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When it comes to Internet marketing the biggest question is always what is effective? You need an effective Internet marketing strategy but the last thing you want to do is waste time on an Internet marketing strategy that is ineffective. One of the hottest new Internet marketing terms is search engine result page or S.E.R.P. People are beginning to realize that the most important factor in Internet marketing in the all-important search page result. Someone is looking for something, they enter a few words into a search engine and pages that match the search words appear. Any intelligent Internet marketing aficionado is focused on where their website shows up on that list. The more effective the company's Internet marketing strategy the higher up the list they will appear. Internet marketing studies have shown that the first page of results of an Internet search engine is the Promised Land for an effective Internet marketing scheme. The first month your Internet marketing strategy places your business on the first page of search results can bring you an increase in traffic to your site of more than 100 percent. The second month of effective Internet marketing will increase it even more, sometimes as much as 200 percent. There isn't a business out there that doesn't wish for those kinds of results from their Internet marketing plan. So what kind of Internet marketing plan will get you onto that coveted search results first page? The first Internet marketing tool you

will need is keywords. Keywords, the words prospective clients enter into search engines to find what they're looking for are Internet marketing gems. Creating keyword-rich content on your website will greatly increase your ranking on the search engine. Be smart about it. Search engines can distinguish an Internet marketing keyword rich approach from someone who is just being stupid. But an Internet marketing strategy that fills your site with the right keywords will make your ranking rise. Another great Internet marketing tool for raising search engine ranking is the press release. There are a great number of companies now offering optimized press releases to bring more awareness to your site. An effective Internet marketing strategy will utilize this. Choose wisely, but do not ignore this Internet marketing asset. Check with anyone who is having success with their Internet marketing and you are sure to find that they use an optimized press release service. A wellcrafted article that raises the aware ness of your Internet marketing keywords will always be a profitable Internet marketing tool, as long as you find a service that gets good exposure for their articles. Again, do your homework. Finally, remember that as much as 80% of all internet traffic goes no further than the first page of results for their internet search. Use this to your Internet marketing advantage. Use every Internet marketing tool at your disposal to get yourself onto that page and you will see Internet marketing success. Everyone says they have an Internet marketing strategy. Be smart about your Internet marketing strategy and you will leave most of them in the dust.

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==== ==== Are you ready to take it to the next level? Here is a free coaching program from Russell who is doing a 30 day challenge with the goal of helping anyone become successful in IM. Click Here: ==== ====

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