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IN THIS ISSUE‌. Georgetown Pastoral Area 2-6 Essequibo Coast


Interior Missions East Coast Parishes

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Clergy Birthdays 23 February 1941 Fr. Malcolm Rodrigues SJ

07 March 1948 Msgr. Terrence Montrose

Bishop Francis Alleyne OSB. Episcopal Ordination 30 Jan

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GEORGETOWN PASTORAL AREA Youth Sports Day Marriage Encounter Day of Prayer The



On Sunday November 7, 2010, The


Day of Prayer was arranged as a Pilgrimage to New Amsterdam on January 30, 2011. Four (4) buses filled with married and engaged couples left Georgetown at 7.30am. The pilgrims walked with Bibles, Hymnals and Rosaries. It was a day of blessings to each and every family that participated.

Pastoral Area Youth had a sports day celebration at the GCC ground.

More than two

hundred youth from various parishes of the Pastoral Area participated in the sporting event. The day of sports ended with a prize distribution by Fr. Bob Barrow,S.J.


spectacular event animated the youth dispersed throughout the various parishes who should certainly be commended for organizing and supporting the event.

Pastoral Area Consultation More than 70 persons belonging to the Committee for Pastoral Development (CPD) in each Parish participated in the meeting convened by the Bishop Francis Alleyne, OSB, on

January 28, 2011 at the Catholic Life

Centre. The interactive meeting was carried out to evaluate the Pastoral Area Model and plan the way forward. While Paul Braam moderated the session, Bishop Francis Alleyne, OSB started the meeting with an introductory




noted and taken for the further steps.


Advent 2010 The Advent Season brought the activities of reminiscence




sung in the advent Novena in all the churches in the early mornings brought the nostalgic memories among the elderly and admiration for the unique tradition among the youngsters. Special Penance Services were organized to prepare the faithful for the coming of our Lord.




The Eucharistic fellowship was followed by table fellowship of refreshment.

Pastoral Area Youth Dinner On December 17, 2010, the Youth Coordinating Committee of the Pastoral Area organized a Christmas Dinner in which more than 50 youths from the Pastoral Area participated and shared their joy with each other.

Christmas Village The exhibition of Christmas village was organized by the Parishioners on the 12th, December. Novelties and household Christmas items were on sale. To mark the tradition,

Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Brickdam

with other food items in the stalls. We had our annual “12th Night Party”

The Annual Festival of Carols, held on

for all persons involved in Groups or Minis-

December 6 & 7, 2010 heralded the dawn of

tries in the Parish. This was held on January

Advent. The classical and folk music of the

15, 2011 at the Life Centre. This event is

season injected the feeling of joy in all those

the one, hosted to say „thank you‟ for all the

who participated in the mega event. Beside the

parishioners who served the Church in various

parishes in the diocese, many other ecumenical

occasions throughout the year. It was a fun

groups displayed their solidarity.

filled event that drew the members of the

December 8th was the feast of the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady, the patron saint






flocked to participate in the evening devotions followed by the concelebrated Eucharist.


the Pepper-pot Breakfast was served along

parish closer to one another. Kudos to Fr. John D Persaud, who gave flesh to the skeleton of the events.


Our Lady of The Mount, Meadowbank The floor of the Church building was completely renovated as one of the preparations of the Season. The Advent masses and services renewed our tradition and faith.

Hundreds of Christmas gifts were wrapped in advance and were entrusted to the Santa. The Carol singing started around 6pm and went until 11pm. Invariably, everyone who came for the carols said, “I witnessed real joy when we gave away the gifts to the deprived children.”

The Christmas Pageant and concert were held on the eve of Christmas. It was a joyThe other events included the Christous occasion for the children of the catechism classes who came forward to exhibit their hid- mas get-together for the senior citizens, den talents. The men’s group sang traditional Christmas Dinner organized for the members of the Charismatic group, Christmas Carols for the first time in the Church. pageant prepared by the catechism students St. Pius X Church, La Penitence and the staff etc. Advent Season for St Pius was a time of ‘waiting with hope and acting in faith’. It was the season of activities. The parish prepared hampers for more than 100 families and reached out to the needy persons of the neighbouring community. A team of likeminded individuals came together to the center-stage to reach out the people in the periphery to delight them with carols and gifts.


The special concern of the St. Pius community is the health hazards caused by the dumping site. Though the landfill is closed, still it has not ceased to emanate stench, smoke and dust. The children in the area suffer from itching and eye irritation. It is hoped that the ministries of health and environment would take the essential steps.


Sacred Heart Parish St. Teresa’s Parish, Campbellville On Sunday November 7th 2010, Fr. Marlon Innis SJ welcomed Erin Mariska Bianchini and Tianna Angelique Hinds into our community at St. Teresa’s Parish at the 8 AM Mass. It was his 1st baptismal ceremony since being ordained and a joyous affair.

On Wednesday November 24, 2010, 24 boys and girls received the Sacrament of Confirmation. The main celebrant was His Lordship Bishop Francis OSB who in his charge to the candidates reminded them that confirmation completes the Baptismal graces by the special outpouring of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which seal or “confirm” the baptized in union with Christ. This he said is a continuous journey and with confirmation, he hopes that there would be active participation, by those present, in the various ministries within the Church as it relates to worship and apostolic life.

The nativity pageant enacted by the catechism children of the St. Teresa’s Parish took place on Saturday 11th December 2010. There were solo musical pieces to start the program and the Nativity play followed. Parishioners were invited to sing carols at the appropriate times and they enjoyed seeing the creativity and enthusiasm the children exhibited in their role playing. It was a festive start to our Christmas season. A celebratory get-together was planned marking the end to this special day.



Sacred Heart…… On this Holy night let us look, listen, pray and sing with great joy in our hearts. Those words were uttered by the Narrator at the commencement of the Christmas Pageant held at the Sacred Heart Parish on Christmas Eve night. What a joyous night it was with the young ones from the Community in scenes amidst soft music from the organ and guitar, with the choir accompanying setting the night with the feeling of joy that the Lord has indeed come and his presence is there for all to see.

Holy Spirit Parish North Ruimveldt The Advent Season in Holy Spirit began with a very creative and vibrant Youth Mass. Youth were involved in all aspects of the liturgy encompassing the choir, music, reading and a symbolic offertory procession. Youth from St. Pius X, our sister parish joined us to express their solidarity. A marvelous liturgical dance by the St. Pius dancers to the song “In God’s House” was certainly appreciated by all. Despite their busy schedules and Christmas preparations, children, youth & adults all came together to plan and participate in the Christmas Pageant which was held on Christmas Eve.

At the conclusion of the pageant, Mass was celebrated with Fr. Stephen Patterson SJ as the main celebrant.


ESSEQUIBO COAST November 6th was the first meeting held in 2010 for the Catechists of St. Francis Xavier par-

St. Francis Xavier Parish, Charity

ish. Although each community has its own catechism, these meetings help to bring about unity among the

On October 30th 2010, we had a reunion of the lay leaders of the 9 Catholic communities

catechists as well as to ensure the level of material being given in the classes.

of St. Francis Xavier Parish. The assembly began with a documentary on “What Every Catholic should know about the Bible”.

After an ice-

breaking session they promptly began to plan for the year. The

entire programme rendered an

impetus to the participants to proclaim the good news confidently in their respective parishes. In October 2010, an afterschool oratory was started for the children in Charity.


Spiritual Exercises for Men and Women Last year, Fr. Joseph LoJacono, IVE travelled from his mission in Mancato, Minnesota to preach Spiritual Exercises for lay men and women. There were people in attendance from both of the IVE missions in Guyana: Charity, Essequibo Coast as well as from Mission Santa Rosa in Moruca.

Children of Mary Oratory is open to the children from our own parish and the neighborhood. It is very common that the children chosen for this programme do not know to read and write. The pedagogy involved is learner friendly which starts with a declamation on saints or a virtue and goes over to group activities and games. The teachers also help the students to work out their homework.

St. Francis Xavier RC Church celebrated the patron‟s feast day on Sunday December 5th.

communities under the care of our priests were invited to participate in the celebration. celebration of the

After the

Holy Eucharist , a “cultural

show” (fogon) was organized for all the participants. The feast ended with a piñata for the children. The whole day witnessed the union of minds and hearts among the Christian faithful.


All the


Pakaraimas St, Teresa’s Church, Kopinang Christmas celebration in the villages of Tropical forests of Amazon is something every priest looks forward to. Away from the noise and pollution of the city one escapes to the lungs of the earth.

On Christmas morning 3 couples exchanged their marital vows during the high mass. After the sacrament of marriage, the entire village started celebrating the wedding in the community Benab.

Two days before the Christmas, the parishioners participated in a day of reconciliation in which more than 200 people participated and around 50 people made their annual confessions. A day before the Christmas, was full of activities, sports for the children, choir practice for the congregation, marriage preparation, baptism preparation, first communion preparation etc. More than 400 people participated in the Christmas Eucharistic celebration. During the mass 13 children received their first communion and 7 children were baptized. After the midnight mass, coffee and cakes were served to the entire congregation.

Baptism at Kopinang


24 hours of dancing the traditional tribal dance and drinking the local drinks ( Parakari and Casari) denoted their unity and joy.

St. Xavier’s Church Maikwak, On the following Sunday, the mass was celebrated in Maikwak in which 3 children were baptized. After the mass ‘thumma pot’ and Cassava bread were served to the entire congregation. The new arrival to the village was an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle)”. It added to their joy in the village-


In the past months there were cou-

Aishalton, South Rupununi The season of Advent kept the Jesuit team on its toes. Fr. Varghese Puthussery SJ

ple of seminars for PLAs and Youth of Deep South Rupunini. 52 PLAs attended the seminar organised by the Jesuit team

was busy going around the villages baptising and

and the local church team in Aishalton. Fr.

regularizing marriages. Fr. Ronald Fernandes SJ

Paul Martin SJ was the resource person.

was helping out in Aishalton celebrating mass,

Seven Steps in Prayer (a way to prayer)

especially during Christmas Novena. We had a

was the primary objective of the seminar.

meaningful and joyous Christmas celebration in

This helped them not only to learn how to


pray but to put them into practice. The fruits of seminar could be seen today in the villages in a smaller way where people come together to pray.

Hearty Welcome to Fr. Cristovao Primo, SJ ! Fr. Cris (likes to be called), a Brazilian Jesuit hails from Teresinia, North West Brazil. He was ordained a priest in 1994 and from then on he has been working with various youth groups in Brazil. He has offered himself to Guyana to cater to the needs of Portuguese speaking Brazilian Catholics. Having Jesuit Residence (Arrupe House) as the base he will be serving in the pastoral area. May God guide him through the entrusted ministry.



Update from Karasabi -Neville O’Neill After the confirmation ceremony by Bishop Francis Alleyne at St. Ignatius, Lethem, I travelled to Karasabi along with Sch. Britto and two Ursuline nuns (Sr. Dibya & Seraphina) on the 16th of December 2010. The sisters have joined the community in Karasabi, after having been in Aishalton for a year. The building of the new Convent is proceeding at a good pace and hopefully should be completed by February 2011. The sisters are currently staying in the school and have adapted themselves well, making friends, visiting people and helping out in various ways. Sch. Britto SJ helped to organize a successful 3 -day sports event between the local villages, scoring 30 runs himself in cricket. The Christmas pageant which he organized was a roaring success. Sch Britto then went to Tipuro for a week to organize the New Year Concert. The people of Karasabi have finally reached the internet age. Fr. Paul is initiating the masses in getting used to the internet and helping them to open their horizons to the whole new world of E-education and communication. The people are making steady progress through the use of Skype & Email facilities to keep in touch with their families overseas and around Guyana as well. Besides all this, Fr. Paul found time to cater to the spiritual needs of the people. There were a number of weddings and Baptisms in different villages. The movie night on Christmas Day was well attended. It was no mean achievement with the resources available, but Fr. Paul is ever resourceful.


My involvement here has been very positive. A major part of my time was spent with the people in computer literacy. I too have been travelling around nearby villages, counselling people about the ill effects of alcoholism and trying to work with them, helping them to find possible solutions to their own problem


The advent season on the East Coast was truly a blessed time. The traditional Christmas novena with the good weather prevailing on all the nine days and the well worked out innovative novena themes by Fr Anil was well attended in all the six parishes. Frs James and Anil celebrated three masses each day so that every parish community had mass on everyday of the novena.

The festive season was made doubly joyful and exciting with Christmas concerts at Enmore, BV and Plaisance. The Enmore youth group well supported by the elders put up a great show showcasing their hidden talents. The BV youth group concert was again a very enthusiastic team effort which saw every Sunday school child coming onto the stage for some item or other. The Plaisance youth group as every year was creative and set the tone for the festive celebration of Christmas in the community.


Fr. Eddy Bermingham’s presence at Christmas celebrations at Plaisance and BV enhanced the festive joy. Christmas Mass on 24th night at St Peter’s, BV was notable for the Christmas pageant incorporated into the mass. The children and youth of the parish enacted the salvation history in song and dance tastefully and the packed church had a great Christmas experience. Concert at St. Peter’s B/V After an absence of many years the Christmas concert returned to St. Peter’s Church at Beterverwagting. The Youth Group of the parish organized a Christmas Concert titled “Christmas with Jesus”. The concert was held on Sunday the 19th of December, 2010 at 5pm in the church and was well attended. Most of the participants were taken from the various Sunday school classes with other participants being an adult group, the Youth Group, Hilary Bose and a group from St. Andrews Lutheran church. Much credit is due to Ms. Abigail Persaud who coordinated the concert, Abigail is also the leader of the Youth Group. The items comprised songs, skits, pomes and dances. During the intermission there were delicious snacks on sale. The opening prayer was offered by Fr. James Gonsalves SJ and the closing prayer by Fr. Anil Tirkey SJ.


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