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Why choose us? At GetBranded we understand that as a small business owner, you spend more time working IN your business than ON your business. You lose track of what is going on around you, and before you know it you have fallen behind and are struggling to catch up.

No way, I am not spending good money on marketing! Normally when business gets tough, marketing and advertising your business is the first thing to go. However this is the last thing that should go. This is the ideal time for you to re-evaluate your business strategy and your marketing.

How do I get straight to the point - I need customers!

Marketing is really a term that means converting your message into meeting your business needs. If that means customers then we go out and strategically target your product to the right customers. Marketing is not just the ad you see on TV or hear on the radio nor is it just a flyer you receive in the mail. Marketing is finding the right type of customer, providing them with the right product or service, in the right quantity, to the right place at the right time. Marketing is a mix of mediums that can assist you in the strategic growth of your business and or achieve a specific goal.


Meet the team MADONNA

PETER Peter has worked relentlessly to build up relationships with his customers. If anyone rings Peter he is busy trying to get quotes done, do deliveries and yes everything else that makes our business tick. He is the hardest worker I know. He is always trying to get a cheaper price. He will not be backward in coming forward to let you know whether your product will work in communicating your message to your customer. (PS – written by his wife and business partner as he hates talking about himself )


TANYA GetBranded is the brainchild of Madonna Simmons. Developed when Madonna become weary of the 9-5 daily grind. She now works the hours of the small business owner (8am – midnight) weekends included. GetBranded IS Madonna. She lives and breathes it. From her RED car to her RED shoes, RED clothes, even her favourite Coke Zero is akin to the Getbranded brand. Madonna easily identifies with her clients, YES that’s you! She is a bit creative and can be a little crazy but she loves marketing.

Tanya has been with Getbranded since 2014 and is Madonna’s righthand woman. From marketing and events to administration and business developments – the diversity of the role is something that Tanya really enjoys. Dedication, reliability and perfectionism drives Tanya to producing the best results for Getbranded and her clients. These strengths partnered with her competitive nature allows Tanya’s loyalty to always shine through – especially when it comes to the Cowboys!

Charlotte is a graduate of James Cook University, she joined the Getbranded team in the beginning of 2017, fresh from studies. Charlotte has a thirst for all things creative and loves learning and working on interesting projects. Her main area of expertise is communication design but she loves to learn new things. Since becoming apart of the team, Charlotte has learnt how to design specifically for promo products as well as understand Peter’s jokes! 4




Seek the best for the client

Say it how it is; do not shy away from the fact that our business is down to earth

COMMON SENSE Operate each day with commonsense and purpose





Offer transparency and keep in touch with clients

Always communicate timelines and risks to the delivery process if any

Enjoy what you do and who we do it for.

Always maintain a professional standard in the conduct of business

Our values 6

What do we do? GetBranded is a local Townsville promotional product and marketing consultancy business. We specialise in providing promotional merchandise, uniforms, event and marketing solutions to small, medium and large businesses within Australia. We place high value on our service and will go the extra mile for our customers. We are open and honest and provide great value for money. We work with you our customer to deliver the best possible solutions that will suit your budget, your timeline and most of all get your business to STAND OUT. 7

Promo Products

Getbranded has a large range of promotional product, merchandise and uniform options to suit very occasion and price range. Some product lines include clothing, drink wear, stationary, headwear, novelty items, corporate gifts, sporting uniform and goods. Sourcing of promotional items and designing of promotional items specific to clients’ needs can also be met.


Get dressed to impress!


Not only can we provide you with quality promotional products, stationary, gifts, merchandise and more, but we can also do uniforms. We don’t discriminate! Whether it be school, corporate, hospitality, retail, industrial or anything in between, we can provide uniforms for the lot. Any colour, any fabric, any design, with of course your logo. We are competitive in all our prices. 9

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Document Design We can do a variety of document design like annual reports, Year books, brochures and more.

Logos & Branding

Product Design We can do custom design for ANY of our products, including things like sports shirts, stubby coolers or hats.

We can do branding, logos, business cards, letterheads, email signatures and more.

Graphic Design

Looking at getting some custom artwork for your products? We can offer artwork or design reflective of existing styles or let us create something new that we know will be visually appealing. We know our products like the back of our hand, so all the stress of figuring out what styles will suit what product isn’t left up to chance. Our graphic design prices are very competitive to ensure you get bang for your buck! 13

Print Media

VA Intelligence Training Course Profile: Advanced Analytical Tools and Techniques If your team has mastered VA’s Analytical Tools and Techniques, this mastery program will provide advanced capability designed to deal with larger volumes of information within more diverse and complex cases. We challenge participants to understand, prioritise and drive intelligence investigations on more than 100 cases, replicating a high-pressure work environment. Even the most experienced analyst or investigator will benefit from the advanced techniques we provide, applying them to real-world terrorism, crime and fraud cases. This course is tailored for experienced analysts or those managing high caseloads within their organisation. A solid understanding of intelligence analysis and the techniques taught during the VA Analytical Tools and Techniques course is vital to ensure participants get the most from this training. The principles covered in this course are also suitable for new or existing managers of analytical teams, helping them to understand, prioritise and risk-manage their teams’ workload.

Why VA? The VA team are skilled facilitators and our unique expertise comes from working in Australia inside the National Intelligence Community and internationally training foreign intelligence services. Together with our training and broader academic credentials - including through our partnership with Sydney’s Macquarie University. We represent a fusion of operational expertise and academic qualification. VA trains the professionals - and now we bring it to you.

Objectives 1. Apply strategic intelligence tools to time sensitive, high-priority terrorism cases 2. Master techniques for analysis of complex intelligence investigations 3. Apply advanced knowledge of cognitive and behavioural factors to conduct more effective, defensible and accountable intelligence investigations 4. Learn and apply advanced analytical tools, including multi-attribute utility analysis, Ishikawa analysis and more



6 – 12 participants 3–5 days Analytical Tools and Techniques Course must have been completed prior to this course

Logistics Delivery is via presentations, discussions, group and individual exercises, with content to client requirements and subject matter. We train at client venues or our own and provide post-course mentoring to ensure the skills learnt during the program are being used in the workplace by participants.

Want to know more? Contact us at to arrange a quote, a demonstration or proof of concept.

Promotional Product

Indigenous Education and Research Centre

JCU Indigenous Winter School

Our Clients

Don’t believe us? See for yourself! Here are some of our recent happy customers.

Southern Cross Austero


Ignatius Park College

Lendlease Elliot Springs

Dial Before You Dig

James Cook University

Ergon Energy

North Queensland Cowboys

Townsville City Council

DriveIT NQ

Catholic Education Townsville

Castletown Shopping Centre



Stockland Townsville 14

On behalf of the GetBranded team we would like to thank you for taking the time to read the background on our business. We want to share our down to earth approach and hard work ethics with your business in the future. We look forward to answering any queries you may have, no matter how big or small. We will always give you a great price first time. We will always be honest and let you know what needs to be done to help you with your merchandise and marketing needs. We are local and know that we are all in this together. Let’s get collaborating!

A message from


Contact us OFFICE P (07) 4728 7771 A 23 Hammond st, Mysterton QLD 4812

PETER E M 0418 736 280 MADONNA E M 0418 779 728


TANYA E M 0447 049 440 CHARLOTTE E M 0409 299 735

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