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Rwanda Finalizes Deal For Solar Plant | AFKInsider

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Rwanda Finalizes Deal For Solar Plant By Ann Brown Published: May 18, 2014, 01:00pm

From Headline & Global News

Rwanda signed a deal to install a new solar power plant in the Kayonza District. The plant will add 10 megawatts to the national security grid in the next 21 months, according to all Africa. $30 million (about 20 billion Rwandan francs) will be spent on construction. Goldsol II, a consortium between three companies, will manage and built the plant. The three companies are TMM Renewables based in South Africa, Gesto Energy Africa based in Malta and the local firm 3E Power Solar. “We are encouraged by the Government of Rwanda through its economic, privatization and energy development policy that encourages and supports private initiatives and investments in the construction and development of electricity generated plants,” said Nuno Nobrega, managing director of TMM Renewables. “The GoldSol consortium has a track record of investments in Africa that exceeded $800 million. We need to commission this project as soon as possible so we can focus on additional renewable energy projects in Rwanda.”

Written by John Nassivera/Read more at Headline & Global News

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19-05-2014 12:10

Rwanda Finalizes Deal For Solar Plant | AFKInsider

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19-05-2014 12:10

Rwanda Finalizes Deal For Solar Plant