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hen it comes to losing weight and getting in ‘summer’ shape, there is much controversy surrounding ‘carbs’. Do you cut them out? Do you cut them back? Do you count calories? It can get very confusing. Let's go on and clear a few things up. Two weight loss theories look at carbs in different ways. The most widely utilised is calorie theory, which states weight loss is a mathematical equation, and all you need to do is eat less and move more to lose weight. There are two problems with this theory that have led me to steer away from it. The average person has ZERO chance of accurately measuring how many calories they are consuming and burning. You could easily be off 20 per cent in either direction with every meal! Then there is the issue of absorption. People absorb food at different rates, as well. My opinion is that 'counting calories' is a flawed strategy. Counting calories assumes that a calorie of protein and a calorie of carbohydrate are the same. They are not. They affect the hormones in your body very differently (insulin), and hormones drive all anabolic (growth) and catabolic (shrinking) processes in the body, including fat gain and fat loss. While a gram of carbs and a gram of protein both have roughly four calories, how they react in YOUR body is very different. So, if carbs affect fat gain and loss, how many should I be eating? This point is where I believe many people go wrong. While it is true that most people eat too many carbs, many people eat too few. If you are going to drop your carbs right down, there are three places you can be. 1. Full on nutritional ketosis: This is where your body is using FAT as its primary fuel source. There are two problems with ketosis. One, is that it is complicated to get right. You need to perfect balance of carbs (less than 20 grams for most), not too much protein and enough of the right fat to fuel the process. When you get it right, it feels incredible, but unless you are testing with a BHB

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ketone monitor, you are probably not getting the most out of it. 2. The sweet spot of carbs: For most people, this will be between 80-150g of carbs a day. The quality of the carb will affect this as will the quantity per serve. When you get this right with enough protein and good fats, you will burn through fat fast! Think of the fat as a candle and the carbs as the wick. No wick and it is tough to get burning, and too much wick and the wax won’t melt properly. You need to get enough and good carbs in to make that happen. 3. Between ketosis and the sweet spot: In this zone, you will feel like crap! You will lose 3-5kgs pretty quick and then go nowhere. The reason being that each gram of carb carries 3 grams of water. So, when you reduce carbs, you might lose 500g of carb and 1.5kgs of water. Not really what you wanted. The worst part about this is you will crave carbs, and then most people lose it and overeat! So, what is the answer you ask? Unfortunately, it is a little too complicated to get to your right amount of carbs in an article. One thing we do at Vision is to spend time getting measurements and the data we need to give you an exact number that guarantees you lose weight. Each person has their sweet spot, and when you find it, fat falls off, and you feel great! Most of the time people get to the end of the first week and ask me:“Are you sure I should be eating this much food to lose weight?” The answer is always yes. When the Vision team helps you find your sweet spot, you will never have to go on a weight loss program again! To find out more visit our website or book in for one of our Super Market Shopping Tours or Educational Seminars which are free for you. Visit:

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