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“ In this issue... A Letter From Anne Innovation + Conferences = SERENDIPITY Share Your Moment Of SERENDIPITY Why Is There No Big-Name Female Investor? The Female Founders’ Lounge From Idea To IPO A Compassionate Warrior Sparking Creativity Lessons Learned From A Year Of Networking Events SERENDIPITY 2017 Hosts

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Dear friends, San Francisco is alive with connections – ­ new technologies and innovative apps, enterprising professionals and nightly events, women entrepreneurs and abundant oppor tunity. That’s why, a year ago, I set out to build the GUILD and launched a networking platform to make the most of our thriving collective. We’ve made thousands of introductions since our launch in Februar y. We’ve helped women get funding for their star tups, we’ve connected women with their dream jobs, and we’ve sparked lasting friendships. Not to mention the champagne, coffee, and serendipity! Even after all this, we wanted more. Ever ywhere you turn in San Francisco, people are tr ying new things and turning old business models upside down and inside out. So, one day at the GUILD’s office, we sat down and “brainstormed without limits” - one of my favorite meetings on our team’s calendar. We challenged ourselves to explore what a conference would look like that we’d be dying to attend.

We spitballed, we ideated, we blue-skyed – and we came up with a whole new model: SERENDIPITY. Six months later, here we are.

ser·en·dip·i·ty / the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. This digital magazine celebrates the collective effor ts of all of us who pulled hard to make SERENDIPITY happen. You’ll see the inspiration of the 75 speakers who hosted sessions across town in unique spaces. You’ll learn about the sponsors who elevated the event to the highest caliber. Last but not least, you’ll find yourselves here: the enterprising attendees who came to learn, connect and inspire each other, and transformed SERENDIPITY into a success. Thank you for accompanying the GUILD on its wild and wonder ful ride into Year Two! Please enjoy this collection of SERENDIPITY’s best moments, along with special discounts and perks from our par tners. Come back next year and bring your friends! I hope you’ll continue to find serendipity in your life!

Anne Cocquyt Founder & CEO, The GUILD


Innovation + Conferences = SERENDIPITY Reinventing Professional Development For Women Minutes after we announced SERENDIPITY, our two-day un-conference, the GUILD’s email ser ver blew up as inquiries and fan mail poured in. This immediate, spirited response was a pleasant surprise. We’re a small (and mighty) Bay Area star tup, and since our launch in Februar y have been focusing on growing our membership, optimizing our matches, and hosting local events. SERENDIPITY is our next big move, but we didn’t anticipate we’d strike such a ner ve.

What is catching people’s attention

can’t imagine organizing 500 women


over two days in ten spaces, with 40 sessions and 20 dinners throughout

“YAY!!!! So excited, guys!” “I like the fresh take on a tired conference paradigm.” “Awesome idea! Are there still openings for hosting sessions? I would make the trek from Dallas to be a par t of it!”

San Francisco. Oh, blissful naiveté! We kicked into gear, and within two weeks, we’d confirmed over 20 inspired speakers from all over the countr y to host their own sessions. The collective energy and passion helped us to accomplish in weeks what

“This sounds like a great event! I

others told us would take months. Our

love the idea of valuable networking

core team includes volunteers and

coming from a foot massage.”

energetic summer interns, united in an intuitive understanding of the unique

Yes, we are creating a model that will inspire countless more women to take an active role in growing their professional profiles and building their networks. We knew that the concept of the dreaded, passive “Ballroom A, B, C” conference needed to be deconstructed to make way for intimate, productive spaces. So why has nobody done this before? Perhaps because experienced event managers

force that will be SERENDIPITY. SERENDIPITY is about upending paradigms, shifting cultures and building new business frameworks for women. We’ll take you that extra mile and prove that the impossible is possible, that “same old” can be “way new,” and that walls (and ceilings!) can be moved by sheer imagination.



SERENDIPITY crosses industr y

For inspiration to linger, you have to

boundaries and busts out of the

feel motivated and energized beyond

typical conference silo. You’ll find

the closing happy hour, ready to

ten different houses, each with its

invoke real change and new ideas into

own theme, where you’ll broaden

the threads of ever yday life. Have you

your horizons. If you’re into tech,

ever left a conference over flowing

tr y a stor ytelling workshop in

with ideas, only to find that by the

the Stor yPOWER house. Ar tist or

following Monday you’d almost

designer? Head to the FOUNDERS

forgotten you had even attended?

MEET FUNDERS house to learn how to

It happens to ever yone. Follow

build a pitch deck. Ever y session is an

through on that inspiration by holding

oppor tunity to find the serendipity of

yourself and your fellow-attendees

a meaningful connection or the “aha”

accountable to the goals you set.

moment you can share at our happy hour.


In my experience, ever y memorable interaction and lasting impression star ts with meeting the right people,

Most conferences fail at enabling

not from the 1000-person gala dinner

connections. A good bond comes

or lengthy stage presentations. I

from a shared experience — it’s

truly believe that ever y single woman

a springboard for authentic

sitting at our family-style dinner

conversation. Just sitting next to

tables on Thursday night will bring

someone during a presentation doesn’t

as much to SERENDIPITY as our most

really cut it, but getting to know

dynamic keynote speakers.

her through active sessions like a calligraphy workshop, or a roundtable discussion on crowdfunding, is invaluable. We’re simplifying this process at SERENDIPITY by pre-matching you with two women for 1:1 meetups throughout the two days, so you can chat comfor tably over coffee or lunch. Plus, we’ve structured each of the four sessions to be inclusive of ever y voice in the room, ensuring that you’ll leave feeling connected to your fellow attendees. That’s a minimum of SIX legitimate, personal connections that you can tap into far beyond a profile picture on LinkedIn.

Bring your best self. Bring your strength. Bring your voice, your ideas, your whole hear t. Get behind our movement and feel the momentum. SERENDIPITY is here. ~Anne Cocquyt

We want YOU to be a part of making SERENDIPITY even more incredible next year. You can help make that happen by providing feedback and sharing your special moments of SERENDIPITY.

@smithandstarr @smithandstarr @smithandstarr @smithandstarr

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Sali and Eleanor

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Why Is There No Big-Name Female Investor? The Woman Who Wants To Be The First To Tell Us Why SERENDIPITY has consumed most of our conversations around the office this month, but not for the reason you’d expect. Sure, we’re in the throes of confirming speakers, venues, and the nitty-gritty details of our first ever unconference, but more often, we find ourselves talking about the inspiring women that have joined our tribe to share their insights with our attendees.

Our excitement makes sense since the

Hoda has recently launched Stock

investing powerhouse, Hoda Mehr,

Card, which is a godsend for people

signed on to join SERENDIPITY early

like me, who know they should be

in our planning process to lead the

investing, but don’t know where to

session (with one of our favorite titles,

star t. Through this platform, you have

I might add) “Invest Like A Woman.”

a tool to make smar t, fact-based

One scroll through her LinkedIn and

investments without spending hours

Twitter proves she’s the per fect

senselessly researching companies

woman to bring attendees on this

on the NASDAQ. So next time you’re

journey in the Striking Gold house,

googling “should I invest in this or

and the conversation we had with

that,” search for Stock Card instead.

her this week made us realize just how incredible it is to have her in our

I sat down with Hoda in the middle of


her crazy week, and had the chance to

ask her what it means to “Invest Like

I often ask myself, why there is no

A Woman.”

big-name women investor? Where is the female equivalent to Warren

So Hoda, in your blog, you share that

Buffett or Peter Lynch? I want to be

the goal of Stock Card is to awaken

the first one, and I want my female

the investor in all of us. What are

network to aspire and get there

some simple ways that someone like

too. I’ve learned that women don’t

me could tap into my inner investor?

identify as investors which is actually counterintuitive because studies show

Hoda: Right, as you read, our

that women are more analytical and

company’s first mission is to awaken

process driven — the keys to being a

the inner investors in our community.

great investor. So, there’s a confidence

This comes through helping them to

problem here. After women gain

understand and harness the power of

that confidence, they can rely on the

fact-based, long-term investing.

analytical and process-driven qualities that come naturally to women.

There are four elements to this goal. First, many need to understand

That’s really inspiring to hear. I’m

that investing is not a luxur y, but a

excited to see what else you’ll be

necessity. Second, it’s impor tant to

sharing at SERENDIPITY. What are

gain confidence and remember that

you personally most excited for in

anyone can be an investor, there’s no

our first-ever unconference?

secret magic to it. Third, realize that investing is a long-term process, not

SERENDIPITY disrupts the old-

one-time lotter y. And finally, it’s time

school conference model. I think

to jump in and actually invest, which is

the conference industr y needs to be

how you’ll gain results. At Stock Card,

rebuilt. With the availability of great

we are now just focusing on item

content all around us, we don’t need

number four, and we will gradually

a keynote talk that we can watch on

build our product and content

YouTube. We don’t need a networking

backward to cover all four areas.

oppor tunity that we can access through LinkedIn. Most conferences

Your session at SERENDIPITY is

have succumbed to this, and are

titled, ‘Invest Like A Woman.’

therefore useless. SERENDIPITY is

As someone who has extensive

designed differently, and will be

experience in the finance world,

different. A true disruptive experience!

what does that mean to you in this present climate?

~Emma Gear y

“ I spent the past two days in the company of ~250 of the most amazing women I’ve met in a long time. They were excited and exciting to be around, working on projects that will change the world. I come away from SERENDIPITY with a longer To Do list, and a ton of inspiration to get it done. Thank you Anne Cocquyt and the GUILD for an incredible experience! Jodi, SERENDIPITY 2017 Attendee

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The Female Founders’ Lounge Room For Possibility...And Scotch You’ve got the team, the numbers to back up your business model, and a killer pitch deck. What you need now is an investor who listens. It star ts with your network. Unless you have deep connections immersed in star tup culture, breaking through into the world of angel investors and venture capitalists is a job in itself. At the GUILD, we’re frequently asked how to find the right investor, angel, VCs or accelerator. So we contemplated the question and devised a comprehensive approach to meet the diverse needs of our members.

Welcome to the Founders’ Lounge!

three other sessions of the two-day summit with a great selection of

The traditional approach to finding

salon-style workshops also catered to

funding can be daunting. There’s a

founders who are seeking to take their

crush of other hopefuls competing for

business to the next level.

the attention of a handful of investors. And most likely they’re men with, let’s

The Founders and Funders House was

face it, an unconscious bias. While

based at The Vault, the historic site

female founders are making strides in

of the first-ever Ghirardelli chocolate

getting funding in the tech industr y,

factor y. The Vault is now a state-

there’s still a strand of truth in the

of-the-ar t coworking space and

stereotype of deals getting closed in

innovation hub specifically designed to

the “boys club” over a stiff drink. So

help star tups grow faster and better.

we decided to take the boys club and

We’re took over their massive space

turn it on its head at SERENDIPITY.

for the Founders’ Lounge and essential workshops such as Pitch Per fect,

We tapped our GUILD network

PivotUp! and Evaluate Your Star tup.

and assembled some of the best “funders” to meet our “founders” in the Founders’ Lounge. While we hope you’d make serendipitous encounters amongst entrepreneurs and investors, we were there to help with the matchmaking and suggest introductions, as we sampled the wares of the first female-founded scotch brand. The Founders’ Lounge was the only application-based session at SERENDIPITY! We applyed our data analytics to assess and address your options. We hope this meant you were able to walk into the room confident that you’d meet someone keen to listen to your pitch. Ever y applicant received a special discount to attend

~Anne Cocquyt

“ Congratulations on a great event! I heard fantastic feedback about Serendipity from investors and founders and I’m glad we were able to be a par t of it. The VAULT Team

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“ I’ve been looking for a way to revive my creativity, professional skills, and network as a whole. Volunteering with SERENDIPITY seemed like the per fect way to accomplish all three! Emma, Ambassador at the Go To Market House

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“ I signed up with one intention, and I’m leaving with 5. Susan, SERENDIPITY 2017 Attendee

From Idea to IPO Learn How To Assess A Customer Problem And Your Personal Strengths Rachel Sheppard is one of the reasons we’ve been counting the days to SERENDIPITY, because we can’t wait to hear what she has to share in our session, “From Idea To IPO.” Taking place in the Star ting Something house, Rachel will share how she was able to turn her personal strengths and passions into an enduring business, plus many notewor thy tips for your success.

We had the chance to sit down with

We will be covering both ideation

Rachel recently and discuss her career

and exits. Ideation is the ver y first

switch, the work she does with the

step in the Founder Institute program,

Founder Institute, and why she’s

and a ver y impor tant one. After

coming to SERENDIPITY!

listening to the panelists and hearing their experiences, we will help you

So Rachel, your career originally

determine if your customer problem

star ted in Veterinar y Medicine, but

is real and if your personal strengths

after three years you decided to get

make you the right person to solve

an MBA in Entrepreneurship. What

that problem. Then, we will put

prompted you to make the switch?

together roadmaps for your company and you can get a sense of the types

Rachel: As I was working toward

of exits available to entrepreneurs.

my undergraduate degree, I decided to pursue a Bachelor of Science in

We’re less than two weeks away

Animal Science and Management,

from SERENDIPITY! What are

which not only prepared me for a

you most excited about for this

career in veterinar y medicine, but also


prepared me for business school, if that was the route that I chose. After working toward veterinar y school for many years, a set of personal circumstances made me realize how expensive veterinar y school was, and I made the decision to attend Santa Clara’s Leavey School of Business and pursue my MBA. Once there, I ver y quickly realized that marketing for entrepreneurship and star tups was a passion of mine. You work with the Founder Institute, and I’m sure you’ve seen it all when it comes to star tups in the company’s accelerator program. Since you’re hosting your session, “From Idea to IPO,” could you share a bit of what you’ll be covering?”

The structure of this conference is completely unique! I can’t wait to host a house and get a chance to attend other houses and learn in a collaborative community. ~Emma Gear y

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Stephanie MacConnell

is the Program Director at Empire

Star tups in New York, one of the largest communities of FinTech founders in the world with hubs in New York, San Francisco and Toronto. Stephanie puts on monthly meetups for a community of over 15,000 in NYC and SF, along with annual Empire FinTech Conferences and FinTech Weeks. She is an active connector and mentor in the community and frequently speaks on topics including

@EmpireStar tups @EmpireStar tups @StephanieMacConnell @EmpireStar tups

the evolving FinTech ecosystem and inclusion in tech. Stephanie is a contributor for Forbes and writes on FinTech and Healthcare technology. http: //www.empirestar tups.com

“ Serendipity is providing women entrepreneurs of all company stages a chance to advance their business and get advice from exper ts. I can’t wait to be a par t of it! Rachel Sheppard of Founder Institute

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“ Be intentional. You either do or you don’t. There is no tr ying. Jackie Welch, Find Your Coach

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A Compassionate Warrior Puppy Mama’s Theresa Piasta Theresa Piasta knows the battles women fight. She fought them as an Army captain, leading troops in Iraq. She fought sexual harassment at an investment bank on Wall Street. She’s battled bias against women entrepreneurs. With her new company Puppy Mama, she’s helping to advance the rights of women to bring their dogs into public spaces, and she’s building a community of suppor t where women feel validated. Yes, she’s got a star tup — but more impor tantly, she’s leading a cause.

“Women have too many barriers,” she

After four years of active duty, she

told us recently, and with Puppy Mama

ser ved another two years in the active

she’s helping to break down obstacles

reser ves while launching a career

to pet access not only through the

at an elite Wall Street investment

app, social media, and on her blog

bank, “another male-dominated

Pawlitico, sharing over 500 stories

environment.” New stressors emerged

of how dogs have helped women.

even as she strove to excel in her

“From cancer sur vival to sexual

new career, and she was eventually

assault, depression, anxiety, suicide,

diagnosed with PTSD. When she

postpar tum depression, infer tility, you

finally decided to leave Wall Street

name it, they share it.” Theresa has

to focus on regaining her health, her

emerged as a role model not only for

ser vice dog Waffles came into her life

Puppy Mamas around the world, but

and ever ything changed.

for professional women and star tup founders ever ywhere.

Theresa told us more about star ting her business, advancing women’s

Leadership came early for Theresa.

rights, and how to crush it on TV.

She was a soccer star and in student body government in high school. She

Can you tell us about the pain points

matriculated at Wellesley College

you encountered in the militar y

while simultaneously studying militar y

and on Wall Street, and how they

science at MIT as an ROTC scholarship

inspired you to star t Puppy Mama?

recipient, then joined the US Army where she was quickly promoted to

When I left the ser vice, I thought “Hey,

captain at age 25, leading a unit of

I was so passionate about ser ving my

soldiers and earning a Bronze Star

countr y, now what? Who am I going

Medal for her ser vice in Iraq. Her

to advocate for?” I transitioned to a

experience was intense.

new career and though I found the

“Women who ser ve in the militar y fight three battles,” says Theresa. “There’s the battle itself, the battle to defend our bodies, and the battle to gain respect in uniform.”

financial world to be a dynamic and challenging environment in which to build technical skills, learn business development at an institutional level, and develop managerial strategies, I still felt a void. Then, through my personal experience fighting to heal, I found my true passion. Owning that experience led me to star t Puppy Mama.

You’re clearly a leader, and a

empowering women. In three careers,

fighter. It strikes me that your

I’ve consistently seen talented women

company is about fighting for other

being undermined and/or forced out

women to get advantages they

due to having children. They can push,

wouldn’t other wise have. What’s it

push, push, push, push but it’s still a

like being a thought leader in this

battle because of the limitations of


male-dominated industries. They’re putting too much energy into fighting

As a combat veteran who was also

bias when that energy should be put

in the investment banking world, and

towards driving a business for ward.

now tech, where women only earn

There are so few women leaders in

about 2.6% of the overall venture

business, we need to suppor t and

funding for star tups, I’ve seen a lot

mentor each other. If we don’t treat

of hardship. I wanted to focus on

each other well, guess what? It’s not

going to change much for us.

You’ve been ver y successful in getting media placement on morning

As a solo founder, you have to make

TV news shows. Tell us about your

good decisions. Who do you listen

media strategy. Also, any tips for

to make up your mind? When do you

getting in front of the camera?

tune out or minimize feedback, and when do you say, “bring it on!”?

First, make sure you have a clear message and vision to pitch. Spend

Be true to yourself. Strongly question

some time figuring out what makes

anyone who says you can’t do

you as a founder unique, what

something. But also, be coachable.

adversity you’ve encountered, why

Be a sponge for new information and

you’re focusing on your business,

as an entrepreneur, always look for

what impact you’re making, and why

friction points. When I star ted Puppy

you care about your customers. Also,

Mama, my goal was to prove that

make sure you practice, practice,

canine therapy should be considered

practice in front of the mirror because

as a resource for veterans because the

whatever your digital media footprint,

VA does yet not offer it. I found canine

you want to know that you are going

therapy on my own (and quickly found

to per form well. You are the face of

that it wasn’t an easy experience

your business. Building that muscle

bringing my ser vice dog into public

of being confident in your capabilities

spaces). Meeting my community in San

to communicate is vital. I want more

Francisco, it was clear that there were

women to get out there and crush it.

a lot of women who struggled with the same issues. So, I star ted by building community through social media. I learned from Instagram influencers. I reached out one by one and manually contacted different dog moms and asked if they were willing to share their stories, and it just became a ripple effect. It’s hear twarming to see such beautiful stories a lot of these women have shared for the first time via our platform, and it’s an honor and a privilege to provide a healing and suppor tive outlet for them.

Theresa covered par tnerships, branding, marketing, and of course, how to “get out there and crush it!” at the “Brands Unite” session for small business owners. ~Susanna Camp


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Theresa Piasta

founder of Puppy Mama, was previously a Vice President at JPMorgan - spending six years in the Investment Bank and Sales & Trading businesses at two Wall Street banks. Prior to that, she ser ved as an Army Captain in a Field Ar tiller y Brigade. During her 14-month Iraq deployment in 2008, Theresa led a large team to defend thousands residing on For ward Operating Base Delta near the Iranian

@puppymama_inc @puppy.mama @TheresaPiasta @puppymamacommunity

border. She was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for her ser vice. https: //shop.puppymama.com

“ I was at the Stor yPOWER house this morning and walked away with with a systemic approach to building my personal stor y as well as an authentic, suppor tive connection to some truly AMAZING women. I’m in awe at how talented and driven these women were. Even more so, I was feeling super empowered because I was sitting with them in the same room. Krista, SERENDIPITY 2017 Attendee

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Elena Krasnoperova is a Mom of two fabulous kids, a

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“ I am inspired and humbled by all of the people I had the pleasure to meet, teach, or chat with. I already can’t wait for next year! Kimberly Kleeman, Pivot Up!

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Sparking Creativity How Laura and Chelsea Are Changing The Ar tist’s Way It’s time to show a little love to the creative side of SERENDIPITY. To help, we reached out to Laura and Chelsea of the Creative Embassy, who hosted the “Find Your Inner Ar tist” session in the Star ting Something house. I had a chance to sit down this week with these two creative powerhouses as they shared their journey, what inspires them, and why they’re counting the days until they’re in San Francisco!

In your session, you will talk about

Chelsea — Mine’s a weird one; I grab a

creative stamina and how to stay

dr y erase marker, stand in front in the

motivated when you feel like you’ve

bathroom mirror and brainstorm on

hit a wall. What is your favorite

it. In the quiet privacy of that space, I

quick fix to spark creativity on a

ask myself questions out loud that I’d

slow day?

ask any client, like a pep talk!

Laura — My ar tistic insulin of choice is

“Okay Chelsea — what problem are

usually popcorn followed by ice cream.

you really tr ying to solve here?”

Ideas can be like a pot of coffee you just have to let it percolate. Let your idea move from your conscious to your subconscious — then you trust your gut.

“How is this approach different than what you’ve seen before?” “Why did you take this approach to begin with.. what have you compromised so far?” I once prepared the outline of my TedX audition on my mirror. It’s rapidfire and casual format prevents you from taking yourself seriously! I keep the marker in my toothbrush jar, for just such occasions. What has been your biggest challenge so far as you tr y to succeed in a creative industr y? Chelsea — A huge challenge for me was MONTHS of wrestling with leaving freelance behind for a time to join my current employer Centur y Group. I had rebranded them, it made so much sense to lead the creative team, but I knew is the stamina required in the in-house world was a different monster. One I hadn’t fought yet. I struggle with FOMO in the creative world.

We can all choose our own path to such a huge degree, it’s the discipline of simplicity and focus that is the design challenge for our lives now.

Laura — I don’t like this question because I’m not sure what your definition of success is. As creatives we are perpetually taught to contrast and reframe our environment. That’s one of the daily per fectionistic barriers to feeling finished in anything we do. They other is staying in that per fect zone and balance of feeling inspired

To choose master y in one area, you

and actually being able to create

are choosing to say a lot of “no’s” to

work that continues to inspire and

really neat, even good things.


What has been the most rewarding

listening, smaller scale workshops,

par t of your journey with the

and meetups. All of which gave rise

Creative Embassy?

to organic community management strategies, that have been more

Laura — I’ve found the relationships that are fostered with the excuse of getting together for Embassy have been extremely life-giving. Andrea and Chelsea are unreal suppor ts and

responsive to real needs.

Telling my instincts to “wait” has never felt so good.

the path Embassy has taken us on up

After learning more about the

to this point has been well wor th the

Creative Embassy and both of your

humble star t.

passions, I know faith has been a huge influence in your creative lives.

Chelsea — I couldn’t agree more with

How do you see the two working

Laura, our time in planning meetings

together in your career?

are so rich. We’ve learned a lot, early on, we talked about star ting

Laura — Simple put, I can’t have one

with a splash — big conference,

without the other. As a big player

digital network, build an app, but we

within Embassy, an Ar ts Intern at my

decided to do a year more methodical

church and co-leader at the non-profit

ar ts initiative I’ve help build, Creative

Vancouver BC is a west coast city with

Life, intermingled conversations in

a burgeoning tech scene and creative

work, play and spirituality all thrive in

career paths are alway possible. In

the poké bowl. My career and live have

some ways we are sister cities to San

been based on these two elements

Francisco, our cities also have ver y

combining ever y day.

high cost of living in common. Laura and I have both previously been to SF

Chelsea — Creative blocks are

and love the ar tistic vibe and cultural

surprisingly similar to faith-based


blocks on spiritual growth! There are disciplines and practices to enhance

Also, what the GUILD is building is

one’s capacity for creative thinking

pretty unique. And to get a taste of

and action. We just crack a window

that and potentially bring that back

for our par ticipants, then the fresh

to Canada with us will be. We work

winds of creativity on their soul

with large networks back at home that

become contagious to a burgeoning

are held together fairly loosely — what


Anne Cocquyt is doing to use tech as the tool to solidify those ties-that-

The creative process is stretching

bind in ser vice of relationship and

experience for ever yone — a

mentorship is something we’re both

“groaning” of making intangibles in

keen to be a par t of.

your mind take shape to yourself and others. At Embassy believe ever yone

Laura — I’m jazzed to get a chance to

is wired for imagination; dreaming of

enter all the power-houses filled with

more and pressing into the groaning

power-house women. I’m most excited

pains of the creative process is par t

to press into their wisdom for two

of each human’s echoing the divine.

whole days! And, I’m unashamedly

Keeping both tracks healthy is an

stoked to come away from this

interdependent exercise of high-

conference with a guarantee of

challenge creative exercises and self-

meeting at least six people who I’ll

care rhythms along with spiritual

follow up with after wards.

practice. What are you most excited about for SERENDIPITY?

Chelsea and Laura led “Find Your Inner Ar tist” adapted from the principals they’ve tried and tested with under privileged youth from their home in Vancouver, BC.

Chelsea — I was born here actually, and I don’t come back nearly enough.

~Emma Gear y

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Estrella Jaramillo

is the Cofounder of B-wom. Originally from Spain, by way of Germany, she came to the US to launch B-wom and became a nomadic entrepreneur, traveling this countr y for meetings, events and conferences. She is passionate about women’s health and gender equality and wants to break taboos around female health and sexuality. http: //www.b-wom.com

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What To Expect From SERENDIPITY Lessons Learned From A Year Of Networking Events I’ve been organizing events for a decade, over 80 gatherings and counting. Bungee jumping adventures, flight lessons, and poker nights for my non-profit organization Sharity in Switzerland. Horse racing excursions, a wine tasting pilgrimage to meet one of the first women CEOs in the Napa wine industr y, and networking evenings galore with Bubbles and Biz. Now, with the GUILD, in just seven months — with the help of a tireless team — we’ve hosted 20 unique events where we’ve celebrated the amazing women in our network. From speakers to mentors, to new members and guests, I’ve always believed that ever yone benefits when you invest in your human connections.

Here are some of the invaluable

will be in the Founders Meet Funders

lessons we’ve learned from the

house showing us how to meet the

women in our network, women who

right people to reach success.

contributed their time, passion, and exper tise to events this year, and will

With serial entrepreneur Layne Gray

be back for a reprise at SERENDIPITY.

at Taste and Passion, we learned

At this two-day summit — for women

about the ar t of the side hustle as

by women — we’re bringing together

we sipped wine and shared stories of

65 speakers to share their exper tise

our own ventures. Since Layne’s first

and creativity in over 30 half-day

tasting event was such a hit, we’ve

sessions hosted in 10 unique spaces

invited her to mix it up (literally) with

across San Francisco.

a cocktail workshop at SERENDIPITY’s Founders’ Lounge.

From Terri Mead and Miluna Fausch at Pitch Per fect, we learned to get

Founders Elena Luneva, Jeanne Geier

the YES when we bring the ASK. Terri

Lewis, and Theresa Piasta taught

us at Sneak Peek to filter noise from

feedback the highest priority in

feedback to make successful choices.

planning events, taking into account

Jeanne will be in the Go To Market

even the smallest details of what

house guiding us in how to launch an

worked and what didn’t.

app, and Theresa will be teaching us how to build par tnerships, discuss

We’ve learned to facilitate

marketing tactics, and connect with

connections, a guiding principle at

exper ts in branding, viral marketing,

the GUILD. At many of our events,

and more, at the Small Business

we coordinated speed networking

Success house.

matches for attendees. Through these small, casual meetups, women met

Olivia Christian, who master fully

like-minded peers and made lasting

tapped our inner creative power at the

connections. We’ll be doing this again

Own Your Stor y event, will be leading

at SERENDIPITY in the Founders’

us at the Stor yPOWER house to help

Lounge and elsewhere.

us craft our per fect personal narrative. The speed coaching career advice Our network of successful, power ful

sessions we designed for Find Your

women defines us — and that includes

Coach were so rewarding that

members and guests. Throughout

we’re expanding the idea across the

the year, we’ve made our member

entire Find Your Coach house — with

new categories including career, leadership, finance, and wellness. A healthy career star ts with a holistic approach to life. Cause Connect will be reborn in the Social Responsibility house, and we’re taking By Her For Her and focusing on marketing products to women in the Beyond Pink session at the Go To Market house. It’s been easy to decide what we need to see again at SERENDIPITY by simply obser ving how women interact with our speakers and workshops. At some of our most successful events, there’s an electric, transformative energy in the room, a tingly feeling that something big is happening. It’s in ever ything from an intimate conversation about crafting an effective pitch at Pitch Per fect to the women brave enough to share their lives at Own Your Stor y. You’ll see versions of both of these events as sessions this October, and we’re excited to see what happens as we bring even more women into the welcoming atmosphere.

SERENDIPITY is a place for us to test and tr y new ideas for sessions and professional development activities, but it’s also a chance for us to recreate the indelible moments we’ve shared over the last year. With thousands of hours of event experience, we’re excited to jump to the next level and bring ever ybody along. That’s why we orchestrated the first women’s conference of its kind. SERENDIPITY! ~Anne Cocquyt

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one of the great gifts of growing up in multiple cultures has been to learn how to remain authentic while connecting to the styles and traditions of the local culture. True to her heritage as a Jewish Latina in her 40’s, a wife of one and a mother of two, she decided to make a bold move. In 2012, she followed her lifelong dream to merge authenticity, empowerment and personal style, and created DARE TO WOW. Susana works with women to coach them in recognizing, owning and embracing their WOW Style - their True Style. The Wow Journey goes beyond make-overs to create a new relationship between you and your

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“ That’s a wrap! Kudos to @getguilded for organizing an amazing, empowering and serendipitous day Lamya, Ambassador at the Find Your Coach House

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An avid traveler and believer in the rejuvenating effects of “taking time off ”, Tara’s journeys have taken her from the ancient ruins of Peru and rainforests of the Brazilian Amazon to the temples of Japan and the Himalayan Mountain ranges of Nepal. She has built a reputation as a national thought leader on the topics of work/life balance, career breaks and travel sabbaticals and has been featured in numerous online and print media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, BBC Travel, and New York Magazine. If you’re ready to take your travel dreams down off the shelf and make

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SERENDIPITY 2017 HOSTS Rachel Sheppard

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Natasha Chatlein

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Kate Byrne

Mo Seetubtim

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Elise Falcone Rankin

Kimberly Rose

Elaine Asher

Abigail Stason

Dana Marie Nielsen

Holly Liu

Jackie Welch

Vanessa Loder

Now that you’ve seen the magic, we hope you’ll join us for SERENDIPITY 2018 and make use of this limited time special offer: 2 day, all inclusive VIP pass for $185. Available until midnight November 3rd.

THIS EVENT WOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE WITHOUT OUR SPONSORS Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati - a top notch law firm Peerspace - find unique spaces for any event Feastly - delicious private dining with private chefs JPMorgan - helps you IPO The Vault - a cool co-working space with great star tup eco-system DocuSign - makes signing contracts a breeze General Assembly - where you learn new skills Phenomenally - awesome women Zazmic - where you find kick-ass developers The French Tech Hub - French star tup hub in SV Urban Remedy - Healthy snacks and juices Happily - event coordinators at the click of a button Tophatter - auctions, live, online Merrill Corporation - secure data rooms Supergirls SF - active millennial with super powers illy - the best Italian espresso in San Francisco Califia - Almond milk cold brews keeping you caffeinated Enrico Cuini - Shoes you will fall in love with PuppyMama - Haute Couture for your puppy

PHOTOS COORDINATED BY Eileen Roche - a travel and lifestyle photographer based in San Francisco. See more of her work at www.eileen-roche.com


JOIN THE GUILD! The first networking platform for women who are looking to connect to grow their careers. Keep networking after SERENDIPITY and build stronger connections with like-minded women.

Profile for GUILD


This digital magazine celebrates the collective efforts of all of us who pulled hard to make SERENDIPITY happen. You’ll see the inspiration...


This digital magazine celebrates the collective efforts of all of us who pulled hard to make SERENDIPITY happen. You’ll see the inspiration...