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A job search involves different phases. They are: a. Cover letter presentation. b. finding listings. c. Applying for jobs. d. Interview. e. Final selection. People always wonder what to type in search engines while searching for a job. This article explains about different types of job search keywords. Job search keywords helps job seekers to narrow the search results and get targeted job listings. Use job keywords to find jobs in the industries you are interested in. Use keywords like web developer, software developer, marketing assistant to generate a list of relevant jobs. Location Based Keywords: These keywords are location based keywords and will more likely provide relevant listings. Enter the city(state/ country) name you want to work + your desired designation. For example, if you live in New York, search with "new york software developer jobs". Company Keywords: These keywords help you to find jobs at particular companies. You can search with company name + your desired designation. For example, "Microsoft software developer jobs" or "software development jobs in Microsoft". If you are looking for a temporary, summer or part-time job, search with the related keywords. For example, "part time software development jobs in New york" So the whole point of this article is to tell you to try searching in different types as mentioned above. TIP: Generally, job listings has both summary and detailed descriptions. A listing has Title, Company and Geography. It is advisable to scan descriptions to find relevant job than searching for different targeted categories. If your keywords are not helping you in driving traffic and sales, download my free report on researching profitable keywords and driving 100+ traffic per day.

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==== ==== Federal and State Programs have created millions of New Stimulus Jobs! Find yours today! Click Here: ==== ====

Job Keywords - How to Search