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THEY WILL POSSESS YOUR MIND I just want you to pay attention to the butterflies, not the sound of my voice. It amuses and concerns me that more people are willing to believe in the conspiracy of brainwashing programs documented throughout history than the programs they brainwash themselves with night after night, passively sitting, staring at the TELEVISION. Religion is obviously a control mechanism, i think most educated people under the age of 40 now accept that as the norm but still they actively, willingly subject themselves to the flat screen overlords all the while believing they are significantly more enlightened than the masses who sat in pews on sunday or any day they were told God had chosen to pop in and listen to their prayers and pleas.

We have travelled to outer space (apparently), made epic progress in medicine, science and architecture but still we carry a stupid gene. It makes very little sense now we have the interrnet, a 24 hour learning platform to still elect to watch scheduled programming. This would perhaps explain the lowest common denominator subjects and themes TV shows pump out and the lingering effect it has on viewers. Spend all your time playing video games whilst the government starts another war, which by the way you fund with the tax you begrudgingly pay earned from the job you hate, that just happens to take up a third of your day, 5 days a week. Is this the life you chose? Is this democracy? Are we living in the free world?

So why bother saying we do? Ebola, the world in a constant state of war, the militarisation of local police deparments, the richer getting richer and the poor remaining poor. Property prices going through the roof but wages remain stagnant. Natural resources fully plundered, envrironmental devastation. 52% OF THE ANIMAL KINGDOM MADE EXTINCT by a human population growth that has doubled in the last 40 years. Its time to stop fucking around. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!

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