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Wohouuu!! The 7th GetFreaky ‘zine!! Désolé pour l’anglais, mais le côté international du projet oblige. So, after many parties, 9 fanzines, 2 special editions, too many artworks shown around the world et dans le Nord-pas-de-Calais, here is the next chapter of our three little boys’ story, those who are editing this illustrations booklet, and who are, with the help of Mei Yan Jane, continuing to attack new countries, fighting against the villainous plans of arts foundations, bypassing the limits of the post offices powers, forced to hide their strong appetite for fatty food and fish pellets in sweet peanut sauce. What you will find in this new loot includes some stolen gifts from Indonesia, New-York, Taiwan, California, some young fans of Anjo Bolarda, the coming back of Hattie Stewart, lost pictures brought back by the police. Furthermore, to close two years of the craziest moving team, we have faithful superstars as Phomer, Zigendemonic, Ekta, THTF, Nanakika, Amaïa… and Jiem naked on the central page ! Dans l’attente de relire un édito d’Hellofreaks, d’emmener Nicolas en vacances, de découvrir une première contribution d’Harry, de retourner à la plage avec Mei, I wish you, madame, monsieur, et les petits, to have great fun, do not hesitate to turn the pages with all your energy, this object is not that precious! La secrétaire est sexy.

GETFREAKY 7 Nicolas Verbauwen France Alex Chiu U.S.A. Ca 4Letters France Ring Spain Sheryo U.S.A Ny Ligone Portugal Tika Switzerland Aitch Roumania Maxime Cordier France Tayone ekathombre Spain Polonium France Saddo Roumania Ama�a Arrazola Spain Julien Piau France La secrétaire sexy France Jon Vaught Canada Joakim Ojanen Sweden Hellofreaks France Mamafaka Thailand Jiem France Hattie Stewart England Mark Goss Belgium 五57 Taiwan Phomer Portugal Nicolas Barrome France Diela maharanie Indonesia Pierre Bolid France Anjo Bolarda Philippines Endrjü Latvia THTF France Jack Teagle England Frost Latvia Hugo Mir-valette France Pray for fun France Louise Druelle France Nanakika Germany Deplus France Rafaël Houée France Ekta Sweden Camz Philippines Pren Roumania Mei Yan Jane Hong Kong Zigendemonic Ukraine We are sorry, as Mei Yan Jane didn’t let enough place on the cover, you can know here where to have a look to our crap and non-updated website ! WWW.GETFREAKY.FR


7th Getfreaky edition, out in July 2012 in Hong Kong, cover by Mei Yan Jane

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