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Lights, Camera , Action

Pursuing a Film Career?

Undergraduate or Post-graduate degree in ‘Film Production’ will let you proceed with the career of your choice. A course in ‘Film Production’ will teach you-

How to Make Films?

What You Will Learn on a Film Course?  Pulling together your ideas to create films of any genre and length

Utilising equipment to produce films Using cameras on-location Gaining experience of various roles in film making ( direction, set designing, etc.)

Theories Can Only Teach You

• History of television • Popular culture • Audience theory

Theory is not enough

It is vital to have hands on knowledge about the technical and practical side of film production. It is important to gain experience of the technical aspects of filmmaking to produce a great film.

Overview of Film Courses In the first year of the course you will experience: • • • • • •

Directing Editing Lighting Researching Producing Working of camera

In later years, you may specialise in a particular area to further develop your skills

Gate Pass to Film Industry A degree in ‘Film production’ is not an automatic pass into the world of movies. Work-experience is necessary to begin a career in films. You may have to work as a freelancer or on short contracts as you build your career.

Film making courses  

provide hands on knowledge about every aspect of films- such as directing, editing, working with camera, lighting and researching. However,...

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