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What do you think of the music industry currently? It’s good, but there are way too many artists who try to do exactly the same thing, however there is a lot of exciting new artists getting discovered almost weekly which is great! What listening, reading, research or experience informs that opinion? Daily involvement working in the music business and sharing that knowledge with other artists and producers. Which is more important, practice or performance? Practice for me is always more important, you sometimes need time to learn how to use a new piece of equipment or merge new things. Practice always makes the perfect performance. Which do you prefer, studio or stage? Studio is what I’m most used to presently; it’s like a second home. Stage is always great fun but studio is always where the magic happens.

If money isn’t an issue, what piece of musical equipment would you buy and why? Definitely a Steinberg grand piano, the sharpness in the piano sound that it creates is simply unbelievable.

What makes a good musician? Someone who continues to push their boundaries and work hard at it all the time, ignoring problems that tries to get in front of the musician being a success. What makes a great musician? Someone who pushes their boundaries to the point where they try everything, even if it’s outside of their comfort zone, and also musicians that work multiple jobs they hate just to fund their music career, my respect goes to them guys the most!

What do you most enjoy about playing live?

Choose one: playing or listening? It depends on my mood, but I always have music playing in my ears wherever I go, haha

It’s always great fun playing my own tracks in front of large crowds and seeing everyone vibing!

Finally, why do you make music? To make myself and other people happy, you only get one life and its way to short to do something that you don’t enjoy doing.

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