Gestalt Therapy kairos Institute

Rome - Venice - Ragusa, IT

In its quarter of a century, the institute significantly contributed to the history and progression of Gestalt psychotherapy, forming about a thousand psychotherapists and intersecting various and fruitful relationships of cooperation and affiliation with many national as well as international corporations and bodies directed to scientific exchange and the research in the specific field of psychotherapy and treatment connections. From the beginnings, the institute has been in contact with Gestalt psychotherapy founders that were living at that time – Isadore From, Jim Simkin – and handled to start didactic and scientific exchanges with the most illustrious representatives of second generation Gestalt therapists – E. Polster, M. Polster, S.M. Nevis, Ed Nevis, R. Kitzler and others – committing themselves to international research projects about Gestalt psychotherapy theory and therapy.