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Numerous studies showed topical Rogaine's ability to slow down hair loss and promote hair regrowth. Today, Rogaine is one of two medications which have FDA approval for treatment of androgenic hair loss (the other one is Propecia). Will Rogaine work for you? Should you use it? Before deciding, read what is good and what is bad with Rogaine. What is good with Rogaine? o It is proven, not bogus: There are many scientific studies about Rogaine. Most of them show that Rogaine is good for hair regrowth. Sometimes, the results are so impressive. Thus, FDA approved its usage for hair loss. Most of the other medicines and methods out there have no such a proof showing their efficacy. If you believe science, it is logical to choose a legitimate medicine, instead of unproven ones which many of them are just bogus. o No gender difference: Rogaine is used for both men (2% or 5%) and women (2% only). Other FDA-approved medicine Propecia is not approved for use by women. o Availability: Rogaine is available without a prescription. o Usage method: Rogaine is directly applied to the scalp. You do not have to take it orally. Thus, its systemic side-effects (to whole body) are minimum to none. So, men are relieved to know that it works without altering male hormones. What is bad with Rogaine? o No guarantee: Rogaine's manufacturer clearly states Rogaine does not work for everyone and individual results will vary. A clinical test showed about 55% of the men who used Rogaine obtained some improvement. That means that 45% of the users will not see satisfactory improvement. o Not good for forehead: Rogaine stimultes hair regrowth at the top of the body, not at the forehead. Your hair loss affects primarily forehead, Rogaine is not good for you. o Delayed effect: Seeing some hair improvement, may take time. You need to apply Rogaine 3 or 4 months to see it starts to work. So, just knowing Rogaine is not good for you may cost you wasted money and time. o Continuous treatment: Those who see some improvement then need to maintain the medication to avoid losing any hair gained. Its maximum allowed duration of usage is not known.

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==== ==== To purchase your own 3-month supply, please visit: ==== ====

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