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Regardless of whether your girlfriend broke up with you or if the decision to end your relationship was mutual, you may be feeling that the break-up was a mistake. It isnt unusual to regret breaking up with your girlfriend; nor is it unusual to want to get exgirlfriend back. These feelings of wanting to rekindle a past relationship can occur shortly after a break-up or they may spring up several weeks or months afterwards. If you want to get your ex back, you are going to want to try some of the following tips. Because every break-up and every relationship is different, some of these may not apply to your situation; however, be sure to look all of the tips over thoroughly. If you do not approach the idea of reuniting with your ex cautiously and with care, you may blow your chances of getting her back. Try these tips as you work toward getting your exgirlfriend back: Admit your fault in the break-up, as well as anything you did wrong during the relationship. Although even the most heartfelt apology is unlikely to get your ex to run back into your arms, it is a good first step. Be kind whenever you see her. Speak nicely, even though you may be hurting and angryyou need to rise above those feelings and understand her needs at the moment. This will show her that you still care about her. Be an excellent listener whenever she talks to you. Let her express herself and do not interrupt. Unless she asks for your opinion, do not tell her what she should do or how she should act. Think about what you did during the relationship that may have helped to lead up to the break-up. Work on changing these habits. For example, if you determine that your ex was likely troubled by your lack of career goals, perhaps you can visit a career counselor and find a job path in which you are interested. Your ex will see that you are working on changing the habits she disliked--and this will make you attractive to her. Just as there are suggestions of what you should try, there are also some things you should definitely not do as you try to get exgirlfriend back. Avoid doing any of these: Do not appear needy or emotionally desperate when you see or speak with your ex. This is not attractive at all. Do not follow the cues you see in the movies--sending flowers and serenading her at her

workplace are sure to annoy her, not attract her. Do not go out with other women if you want to get your ex back. This sends the message that you do not miss your ex and that you are over the past relationship. And even if you are careful, your ex will find out that you have seen other women. By following these tips, you should be able to work towards getting your exgirlfriend back. Good luck!

==== ==== Click the link below for some free tips to save your relationship ==== ====

Tips to get the ex back

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