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A student locker assigned to a student is school property held by the student and administration. A student may occupy only the locker to which he/she is assigned. Periodic inspections will be made to see that lockers are kept neat and orderly. Do not put stickers on your locker. All personal items and books, etc., when not in use, should be kept in your own locker. Report any locker difficulty to the office. Do not tamper with another locker or give your combination to anyone else. Personal locks will not be permitted on any locker. Each student should keep his locker area clean by picking up papers, etc. from the floor and placing them in the trash containers. Lockers are to be kept locked at all times. Keep all locker combinations confidential. Do not tell another student your combination. If you have trouble opening your locker, ask a staff member for help. Those students found opening lockers of other students will be given a disciplinary referral. No large sums of money are to be brought to school. If money must be brought to school in amounts greater than lunch money or change, it should be checked at the office for safe keeping. If anything is stolen or missing, it needs to be reported to the office immediately. Remember, your locker may be inspected at any time. Students are expected to take care of school property and equipment. Students who maliciously damage or destroy property will be expected to pay for the damage or loss. Students should help to keep the school as clean, neat and useful as possible.


The school district believes students and parents should assume the obligation of bringing only the items to school required by their instructors so that they are adequately prepared to engage in and contribute to the continuity of the instructional program. Items brought by students such as but not limited to lighters, matches, scanners, laser pointers, or any inappropriate equipment will be confiscated by a staff member and given to the office staff. The following guidelines apply to skateboards, rollerblades, razors, scooters, etc. (non-modes of transportation): • To ensure student and family safety as well as protection of property: o Boards/blades should be walked once upon district property both to and from school o Riding of boards/blades should not occur on district property during events including, but not limited to practices, performances, services, parent/student orientations, or other large meetings/gatherings o Riding of boards/blades should not disrupt weekend or outside party use of building o Property damage, mistreatment, vandalizing or otherwise damaged will be addressed directly • Board/blade storage will not be provided by office or classroom staff o Boards should be stored securely within owner’s locker upon arrival at building • Individuals riding boards/blades during the aforementioned situations will be asked to leave the property or turn over the board/blade Students, parents, and guardians are advised that USD 231 assumes no responsibility in any circumstances whatsoever for the loss, destruction or theft of any Personal Property.


The office telephone is a business phone and should be used for that purpose. Students will be permitted to use the phone only in case of an emergency or when directed by school officials. Students will not be called out of class for a phone call.


In order to ensure the safety and security of students and wishes of parents, any person not enrolled at the middle schools must check in with office staff when on campus. Office staff will greet visitors through the intercom and camera monitoring system and ask the visitor to provide their name, a photo id, and information regarding his/her visit. At this time, all visitors will be asked to provide a government issued photo I.D. Office staff will determine if entry to the school will be granted. This includes family members/guardians bringing items to students. Anyone needing to be in areas of the building other than the office must sign in and secure a visitor badge. Students will not be permitted to leave class to talk to anyone other than parents/guardians without parental/guardian permission and approval of an administrator. Exceptions to this policy must be approved by an administrator one week in advance of the requested date. 5

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2019-2020 Middle School Student Handbook  

2019-2020 Middle School Student Handbook  

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