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When Michael Jordan stepped back on the court with the Wizards, a lot of questions were asked. How good can Michael Jordan still be? What does he want to come back for? Is Kwame Brown a motivating force in his decision? Everyone knows that Jordan is one of the best basketball players of all time. He was dominant, clutch and personable. People liked him because he was a good image of a role model. He is still respected by all peers who know the game today. Michael Jordan did average over 20 points in his final two years as a basketball player. He had some good performances that were flashbacks to what he was used to. He had a great final game against the New York Knicks, a team that he has enjoyed playing against in the past. However, he was far from peak condition merely because he was older. A player has several different points in their career, points where they first start out fresh, parts where they are in their peak and when they are on the decline. Jordan was good even in his final year with the Bulls, a sudden retirement from the game. Some felt that Jordan could have played one or two more years and may have won another title or two. Pippen, the player who helped Jordan during the title runs, would not come back unless Jordan did. The Chicago team collapsed as a result. Jordan only went on to tarnish his living legend. Even at an old age, he was playing, but weaknesses and more were shown. Now fans have seen Jordan without his cape. They have seen a mortal version of him. Michael Jordan should be more absolute on his decisions. If he is going to retire, he should forever. Now players know that Jordan is beatable.

NBA fan By Jonathan T Chin

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