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Please describe your work in 140 characters Colourful pattern design for a range of surfaces What inspires you? I’m inspired by Mid Century Modern, Scandinavian and retro design. I have a passion for anything bold, colourful and eye catching. My designs are mainly floral and geometric patterns, so nature is always a big inspiration. What are you listening to at the moment? Right now I’m listening to a mix tape I made 15 years ago, on a Walkman. How long do your designs take from concept to completion on average? Generally, depending on the brief designs can be worked up and finished by a weeks time. Often I’m tweaking and amending but normally I’m happy with the work within a week. What tools (analogue or digital) do you employ to make your creations? I use Adobe Illustrator for all my work. My designs start off in Illustrator as I draw with the mouse rather than pencil and paper. Do you have a favourite project you have worked on and explain what it meant to you? I’ve loved a lot of briefs and been really excited to see my patterns end up on products. I think at the moment the work I created for Marks and Spencer is what I’m most proud of. Seeing people buying the sweets and coffee is wonderful and I’ve had a lot of positive feedback. What advice would you offer to anyone interested in your line of work? I’d recommend a really good website showcasing a broad range of work. I wouldn’t be anywhere without my site and web presence.

Gesture Magazine ISSUE 14  

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