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Jobs and vacancies come and go. Many Londoners like to think that jobs are given to those who have more experience or to those who are simply more intelligent. Well, this may be true in some cases; however it's not necessarily always true in most scenarios. I strongly believe that to find a job in London it takes courage; you have to stand out from the rest. You have to make yourself appear unique. I'm about to reveal some insider secrets! Yes secrets, on how the professionals find jobs in London. You can use the methods I'm about to reveal for not only London but any other place in the world. So you've signed up with all the job agencies in London and registered with all the job sites on the internet. Yet, you're still finding it difficult to find a job. Don't worry your not alone. I'm about to let you in on some hot tips and secrets to find job vacancies in London. If you follow my tips, I can assure you there is no reason why you wouldn't find a job in London. First let's get one thing clear; finding a job in London is competitive, but don't let that put you off. You're about to read some secrets, 95% of others don't know about. I have gathered a golden list of things you must follow in order to find a job in London. I need you to remember the 3D's; dedication, determination and drive throughout the whole list. Here we go: 1. When you sign up with job sites, never ever check that box which says "Allow recruiters to search my CV". If you do tick that box your CV becomes a virtual slut, every recruiter can see it and within days it becomes old news! The reason why job websites have that box is because they charge recruiters for searching CVs. It's a money making function, that's all. It doesn't benefit you at all, if anything, it decreases your chances in finding a job. 2. When applying for jobs online, be fussy and apply for jobs which fit your CV exactly. Don't apply for jobs in quantity because your CV becomes spam. Most recruiters will mark your CV as "irrelevant" if you apply for too many jobs. Remember quality over quantity when applying. This also makes you come across as unique. 3. If you can't find a job that fits your CV exactly, change your CV so it fits the job exactly (NOT word for word). Be smart about it! I know it can time consuming editing every CV for every position you apply for, truth is it's worth it. What would you rather do, look for jobs online for 4 months or spend a few days editing your CV for every job you apply for? 4. Come across as an expert in a particular field. Master a skill and become an expert at it. There is a high demand for skilled workers in London. When you become an expert you are valued more and are paid more attention to. This is also a way of increasing your salary. Revealed

5. Change your CV format once a week. Choose a different CV template or re-write your CV completely. This method works every time. Every recruiter likes to see fresh CVs, changing the way your CV looks has a huge impact! Obviously don't change your CV every day. This method is for people who don't many responses. Change your CV format and it's brand new again and you will be flooded with calls and possibly interviews too! 6. Network, network, network. In today's day and age networking with others has become very popular and there's a good reason why. Networking is basically making friends that are useful, e.g. If you're a web developer go to a web design seminar and network with other developers. This way you will be on top of your game and will also make new contacts and possibly new jobs! Create a LinkedIN profile. I know many people who have been head hunted from LinkedIn. 7. Always remember you are more important than the recruitment consultant! Many feel as if recruitment consultants look down on job seekers, in reality recruitment consultants actually feel the opposite. This mentality thinking helps, because it improves your confidence when talking about your career and what jobs you're after. This only applies to people who lack self confidence. 8. Talking about confidence, always comes across as confident when on the phone to an employer or recruiter. It doesn't matter how many years of experience you have on your CV or how many degrees you have, confidence makes up 70% of a yes or no answer. 9. Use niche job sites, maybe they are not popular as the bigger ones but they are more resourceful. Finding a niche job site is easy, go to Google and type in "your role" job site. You will be surprised to find so many job sites that cater for your specific requirements. 10. Last and most importantly, be creative, enthusiastic and positive when searching for a job. Trust me it helps and goes a long way! Well there you have it, my 10 secret methods on ways to find jobs in London. Remember you can apply these methods to wherever you are; I live in London so it would make sense for me to refer this to Londoners. Bookmark this list and go through it one by one and you won't be disappointed. Find your perfect job in London today!

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==== ==== Federal and State Programs have created millions of New Stimulus Jobs! Find yours today! Click Here: ==== ====

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Federal and State Programs have created millions of New Stimulus Jobs! Find yours today! Click Here: