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Our Aims  

Our Aims   Get  Caerphilly  Online  works  with  local  groups  and   organisa7ons  to  provide  free  computer  sessions  to   people  who  want  get  online,  learn  how  to  use  the   web  and  realise  its  benefits.     Get  Caerphilly  Online  combines  a  number  of  projects   in  the  county  all  aimed  at  helping  individuals,   community  groups  and  enterprises  get  online.  

Why it’s  important?  

49,285* Digitally Excluded  in  Caerphilly  

th 15 Worse  in  Wales   Based  on  %  Popula7on  

* Experian  2011  

4.25 m illion Disabled  people  have  never  


been online:  this  means  that   more  than  half  of  all  UK   ci7zens  who  have  never  used   the  internet  are  disabled.  

* Go  On  Gold  

Top Reasons  to  Get  Online  

Support Networks  

Health Informa7on  


Access to   Support  Services  

Access to   Opportuni7es  


What do  we  deliver?  

What do  we  deliver?   •  Taster  Sessions  –  Internet  Taster   •  Structured  Sessions  –  First  Click,  Second  Click   •  CreaHve  Sessions  –  Photography,  history,   animaHon,  digital  stories   •  BT  Internet  Rangers   •  Universal  Credit  Pilot   •  Flexible,  appropriate,  informal   •  Specifically  for  people  who  have  li8le  or  no  ICT/ Online  skills  

Shopping /  Saving  Money   Online  

Money Saving  

More than  eight  million  Britons  are  missing  out  on   bumper  savings  because  they  have  never  gone   online.     This  session  will  show  you  how  you  can  cash  in  on   some  of  the  internet’s  top  ways  to  save  money.    

Money Saving  

Cashback websites  

There are  a  number  of  websites  that  offer  cash  back  if  you   do  your  online  shopping  through  them.  These  include:     hZp://     hZp://         MoneySavingExpert  has  a  useful  ar7cle   hZp://­‐ websites        

Money Saving  

Online Vouchers  

There are  many  websites  that  supply  voucher  codes,  for   example:     hZp://   as  well  as  the  usual  price  comparison  websites  like  and   hZp://       It  is  worth  having  an  email  address  so  you  can  sign  up  for   weekly  e-­‐newsleZers  no7fying  you  about  the  latest     vouchers  and  discount  codes  to  help  you  save  money.  

Money Saving  

Online Vouchers    

TIP: Before  you  buy  something  online,  look  for  an  online   voucher  code  that  will  get  you  further  discounts.  Many  of  the   bigger  name  stores  and  brands  will  have  online  vouchers  you   can  save  money  with.  You  should  always  check  just  in  case!       When  shopping  before  you  press  the  ‘buy  now’  buZon,  check   and  see  if  there  is  a  box  for  a  discount  code.  If  there  is  you   should  do  a  search  for  a  voucher  code.       Into  Google,  type  something  like  “product  name  discount   code”  or  “voucher  code  for  product  name”  and  explore     the  links  Google  throws  up    

Money Saving  

Price Comparison  sites  

These  websites  allow  you  to  compare  prices  for  u7li7es,  

insurance, credit  cards  and  bank  loans,  and  many  allow  you  to   compare  shopping  prices  too.       To  compare  u7lity  prices  you  will  need  to  know  how  much  you   spend  on  bills,  what  u7lity  tariff  you  are  on  etc.       Here’s  a  video  showing  you  how  to  do  an  energy  price  check:   hZp:// v=IKdwHE7Cws8&    

Money Saving  

Price comparison  sites:  

hZp:// hZp://   hZp://   hZp://   hZp://  

** hZp://**  this  is  an  all-­‐round   great  site  for  comparing  prices,  geing  advice  and  saving  money   –  the  e-­‐newsleZer  is  worth  signing-­‐up  to!    

Money Saving  

‘Daily Deal’  Websites  

Deal websites  are  great  if  there  is  something  you  are  specifically   looking  for.  However,  just  because  something  is  listed  at  a  huge   discount  doesn’t  actually  make  it  a  bargain  or  worth  buying.  If   you  don’t  need  it  it’s  not  a  bargain,  no  maZer  what  the  price!     hZp://   hZp://   hZp://   hZp://     Amazon  also  have  a  sec7on  ‘Todays  Deals’  and  Lightning  Deals’  

Money Saving  

Financial Advice  

Money advice  service  hZp://     -­‐  This  is  a  great  website  for  geing  financial  advice  in  all   different  situa7ons.  They  also  have  a  free  online  Financial   Health  Check       A  new  website  from  the  Wales  Co-­‐opera7ve  Centre.    hZp://          

Money Saving  

Finally, some  more  Hps…      

Shop around.  If  you  have  seen  something  you  like  in  a  ‘bricks   and  mortar’  shop,  don’t  just  check  the  price  on  the  shop’s   website,  check  other  websites  too  for  the  same  item.       Use  Google  Shopping  to  make  price  comparisons.  This  can  be   useful  even  if  you  are  planning  on  buying  from  a  shop  and  not   online.       It  is  can  be  worth  subscribing  to  daily  or  weekly  price   comparison,  voucher  code  and  deal  site  e-­‐newsleZers  in     order  to  get  regular  updates  about  special  offers.        

Money Saving  

Take Shipping  Costs  into  ConsideraHon  

Some7mes you  may  find  a  product  online  at  a  great  price,  but  then  discover   the  retailer  charges  a  huge  amount  for  shipping.  It  may  be  more  beneficial   to  pay  more  for  the  product  if  the  company  charges  less  for  shipping.     Watch  for  promo7ons  where  companies  will  offer  half-­‐off  or  free  shipping.      

Plan Ahead  

If you're  shopping  for  a  certain  date  like  Christmas,  a  birthday  or   anniversary,  plan  ahead.  It  usually  takes  a  few  extra  days  to  shop  online   because  the  product  has  to  be  shipped  to  your  home.    

Money Saving  

Ask for  Help  

Most shopping  sites  have  an  email  address,  phone  number  or  online  chat   so  you  can  contact  customer  service.  If  you're  not  sure  what  model  number   to  get  or  exactly  what  you  need—just  ask.  Online  retailers  are  more  than   willing  to  provide  assistance.  Just  a  few  minutes  of  inquiry  can  save   headaches  and  weeks  of  shipping  7me.    

Read Product  Reviews  

Before making  a  purchase,  especially  a  big  one,  it  is  a  good  idea  to  research   the  product.  There  are  a  number  of  professional  review  sites  including   hZp://     And  hZp://     You  can  also  look  for  reviews  wriZen  by  consumers  to  get  a  buyer's   perspec7ve.  It  takes  just  a  few  minutes  to  read  about  the  products     and  it's  7me  well  spent.  

Money Saving  

How to  buy  wholesale  

You can  save  a  fortune  buying  food  in  bulk:   hZp://­‐banking/online-­‐shopping/how-­‐ buy-­‐wholesale        

How to  Sell  using  eBay  

eBay is  a  popular  shopping  website  where  individuals  and  businesses  can   buy  and  sell  new  and  second-­‐hand  items.  In  this  guide,  we’re  going  to  show   you  how  to  sell  a  single  item  on  eBay.  The  first  7me  you  do  this,  you’ll  need   to  create  a  ‘seller’s  account’,  but  once  this  is  done,  any  future  sales  will  be   much  easier   hZp://­‐banking/making-­‐money-­‐online/ how-­‐sell-­‐on-­‐ebay    

Any QuesHons?      

Please fill  our  evaluaHon  form  here:­‐ resources/    

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Money Saving  

Angharad Dalton     07941  754543   @getconline  

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