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Where can we find you online? What was the first piece of music you remember hearing? From the first moments of being together, we started listening to the circulating house tracks which were popular during the summer, and the first one we can remember hearing was Hideaway by Kiesza. Which piece of music or artist motivated you to make music? A variation between old and new dance music is what we’re all about, our motivation is to create music that has that special something. How long have you been making music? We started working on our first track together five months ago which was initially an Oscar S. track, but we progressed more and more. Since then we finally decided to become a duo. Who are your influences? We get inspired from sounds of 90s disco music, but mostly in the styles of artists like Armand van Helden, MK & Robin S. Musically, what are you up to at the moment? Preparing our first releases together and trying to get ourselves established as much as we can. What do you think of the creative process? We work mainly from a distance at the moment, I live in London (Oscar) and Khatima lives in Sweden so it’s quite difficult in the creative process sense, but we see each other every or every other month so I will always prepare tracks and Khatima will write to them. We then go to our studio, get everything together and turn the ideas into a few tracks. Who are you listening to at the moment? Combined, we listen to a lot of stuff but mostly deep house, house, electronica, soul and rock music.

What do you think of the music industry currently? It’s good, a lot of new artists and sounds are emerging. There are constantly new tracks coming out by the hundreds from different directions every day. What listening, reading, research or experience informs that opinion? We are very involved in music on a daily basis and often discuss our thoughts with other artists that we associate with. Which is more important, practice or performance? Practice always makes the perfect performance, fans expect to see a good performance and that’s always something they should count on. If money isn’t an issue, what piece of musical equipment would you buy and why? A church organ, it would suit our sound really well and would look so cool inside our studio. What do you most enjoy about playing live? Its great fun seeing people enjoy the music that we perform, spreading the love and joy is thanks enough for working hard. Which do you prefer, studio or stage? Studio, its where all the ideas come together to make the tracks that we can proudly call our own. What makes a good musician? Someone who thinks creatively and outside of the box as well as with an open mind and a wide perspective. What makes a great musician? A great role model who inspires people to get on with their lives through the music that they create. Choose one: playing or listening? Both, we always enjoy playing instruments and getting in the zone but we also have music filling the silence all the time, especially whenever we’re not together. Finally, why do you make music? We are equally very passionate about music and we love the music that we make, we are on a journey and we’re not intending to stop until we reach both our destination and goals.

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