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Corporación Gestamp

Corporación Gestamp The Strength of a Business Group Global Presence

Industrial Capacity

Financial Strength


Quality Guarantees

Supply Chain Management

Corporación Gestamp is a european, multinational leader in steel service centers, automotive components and renewable energy. Comprised of three large divisions – Gonvarri, Gestamp Automoción and Gestamp Renewables – the holding has a strong global presence, with nearly of hundred industrial plants in more than 25 countries worldwide and global business revenues in excess of €5 million annually.

With the objective of supporting sustainable growth within the Corporation, quality and conservation management of the environment is the strategic focus of our business. Our plants are certified under regulation ISO 9.001 and regulation ISO 14.001. A professional team in the industrial sector of more than 20,000 employees worldwide is the fundamental pillar which makes our future growth possible.

Our efforts are focused on providing our clients integrated solutions customized to their needs.

Corporación Gestamp centers its industrial activity in three business lines:

Steel service centers

201105CGT_CAT_eng Corporación Gestamp

Renewable energy

Components for the automotive industry

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