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A film that will be presented in IMAX 3D and 3D, this movie created by Dream Works Animation has been described as an adventure film that is fully computer animated. If you haven't guessed it then let me inform you that this movie review is about Puss in Boots, which is directed by Chris Miller who is more popularly known for his work in Shrek 3. The movie is produced by Andrew Adamson, Latifa Ouaou, and Joe M. Aguilar along with Guillermo del Toro who has directed Splice, Hellboy, and Pan's Labyrinth, and the final producer of this movie is Michelle Raimo. Written by David H. Steinberg and Tom Wheeler, the narration of the movie is done by Walt Dohrn and the music is created and done by Eric Dapkiewicz and Henry Jackman. Dapkiewicz is also the film's editor. If you have watched Shrek then you know who Puss in Boots is. This movie was thus created to exploit the adventures of Puss in Boots before he meets up with Shrek and the rest of his friends. Puss in Boots first meeting with Shrek was in Shrek 2 and the new movie goes through how he came to meet Shrek. This movie will also introduce you to various different new characters along with the one that you already know from Shrek. You will enjoy watching this movie as it is filled with numerous famous actors such as Antonio Banderas the voice of Puss in Boots; Zach Galfinakis, the voice of Humpty Dumpty who is, in this movie a mastermind who is attempting to retrieve Golden Eggs from a special goose; Salma Hayek, voice of kitty Softpaws, Puss in Boots special interest who happens to be a Tuxedo cat; Billy Bob Thornton who plays Jack; the character Jill who is played by Amy Sedaris and Zeus Mendoza the Rancher. Although we are in the year 2011, this film has been in the making since 2004 after Shrek 2 was released and is said to be a spin-off of Shrek. Although initial plans for release were set back in 2006, this movie started its production in 2010 after Shrek Forever After came out. However, while this movie has some of the characters from Shrek, it will not be another Shrek and is instead an original Puss in Boots story that tells of Puss's adventures. With a release date for November 4th 2011 in English, this movie has received the best comments after the trailer was released earlier this year. So if you have been in search of a family film to take your children to, consider seeing Puss in Boots.

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==== ==== To purchase your own copy of Puss in Boots or other associated merchandise: ==== ====

Puss in Boots Review