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Do you always stand firm with your decisions? A I prefer to discuss things B Absolutely C No, I often give in Your child refuses to eat dinner, you: A Let them leave, they’ll come back when hungry B Refuse to let them leave until every bit is finished C Let them pick something else How do you shop for your child’s clothes? A I let them pick their own B I do all the shopping C We go together

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You suspect your child is lying, you: A Avoid the issue until they feel guilty enough to confess B Punish them C Talk about how lying is not nice and wait for the truth

Is there a ‘boss’ in your household? A No, we share responsibilities B Yes, me C Yes, me. But sometimes it’s unclear Would you rather: A Be part of a team B Lead C Assist Your child has fallen from their bike, you: A Show them how to clean the scrape and put on a Band-Aid B Tell them off for being reckless again C Hold them and clean the wound while they turn their head away

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The goldfish tank is dirty, again. How do you react? A Point out that if your child does not clean it the fish will suffer B Demand the tank be cleaned and follow with a punishment C Help your child to clean the tank, even though the chore is theirs

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Your mother let the children gorge on sweets while babysitting, how do you react? A Let it go, if they feel sick they will learn a lesson B Scold your mother and your child C Comfort your child’s stomach ache

Mostly A: Liberator Allowing your child the freedom to grow on their own terms is important to you. Letting them develop their own opinions, teaching them selfreliance and giving them options are your key goals. Independence is important but be sure to show your child how much you care. Mostly B: Disciplinarian You separate the roles of friend and parent very strictly. Discipline and rules are the important factors in your house and any deviation has consequences. Don’t forget that sometimes kids need a friendly shoulder to turn to and that making small mistakes is a natural human trait.

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Mostly C: Nurturer Hands-on parenting is your preferred style. You cultivate your children with gentleness and involvement, making sure they are aware of how close by you are. Catching your child every time they fall gives them security but letting them gently touch the ground will show them how capable they can be on their own.

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