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At the moment when people are talking about SEO they are thinking about expenses and budgets. This phenomenon has an explanation. People know that getting high ranks in search engines takes time and effort. One needs to do this job personally or hire SEO company to do this job. But this "classical" SEO mindset is about to be changed very shortly, because new technologies spread the horizons for SEO. The concept of combining SEO and profit sharing was originated from one of the most popular strategies of SEO - from article marketing SEO. People create good content with their backlinks inside the article. Once the article is published on the site, you get one way backlinks that help you to improve your ranks. Good content is becoming more and more important. Especially after the Google Panda update. And this means that people who are creating good content should get a reward. Backlinks in the article are great for SEO and they work as a perfect reward. But is it enough? Is it enough to get only backlinks from creating great piece of content? This is where the idea of profit sharing comes into action. In addition to the one way links from their content, people are also getting ad impressions. These can be AdSenses, or ads from any other contextual advertising network. The most important is that people will be shown THEIR ads on the pages that they have created on the sites of other people. One page is not likely to produce huge recurring income. But if you create even 5-10 pages of great content and publish these articles on 5-10 great sites with traffic, then you can be getting dozens of dollars on autopilot. In this respect SEO and profit sharing increase the motivation to create great unique content and publish this content on reputable sites. Now let's compare what looks more interesting to the content creator: - one way links from their article or

- one way links and recurring profits from ad impressions on the sites where their content is published? The answer is obvious, because SEO and money is much better than just SEO. Moreover, in the model of "SEO and profit sharing" people are making money, instead of spending money all the time. It is too early to make any long-term predictions about the future of SEO and profit sharing. But the idea looks very promising.

Join SEO profit sharing discussion on the blog - your feedback is highly appreciated. Also leave your comments about other ways to make SEO profits online, so that people could see new horizons for this industry.

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==== ==== To get involved with the fastest growing, first profit-sharing, and forever free social media site, Wazzub, please visit: ==== ====

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