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Fire, tornado, and other crisis drills are held at irregular intervals throughout the school year. 1. Check the instructions in each classroom (they are posted) indicating how to leave the building in case of fire. 2. Walk. No talking. Move quickly and quietly to designated area.


Pioneer Ridge, Trail Ridge, and Wheatridge Middle Schools have activity areas for the enjoyment of the community. It is important that safety and courtesy rules be followed. Rules will be regularly reviewed with your child by the staff.


In case of severe weather, snow, low temperatures, ice, etc., the official announcement for school closings may be heard over the area radio and television stations along with being posted on the district website:

TECHNOLOGY GUIDELINES FOR STUDENTS CHROMEBOOK (1-TO-1) • Students will respect the integrity of the wireless network they are allowed to access and agree to not alter it in any way. • Students will agree to disconnect from the wireless network any time they are asked, particularly during times of excessive use of the network with school-owned devices such as during assessments. • Students will access the wireless network using their user name and password. • Students will respect privacy of other students and teachers when using personal devices and audio/video recording or imaging capabilities. No audio or video recordings/images will be captured or shared without direct permission from a teacher or administrator. • Students will use recording devices for lectures and other classroom presentations only with teacher permission and prior notice. For purposes of this policy, "Personal Electronic Devices" are defined as any electronic device capable of transmitting data or images that is not owned by the school district. Examples of personal electronic devices include cellular phones, digital cameras (still or video), eReaders, tablet computers, laptops, iPods, and MP3 players. The use of Personal Electronic Devices that are capable of recording audio, video or still images is prohibited at all times in bathrooms and locker rooms. In addition to disciplinary action that may be taken, violators of this provision may be referred to law enforcement authorities. Students a r e expected to use devices responsibly as outlined in Board of Education Technology Use Policy and the respective school’s code of conduct. Building administrators shall determine whether and to what extent Personal Electronic Devices may be used during school hours, or may delegate to individual teachers any decision on whether and to what extent Personal Electronic Devices may be used in an individual class. Students, parents, and guardians are advised that the Board of Education assumes no responsibility in any circumstances whatsoever for the loss, destruction or theft of any Personal Electronics Devices that are brought to school or to any extra-curricular or after school activity. The Superintendent or his/her designee shall be responsible for the adoption and implementation of procedures and/or guidelines to carry out this policy. All personnel employed by the District shall be responsible for complying with the guidelines and procedures promulgated by the Superintendent or his/her designee pursuant to this policy.


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2019-2020 Middle School Student Handbook  

2019-2020 Middle School Student Handbook  

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