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What is Rogaine? Minoxidil is the active ingredient in Rogaine. Minoxidil is a powerful fast acting topical component which decreases resistance to blood flows and lowers blood pressure. However, this pill product was initially created to serve as a blood pressure reducer. Shortly there after, The chemist analysis uncovered that these pills had a side effect. Lucky for them, that side effect caused an increase in body hair. After that everything was history. Rogaine has helped millions of men and women. There have been hundreds of studies since then that have concluded that Rogaine possesses the ability to slow down hair loss and promote the regrowth of hair. As of today the FDA has only awarded approval for the treatment of hair loss to 2 medications Rogaine and Propecia. A newer form of Rogaine: Foam Recently Rogaine has launched a new form of their amazing product called Men's Rogaine Foam. This is the first and only FDA approved foam regrowth hair product. The first advantages of Rogaine foam is that it does not have the irritating greasy properties. Also, the foam does not have propylene glycol. Propylene glycol is an agent that is known to cause allergic contact dermatitis. In a study done it was shown that Rogaine Foam only had a 1.1% rate of chronic itching. The generic solution versus Rogaine foam, the foam is easier to apply. Many professionals feel like the foam could be more effective because of the application mechanism.. In relation to the original formula the foam has a better compliance than the original solution. Hundreds of men that have used Rogaine Foam and Rogaine solution recently completed a survey found that the Rogaine Foam was overwhelmingly preferred vs Rogaine Solution. Advantages of using this version of Rogaine include: Ease of application, no dripping, fast absorption and drying, also the ease of fitting the product in a daily routine. This product may have less side effects than that of solution. A useful trick when using the foam Before applying Rogaine foam make sure that your hands are cold. If not the foam will melt, and this will cause it to be very similar to the solution. Simply, rinse your hands with cold water first.

The Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, a group of researches announce the results of a clinical trial. The trial consisted of 315 who were suffering from hair loss. The 315 men where given either Rogaine foam or placebo foam. After 4 months, the hair counts in the targeted area were astonishingly higher in the 164 men using the Rogaine than the 151 men who where applying the placebo foam. There was a 13.4% increase in initial hair counts compared with an average increase of only 3.4% with the placebo. Moreover, the men that used the foam noticed a 71% increase in their hair growth versus only 42.2% men on placebo. So the proof is in the pudding! Or in the hair.

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