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This Portfolio depicts samples of:

Travel,Coporate & Product Photography; and several print campaigns. Enjoy.

CareATC. Health care company based out of Tulsa, OK. The company provides onsite clinics for a variety of different companies. CareATC was looking for a personal touch to their website. Therefore I provided photos of their day to day business and of their leadership They’ll now use the office photos for their marketing materials.

B+T Grp. An Engineering Firm who asked for several photos of their building that they are in the process of building. I developed a Marketing campaign to coincide with their photography. They’ll be reach out to Architecture firms through photographs of their recent and and former structures. With a campaign called: Seening is beliving.

Travel. These are a few photos from my travels and personal clients.


Photography Preview  

Craig, Here are several examples of photography I have done for companies and personal projects.

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