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How is Gerry Beane a Different REALTOR®?  Gerry will customize a Marketing Plan for you using some of the tools below.  Gerry has learned through  30 plus years of Sales and  Marketing that the “Details  Make the Difference” and so  he uses Premium Signage on  your home to get more at‐ tention than the house next  door or down the street. 

Instead of the typical “Shotgun”  approach to marketing, Gerry  will identify the most likely buy‐ ers for your property—then  market to them!  Are they move‐up buyers? Sin‐ gle or Married? Family of 3 or 5?   These are some of the critical  questions to answer before your  home can be properly marketed. 

Targeted Marketing  Recorded Information 24 Hours  Call 1‐800‐516‐9525 Ext  3974  Go ahead. Call the number above to see  how effectively your home will be mar‐ keted by Gerry Beane.  The technology today should not be a  limitation when it comes to marketing  homes—and with Gerry, it is not a limita‐ tion—it is YOUR secret weapon! 

Someone is looking at an ad for  your home at 10 PM. They call  the toll free number and hear   recorded information about  YOUR home! The marketing for  YOUR home never sleeps!  Other agents hope that person  will remember to call tomorrow,  when the agent might be avail‐ able. Another potential buyer  lost for you . . . But not Gerry! 

Premium Signage 

Talking House is like having a sales person standing in  front of your house, talking about the advantages of  YOUR home, 24 hours a day. Many people that drive  by  are not ready to talk with an agent. But they want  information about your house. Talking House gives  them just what they are looking for! 

Today’s Latest Technologies for Marketing YOUR Home  The technically savvy will recog‐ nize that LOTS of people are get‐ ting their information through  podcasts, that is broadcasts that  are made specifically for MPEG  players like the ubiquitous Apple  iPod. Yes, Gerry can create a  podcast for YOUR property and  make it available on the inter‐ net—making his internet strategy  one of the most complete in the  Real Estate industry. 

You may have heard of the cell phone as being the  3rd Screen in our lives (after Television and Computer  Screens). Now those who respond to Gerry’s cell  phone marketing of YOUR home can get property  details, see pictures and even request a showing! 

Today’s Latest Technologies for Marketing YOUR Home 

Details Make the Difference

How is Gerry Beane a Different REALTOR®?  Gerry will customize a Marketing Plan for you using some of the tools below.  A single property web site has YOUR property address as the web site URL. This makes it easy for someone to find YOUR home on the internet, and makes it easy for them to tell others about it. I use your property address in online and also print marketing to drive more visitors to a web site dedicated to just YOUR home!

A Cutting-Edge online system that will list YOUR property on over 80 Real Estate web sites. Recent statistics indicate that 84% of all buyers begin their search on the internet. I will do everything possible to ensure that YOUR property gets seen early in the prospecting process, increasing your chances of selling fast and for the highest price. My NEW program ensures ALL of my listings are Enhanced and Highlighted!

UNIQUE Online Marketing 

Single Property Web Site 

Gerry’s 30 years as a sales and marketing professional is perhaps most visible in his personal brochure. In addition to giving clients an overview of Gerry as a person and as a professional, it is an example of his commitment to his business. Gerry shows this same commitment to the marketing of YOUR home. You can expect to see literature that will promote your home, with color photos and attractive design. Ask Gerry for samples of his work.

Professionally Designed Literature  This is an example of an eMail Flyer that was sent to over 20,000 real estate agents within a geographic target market for this property. One of the reasons properties don’t sell is that agents don’t do a good enough job of promoting to OTHER AGENTS—they may well be the one to sell your home. You can be assured that Gerry will do the target marketing to other likely selling agents as well as to the Agent population as a whole. This will help to get YOUR home sold FAST, and for the best possible price!

Marketing to Other REALTORS 

Lighted signs and literature boxes are used where advantageous and appropriate. This means that YOUR home will stand out, even at night time! In fact, YOUR home will have up to 40% more exposure than your neighbors’ unlighted signs. Marketing is all about exposing YOUR home to as many prospects as possible. This ensures that you sell YOUR home the fastest—and for the highest price possible.

Lighted Signs & Brochure Boxes 

Ask Gerry about his EXCLUSIVE FREE Home Warranty program. It is a fact that homes listed with an AHS Home Warranty result in an average sales price of 3% higher than properties without a warranty. Gerry has developed a program that will protect your home DURING the listing period as well as being able to offer your buyer a 1 year warranty with the purchase of your home! Your home will look even more attractive to buyers with this EXCLUSIVE program!

FREE AHS Warranty for 1 Year 

Details Make the Difference

Unique Selling Approaches  

Real Estate marketing approaches