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Sight-seeing in the Land of Four Seasons – Beautiful Canada Nowhere else on earth will you find more unspoiled spaces to get out and experience the great scenic outdoors. If freedom could be bottled and sold, Canada would certainly be the most popular place to acquire it. Climb a rock face, hike through forests, dip a toe in the Pacific, the Atlantic, and even the Artic if you dare, learn to love powder skiing, camp like you mean it, traverse an ice field, gallop over rolling fields on horseback, or just throw down a picnic blanket, sigh, and absorb the beauty. If happiness and delighted days are the pillars that together build colorful memories, many attractions in Canada are places that should never be missed in life!

Montreal Wander through the streets of the charmingly preserved old city of Montreal and absorb the genuine Quebec culture in Montreal. You will experience millions of tiny moments of romance and jubilance in the spirit of Montreal. The top 3 are here to kick-start your Montreal sightseeing experience. 1. Old Montréal Store Shops - You need to visit Old Montréal at least once in your life for a oncein-a-lifetime experience. It was once one of the greatest cities in North America. Live through this historical city which is still bustling with vibrant life! 2 Mont Royal Park - It is located at the highest point in the city of Montreal. Within the park you’ll find a ski trail, an art center, a theater and a recreational lake – amongst many other attractions. The park, named after the city itself, rewards those who make their way to the summit with a wonderful view of the city. 3. Bonsecour Market – It is a wonderful place to enjoy a little shopping, mixed with a bit of Canadian history. It is the perfect place for hanging out and meeting with the locals.

Vancouver So much to do, so little time! On the Pacific is one of Canada's most beautiful cities, Toronto. Beaches give way to high-rises and mountains form the backdrop to this stunning setting that is Vancouver. The top 3 are here to kick-start your Vancouver sightseeing experience. 1. Cypress Mountain - With the most expansive terrain and the largest mountain on the North Shore, Cypress Mountain is Vancouver's premier winter playground. Whether you ski or snowboard, spectacular views of downtown Vancouver are yours to enjoy anytime. 2. Stanley Park: It is a world-renowned park and tourist attraction in Vancouver. The park offers a multitude of activities to its visitors ranging from riding the sea walk, playing golf, taking a

romantic horse-drawn carriage ride, a train ride or visiting the farmyard with children. Blend in with the locals and have a great time. 3. Capilano Suspension Bridge: History, culture and nature are presented in unique and thrilling ways with the wobbly bridge and stunning Vancouver landmark. This bridge takes you to the serenity of a West Coast rainforest.

Toronto From exciting theme parks and incredible zoos to spectacular gardens and festivals, attractions in Toronto offer adventure and enjoyment in every moment. You can Hire a cheap car in Toronto to self-explore the city at your own pace and leisure. The top 3 are here to kick-start your Toronto sightseeing experience. 1. Center Island - Escape the hustle and bustle of downtown Toronto to lakeside serenity and charm. Center Island is one of a series of small islands for recreation, relaxation and interaction with the locals. It features an amusement park, recreation areas, beaches, a yacht club, and restaurants. 2. Playdium - Playdium is the ultimate high-tech Family Entertainment Centre featuring over 200 interactive and physical games, rides and sports simulators. With 40 000 sq feet of adrenalinefuelled, action-packed games to enjoy, it’s the place to play. 3. Restaurant 360 - One of the most famous restaurants in Toronto, Restaurant 360 CN Tower offers unforgettable cuisine and the magnificent panorama of the city of Toronto, at an altitude of staggering 1151 ft!

Sight-seeing in the Land of Four Seasons – Beautiful Canada  

Canada has an endless supply of things to see and do. You can Hire a cheap car in Toronto to self-explore the city at your own pace and leis...