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Photo by: Stella Crowl

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The Bigger the Dream The Better the Picture! - Cindy Christi

Publisher’s Letter

Breakthrough to Your Calling Have you been calling out for the courage, the resources or the inspiration to make a difference in a BIGGER way? Then this issue is dedicated to YOU!!! Through the stories and beautiful pictures in this issue, I hope that as a reader you are inspired to take a leap of faith toward the greatness your heart calls out for! Need help listening to what your heart is saying? Then take a few minutes, grab a pen & a paper right NOW and follow these 3 easy steps: Step 1 Get Quiet: Create a space where you can be free of distraction for a few minutes. Step 2 Find Your Vision: Give yourself 5 minutes to write the first few things that come to mind when you review the following question: Assuming that everything you could possibly wish for would come true and you had all the resources you needed to experience anything in the world: what would you achieve, where would you travel, with whom would you share your journey and what would your Legacy be?…Take a deep breath and tap into your inner genius….here’s a helpful hint: Your genius will speak to you in pictures and movies…so feel free to write down or even draw what you are seeing! Step 3 Take Action: When your 5 minutes are up review your notes, LOOK at your pictures then ask your self what action steps can you take NOW to get a photo of you making at least one of them happen in the next 24 hours! Then pick your BIGGEST MOST AMAZING VISION (the one that gives you the most butterflies!) and challenge yourself to take a picture of YOU achieving it within the next 5 years!!!!!! Imagine if each of us were consciously achieving something our hearts called out for every day? Would we be happier, kinder, more generous, more adventurous? What would the collective impact be if we held our family, our colleagues and our peers accountable to their dreams and inspired a miracle revolution together? Would THAT be a world worth breaking through to? I say YES!

Photo by: Stella Crowl

Its my sincere hope in creating Get Image Ready with our amazing team - that as you travel with us, CREATE PICTURES with us and share YOUR dreams with us – that we will make DREAM ALBUMS together – and use our photos to inspire positive global change! In closing, while my husband and I were waiting in the lobby at Alex Air to take an open door helicopter-ride over West Maui (inspired by THIS VERY process) – we came across a book of aerial photography with the following quote on the inside cover: “A photographer is a visionary. He is an expert at timing and visioning. He offers us a gift of beauty. His photographs make statements. More powerful than words. We can view his moment of perfection time and time again. We can enjoy his vision which is ‘captured’ and by so being, is now freely shared. We look upon it, as a whole. He viewed it from the lens. His focus is our gift. Which is also his reward.” Believe in your Dreams – Take lots of PICTURES along the way - and we’ll help you make them BRILLIANT!

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Publisher’s Letter: Breakthrough to Your Calling

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Dr. Karen Jacobson: Keys to Optimal Health

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The 4 Keys to Optimal Health! Could you use a little health boost? Do you believe good health is about more than just luck and genetics? Even if you want to win the lottery, you must take action and buy a ticket first. We can all agree that with all the information on exercise, diet plans and medications, we can get a bit confused and overwhelmed. How about we make some sense of it? Let’s briefly look at how our country fairs among the top nations in the world. Overall our results are quite poor. We rank #1 in the world in crime, #1 in obesity levels, #37 in overall health and #37 inmortality


Photo by: peter salama

rate. In fact for the first time our next generation has a lower life expectancy than ours. Many people know that obesity causes health issues ranging from hypertension, cardio vascular disease, strokes, diabetes and sleep apnea. Has anyone considered the effect on healthcare costs and the economy? While that might be exciting news for Pharmaceutical companies and surgeons who perform bariatric surgery, drugs and surgery are not the way to stop the issues. The great news is that there are options. There is a different way,

Let me share with you 4 simple keys that can help transform your health naturally The 4 keys include: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Personal Fitness plan Balanced nutrition Proper nerve supply A mindset for success.

Key # 1. Personal Fitness plan Exercise is known to be a key to healthier living, wouldn’t you say so? It improves circulation, cardiovascular health and the immune system as well as aid in weight loss, balance, flexibility, and more. With that said, how many people do you know who have ellipticals & treadmills that serve as a clothing racks?

The American Heart Association recommends that for a healthy lifestyle we perform 20-30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise for a minimum of 3 days a week. Choose the activities that resonate with you. Walking, hiking, yoga, as long as you raise your heart rate you are improving your health. The next step could be adding weight training, Pilates class or spin. Create the right foundation and build slowly. Exercise will call for you to fuel yourself properly, leading to the next key. Key # 2. Balanced nutrition. Have you heard the expression that we are what we eat? Food helps us create energy, so we need to feed the body the right foods, wouldn’t you agree? Let’s look at the common American food choices; they consist of carbonated drinks, refined sugars, artificial flavoring and processed

Photo by: Rizalde Sherwood

food. All of which are toxic to our system, Garbage in Garbage out. A simple tip for food shopping, walk the outer parameter of your super market to buy your produce and read labels. If you can’t pronounce the ingredients on the label, you probably shouldn’t buy it. Avoid high Fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated fats and genetically modified (GMO) foods. Cut the toxins out of your life and replace them with live food that provides energy like fresh fruit & vegetables. Exercise self-control by eating smaller portions, Support your system with basic supplements including Omega 3 oils, a good Multi vitamin and mineral supplement as well as probiotics. They will support your digestion for proper and efficient function to enhance your immune system. Just like gasoline is used to run a car, by: foodRizalde is used as fuel to run Photo Sherwood the body, leading to the next key...

Key # 3 Proper nerve supply There are 70 trillion cells in the adult human body. At every given second the brain has to communicate with all of them. When there is interference between the centers in the brain and tissues in the body there is no proper communication, as a result the immune system becomes weaker and we may end up with either an injury or functional issue. Chiropractic care helps us identify any interference in the nerve system which affects our health and well-being. Adjusting the spine removes the interference and allows the body to return to its natural state of balance creating better health. Though many people are familiar with the first three keys, only 3 out of 10 Americans exercise regularly. The department of agriculture states that only 12% of the population engages in eating healthy and less than 10%

“Creating success and keeping to a plan depends on your “Why”. Photo by: Rizalde Sherwood of the population visits Chiropractors regularly; so why do some do and some don’t? That leads us to the fourth key, Key # 4. Mindset for success It all boils down to choices, choices in what you put in your body or what you keep out, choices in whether to exercise or not; how you create and conduct your relationships and whether you live in a toxic environment or a healthy one? What affects your choices? What makes you stick to a decision? Stress and negative emotion such as anger, fear and guilt may affect the way you make decisions. Clearing out negative emotions and reducing stress will allow you to make more sound decisions. Simple ways to reduce stress in your life are through exercise like walking, Yoga or Tai Chi. Other methods including relaxation exercises like meditation and breath work are great tools to take the edge off. Creating success and keeping to a plan depends on your “Why”. You must have a good reason Why change

is a must, the greater the reason the greater the drive. Choices are also affected by the way you see the world, your belief systems, experiences and your values. Most people decide to change when the current circumstances in their lives become unbearable. When the pain of living in the present situation is far more than the fear of the unknown, change becomes a must. It all starts in the mind. Find your “Why”, decide to change and follow the 4 keys to Optimal Health! Dr. Karen Jacobson has spent over 20 years in private practice. In addition to her Chiropractic Certifications in Sports and Pediatrics, she is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coach, Time Line Therapy (TM) Practitioner and Certified Hypnotherapist. Having studied human behavior and communication, she has the unique opportunity to utilize her skills and knowledge with her patients, leading them on their journey back to Wellness. Using a blend of Intuition and Science Dr. Jacobson provides you with the keys to

Unlock Your Potential and Live an Extraordinary Life! Dr. Jacobson is proud to align with GIR and their message and serve as their team coach. “Get Image Ready is a perfect compliment to my work, as I work on building self esteem and confidence from within, GIR team combines it with outer beauty creating a lasting image “

For appointments with Dr. Jacobson Call 480.657.3600 For information and to Claim your Free E Book go to: www.drkarenjacobson.com

Photo by: Barbara Trainor

Cindy Christi


Get Image Ready, Co–Founder www.GetImageReady.com CXI Media, CEO www.CXIMedia.com

Rizalde Sherwood

Stella Crowl

Get Image Ready, Lead Official Photographer for: AZUS Pageants Phoenix Fashion Week Studio World Photography, Owner www.StudioWorldPhoto.com

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Barbara Trainor Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec lorem est, sagittis Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec lorem est, sagittis tempus suscipit it amet, imperdiet non est. tempus suscipit sit amet, imperdiet .

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rediscover…your ahhh The 8th annual, award-winning

Summer Spaaah Series Grab your shades and join us for a summer that celebrates rediscovering your inner ahhh! Your ticket to Summer Spaaah relaxation includes a VIP reception with refreshing delights for mind and body, a gift bag spilling with goodies, a certificate for a luxury spa treatment and the peace of mind that comes from taking time out for yourself while supporting the community. A portion of proceeds go to Fresh Start Women’s Foundation – a Phoenix-based charity that assists women in transition.

For tickets and details, visit:


sponsored in part by:


benefiting charity: an event by:

Dena Patton

Photo by: Peter Salama Dena is a game changer and has been an entrepreneur for 16 years. As a powerful, motivational speaker who inspires audiences around the globe she is usually speaking on one of her favorite topics: greatness-centered entrepreneurship, empowerment of women or her faith. When she’s not on stage, her coaching practice of 11 years guides women, entrepreneurs and celebrities in four areas: innovative marketing, business systems, leadership mindset & their spiritual calling. Her passion is to help people live life from their greatness and fulfill their wildest dreams by teaching them her 30 greatness principals found in her new book, Igniting Greatness. Prior


to coaching & speaking her first career was in New York City in 1995 where she owned a PR & marketing company that also operated a small publishing division. At the age of 26 Dena sold that company to a start-up Internet company and stayed on as their Director of Marketing where she built and led a community of 70,000 members, which has since become the #1 global leader in it’s industry. She has won 9 business awards and can be seen in over 35 media stories. She loves to incorporate philanthropy in everything she does, which includes co-founding such charity projects as the September 11 Photo Project in NYC and its 6 city tour which raised money for The

NYC Burn Unit, and The Summer Spaaah Series in Arizona which raises money each Summer for Fresh Start Women’s Foundation. She is also a co-founder of The Girls Rule Foundation with three girlfriends, which helps build self-esteem and bright futures for girls ages 13-18. GIR: What about your work makes you smile every day? I love what I do. When I left PR & marketing I heard a spiritual calling to encourage and empower women to live lives from their greatness and to change the world for the better, and I love that I get to do that everyday. There’s nothing better than working with women who want to make their mark on this world. Watch out! GIR: What is the most important way you serve your client? Overall as a coach the most important way I serve women is to teach them to ‘stop and listen to the direction of their heart’. No matter who ‘she’ is we are all busy women and we can get so overwhelmed with the ‘shoulds’ of life that we can easily get off track and lose our purpose & heart. Even the most successful CEO’s that I’ve coached can get ‘caught up’ and they lose their identity, lose their center, lose

their true priorities or even their health as a result of the “spinning and shoulds” they put on themselves. There’s nothing sweeter to me than when a client gets clarity around her greatness and trusts the direction of her heart. She then becomes focused and unstoppable. Also, I help women business owners build their business in ways they never knew possible. This is hugely important since women entrepreneurs, although we start more businesses than men, some women don’t grow them strategically and they get caught in the ‘spin cycle’ where they try to do everything themselves and get burnt out. In my opinion, the world needs more women business owners who are unstoppable and I’m here to help that happen. GIR: How do you coach your clients with imaging and branding? Because I had a marketing and PR company in NYC I was always dealing with my clients’ image, reputation, brand, messaging and story. I found that clients’ brands were either consistent, authentic and very aligned, or they were a hot mess! It’s hard to build someone’s business when their branding (marketing/messaging) is all over the place. So it’s only one area of my coaching practice, I actually work with business owners to systematize, market, grow and lead their business from ‘head to toe’ which includes all 8 areas of business : executive vision (mindset), target markets, marketing/branding, sales, administrative structures, customer service, quality assurance and financials. I’ve been blessed to work with some celebrities and top CEO’s and their image is already fabulous, but they love the idea of having a coach at the top of the mountain with them so that we can take their image and brand to the next level. GIR: What are some of the ways you have invested in your own personal brand? I believe that everything you do (as a business owner) needs to represent your brand. I updated my brand 2 years ago and since then I’ve invested in a stylist to help me put together a polished look for when I’m speaking or doing media interviews, I’ve invested in coaches and mentors, and I’ve invested in a lot of media and graphic help. It takes a village to

create a branded business from ‘head to toe’. So of course a professional headshot from GIR, to my wardrobe, to my logo, to my marketing materials, to networking groups, to facebook, to my new book, to my website, and to my business cards all have to be aligned to my brand. GIR: What are your favorite fashions for work, red carpet, leisure? For work it’s a casual dress or jeans - I take Fridays off for play dates with my 5 year old so that is definitely jeans or a cute sundress. For red carpets it’s always something black or bright with great jewelry. I’m a shoe girl so anytime I can wear great heels I do. GIR: How has Get Image Ready helped you put your best face forward? GIR was fantastic in helping me finally get shots that I can use for my marketing and branding purposes. My new book, Igniting Greatness has my GIR headshot on it which I’m so thankful for. Who wants a bad picture on your brochure or book? I’m often asked where I got my headshot done and always tell them GIR! GIR: How do you “give back” through your charity? I love and believe in the power of philanthropy and social responsibility. I also have a very strong calling to empower teen girls. Together with 3 girlfriends in 2008 we opened a nonprofit called The Girls Rule Foundation, which is self-esteem and leadership programs for Arizona girls 13-18. We feel that the choices we make (who we marry, where we go to college, what jobs we get, how we treat our bodies etc) often come from the level of esteem and confidence we have in ourselves. When self-esteem is low, bad choices can be high (i.e. 2010 AZ stats: 6,000 female drop-outs, 14,000 teen pregnancies, 13,000 girls in the justice system). Our objective is to help girls build a bright future for themselves, so we provide powerful workshops that teach them 4 principals: Self-esteem, choice making, leadership and mapping (how to

find resources and funding). We also produce an annual one-day mother/ daughter Shine Brightly Summit which will be Aug 31st, 2013 at The U.S Airways Center. It’s a day the girls love - it’s filled with inspiration, empowerment, and entertainment. Photo by: David Lloyd

Connect with Dena Patton at: www.DenaPatton.com www.facebook.com/DenaPatton www.girlsrulefoundation.com

Alison Johnson

sparkle to their fullest potential for a reasonable price. Social media and networking, networking, networking (such as Get Image Ready) are invaluable. There is no better way to build your brand than through word of mouth. One reason I do everything possible for my clients is to further build my brand by earning their recommendations.

Photo by: Barbara Trainor

GIR: What about your work makes you smile every day? I feel so blessed that I get to work with so many amazing charities. Knowing that my work contributes to their missions and makes a difference for families in need brings a smile to my face every day. I also love meeting with brides- and grooms-to-be for the first time and hearing about how they envision the perfect start to their new lives together. Of course I absolutely love being my own boss too!

GIR: What is the most important way to serve your client? How do you help your clients with imaging and branding? Clients almost always come to me with a vision for their event. The most important thing I do to serve them is helping them bring their vision to life within their budget. GIR: What are some of the ways you have invested in your own personal brand? I am very committed to building my brand around making events

GIR: What are your favorite fashions for work, red carpet, leisure? My favorite designers are Valentino and Alice + Olivia. However, I like to say it doesn’t take a million dollars to look like a million bucks. Work: I enjoy spring and summer much more than fall because I love to wear fun, colorful dresses. My favorites are classy, yet sexy with the elegance you would expect to find on Betty Draper. Of course, they are always paired with sparkly heels. Leisure: When I’m not working, it’s not uncommon to find me in jeans with a tank top and a baseball hat. I love being a girlie-girl, but I also love

being the girlie-girl next door. Red Carpet: Sparkles, duh! But seriously, sparkles…and crystals…and sequins! Oh my! GIR: How has Get Image Ready helped you put your best face forward? Participating in the Get Image Ready photo shoot and fashion show was one of the most fun experiences of my life. I felt like a star! I’ve made good use of the fantastic photos on my website and other media. More importantly, I made great relationships with some very talented and interesting people. Alison has also been recognized by Trends magazine as Best Dressed in the Valley and by Arizona Foothills Magazine as Most Fashionable Woman in the Valley. She has been quoted as saying “It doesn’t take a million dollars to look like a million bucks.” This is a motto she lives by, and it is the philosophy she will bring to your event. Sparkling Events by Alison Johnson is an event planning business with many facets. From black-tie galas to children’s birthday parties, Alison does it all for a fair price and with the appropriate amount of sparkle.

Contact Alison at: 480.206.1354 or alison@sparklingeventsaz.com to see how Sparkling Events can help make your event sparkle to its full potential. www.sparklingeventsaz.com

Photo by: Barry Gossage

Kayla Downs GIR: What about your work makes you smile every day? Making a difference! What most people don’t know is that a titleholder’s job is to volunteer and help others. I love working with my cause, “Mental Health Awareness”, but there are countless charities that need help and I enjoy working with them all when given the chance. Knowing that someone’s day may be brighter or easier because I was willing to give my time is incredible. Photo by: Barbara Trainor

Kayla will compete for the Miss International 2013 title in July. During her year she will use her platform to educate people about the importance of mental health. It’s up to you today to start making healthy choices. Not choices that are just healthy for your body, but healthy for your mind. – Steve Maraboli

GIR: What is the most important way you serve? Throughout my reign, and beyond, I hope to raise awareness about the importance of mental health. I want to help people, insurance companies and our legislatures recognize that our mental health is just as important as our physical health; and many times the two effect one another. Unfortunately, there is a terrible stigma attached to mental illness or seeking psychological help. I want people to understand that many mental illnesses are often chemical

imbalances and this doesn’t make them weak, abnormal or crazy. It takes strength to seek help. Being diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and Severe Anxiety was one of the best things to happen to me. I finally understood why I felt the way I did but more importantly what to do about it so I could function normally again. GIR: How has Get Image Ready helped you put your best face forward? It is hard to find the words to express all that Get Image Ready has done for me. I have volunteered at a few of their events and also had the opportunity to be in front of the camera as well. I love that each attendee has to opportunity to shoot with multiple photographers on different backgrounds. In one day I can achieve several different looks that normally would take lots of time and money to have. GIR: How do you “give back” through your charity? For me this is not just a charity but a way of life. I think it’s important people be aware of those around them and how their actions and language effects them. We should not refer to someone as crazy, psycho or nuts and say that they are “suffering” from a mental illness. These people are struggling enough we should try to build them up and encourage them. I try to persuade those around me to be aware of how their words can effect others.

Connect with Kayla Downs at: www.KaylaDowns.com

Photo by: Stella Crowl

Stella Crowl

480.316.2193 www.GETIMAGEREADY.com

Kandi Lee are important to you. Once my clients have clarity on these things – we make sure that their brand and image matches.

Photo by: Stella Crowl

GIR: What about your work makes you smile every day? What makes me smile everyday is the fact that I get to be apart of someone creating their goals and dreams. I leave each day knowing that I made a difference. It doesn’t get much better than that. GIR: What is the most important way you serve your client? I serve my client best by living the principles that I am coaching them to. I take risks, go big and live

barfiliciously everyday. I want to be the example of creating something from nothing and to show them that anything is possible…. GIR: How do you coach your clients with imaging and branding? I coach my clients with a legacy in mind. If you were at the end of your life – what would you want people to say about you. What is the reputation that you want to be known for? What are the top 3 things that

GIR: What are some of the ways you have invested in your own personal brand? I have invested over $25,000 and 20 years in being a student of selfimprovement. I wake up everyday attempting to make today the best day yet.. My personal brand is a direct result of my mindset which improves everyday. My personal brand comes from my beingness and shines for the world to see. GIR: What are your favorite fashions for work, red carpet, leisure? Favorite Speaking Fashion – a Bright colored Sheath Dress – it makes me feel slim, beautiful and powerful. Red Carpet – definitely a sexy long dress – usually a bright colored dress that is edgy and unusual. Leisure – no make-up, sweats and pony tail. Not too sexy however very comfortable.

GIR: How has Get Image Ready helped you put your best face forward? One of my favorite things about being apart of a Get Image Ready event is the community of people involved. I have done previous modeling events and they feel much different. All of the photographers, models, and management really want you to win. They really want you to create a great image. It feels good to be apart of a winning effort. GIR: How do you “give back” through your charity? I give back through the charity that I founded “Free Lunch Friday” in many ways. I have organized food drives, delivered food to needy families at Christmas time and made sure that I pay attention to the needs of my community. My goal with Free Lunch Friday is to change the way people view each other. My global Free Lunch Friday goal is to feed the planet with a specific focus on Friday’s… My goal is that every Friday someone buys someone else lunch.

Follow Kandi Lee’s Extraordinary Series and launch of The One Eleven Network at:


Photo by: Rizalde Sherwood

Liz Fogg

compete at the national pageant for the title of Ms. US Universal, I have taken the time to take better care of myself including going to the gym on a regular basis. By taking better care of myself, people take me, and my brand, more seriously.

Photo by: Barbara Trainor

GIR: What about your work makes you smile every day? I love knowing that I am making a difference, and inspiring others, on a regular basis. GIR: What is the most important way you serve your client? I feel the most important way that I serve is by leading by example. Those that look to me for advice, do so because they see what I do and want to know how to do the same.

GIR: How do you coach your clients with imaging and branding? When I’m speaking to women of all ages, I emphasize the need to always look the part, for what industry they are in. That doesn’t mean being overdone, but looking their best for what they are planning that day. GIR: What are some of the ways you have invested in your own personal brand? Since starting on the journey to

GIR: What are your favorite fashions for work, red carpet, leisure? I love a nice comfortable, but fun summer dress for work, depending on the setting. My favorite red carpet look is something sleek and figure flattering and for leisure, I am all about comfort! GIR: How has Get Image Ready helped you put your best face forward? Get Image Ready introduced me to the world of photo shoots! My first GIR event was the first photo shoot that I have done in my adult life. I tend to stay behind the scenes, so it was completely outside my comfort level to take part in the photo shoot,

but I’m always up for a challenge and trying something new! GIR: How do you “give back” through your charity? I am constantly giving back through my charity work. I volunteer countless hours with various charities and have done over 50 appearances, in 4 states, since September, most of which have been by volunteering at various charity events.

Liz Fogg Ms. Arizona US Universal 2013 www.facebook.com/ msarizonausuniversal www.lizfogg.com

Photo by: Barbara Trainor

Some of our Arizona and California favs sail with us to gorgeous Santa Catalina – one of California’s most famous Channel Islands to cool down from the summer heat! Centrally located in the heart of Avalon, Catalina’s quaint harbor town and just steps from the beach, Hotel Metropole was the host location for Get Image Ready’s Summer Island Getaway. Offering uniquely romantic settings with distinctive Mediterranean charm, each island backdrop was just a short walk from the hotel lobby and included an array of beachfront, harbor, marketplace and charming hotel vignettes.


Summer Island GETAWAY

Photography by: Barbara Trainor, Barbara Trainor Photography David Lloyd, David Lloyd Photography Rizalde Sherwood, Studio World Photography Stella Crowl, Style Image Studios


Jaymie Richard


Photo by: Rizalde Sherwood

Photo by: Stella Crowl

Summer Island GETAWAY Participants experienced a “Day in the Life of a Celebrity” in one of the region’s most sought after summer destinations and here are some of our favorite picks! - Cindy Christi Model: Jaymie Richards

Model: Jaymie Richard This beautiful redhead is represented by Sara Model Management and is currently a model for Hollister Co. Fashion Stylists: Jennifer Glava Kim Noe Liz Fogg Sydney Phelps Fashion Spread and Photo Shoot Location: Hotel Metropole, Avalon, California Models: (In order of appearance) Jaymie Richards Jennifer Glava Kaitlynn McAulay Alec Ababon Kim Noe Liz Fogg Dr. Karen Jacobson Kandi Lee Photographic Event Team: Barbara Trainor, Barbara Trainor Photography David Lloyd, David Lloyd Photography Rizalde Sherwood, Studio World Photography Stella Crowl, Style Image Studios Lead Photographer: Rizalde Sherwood Lighting Director: David Lloyd Wardrobe: Stella & Dot Catalina Casuals Scriptique Producer: Cindy Christi Art Director: Julie Stoneking

Photo by: Rizalde Sherwood

Photo by: Rizalde Sherwood

Photo by: Stella Crowl

Photo by: david lloyd

David Lloyd

480.284.5516 www.GETIMAGEREADY.com


Jennifer Glava Jennifer is a former Miss Arizona Teen USA and Mrs. California America. She is also a Star Stylist for Stella & Dot and modeling here for Scriptique Christian Clothing Line.

Photo by: Stella Crowl

Photo by: Rizalde Sherwood

Photo by: Rizalde Sherwood

Photo by: Stella Crowl

Photo by: Rizalde Sherwood

Barbara Trainor

602.620.2579 www.GETIMAGEREADY.com

Photo by: Barbara Trainor

Model: Kaitlynn McAulay is our current Pre-Teen Gilbert United States and is modeling here for Catalina Casuals

Photo by: Stella Crowl

Photo by: Barbara Trainor


Model: Alec Ababon is a published Arizona author and modeling here for Catalina Casuals


Rizalde Sherwood

480.789.1513 www.GETIMAGEREADY.com


Model: Liz Fogg is the current Reigning Ms. Arizona US Universal and founder of My Pageant Place She also helped staff our fabulous Summer Island Getaway!

Model: Kim Noe is the Creative Director for Brett Noe Productions. She is modeling here for Catalina Casuals and helped staff our Summer Island Getaway. Photo by: Barbara Trainor

Photo by: Barbara Trainor

Model: Dr. Karen Jacobson is an NLP Practitioner, Family Chiropractor and Official Get Image Ready Team Coach Photo by: Barbara Trainor

Photo by: Rizalde Sherwood

Model: Kandi Lee is the Founder of One Eleven Companies, The Extraordinary Series and proud to be launching The Kandi Lee Show on The One Eleven Network due to hit airwaves in 2014

Photo by: stella crowl

Photo by: Barbara Trainor




Julie Stoneking | www.stonekingdesign.com | 602.781.4834


PHOTO BY Krista Tomlin




HOLLYWOOD VINTAGE David Lloyd Photography’s Lighting Workshop Team took a trip back in time to Hollywood in the 40’s. With seven gorgeous models to work with, our student photographers enjoyed a fabulous day at the Arizona Wing of the Commemorative Air Force at Falcon Field with WWII Vintage Aircraft. The setting was brought to life as we ventured back through the halls of time. Our models were fitted with 40’s styled attire by Nostalgic Boutique and one of our models, Shannon Feeney, wore her grandmother’s authentic 40’s Navy Wave Uniform.

By David Lloyd www.DavidLloydPhoto.com

Photo by: Stella Crowl


Photo by: Stella Crowl

Photo by: Stella Crowl

Photo by: Stella Crowl

Photo by: Stella Crowl

Photo by: Stella Crowl

PHOENIX FASHION WEEK Photo by: stella crowl

Phoenix Fashion Week is the leading fashion industry event in the Southwest. The organization’s mission is to bridge the gap between national and international designers and premier retailers and prestige fashion media. Phoenix Fashion Week’s ultimate goal is to garner global exposure for Arizona’s fashion industry. Through educational fashion seminars, year-round fashion events, and charitable partnerships, Phoenix Fashion Week is gaining rapid acclaim for its community-service efforts and for infusing world-class innovation into the Southwest. Fashion. Education. Humanity. Brian Hill, Executive Director info@phoenixfashionweek.com

Photo by: Stella Crowl

In the advent of social media, the concept of a high school reunion can seem to be a superfluous event. However, last fall, the Sunnyslope High School Class of 2002 proved that even though they may have spent the past 10 years “following” each other online, they had much to catch up on. The night began at The Cedars’ on 7th banquet hall, where old friends caught up over drinks and began the tradition of reminiscing about their days in high school (and even grade school). Outside of social networking, and the occasional run-in during the prior decade, many of the former classmates found themselves engaging in conversation with people they were only acquainted with casually in school. Attendees forged new friendships and re-cemented old ones through different activities and various after parties. A main highlight of the evening was the Get Image Ready photo booth! This creative set up allowed the often comical class of 2002 to display their humorous side with various props designed to evoke the spirit and personality of the evening, while giving the classmate a chance to preserve the new memories made at the reunion. By: Matt Wilkens Event Photos by: David Lloyd & Brittany Hogan Photo booth photos by: Stella Crowl



Y O U R E V E N T, P L E A S E V I S T :


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Arizona United States Pageant 2013 When you think of what the word ‘pageant’ means, your mind is automatically drawn to images of beautiful women, crowns and glamour. What makes the Arizona United States Pageant system different from other pageant systems? We too love the glitz and glamour of pageantry, but what makes us unique is our commitment to empowering and encouraging young ladies to get out into their communities and GIVE BACK! Our pageant system offers a forum for girls and women of all ages to gain support and awareness for a charitable cause that is already near


and dear to them or they can get involved with the many projects we have going on throughout the year and find a charity they are passionate about. The 2013 AZ United States queens: -Miss Junior Teen Arizona, Aubrey Laitsch; Miss Teen Arizona, Lexe Richardson; Miss Arizona, Arlin Guadian; Ms Arizona, Tina Ovist and Mrs. Arizona, Emilie Lettieri, will not only enjoy the celebrity status that being one of our titleholders brings, they will also volunteer hundreds of hours throughout their reign with numerous charitable organizations all across the state of Arizona and will

encourage others to do the same. In collaboration with Cindy Christi, owner and producer of all CXI Media outlets, a new TV show debuted in 2012 called Behind The Crown. Behind The Crown showcases the State and City Titleholders of the Arizona United States Pageant System as they work with multiple charitable causes around the state of Arizona. The show can be seen on Cox Design and Lifestyle Channels as well as a dedicated YouTube Channel.What exactly does “Behind The Crown” mean? We believe that all of us care about what’s happening in the world around us. There are

so many people in need and we all hope for a better future for all of them. “Behind The Crown” takes caring to the next level. It’s getting out there and making a difference. It’s rolling up the pageant sleeves and not being afraid of getting dirty for a good cause. We pack food that gets shipped to third world countries, we walk for charitable causes, we volunteer at gala events, we visit the VA Hospital and hand out flags, visit with veterans and encourage the staff, we collect clothing for those in need, we ship toys to the troops, we make bears for ChildHelp and make blankets for the Crisis Nursery. There is no job too small or no project too large if we’re helping someone less fortunate. We have broken the mold for what the general public believes ‘pageantry’ is all about. During their reign, the 2013 Arizona United States Queens

will be supporting their own charity platforms as well as the numerous charitable causes the AZUS Pageant system already supports. Miss Junior Teen Arizona, Aubrey Laitsch, will be supporting The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. Miss Teen Arizona, Lexe Richardson will be supporting the Lara Turner Homes and adults with developmental disabilities. Miss Arizona, Arlin Guadian, supports Mentor Kids USA which offers assistance and mentors to youth at risk. Ms Arizona, Tina Ovist, gives her support to the 100Club of Arizona which offers assistance to families of fallen Police Officers and Fire Fighters. Mrs. Arizona, Emilie Lettieir, offers her support to the American Cancer Society. We hope you’ll join us in getting out and making a difference. One person CAN create positive changes and make the lives of others

better. Sometimes it’s nothing more than living everyday with a “Pay It Forward” attitude. Help a young mother or elderly person by opening a door, give a kind word to an over-worked or overly-stressed clerk, pay for car behind you at a drive through, donate blood, or join in on a walk for a worthy cause. If you want to get involved with our queens and city titleholders in all of the good work they are doing, please contact us and we’ll tell you how to get involved. Or for more information on how you can compete in the 2013 Arizona United States Pageant and participate as a titleholder, visit our website at: www.ArizonaUnitedStatesPageant.com.

We look forward to serving with you! By: Patti Council, Director Miss Arizona United States Pageants

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he Miss Arizona Festival Inaugural Pageant was held in conjunction with The Arizona Watermelon Festival produced by AZ Culture. The Watermelon Festival finds its roots reaching back to 1949 in Glendale, AZ. A celebration of the agricultural achievements of Glendale melon growers, the popular summer event once drew annual

crowds of up to 40,000 people who were served more than 80,000 pounds of watermelon. The 2013 Watermelon Festival revived this tradition in Glendale’s Murphy Park. Maintaining much of the traditional integrity of the original events, the 2013 Watermelon Festival highlighted a crowned and Miss Arizona United States-qualifying Watermelon Queen along with a multitude of watermelon centric activities and games to entertain

the whole family.Our beautiful Miss Arizona Festival winners will go on to compete in the Miss Arizona United States Pageant in March of 2014: Gia Donati (Little Miss), Gabrielle Arcilla (Junior Teen), Madison Forsythe (Pre-Teen), Janelle Matura (Teen), Yasmine Pena (Miss), Kathy Lauer (Ms), Jennifer Drews Olson (Mrs.)

For more information visit: www.MissAZFestival.com


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2013 Get Image Ready Breakthrough Issue  

Get Image Ready produces high-­end, full­ day photo shoot experiences that empower corporate professionals, aspiring models and everyday fas...

2013 Get Image Ready Breakthrough Issue  

Get Image Ready produces high-­end, full­ day photo shoot experiences that empower corporate professionals, aspiring models and everyday fas...