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gestuz brand book



This publication represents the heart and spirit of Gestuz and everything that sets us apart from our competitors. Welcome to Gestuz’ universe.


gestuz brand book



In just a couple of seasons, Gestuz has made its mark as the new generation of girls’ dearest fashion brand. The formula has been to offer a rich mix of crafted knitwear, high-quality leather pieces, super sexy dresses and cutting edge denim. Our mission is to let the consumer discover their own personal style by making clothes that speak for the moment and, above all, ensuring fair prices. Gestuz pledges that even while we change — as every living thing must — we will never lose touch with the girl on the street, who was the spark that started the brand. Our passion to move Gestuz forward, our coolness and our ability to be just a little ahead of times. 

gestuz brand book



gestuz brand book



gestuz brand book


interview with ceo sanne sehested nielsen


INTERVIEW WITH CEO SANNE SEHESTED NIELSEN A representative of a new generation of CEOs in the fashion industry, Sanne Sehested Nielsen has brought Gestuz into the new decade in its own right. Here she gives her thoughts on the brand.

Firstly, what was your initial idea with Gestuz? “I hoped to capture the spirit of the new generation of girls I spotted on the streets. I acted really more on instinct than on research, trusting my sensibility and what I could see by looking at the inspiring girls of today.” How did you get started? “Together with my partner in crime, Lene Boesen, I put a team together that I felt could translate that feeling I had into a brand, something that could capture the liveliness and spontaneity. That was also one of the reasons for bringing together a quite young and talented team at Gestuz, although I’m not saying that it should be a naïve one. It was important that everybody had the same entrepreneurial spirit and all-encompassing passion to bring the brand forward.”

How does the idea translate into fashion? “Think of it this way: Lots of girls like the ones I just described who are doing lots of different things could buy a Gestuz jacket and it would look different, and natural, on each of them. We have always been aware of this, and I believe that is one of the reasons why we have already gained a loyal following.” Could you explain the raw materials and the look that is always a very visible part of Gestuz collections? “I think we all look for an edge. For me Gestuz’ clothes speak for that moment. A girl wears these clothes, they don’t wear her. They have an element of drama about them that makes girls happy – by that I mean the way the clothes express what you want them to express, the things you want to allude to. It’s never about dressing up, which is putting on clothes that make you something you’re not.”

What kind of girl was Gestuz designing clothes for then? “My idea of the Gestuz girl is someone at whom you look and think: ‘I could be that girl’. I wanted that approachability and attractiveness. I see the Gestuz girl as one of those exciting girls who knows exactly what she wants – and how to get it. She is the girl you always keep an eye on, are inspired by – and listens to what plans she has for the weekend. That’s what it was like then, and it hasn’t changed at all.”

Would you say Gestuz is a niche brand? “No, it is actually the opposite. We are a design-driven brand that delivers fashionable clothes, but if I have learned anything in this business, it is never to underestimate the customers, who understand Gestuz in the right way. We try to take advantage of both unique design and deep insightful knowledge about the customers’ needs.”

Where do you meet the Gestuz girl? “You could meet her on a warm summer night in the centre of Aarhus, having a glass of wine at a tiny café in Le Marais in Paris or partying at a club in Stockholm. Today, I see Gestuz as a European brand for girls of this continent, but you never know where Gestuz will be in five years.”

Where do you and the design team get your inspiration for the collections? “The primary source of inspiration is travelling. The design team make regular visits to major fashion cities like New York, London, Paris and Tokyo, but these cities are no longer the limit. You can find inspiration everywhere. It could be at a concert by a local indie band, an art exhibition or in a cool girl’s blog from Oslo.”

gestuz brand book


interview with ceo sanne sehested nielsen

gestuz brand book



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gestuz brand book

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yling editor, ELLE, Denmark



gestuz brand book



Timeline 2007—2010

08 07

—Founded in Kolding, Denmark —Gestuz enters the German market —Sanne Sehested Nielsen is appointed CEO at Gestuz —Lene Boesen is appointed sales director

—Nominated upcoming brand of the year by MTV Germany —Award-winning designer Tilde Bjerregaard is appointed at Gestuz together with graphic designer Signe Elisabeth Vedel —Gestuz enters the British market

gestuz brand book



10 09

—Gestuz enters the French market — social media platform is launched —Photographer Kacper Kazprzyk shoots Gestuz campaign in Paris —Gestuz is invited to participate at the well-acclaimed fair, Gallery in Copenhagen. Besides Gallery, Gestuz is now showing at Who’s Next in Paris, Premium in Berlin and Modefabrik in Amsterdam

—Nominated Best Danish Brand at Dansk Fashion Award 2010 —Danish Model of the Year Amanda Nørgaard is the face of Gestuz —Gestuz introduces a shoe and accessories collection —Gestuz is available in 750 stores across 25+ countries in Europe and North America and continues to expand

gestuz brand book


A girl needs to have an edge, a power she hints at rather than advertises. That’s what Gestuz’ clothes give the girl.


gestuz brand book




The Netherlands


United Kingdom














EUR 39.95 — 59.95

EUR 139.95 —169.95

EUR 26.95 — 39.95





EUR 49.95 — 69.95

EUR 39.95 — 69.95

EUR 49.95 — 79.95

Outerwear EUR 119.95 —179.95





EUR 79.95 —139.95

EUR 79.95 —119.95

EUR 89.95 —139.95

EUR 189.95 — 219.95

EUR 69.95 —139.95

EUR 179.95 —269.95

EUR 49.95 —109.95


EUR 89.95 —179.95

EUR 129.95 —179.95

EUR 149.95 —199.95

EUR 199.95 — 269.95

EUR 149.95 — 299.95

EUR 279.95 — 329.95

EUR 119.95 — 169.95



Follow-Up Autumn

Follow-Up Spring

Year End


High Summer






01.04 —15.05


01.10 —15.11

15.07 —15.09


EUR 79.95–139.95

September & October

March & April

September & October

July & August

March& April

January & February


Gestuz brings out four main collections annually, which, along with express deliveries and other product development, meet the consumer demand for seasonal styles. Additionally, daily sales activities on our new Gestuz online platform help ensure that new products make it into the stores.

Collections focus on four lines, knitwear, leather, denim and basics, each interpreting the essence of current fashion trends and enabling Gestuz customers to dress personally and fashionably.

Offering high-quality fashion and wardrobe essentials at affordable prices is what has made European girls – and our business partners – cherish Gestuz. Since day one it became clear that the brand was here to stay, which has made it possible for Gestuz to provide a solid foundation for expansion and success. Compared to its competitors, Gestuz’ prices are modest, making it a volume-driver and value for money for our partners. On most of the Gestuz collection we offer 3.0 mark-up.

Gestuz can be found in 25 countries in more than 750 stores across Europe and North America – from trend-setting multi-brand stores and established department stores to recently launched online sales at selected webshops.

Today, Gestuz boasts a strong position on the Scandinavian market, which, along with Benelux and Germany, are the markets with most stores. Gestuz is also well represented in the United Kingdom, Central and Southern Europe and in North America. Each market is an important sales platform for our international sales team who work from showrooms and at fairs in Europe. Dynamic and persistent work is the guarantee for the growth and success of Gestuz.



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gestuz brand book



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Brand Book  
Brand Book  

In just a couple of seasons, Gestuz has made its mark as the new generation of girls’ dearest fashion brand. The formula has been to offer a...