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GetHiroshima Mag Issue 13 March, 2017 Circulation 10,000 copies Published quarterly by GetHiroshima Next issue June, 2017 Printed by Hiroshima Chuo Printing Co., Ltd. Motoaki Tahara

WELCOME Spring is here, or at least, on its way. It’s a fantastic time to be in Japan and in Hiroshima. Ume plum blossoms accompany hina matsuri doll displays as winter gives its final gasps. The sakura cherry and equally beautiful peach blossoms follow. Then come the warm temperatures and blue skies of May. Hiroshima is bracing itself another record setting tourist season, so while, as always, we urge you to enjoy the charms of the city and sights of Miyajima, we also encourage you strike out and head into the hinterland. This issue, our focus is to the north. We were pleasantly surprised by Miyoshi, an area we had hitherto overlooked and are sure you will enjoy it too. Ohnan looks astoundingly pretty in spring, while exploring the hot spring corridor to Hamada and the dramatic Iwami coast is a great way to get off the beaten track. Those with time on their hands should consider taking the last opportunity to enjoy viewing this lovely part of Japan through the windows of the Sanko-sen single track train line which is seeing its final hanami season.

Editor-in-chief Paul Walsh

春もすぐそこまで迫り、日本、そして広島を訪れる絶好 の機会です。冬の終わりを告げるように、ひな祭りと共 に梅の木が花を咲かせます。後に続くように、桜や桃の 花も咲き誇り、5月の青空と暖かい季節がやってきます。 今年は、例年に加え、観光客の増加が見込まれる中、日 頃から発信している広島市の魅力や宮島の名所ももち ろん、普段とは違う魅力を発見できる場所に、少し足を 延ばしてみるのもオススメです。それが、いま注目の北 部エリア。今回の取材によって、私たちはこれまで見逃 してきた三次に心行くまで驚かされました。春に驚くほ ど美しくみえる邑南町、温泉回廊で賑わう浜田の探索 や、目に焼き付くほど絶景の石見海岸などは、都会から 離れて、ゆっくりした時間を過ごすにはうってつけの場 所。この春は、来春に廃線が決定している一両編成の 三江線の車窓から見える、この美しい景色を眺める最 後の機会です。

Paul Walsh

Editorial assistance JJ Walsh Kismet Cordova Ayaka Terao Design team NININBAORI Art Direction: Judith Cotelle Contributors Kismet & Damien Cordova Amy Jensen Isaacs Goto Izumi Matt Jungblut Matt Mangham Alex Rey Linda Sue jjwalsh Noriko Yamamoto Photography Judith Cotelle Jumpaei Ishida Goto Izumi Matt Jungblut Kazuyuki Nakano Alex Rey Linda Sue Hanako Suzuki Mish Vampiro jjwalsh Paul Walsh

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Cover: Kawamoto & Itoguchi Zetsumetsu-kigushu Photo: Junpei Ishida GetHiroshima




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GetHiroshima / Spring 2017


GetHiroshima Mag Spring 2017  

The best of Hiroshima. In English.

GetHiroshima Mag Spring 2017  

The best of Hiroshima. In English.