic for art because it’s an unregulated industry. Anyone can be an artist, there are no rules but certain things work and have always worked for a reason. If you’re enthusiastic enough you’ll submerge yourself in your chosen medium and the path to succeed will be clearer than if you just bite around the edges. With each exhibition, Joel continues to expand his career and has earnt a reputation for being an artistic genius. With the skills of a master, he possesses an intuitive understanding of human nature with such jaw-dropping clarity that it has to be seen to be believed. His talent has been able to assure avid collectors and art enthusiasts alike that painting is one art form that is most certainly not extinct. Head to Lethbridge Gallery next month and check it out for yourself. Up and coming exhibitions include: Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane: opening May 7; and Astras Galleries, Gold Coast: opening November 4. Words: Adele Rowlands-Dealey April 2011



He’s our commentator on all things bloke-y… raise your hands up in the air, y’all for Mr Beer Goggles.


hat’s so wrong with a girl getting one of her baps out to feed her baby? Nothing. Women have been doing it for years. Centuries even. It’s cheap, quick and easy (so my mates with little nippers tell me!) and is good for the kid. There is nothing I don’t agree with about breast-feeding. But something that needs to be shared with the entire global social networking space? I think not. If I had a wife (and believe you, me, I’d be happier than a pig in the proverbial if it was Miranda Kerr) but if she posted a photo of her – and part of her boob – feeding our newborn baby for all the world to see, I’m not sure it’d sit all that good with me. Don’t go thinking I’m the backbone of some sort of deeply religious cult, or a prude but some things should be left intimate-like. Between families and close friends. You know, not the bloke standing behind the counter at the local 7Eleven grinning at you when you drop in for a bottle of milk, because he’s seen half your wife’s wams. Some may say it’s what nature intended and that is a true fact. But posting a picture up on a

social networking site doesn’t gel with me. I’m that bloke who never feels comfortable when I sit down at a local café and a mother whips her boob out for the whole restaurant to see. Most of us fellas never know where to look when a woman is breast-feeding, let alone right in your face, with her shirt hiked up over her shoulder. It makes us awkward as all hell. And I don’t mean your own wife/girlfriend/ mother of your child. It’s not the act itself that offends us, it’s the fact that even though it’s a completely natural act of nature, it is still a boob and we still get stupid when we see it. Yeah, alright so most of us guys are still boys at heart and that means any sight of a bosom makes us go stupid. Let me get back to the lovely lithe-limbed Miranda, I bet Orlando’s wrapt with his catch. He has one of the world’s sexiest women in his bed at night, and she’s an Aussie… even better. And she likes cars, tyres and Victoria’s Secret – double jackpot! But I have to say he must be more of a sensitive new age bloke than I am if he’s happy she followed Demi Moore’s lead and put her own photo up on Twitter. The picture is no offence but I still don’t think it’s something for the world to see. No there’s no nipple, don’t panic it’s not one of those rude ones or anything, but it is what I reckon I’d call an intimate shot. One for the

album that your mum looks at but not sitting up there proud as punch in the middle of the mantelpiece when the lads come round for a beer! You could say it’s a bit of a booby trap for young players...if you’ll excuse that shockingly cliche pun!

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September 2010

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, Surf s up


Grab your bikinis and settle in by the tele. As popularity for surfing grows, for the first time in Australian history, the Quiksilver Roxy Pro Surfing World Tour will be broadcast on live TV.


he first event of the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro World Tour has attracted the crème de la crème of the surfing world to Snapper Rocks on the Gold Coast last month. What better way to embrace the heated event in all its glory than to broadcast it for all to enjoy? For the first time in the history of the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Tour, Quiksilver and One HD struck a deal to broadcast the Quksilver Pro live on free-to-air television. In the five-decade history of competitive surfing, few free-to-air television broadcasters, if any, have been bold enough to program a live surfing event into a schedule. The reason? More often than not, surf competitions cover about three days worth of action spread across a 12-day period. For most of that time, the only live action a broadcaster can show is security staff patrolling the deserted contest site while the athletes are back at their hotels waiting for the swell to pick up again. But the rapidly increasing standard of performance, quality of broadcasting (until now, mostly on the internet) and popularity of the sport meant this day would arrive eventually. Surfing Australia CEO Andrew Stark says the deal was “monumental” and, as far as sport in Australia is concerned, “you absolutely need free-to-air TV.” “You see the success of netball since April 2011


they’ve been on free-to-air, and the massive success of V8 Supercars. “Our vision is to become mainstream, and this deal is part of that.” Network Ten General Manager of Sport, David White, agrees. “Since the inception of One HD, we have broadcast a variety of surfing review programs as well as 12 one hour event highlight shows from 2008, 2009 and 2010.” “To be broadcasting a surfing event of this calibre on One HD is a real coup and enables surfing fans, for the first time, to watch all of the action live on freeto-air television. It further cements our commitment to delivering a variety of live sport events on free-to-air television.” In addition, One HD has obtained the rights to broadcast the Quiksilver Pro France in October 2011 and the inaugural Quiksilver Pro New York in September, which is the first ASP World Tour pro surfing competition to be held on the East Coast of America. President of Quiksilver Asia Pacific, Greg Healy says he is delighted with the outcome so far and believes it’s a step in the right direction. “This is a significant step for the promotion of the sport of surfing. “One HD is a premium sports channel so this is an ideal platform to showcase the three Quiksilver WCT events of the Gold Coast, France and New York and the Roxy Pro on the Gold Coast. “Quiksilver invests a great deal into running these world class events and we are excited that Network Ten share our desire to take surfing into every living room in Australia,” Greg adds. For all the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro results head to Words: Adele Rowlands-Dealey



aby Mamas A

Forgoing painkillers, meditation music, silence in the delivery room – what defines giving birth ‘naturally’? In a new debate that’s fiercely gaining momentum, mums everywhere are turning on their own in a bid to win the competitive birthing battle.


April 2011



hen dealing with modern day mothers, there’s one sure fire way to spark up a conversation – birth stories. Anytime, anywhere mothers from all walks of life are happy to spill in an instant, how they carried and/or delivered their child. This trend has been labeled competitive birthing. With a recent throng of celebrities proclaiming their birthing experiences to the media it’s a trend that shows no signs of letting up. From the intimate account of Miranda Kerr’s a-la-natural delivery (complete with breastfeeding snapshot) to Dannii Minogue’s failed attempt at having a home birth. A woman’s most intimate of moments now seems to be becoming coveted public property. But as all mothers know, no two babies, nor two birthing experiences are alike. Despite this obvious fact many women simply can’t help comparing their courageous struggle with giving birth. From the moment they see blue lines appear on a stick, mothers seem to step into an alternate reality inhabited by competitive women who not only share, but attempt to enforce their own views on exactly how this journey should take place. Some women recognise how fortunate they are when their uncomplicated births take course as expected. Others leap over the unused gas machine and proclaim their drugfree deliveries to the world. Wearing their pain a as badge of honour imbuing them with their self-proclaimed super mum status. Many mothers believe they will be considered weak if they accept pain relief during labour. With a certain movement declaring pain-relief as a ‘soft’ option in which mothers miss out on an important rite of passage of womanhood. So where does that leave the rest of the mothers who might not have had any choice? Are these so-called ‘brave’ women in fact stronger? Better mums? April 2011

Then there’s the all-too-familiar discrimination many a c-section mother has had to endure, typified in the case of motherof-three, Liv. “People forget that you don’t always get to choose. I would have liked a water birth for my first, but ended up with an emergency caesarean-section. When I told another mum of my experienc, she just looked at me, shook her head and said that she felt sorry for me because I’d never experienced childbirth properly. Seven layers of your body are sliced through in a caesarean and you’re expected to sit up and breastfeed within hours. How much more real does it get?” she asks. Deciding on a pain-assisted birth or c-section doesn’t mean you’ve opted for an easy birth. As Dr Matthew Macbeth, an internationally experienced obstetrician and Gynecologist at the Mater private in Redlands expresses. “It’s extremely unlikely that a woman could ever feel she has ‘failed’ when you have become knowledgeable enough to make a successful plan as you go. So I thank all those celebrities for sharing, but that’s all it is – a shared story and by no means a guide.” In the majority of cases, Dr Macbeth explains, labour starts when it wants, progresses how it wants and finally ends when it wants. There is no fixed plan or way to go about it. The circumstances, and therefore the choices you make, must and should be fluid. The most you can do is educate yourself through the proper medical channels. “I find that women simply want an atmosphere where they can make informed decisions about their birth. Forming a relationship of trust with their obstetrician or midwife in which they know they are being given accurate information about risks and benefits of all approaches to any given situation, and can therefore have the freedom to make choices that best suit them and their baby within an agreed set of guidelines guaranteeing both of their safeties.”


When childbirth is concerned, women cannot afford to have fashions, they must simply do what is safe and healthy for their baby. To any impending mothers: if you must listen to something, ignore all the stories, boasting and opinions and trust in this; where womanhood is concerned, there is only one rite of passage that matters. That is the moment you hold your child in your arms, then you will know for yourself, it doesn’t matter how they got there…only that they are.

How the stars gave birth. ................................................................... Kate Winslet

Kate underwent an emergency caesarean for her daughter, Mia, in October 2000. She felt so bad about not having a natural birth that she lied about it. In an interview just weeks after the birth of her son, Joe, she revealed the truth: “I just said I had a natural birth because I was so completely traumatised by the fact that I hadn’t given birth. I felt like a complete failure.”

Elle Macpherson

The Body gave birth to her second child, son, Aurelius Cy, in a birthing pool in February 2003.

Heidi Klum

The model and TV host has reportedly gavin birth to all four of her children naturally. “I was lucky to be able to have natural and easy births with all my children”. She says.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Paltrow was in labour for 70 hours for the birth of her first daughter, Apple, who was born in May 2004. By comparison her son, Moses, was born by caesarean in April, 2006.

Victoria Beckham

The celebrity who inspired the phrase “too posh to push,” Victoria reportedly has had three scheduled c-sections. While she stated to the public that they were medically necessary, others speculated that she wanted to avoid abdominal stretching and the pain of natural childbirth.

Miranda Kerr

According to a released statement, new mum Miranda Kerr has spoken out about her natural long and arduous labour, in which she shunned drugs and painkillers. Giving birth to her 9 lbs 12 oz baby boy, Flynn.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole birthed her first biological child, Sunday Rose, in 2008. Earlier this year, she welcomed a new biological daughter, Faith, via a ‘gestational carrier’. Kidman has been quoted saying, “I’ve had a rollercoaster ride with fertility”.

Expert fertility & IVF treatment

Gisele Bündchen

The Brazilian supermodel was very outspoken on the topic of her drug-free and pain-free homebirth to the world. “Delivery was in a bath tub, in water. I wanted to have a home birth. I wanted to be very aware and present during the birth...I didn’t want to be drugged up. So I did a lot of preparation, I did yoga and meditation, so I managed to have a very tranquil birth. It didn’t hurt in the slightest”. Brisbane’s premier boutique fertility unit Medical and Scientific leadership of over 30 years experience, internationally and nationally acclaimed.

Princess Mary

With all births surrounded in secrecy, media hype and the highest of discretion, Princess Mary reportedly gave birth to her first two children naturally and was induced to deliver her twin daughters.

Offering fertility advice and optimisation, IVF, microinjection of sperm, known donation of sperm, eggs and embryos, fertility preservation, egg freezing, laser assisted hatching and vitrification

Suite 9A, Administration Building Greenslopes Private Hospital Newdegate Street, Greenslopes, QLD

Telephone: (07) 3394 4108


S point traight


to the

The success of box-office smash Black Swan has seen a rise in the popularity of ballet. We talk to local ballerina, Erin Oxley.

April 2011




ven if emerging ballerina Erin Oxley wasn’t wearing ballet shoes and sporting a bun, there would be no doubting her profession. She’s got the poise of a gentle gazelle, the lithe proportions of a runway model and the kind of posture that only comes from years of dedication to her craft. Get it caught up with Erin at her local ballet studio during a training session, to uncover the dedication and discipline behind a promising and emerging ballerina. Did you always want to be a ballerina? No, not really. It wasn’t until I turned 14, when I began to take ballet seriously. When I auditioned for the prestigious Queensland Dance School of Excellence, and took part in a series of their master classes, I realised ballet was my true my passion and what I really wanted to do for a career. Where did you begin your training? And could you tell us about one of your earliest dancing memories? I began my training at Suzanne Swain Academy of Dance at the age of eight. It began with jazz and tap then progressed to ballet the following year. One of my earliest dancing memories would have to be a jazz routine to Cats – the musical. My mum and I sat sewing the costume together and still to this day, I can recall my favourite moves from that dance. Which leading professional ballet dancers do you admire and why? Well, those ballet dancers who inspire me most are Sylvie Guillem and Svetlana Zakharova. I love watching both of them dance. I often sit on youtube watching videos of them for hours. It’s their gorgeous legs, feet and their incredible technique when they dance that I admire. Tell us what a typical day of ballet training involves? Is it really like the hit movie Black Swan? I am currently dancing with the Queensland National Dance Company. Our training consists of five days a week from 9am ‘till

4pm. Depending on rehearsals we may go on a little bit longer. We take ballet class every morning of the week for technique and rehearse performance pieces in the afternoons. Some days we have extra classes like Pointe, and Pas de Duex – that training is intense and takes plenty of discipline. What would you say is one of your greatest dancing aspirations? Right now I am in a really happy place because I have joined an excellent company and enjoy the style of choreography by our director Martyn Fleming. I am still not exactly sure on what direction my dancing will take me later on. A dancers life depends a lot on fate and hard work, however I definitely want to dance overseas, particularly in Europe. Does it help to have the support of all your family and friends in following your dreams? My family means the most to me. Without my family I don’t think I would have achieved as much as I have. I don’t think I would have been able to push through or coped with the hard times I’ve had to endure over the past couple of years. I’m extremely grateful to them, they’ve always been so supportive and I could never thank them enough. What does 2011 hold for you? Well 2011 is going to be one of the most exciting years for me! I will be a company dancer (Queensland National Dance Company) and we will be doing loads of performances throughout the year. By the end of 2011 we will possibly be taking a performance overseas to Europe and touring – which I am looking forward to. It will be very very exciting! What do you think about whilst performing on stage? When I am on stage I am focusing on what steps come next and when it comes to intricate movements like pirouettes or lifts I try not to over think or hesitate I simply perform to the best of my ability and enjoy the moment.

I don’t think I would have been able to push through or cope with the hard times I’ve had to endure over the past couple of years without my family

Words: Ingrid Bonnor


April 2011

utumn Amust-haves our faves

As the leaves begin to turn, take your style cue from mother nature herself in warm cozy tones and natural fibres like leather, wool and fur.

Biker Girl

Channel your inner bikie in this black leather 3/4 sleeve biker jacket, $589, from Saba.

Ginger Snap

Soft and buttery leather in warm tones so good you’ll want to eat them! Ginger tan leather skirt, $249, by Country Road.

Break out the sheepie

Never thought you’d do this style? Go on, dare you! Shearling lace-up booties, $229, from Wittner Shoes.

Military maven

We still can’t get enough military. These 3/4 cargos will see you through the warmer autumn days. Scout pants, by Jbrand.

Animal Within

Leopard print isn’t just for your mum, go luxe with this divine Leopard Pareo scarf, $560, by Louis Vuitton.

Felt it

Sienna, Rachel, they all love this style staple: Trilby wool hat, $49.95, by French Connection. April 2011


Adultery it just a click away?

With social-network affairs now emerging as a leading reason behind the rise in divorce statistics – from harmless flirtations to full-blown affairs – could Facebook be ruining your marriage?


hroughout history, literature and film adulterous liaisons have been ever present. In decades, or even centuries past, it was wistful hand-written love letters and as time progressed, endless hours lingering on the telephone. For many it is as much about taking a lover and revelling in the thrill, secrecy and excitement of conducting an affair – rather than the affair itself. But in this, our modern age, with the immediacy of email, texting and Skype there are ever-increasing challenges facing those who could be tempted to stray. Enter Facebook. Without thought, you join and the list of long lost friends and acquaintances increases daily and the thrill of reconnection enthralls. Excited, you post flattering pictures on your profile and wonder why you hadn’t logged on sooner. Then suddenly it happens. You get a friend request from an old flame and soon find yourself exchanging pleasantries on each other’s profile walls. Thinking it’s so nice to be back in touch, you might even begin sending private messages to each other. With messages now increasing in length and frequency, simply add in a little flirtation and it won’t be long before you discover that the chemistry you shared all those years ago is still alive and thriving. It’s all too easy then to begin to share and exchange the emotionally sensitive information usually reserved for a partner or best friend – an admission that you’re experiencing emotional turmoil and, to your relief, your old flame is there for you. It feels nice to be validated. April 2011


After flourishing the online attention, you agree to meet up for a ‘harmless’ coffee in a secluded café two hours from your home so you’ll go unnoticed. But once you meet up, you embrace, old feelings and attractions flood back. You realise you’re in love with this person (most likely lust) and before you know it, you’re on your way to infidelity with only one stop…divorce court. After the dust settles and the relationship is over, other factors and consequences can hinder relationships from the use of social networking as an adulterous tool. Gold Coast registered psychologist Laurie Brotherstone explains one common issue clients have involves Facebook and letting go of relationships. “When a couple breaks up or a person has a falling out with a friend or family member, Facebook makes it harder to have no contact with them and for some people to let go and move on,” says Laurie. This is especially true for a person who may have been the dumpee, their partner has wanted to separate and left the relationship but they are constantly reminded of them as they have common friends or family on Facebook making it easy to view photos of what the other person is doing and track their movements. “Even though people recognise that this constant reminder is hurting them emotionally they feel compelled to keep checking. An interest to see what people are doing now can sometimes shift into an unhealthy obsession which gets people stuck in that hurt and pain and prevents them moving forward.


when it comes to divorce, it pays to remember what you say and do online can be held against you

Prior to social networking, it was possible to break up with someone and if you didn’t live together or socialise you could stop seeing them altogether. Now you can move to the other side of the world and still be reminded every day what the other person is doing and view it in lots of ways through social networking sites.” Creating an online community can be both rewarding and gratifying. But social networks have also magnified the stage upon which private individuals play out their lives. Messages can be misconstrued and the posting of events or photos can leave other friends feeling alienated and neglected. Online relationships can be notoriously fickle, carrying with them very real-life consequences. Though when it comes to divorce, it pays to remember what you say and do online can and will be held against you in court. Nyst Lawyers Family Division partner Jason Murakami says the content of social networking sites were being relied upon more and more by the Federal Magistrates and the Family Court. “Despite technical legal arguments against the use of such content, the courts are readily accepting it into evidence in many cases which can have serious ramifications to the outcome of some property settlement and child custody cases,” he says. “People should think twice before they make public aspects of their private lives on the net as its more likely than not that such comments and/or statements will eventually come back to bite them – especially if they are engaged in family law litigation.”

While it is undeniable that social networks have radically changed the way people conduct their relationships, reconnecting with a former lover is much easier when you can begin an emotional affair without ever leaving your home and can long go on untraceable. Ken Savage, founder of www., says he started the site after his now ex-wife had an affair with an old flame she re-ignited with on Facebook. He decided to create the website to let others vent their social network tragedies along with tips on how to catch a cheating spouse, as well as articles and information all dedicated to Facebook-induced cheating. Tales of hatred, spite and jealousy fuel the sites pages with many scorned lovers venting their fury. “Facebook has ruined my parent’s marriage!” says one. After setting up her father’s Facebook account he then went on to have an affair with her mother’s former bridesmaid. Another husband recollects how his wife “reconnected” with numerous old friends and then left him to pursue a lesbian affair. While Facebook connections may begin platonically, the ease that they can turn into something more is alarming and becoming more and more common in our everincreasing internet-obsessed society. But while it would be convenient to simply push all the blame, these types of liaisons cannot solely be blamed on Facebook alone. In the end it is just a tool and is the intent of the user that leads to infidelity, hurt and suffering. Words: Ingrid Bonnor


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April 2011


resh A face

Photography supplied by: Division Model Management

She’s set her sights on a career in catwalk modelling...and we’ve got an inkling this emerging GC beauty has what it takes to become the next Miranda Kerr. Fresh-faced 18-year-old, Ella Rose, has set off for Sydney to find out exactly what this newfound ambition holds in store.

April 2011




odel Ella Rose Corby has packed her bags and said her goodbyes to the only home she’s ever known, ready to strut the catwalks of Australia’s fashion capital, Sydney. And like all young emerging talents waiting for their career break, the young Queenslander says she was filled with nervous excitement during the build-up to her big move. “It really hasn’t hit me yet, but I like adventure and I am so excited. I’m nervous too because it’s my first time away from home,” she says. The 18-year-old homegrown beauty made plans to relocate to Sydney after receiving word she’d been signed to esteemed modelling agency Bella Model Management late last year. “Once I get to Sydney, I’ll start going to castings. I’m excited to do both catwalk and photography work,” she says. “I love photography and being in front of the camera but the catwalk is very exciting and there is not a lot of opportunity to do that here.” Originally signed to local Coast model agency, Division Models, she’s already been snapped up to appear in countless magazine spreads. “Ella has always demonstrated an inner confidence,” says Division Models director Kirsten Mitchell. “She has strength beyond her years. The agency is very proud of her accomplishments over the past few years and I have no doubt, given her determination and confidence, that she will have a successful career for years to come.” Some years back, the size-10 model made headlines after winning a modelling competition and she posed nude for the cover of surf magazine Stab, when she was just 16. With only strategically placed limbs barely covering her modesty, Ella cut a striking – and controversial – figure that provoked almost as much media attention as Lady Gaga’s meat dress at the MTV Awards. Recently, Ella has been an advocate for plus-size models and has spoken out about how she starved herself because it’s what she thought she had to do to in order to conform to the industry standard.

“I see myself as a normal sized, healthy girl. I know I will never be a size 6-8 and don’t want to be. I know the pressure straight sized models have on them to stay skinny and I am not prepared to live that kind of life. I like food too much,” she giggles. “You can still succeed as a model without being stick thin. I am confident in my size-10 body and that seems to be getting me work.”

You can still succeed without being stick thin. I am confident in my size-10 body and that seems to be getting me work. The confidently assured, yet sensible beauty also appeared in the November issue of healthy image campaigners, Cosmopolitan – in a beautiful body segment where she was styled as a modern day Brigitte Bardot. As well as appearing in various other Cosmopolitan features and in Shop Til You Drop magazine last year. And now there’s nothing stopping this bright young thing who has her sights set firmly on conquering the international fashion world as her career progresses. “I intend to take this as far as I can,” she adds confidently. “I would like to eventually be in every major magazine and do the major shows in Sydney as well; that is my ambition for next year. And after that, who knows? Perhaps the catwalks of Europe. “I would then like for this to take me overseas to New York and London and even Europe. I love to travel and I’m hoping to do a lot of it. My mother is English and my dad is Canadian, so I can definitely feel the travel bug biting in. I’d love to do Australian work as well, like perhaps the Bonds campaign, but overseas I would love to work during Milan and New York Fashion Weeks and I want to also appear in Vogue one day – I just want to do it all!” Words: Adele Rowlands-Dealey


April 2011

g n i s s i M


n e t t o g r o f t o n t u b

Most children who are reported missing are safely located within 24 hours; for others it is not always the case and their families are left with the heartbreak of the unknown.


ix months after six-year-old Kiesha Abrahams disappeared, police have come to the horrible conclusion that the missing western Sydney schoolgirl is dead. Police had originally refused to rule out the possibility Kiesha was abducted from her Mt Druitt home during the night, or that she wandered into the hands of the wrong person. Now homicide detectives say they are treating her disappearance as a murder. Investigators on the case stated that, with all other theories having been ruled out, that left the harsh reality of informing the State Coroner they believe Kiesha is dead. Up until that assumption was made, little Kiesha was just one of 148 children missing across Australia. Every year, nationwide, 35,000 missing person reports are filed – the equivalent of one every 15 minutes. And 20,000 of these are under the age of 18. Although 95 per cent of missing persons are found within a short period of time (usually within a week), there currently remain 1600 long-term missing persons, Kiesha Abrahams (people who have been missing for more than six months). There are three primary groups at risk of going missing – those suffering from a mental illness, young people (particularly females aged between 13 to

17 years) and the elderly (Missing Persons in Australia 2008). Common reasons for children going missing include a breakdown in communication, family conflict, domestic violence, mental health issues, peer pressure and drug/alcohol abuse, says The National Missing Persons Coordination Centre (NMPCC). The centre provides capacity for a comprehensive and coordinated approach to the response to missing persons. Funded by the Australian Government through the Australian Federal Police, the centre’s aim is to reduce the incidence and impact of missing persons in Australia and to educate the Australian community about this significant issue. Dr Jenny Cartwright, coordinator for crime prevention and missing persons with the NMPCC, says people go missing for a wide variety of reasons, some voluntary and others involuntary. These may relate to anxiety and depression, misadventure, homelessness, dementia, domestic violence, becoming a victim of crime or drug/alcohol abuse. “For young people,” says Dr Cartwright, “Family dysfunction and conflict, miscommunication, issues associated with puberty and peer pressure, mental health issues, child abuse/neglect, poor coping skills and drug and alcohol problems are amongst some of the reasons for going missing. “Understanding why people go missing is essential for identifying preventative strategies and establishing a networked approach across the sector, as well as to reduce the incidence of missing persons,” she says. As a result, the NMPCC is involved in driving and coordinating a national research agenda for the missing persons’ population


in Australia. Central to the issue, is the need to dispel the various myths, highlights Dr Cartwright. “Contrary to belief, people do not have to wait 24 hours to report someone as missing. If you have serious concerns for the safety and welfare of a person, and their whereabouts are unknown, then you may immediately report them missing to your local police. Police will take a report where there are concerns for safety and welfare and their whereabouts are unknown.” Missing Australian child found in The Netherlands Sometimes, of course, things work out, such was the case of the Sydney father who cycled around Europe looking for his missing son. Having quit his job as deputy NSW fire chief to look for 6-year-old Andrew, Ken Thompson was eventually reunited with his abducted son late last year. It is believed that Andrew came to the notice of authorities when he was enrolled for school in Amsterdam. At the time of the reunion, Mr Thompson told the ABC that he wanted to devote the rest of his life to helping other parents locate their abducted children.

special report Zahra Baker’s sad life Although it is understood that a very small percentage of missing children are the result of stranger abductions, there are unfortunately, those heart-wrenching cases which capture the public’s attention for all the wrong reasons. One of these is the case of Zahra Baker, the 10-year-old Queensland girl whose body was found last year dismembered and scattered. Zahra’s smiling face, broadcast in photos worldwide, attracted the hearts of her Hickory, North Carolina home to places far and wide. A little girl from the sugar mill town of Giru and forced to move to the US with her dad, her story of surviving bone cancer, losing a leg, living with a hearing impairment and yet somehow maintaining her sunny personality, endeared her to people across the globe. Yet she was a young girl born to misery; her life was an uphill struggle from the start and then she lost her life under the most distressing of circumstances. Zahra’s is a complicated case in which the District Attorney is said to be reviewing more than 11,000 pages from the Hickory Police Department’s investigation.  Described by those police

working on the case as one of the most comprehensive, exhaustive investigations the area has ever been involved in, lead investigator Major Clyde Deal has stated that the decision regarding charges will take some time and that it is ‘important to get it right the first time’. It was 5.20am on October 9, 2010 when the Hickory Fire Department in North Carolina received a call about a fire in the backyard of Adam and Elisa Baker’s home. A firefighter spotted a ransom note on one of the cars and called police, following which Zahra’s Australian father Adam reported his daughter missing about 2pm. Early in her disappearance, it was already looking bad. Zahra’s stepmother Elisa Baker – who Adam met via an internet dating website – was subsequently charged with obstruction of justice, after she admitted intent to defraud the police investigation by writing the false ransom note demanding $US1m and reporting that Zahra had been abducted. Searchers then found Zahra’s prosthetic leg and one of her bones on Christie Road in Caldwell County, and her skeletal remains

Zara Baker

just a few miles away on Dudley Shoals Road. Since then, this bizarre and tragic case has taken some unusual turns including Mrs Baker’s indictment for bigamy. She was allegedly married six times before she wed Zahra’s father, and at one stage was married to three men simultaneously, an investigation by the Associated Press news agency revealed earlier this year. Through her attorneys, Elisa Baker denied any involvement in Zahra’s death and dismemberment. Adam Baker, since let off the hook, has claimed to be shocked at his wife’s involvement. But Elisa claimed Adam knows what has happened to his daughter and has made a controversial claim to bargain for her freedom, which she then strengthened by leading investigators to the various locations where her step-daughter’s body parts were found. In a breakthrough on the case, on February 21, Elisa Baker was formally charged by US Authorities with Murder in the Second Degree against her innocent step-daughter, Zahra. If convicted by a grand jury, the 42-year-old will face a 30-year imprisonment term for the murder and dismemberment of the young girl who she was supposed to protect. An autopsy on the remains has revealed Zahra underwent a grisly and violent death before being dismembered using more than one cutting device. Now all that awaits the beautiful browneyed angel is the freedom she’ll find in being far enough away from this world and her tormentor – and that justice will reign over the bitter and twisted woman who brutally took her life. Words: Louise Durack


STAKES ARE HIGH Within Queensland, the state police’s Missing Persons Unit (MPU) overviews and provides specialist assistance in the investigation of a yearly average of 4700 missing person cases reported within Queensland, and also assists with interstate, international and external agency inquiries. According to the Queensland Police’s Annual Report for 2009/10, the MPU achieved an average recovery rate of 99.5% within Queensland. In Australia an estimated 35,000 people are reported missing each year – compared with 220,000 in the United Kingdom and 16,000 in New Zealand. The rate of missing persons in Australia is 1.7 per 1000 people. In the United Kingdom, it’s 3.6 per 1000 people. Although this data gives a rough comparison, each State/Territory and country record information relating to missing persons differently. For example, in the United States, missing adults are not accounted for as they are not defined as ‘missing’. April 2011

e r o t S g Dru Cowboy

Addictions don’t just happen to derelelicts living on the street. They can happen in your very own home.


o everyone on the outside, *Seth seemed like a typical, normal teenager. He attended the local primary school, played soccer on Saturday mornings and was the star swimmer at his school swim carnivals. But by the time he was 16, things began to change. Much more than the normal teenage angst, this was something different. The usually vibrant and healthy adolescent slowly began mixing with the wrong crowd, a mistake, unfortunately that any teen of such an influential age can fall prey to. But these kids he was in with were the ones of parents’ nightmares – devoid of values, authority and, most of all, self-respect. Seven months after his 17th birthday, Seth had gone from everyday teenager to a fullblown drug addict. First it was ‘harmlessly dabbling in dope’ but as his addictions grew, along with his hate for himself, the harder drugs followed. His loving family, younger sister, older brother and fear-struck parents watched as he deteriorated into a subliminal mess. Seth became addicted to Ice – also known as methamphetamine. His family watched by helplessly as he began to destroy himself and their solid family unit, with reckless and complete disregard for those who love him, he morphed from a bright and bubbly boy to a sullen, disheveled and evil teen with a sunken face and long lopping hair covering his usually sparkling eyes. Unlike some horrific tales of unrepentant drug use, which invariably end in sordidly irreversible addictions – or worse – death, this story follows the life of a young drug addict as he faces his demons and attempts to put his life back on track with the help of his family and a solid rehabilitation scheme. It’s been four years since Seth’s father stood over his hospital bed, head bowed in silent prayer, asking for a divine intervention to help his 17-year-old son through withdrawal from his drug addiction. He’s a good dad, loves his kids but, for the life of him, he just couldn’t understand how a confident and smart young person – his own flesh and blood – could get sucked into such deep turmoil. “Drug addicts aren’t high school students,” he pleads. “They’re people who live on the streets and beg for change. They don’t have an expected OP score range of 1-5 and get offered scholarships into the top universities in the country. Well-adjusted teenagers don’t atApril 2011

tack their father with a golf club and scream profanities at him. How did it get to this stage... how did he get so messed up?” Seth had been using for almost two years. Not always regularly. It began with a few puffs of cannabis and a couple of beers with some mates after school. He thought nothing of it, mainly because he viewed it as harmless. His older brother did it a couple of times and he was fine, so why not? But Seth had an entirely different relationship with the drug. He enjoyed the feeling of getting high, much more than his brother – it was a sense of relief and relaxation, a kind of euphoria. And, unlike his brother, he wanted to repeat that experience over and again. “I can still remember the feeling of that first joint. I didn’t green out like some of my other friends. It felt good. I was relaxed, there was no stress, it was as if the whole world took in one deep breath and just cruised along with the exhale,” says Seth.

but Vicodin and OxyContin were preferred, and because they are prescribed so often, getting a supply wasn’t that difficult. Seth grew more cunning as each time he visited the house of a new ‘friend’, he’d secretly scope out their medicine cabinets, squandering anything he thought would give him a “buzz”. No one saw what was coming next. His appetite grew and his body was becoming immune to the effects. Seth soon turned to the streets in search of his next big fix and found it in the form of methamphetamine. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), “The drug has limited medical uses for the treatment of narcolepsy, attention deficit disorders, and obesity.” The NIDA, however, warns that the drug is highly addictive. The illicit production of the street drug is produced in both big and small labs, often found in private homes, commercial buildings and even hotel rooms. They’re lightweight, portable and

I was just reaching for a bigger and better high. As sad as it is to admit, it was the only time I felt good... As time went on Seth’s appetite for a stronger hit and a greater high increased. “I found some pain medication in my parent’s bathroom cabinet. Mum had a surgery a few months before and was prescribed OxyContin for the pain. She’d only taken a couple of tablets so there was virtually a whole container still full.” Today’s teens are far more techno-savvy than their parents’ generation and coupled with the added aid of the Internet, it didn’t take Seth long to discover by grinding the pills and snorting them, the high was intensified. “I was just reaching for bigger and better high. As sad as it is to admit, it was the only time I felt good.” But as soon as that supply had diminished the young emerging addict had to find his hit elsewhere. He’d raid the family liquor cabinet and solicit his friends to steal drugs from their parents, bribing them with money and promising favours. Any kind of painkiller would do


present a problem for law enforcement. On the street it goes by many guises – speed, meth, ice, crystal meth, chalk, crank, tweak, black beauties, glass, and yellow bam, according to the NIDA. For Seth, it was just something that gave him a moment of bliss – time to escape reality and let go. He had no awareness this highly-toxic chemical can raise havoc with your brain function. Seth’s school grades began slipping and he grew more paranoid. He lost interest in football and forfeited his sports scholarship, telling his parents football was a distraction from his studies. They bought it. “I look back now and ask myself, ‘why didn’t we see it?’ Maybe we were naive, or simply too oblivious. Whatever the reason, I wish we were just more aware,” Seth’s father says. The young teen started ditching school, and wouldn’t come home for weeks on end.

REAL-LIFE He liked the marijuana high, but craved the meth high, and unlike cannabis, once he used meth, he was well within the clutches of addiction. The intense high was created by massive release of the neurotransmitter dopamine into the pleasure areas of the brain. This flood of dopamine can actually cause an increase in body temperature, convulsions and be lethal. The drug was literally eating away at Seth’s brain and the high he was craving grew harder to achieve, due to a tolerance to the drug. He was losing weight and admits he wasn’t sleeping much during that period. “Any user will tell you that your first hit is always the best. I was trying to recreate that feeling but each time it got harder to achieve, and so the more I needed to use. It works to a certain point, but it’s never really same.” His behaviour became violent at school. He lashed out at one of his friends after hearing or seeing something that wasn’t there. Like any person embroiled in the spiraling grip of addiction, there comes a point at which that person steps out of normal society and into the absent-minded hold of the addiction, a place where emotions are void and the only focus is on getting their next hit. It was at this time Seth’s addiction escalated and he found himself on the streets, in search of a stronger high. He had reoccurring thoughts of prostitution; suicide and selfharm, blacked out and regularly hallucinated. He had created his own emotional prison and was caught in the grip of a disease more powerful than himself. Soon things around his family home began to go missing. The addicted teen stole his father’s coin collection, along with sentimental jewellery belonging to his late grandmother. He stole from his brother and even took cash from his 8 year-old sister’s piggy bank. “Nothing else mattered except my next hit. And when I couldn’t get it, it felt like my whole world was falling apart. Normal to me was now when I was high.” The turning point for the battling teen came when he took a bad batch of meth. He was admitted to hospital and his life was hanging in the balance. With his family holding vigil at his bedside, an intervention in the form of a rehabilitation programme seemed the only option for this family to get their boy back. But that change had to come from him. He was enrolled in a four month treatment process to slowly wean him of his dependence. His body no longer produced its own natural chemicals to manage pain, so not having the meth caused him to become “dope sick.” When the drug was not replenished, he went into withdrawal but over time and with support from his family and doctors, he broke free from the grip of addiction. This story has a positive ending. But many don’t. *Names changed to protect the identity of the individuals. Words: Adele Rowlands-Dealey

he craved the meth high and once he used it, he was well within the clutches of addiction.


April 2011

We’ve got dozens of ways to

GOLF CLINICS & prIvate LeSSONS FOr aLL LeveLS OF pLay Whether you have never played golf before, just want to improve your skills or slice a few strokes off your handicap, the Links Hope Island Golf Clinics are sure to make your learning experience enjoyable. 6 week Clinics for Beginners and Ladies, Beginners Social Golf, Private Lessons for Beginners to Advanced and Junior Programs. For more information please call

07 5530 9094

It’s more than golf.... For golf bookings call 07 5530 9000.

ys to improve your game.

p u n i P Girls

Step back in time to the ‘50s, when glam was all about wasp waists, peep-toe heels and a sexy, feminine silhouette.

Like a couple of giggly young schoolgirls let loose in their mum’s closet for a morning, our models went ‘retro glam’ for the day. After a few hours spent in the makeup chair, the girls emerged looking like a pair of pin-up girls, with their victory curls and shiny red pouts, sheer stockings, fishnets and tightly-strung corsets. And the little birdie behind this old Hollywood glamour transformation is photographer and ‘50s-obsessed stylist, Sasha Dobies. Her baby, Sherbet Birdie – a pin-up girl specific photographic design business – was conceived of one Valentine’s day after Sasha discovered some rather overt ‘girly’ magazines in her boyfriend’s bedroom. “I thought to myself, ‘I can’t believe my boyfriend wants to look at other boobs, perhaps I should take lovely photo of myself April 2011

for him in a more demure, classic way’,” she says with a wicked glint in her eye. “So a friend of mine and I set up a backdrop in my sister’s overgrown garden and created a bohemianstyle photo shoot. We showed our friends who all then wanted their own photos for their partners. It started from there. We would get together on a Sunday afternoon with a bottle of champagne and a set of long lashes. We’d do our own hair and makeup, and take these sort of retro-style photos. I’d then apply my signature Sherbet Birdie backgrounds and they’d give them as gifts to their partners. I ended up leaving my full-time job and invested in setting up my business about four years ago. I spent spent over two years collecting wonderful costumes, clothing, props and camera gear.” Before she was directing girls on how to get the best out of their ‘inner pin-up’, Sasha was working as an art director for Black + White magazine – a high quality photographic magazine featuring nude photography of celebrities and models. “I always had plenty of issues around my house and friends would flick through the pages remarking at how perfect and beautiful the women in the pages were. I was surprised that my friends really believed these women looked exactly like the photograph. They didn’t even dream that the photos had been retouched,” Sasha says. “This realisation timed perfectly with the ‘Valentine’s’ shoot and I thought, ‘I can offer real women the same sort of photo shoot with all the things you don’t usually see or hear about (lighting, retouching, hair and makeup, styling, and of course,


post production on the photographs). “I knew that with my experience directing magazine shoots, I’d be able to coach clients on the correct ways to pose, style them to enhance their figures and snap high quality images.” The difference is, says Sasha, that she offers a bespoke service for women to come into a studio and be pampered, enjoy a high tea, relax while they have professional hair and makeup and then choose from a wardrobe full of vintage dresses, 1950s swimsuits, lingerie and corsetry, antique props, sky-high heels, accessories and jewels. “The actual photo shoot is then directed with a classic 1950s pin-up tone – a cheeky, tongue-incheek style that is sexy, but not tacky,” she adds. And it’s not just models and celebrities, everyday women have the chance to become ‘50s pin-up girls too. “Honestly, the people who walk through the door are regular women with regular lives who want to come in for a day of pampering and beautiful shots. Some of the more sensitive shoots are with women, who are recovering from major surgery and others who might be celebrating a divorce.” For now, Sasha has her hands full with the Brisbane studio, as well as taking Sherbet Birdie on a road trip tour through Sydney, but ideally she’d like to extend so women around the country can have a chance to glam up ‘50s-style. “My ideal situation would be to continue operating a studio in Brisbane, opening a new studio in Sydney within the next year, and then open a studio on the Gold Coast. I’d be giving myself a big old pat on the back if I could achieve that and would love life even more than I do now.”



April 2011


April 2011



o t l a i t n e t o p e h “every girl has t she channels f i , p u n i p y x e be a s ” l l e h s b m o b s 0 5 her inner


April 2011




anger man

Meet the next Hugh Jackman: Why Scott Brewer keeps hearing his name compared to one of Aussie’s most famous exports.


ou may or may not have heard of the courageous caped crusader, Phoenix Jones, who has personally taken to protecting the streets of a small American town just outside Seattle, Washington, wearing a bulletproof vest and the customary skintight black rubber costume and mask.

Like Phoenix Jones, the Gold Coast has its own masked vigilante in the making. Scott Brewer is the Gold Coast’s answer to a superhero and his Superhero Schooling began at an early age when his mother – a ballet teacher – would constantly warn him of the dangers of jumping off roofs and performing his own stunts. This brought about the nickname Danger and combined with his surname, Mann, his alternate identity Dangerman was born.

Raised in Perth, Scott spent his early years competing in gymnastics and ballet before dabbling in his self-confessed passion of music, all adding to his superhero repertoire. He went on to refine his skills at The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, which trained other notable Australian entertainers like Hugh Jackman and Heath Ledger, made infamous by their own superhero and villain – Wolverine and The Joker, respectively. Upon graduation, Scott was cast in lead roles in musicals Grease and Crimes of the Heart. These days Scott is known in the entertainment circles as Ryctor, and recently appeared with Ben Barnes in the latest installment of the Narnia Chronicles: Voyage of The Dawn Treader, where he plays a magical creature known as Dufflepud. Previous to this role, he appeared alongside some of Hollywood’s top A-listers, including Keanu Reeves in The Matrix, and the late Heath Ledger in the television series, Roar. His most recent achievement has all the hallmarks of a megastar in the making. In the feature film, Dangerman, Scott will play the converted superhero lead requiring strenuous training both physically and mentally. Set in the not-so-distant future where the world is on the brink of destruction, overcome by society corruption and greed. Dangerman lives by his motto, ‘fear is not an option’. Following interest from a major international production company, Dangerman has already been immortalised as an action figure by Surreal Enterprises sculptors for Lucas Arts, which is due to be released in 2011. When questioned on his intense involvement in the development of the script – not to mention the soundtrack for the feature film – this multi talented entertainer simply replies, “It hasn’t been easy, it’s been a lot of hard work but it is well worth


it.” Despite Scott’s immense talent, attractive persona and ruggedly handsome looks, he insists he leads a humble yet entertaining life, loving nothing more than spending his free time with his beautiful wife, Danielle also an entertainer and their infant son, Haven. So what can we say to sum up a man of such diverse talents and achievements? Simply this... watch this space and keep an eye out on the streets of the Gold Coast after dark you never know... Words: Ingrid Bonnor

don’t get left


Hope Island Shop 10 Hope Island Central 340 Hope Island Road Hope Island. Qld 4212 Coomera 2/11 Gateway Court Coomera, Qld. 4209 P: 07 5514 0308 F: 07 5514 0365

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Order 5000 DL Flyers and we will


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Cape, $449, sweater, $329, short, $289

ut Ccolour & Step things up a notch this season with sharp suits, sleek leather and smart skirts – all in delicious autumn tones.

April 2011


Twill jacket, $720 & trouser, $275

Sweater, $259, camel skirt, $339

A Fine Romance Evie dress, $399

Jacket, $770, trouser, $325, vest, $345.

Jacket, $695, shirt, $189, trouser, $329

Blouse, $349, pant, $349

Blazer, $569, trouser, $325, sweater, $229

Images supplied by Farage

Isabella coat, $729

Ruffle blouse, $389, leather jacket, $995, brocade pant, $350


April 2011


Leather skirt, $649, blouse $349

All clothing by Farage,

April 2011




tyle stealer:

1 2


She’s got her own fashion label that’s already getting rave reviews from fashionistas the world over. One part of stylish sister duo, Mary-Kate Olsen, shows us how to go boho-glam.


5 6





Long and the short of it: MK rocks a relaxed bohemian-glam look in a long pencil skirt and soft tee, roughed up with tough accessories.

1. Kain modal silk blend t-shirt 2. Jersey maxi skirt, from 3. Miu Miu matelassé leather shoulder bag, Miu Miu Ph: 03 9530 4767 4. OPI nail varnish 5. Alexander McQueen enamel skull ring, 6. Isharya Moon Bali 18-karat gold-plated onyx ring, 7. Black crucifix necklace, 8. Cross white charm, 9. Aurelie Bidermann cuff,


Cnr Young & Scarborough Sts , Southpor t

are exclusive to


p. 5561 1038 April 2011

Acolour hair HAIR


Rachel Bilson is on-trend for autumn with soft caramel tones.

trends 2011

Get it’s hair guru Amanda Higl says keep it soft and sophisticated this season with warm tones of caramel and latte.


oftly does it. This autumn’s hair colour trends are about soft dimension, oozing style and sophistication. Think soft and gentle, pretty pieces of colour shimmering through your locks as you walk; are we getting the picture? No stripes in sight. This kind of work is fine and detailed. Do not try this at home – to be done by a professional only!

Multi-tonal colours have made their return and we’re going back to nature. Thank goodness. We often see small kids with great hair colour, and try to recreate that sun-kissed perfection. If you look closely – get a child, yours or any one else’s, and look – their hair is spectacularly perfect. Nature-made hair colour has many different colours woven through it. And that natural, warm tones are what grown up girls should be after with their colour. Creating the multi-tonal hair colour is great fun. As a stylist, we simply do full heads of foil and change the colours to suit each time, this creates variances in tone and looks stunning. For the current season’s trend – the foils must be super fine and hardly detectable. Natural looking beauty is what we want. Many of you will head toward the auburn tones in your foils this autumn and don’t be scared, auburn is one of those tones that is warm, yet cool at the same could say like a little fire with a little ice. April 2011

The most important thing is to mix up your depth of colours (dark brown, light brown, dark blonde) a little as well as the tones (gold, honey, beige, ash). A mixture of light, dark, warm and cool pieces will create that pieced look and gives your colour great dimension. Blondes, you will do all of this but on a lighter level. And this kind of colour technique will give your hair a great shine. Dark roots – light ends. I love this look! It has to be the most different thing we’ve seen in a long time. This rocked out regrowth has been seen on the catwalk on and off for a little while now but finally we are embracing it Down Under. It sounds like a colour with little to no maintenance but if you want to wear this look and wear it well; maintenance is the key. The best way to get this look and make it posh too, is colour over a full-head of foils. The richness of the deeper colour will still let your foils shimmer through and as your regrowth comes through it simply adds to the look. This is still a multi tonal colour; darker roots just give it a more modern edge. But you must maintain this colour to keep it looking fab. Your colour will need to be refreshed every 4-6 weeks still to retain the glamour and shine. The great thing about having deeper roots is less gold/red tones


that we are all forever trying to combat; oh and healthy, shiny hair! This Autumn’s new looks are a great way to have a subtle change and keep those tresses healthy. For more information visit

Multi-tonal colours have made their return and we’re going back to nature.



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$4.5 0 CIN








0 2 $






Acrossing TRAVEL


In the world of ocean travel, no cruise line is as well known as Cunard and no cruise ship is more famous than the flagship of the line – Queen Mary 2. Every year, QM2 plies the North Atlantic between America and Great Britain on one of the iconic ocean voyages of the world – a Transatlantic Crossing. In August, the QM2 will depart on what will be the transatlantic crossing of the season – The President’s Voyage. Hosted by Peter Shanks, President of Cunard, this crossing promises to showcase the epitome of Cunard service and quality. Together, Harvey World Travel and Harvey’s April 2011

Choice Holidays have reserved a selection of cabins and suites on this crossing, and invite you to take your place in the rich heritage of ocean travel, joining this journey on the grandest of the Cunard liners from New York to Southampton. In New York, you’ll meet up with other voyagers at a welcome event in Manhattan before you board the ship – a group that promises to be a fascinating range of some of the most well-travelled people in Australia! Once on board, you will be entertained at a range of exclusive events as well as have the freedom to enjoy the ship at your leisure


Set sail onboard one of the world’s most famous cruise ships – the QE2 – taking in all the grandest of experiences on your voyage.

during the transatlantic voyage. And once in London, you’ll bid the group farewell at another exclusive event in the city. The President’s Voyage package on the QM2 includes the following: Priced from $10,889* per person Round World economy class airfares • 3 nights accommodation in the legendary Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York, including breakfast • Dinner and a hit Broadway Show • Gala W

Welcome Dinner with all Presidents Voyage guests from around Australia • 7 nights on QM2 in an Inside Stateroom, including all meals & entertainment • Sail Away party as QM2 leaves New York • Private Dinner in the Todd English specialtyy restaurant • 3 nights accommodation in the Mayfair Hotel in London, including breakfast • Farewell dinner with the Presidents Voyage group • All transfers in New York & London • All taxes and port charges Or enquire about making this journey of a lifetime even more special by upgrading your flight and cruise accommodation. FREE WEEKEND IN SCOTLAND For a limited time, anyone who books the Presidents Voyage package (twin share) will also receive a 3 day weekend at the Scottish Highland Games thrown in for free (that’s valued at $999). This offer must be booked by March 31, 2011. The Braemar Gathering is the original Scottish Highland Games. Staged near Aberdeen in the Scottish Highlands, the games are attended by the Queen and Royal Family and features all of the traditional events you would expect including “tossing the caber” and parades of massed pipe bands. You will stay at Dalmunzie Castle, a traditional Scottish

stately home located in the  heart of the highlands. Enjoy superb meals and the comfort and hospitality of this historic retreat conveniently close to all the excitement of the games. To find out more on either of these amazing packages exclusive to Harvey World Travel, visit www.harveyworld. or call Harvey World Travel Hope Island on 5530 8633

the queen mary 2 ‘presidents voyage’

LET US TAILOR-MAKE THE ARRANGEMENTS FOR YOU... Whether you want to tour the East Coast of America before you join the voyage or take the Orient Express to Europe to continue your journey afterwards, we can help you organise your entire round the world trip around this wonderful transatlantic crossing. ‘THe presIdenTs voyage’ paCkage prICIng sTarTs froM inside stateroom



outside stateroom



balcony stateroom britannia club de-luXe



balcony stateroom



*Prices are per person, twin share, subject to availability at time of booking and are for the package as stated in the invitation.Other air and hotel costs are not included. ^Excluding Todd English and Chef’s Table specialty restaurants.

* Conditions and seasonal surcharges apply. Prices are per person twin share. Airfares not included. Valid for sale to until sold out. Cruise valid for travel 22 Aug 2011. Prices & information are correct at time of issue and subject to availability and change at time of booking. Prices may fluctuate due to changes in charges, taxes and currency. Prices do not include taxes or charges collected directly by third parties. For current information on travelling overseas and official Government travel advisories visit ® Registered trade mark of Harvey World Travel Group Pty Limited. ^MEMBERSHIP REWARDS: Only available to Cardmembers enrolled in Membership Rewards Ascent Premium, Ascent, Choices or Blue Sky. Membership Rewards enrolment required (an annual fee may apply). Subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Membership Rewards program. American Express International, Inc. (ABN 15 000 618 208). Incorporated with limited liability in Delaware, USA. Only available at participating Harvey World Travel shops. Each Harvey World Travel shop has its own travel agent’s licence number. Licence no.3245889

your eXClUsIve ‘presidents voyage ’ on the QM2 includes : Welcome party in New York • Private transfer from your hotel in New York to QM2 • 7 nights accommodation in the stateroom or suite of your choice on QM2 • “Sail Away” drinks party • All meals^ while on-board QM2 including English Afternoon Tea • All entertainment while on board QM2 • Exclusive cocktail party with the Captain of QM2 and the President of Cunard • Private dinner in Todd English speciality restaurant • All port and government charges • Private transfer from QM2 to your hotel in London • Farewell party in London Additional benefits and services are available to passengers choosing Britannia Club Staterooms and Grill Suites. Additional benefits and services are available to passengers choosing Britannia Club Staterooms and Grill Suites.

Harvey World Travel Hope Island Tel: 07 5530 8633 Email:


April 2011





Soften your home using a tranquil colour palette of turqouise in luxe fabrics like velvet and silk.

2 3



6 7

1.Laila chair, Jimmy Possum. 2. Sir James occasional chairs, Jimmy Possum. 3. Sheer fig three-wick scented candle. 4. Plaited leather cushion, 5.Coco rink round table lamp, Jimmy Possum. 6. Wooden photo frame, 7. Kaati ottoman, Jimmy Possum.


April 2011



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idden Htreasure dining

Follow Get it’s own gourmet critic Adele Rowlands-Dealey as she sets off to uncover the best local food finds on the Coast.


here are hundreds of foodie-type writeups floating through the pages of magazines in our great land of Oz, but a good whack of them seem solely focused on the culinary locales of Melbourne and Sydney. But when my fellow food connoisseur, Matty, and I set off in pursuit of fresh and fabulous eats around our local neighbourhood, we were shocked to find a simple check online and a flip through a few sites turns up… nothing, or at least not much at all. So this here is a record of our foodie related explorations through our hometown – roughly stretching from Byron Bay to Ascot and little pockets of food heaven in between. Searching high and low for a new restaurant, café, bakery, noodle shop, deli, gelato joint or fresh food market to try, we were brought to halt on the Gold Coast. In an unlikely position, off the beaten track the tourists thrive on, we heard the sweet angelic sounds of an unfamiliar voice that drew us closer, like an insect to a venus fly trap. Tucked neatly away from the hustle and bustle of the main roads, we found ourselves at Spendlove Bar and Bistro in the centre of Ferry Road Markets. Alas, the voice was not from the heavens above, rather from the soothing melodies of Miss Maddy Zanatta, the live entertainment for the evening. The surrounding shops include Sweet, Merlo Torrefazione and Wheel and Barrow and with Spendlove’s open plan dining we could even smell the soft floral aroma drifting from the florist. Run by the same crowd who operate Brisbane’s James Street Market in the Valley, Spendlove’s dining oasis is the newest addition to the list of locals’ haunts on the Coast and has proven to be popular this Saturday night. As we walked over to the front desk, Matty and I were greeted with a warm welcome and ushered to an intimate candle-lit table for two. We soon realised why this was a locals’ favourite…the menu. With so many delectable dishes we didn’t know where to start. I had no choice but to close my eyes and: “eenie, meenie, miney, mo” my selection. For starters, I had golden crunchy tempura zucchini chip complemented by a delicious crab salad – a favourite among the crowd. When

It’s the sort of place where they pull your chair out for you to sit down, and bring you a glass of water without being asked.

April 2011


the braised pork belly rolled out, topped with a mushroom salad, bok choy, bean sprout, chilli, peanut and coriander, a heavy dose of Asian influences blended so spectacularly well together it was a dish of sublime pleasure. Drizzled with apple and pear puree, I had to stop myself from drooling. Already finishing off the dish with my eyes, I was having a hard time trying to contain myself for a decent camera shot before gobbling the whole lot up. As a sweet end to my blissfully decadent meal was the dessert. Menu item of choice – weakness! The coconut-infused dessert came smothered in passionfruit and orange jelly, fresh pashionfruit coulis and a generous dollop of vanilla bean fromage frais with raspberries on the side. The whimsical display of colour and the incredible presentation was nothing short of amazing. And the taste…ah, sheer delight. All in all, I had a spectacular dining experience at Spendlove. It’s the sort of place where they pull your chair out for you to sit down, and bring you a glass of water without being asked. Do yourself a favour and try Spendlove’s new after dark dining. You won’t regret it. Located at the new-look Brickworks Centre at Southport, the place to meet for a spectacular dining experience is Spendlove. Open Thursday to Saturday, 6pm ‘til late. Bookings essential: (07) 5527 0255

food & drink

The Wine list E

stablished by the Lindner Family in 1944, St Hallett is one of the founding wineries of the Barossa, Australia’s most celebrated wine region. The winery was named after one of the early surveyors of South Australia in early 19th Century – the reason for the ‘St’ is unknown but perhaps his early work was so exceptional the local Lutherans wanted to canonise him!

with Scott Budgen from Shuck Restaurant

maturation. Such focus is critical to St Hallett focuses on crafting fullthe complexity and differentiation flavoured, textured wines entirely of St Hallett’s three expressions of from Barossa fruit. The winery’s rich Barossa Shiraz: Faith, Blackwell resource of old vines provides the and Old Block. The treasured old winemaking team with a diversity vines of Barossa, St Hallett’s focus of fruit, allowing them to constantly on Shiraz and Riesling and the evolve and adapt techniques for interplay between the two valleys each vintage and parcel. The team – Barossa and Eden – provide selects and keeps separate over the winemakers with plenty 200 different parcels of Shiraz of intriguing opportunities and each vintage, ensuring meticulous interesting challenges. and tion enta tailoring of ferm

Our picks:

St Hallett Rose, 2010 St Hallett Ruby red with vibrant pink hues, the long of ur hono team make this wine in .. sun. ssan Baro the in s noon after Summer to which we are sure translates very well The the balmy climate of the Gold Coast! , with St Hallett Rosé is a soft style of Rosé and light acidity, hints of white raspberry that blackcurrent with a clean, crisp finish st almo . drink to easy too st almo makes it too easy to drink!

St Hallett Eden Valley Riesling, 2010 tt True to Eden Valley character, St Halle om bloss n lemo has ling Ries Eden Valley held aromas and pristine lime flavours long a and ty acidi ly stee together by ssa mineral finish. From the cooler Baro of e som to e hom rical histo – sub-region Australia’s finest Rieslings. While there ly is no better table mate than fresh al shucked oysters; it’s also a sensation es. complement to other shellfish dish

St Hallett Blackwell Shiraz, 2008 l exudes St Hallett’s reserve Shiraz, Blackwel ity that all the power and brooding dens z. Shira in offer to has the Barossa gain The fruit is picked at full ripeness to of optimum power and concentration Each flavour and a dense, inky colour. of a parcel of Shiraz is matched to one and selection of American oak barrels wine this Pair ring. matu s year spends two when you tuck into a juicy rib eye.

St Hallett Faith Shiraz, 2008 ’s An accessible, fruit driven wine, Faith at hints hue le purp e vibrant yet dens the generosity of fruit within. The wine ry derives exuberant raspberry, cher s and spice flavours from vineyard ssa Baro the of part in the southern n Valley and pepper from its Ede lous fabu This nt. Valley compone wine is a must when enjoying any one of Shuck’s tantalising steaks.

St Hallett Old Block Shirz, 2007 nt and seamless ssa, St Hallett Old Block is an elega An acknowledged icon of the Baro vines of 60 to old ping crop lowfrom class. Derived Shiraz widely recognised as world Block Shiraz Old sive. z is by its very nature exclu over 100 years of age, Old Block Shira ns. Unique regio suby valle two ssa’s d between Baro showcases the harmony to be foun ent higher adjac the contribute a rich foundation while sites in the warmer Barossa Valley elegant an and ture struc ral mine less ers texture, seam ed altitude and cooler Eden Valley conf deem is and de deca evolve beautifully over the next about floral vitality. This elegant vintage will wine this nt deca you re ensu , long can’t wait that to peak in 2018 to 2022. But if you . rich venison or another game dish 2-3 hours from serving and pair with

ch, Gold Coast

ck Restaurant & Bar, Main Bea

The food matches are from Shu


February 2011


Q &AFinance with Wealthfarm


am thinking of buying an investment property. There are many properties to choose from at the Real Estate Agents but I don’t know what to look for. Can you tell me where to start? The secret to successful property investment is simple. Seek advice from the experts. Buying an investment property involves many factors including where to buy for strong capital growth, rental demand and good returns as well as how to structure your investment portfolio. It may even be appropriate for you to purchase your investment property using your superannuation as the deposit and letting the rent, your 9% super guarantee contribution and the rent pay the mortgage. You should seek advice from professionals: Financial Planner – they will look at your complete

financial situation and your risk profile to make sure that property investment suits your circumstances Mortgage Broker – they will look at your circumstances and find the loan that best suits your individual needs Accountant – they will put tax strategies into place to ensure you are maximising your deductions. Property Buyers Agent – they will do all the research, sourcing and negotiation of the property so you do not have to worry about the decision being a sound one based on facts, not emotion.


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The O

Find out where tomorrow’s “property hotspots” are today!

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This advice may not be suitable to you because it contains general advice that has not been tailored to your personal circumstances. Wealthfarm Pty Ltd, ACN 119 411 175, ATF Wealthfarm Unit Trust ABN 77 159754 322 trading asWealthfarm Financial Planners is an Authorised Representative of GWM Adviser Services Limited, ABN 96 002 071 749, Australian Financial Services Licensee No: 230692, Registered Office at 105-153 Miller Street North Sydney NSW 2060.


April 2011

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The 7 best-kept health secrets you must know, but were never told. B

eing different is never easy. It can be tough. Real tough. I used to just ‘go with the flow’ and not ‘rock the boat”, but sometimes one’s heart beats to a different drum. You’ll see what I mean shortly… Let me introduce Ben Levi myself. My name is Ben Levi. I’m a third generation Gold Coaster born into a family of two generations of Medical Practitioners. So, I’ve been around the medical model all my life. But this is where I’ve made a change. I decided to help people get well without uing drugs or surgery. So, I became a chiropractor. I’ve heard people say, “oh, so you’re a back cracker”, or “bone cruncher”. This is exactly why I feel compelled to expose some secrets and dispel some myths! The 7 secrets I’m sharing with you today will change the way you look at your own and your family’s health forever.


Our Symptoms are a poor indicator of our health…how we feel and how well we heal are different. Our degree of symptom is not a health barometer. We can be symptom free and have cancer, heart disease or even just tooth decay. High cholesterol isn’t caused by a shortage of statin production. Pain isn’t a result of ibuprofen insufficiency. These symptoms are merely our clever bodies trying to give us a warning signal. If you hear a rattle in your car do you turn the music up to get rid of it? Or do you get a qualified mechanic to fix the problem?


We need a healthy spine to have a healthy body…your spine and nerves are like a switchboard for your body. If we have some of those spinal ‘switches’ in an ‘off’ position, similar to a blown fuse, our body won’t work properly, like the lights get switched off when a fuse blows to your house. We need to live with all the switches in an ‘on’ position to be healing properly and therefore be healthy for life.


Healing happens from the inside out …our bodies have a natural ability to heal! It’s abundant and free! Everyone has the power needed to live to 120. It’s called innate intelligence, and it’s that power to heal we are all blessed with. You can’t buy it or swallow it. You just need to let it work without interference. This is where subluxations come into it. They interfere with normal healing by blocking the flow of electrical impulses from our brain to our body. Remove the subluxations, and miracles happen. So what is a subluxation?


Subluxations may be devastating… A Subluxation is any misalignment of the spinal bones which chokes the spinal cord and spinal nerves. As you know, your brain and nervous system is the master controlling system of your body. It has ultimate control of over 50 trillion cells that make you breathe, smile, digest, swallow and even control your blood pressure! When the spine misaligns its called subluxation and this can put massive pressure on the spinal cord and nerves. Imagine that! And what’s worse, is that usually we can’t even feel it. Less than 10% of the nervous system carries or perceives pain. That means things we do every day, such as sit at a computer or playing sport, can cause misalignment, and put pressure on the nerves, weakening our nervous system. Sometimes we are lucky and we get some body signals such as headaches, fatigue, and back pain, telling us there is something wrong.


Chiropractors specialize in the detection and removal of subluxation We study the intricate workings of the spine and nervous system extensively so we can carefully remove this potentially damaging condition. It takes 5 years full time at University to learn how to find and remove subluxations from the spine. I graduated with a Masters degree in Chiropractic and studied a further two years to hold a Degree in Nutritional Medicine.

neck? Do you have a sway back? Is one shoulder higher than the other or one leg slightly shorter? Bad posture not only looks bad, it is bad. It’s as bad on the inside as it is on the outside and should not be ignored.


Chiropractic adjustments are safe, gentle and effective…an adjustment is a very specific and gentle way of realigning the spine. I know many of us have experienced practitioners who are too heavy handed. I agree, I’m fussy about who adjusts me, too. We use very gentle, yet extremely effective methods of adjusting the spine. We make it our responsibility to get the best possible results, in the safest possible way.

Try something different. For the next 2 weeks we’ll give a thorough spine and posture check for just $30, normally valued at $220. We have our x-ray facility on site, if required. Just mention this article. Come and say hi to Kerrie, our naturopath and massage therapist. Whatever your needs, we’ll endeavour to look after you. We are located at Suite 9, 1 Rialto Quay Drive, Hope Island, next to BiLo, above the Thai restaurant, on the turn off to Sanctuary Cove. Call Di, my friendly assistant at Chiropractic Central, on (07) 5530 8494, mention this offer and we will schedule you in as soon as we can. We look forward to meeting you very soon! Yours in health, Ben Levi ,Chiropractor. BSc M.Chiro.Grad Dip Nutrition Med.

Remember, your health is your wealth


Your posture is the window to your spine…if your posture is out, your spine and nervous system is under pressure. That’s right, you may have subluxation. How do you stand? Does your head sit forward of your shoulders? Are you getting a bump at the base of your

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April 2011


squirrel Get It hits the town with the faces in the places you need to be!

Our Squirrel’s got his finger firmly on the pulse of the social scene. s Deck.

Nury Barros, Tony Percuoco, Jame

Speed Dating

This aging player around town continues to boast about his smorgasbord of young ladies he attracts. What better time to show off the ‘new’ talent than on Valentine’s day. Spotted at breakfast with one lady, lunch at Marina Mirage with another, and Tedder Avenue for dinner with – you guessed it – another! Not sure how long these lasses stay around but as long as his cash register keeps opening, they will keep coming. Next!

A Flood of Support

The amount of events across Australia that have been held to raise funds to assist those affected by the flood has been staggering, especially in South East Queensland. Tony Percuoco of Ristorante Tartufo was one of the first to organise an event at his restaurant located in the Emporium. A total of 118 people attend the lunch event which donated the entire ticket cost, tips and pledges to the relief appeal. A staggering $26,954 was raised. Top job!

Febfast Fibber

Giving up alcohol for the month of February has become quite popular, even amongst the social set. Once registered, your work colleagues, supporters and friends can donate towards your sacrifice for staying off the plonk for a month – which benefits various drug and alcohol organisations. One social Sheila from around town has been boasting about her Febfast sacrifice and how fabulous she feels. Known to be a big drinker, many were impressed. However, her neighbour has a different story! She has been seen downing liquid out of a Vodka bottle, not just once but most days during the month – both in and outside her luxury home. When questioned by the neighbour, she quickly snapped that she keeps water in empty Vodka bottles. This little squirrel is somehow leaning towards believing the neighbour, who may have unmasked the Gold Coast’s biggest Febfast Fibber! Good grief! April 2011

cleaned up and the award-winning musical has been sold out most nights. Cheers!


Squirrel often wonders why some men around town insist of having expensive luxury cars when they simply can’t afford them. There are at least three men who have had their cars repossessed in recent months due to not keeping to their repayments (or lease) for their expensive Ferraris and Bentleys. What makes this story interesting is that they have had them taken back not once, but twice (some even three times). With the public seeing the tow trucks pick up their expensive vehicles (which are always parked on the street for maximum show and tell effect), one wonders why they put themselves through the pain of public humiliation. Perhaps it is time for a downgrade boys….or would that hurt the ego too much? Next!

Wicked finally opens in Brisbane

Great news that Wicked is now showing in Brisbane at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre. During the devastating floods and due to the damage to QPAC, the show’s opening night and VIP cocktail party were cancelled. Rumours were circulating that Brisbane would miss out and the Broadway musical would move interstate. Thankfully, the show reopened after the damage was

Elphaba (Jemma Rix) and The Wizard (Bert Newton)

David Whitehill, Christie Lee Sharpe

Heading South

A couple that will not been seen as much on the South East Queensland social circuit is the handsome David Whitehill and Christie-Lee Sharpe. They are both moving to Sydney due to work commitments. With both their careers soaring, you are sure to still be seeing and hearing about this glamour couple. Good luck in Sydney Town. Squirrel


Abby Milne, Emma Milne

Big Day Out The Big Day Out music festival lived up to its name again this summer, drawing 55,000 fans to dance in the sunshine at Parklands. An iconic international line-up included Tool, Deftones, Iggy Pop and the Bloody Beetroots.

Sharna Lutze, Jessica Pilkington

Bec Challenor, Karl Schicker, Maxine Jocelyn Elizah Caruana, Isobel Carter

Linda Murphy, Loz Newberry, Katie Newberry, Giv Tombs

Michaley Hobbs, Josh Holland

Kevin O’hara, Leah Harden

Preview of Carbon Dating A special preview performance of Carbon Dating was held in The Space at The Arts Centre Gold Coast. Carbon Dating is an Australian contemporary comedy which involves four actors playing 13 roles portraying couples on their first date – as seen by gossiping waiters.

Tara Page, Rob Horton

Wilhelmina Walshaw, Geoff and Cherie Parsons Christine Lohman, Tony Gilbert, Mimi Broadie

Mark and Amanda Clough

Roma Blair, Klara Furniss


April 2011


squirrel Get It hits the town with the faces in the places you need to be! Launch of Stingray Lounge Close to 300 guests attended the lavish launch of Stingray Lounge. The swish lounge bar is located at QT Gold Coast (formerly The Gold Coast International). With a brand new ‘LA’ style design fitout, outdoor deck overlooking the beach and a Californian-style menu – the venue is certain to be a hit with the locals and tourists alike.

Richard White, Kimberley Scott

Tania Zaetta

Briony Longhurst, Kura Tyerman

Emily Blom, Chloe Mutu Anthony Ikin, Daniella Winter, Mick Wheeler

Brittany Blythe

The Arts Centre 2011 Subscription Launch A swish event was held to launch The Arts Centre Gold Coast 2011 Subscription Season. Guests were treated to canapés, beverages and the unveiling of the exciting line up of shows.

Katie Huifeldt, Ryan Duffy

Alana Williams, Dave Galvin Ann-Marie Ryan, Natalie Foster

Andrew Potts, Tammy Allen

Daniella Winter, Michelle Grant-Iramu

Jason Solman, Lena Crawford

Casey Wise, Ben Warren

April 2011


Jupiters Sounds of Support Jupiters hosted a special event to assist with raising money for the Premier’s Flood Relief Fund. The sell-out charity event featured artists Daryl Braithwaite, David Campbell, Christine Anu, Mark Gable, Damien Leith, Melinda Schneider, Grace Night, Leo Sayer, Paulini, Dragon, Wendy Matthews and Lisa Hunt. The concert raised in excess of $60,000. Top job!

Bec Boyle, Pj Frampton, Bec Myers

Peter and Angela Johnston

Lisa Hunt, Leo Sayer

Chris Topher Costa, Paulini

The Aussie Artists who all performed at Sounds of Support.

Georgie Wilczek, Julian Wilson, Bart Wilson


April 2011


squirrel Get It hits the town with the faces in the places you need to be! The Villager Hotel Launch The red carpet was rolled out for the launch of The Villager Hotel. The heritage building on George Street in Brisbane has had an impressive makeover and the hundreds of guests gave the venue a big tick of approval.

Shannon Harvey, Eve Collins, Monika Shannon

Natano Faanana

Lorraine Monforte, Josie Mackay David Mutch, Mike Hargreaves

Abby Lu, Jess Reid

Naomi London, Emily Comlon

Cathryn Hargreaves, Liz Mutch, Karen Ross

Wicked @ QPAC The season of Wicked has finally commenced at QPAC in Brisbane, after being delayed due to the recent flooding of the Cultural Precinct. Wicked features the untold story of the witches of Oz and has received rave reviews worldwide. For tickets visit

Louisa Sloan, Jessica Lunney

Shirley Ryan, Karen Ryan

Sam Windsor, Morgan Kempster

Joey Mohammed, Sonia Makings

April 2011


Tropfest There was hardly a beanbag to spare in Circle on Cavill. Hundreds of film buffs headed to the Surfers Paradise hotspot to watch the short film festival on the big screen.

Tabatha Stambolis, Ashlee Scerri

Laura Johnson, Jonathan Jack

Miranda Grace, Richie Edmiston

Brittany Laidlaw

Ruggie Ridgeway, Eva Melisova

Matt Douglas, Julie Douglas

David Reiman, Jennifer Reiman

Chloe Jackson, Kat Cross

Lorraine Horton, Vikki Hill

Jessica Tamlin, Lauren Smith

Susan Leahy, Diane Muschalla


April 2011



stro girl

Want to know if you should splash on some new heels or save for a rainy day? Waiting for Mr Drop Dead Yummy to saunter through the door? Our new spirit guide has all the answers (well, nearly all).

Aries 21 March-19 April Hold on tight as you ride the bucking bronco this month. Through a combination of your own nervous energy and the unpredictable events life throws your way. Utilise your fiery energy for ‘good not evil’ and you could have a major breakthrough instead of a minor breakdown!

Leo 23 July-22 August You have grand ideas and visions so don’t let others pull you down before your dreams can be realised. You may not know how you’re going to make your dreams come true; but this shouldn’t stop you! Have faith and keep the energy moving towards your dreams.

Sagittarius 22 November-21 December Use your words wisely as you may be challenged this month and if your assumptions are wrong, you may find yourself in a spot of bother. Check your facts before you accuse others and if you find you have indeed jumped to conclusions, fess up and move on.

Taurus 20 April-20 May Psychic gifts and all things mystic will feature strongly for Taureans as you feel drawn to fulfilling your dreams and bowing to your creative impulses through spiritual expression. Visits to Psychics or Healers may reveal hidden knowledge to help your vision for the future.

Virgo 23 August-22 September “All we are saying, is give peace a chance”. The words of this Beatles’ song should be sung over and over as you may be tempted to lose your cool. Releasing your frustrations and anger with others through physical exercise is a better idea than engaging in a senseless shouting match.

Capricorn 22 December-19 January Try not to spontaneously combust as your frustration within a relationship reaches boiling point. Capricorns’ legendary stubbornness, fuelled by the planetary positions, may paralyse you with self-doubt, making choices about moving forward near impossible. Keep a clear head.

Gemini 21 May-20 June Stop comparing yourself to others; you are just as fabulous as the next girl. Your thoughts and feelings tend to take on a life of their own as you battle with the negative inner voice. Stand up for yourself and your convictions rather than trying to fit in with the crowd.

LIBRA 23 September-22 October Love is in the air as Librans float towards romantic and passionate encounters. Whether you’re reviving a stale relationship or embarking on new adventures, this month will be focused on all things romantic. For the single girls, there may be an electric encounter in store!

Aquarius 20 January-18 February The Aquarian’s quirky nature and sometimes quirkier ideas, need some solid anchor points this month so that others can relate to you and what you’re saying. Let your imaginative mind run free and with a little spark and pizzazz, you will have others hanging on your every word

Cancer 21 June-22 July Finding time between family and work this month might be tough, but you can do it! Of course it would be easier if you could simply take the day off work, but organising your free time better will bring more benefit than pulling a sickie when you want to hang out with loved ones!

SCorpio 23 October-21 November This month Scorpio girls will be challenged within relationships perhaps leaving you wondering whether this is what you signed up for. Stand your ground and decide what it is you truly want. Don’t settle for second best and base your decisions on what’s best for you!

Pisces 19 February-20 March The Piscean’s intuitive powers coupled with an increasing level of dream activity signal in a time of boundless imagination and excitement. You may have felt confused lately, as if in a fog, but don’t worry as your new Prince Charming may come along to illuminate your path.

If your spirit is in need of some serious guiding, book a reading with Heidi Hanley – one of the Coast’s leading Psychic Mediums, phone 0403 208 885 or go to: April 2011


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last word


Portman The young Hollywood screen starlet’s star has never shone so bright, as she embarks on her biggest career role yet – motherhood. A Versatility not often matched

The transition from child star to acclaimed actor can often be fraught with disappointments, drugs and DUI’s as young stars battle to cope with their newfound stardom. And then there are those who seem to linger away from the papparazzi lens and only come out to bloom. Natalie Portman is one such actor who has done just that. From the underage, over-smart Marty in Beautiful Girls to Queen Amidala in the epic saga Star Wars to her contraversial roles as a wigwearing stripper in Closer, and hairless heroine in V for Vendetta. Natalie’s repertoire has been as varied as her leading ladies’ hairstyles.

Beauty, brains and bravado

But behind the camera lens is the real story behind Natalie Portman. Born in Israel, Natalie and her family moved to America when she was 11. Not long after, she was approached at her local pizza joint in Long Island and asked if she would be interested in

pursuing a career in modelling. The pint-sized actress gracefully declined – there was a more pressing career awaiting the elfin girl...acting. After finding success in feature films, she took a sabbatical from the limelight and enrolled in the prestigious Harvard University and earned herself a degree in Psychology.

Impending motherhood

Natalie’s comeback saw her play some striking roles – as Anne Boleyn in The Other Boleyn Girl, and alongside Ashton Kutcher in this year’s romcom No Strings Attached. But her most acclaimed role was that of her Golden Globe, BAFTA and Oscar-nominated performance in Black Swan, where she played prima ballerina Nina Sayers and embodied the character’s quest to be the perfect dancer. But the doe-eyed star’s biggest role to date will be that of motherhood as she awaits the birth of her baby boy to Black Swan choreographer Benjamin Millepied, who she met during filming for her physically-demanding role.

There’s always pressure, from other people and yourself. If you’re happy with the looks you’re born with, then what are you going to do your whole life? We keep thinking up new things and finding better ways of doing things because we’re not happy with what we’re given

Natalie Portman

April 2011


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Bris April 2011  

Get it magazine Brisbane April issue 2011