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December 2016

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Margot Front Top // $49.95 // from Dotti // 5523 4731 350


Level 1, Western end, Pacific Fair, Broadbeach P: 5538 1168


December 2016




Carols by Candlelight at Links


from the editor LAUREN PARIS

elcome to our last issue of Get it for the year. Can you believe it? Just like that and Christmas has snuck up on us and we’re about to welcome 2017! If you’re looking for some tasty festive-inspired recipes to try out, we’ve got you covered. Check out our gorgeous recipe pages, oh, and the Get it girls’ top picks for cocktails! Pump Fireworks R As it’s the most wonderful time of the year, you may be in the Market Face Kid ZONE at 8pm mood for some decorating and entertaining. Shae Johnson has Style Food Rides presented by shared her styling tips to get your house looking merry and bright. and Face Oil Field Stalls If you’re still in party mode, attending various functions, we’ve got Piping Systems Painting the low-down on what you need to say and do to network like a pro. prese nted by Oil Field Pi In our Christmas with the stars special, we’ve chatted to Today Show co-host and journalist Lisa Wilkinson about her Christmas We invite you, your family and friends to ‘chill out’ at traditions as well as her fond memories of the Gold Coast. And we We invite you, your for family andspecial friends Christmas to ‘chill out’Carols at Links Hope Island Links Hope Island a very share what Charli Robinson, Emily Jade O’Keeffe, Gyton Grantley, Christmas Carols Event Sunday 18th December, 201 Event - Sunday 18th December, 2016. Casey Barnes and Joel Pierce all have planned for Christmas. RelaxRelax on the clubhouse and take in beautiful sunset en on the clubhouse lawns lawns and take in the During the holiday season, and especially in these warmer the beautiful sunset enjoying Carolsvocalists byPumofpCoomera Angl Candlelight performances by the talented months, it’s important to be safe and look after each other. We’ve Kid ZO spoken to a local Gold Coast mum whose life was changed in an NE Gas Groove Lewis who will be bringing the smooth to the party, Rid funky Candlelight performances by the talented Fa Paes & incool instant after a near drowning incident. Tammy Richie shares her tips ting drinks on han Solent. There willat be entertainment for the kidsceand Links vocalists Coomera Anglican College, atofand Links for keeping little ones safe. deckchairs and settle in for a lovely evening at Links H Rhydian Lewis Rhydian Lewis who will bringing the Carols by Candl elight We invite your family and friends to ‘chill out’ atbeLinks Hope Perfo And we introduce you to 25-five-year-old Jasmine Finlay you, who has rmanc es Island for a ve smooth to the party, funky Gas Grooves and the carved an enviable career for herself as ‘Golfer Girl’. The skilled golfer, Christmas Carols Event - Sunday 18th December, 2015. Stalls t Style MarkeThere soulful duo,Solent. willFood be entertainment for the who’s a regular on Gold Coast golf courses, tells us about her plans Time: 5pm-8pm Price: Free entry kids and cool drinks on hand. Bring your blanket and to expand her business overseas. Pumpenjoying Ca Firew orks at Relax on the clubhouse lawns and take in beautiful sunset 8pm - present ed Puat bythe Oilevening Field Piping Systems K m id p deckchairs and settle in for a lovely Links Zavailable O Giant Christmas Raffle, Candles and Glowsticks with mo Kid ZOwill be Rides & NE FaEce Pai Rides & N Candlelight performances by thebenefit talented vocalists ofCommunity Coomera Anglican Colleg On behalf of the fabulous Get it team, I’d like to thank our nting Hope Links Island Project, One Girl . Face Pai We invite you,Island. your family and friends to ‘chill out’Hope at Links Hope Island for a very special nting wonderful and loyal readers, advertisers, collaborators and Christmas Carols Event Sunday 18th December, 2015. Lewis who will be bringing the smooth to the party, funky Gas Grooves and the Carols by Candlelight * NoPerfor BYO Food & Beverage mance s interviewees for your support this year! Carols by Candlelawns light Perfor mance Relax on the clubhouse and take in theDecember beautiful sunsetsenjoying Carols by hand. Bring y Solent. There will be entertainment for the kids and cool drinks on Date: Sunday 18th We hope you have a fantastic Christmas and we look For information contact the Department 07Anglican 5530 College, 9048 or email events@lin Stalls Candlelight performances by the Events talented vocalists of Coomera Rhydian Food t Style Marke Stalls t Style Lewis whoMarke willand be bringing the smooth to the funky evening Gas Grooves andat theLinks soulful duo, and deckchairs settle inFood for a party, lovely Hope Island forward to crossing paths again in 2017. Rhydian Lewis Time: 5pm-8pm Solent. There will be entertainment forpresente the kids and cool drinks on hand. Bring your blanket Firewo rks at 8pm Season’s Greetings! d by Oil Field Piping Systems Fireworks atand8pm - presente deckchairs and settle indfor evening at LinksSystems Hope Island. bya lovely Oil Field Piping

P K Carols by Candlelight Performiad Market Style Food Stalls


FireCan works at 8pmt-Per formances Carols by dle atligh Links

Market Style Food Stalls

Fireworks at 8pm - presentedCHILL CHRISTMAS byCHILL Oil Field Piping S CHRISTMAS

Date: Sunday 18th December

Price: Free entry Date: Sunday December Date: Sunday18th 18th December Rhydian Lewis

(P.S. We’d love for you to tag us on Facebook or Instagram, telling – or showing – us where you’re enjoying your issue of Get it over the holiday period!)

Lauren Paris What gets you going?

We invite you, your family and friends to ‘chillHope out’ atIsland LinksRoad, HopeHope IslandIsland, for a very special We invite you, your family and friends to ‘chillEvent out’ at- Links Hope for a very special QLD 4212 Christmas Carols Sunday 18thIsland December, 2015. Christmas Carols Event - Sunday 18th December, 2015.

Giant Christmas Raffle, Candles and Glowsticks

Time: 5pm-8pm Price: Free entry Time: 5pm-8pm Price: Free entry will be available with money raised to benefit Links

Relax on the clubhouse lawns and take in the beautiful sunset enjoying Carols by

Relax on the clubhouse lawns and take in the beautiful sunsetofenjoying Carols by College, Rhydian Candlelight performances by the talented vocalists Coomera Anglican Giant Christmas Raffle, Candles and Glowsticks will be available with money raised to Candlelight performances talented vocalists College, Rhydian Lewis who willby bethe bringing the smoothoftoCoomera the party,Anglican funky Gas Grooves and the soulful duo, benefit Links Hope Island Community Project, One Girl . Lewis who will be bringing the smooth to the party, funky Gas Grooves and the soulful duo,

Hope IslandSolent. Community Project, Girlon hand. Bring There will be entertainment for the kids One and cool drinks your blanket Giant Christmas Raffle, Candles and Glowsticks will be available with money raised Solent. There will be entertainment for the kids and hand. Bring your blanket No BYO Food & Beverage and *deckchairs and settle incool for drinks a lovelyonevening at Links Hope Island. and deckchairs and settle in for a lovely evening at Links Hope Island. *No BYO Food Beverage For information contact the Events Department 07 5530& 9048 or email benefit Links Hope Island Community Project, One Girl . Date: Sunday 18th December Rhydian Lewis

Rhydian Lewis

Date: Sunday 18th December

Time: 5pm-8pm Price: Free entry For information contact Events Department Time: Price: Free entry No5pm-8pm BYO Food &the Beverage Giant*Christmas Raffle, Candles and Glowsticks will be available with money raised to Hope Island Road, Hope QLD email 4212 Giant Christmas Raffle, Candles and Glowsticks will beIsland, available with money raised Follow 07 5530 9048 or benefit Links Hope Island Community Project, One Girl to . benefit Links Hope Island Community Project, One Girl . m eo n: * No BYO Food9048 & Beverageor email events@linkshopeisla For information contact the Events Department 07 5530 * No BYO Food & Beverage

Twit get_it_m ter: ag Facebooazine g

For information contact the Events Department 07 5530 9048 or email For information contact the Events Department 07 5530 9048 or email

Hope Island Road, Hope Island, QLD 4212 Hope Island Road, Hope Island, QLD 4212

HopeRoad, Island Hope Road, Hope QLD 4212 Hope Island IslandIsland, •


December 2016

Contributors PUBLISHER Leanne Hart

EDITOR Lauren Paris



FASHION + STYLING Susie McWatt Forbes

CONTRIBUTORS Shae Johnson | Amanda Higl | Hayley Bogaard Elizabeth Campbell | Cassandra Tyndall | Anna Davies

PARTNERS Dan Molloy Photography


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December 2016

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Summer sizzler

MAD MEX IT UP Margot Knot Front Top // $49.95 // Flower Child Palazzo pant // $59.95 // Western Belt // $15.95 // Brylee Sandal // $39.95 // from Dotti // 5523 4731



in the swing

How to network like a pro


great prizes! see inside for details

The Gold Coast's favourite for lifestyle, fashion, business, events and more!

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December 2016


VIEW RETIREMENT DIFFERENTLY Generously proportioned and designed to an exceptionally high standard, The View Apartments at The Gardens on Lindfield will be a place you’ll be proud to call home. The interiors are simple yet restrained with neutral colour palettes throughout plus vinyl planking to the open plan living and dining and wool carpets to the bedrooms and study. Ample garage space and private parking are just a few of the other conveniences you’ll enjoy at The View Apartments. Retire to an elegant gated community in the heart of Helensvale just a short stroll from shopping centres and the Gold Coast light rail.

Now selling from under $485,000* call 1800 550 550

THE VIEW 101 Lindfield Road, Helensvale Qld 4212

APARTMENTS The Gardens on Lindfield

Pricing and availability advertised are correct at the time of printing but subject to change without notice. Information about the services and facilities provided in the village is correct at the time of printing but may change as the needs of residents change. Photographs are for illustrative purposes. Some images may depict items not provided by Lendlease within the units such as furniture and other decorative items. May 2016 Published by Lendlease RL Realty (QLD) Pty Ltd ABN 25 138 535 814. QLDtvagi0516


get out

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Christmas in Paradise December 13-24

Get ready for the family-friendly Christmas in Paradise spectacular! The magical 12-day festival will feature daily appearances from surfing Santa, Christmas lights, a raft of street entertainment and the highlight event – the popular Carols on the Beach hosted by Charli Robinson, capped by a massive fireworks display on Sunday 18 December.

Live Nation presents: AMY SCHUMER December 14 Award-winning stand-up comedian, actress, writer, producer and director, Amy Schumer has hit our shores with her first Australian arena stand-up tour! Fresh off a worldwide sold-out tour, she’s bringing her unique humour to us! For one night only at Brisbane Entertainment Centre – a performance not to be missed


The 4217, Surfers Paradise December 3 and 17 The 4217 showcases the very best artisanal products from over 20 creatives who will be selling their wares alongside resident providores from 10am-2pm. The 4217 Markets are the perfect place to find something unique for your loved one in the lead up to Christmas. Located at 10 Beach Road Surfers Paradise.



RACV Royal Pines Resort December 1-4 Australia’s most energetic golf tournament, the Australian PGA Championship is back on the Gold Coast from 1-4 December. Australian and international players including Adam Scott will be on hand as well as great food, music and entertainment!

Christmas Lights Competition Until December 27

Every year the streets of the Gold Coast light up and it gets bigger and better year on year. Pack the kids in the car or take a Murrays Coach tour to see some of the best homes shining bright this Christmas - be sure to vote for your favourite.

UN 103 F – E &ES 3 F SA AG R FO







BOOK NOW 1300 366 364 | December 2016

Surfers Paradise’s newest attraction! FREE SHOW! 8


Short Hair Cut & Colour

Top tips for surviving a festive hangover


Why should Gold Coast adults consider visiting a nudist beach? Get it contributor Anna Davies tells all. is the season to be hung-over. For some this is a time to celebrate Jesus’ birthday, for others it is simply a time to drink enough alcohol to make the heat somewhat bearable. After much hardship, I have come to understand the cruel reality of this time of year for what it is. You may have time off work and believe it is the perfect opportunity to nurse a hangover or two, but you could not be more wrong. It’s a minefield of hangover nightmares out there. The lights, the heat, the sugar-high children, and of course, the carols. Luckily for you, I’ve given much thought to a December hangover survival plan. TIP 1: GO TO A NUDIST BEACH I know what you’re thinking, how will subjecting my eyes to sandy genitalia cure my hangover? I can’t lie, it won’t. But what will help is closing your eyes, feeling the breeze and listening to nothing but the waves roll into shore. At other times of the year you could enjoy this at a regular beach, but be warned my friend, this is the summer holidays. Don’t get me wrong, a family day out on the beach is heart-warming to behold when you’re not hungover. But you are hung-over, and let’s be honest, screaming kids are not your friend today. Think of it this way, you can close your eyes to the genitalia, but you can’t close your ears to the screaming.

P: 07 5580 9419

DONNA SULLIVAN Available Monday to Friday mornings

CALL 0422 400 932

Shop 55/1 Arbour Avenue, Robina

Race Season Stunners!

TIP 2: TURN OFF THE FAIRY LIGHTS, TURN ON THE AC My house at Christmas is 24/7 flashing fairy lights and carols. It’s a hung-over person’s nightmare. If this sounds like your household make a note to your drunk self to cut the cable for the fairy lights and radio before rolling into bed. This way no one can wake up and force festive cheer upon you. It’s also a good idea to turn on the air con in anticipation of the insufferable heat of the morning. No one likes a sweaty hangover. TIP 3: AVOID SHOPPING CENTRES AT ALL COSTS If you don’t have A/C at home, or are really committed to reducing your energy bill, you might be tempted to go to the local shopping centre and steal theirs. While undoubtedly frugal, this idea is terrible in every way. It’s often easy to forget that December is a time where shopping centres turn into airconditioned jungles - filled with carols and people who either walk too fast or too slow. Try your best to remind yourself of this before leaving the house regardless of whether you are hung-over. Enjoy! 9

P 5 5 7 1 14 4 9 7 / 2 4 Te d d e r A v e , Main Beach December 2016


Stay safe this summer Gold Coast mother Tammy Richie’s life has never been the same since she experienced every parent’s worst nightmare writes Lauren Paris

December 2016

“What also haunted me was that I did not As well as swimming lessons, Tammy even hear a splash, a scream, nothing. I was not recommends placing a bell on pool gates “to alerted that anything was wrong”. alert you if your child is curious. As I did not hear JUMP! Swim Schools managing director a thing and drowning is known to be a silent Ian Campbell says children under five are a killer”. high priority for drowning prevention She also suggests giving children the so n initiatives and statistics reinforce experience of what it feels like to be in C ar d n the importance of all children a cold pool fully clothed. ya m to develop water confidence “You simply place the child in and swimming skills by the pool fully clothed with - you the time they are primary there - and teach them to roll school age. over onto their back and get He says developing to the side, as my little boy water confidence in did not have that experience. infants from three months Who knows, this could have of age is the key to made all the difference that reducing drowning statistics day for me and I may not have across the country. found my little boy unconscious,” “Teaching babies and Tammy says. children to swim is not Soon after Tammy’s What also haunted me only a safety measure but son’s near-drowning was that I did not even hear a incident, that took place an essential skill for life,” he says. splash, a scream, nothing. I was nine years ago,Tammy “Babies are capable made the decision to not alerted that anything of amazing things change her career – she and developing water was wrong. had been an Aircraft confidence can begin as Maintenance Engineer in early as three months of age.” the Air Force for 17 years. Tammy says she hopes her story helps to She started her business First Aid YUCAN2 raise awareness and helps others learn from to teach others life-saving skills. her experience, so others can avoid - and better “If I did not know the CPR skill, my son protect - their loved ones. would not be with me right now,” she says. “It has become a mission of mine to ensure “Please ensure that children are supervised, this valuable CPR skill is taught to other parents ensure that your pool is compliant and up to and large businesses alike, in the hope to date with maintenance, make sure children are diminish, or at least lessen this rising epidemic,” water familiarised, and of course, ensure you are Tammy says. skilled in the lifesaving skill of CPR.” Ta m

ammy Richie had just moved into her new family home. “I was unpacking boxes and took my eyes off my then-16-month old, Carson, for a matter of moments,” she says. What was meant to be an exciting day, quite quickly changed. “I had a terrible feeling something was wrong. I looked up and could not see my son, but as I did not hear a splash or a scream, I decided to look around the home. Perhaps he had found my make-up and was painting the walls or playing with his toys? I searched my home to find him.The last place I wanted to look, as my pool was fenced, was the pool. I reluctantly walked over to the pool.” Every parent’s worst nightmare became Tammy’s reality as she took steps towards the pool and found her baby boy lying face down in the water. “Further investigation revealed he was lifeless, unconscious and floating. He resembled a rag doll. How could this happen on my watch? My only job was to watch him whilst unpacking boxes. I am meant to guide and protect. Guilt overcame me and I felt sick,”Tammy says. “Whilst screaming, no one came to my assistance. I commenced CPR on his little frame, thankfully revived him, then called 000. Fortunately, I was trained in this skill”. Carson survived and miraculously avoided any ill effects or brain damage. Tammy says the incident made her realise that 20 seconds can change your life forever.




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LUSH LASHES Valued at $329 Perfecting your lash game is now easy thanks to Sarah Jean ( – the world's first party eyelash glue that applies like mascara – mess free and fuss free – making lash application at home easy. Use with the tweezer applicator tool and luscious, light weight lashes. We have six fabulous kits to give away valued at $57 each.

THE GUESTS ARE COMING Valued at $300 Entertaining has never been so easy thanks to Howard Storage World ( au).Three lucky Get it readers will win the Twist and Fold 3-Tier Party Bowl, 3-Piece Cheese Knife Set and Acacia Wood Cheese Board and Bowls. With this fab prize you’ll be prepared for the summer party season. Each prize set valued at $99.85 each.

FOR THE KIDS Valued at $300 Proudly Australian owned company Hippo Blue ( is known for its quality personalised products – offering everything from personalised back packs to iron on clothing labels. Hippo Blue are giving away two packs: 1 x Magic Garden and 1 x Heroes Save the Day pack – both including the ABC Jungle Adventure Book.

• fashion • accessories • Providing a premium shopping experience!

Adorne Banana Blue Chocolat Lula Soul

Matisse Mist N.Y.D.J. Obi

Olsen Ruby YaYa HSL Travellers Zaket & Plover 11

OPENING HOURS Monday to Friday 9.30am to 5.00pm Saturday 9.00am to 3.00pm Sundays and public holidays closed.

13 Grice Avenue, Paradise Point Phone 5564 2676 December 2016


The most wonderful time of the year

Whether you’re getting ready to host a Christmas gathering or simply looking for some super styling inspiration, Shae Johnson shares her tips on preparing like a pro. t’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. And I’m in my element. I love everything about it – from carols, eggnog and plum pudding to fairy lights, Santa hats, candy canes and mistletoe. It really is the most wonderful time of the year. But I understand some don’t share my enthusiasm for the festive season – words like expensive, time-consuming and stressful come to mind. But it really doesn’t have to be. I find that having a theme, being organised, involving the whole family and gradually adding to my decorations over the years makes it a joyous experience. H DECK THE HALLS If you want to grow your collection of Christmas decorations I find it’s best to pick a theme, stick to it and add to it. For me, nothing says Christmas like red and white and my collection has grown around this colour scheme since I started out with just one tree all those years ago. From the Christmas basics of baubles, wrapping paper and ribbons to the optional extras - they are all red and white. Colour theming couldn’t be easier now with some stores selling single-colour bauble packs for as little as $2. And don’t limit your use of baubles just to the tree – they looks great in vases, upturned wine glasses on your table or suspended from the ceiling. H O CHRISTMAS TREE Think outside the box for decorating or borrow some ideas from Facebook, pinterest, magazines or store displays and make your own interpretations. My favourite Christmas display is my photo tree. My daughter was nine days old when I put her in a white dress and she had her first photo with Santa Claus. It was the beginning of a tradition we have continued every year since and come December 1 the photos are arranged on a wall in the shape of a Christmas tree. Sienna puts a star on top and our Christmas memories are on display. H I WISH IT WAS CHRISTMAS EVERY DAY The devil is in the detail but it doesn’t have to get expensive. Some of my favourite Christmas trimmings have come from variety stores, aren’t Christmas-specific or were bought for 75 per cent off the week after Christmas. I’ve used mini stockings to dress cutlery on the table; sat $2 Santa hats on the back of chairs; used mini photo frames as place cards; and folded serviettes into the shape of Christmas trees. December 2016

H I’LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS From as long as I can remember, Christmas decorating and preparation was a family affair. From making bon bons, baking shortbread for Santa, setting the table, peeling carrots for Christmas lunch or simply stirring the plum pudding mix – Mum had a job for us all. Fast forward 30 years and I still make my own bon bons - sometimes from scratch and sometimes just by adding to store-bought ones with things like Lindt balls, festive cheese knives, lip gloss, champagne stoppers, key rings, stubby holders or way better “Dad jokes”. H MAKE A LIST AND CHECK IT TWICE I’m a list freak. And if I was to be completely honest, my lists start in July (usually gift ideas). Buying through the year, especially stocking fillers when sales are on, means it impacts less on the wallet and you feel super organized come December. When it comes to entertaining, I like to work out my menu in advance and list what can be bought, prepared, concocted, created and made however far in advance as possible. Write down what can be done each day and list everything you need – whether you have it already or need to buy it, whether it’s something as simple as straws for mason jars or big ticket items like the turkey for lunch – if it’s written down, you can cross it off and you are less likely to forget. And take a photo of your list on your phone - you don’t need the hassle of missing shopping lists! H HERE COMES SANTA CLAUS Whether it’s putting out milk and cookies for Santa, scattering reindeer food (oats and glitter) on the lawn for Rudolph, singing along to Christmas carols or jumping in the car and touring the Christmas lights - making it special for the kids is the best part. There is nothing better than seeing their eyes light up at the magic, not just the presents. H ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS At the end of the day, my favourite things about Christmas is everything you can’t buy – seeing children enjoying the magic, continuing on with family traditions, and spending invaluable time with friends and family. 12


Summer styling!

Style waits for no man

or years, bearded fellas have subjected women and men alike to unpleasant pash rash, unfavourable follicle odours, and unacceptable bathroom grooming routines; but with Christmas approaching, it’s time for fellas to ‘shave' goodbye to their Santa Clause fluff and rock the baby face this festive season. Offering salon-quality grooming products for men who are ready to abandon the facial fur, the Dear Barber grooming range includes a deeply soothing and non-greasy Shaving Oil; a rich and lathering Shave Biscuit; deep conditioning Moustache Wax; and, a vintage-inspired EDT aftershave, With Confidence. To learn more, visit

P 5 571 14 4 9 7 / 2 4 Te d d e r A v e , Main Beach

AU S T R A L I A N D E S I G N E R MARINA MIRAGE Level One 74 SeaWorld Drive | Main Beach P +61 7 5528 0800

BLISS FASHION EMPORIUM Level One The Oasis Shopping Resort | Broadbeach P +61 7 5592 6858


W: E:

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As a skilled golfer with an entrepreneurial spirit, Jasmine Finlay has carved an enviable career for herself and is helping other ladies do the same, writes Lauren Paris ith her killer swing and golfing prowess – including a handicap of scratch, twenty-five-year-old Jasmine Finlay is hot property. People from all over Australia are falling over themselves to play golf with the sports fanatic who was one of Australia’s top amateur golfers a few years back and now frequents the Gold Coast’s renowned golf courses as the owner and founder of her golf events company Golfer Girl. “Australia's most talented and beautiful women golfers who attend corporate golf days, charity golf days, model caddies as well as golf tours,” the Golfer Girl website states. “We are not ordinary girls. We are much more than a pretty face. All of the Golfer Girls are either professional golfers themselves or have a handicap of no higher than six. Our Golfer Girls will always guarantee you, a golf day to remember”. “I have done more charity golf days than corporate. I was surprised by this. I enjoy this side of Golfer Girl more than anything. Being able to help those in need and meeting inspirational and grateful people is so fulfilling,” Jasmine says. Clients are often surprised by Jasmine’s golfing ability. “Sometimes you have to pick the jaws up off the floor. On the majority, [I] definitely [have] most of the blokes covered. Ha ha, girl power,” she says. Jasmine says she is proud to have been involved in some phenomenal events and highlights that most of the people who attend gigs like this are always happy regardless of whether good golf or bad golf was played – “beats working, most say”. “iSeek golf was a great little event. One of my lecturers from PGA IGI contacted me. [It involved just being at] a range hitting golf balls, giving lessons and having fun”. While she admits that “every now and then you get the odd weirdo”, Jasmine stresses that all Golfer Girl events are built around professionalism and promoting women's golf. “I get a few bookings of groups of women who want me to come out and watch them play and give them lessons throughout the round,” she says. Jasmine is sponsored by, and is an Australian ambassador for, Cobra Puma Golf and is a hit on social media with more than 20,000 fans and followers across Instagram and Facebook. Jasmine says her father Brett Finlay introduced her to golf when she was 12. “I used to train for the nationals for swimming and hoped to go to the Olympics but I soon found myself not enjoying it anymore. My parents asked me what I wanted to do instead - because I'm a sport fanatic - I said golf. So here I am today,” she says. The Windaroo resident grew up in Goondiwindi and moved to December 2016

Brisbane where she attended Rivermount College throughout primary school. “[I] then did home schooling for high school so I could focus on my golfing career and be able to travel and practice more.” Becoming a professional golfer was a goal for Jasmine but she says she chose to travel the world for two years to do some soul searching. “[I] came back and studied with PGA IGI and had four jobs to keep myself busy and to also accomplish some personal goals - investment properties and more holidays.” Jasmine says her desire to create a job she loved, was evident from the age of 15. “I had experienced a few bosses at this stage. [I realised] I was not someone who liked to take orders from unappreciative bosses. I consider myself more of a leader. This taught me how to treat 14

Golfer Girl’s

Golfer Girl’s



4 Love what you do 4 Sacrifices will have to be made so prepare yourself for that 4 Take risks 4 Build a solid business plan

Royal Pines Golf Club

4 Have a good support base around you for all the challenges ahead 4 I think social media is a great strategy to expose your business. It's really important to do it right though. I don't spend too much time doing it if it's not making me money. I think that's where a lot of people go wrong.

Emerald Lakes Golf Club

Lakelands Golf Club

employees the right way,” she says. “At this point I came up with Golfer Girl. Something I could do within the golfing industry. No stress of being on a tour, can still see the world and still play golf. I'm a true believer in doing what you love.” She says her family and friends are her greatest supporters. “It's really important to have people in your life who are on the same page or further along than you.You can learn so much from positive and productive people.” Golfer Girl has some big adventures ahead. “I’m taking Golfer Girl to Asia next year to expand,” Jasmine says. “Also there are a lot more avenues for Golfer Girl to take advantage of. Golfer Girl Australia will still be running whilst Golfer Girl Asia is getting built. I still have to pinch myself that it has got me this far. However I still have a long way to go and this part excites me.” 15

Coolangatta Tweed Heads Golf Club

The Grand Golf Course December 2016


CASEY BARNES 38, singer songwriter The Kingscliff resident, who is about to move to Currumbin, celebrated his 10-year wedding anniversary with his wife this year, renewing their vows in front of their daughters. Casey also released a new album, 'Live As One’, his first album since 2012 and keep an eye out for his new single 'Just Like Magic'. “Getting to open for Lady Antebellum at Country Summer Music Festival in California was also a massive highlight my first major festival outside of Australia,” he says. Christmas day and traditions: “We're currently selling our house so it’s all a bit up in the air but, most likely, we'll all be spending it together in Kingscliff. Otherwise we may head down to another favourite spot of ours; Yamba where my wife grew up. It’s all about family for us so we normally do presents in the morning with our two girls, then have everyone over and have a massive Christmas lunch.”

CHARLI ROBINSON 35, radio and TV personality Charli’s had a big year filming a new TV series Cruise Mode [shown on channel 10] alongside co-host Shannon Noll. “All things lifestyle, cars, Motorsport and celebrities. [I’m] very excited to be doing more TV again. [After] five years of breakfast radio and three awards, it was a great time to take a break from the microphone and accept the TV roles,” the Broadbeach local says. Christmas day and traditions: “Carols On The Beach in Surfers is my new tradition! For the second year in a row I'll be hosting for our local crowd which is so wonderful! I love singing and hosting, seeing everyone with their candles in the air is amazing. Christmas Day will be with my parents in Port Stephens. Doing Hi5 for 10 years I was always performing at Melbourne carols Christmas Eve and my family would be there to watch. That’s 10 years of a hotel room for Christmas though so it's still a wonderful feeling to be at their house when I wake up that morning! Mum, Dad, my sister Casandra and I drive around looking at the Christmas lights and spend the day relaxing and eating.”



Get it magazine caught up with some familiar faces - and voices to chat about 2016, and their GYTON plans for Christmas and the year ahead GRANTLEY

40, radio presenter, 102.9 Hot Tomato

Ashmore resident Emily Jade is still on a high after recently turning 40. “We had an epic party in the back yard which was honestly more fun than my wedding. Also ending the year as the number one breakfast show on the Gold Coast with Flan and Christo was wonderful,” she says. Emily Jade says she’s looking forward to enjoying the holidays - “a chance to not get up before the sun and enjoy being with my daughter and husband”. Christmas day and traditions: “My cousin just moved to Queenstown and I really miss her, so we are going to be with her for Christmas. Our kids all adore each other, as much as we adore each other”. “I like to always get something new to wear for the family Santa photo and then I wear that on Xmas day as well. Each year I pick a different colour for the family so we all match. I'm sure some people think it's really daggy, but at the moment my 5-year-old thinks it's awesome that we all colour co-ordinate. Last year was green so I have to choose a different colour this year.” December 2016

36, actor Gyton has been spending a lot of time on the Gold Coast, shooting a new sci-fi TV series We Were Tomorrow (the cast includes Tessa James and Nic Westaway). “We shot a lot around the Gold Coast around Numinbah at the Adventure Trails. Perfect for a lot of our Western themed scenes,” he says. This year, Gyton says he ticked a few of life’s “more popular and celebrated goals”. “I married my incredible wife Alex in May; in August we were introduced to the light of our lives, our baby boy Rocco; and [we’ve just moved] into our first home! The self-titled “Burleigh and Coolie kid” says. Christmas day and traditions: “My wife'sfamily is Calabrese. Christmas this year will involve about 36 hours of constant eating. I normally go into training around September. My family and I have always been big fans of North Straddie. But anywhere there’s a beach we seem to be content.” 16

LISA WILKINSON AM, 56, journalist and television presenter

JOEL PIERCE 36, actor The Broadbeach local, who many might recognise from his roles on Sea Patrol and Neighbours, among many others, has signed with Zero Gravity Management in LA where he will spend a couple of months to shoot a feature film. Joel is also looking forward to the release of Welcome To The Country which “gave me an opportunity to research in-depth some Australian history around the Aboriginal culture and struggles. It was a soul searching and mind opening experience”. Christmas day and traditions: “This Christmas I will be doing a road trip down to Cronulla, stopping along the way when I need a rest or to see some great views, and catching up with some mates before heading back up again. My family is all over the world so it’s not really a thing for us to spend it together. Generally I like to be super lazy, celebrate the year that has gone by with close friends and dream about the amazing year to come!”

SANCTUARY RESORT SHOPPE Quay Street, Sanctuary Cove Open 9.30am – 5pm daily P 5577 8288 Copyright © 2015 Joseph Ribkoff Inc. All rights reserved. Any reproduction and/or use of the Joseph Ribkoff logo for commercial or promotional purposes is forbidden without the written authorization of Joseph Ribkoff Inc.

During her recent visit to the Gold Coast to film a live broadcast of the TODAY show, Lisa confessed to Get it that she has a soft spot for Burleigh Beach. “I had a couple of girlfriends whose parents decamped from Sydney to the Gold Coast when I was in high school. So I used to come up and sometimes have holidays with them. I loved it,” the breakfast TV queen says. Christmas day and traditions: Lisa, who is also editor-at-large of the Huffington Post Australia and a mother of three (two sons and a daughter all at university), says she’s looking forward to the family’s annual visit to a property owned by her husband Peter FitzSimons and his siblings. “Pete’s grandfather built a beach house on northern beaches of Sydney back in 1921. It’s just a gorgeous old, simple weatherboard, humble beach house that has been passed down through the family,” Lisa says. “We wake up there every Christmas morning. We wouldn’t miss it for anything in the world. That is Christmas to our kids.”

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Top tips:

FOR NETWORKING NOVICES Put your best foot forward while you’re doing the rounds this party season!

etworking is still the number one way to grow your business on the Gold Coast, according to local businesswoman and networking group organiser Angela Argyrou. “Even though we’re a modern city with more than half a million people, we still like to do business with a country town approach – by getting to know someone first, and then through referrals or oldfashioned ‘word of mouth’,” she says. Networking is one of the most popular ways to promote yourself and your business but if you don’t understand the science behind it, you could be wasting your time, says personal branding specialist, Lauren Clemett. “If you don’t understand the science behind your ‘pitch’, your networking efforts can very easily go nowhere,” Lauren says, referring to Neurobranding - the way in which the brain places meaning on the ‘sales messages’ we are exposed to. The first secret to networking science is knowing that the brain wants things simple, Lauren says. Avoid using jargon or acronyms and never use flowery or overelaborate language. “When you introduce yourself, use practical and meaningful terms to describe who you are and what you do, without trying to be clever or overcomplicated because you will simply confuse the brain,” she says. Lauren advises that “Although some networking gurus say not to use your title to introduce yourself, it’s exactly what the brain wants because it needs to know what it’s dealing with and a confused mind won’t buy”. According to Lauren,“The people you are networking with are 10,000 times more interested in themselves than they are in you” and their brain engages and focuses better when the subject being discussed is important to them. There is no subject more important to your prospect, than themselves. Lauren explains that the best networking skill you can learn is focused listening.“Be interested rather than being interesting” she suggests and talk more about them than about you. December 2016

NETWORKING TIPS l Find a networking group to join Google ‘business networking’ in your city, or try which has a myriad of networking groups. Some are for particular interests/ industries, or for example, female only. It is best not to commit to signing up to one that you have to join and pay a yearly membership before checking it out first. Find one that you only have to pay a small attendance fee such as $5 or $10 at the door. This way if the group is not for you, you’re not locked in to anything. l The ultra-shy If you’re ultra-shy about approaching strangers and introducing yourself, then try a Speed Networking event. This works like speed dating where you get 3 minutes to talk to someone, swap business cards and move on to the next person. l Your appearance matters Find out a little about the dress code and the venue. Take a little extra time with your outfit. You don’t have to dress like you’re headed for a job interview, but a clean, crisp, ironed shirt with pants or a skirt, says a lot more about your professionalism than a tatty t-shirt and jeans. l Arrive a little early This gives you time to find parking and check out the venue beforehand so you are less rushed and less nervous. l Smile Put a smile of your face before you enter the room. It will help you relax, appear more confident and makes you more approachable. Research shows that people are 70 per cent more likely to do business with you if you’re wearing a smile. Give it a try! l Leave the strong sales pitch at home Networking is about building that relationship first. If you go in straight for the hard sell, your chance of success will be low. Get to know the person. Ask questions: what they do, how long have they been in business, what networking tips can they give you.You will have a better chance of connecting with someone in this way. - Angela Argyrou


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feel but if you are fair this is a great one for a burn free face and the colour tones go really well. When choosing these products remember to go for the correct tone and possibly a little darker than what you would usually choose as after all you will bronze up a little over the summer months. Something to keep in mind is a not all element fighting

he weather is already heating up and for those of you who swim or simply melt in the heat there are means and ways to make sure your skin stays protected, Poolside make-up is perfect as it element unaffected and still has a is suitable for both the heat and is summer glow. waterproof. And the greatest thing Poolside make-up is perfect as is; you can even dive underwater it is suitable for both the heat and is waterproof. And the greatest thing is; you and it won't budge. can even dive underwater and it won't products are photo friendly so if you are budge. wanting to avoid the white chalky glow, Here is what to apply to keep the glamour choose products carefully. (This is why Jane and seamlessly go from poolside to cocktails. is my pick) Naturally, start with your 50+ face To complete the look, a little bronzer on protection; layer with a tinted sunscreen the cheeks and a good waterproof mascara personally I love Jane Iredale for budgeproof and you are done. Five minutes of holiday sun protection. Try their BB Cream layered effort for an effortless summer glow with the with their pressed powder, nothing gets sun safety to match. Enjoy the festive season through that stuff. and holiday in style! Another great product is Fleur De Mer also an oldy but a goody, not quite as light in

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Put your health and fitness first Jeff Osborne, the Manager of Vision Bundall says one of the issues with this time of the year is that people think it’s inevitable to put on some weight believe that you should be able to enjoy yourself and the people close to you without destroying all the good work you have done to get to this point. From what we see there are two main things that make people come undone when it comes to celebrations: Overeating (bad) Carbs If you have been working hard to lose some weight, one of the ways you can come undone this time of the year is with eating too many carbs. So many of the snacks and food that get served to us this time of the year are carb heavy and it is easy to over consume and turn your body into a fat storing machine. The problem doesn't so much lay in the calories a carb carries with it, it is what the carbs do to your hormones that causes the issues. Every time you eat carbs your body will store the other things you have eaten and try to work on burning the carbs off. The higher GI and the bigger the load of carbs the more efficient your body becomes at storing the carbs you eat. You need some carbs to burn for fuel but when you eat too many it can take an hour to burn through the excess before you even start burning some fat during exercise! What you eat before, during and after you drink alcohol Alcohol is a toxin (we all have felt that!) but it is also an energy source and the only way to rid it from your system is to burn it off as energy. Problem being that if you are eating while you are drinking, then your body will prioritise the alcohol to burn and store everything else! When each glass of wine takes 10 min to burn off cycling, one big night could take a fair bit of undoing. But don't despair, there are some things you can do. Here are my top tips: 1. When you know you have a party on, plan the food you are going to eat for the day. Make sure you get a high protein, low carb breakfast done (my fav is a one egg + egg white and veg omelette with ham), have some low carb snacks like Biltong or grilled prawns and make your meals a good serve of protein like rump steak, fish or chicken with salad (low carb dressing). Avoid starchy carbs, fruit, sugar, milk, bread etc. 2. Eat a good meal before you go. You are less likely to overindulge in snacks, chocolates, hors d'oeuvres etc. That way you don't have to avoid them completely but you won’t eat too many. 3. Dance! Don't sit on your butt all night! Get up and boogie. Burn some of that alcohol off. 4. The next day, make yourself a coffee (black preferably) and go for a good long walk. If you are up for it, a swim will help you feel better too. Get some exercise and get to work burning off some of the 'bad' cabs and alcohol from the night before. Then for the rest of the day follow the day of formula with a protein breakfast and low carb snacks. It can also be helpful if you are not feeling the best to have some avocado and lots of good quality salt (unless you have blood pressure issues, in that case you need to be more cautious). 5. Get some accountability. If you have a person (like a Vision Personal Trainer) you need to see every week during the holidays you are less likely to blow out completely and wait until January to start getting back into shape! December 2016

Remember, the holidays are meant to be fun. Enjoy yourself, don't destroy yourself! Keep in mind my favourite quote on the subject: "Drinking alcohol is the practice of borrowing happiness from tomorrow". UPG P: 5538 4788 RAD E FESTIVE



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Will I get to see my kids for Christmas?

Things to do these holidays

School holidays can be a stressful time of year for parents who are separated.

We sure are spoilt for choice here on the Gold Coast when it comes to things to see and do. Whether you’re a tourist or a local, these top picks are sure to please these holidays

re you concerned that the other parent might not allow you to spend time with your children over the holidays? Are you and your former partner arguing about who the children should live or spend time with? Has it been a while since you have seen, spoken to, or spent time with your children? Do you have concerns about the other parent taking the children away from you? Before you can start proceedings in court, you must attend mediation with the other parent and make a genuine effort to try and resolve the matter. An agreement which is in the best interests of the children can then be ratified by the court by filing an Application for Consent Orders. You may be exempt from mediation if your matter is urgent, there are issues or a risk of child abuse or family violence, a parent cannot effectively participate due to an incapacity or physical remoteness, or your application relates to an alleged contravention of an order made within the last 12 months. It is important - and in the best interests of the children - for parents to resolve issues about their care and living arrangements as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible. Here are some tips for managing the holiday period: Don’t leave it too late to discuss arrangements. Both parents need time to organise time off work and plan holiday activities. The closer the holidays get, the higher the stress levels are, so be sure to reach reasonable agreements in advance if possible. What works for one family, might not work for another family. Focus on what is in the best interest of your children and offer proposals that benefit the children, rather than what is convenient for you. You will have a better chance of reaching an agreement that both parents can live with and which benefit your relationship with your children. If one of the parents has issues with drugs or alcohol, or if there are other concerns about the safety and wellbeing of your children in that parent’s care, consider offering supervised time with that parent (depending of course on the nature of the risk to the child). The supervisor can be a relative, a mutual friend, or an independent third party.   Remember that you, as the adults, chose to separate but the children did not. Your responsibilities as parents are to facilitate a meaningful relationship between the children and the other parent. So try to compromise and find solutions which are in the best interests of your children. After all, despite your differences as former partners/spouse, both of you would want your children to have a happy Christmas and fond memories of the day. Only YOU can make that happen for your own children.   We understand that separation can be a very stressful time for you and your loved ones. For more information on how we can help you with a divorce or separation, or any other family law matters, contact Cornerstone Law Offices. P: 07 5538 9119 or 27

Stand-up paddle boarding Currumbin and Tallebudgera are great locations to try your hand at SUP. Hire a board and paddle away! Southport Broadwater Parklands Located at Marine Parade,enjoy play parks, jumping pillow, and bike tracks, and the popular rockpools or lagoon. aquaSplash, Australia’s first open water fun park, is near the lagoon and offers fun for the whole family. Surfers Paradise Is it a bus? Is it a boat? Both actually. Take a tour of the Gold Coast by land and water on the famous Aquaduck. Other attractions such as the Infinity Attraction, iFly indoor skydiving, and Ripley's Believe It or Not! Will also keep you entertained rain, hail or shine. Bushwalking/waterfall Pack a lunch and enjoy a bushwalk down to the heart-shaped water hole at Killarney Glen – where you can also enjoy a refreshing dip. The entry point is just off Beechmont Road, between Beechmont and Canungra. Free entry but check opening times. Glow Worms Head to Springbrook National Park to enjoy one of Australia’s best known free glow worm viewing sites. The viewing platform to see the Glow Worms is via the Natural Bridge. At Mount Tamborine you can also find man made Glow Worm Caves (entry fee applies) – with realistic formations such as stalagmites and stalactites – designed to replicate the natural habitat of the Glow Worms. Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk is 300 metres of high-tech steel bridges through the highest points of the upper canopy, and a 40 metre cantilever bridge that soars 30 metres above the creek and rainforest below. O’Reilly's Tree Top Walk – in Canungra – is 180 metres in length and is made up of nine suspension bridges, with much of the walkway being 15 metres above the ground. The Tree Top Challenge is located at Mount Tamborine and inside Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Hang about in the trees, climb the ladders, balance on the suspended bridges and jump on up to many huge ziplines (flying foxes). Check with venues/operators/ tour guides for fees and opening hours. December 2016


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MAD MEX IT UP Margot Knot Front Top // $49.95 // Flower Child Palazzo pant // $59.95 // Western Belt // $15.95 // Brylee Sandal // $39.95 // from Dotti // 5523 4731


December 2016


What to pack for a mini vacation f you are anything like me, you love to plan your looks to cover every occasion when travelling. There is nothing worse than taking just a piece or two along for the ride. If you’re planning a mini escape, make sure you pack a capsule wardrobe with lots of basics; around 10 key pieces. T-shirts and singlets add warmth and your best friend will be layering.

Chevron Underwire Halter // $80 // sizes 30F to 38HH and Chevron Hipster Tie Bottoms // sizes: 8 to 14 (or full brief bottoms sizes 10-18) // $30 //

From experience, I like to pack everything that doesn’t need ironing! Ironing is my pet hate. When you’re packing, lay everything out on your bed and create some fun and adventurous outfits.

Review // Let’s Cha Cha Dress // $269.99 //

My number one rule is: everything has to be able to be worn five ways.

Gem Necklace // $54.50 //

Accessories are the key here. They can change an outfit from day to night, just like magic. Clio Beach Pant – Paradiso // $199 //

A scarf can be worn as a wrap, a sarong, a head wrap or made into a cape. Choose wisely on your colour theme… if the power goes out, you can get dressed in the dark.

Beach Bag Bondi // $89.95 //

Ruby & Lilli Suede Tassel Key Ring // $14.95 //

Wear comfortable clothing on a long flight and carry a coat or jacket and scarf as it can get chilly on some flights. I like to go light on shoes. Depending on where you are travelling to, you shouldn’t need more than three pairs, in addition to the pair you are wearing.

Clarks - Trigenic Flex // $279.95 //

Don’t forget to leave room for a few memorable purchases! Stay stylish,

Susie x

Looking for a gift for that someone special in your life? Gift Vouchers available for Christmas. Start the year off stylish and confident. Call me to arrange your voucher - phone 0414 904 364.

• Shopping Service • Image Consultant • Shopping & Retail Susie The Stylist @susiethestylist December 2016


P: 0414 904 364


December 2016

December 2016



December 2016

Get in to $4695 $210

EVOLUTION KERATIN TRAVEL PACK Balancing Shampoo, Balancing Conditioner, 2oz Leave-in and Blow-out Spray$46.95 (pack)

EVOX HAIR REJUVENATION THERAPY Liquid Plasma Anti-Aging Shampoo $36.95 Anti-Aging Conditioner $36.95 Protein Coating Spray $38.95




$1195 iFLY INDOOR SKYDIVING Give the gift of flight this Christmas with an iFLY Indoor Skydiving Gift Voucher. P: 1300 366 364

LOGITECH K780 Multi-Device Keyboard The Logitech® K780 Multi¬Device Redefining what a desktop keyboard can do. Type and switch between 3 devices. Suits Windows®, Mac®,Android™ or iOS. An integrated cradle holds your mobile device at a stable reading angle. Its ultimate technology lets you choose the best way to connect. $149.95

MODELROCK Lashes & Lipsticks Iconic Bombshell Lashes $11.95 Major Betsy Lipstick $23

$6995 $189


SHOETIQUE Kompanero crossbody handbag/wallet $189

VILLAGE STORES Borneo Fishing Basket Village Store - Bundall & Burleigh

A BOY NAMED AARON Hermes Hide Cross


CTJ Italian leather bracelet/necklet with sterling silver and Swarovski crystal interchangeable enhancers from $90 to $160



REFA CARAT Facial-lovers can now achieve the same revitalized glow at home. Also tones flabby bits. December 2016

BABEIN Stylish certified organic cotton/ Spandex babywearing wraps. Use code GETITBABE for 10% off your purchase. $169 + FREE Aus delivery.

WILLI FOOTWEAR Create your own thong with interchangeable straps that come in a variety of colours, and also feature an “anti-blowout” design. From $24.95 to $34.95 both men’s and women’s 36

SHOETIQUE Kompanero wallet. Choice of colours $139

Christmas $99 $12995 $299 EVY PROFESSIONAL IQ-ONEGLIDE $299.00

BAMBURY Desigual Living range straight from Barcelona (Spain) Blue Summer - Captain Cushion $99 P: 1300 766 762

SHOES ON CHEVRON The Mighty Purse Charge On The Go Wallet. Leather – battery inside, plenty of space for cash and cards. $129.95 P: 5539 8269


$109 $8995 SHOETIQUE Kompanero wallet. Assorted colours $109 Weave Design $89.95



CTJ Mens Tungsten stainless steel bracelets Were $129 now $29.95

A BOY NAMED AARON Anjali Henna Heart


$3995 THE HAPPINESS SHOP Wall Candy books filled with 50 pull-out wall prints to style and uplift your home. $39.95 FREE SHIPPING


VILLAGE STORES Huntly & Co. 80hr Candle Village Store - Bundall & Burleigh


$219 SUNSOAKED Janie one-piece swimwear in Arabesco UPF50+ luxurious Italian lycra $219 P: 0423775777

MAESTRO FASHION Round leather bag. Variety of colours $190 Leather bag. Variety of colours $290 P: 5538 1168



UE BOOM 2 BY ULTIMATE EARS The Bluetooth® speaker that blasts insanely great sound in every direction – everywhere you go. Designed to get wet, muddy and beat up, is waterproof drop-proof (from up to 1.5m high), disruptive and bold, plus a whole lot of fun. $249.95 37

A BOY NAMED AARON Unconditional Love Palm

HEMISPHERE LIVING Stackable solid timber wine racks From $49.


VILLAGE STORES Taylor Leather Purse Village Store - Bundall & Burleigh December 2016


Do we need to detox? Dr Elen ApThomas discusses options to improve our overall health

n the western world we think of having a ‘detox’ as a very new phenomena however, this is not the case. Ancient cultures, such as the Chinese and Indian (Ayuvedic medicine), have been using these principles to heal many ailments for centuries. When consulting one of these more traditionally trained practitioners they look for symptoms indicating whether the cleansing organs of the body, including the intestines, liver, kidneys, lymphatic system and the skin, are functioning adequately.

in which we are poisoning ourselves every day. Not only from the air pollution and obvious poor food choices such as coffee, alcohol, sugar and many refined foods, but even when we make better food choices there can be toxins such as pesticide residues in non-organic fruit and vegetables and hormones and antibiotics

One of the best tools to assess whether your cells need a clean is with a live blood analysis performed by a naturopath or doctor. If these organs are not working efficiently, the day-to-day acidic metabolic waste products that we produce are left in our cells, joints, lymphatics and blood stream. Some of the many symptoms and signs of ‘toxicity’ are lethargy, headaches, skin problems, intestinal symptoms such as bloating and cramps, difficulty losing weight, puffiness in areas of our face and body and joint or muscle stiffness, just to mention a few. Unfortunately, we live in a toxic world

in our non-organic meat and eggs. Stress reduces the performance of the enzymes that would normally perform these cleaning functions and when symptoms of illness start to appear often the best place to begin is to help the body perform in a more efficient manner, by fostering a cleaner cellular environment. One of the best tools to assess whether your cells need a clean is with a live blood analysis performed by a naturopath or doctor. This will assess the functionality and nutritional status of

the blood cells, the inflammation level in the blood stream and review oxidative stress markers. If these levels are outside the healthy range then a detox would dramatically help the functioning of the entire body. A detox program involves reducing the toxic burden of bad organisms in the gut, giving the liver and kidney much needed nutrients and antioxidants to perform its filtering function more efficiently and enhance the flow of the blood and lymphatic system. The best results are achieved when clean lifestyle options are also undertaken as well as dietary changes including increasing fruit and vegetables, incorporating fresh juices and restricting the intake of grains. The body needs lean protein and fish and vegetarian options are much less acidic. Increasing gentle exercise is also recommended. These programs often last between two and eight weeks, depending on the results desired and when followed properly can result in weight loss, clean skin and increased mental and physical energy. Now who doesn’t want that?!


Rest, Reset & Energise! The detox program that gives you the energy to continue your daily life! Contains Raw organic Ingredients Non-GMO Gluten & Dairy Free Contains Healthy Bacteria

Natural Source of Amino Acids, Vitamins, Minerals & Enzymes No Artifcial Ingredients Suitable for Vegans

TO GET YOUR FFDETOX GO TO OR CONTACT 150 Ashmore Road, Benowa | | December 2016


5564 5013 01.27.2015 15:25

News Limited Proof ?


Price differences muddy hearing aid treatment choices Clarity Hearing Solutions gets to the bottom of a topic that affects many people experiencing hearing loss f you’re in the market for a hearing aid and have been left scratching your head as to why some companies appear to charge higher fees for the same hearing aids offered by other companies, then you’re in not alone. According to the experts at Clarity Hearing Solutions there is a large difference in pricing across different companies for the same hearing aids which leaves many people wondering why some are so much more expensive. If you were to scout the internet or visit several hearing providers you may find a large variation of pricing between exactly the same hearing devices. This is largely due to the different service provision, or treatment package, that is automatically included in the price of the hearing aid. There are now two methods of pricing within the Audiological industry in Australia, called bundled and unbundled. Until recently, traditional hearing aid sales were bundled and you would pay a set price for the hearing aid which included all the treatment and service provision for life of the hearing aid. Hearing providers had to estimate and build into the cost of hearing aids five years or more of service provision and treatment.

Because it’s extremely difficult to estimate exactly what will be required over five or more years, some Audiologists will build in a safety buffer in the cost. The problem with this model is that patients think it is the hearing aids which are the expense, but in reality, part of it can be attributed to the expense of the Audiologists’ time to provide the service and associated treatment for five or more years that you may not need. The other big problem with bundling services is that if a hearing aid is lost or damaged close to purchase date, you move away from the provider, or god forbid, pass away not long after the purchase, you have paid for all these consultations which you never receive.    To counter these potential inequities of lengthy service provision and to make the actual costs when purchasing a hearing aid more transparent, many Audiologists are now moving to an unbundled model. Unbundling consists of breaking down and providing transparency on the clinical costs separate to the hearing aid cost and making you aware of them.   Under the unbundled model Audiologists like Clarity don’t make their income from selling a hearing aid as they provide hearing aids for minimal costs (anywhere from $250), but charge an hourly rate for expert consultation, or a treatment package that best suits your needs and requirements. A reputable Audiologist will provide a full costing breakdown of services associated

with treating hearing loss, including how many consultations it may take, and then let the client decide whether they wish to pay per consultation or if they want to package their treatment plan which may cover unlimited consultations similar to bundled packages. Providing transparency in audiology costs is ethical practice and can significantly reduce the costs associated with treating hearing loss with hearing aids.  P: 1300 252 7489

How did John save $11,850 on hearing aids? By spending $150 on a second opinion! John came to Clarity for a second opinion after having a free hearing test with another provider. The provider had told John he needed hearing aids and had quoted him $12,000 for the aids. John booked a $150 comprehensive hearing test

Call 1300 252 748 or 3366 7888

with Clarity. As tests began the Clarity audiologist knew something wasn’t right. John’s ears were blocked with wax. After Clarity suctioned his ears John had his hearing tested again. This time his results were normal. He didn’t actually need hearing aids!

John saved $11,850 by getting a second opinion from Clarity. At Clarity Hearing Solutions our focus is on treating hearing loss, not selling expensive hearing aids. Call us today for your first, or your second, opinion.

Model used. Based on real client experience.

Hope Island Mater Misericordiae Health Care, 8 Halcyon Way Also at: Bribie Island, Carindale, Caboolture, Loganholme, Spring Hill, Sunnybank Hills


Advanced Hearing Aid and Audiological Specialists

December 2016


Festive food

This popular Christmas Antipasto Wreath recipe by Amanda Smyth, who blogs at Cooker and a Looker, is perfect for entertaining this festive season. Amanda's Salt and Pepper Prawns with Lemongrass Mayonnaise is also a hit! Visit

CHRISTMAS ANTIPASTO WREATH INGREDIENTS • 4 avocados • 1 lemon • Salt and pepper • 1/2 tsp dried chilli flakes • 4 slices proscuitto • handful each olives, semidried tomatoes, diced feta cheese • 1 tbs capers • Chives, finely chopped

METHOD Peel, stone and mash the avocados. Zest half the lemon, the juice the whole lemon. In a large bowl combine the avocados, lemon zest and lemon juice. Season with salt, pepper and chilli flakes. On a flat platter, spoon the avocado mash into a circle. Decorate the circle with the olives, semidried tomatoes and feta. Slice the prosciutto into ribbons and arrange on the wreath. Scatter with capers and sprinkle with the finely chopped chives. Serve with lavosh and bread sticks.

December 2016


SALT AND PEPPER PRAWNS WITH LEMONGRASS MAYONNAISE INGREDIENTS • 24 green prawns, peeled and deveined. • 2 tsp Sichuan peppercorns • 1 tsp black peppercorns • 1 tsp sea salt flakes • 24 wooden skewers

MAYONNAISE • 1 cup whole egg mayonnaise • 2 tbs lemongrass paste • 1 tsp lime zest • 1/4 cup shredded basil

METHOD: Soak skewers in tap water for twenty minutes. Soaking the skewers will discourage them from catching alight on the BBQ. To make the mayonnaise, combine lemongrass paste, lime zest, mayonnaise, and basil. Stir to combine and refrigerate until serving time. In a mortar and pestle combine both peppercorns and sea salt. Pound until the peppercorns are ground finely. Thread the prawns onto the soaked skewers. Sprinkle the prawn skewers with the pepper mixture and cook on the BBQ for 1 to 2 minutes (or until the prawns change colour). Serve with the lemongrass mayonnaise and lemon wedges.

FESTIVE TRIFLE SERVES 12+ | PREP 15 MINS | FRIDGE 4 HR MIN INGREDIENTS • 2 Packets Wine Jelly • 2 Packets Swiss Roll Cakes • 500gm Strawberries • ½ Cup Flaked Almonds • ½ Cup Flaked Coconut • 1 Litre Custard • 600mls Thickened Cream METHOD: Prepare the jelly the night before. 400ml boiling water per packet of jelly. Set in a large rectangle container and cut into cubes when set. On the day of serving, slice jam rolls, slice strawberries, toast almonds and coconut and whip cream. Assemble by layering jam rolls, jelly, strawberries, custard and cream. Repeat until all ingredients are used and finish with cream, almonds and coconut. Visit: Thanks to Amanda Voisey, from Cooking For Busy Mums, for sharing her popular recipe. Visit:


December 2016

Cocktail Hour


Get festive with the Get it girls’ fave cocktails. It’s one of the best ways to liven up any evening and keep it going into the early hours.





You can’t go past a good Margarita. Delicious and refreshing!



This fruity treat, at the House of Brews in Surfers Paradise, is a must-try! METHOD Muddle watermelon in a INGREDIENTS Boston shaker glass, combine • Watermelon pieces the rest of the ingredients and • Redskin infused vodka shake. Strain over fresh ice • Raspberry liqueur into a Collins glass. Garnish • Pineapple juice with watermelon slice and • Lemon or lime juice watermelon candies. • Sugar syrup



Gimelli’s Italian Restaurant at Broadbeach make a mean Espresso Martini! It’s Aimi’s favourite cocktail!



How can one possibly pick a favourite cocktail? It’s impossible! I love this one at Fu Manchu Oriental Kitchen on Chevron Island. INGREDIENTS • Belvadere Vodka 30mls • Coconut Rum 15 mls • Ginger liqueur 15mls • Lime juice 30mls • Sugar Syrup 10mls • Lime, red chillies, basil, coriander,




METHOD Place the coffee, Tia Maria, vodka and ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake to combine. Strain the coffee mixture and divide between chilled serving glasses.


Tabasco muddled, topped with soda METHOD Shake and pour, crushed ice top. Garnish: Basil








INGREDIENTS • 1/2 cup freshly brewed espresso coffee (cooled) • 90ml Tia Maria • 60ml vodka • Ice cubes to serve • Coffee beans to garnish






METHOD Chill a cocktail glass, and then rub its rim with lime juice and dip it in coarse salt. Shake tequila, Cointreau, and lime juice with cracked ice, then strain into glass over ice.






INGREDIENTS • 2 oz. Silver tequila • 1 oz. Cointreau • 1 oz. Lime juice • Cocktail glass • Coarse salt

The way to my heart is definitely through a Lychee Elderflower Martini – and one of the best on the Gold Coast can be found at Tonic on Chirn in Southport! INGREDIENTS • 10ml Lime Juice • 30ml Smirnoff Vodka • 15ml Elderflower Liqueur • 30ml Lychee Syrup

METHOD Add ingredients into a shaker and fill with ice. Double strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with a speared lychee



& New Year's Eve


The taste on everyone’s lips this New Year! Enjoy all day dining along with specified seating times for dinner. Exciting new menu available over the Christmas period and New Year’s eve. Two-course $30pp or three-course $40pp. Spectacular fireworks and DJ starting from 8pm. Bookings essential 5539 0377 or Beach End, The Oasis, Broadbeach Mall

Christmas at Solace

The perfect water-side destination for your festive celebrations with family, friends or colleagues. Let us take care of Christmas with event packages from $40 per person. Christmas Day Luncheon $100 per person, includes a decadent five course degustation lunch. Bookings essential – phone 55 771 665 4 Marina Promenade, Paradise Point Free parking. B A R A N D R E S TA U R A N T


07 5577 1665


A Sanctuary Cove Christmas Experience a festive feast of dining, shopping and entertainment mbrace the spirit of the season during A Sanctuary Cove Christmas; a five-day festival in The Marine Village. From December 14 to 18 enjoy traditional carols, a tastebud-tantalising evening of fine food, boutique market shopping and a funfilled festival Christmas carnival. Experience one of The Marine Village’s superb restaurants during Dinner by Candlelight on Wednesday December 14, as selected eateries turn down their lights and serve Christmas-inspired menus in the enchanted glow of candles. Diners have a wide array of international tastes to savour with Ioesco, Dragon Cove Chinese Restaurant, Black Angus Bar & Grill and Thai House participating in the magical culinary evening. Soak up the traditional sounds of the season at Carols on The Green on Thursday December 15, when some of the city’s most talented young musicians join the exquisite voice of tenor Rocco Speranza for a night of song topped off by a certain jolly man in

red and his favourite reindeer, Rudolph. That same evening you can wander through the Village Night Markets, along the boardwalk from 6pm, featuring a collection of pop-up stalls from The Marine Village’s boutique retailers. The free Christmas Carnival is all about the kids, who will love the wide range of fun activities and entertainment each day from Friday December 16 until Sunday December 18. Roving street performers like the zany roller skating elf will capture each child’s attention and imagination with their cool and crazy antics as they cavort through The Marine Village.

The kids will delight in the pony rides, trackless train journeys, jumping castle jaunts, face painting, voyages aboard the MV Kilkie, and the special Christmas Show featuring dancing reindeers. Create a lasting memory of Christmas 2016 in Santa’s Grotto, the venue for festive family photos or even Saint Nicholas-inspired selfies, each day of the carnival.Those with furry family members can bring their pet in for snaps between noon and 1pm. One day is never enough. Discover your guide to ‘A Sanctuary Cove Christmas’ at

Actively retired livia Nelson learns the ukelele online, has been a magazine beauty editor, walked the catwalk, and worked in the opal trade. The Lendlease retirement village resident leads an eclectic life. When it comes to technology and life in general, Olivia is prepared to give anything a go, and says “Bring it on”. The internet, social media and things like Skype have made the world seem so much smaller. “I love how with Facebook you can talk to the younger generations. Those intergenerational friendships are so important,” Olivia says. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Olivia’s favourite thing at the moment is streaming Spanish ukulele videos through YouTube. “I sit here at night time with a beautiful Spaniard,” she says with a big smile. As well as learning the ukulele online, Olivia continues to lead an active and busy life. “In the late 60’s, I was a beauty editor at Woman’s Day magazine. It was absolutely amazing and I was very proud to work there,” Olivia says. “Now, I’m the president of the Resident’s December 2016

People often laugh when I say I’m shy, but I am. I love putting the events together though. We had a Valentine’s night here and 14 people got married again. As you can imagine, it was wonderful!

Committee at the village and I do all the graphic works for our posters. I’ve made some wonderful friendships here. People often laugh when I say I’m shy, but I am. I love putting the events together though. We had a Valentine’s night here and 14 people got married again. As 44

you can imagine, it was wonderful." For further information about The Gardens on Lindfield on the Gold Coast or any of the 12 Lendlease villages in Queensland, visit or call 1800 550 550.

new summer

menu! Say ‘hello’ to our new summer menu with a range of bites, small plates, large plates and banquet menus to suit all budgets.

Modern style dining introducing tapas from around the world. The new menu brings a fusion of flavours and showcases fresh local produce with a twist! Paired with our summer cocktails, extensive bar list and friendly staff this is the perfect setting to catch up with friends or for your end of year corporate or casual work party.

N3 Tapas Bar | Ground Floor Marina Mirage | Main Beach

For more information and bookings |

P 5591 1400


December 2016



WOMEN IN TOURISM Jan Hutton Chief Marketing Officer of Gold Coast Tourism was our inspiration for November’s Women in Tourism breakfast which was held at Crowne Plaza Surfers Paradise, thanks to general manager Mr Ian Pirodon. New members welcomed, lots of great networking, and beautiful breakfast to start the day!

The team at Get it would like to thank you, our wonderful clients and our readers for your continued support. Wishing you all a very

Merry Christmas and safe and Happy New Year. See you all in 2017! December 2016




GOLD COAST HOSPITAL FOUNDATION Supporters of the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation joined the Foundation’s CEO, Kim Sutton, for cocktails and canapés at Southport Sharks Event Centre to celebrate the amazing work achieved this year. The Foundation has reached more than 180,000 Gold Coast patients and families suffering distress from illness and injury.

Because… it’s time for Christmas fun!

P 5561 1038

Cnr Young & Scarborough Streets, Southport Open Monday to Saturday. Easy parking in Australia Fair

47 Shoetique Southport

December 2016




Slay on


social media

Get it magazine’s social media manager Hayley Bogaard dishes the dirt on all things social media, in part two of our special. ore and more lately, I find myself typing out messages that read something like this: “TBH, IDK if I really liked him LOL! SMH. Maybe I’ll like him better IRL. I’m heading out for drinks 2nite. WBU? TTYL xx” Poetic really, isn’t it? And like most high schoolers in a Hamlet recital, most of us just don’t get it. Today’s digital world moves so quickly, and with it comes new terminology, slang and in fact, a whole new dialect. So how do we keep up? Well, for starters, Google is your best friend. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to Google a phrase or abbreviation before replying back to someone’s message and acting cool like I totally knew what they meant all along – who’s with me there? But it’s not just the slang that sends people’s heads spinning. I am constantly met with confused, glazed expressions when using some of the basic terminology related to social media for your business. So let’s start with some of those terms and before you know it, you’ll be LOL-ing, WTFing and YOLO-ing like the best of them! ALGORITHM Algorithm is a scary word that describes the functions developed to control how a program operates. All social media platforms use them and they have a huge influence over the way in which we use social media. Have you ever noticed how you seem to just miss some posts in your newsfeed? Or posts from certain friends December 2016

always seem to appear first? Well, you can thank the algorithms for that. It can make social media a really frustrating experience for businesses so make sure you speak to a social media manager who can guide you through it. ENGAGEMENT Engagement measures how many users are liking, commenting or sharing your content. This is important in measuring how relevant and accessible your content is to your audience. While many businesses are concerned only with how many followers they have, the true measure of a successful page is in fact the level of engagement on your content. An engaged audience is what converts to sales and profit. HANDLE I can’t tell you how many times I have asked a business for their social media handle, just to receive a blank stare in response.Your handle refers to your username on social media and generally starts with the @ symbol. For example HASHTAG Ahhh the almighty hashtag. Simply, it is a word or phrase that is preceded by the # symbol. It is a powerful tool used to attract new followers, engagement and spread content. When it comes to promoting your business online, it is important to use the right hashtags, which is where a social media manager comes in. Next time you’re thinking of a new hairstyle, perhaps try searching #hairstyles on Instagram or Pinterest.You’ll be surprised at what you find. 48

MEME Perhaps the greatest thing to be born of social media is the humble meme. While most of us know what a meme is, not many people can pronounce it. So to set the record straight, it is pronounced ‘meem’ and rhymes with team or beam. Not ‘me-me’ or ‘mem’ as I’ve often heard. TRAFFIC No, social media traffic is not related to selfies of people impatiently stuck in traffic jams but rather refers to the amount of users visiting your pages. The higher your traffic, the more chance of converting users into customers. FILTER The number one tool in any Instagram star’s arsenal; filters change the colour, tone, light and exposure of an image to give it a new photographic effect. Choosing the right filter can be an agonising decision but if you get it right, you’re on the road to stardom. While the best filter is a hotly debated topic, my go-to filters are Claredon and Nashville. So, armed with this valuable knowledge, go forth and prosper my social media butterflies. Remember, social media is a rapidly evolving world and it’s almost impossible to keep up – especially for businesses. If you need help getting on top of your social media, make sure to speak to a social media manager, who can sort your #hashtags from your @handles.


Get your horoscope About Cassandra Tyndall Cassandra is an avid professional astrologer, writer and teacher, based in Brisbane, Australia. Her interest in Astrology started when she was a child reading horoscopes in her mother's magazines. Known for her honesty, passion and insight, Cassandra offers consultations to people all over the globe. H PISCES February 19 – March 20 Some long-held career goals may finally manifest as the Sun and Saturn make their annual meeting in your work sector. Recognition, respect or a promotion may mark the end of the working year. Mars and Venus hide away in your most private part of your solar horoscope this month. You too may feel like escaping, especially as Mars enters your sign on the 20th. H ARIES March 20 – April 19 Mercury’s retrograde passage invites you to slow down and re-assess your work priorities and set some new long-term goals. The 19th sees your ruler Mars slip into the most private sector of your solar horoscope. You now have cosmic permission for a little R & R after a year that was arduous and turbulent all at the same time.

H SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 22 Your enthusiasm for a pet project or to learn something new is heightened on the 3rd. As Mars links with your ruler Jupiter, you’re inspired to get out and about and share your ideas, thoughts and plans with others. This planetary pairing may also motivate you to undertake a new course of study or head in a new direction come the New Year.

H TAURUS April 20 – May 21 As a sign who is reluctant to change, December is a month where you’ll have little choice except to strap yourself in and enjoy the ride! Your ruler Venus will be in fellow fixed sign Aquarius from the 7th. Combining your ideas with stable action is your key to success. Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus team up and offer a plethora of opportunities, light bulb moments and exciting new paths.

H CAPRICORN December 22 – January 20 The 18th sees Mercury retrograde in your own sign. This may bring an introspective energy to your holiday season as you ponder the year past and the one awaiting. As Mercury aligns with Pluto, you may connect with aspects of yourself that you bury deeply. Casting your mind back to mid-Octobers Full Moon may be a clue to what you need to re-visit now.

H GEMINI May 21 – June 21 The opportunity to go over money matters is presented as Mercury enters another retrograde phase. Before too much Christmas over-spending begins and New Years’ resolutions loom, the 18th until January 7th heralds a period of going back to the financial drawing board. Developments that presented around the Full Moon in October may be the key to what you need to revise.

H AQUARIUS January 21 – February 19 Both Venus and Mars spend the majority of December in your own sign. These two planets are about relating, and with lucky Jupiter making a link to Mars on the 3rd and Venus on the 26th you have the potential to make a good impression on others. This may also encourage you to tip the balance back in your favour if you’ve been doing too much for everyone else.

H CANCER June 21 – July 22 Dynamic changes to your home, family and career sectors are forecast under the Jupiter/ Uranus face-off may leave you needing to retreat into your shell for a while. You may prefer to politely turn down non- essential social engagements and reconnect with the deepest

feelings of your soul. The Sun will bring a turning point in your relationships from the 22nd and important conversations can be had on the 29th. H LEO July 22 – August 23 The 12th brings an aspect of opportunity with Uranus, astrology’s great awakener. Under this influence, you may throw caution to the wind and book a well-deserved holiday, especially to a long- desired destination. A certain ‘ahha’ moment may also bring you to a greater awareness about your future path. Jupiter also casts a ray over these few days, emphasising that fresh new perspectives can be gained. H VIRGO August 23 - September 22 Crossed wires, confusion and general snafus on the social front may permeate your holiday festivities as your ruler Mercury enters a retrograde phase from the 18th. The Full Moon illuminates your career sector on the 14th. Under this influence, you may experience the pull of work-related socialising versus the responsibility of being at home. With Jupiter and Uranus facingoff along your financial sectors, new money making opportunities are possible. H LIBRA September 22 – October 23 Anything may be possible when it comes to your relationships this month as expansive Jupiter and volatile Uranus face-off across your relating sectors. Turning points are promised around the 22nd as the Sun enters your home zone. Mercury’s retrograde passage in your 4th sector further highlights you need to go back to the drawing board on some key family issues.

H SCORPIO October 23 – November 22

An encouraging link from Jupiter emphasises that it’s ‘the thought that counts’ when it comes to gift giving and heartfelt connections with your most important people is what makes this time of year truly special. As 2016 draws to a close under a meeting between Mars and Neptune, you’ll be ready to take a break and escape to a waterfront location that will recharge your soul.

C - 62 Y - 100

K - 85


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December 2016


The F words I’ll be saying in 2017

Elizabeth Campbell has a grand plan for 2017 that will require a new Camilla dress, Italy and a lot of F words.

ear 2016, The countdown to 2017 is on and I just want to say thank you.You have been amazing. I have learned so much from you and am grateful to have had you in my life. Next year the F word is going to take precedence. Actually there are several F words I’ll be saying in 2017. More on that later. It is this time of year we look back and celebrate, have some wine (or more wine!), eat a lot and open Santa presents - and then look at the next year and work out how we are going to make it rock. I’ll be doing that, plus I’m taking four weeks off.Yippee! I’m having a holiday and some fun in the sun while I sip on cocktails. Four. Weeks. Off. It’s so exhilarating.The only other time I have taken that long off work was when I was editing at a newspaper and took five weeks off to go to Italy, Greece, France and the UK. Actually, I’m going back to Italy next year to live for three months. I’ll base myself in Rome for the first month, then I want to explore Sardinia, Sicily, Pompeii, Amalfi Coastline, Corsica, Venice. I’ll also be heading to Spain and Romania. I’ve always wanted to get back to Italy. It has been 10 years so it’s high time. And ever since I saw a photo of the mountains in Romania in an oldschool encyclopaedia when I was in Year 7, I’ve always wanted to go there. That’s my grand plan for 2017. It has been my dream for a long time. So I thought,‘right, December 2016

what’s stopping me?’The answer was nothing. So I’m doing it. To see my dream come true, I’m going to have to say a lot of F words. I’ll be effing this and effing that. Here are the top F words will be incorporating into my life to set up my business to work from Italy. FINANCES: Budget, what budget? Finances will be my number one F word in 2017. I’ll be keeping a very close eye on my money coming in and going out. I say next year as I’ve just put a stunning Camilla dress and gold cross earrings to match on layby for a Christmas party here at Versace in a couple of weeks. What? I need to be fashionable when I go to Italy, see F word number 3! FITNESS: Not only do I need to get financially fit, I need to physically for all the hiking I plan to do in those mountains of Romania. Plus I need to be mentally fit because this is a massive leap outside of my comfort zone. Massive. Solo travel is something I have wanted to do for a long time but haven’t had the courage to do it (yet). So this year I decided I was going to face any fears that came up so I could live life on my terms.This F word is part of the reason why I’m heading to the home of gelato. FASHION: Italy is one of the most fashionable cities on the planet so I’m going to have introduce some gorgeous garments to my wardrobe before I go so I can fit in with the locals, right? Hello new Camilla piece. 50

FACEBOOK: I’ll be keeping in touch with my friends, family and colleagues, through none other than Facebook. I’ll be “live-ing” from wherever I am in the world so you can all keep up with my adventures and my Mum knows I’m alive and well. Love ya Ma. FOOD: Basically, I mentioned “fitness” earlier because I’ll need to be in great shape so I can eat my way around Italy … I love pasta and pizza and all of the creaminess that goes with Italian food. Even the olive oil is dressed in olive oil! FAMOUS: While I’m there, I’ll be “working” – I don’t really call it that because it’s not like work to me. I absolutely love my life and what I get to do each day. However, this will be the biggest test of my career as I set up my life and business now to accommodate the travelling. However, I will be securing speaking gigs and running workshops from all over the world. I will catch up with contacts in Europe and the UK to collaborate. I’ll be famous! FEAR: Refer F word number 2. I will not let fear of the unknown get in my way. I am doing this regardless of what happens in my life and I have asked my family and close friends – and my Facebook clan – to hold me accountable in doing so. So thank you 2016.You have been a year of trials and tribulations, reactions and rewards, and fun and frivolity – plus a lot of hard work and consolidation. Now I am ready for you 2017 and we are going to blitz it.



December 2016

December 2016


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