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Academyc Journey to

“el Cerro del Cubilete” German francisco Flores

The past 24th, 25th and 26th of February UPAEP Huamantla participated in the travel to el Cerro del Cubilete on this trip in order to bring a little more to their religion student community. On this amazing trip we can live awesome experiences, although the road is long and tiring, all the students walk up with great enthusiasm and happiness, also they can appreciate beautiful scenery and incredible low rise. After climbing to the top of the hill the Cubilete, have the opportunity to praise and watch the huge statue of Cristo Rey, then we can listen the mass at which the Bishop of Guanajuato talks about the importance of young people today. After several hours, the students went to the city of Guanajuato where they can visit the major attractions of this city, such as the Teatro Juarez, the Alhóndiga of Granaditas, the Mummy Museum, and some cultural performances as famous “callejoneada”. va



After a few hours visit to the city, students are head back to the city of Huamantla.

Marco Antonio Diaz

Marco Antonio Diaz APRIL 2014


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