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Lead Generation Ideas 7 Easy Ways To Bring In More Clients


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Lead generation either makes or breaks a business. The more clients you have the more business and profit you will make. I know I am stating the obvious and yet many local business owners think that leads will just come in as if by magic. Today I want to share 7 must do lead generation ideas that work. 1. Lead Generation lists

If you don’t have people to contact, who are in the market for your product or service it will be an uphill struggle. It all starts with a list of targets. If you don’t have your own then buy one. They are not that expensive when you consider the return on investment that they will bring. If in doubt look in the Yellow pages. There are also a lot of lead generation software tools online that for less than £100 will spit out a target list for you to contact. 2. Have a Website That People Can Find Your website will do a number of things for your business including generating leads. Make sure it is search engine optimized for the best keywords for your market and that you commit to regular SEO. A local SEO consultant will help. Ensure you have good content on your website that is useful to your potential new clients. Update it regularly and Google will reward you with more traffic and visitors.


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3. Give Something of Value To Your Website Visitors

This is a strategy that will enable you to create your own targeted leads. Depending on the time effort and money you put behind this it can be fast or slow. It is not uncommon for local business owners to have lists of less than 100 people and make a full time living. So how do you do this? Well give them some ideas or tips to help them in an area they are struggling with. For instance if you were a sales trainer it could be, 7 Ways to help your sales team close more prospects. If I was a business owner who needed sales training help do you think I might download this? The answer is a definite yes. 4. Run Events No matter what industry you are in running events will bring you clients. If you are struggling with this and how you could make it work get someone in to help you. Our local Accountant runs events and brings in a speaker. This brings him credibility and that feeling of reciprocity towards him we all knows works. So as a result who do you think that attendees to his event might look at when they need a new Accountant? The other new idea that you can use webinars and teleseminars. These are online teaching events that you can run from the comfort of your own home or office. They brand you as an expert and help establish your knowledge and credibility.


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5. Pick Up The Phone For some reason not many people mention this one anymore. Cold calling seems to be a dirty word. Yet if you have a reason to call it will smooth your way. Imagine offering a place to an event you are running. Do you think this could work for you and your business? It will provided you do it consistently. 6. Networking Love it or hate it networking works. This is an age old lead generation idea that still works today. People buy from people. Especially people that they know like and trust. First of all you need to make a connection and then follow the process that works for you. As with anything be consistent. Add value and it will be returned.

7. Social Networking The advent of all the popular social networking sites means that this particular strategy is more popular than ever. As a business owner Linkedin is a great place to network and build contacts. Focus on local contacts and you will be amazed at how it can work for you. Whatever you do just take action on a couple of these and do it consistently. You will be amazed at the results.


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Lead Generation Ideas  
Lead Generation Ideas  

How to get clients starts with finding out their buying motivations.