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7.12 • SUMMER 2008

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The world’s largest selection of audiophile recordings

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25 Cherry Picked Titles

BLUE NOTE RECORDS ON SACD! The Best Ever Digital Versions page 64


Where Acoustic Sounds stores its out-of-print LP treasures…

Dave Grusin Discovered Again (Box) USHE 5B $150

Lew Tabackin TRACKIN’ URCA 3 $30

The L.A. Four Going Home (Sealed) UEAS 10004S $150

Charlie Byrd Direct Disc Recording UCRY 8002 $45

What is your collection missing?


The Three The Three UEAS 10001 $95

What started as a "vault" has grown into a full-blown warehouse. The Vinyl Vault has never had the breadth of selection we're enjoying now. Fresh off the record-hunting find of the century - the one where we scored 30,000 mostly-sealed, pre-1982 LPs we're now boasting preowned titles from seemingly every genre and every era. We've got the rarest, most collectible LPs found anywhere - all under one roof! Be sure to visit as we've just added more than 400 sealed jazz titles along with more than 1,200 sealed soundtrack titles. As always, if you have a wish list, are interested in the complete discography of a certain artist, or don't find what you're looking for, email Paul at, or call him at 800-716-3553.

The Magic Christian PCOM CU6004S $90

The War Lord PDEC DL79149S $50

You Only Live Twice PUNI UAS5155S $45

Rosemary’s Baby PDOT DL25875S $30

The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour (Sealed) UMOB 1047S $275

Nirvana Nevermind (Sealed) UMOB 1258S $295

John Lennon Double Fantasy (Sealed) UNAU 47S $150

Mike Oldfield Tubular Bells UCBS HE44116 $95

Van Morrison Moondance (Sealed) USUP 16604S $150

Dire Straits Making Movies UJAP 7690 $60

Elvis Presley A Date With Elvis ABMG 2808 $65

Eagles Eagles UJAP 10046 $60

Rickie Lee Jones Pirates UJAP P10900W $45

The Rolling Stones Out of Our Heads ALON 1503 $65

Royal Opera House Orchestra Bizet: L’Arlesienne Suites ULSC 2327 $245

Arnold, LPO/ English, Scottish & Cornish Dances ULYR SRCS109 $95

Delius: North Country Sketches Groves/Royal Philharmonic Orch. UEMI ASD3139 $95

The Composer and His Orchestra Hanson/Eastman-Rochester Orch. UMER SR90175 $195

Rachmaninov-Respighi: 5 Études-Tableaux/ Krasnapolsky/New Philharmonia Orch. UEMI ASD 3013 $175





The Knack PUNI UAS5129S $45

Thelonious Monk Monk PCOL CL2291S $45

Ella Fitzgerald Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie! PVER V64053-S $150

Duke Pearson Sweet Honey Bee PBLU BST84252S $60

Chet Baker Polka Dots and Moonbeams PJAZ 88S $85

Ahmad Jamal Heat Wave PCAD 777-S $65


If you don’t find what you’re looking for at, call Paul at 800-716-3553, or email him at

Dear Customer, Who said SACD was dead? Ha! One look at this catalog is enough to kill that myth. See pages 64-65 for our announcement of 25 Blue Note Records titles on Hybrid SACD! We fully expect that these reissues, released on our Analogue Productions label, will be among the biggest SACD titles yet. And not too far behind will be the complete discography of the Dead Can Dance on SACD – also announced here on page 118. Plus, we've dedicated a half page to upcoming SACD titles by Three Blind Mice that are sure to sound killer. See page 160. And while those three projects alone might not be enough to carry a format, Sony's plans to reinvest in SACD just might. Stay tuned for many more titles. However you look at it, make no mistake: SACD ain't dead. Far from it. Those of you into vinyl – which is where we still hang our hat – have noticed by now that the audiophile LP wave has crested with 12-inch records cut at 45 RPM. The sound is simply unmatched. If you've got a stereo system decent enough to sing the songs in these grooves, you owe it to yourself to own at least a few. In this catalog we're highlighting the first titles of our 45-RPM Blue Note Reissue Series – 25 cherry-picked Blue Notes, the same titles that we're releasing on SACD. Just as with our Fantasy 45 Series, these Blue Note LPs are cut from the original analog master tapes by Kevin Gray and Steve Hoffman at AcousTech Mastering and pressed on two 180-gram virgin vinyl LPs at Record Technology, Inc. Check 'em out on pages 64 and 65. Also on our Analogue Productions reissue label, cut at 45 RPM, are definitive versions of Rickie Lee Jones/It's Like This, Hugh Masekela/Hope and Ry Cooder & V.M. Bhatt/A Meeting By The River. Each release has already scored over-the-top reviews. You'll find those records on page 88. Want more vinyl? Who doesn't? Try the limited edition, seven-LP Doors box set by Rhino. This faux lizard skin box is filled with 12inch HQ 180-gram reissues of the original stereo mixes of the band's six Morrison-era studio albums PLUS a copy of their '67 debut album in mono! Find it on page 93. We're also seeing more and more new, contemporary bands and labels that are releasing their records on vinyl. It's become obvious, even to the late-arrivers: We are in the midst of the Vinyl Renaissance. Of course, we've got a jam-packed section of select equipment. Whether it be affordable components from the likes of Rogue Audio's U.S.-made tube gear (page 25) or English manufacturer Exposure's great CD players and integrated amps (pages 28 and 30), or the ultra-exotics of Koetsu's latest stone-bodied catridges (page 17) mounted on the new SME 20/12 (page 6), we've got you covered. It all begins on page 6.

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Our office hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays and 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday (CST). To order, call 800-716-3553 or shop online anytime at Sincerely,

Chad Kassem

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Cover: John Coltrane performs at the August 5, 1957 Blue Train Session

Tens of thousands of LPs, all pressed before 1982 and almost all sealed! 2



magine record shopping with the use of a time machine. Just think what it’d be like to walk into a record warehouse that had been frozen in time – where there were tens of thousands of LPs, all pressed before 1982 and almost all sealed. What wouldn’t you give to go back and buy all those albums you were foolish to pass on when you originally had the chance, back when you couldn’t envision them as one day becoming rare and collectible. Well, we don’t exactly have a working Flux Capacitor, but we can take you back in time all the same. We literally walked into a Kansas City warehouse full of sealed records that hadn’t been touched in 25 years! An absolutely MASSIVE collection – the true warehouse find of every collector’s dream. We’re talking 30,000 LPs! Pallets upon pallets of LPs! How many pallets? Try one-and-a-half semi tractor trailers worth! Try 60,000 pounds worth! Our 18,000-square-foot warehouse is bursting at the seams. We’ve built new floor-to-ceiling shelves to accommodate these records. In fact, this collection has us thinking in terms of a warehouse expansion. Talk about the BIG ONE!! In our 23 years of business, we’ve never come across a collection of this many sealed pre-owned LPs. This collection comes from the estate of a man who passed away in 1981. That means that all of these LPs - every single one of them - is pre-1982, pre-barcode. The bottom line is that these records shouldn’t be available sealed in 2008 - not so many of them. And yet they are.


• sealed jazz, including Impulse

& more than 800 sealed Verves

• late ‘50s to mid-’70s soundtracks

• original cast recordings • early Reprise, including

Sammy Davis, Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin

• a sealed first Velvet Underground LP

• spoken word, “how-to”

& documentary recordings

• cheesecake covers • Blaxploitation &

biker movie soundtracks

• Annette Funicello, Disney

& Hanna-Barbera soundtracks

• European Morricone soundtracks

• more than 1,200

soundtrack titles

• 78s • 45s • much, much more!

WE’RE READY TO OFFER THE FIRST GROUPING! It’s taken months to unpack, shelve, price and list these LPs, but we’re making headway. Available now online are 1,200+ SEALED soundtracks and 500 jazz titles. That’s just the beginning of all that’s to come. In the next several months, we’ll be listing pop, classical, folk, etc. In the meantime, have a look at these jazz and soundtrack LPs – all sealed, all pre-1982, all pre-digital, all pre-bar code. 1-800-716-3553 • WWW.ACOUSTICSOUNDS.COM 3


BLUE NOTE books & cd/dvd Blue Note Book: Tribute to Alfred Lion This 6” x 8” book is more than 500 pages in length and includes a picture of each Blue Note LP cover along with the catalog number, recording date, location and personnel for each song listed. A short remembrance of Alfred Lion, as written by Ruth Lion, is also included. A must for Blue Note buffs. BOOK = S BK 13 ......................$50.00

Blue Note Album Cover Art: The Ultimate Collection Smaller in trim size, expanded in content, this compendium gathers nearly 400 of the legendary covers, spanning the ’40s to the ’70s, and features the greatest work of legendary Blue Note art director Reid Miles. Simple and sophisticated, moody and alluring, these covers continue to influence designers and excite jazz aficionados today.

Klipsch iGroove SXT Klipschs’ most compact and affordable iPod speaker to date, the iGroove SXT may be small but it delivers larger-than-life performances. Works with all iPods! • Exclusive horn-loaded technology • S-video output; IR remote control/charges any iPod with a 30-pin connector • iPod alarm clock instant wake functional • Compatible with other devices via auxiliary input S IGROOVE SXT $169.95

BOOK = S BK 26 ......................$19.99

Blue Note: Jazz Photography of Francis Wolff This volume is a collection of the jazz photographs taken from 1941 to 1968 by Francis Wolff, cofounder of Blue Note Records, to document the world's most famous jazz label. Vignettes tell the story of Blue Note Records. Includes never-before-published color images from Wolff's later years of photography. BOOK = S BK 14 ......................$29.98

Klipsch RoomGroove Wireless iPod speaker Alone the RoomGroove makes a great iPod speaker, but combine it with other RoomGroove speakers and you get an affordable, high-performance wireless home audio system that dynamically brings iPods, MP3 players and any device with a line level (or headphone) audio output to life. The RoomGroove iPod speaker utilizes premium woofers, crossovers, and horn-loaded tweeters to deliver accurate, efficient, and compromise-free acoustics. It features a retractable dock that charges all dockable iPods and comes with Apple universal well inserts to accommodate multiple iPod sizes. Other digital devices easily connect via an auxiliary input. S ROOM GROOVE $299 OUR PRICE! (RETAIL $349)

Blue Note: Perfect Takes Rudy Van Gelder’s delight in rediscovering the musical treasures that he first put on tape 40 or 50 years ago inspired Blue Note to ask him to select 10 tracks that epitomized what moved him musically with what satisfied him sonically. The result is Perfect Takes, a compilation of great jazz performances chosen and mastered by Rudy with his own revealing liner notes. Blue Note’s Tom Evered and Michael Cuscuna went to Rudy’s studio in Englewood Cliffs with video producer/director Chuck Fishbein. Over seven hours, the normally very private Van Gelder took them on a tour of the studio, recounted his professional life, offered anecdotes on famous sessions and expounded on his philosophy of sound. The revelatory and revealing footage was what every self-respecting jazz fanatic has been aching to see. This bonus 27-minute DVD is offered free with the purchase of Perfect Takes. CD + DVD = CBLU 73227 ........$19.98

Image Headphones

Custom 1 Headphones

A unique blend of technology and fashion, this must-have audio accessory features patent-pending Contour Ear Gels for extreme comfort and a beautifully sleek black finish with distinct copper accents. Works with iPods, iPhones and other portable devices.

A great entry-level solution for users who are concerned about great sound and great comfort. Delivering a "front row, center stage" listening experience at an affordable price, Custom-1 earphones employ exclusive KG332 balanced armatures for deeper bass, a more robust midrange and clear high notes. S CUSTOM1 $129.99.

S IMAGE $349.99

create your own art gallery Play & Display Record Mount Display your favorite LP jackets in a classy, simple-tochange cover, fit just for album covers. The Play & Display Mount is the first ever display mount that allows you to change the contents without taking the mount off the wall. This unique design gives you the flexibility to store multiple records and have your current favorite on display. With the instant quick release mechanism, the Play & Display Mount allows you to mix art and music. Available in a single or triple pack. S AV SINGLE S AV TRIPLE

$52.50 (331⁄3) $145 (THREE PACK 331⁄3)

Wood Frames for LP Jackets This high-quality real wood frame is sized perfectly to display an LP jacket through a Plexiglas window. Perfect for personalizing a space in your home, or to show off some of your rare and collectible jackets or those with the coolest artwork – a very classy decoration idea for any record collector. Makes for a great gift. Available in a single or triple pack – must remove from wall to change jacket.


Order Acoustic Sounds apparel online at


$26.95 (331⁄3) $72.50 (THREE PACK 331⁄3 )

or call 800-716-3553 Vinyl Lives! Let ‘em know what you stand for! In a world gone so digitally wrong, some of us still know what’s right. Vinyl Lives! This cool new design tells everyone what team you’re on. Meant to look something like a jersey, the back of the T-shirt shows your uniform number – and how could it be anything but 33 1⁄3? Available in three colors: Desert Poppy, Mesquite or Santa Fe Blue in sizes M–XXL. M–XL $20 XXL $25 See sizes at t-shirt back DESERT POPPY





Polo Shirts See the entire line of Acoustic Sounds, and Blue Heaven Studios polos by Tommy Bahama at Available in a variety of colors and sizes. $40

Long Live Analog Men’s long or short sleeve in Stone, women’s short sleeve in Prickly Pear. The art on the arm proclaims, “Saving the world from bad sound.” Short Sleeve: M–XL $20 XXL $25 Long Sleeve: M–XL $25 XXL $30 Sizes and prices at

Blue Heaven Studios Hat Keep the sun out of your eyes or just cope with a bad hair day, while you also let people know you support classic blues. One size fits all. BHS HAT $15

“…With its black, black backgrounds, ultra-low bearing noise,


superb isolation, precise speed accuracy, and rock-solid speed stability, the 20/12 offers everything one could desire in a reference turntable system.”

SME, the company now producing

—Jim Hannon, The Absolute Sound, August 2007

arguably the finest tonearms and turntables in the world, actually started in 1946 engineering principal parts for aircraft instruments. Company Founder Alastair Robertson-Aikman built his first pick-up


arm in 1959 for personal use.

Friends and music enthusiasts were so impressed that SME’s business gradually shifted in the

SME Model 20/12

hi-fi direction. Today, all of SME’s

This monster’s construction starts by stretching an SME 20/2 in width and depth. Next, add a thicker top plate, a heavier platter and a newly tuned suspension. Finally, include the 312 S tonearm, which is the true centerpiece of this new rig. Constructed of magnesium, this engineering marvel results in a tonearm of significantly lower mass than other 12-inch arms while retaining structural rigidity. The 12-inch effective length reduces tracking error and distortion. S SME20/12 $28,000 (WITH 312 S TONEARM)

manufacturing and processing is done in their Sussex countryside factory. This total “in-house” approach allows for inspection at every stage of the assembly

To own an SME product is to possess a jewel of near perfection in both performance and construction...

process, and SME’s qualityassurance system was formally accredited in 1992.

SME Model 10 The SME 10 uses a low, virtually liquid elastomer material for the suspension system and a round sub-chassis to reduce resonant planes. The outboard power supply includes speed control with the push of a button. This table is specially-packaged with the Model 10 tonearm, which uses the cast magnesium arm

SME Model 30/2 Compact and weighing in at 90 pounds, the SME Model 30/2 is one serious table. This heavyweight employs high-mass, non-resonant materials and speed stability in the motor/ bearing assembly to provide playback that will astonish you with sheer dynamics, clarity and noise-free background. The outboard power supply includes electronic speed control for 331⁄3, 45 and 78 RPM. S SME30/2 $40,000 (WITH SERIES V TONEARM)


SME Model 20/2 Performance Package

tube from the Series V and the detachable headshell from the Series 309. The Model 10 is both a high-performance and versatile arm. (Turntable is also available separately.) S SME10ARM $9,900 (WITH MODEL 10 TONEARM)

The compact Model 20/2 features all of the same design principles as its big brother, the Model 30/2, including the main bearing, platter design and suspension system. But at less than half the price of a 30/2, the Model 20/2 delivers an opportunity to have reference-quality playback in a small, affordable package. The outboard power supply includes electronic speed control for 331⁄3, 45 and 78 RPM. Includes Series IV.VI tonearm. S SME20/2ARM $17,000 (WITH SERIES IV.VI TONEARM) S SME20/2 $14,000 (TABLE ONLY) 2007 EDITORS’ CHOICE AWARDS


Acoustic Sounds will not sell SME products in areas where there is already a SME dealer.



Cartridge Inspection Yet another tool that allows our setups to be the best in the business is the Wild Heerbrugg M5 microscope, a Swiss product specifically designed for phono cartridge inspection. We can examine cartridges at up to 50x magnification to check for stylus wear and alignment.

CALL CLARK OR STELLY TO DISCUSS Clark Williams tweaks a SME 30/2 with Series V tonearm.


Turntable Set-Up Purchase a turntable from Acoustic Sounds, and we’ll set it up free of charge. We’ve got qualified, trained technicians who have been doing just that for more than 25 years apiece. They’ve got all of the best set-up equipment at their disposal, and they know exactly how to dial in a rig for peak performance. You’ll be ready to plug and play. Call us at 800-716-3553.

SME 30/2 with Series V tonearm

SME 20/12 with 312 S tonearm


800-716-3553 Chad Stelly examines a Sumiko cartridge.

SME 20/2 with 4.5Vi tonearm

SME 10 with 10 tonearm

The ultimate in Hi-End Audio 7


“...downright sexy.” —Roy Gregory, Hi-Fi+, Issue 56

For 125 years, Thorens has been one of the world's leading turntable manufacturers. Thorens is known worldwide for their leg-


endary reliability.

To the delight of discerning listeners all over the globe, literally thousands of these wellknown masterpieces are still playing music decades later. Thorens effectively marries modern technology with time-

NEW! THORENS TD 160HD Development based on the legendary Thorens TD 150 and TD 160 turntables. It yields maximum performance within the smallest possible space and embraces all the tried and tested Thorens virtues of the past 50 years. S TD160HD-M2 $4,899 (WITH M2 TONEARM) S TD160HD-250 $2,899 (WITH TP250 TONEARM)

honored tradition.

THORENS TD 2030 From whichever side you look at the TD 2030, you’re in for a surprise. A brand new sandwich technology has been used to create an absolutely stunning look. From above you’ll see a cool, colorful blue. From the front or side you’ll see a clear and transparent turntable. The 38-mm aluminum platter is backside coated with a vibration-damping material. The platter runs in a new silent run bearing which is maintenance-free for its entire lifetime. The external motor has no contact with the chassis and therefore no vibrations are transferred. It is supplied by a state-of-the-art electronic motor drive which completely decouples the motor from the mains power supply. The 33-mm sandwich chassis is standing on damping feet to absorb any vibration. Also available in blue acrylic. S TD2030-309 $6,900 (WITH SME 309 TONEARM) S TD2030-M2 $6,319 (WITH SME M2 TONEARM) S TD2030-300 $4,159 (WITH THORENS TP 300 TONEARM)

THORENS TD 350 The TD 350 represents the perfect symbiosis of a mass drive and a subchassis turntable and unites the benefits of both technologies. Experience the rebirth of a unique technology with the most modern materials and the latest knowledge inside the TD 350. Thorens calls it “IDD” (Independent Double Damping) and speaks of the way the subchassis is suspended inside the massive wooden plinth. This kind of suspension damps the vibrations and excursions in the horizontal and the vertical completely independent of each other. In combination with their ninepound heavy platter and the new low-friction bearing, this drive has got an incredibly stable and calm rotation that results in high resolution and big dynamics. The built-in electronic unit controls and stabilizes the speed exactly. Also available in bordeaux or maple. S TD350-M2 $6,399 (WITH SME-M2 TONEARM) S TD350-250 $4,169 (WITH RB250 TONEARM)

THORENS TD 2010 The TD 2010 is made with the most up-to-date manufacturing technology and the latest tools in research and development. The chassis is made of 25-mm polished acrylic and the platter is a more than 4 kg heavy polished piece of aluminum with a backside coating for vibration damping. The external motor is supplied by a state-of-theart motor drive unit. The new inverted silent run bearing is also an integral part of Thorens’ design philosophy. This bearing runs dry without any maintenance during its entire lifetime. The TD 2010 comes with a Thorens TP 300 tonearm or a TP 250 tonearm with VTA mounted. S TD2010-309 $5,989 (WITH SME 309 ARM) S TD2010-M2 $5,395 (WITH SME M2 ARM) S TD2010-300 $3,249 (WITH TP300 ARM) S TD2010-250 $3,069 (WITH TP250 ARM)



THORENS TD 850 The chassis is made of 19-mm thick high-density wood. This is flexibly bonded to a 15-mm thick steel plate and a second 19-mm thick wood plate. The newly invented sandwich is so much better than ordinary construction in signal behavior and resonance absorption that you will immediately hear the difference. The steel plate has precision lazer-made cutouts to make sure that no magnetic distortion influences the audio signal. The low noise AC-motor is supplied from an electronic motor drive unit. The output signal is generated completely independent from the mains power. With this you get much better wow/flutter and virtually no distortion from the mains power source. The 4-kg, 24-mm thick platter is made of aluminum with a damping coating on the back side. To avoid any vibration, it is belt driven. Comes with a Thorens TP 300 tonearm with VTA mounted. Available in black or silver. S TD850-300 $3,269 S TD850-250 $3,079

THORENS TD 810 Includes all of the features of the TD 800 but with the Thorens TP 250 tonearm mounted. The 810 also improves on the 800 with the inclusion of a five millimeter steel plate flexibly bonded to the wooden plate of the chassis. This completely absorbs all vibrations. To avoid any magnetic distortion of the audio signal, the steel plate is cut out around the pick-up radius and tonearm base during manufacturing using a laser. Like the TD 800, the TD 810 has an AC synchronous motor and a Thorens silent run bearing. Available in black or silver. S TD810-300 $2,900 S TD810-250 $2,759

THORENS TD 800 A 3⁄4” thick chassis made from highdensity wood forms the basis of the TD 800. Three height-adjustable and dampened feet effectively decouple and isolate the unit. The 6.5 lb. alloy platter is belt-driven and vibrationdampened. The TD 800 comes standard with a Thorens TP 250 tonearm with a vertical tracking alignment system that is fully adjustable to accommodate any phono cartridge. Available in black or silver. S TD800-300 $2,685 S TD800-250 $2,500

NEW THORENS TD 700 The new TD 700 is a fully manual turntable utilizing modern design and advanced materials combined with steadfast and proven drive technology. A precision belt drive system spins the newly developed acrylic platter. Underneath are absorbent feet that effectively mute external vibrations. S TD700BL $1,495 BLUE S TD700R $1,495 RED S TD700 $1,495 BLACK (EACH TABLE INCLUDES ARM AND CARTRIDGE)

THORENS TD 295 An outstanding table using a solid wood chassis in a sandwich technology. A massive aluminum platter weighing 2.3 kg is used to get enough inertia and weight to make sure that vibration is absorbed and that speed fluctuation is very low. The motor is fully electronic and synchronous, using a belt to drive the platter. This table stands on decoupling rubber feet and offers both speeds 33 1⁄3 and 45 RPM by electronic speed selection. This rig comes complete with an Ortofon OM-10 cartridge. The TD 295 also offers a semi-automatic switch-off made with opto-electronic devices that add no extra mass to the tonearm. S TD295M $1,075 (MAHOGANY) S TD295 $1,075 (BLACK)

THORENS TD 240 This new record player achieves where others fail: in a self-evident kind of way it combines high-class technology with noble, unobtrusive elegance. It is neither hiding its functions nor imposing. The beautiful chassis is finished with genuine beechwood veneer or black piano lacquer. A matchless teamwork of outstanding technology and stylistic harmony.

THORENS TD 170 The TD170 clearly demonstrates that playing your records doesn't have to involve tweaking or time consuming adjustments. Designed for simplistic operation, the automatic function not only sets the needle on the record but returns it to its resting place at the end, shutting off the drive motor. Despite the simplistic attitude, there is real technology under the hood, where it belongs. A Thorens precision belt drive system and an electronically controlled DC motor system provide stable speed control including 33, 45 and 78 speeds! A proprietary low noise bearing system provides exceptional sonic performance and long life. The TD170 includes and Ortofon OMB10 phono cartridge for 33/45 RPM. The TD170 has a distortion-free aluminum platter, tubular aluminum tonearm system with magnetic anti-skate system. Available in red, black or silver.. S TD170R S TD170 S TD170S

$589 (RED) $559 (BLACK) $559 (SILVER)

S TD240C $975 (CHERRY) S TD240 $975 (BLACK LACQUER) S TD240MB $875 (MATTE BLACK)

THORENS TD 190 The TD 190 is the epitome of functionality. Forget the technical mumbo jumbo and timeconsuming fidgeting, and get to the music. The TD 190 delivers in spades. Includes fully automatic switch-off and lift. Comes with an Ortofon OM10 cartridge. S TD190 $639 S TD190S $639 (SILVER)

1-800-716-3553 • WWW.ACOUSTICSOUNDS.COM 9

VPI Super Scoutmaster Series The VPI Super Scoutmaster Reference is a workhorse brute


in u.s.a.

VPI Super Scoutmaster All of the features of the Scoutmaster (dual plinth, inverted bearing, JMW-9 tonearm) but with the addition of the HR-X dual motor assembly, periphery ring clamp and SDS speed controller. This is one killer turntable! S SUPSCTMAST SIG $6,000 S SUPSCTMAST PLUS $5,700 S SUPSCTMAST $5,500

T U R N TA B L E S VPI Industries’ reputation for turning out tables of excellent value since 1981 has gained them a cult-like status among audiophile. Their products consistently hold long-term value

Super Scoutmaster Reference with Super Platter, Mini Feet and Rim Drive.

thanks to the availability of upgrade kits. The


VPI Super Scoutmaster Reference

VPI line includes the reference-level

TNT series along with the more moderately-priced Aries and Scout packages. And of course VPI offers other analog products, including our most popular record-cleaning machines and the JMW line of tonearms.

Rim Drive

A workhorse brute, the VPI Super Scoutmaster Reference includes VPI’s new Rim Drive, the VPI Super Platter, VPI’s outstanding 10.5 Nordost-wired tonearm and the HRX style mini feet. Call us for cartridge recommendations to get the maximum performance from this killer rig.


VPI Scoutmaster The Scoutmaster combines key features from several of VPI’s most successful tables. It uses the Aries 2 platter and inverted bearing, a larger version of the steel Scout motor assembly with new fused IEC socket with new 300-RPM motor, and a dual Scout chassis with a steel center. The Scoutmaster also comes with the JMW-9 tonearm installed. S SCOUTMASTER SIG $3,000 S SCOUTMASTER PLUS $2,700 S SCOUTMASTER $2,500

VPI HRX VPI HRX Incorporating several refinements that blur the line between master tape and the LP, the new TNT-HR-X is stunning in both sound and industrial design. Built on a composite, triple-laminated acrylic and aluminum chassis, a new inverted bearing with a Teflon thrust plate was chosen for its frictionless performance and immunity to wear. A radical outer-periphery record clamp flattens the LP to the acrylic platter without the complexity and problems associated with vacuum systems. Designed for ultimate analog LP playback, the TNT HR-X incorporates an integrated dual motor drive and flywheel to allow a footprint of only 25” by 19”. S VPI HRXSP RD $14,000 (WITH SUPER PLATTER & RIM DRIVE) S VPI TNT-X PLUS $13,500 (WITH JMW12.7 PLUS ARM & HRX SUPER PLATTER ) S VPI TNT-X $12,000 made



in u.s.a.

VPI Scout If you’re serious about your pursuit of real analog sound, the Aries Scout is our minimum requirement. This table is a smaller version of the groundbreaking Aries. Packaged with a unipivot JMW-9 tonearm, the Scout is an outstanding rig at a very reasonable price. Please note that the JMW-9 does include an RCA junction box, which allows the use of RCA-terminated interconnects. This package is a great value and gets you to a special level of performance. S SCOUT JMW9SIG $2,200 S SCOUT JMW9PLUS $2,000 S SCOUT JMW9 $1,800


VPI TNT 6 Uses the same two-motor assembly, platter and inverted bearing as the HR-X, and the periphery ring is available as an option. The clamping assembly provides vacuumlike coupling of your LP to the platter. This rig also includes VPI’s Synchronous Drive System for speed control and power line filtration. All of this makes for a table with rumble, wow and flutter specifications below the limits of current measurement. The TNT 6 HR version comes with a JMW-12.7 tonearm mounted directly to the chassis, thereby eliminating the need for an armboard. S VPI TNT HR $9,000 (WITH JMW-12.7 TONEARM)


in u.s.a.


Clearaudio Bluemotion

The Aries 3 is the perfect choice for those looking for near-HR-X performance in a moderate-sized package.

VPI Aries 3 The Aries 3 is the perfect choice for those looking for near-HR-X performance in a moderate sized package with a beautiful HR-X piano black acrylic and silver finish. The 1.75-inch-thick platter is comprised of clear or black acrylic and incorporates an inverted bearing similar to that used in the HR-X. The solid black aluminum motor assembly is almost 10 pounds and contains a low noise 300-RPM synchronous motor with Delrin motor pulley. For improved stability and damping, the Aries 3 chassis is made from a sandwich of two layers or 5⁄8” polished black acrylic top and bottom with a 5⁄8” thick aluminum center section, exactly like the HR-X chassis design. S ARIES3 SMF SP $6,400 (W/JMW-10.5I TONEARM W/SINGLE MOTOR FLYWHEEL & SUPER PLATTER) S ARIES3 10.5i $4,800 (W/JMW-10.5i TONEARM) S ARIES3 $2,900 (W/ BLANK TONEARM BOARD)

A polished, sintered and noise-free bronze platter bearing supports an approximately-20mm acrylic platter on the Bluemotion. The chassis is an acrylic plinth with three acrylic cones, decoupled through three rubber O-rings. The Bluemotion is belt-driven with a high-quality AC-synchronous motor in rigid and massive metal-housing and a precision machined acrylic pulley. S EMOTION BL $1,400 (WITH SATISFY TONEARM)

Clearaudio Emotion Made of clear acrylic, possesses all the qualities of a high-end analog turntable. S EMOTION $1,200 (WITH SATISFY TONEARM)

Denon DP-500M Turntable Experience the pleasures of your vinyl records anew with the DP-500M direct-drive turntable, a quality component built to deliver analog sound that will exceed your most vivid recollection. S DP-500M $699

VPI TNT Super Platter VPI now offers a 25-pound “super platter” with matching inverted bearing. This platter is the most advanced VPI has ever made and of course is compatible with the VPI Periphery Ring. Made from an acrylic/stainless/acrylic sandwich (just like the HRX chassis) and weighing in at 25 pounds, this is a big, bad platter upgrade that will fit all VPI turntables except for the HRX. This platter has better bass performance, is ultra quiet and has more stability, slam and power. Yes, it will fit the HW-19 series, all Aries, all Scouts, Scoutmasters and SuperScoutmaster. It’ll even fit all the previous 20 years of TNTs, just not the HRX, which has a larger diameter bearing assembly and has its own optional HRX, super platter. S VPI SUPERPLAT $1,199.99 S VPI HRXSPRPLAT $2,000 (30 LB. HR-X VERSION)



T U R N TA B L E S Music Hall specializes in the manufacture of audiophile turntables at budget prices. If you’re new to this hobby, these tables are


a great starting

point. For pure value and very acceptable sound, Music Hall is tough to beat. See more at

Music Hall MMF-5.1 Replacing the Music Hall MMF-5, the MMF-5.1 turntable is a two-speed belt driven audiophile turntable employing the unique dual-plinth construction originated by Music Hall. This isolates the critical sound reproducing components; platter, main bearing, tonearm, and cartridge on the top platform, from the motor, switch, wiring, and feet, which are mounted on the bottom platform. Six visco-elastic cones separate the two platforms and isolate them from each other providing excellent vibration damping. The MMF-5.1 comes complete with a properly mounted and aligned Goldring moving magnet phono cartridge. S MMF-5.1SE $1095 S MMF-5.1 $875


Music Hall MMF-9.1

Music Hall MMF-7.1

The MMF-9.1 turntable is a two-speed belt driven audiophile turntable employing the unique triple-plinth construction originated by Music Hall. The distinctive design isolates the critical sound-reproducing components; platter, main bearing, tonearm, and cartridge on the top platform from the adjustable tip-toe feet, electronic speed control, and wiring which are mounted on the bottom platform. Four Sorbothane hemispheres separate each of the three plinths and provide additional vibration damping. Comes in a high-gloss piano black lacquer finish and a carbon fiber M9 tonearm.

The MMF-7.1 turntable is a 2-speed belt driven audiophile turntable employing the unique dual-plinth construction originated by Music Hall. The distinctive design isolates the critical sound reproducing components; platter, main bearing, tonearm, and cartridge on the top platform from the adjustable tip-toe feet which are mounted on the bottom platform. The motor, switch, and wiring are isolated on their own platform and completely decoupled from the turntable. Sorbothane hemispheres separate the two platforms and provide additional vibration damping. This MMF-7.1 comes in a high-gloss piano black lacquer finish and an optional Goldring Eroica H ($450 value) high-output moving-coil cartridge.

S MMF-9 $2,195 S MMF-9NOCART $1,995 (NO CARTRIDGE)

S MMF-7.1 $1,495 S MMF-7.1NOCART $1,295 (NO CARTRIDGE)

The MMF-2.2 Limited Edition turntable is a two-speed belt-driven audiophile turntable with a special Ferrari Red plinth at a budget price. It is constructed using high quality components and it comes complete with an arm and cartridge mounted. The construction of the MMF-2.2LE has been simplified to focus on the critical components; the bearing, the motor and the arm. S MMF-2.2LE $499

MMF-2.2 The MMF-2.2 turntable is a twospeed belt-driven audiophile turntable at a budget price. It is constructed using high quality components and it comes complete with an arm and cartridge mounted. The construction of the MMF-2.2 has been simplified to focus on the critical components; the bearing, the motor and the arm. S MMF-2.2 $449

Delphi MK V The Delphi MK V is a remarkable work of art. The tonearm assembly is suspended by a tripedal mounting system, which cuts out room vibrations. The table’s suspension system is a highly-sophisticated device combining seven different mechanical filters all working as a whole to effectively control unwanted vibrations. The unique main bearing configuration uses six precision surfaced nylon setscrews that require no adjustment and will perform flawlessly for a very long time. A specially-designed low voltage AC synchronous motor and molded belt maintain speed stability while filtering any vibrations generated by the motor. A variety of tonearms, dust covers and optional bases are available. S DELPHIMKVTABLE $5,000 (TABLE ONLY)

ORACLE AUDIO At Oracle Audio Technologies Inc., people make the difference in manufacturing. Their work creates pride of ownership, their passion for detail shows at every step of the manufacturing process. Their manufacturing techniques and skills result in a work of art. We couldn't imagine any better way to achieve built-in quality assurance.



Pro-Ject RM 5SE During its 13-year existence, PRO-JECT has flourished while creating a sizable PRO-JECT market demand for high-performance, reasonably priced analog playback products and accessories. PRO-JECT has won many international awards and regularly receives highly favorable reviews from the audio press around the globe. As a steadfast believer in analog technology and in the further refinement of its various playback devices, PRO-JECT looks to the future maintaining its core virtues of performance, simplicity and value intact.


Features a new Sandwich platter made from MDF with integrated vinyl mat. This platter provides constrained layer damping at a price point never thought possible before. Also included is a Sumiko Blue Point No.2 high-output moving coil cartridge which is factory mounted for your convenience. The tonearm and headshell is formed from a single piece of ultra-rigid carbon fiber with a bonded alloy headshell keeping cartridge alignment stable. Additionally, the tonearm provides for quick and easy adjustment of VTA as well as azimuth. The arm's main bearings employ inverted stainless steel points and sapphire thrust pads allowing the use of more massive and rigid (lower compliant) moving coil cartridges. Three-point aluminum cone feet further reduce overall noise and vibration. Plinth-mounted RCA phono jacks. S RM-5 SE $999


"…the RM-10 gives one a glimpse of what a reference turntable system can do: Make you feel, at times, like the performers are in the room." — The Absolute Sound's 2007 Golden Ear Awards, Jim Hannon, The Absolute Sound, August 2007


Pro-Ject Perspex A new manual turntable from the good folks at Pro-Ject - The first to feature the new Evolution Series of Reference Carbon-Fiber tonearms!


The RM-9.1 offers unique aesthetic and technical features that further advance the art of turntable design from Pro-Ject. The teardrop shaped plinth helps to avoid internal standing waves, while external vibrations are isolated from the system by way of height adjustable resonance damping feet. The massive acrylic platter and record weight assembly sit on top of an inverted thrust bearing, providing greater speed stability. The completely isolated motor and power supply virtually eliminates motor noise. The tonearm uses a carbon fiber arm tube and superior bearing assembly to allow for the use of even the most difficult to control moving coil cartridges. S RM-9 BLKBRD $2,299 (WITH BLACKBIRD CARTRIDGE) S RM-9.1 BPS $2,049 (WITH BLUE POINT SPECIAL CARTRIDGE) S RM-9 $1,799

Pro-Ject Debut III/USB

S PERSPEX $1,999

Pro-Ject Xpression III Pro-Ject have taken their award-winning Pro-Ject 1 Xpression and improved it again, delivering the stunning Pro-Ject Xpression III. This Xpression III features an improved, carbon-fiber tonearm, superior isolation feet (rubber-damped, with aluminum spike cones for improved vibration damping) and is supplied complete with a factoryfitted and aligned “Sumiko Oyster” cartridge, for the best sound and easy set-up. Finished in a lovely, gloss lacquered piano finish which, with the new, performance-enhancing acrylic platter, looks luscious. S PRO-XP III $699

The Pro-Ject Debut III includes a premounted Ortofon OM-5E Moving Magnet phono cartridge and is an excellent choice for the audiophile seeking a cost effective vinyl playback solution. A felt-covered steel platter mates to a chrome plated stainless-steel axle running in a brass bearing housing for exceptional speed stability and accuracy. The aluminum tonearm employs inverted hardened stainless-steel points for superior tracking with the supplied phono cartridge. Matte Black finish. S DEBUTIII USB $449 S DEBUTIII SB $349

Pro-Ject DEBUT III Multicolor Same features and specifications as the Pro-Ject Debut III but with plinth available in your choice of eight different colors. Please specify GREEN, PIANO GLOSS BLACK, YELLOW, BLUE, RED, GLOSS WHITE, CHAMPAGNE or SILVER. 2007 S DEBUTIII $379 EDITORS’ CHOICE AWARDS 1-800-716-3553 • WWW.ACOUSTICSOUNDS.COM 13



NEW for 2008

Benz S Class Cartridges

Albert Lukaschek of Benz Micro and Garth Leerer of Musical Surroundings announce a new series of phono cartridges, the S Class. Led by the new flagship LP S cartridge, introducing the SLR Gullwing and joined by new versions of the Wood Body, Glider and ACE cartridges, the S Class furthers the performance, selection and value of the Benz Micro line. The continued evolution of the Benz cartridge line and the culmination of years of research and manufacturing refinements, the S Class incorporates new materials, advancements in moving coil suspension design and upgraded styli on the Benz Swiss hand-made moving coils. The new LP S incorporates a higher mass brass frame for improved coupling to tonearms, evolved ruby square plate generator and Ebony body. Brass, an alloy of copper and tin, complements Ebony, materials used for building musical instruments. The LP S has 50 percent more mass than the previous model for enhanced vibrational and resonant characteristics, thus revealing greater dynamic contrasts, deeper bass and increased resolution from all records. Introducing the SLR gullwing. SLR stands for “S” Class, “L” for Luft or air in German, and “R” for Ruby. Gullwing is an homage to the Benz Glider symbol. At first glance, the SLR resembles the famous Glider, but the new SLR gullwing is derived from the highly regarded Benz Ruby and the new LP S. An open air design like the Glider, the SLR is the only Benz cartridge other then the LP S with a frame machined from Brass. The generator uses the square Ruby plate and oversized neodymium magnet similar to the Benz Ruby. Finally, the Benz Dynascan, combining the Gyger S stylus side bonded to a solid boron cantilever at the Benz Swiss factory by hand, complete this outstanding cartridge. Open, sweet, detailed and dynamic, the Benz SLR gullwing is more than a “Super Glider”. Think of it as the “convertible sports coupe” version of the LP S. The S Class models of the Wood Body SL (low), SM (medium) and SH (high), Glider SL, SM, SH and ACE SL, SM, SH all incorporate the Benz Dynascan with Gyger S stylus coupled to improved generators using new coil windings and refined pole pieces/damper designs. Albert Lukaschek began researching increased performance and uniformity of his crosscoil designs while developing the Benz Ebony H, L and TR models. Experimenting with the length of the solid Boron cantilever revealed how the elasticity of this very stiff material contributed to compliance and trackability. Development of a grooved rear pole piece for countersinking the o-ring damper, first introduced on the Benz Ruby square plate cartridges, was then adapted to the cross coil designs, given their lower contact area and damping characteristics. The lower mass coils and matched cantilevers of the new S Class retain their real world output levels and with their improved styli, offer higher performance. Music lovers are getting the best performance/ value ratio in phono cartridges, regardless of output level. We offer industry leading programs in upgrading previous Benz models to the new S Class.

S class

Benz MC-Gold, MC-Silver Budget performers that retain more than a little of the famous Benz musicality and accuracy. S MCGOLD $375 S MCSILVER $375

Benz MC20EII/L There's no other cartridge we've heard or know of that offers more pure value. For just $250, you can jump into the highend arena. S MC20E II $250 S MC20L $250 14


LP S S BENZ LP S $5,000

Ruby 3 S RUBY 3 S S RUBY H S

$3,500 $3,500

Ebony H S EBONY H S $3,500

Ref S Copper S REFS COPPER $2,500

NEW! SLR Gullwing S BENZ SLR $2,500

Wood S L S L2 S $1,500

Wood S M S M2 S $1,500

Wood S HI S H2 S $1,500




Ace 2.5 mv S BENZ ACE S H $700 (HIGH OUTPUT)


Ace .4 mv S BENZ ACE S L $700 (LOW OUTPUT)

a new series of phono cartridges

S class

Benz Aesthetix ABCD-1 MC Cartridge Demagnetizer A battery-powered device that will do much to re-store the performance of your Moving-Coil cartridge. Though recommended for most brands, give us a call to discuss compatibility with your model. S ABCD-1 $200 RECOMMENDED COMPONENT





Five phono cartridges — Goldfinger, Titanium, Stradavari, Symphony and Concerto — all featuring a special multi-finger resonance control body, lower mass coils, high efficiency magnets and Micro HD stylus. Also featuring symmetric 24-carat gold wire coils. The best yet from Clearaudio.

Maestro Wood



24 carat gold body, .8mV output. S GOLDFINGER $10,000

Ebony wood body, .7mV output. S STRADIVARI $3,500

Concerto Titanium Titanium body, .8mV output. S TITANIUM $7,500

Satiné wood body, .7mV output. S CONCERTO $2,400



Ebony wood body, .7mV output. S CA SYMPH $1,800

The Clearaudio Maestro is the top of the line in Clearaudio’s range of Moving Magnet cartridges. Available with a one piece body of Satiné wood and utilizing a boron cantilever, this revolutionary model yields a significant improvement over their much heralded Virtuoso Wood. S MAESTRO $1,000

Virtuoso Wood The Virtuoso has many of the virtues of the Moving Coil series with a healthy 3.6mV that is compatible with standard phono stages. S VIRT W $875

Aurum Series Four cartridges that redefine what is possible in their respective price ranges. Tighter tolerances and more exotic stylus profile as you proceed through the line. Stereophile recommended. S AURUM BETA S $725 S AURUM ALPHA $400 S AURUM BETA $575 S CLASSIC $275

DENON DL-103R Innovative engineering and technology are at the core of what makes a Denon product a Denon. Through a disciplined approach to design and production, Denon’s engineers ensure that only superb craftsmanship, precision engineering and impeccable performance goes into every component. Their solutions are often born through passionately studying examples from the widest array of imaginable fields – including physics, electronics, mechanical engineering, art and nature. Their constant quest to create the perfect entertainment component has given them invaluable inspiration for not only the most powerful technical solutions but also the most convenient features to satisfy a diverse set of entertainment needs. That is why they tirelessly transform creative ideas into leading innovations within their industry.

DL-304 This audiophile moving coil cartridge provides ultimate performance in the most demanding high-end system. S DL-304 $699

DL-301II Moving Coil Cartridge. The DL-301II cartridge is the updated version of the popular DL-301. The body style has been changed and output performance has been improved to provide a more detailed sound. In addition, the output level of this standard output moving coil cartridge is slightly higher than most, providing a strong response with plenty of punch. S DL-301MK2 $329

Moving Coil Cartridge. The DL-103R is an updated version of the classic DL-103. It provides improved sound by using 6N copper coils wound with precision to the cantilever shaft. Audio lovers will delight with detail that is brought out by this outstanding phono cartridge. S DL-103R $379

DL-103 Moving Coil Cartridge. Denon's classic cartridge, the DL-103, has been an industry standard for decades. Providing smooth response in many Hi-Fi systems, the DL-103 gives a pleasing sound and brings out the full detail of audio performances. S DL-103 $229

DL-160 High Output Moving Coil Cartridge. Audiophile and DJs looking for a replacement cartridge will be amazed by the DL-160, which can be used on just about any moving magnet phono input. The phenomenal elliptical diamond stylus digs deep into the grooves to extract the glorious nuances of the music. S DL-160 $179

DL-110 High Output Moving Coil Cartridge. The DL-110 is an unobtrusive high output Moving Coil cartridge that is able to display music in a very three-dimensional manner. This cartridge provides clean sound for Hi-Fi systems with Moving Magnet inputs. S DL-110 $139

DL-102 Mono High Output Moving Coil Cartridge. S DL-102 $249 1-800-716-3553 • WWW.ACOUSTICSOUNDS.COM 15





GRADO The Reference series of wooden cartridges are a fixed coil design, hand-crafted at Grado Labs from a specially selected species of mahogany. They not only have the deep, extended bass response that Grado lovers have come to know well, but also fine, delicate high frequency detail and liquid mid-range. The Reference cartridges are also available at a lower output of .5 mV to work with Moving Coil phono stages. Grado calls this the Statement Series. This design enables them to wind the coils with only 380 turns of a much larger wire (6,000 turns on the Reference Series!). Fewer windings shorten the signal path from 125 feet to a mere six feet. The result is a wide open and uncolored sound, with much better definition and transparency and increased dynamics. The Statement


The best Grado ever built and one of the world’s finest sounding cartridges, with all of the Grado hallmarks but taken to the “Ultimate” level. S STATE $2,500

A true upgrade over the Platinum, its ability to resolve complex musical passages in a relaxed fashion and with more apparent detail will appeal to the discriminating listener. Available in .5mV, 1.5mV or 4.0mV outputs. S SON (.5MV) $500 2007 S GRADOSONATA (4.0MV) $500 EDITORS’ CHOICE AWARDS

The Reference The top of the Reference line uses an exotic five-piece cantilever design and a true ellipsoid diamond stylus. Available in .5mV and 4.0mV outputs. S GRADOREFERENCE (.5MV) $1,200 S REF (4.0MV) $1,200



Master Using the same five-piece cantilever as the Reference but with an elliptical stylus that has a 5% lower tip-mass than the Sonata and Platinum models. Specify .5mV or 4.0 mV output. S MAST (.5MV) $800 S GRADO MASTER (4.0MV) $800

The entry-level model of the “wood-bodied” lineup is warm and sweet and is a great enhancement for those looking to improve the sound of their systems. Available in the .5mV and 4.0mV outputs. S PLAT (.5MV) $300 S GRADO PLATINUM (4.0MV) $300


“Phase-Tech's P-1 moving-coil cartridge is a heavyweight in many respects. At 12 grams, it’s physically heavy. Its sound is 'heavy' (in the best sense of the word) with weight and authority…when called for. And it’s a heavyweight as a competitor. This is one of those rare audio components that could challenge your thinking about the nature of your PHASE TECH entire audio system. At its $1800 price, this phono cartridge gets you very, very close to what's on an LP, and much closer than many other cartridges at this price level.” — Curtis Leeds, Hi-Fi+, Issue 45

The Prestige series of MM cartridges are designed for high output and stability under the most demanding of conditions. All of the range use Grado’s patented Optimized Transmission Line technology, which carefully dissipates any resonances.

Prestige Gold Uses a four-piece OTL cantilever technology, ultra-high purity long crystal (UHPLC), oxygen-free copper wire in the coils and Grado’s specially designed elliptical diamond mounted on a brass bushing. 2007 S GRADO GOLD $220 EDITORS’ CHOICE AWARDS

Prestige Red and Blue Models The Blue and Red models use a four-piece OTL cantilever technology, standard oxygen free wire in the coils and Grado’s specially designed elliptical diamond mounting on a brass bushing. The Red model is selected from the Blue production run and meet higher test specifications. Approximately 10 percent of the production run will meet these standards and become Red models. S GRADO BLUE $110 S GRADO RED $140


Prestige 78 RPM The Prestige Series of 78-RPM cartridges are designed for high output and excellent stability under even severe use. Each cartridge can be used for either archival or casual play without concern for undue wear on the record. All Grado 78 cartridges have a considerable reduction in tip mass resulting in extended frequency response while tracking forces can range from 2-5 grams. The experts acclaim these cartridges as virtually the finest 78-rpm cartridges in the world.

Model 78E The Prestige model 78E uses a modified four piece OTL cantilever technology, oxygen free wire in the coils and a specially designed, high polished, conical/spherical 3 mil. diamond mounted in a brass bushing. S GRADO78E $150

Model 78C


Phase Tech P-1

Phase Tech P-3

MC phono cartridge. • High rigid and light pure-boron for the cantilever • Stainless steel block for the body base • Carved from red sandalwood, which absorbs remaining subtle vibration, for the cartridge case • 6N oxygen-free high-conductivity copper for the coil • Low-coercivity, high-saturation-flux-density pure iron for the coil bobbin • High-coercivity, high-saturation-flux-density ferro-cobalt alloy for the yoke • Samarium-cobalt for the magnet S PTECH P1 $1,800

MC phono cartridge. • High rigid and light pure-boron for the cantilever • Duraluminum with DLC treatment for the body base • Manufactured with regards to proper mechanical grounding • 6N oxygen-free high-conductivity copper for the coil • Low-coercivity, high-saturation-flux-density pure iron for the coil bobbin • High-coercivity, high-saturation-flux-density ferro-cobalt alloy for the yoke • Samarium-cobalt for the magnet S PTECH P3 $1,100


The Prestige model 78C uses a three-piece OTL cantilever technology, oxygen free wire in the coils and a specially designed, high polished conical/spherical 3 mil. diamond mounted in a brass bushing. S GRADO78C $90

Prestige Green and Black Models The Black and Green models use a three-piece OTL cantilever technology, standard oxygen-free wire in the coils and Grado’s specially designed elliptical diamond mounted in a brass bushing. The Green model is selected from the Black production run and meet higher test specifications. Approximately 15 percent of the production run will meet these standards and become Green models. S GREEN $80 S GRADO BLK $60 S GRADO BLKPMT $60 (P-MOUNT)

Koetsu… for those who require the best. NEW! Coralstone Platinum

Bloodstone Platinum

Onyx Platinum

Jade Platinum

The stone used here is actually Heliotrope. As for the sound, it’s lively with lots of dynamic swing and expression. .3mV output. Optional diamond cantilever $4,000

At 12.4 grams, it’s one of the lightest of the stonebodied series. A very good choice for the weightconscious tonearms. The Onyx sounds the most linear of the stone-bodied series – not too cool, not too warm. .3mV output. Optional diamond cantilever $4,000

Classic Japanese Jade. Who can resist its rich, gorgeous color? The Jade has that classic Koetsu lushness. .3mV output. Optional diamond cantilever $4,000

Petrified coralstone body. “…stunning naturalness and presence…a sense of substance and stability to the image…big and rich and vibrant…” Richard Foster S BLST PLAT $8,500 Hi-Fi-+, Issue 43 Optional diamond cantilever $4,000 Available in stereo or mono.

Rose Signature Platinum


A platinum magnet with silver-clad copper wire and a special lacquered rosewood body make this Koetsu highly sought after. Optional diamond cantilever $4,000 Available in stereo or mono.


Similar internally to the Vermillion, but with a gold flake lacquered rosewood body. S WAJIMA $4,300



S CORAL PLAT $15,000

NEW! Urushi Sky Blue

Urushi Vermillion

Urushi Tsugaru

Rosewood Signature



The latest variant in Koetsu’s very highly regarded Urushi series, the Urushi Sky Blue uses a Samariumcobalt magnet producing a .4mv output. The coil windings are silver wire, rather than the alternate copper-and-silver wire found in the Urushi Vermillion.

Probably the most popular in the Urushi series. A samariumcobalt magnet with silver and copper coil windings producing about .2 mv output in a red lacquered rosewood body. One of our favorites here at Acoustic Sounds.

This Urushi uses a magnet for an output of about .4mv. The Tsugaru would be a great choice for running straight into a fullfunction preamplifier where a traditional lower output cartridge may not work.

A perennial favorite. Things come and go in the world of audio. There is a great reason why the Rosewood Signature has been around for decades; spellbinding sound. Many older audiophiles will tell you exact and specific details from their first encounter with a Rosewood Signature.

This one has a lot going for it: lighter in weight as compared to its little brother, the Black, it will mate well with many of today’s tonearms without the need for additional counterweights.

The Koetsu Black’s biggest crime is that it’s not the newest kid on the block in this price range. The Black has quietly gained internal improvements over the years.

S TSUGARU $4,300

S URUSHI $4,300



n the 1970s, Yosiaki Sugano, a renaissance man who’d had success as an artist, musician, swordsman, calligrapher and business executive, created the world’s most renowned phono cartridges. He enlisted universities, specialized industries and master craftspeople to create parts for his masterpieces. Sugano was one of the first to use 4-nines copper, and current Koetsu production uses 6-nines copper. He developed and fostered a vision of unparalleled beauty and performance. Each cartridge became a one-of-a-kind, pampered piece of perfection.17Sugano’s pride lived in the very limited run of each model. 3553

S KOETSU BL $1,600

S KOETSU RW $2,600


Now in its fourth decade, Koetsu has remained the cost-noobject option for perfect music reproduction. Yosiaki Sugano’s vision lives on through his son, Fumihiko Sugano, who was trained for years by the master Yoshaki. The standards remain the same – very simply, perfection. With it comes a hand-built beauty that’s evoked adjectives normally reserved for art or jewelry – words like “mystique” and “masterpiece.” A Koetsu WWW.ACOUSTICSOUNDS.COM 800-716isn’t just listened to, it’s beheld.

Koetsu… what do you require?

1-800-716-3553 • WWW.ACOUSTICSOUNDS.COM 17

SHELTER Harmony Shelter’s new reference model! For the first time in a Shelter pickup, the Harmony uses CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) for the cartridge’s body-shell. This material has superior characteristics of absorbing and decreasing vibrations. The resonance frequency of this CFRP material is out of the audible frequency range, thus having less coloration but allowing the reproduced signal many sonic advantages. The Harmony features an aluminum cantilever with OFC lead wire. The cantilever is slightly shorter for added strength and rapid response. This combination of modern body-shell and traditional motor system allows the Harmony to draw out subtle nuances from an LP’s grooves. At the same time, it has the ability to capture and reproduce natural sounds regardless of genre S HARMONY MC $4,500

SHELTER Models 9000 and 7000 These models are a complete departure from the current line of Shelter cartridges. Newly designed body, high rigidity, improved front-yoke, larger diameter PC-OCC lead wires wound around the redesigned bobbin. These new concepts and design philosophy allow the Shelter 7000 and 9000 models to achieve new levels of dynamism and quietness for a smooth and effortless sonic presentation. S 9000 $2,995 S 7000 $1,995

SUMIKO Celebration II This is a hand-fitted cartridge with a silky pearwood body. Complementary components were carefully selected, including a classic Alnico magnet for a robust .5mV output, a low mass PH stylus for ease of setup, a long-grain boron cantilever for self-quieting stiffness, and new synthetic rubber elastomers in the suspension system. S CELEBRATION $2,000

SHELTER Model 5000

SUMIKO Blackbird Designed for exceedingly-low noise levels and wide dynamic range. The best possible signal-tonoise ratio is realized with a 2.5mV output directly driving a standard 47k Ohm RIAA phono stage. 2007 EDITORS’ CHOICE AWARDS S BLACKBIRD $799

SUMIKO Blue Point Special EVO III The newest addition to Shelter’s latest line of cartridges, this is the little brother of the 7000 and 9000 series. The 5000 promises to uphold Shelter’s reputation of outstanding sonics at a reasonable price. S 5000 $1,500

Like the Blue Point, this cartridge offers a 2.5mv output and alloy cantilever, but this Special EVO III version is better than the original and includes an open generator design. 2007 S BLUEPTSPCL $399 EDITORS’ CHOICE AWARDS

SUMIKO Blue Point SHELTER 501II MC Owners of this cartridge have said the Shelter 501II easily fills the sonic shoes of cartridges costing two or three times as much. The 501II blends its musical presentation with a warm, extremely CARTRIDGES musical midrange, deep, authoritative bass and a smooth-as-silk top end. Instruments shine and are easily placed, showing plenty of soul. With a .4mV output and great tracking, the 501II is stunning. 2007 EDITORS’ CHOICE AWARDS S 501II MC $900 S 501II MC MONO $1,200 (MONO OUTPUT)

SHELTER 301II MC Enjoy the legendary Shelter cartridge sound without breaking the bank. Introducing the 301II Moving Coil .3MV output. Enjoy a rich, musically enjoyable midrange, supple bass lines and a sweet top end with this affordably-priced .3mV output MC cartridge from one of the best cartridge makers in the world. The 301II has the same body as the original 501 but in a beautiful blue. This cartridge is quickly gaining acclaim as a great bargain. Shelter cartridges have been known for their ability to compete with cartridges costing two to three times more. S 301IIMC $750


SHELTER 201 MM Shelter introduces a $200 Moving Magnet cartridge that stays true to this great company’s “family sound.” The unique quality of the 201 MM is that it offers tremendous musicality without being overly critical of the quality of vinyl it is tracking. This is an outstanding bonus when considering an entry-level analog front end. The 201 MM would be a great choice for use with Thorens, Pro-Ject, Music Hall, Rega or Clearaudio turntables. S 201MM $199

SHELTER Carbon Fiber Mounting Hardware Contains two 10mm bolts and two polycarbonate nuts. S CFM 10MM $200 (10MM) S CFM 8MM $190 (8MM)

This Moving Coil cartridge has a high output of 2.5 mV, an alloy cantilever and a Blue Point Elliptical diamond stylus. New standard half-inch mounting. 2007 S BLUEPT $299 EDITORS’ CHOICE AWARDS

SUMIKO Pearl The Pearl provides the best that Moving Magnetic cartridges have to offer. Its elliptical stylus, combined with the sophisticated generator of the Black Pearl, allows the Pearl to retrieve more of the music lying in a record, while reducing wear on precious groove walls and improving frequency response and separation. S PEARL $95

SUMIKO Black Pearl Moving Magnet phono cartridge with alloy cantilever and bonded spherical stylus, 4.0mV output. S BLACKPEARL $75

SUMIKO Oyster Moving Magnet phono cartridge with alloy cantilever. Bonded spherical stylus, 4.0mV output. S OYSTER CART $55

Hand-made in Japan, Shelter cartridges offer ultra-high performance with a range of models to suit every budget.




LYRA Argo i

LYRA Titan i The Lyra Titan i is an improved version of the widely acclaimed Lyra Titan. More than just an enhancement, the new Titan i is equipped with a different suspension and damping system. Tracking ability has been substantially improved, bass performance is lifted to new levels of refinement and speed and low-level resolution and dynamics have gained a marked improvement. S LYTITAN $5,200 S LYTITANM $5,700 (MONO OUTPUT)

Lyra Skala Using a unique, multi-section, multi-material structure that combines a dense and rigid metal with a lightweight polymer, the Skala is a monster when it comes to reproducing big dynamics without sacrificing fine detail. This baby is ultra-strong and yet reasonable in weight. The small size of the contact patch creates a focused, high-pressure area which increases the efficiency of energy transfer away from the signal-generating coils. In combination with the multi-section, multi-material structure, this gives excellent control over the vibration and resonances that are inevitably generated when the stylus tracks an LP. A worthy successor to the old tried and true Hellikon. S LYRA SKALA $3,200

Lyra Helikon The Helikon has received unanimous accolades from every reviewer who has had the pleasure of an audition. Michael Fremer gave this cartridge an incredible review in the August 2000 edition of Stereophile. In fact, it is Stereophile “Class A Rated” AND was “Editors Choice of The Year” by H.P. of The Absolute Sound. It also received “Analog Product of The Year” from Roy Gregory’s HiFI+ magazine. It has the speed and accuracy of some of the more “analytical” designs coupled with the warmth and musicality that make listening to vinyl so rewarding. The Helikon can be considered a true classic. S HELIKON $2,300 S HELIKON MONO $2,500 S HELIKON SL $2,195 (LOW OUTPUT) 2007 EDITORS’ CHOICE AWARDS

The Argo i replaces the discontinued Lydian Beta and has made tremendous strides in sonic performance, trackability and ease of setup. S LYRA ARGO $1,500

LYRA Dorian Lyra has found a way to bring their sonic signature to a more affordable price point. Introducing the Dorian, a machine-wound Moving Coil cartridge that retains much of the magic of Lyra’s more expensive hand-wound cartridges. S LYRA DORIAN $995 2007 S LYRA DORIANM $995 (MONO OUTPUT) EDITORS’ CHOICE AWARDS

SHURE Shure M97xE This Shure cartridge will make magic. The M97xE is an excellent tracking, neutral, smooth-sounding magnetic cartridge designed to provide long hours of undistorted, easy listening, without fatiguing the ear or tiring the mind. This cartridge is able to accurately reproduce very difficult musical passages, particularly in the high-frequency range, where audio modulations are the smallest and most concentrated and stylus tip movement is consequently the most rapid. Its highly 2007 EDITORS’ CHOICE precise tracking ability and flat frequency response are made possible by Shure’s unique Type II low-mass thin-wall aluminum alloy stylus cantilever, combined with a precision-crafted, finely polished, elliptical diamond tip. S SHUREM97XE $140







Benz Micro

MC 20II MC 20L MC Silver MC Gold Ace Low S Ace Medium S Ace High S Ace Mono S Glider Low S Glider Medium S Glider High S L2 S M2 S H2 S Ref 3 Copper S Ruby 3 S Ruby H LP Ebony S LP Ebony H

$250 $250 $375 $375 $700 $700 $700 $700 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,500 $1,500 $1,500 $2,500 $3,500 $3,500 $5,000 $5,000


2mV .5mV 2mV .4mV .4mV .8mV 2.5mV 2.5mV .4mV .8mV 2.5mV .3mV .8mV 2.5mV .3mV .3mV .7mV .28mV 2.5mV

elliptical elliptical elliptical elliptical line contact line contact line contact line contact line contact line contact line contact line contact line contact line contact dynascan dynascan dynascan dynascan dynascan

Compliance 10 10 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 14 14 15 15 14 15 14

Tracking Force Cartridge Weight 2.0 2.0 2.0 2.0 1.75 1.75 1.75 1.75 1.75 1.75 1.75 1.75 1.75 1.75 1.8 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9

4g 4g 5.7g 5.7g 8.8g 8.8g 8.8g 8.8g 6.8g 6.8g 6.8g 9g 9g 9g 9g 9.6g 9.6g 16g 10.7g


1-800-716-3553 • WWW.ACOUSTICSOUNDS.COM 19

CARTRIDGE COMPARISON GUIDE continued from page 19 Brand







Classic Aurum Alpha Aurum Beta Aurum Beta S Virtuoso Wood Maestro Symphony Concerto Stradivari Titanium Goldfinger

$200 $300 $400 $500 $800 $1,000 $1,500 $2,000 $3,000 $6,000 $8,000


3.3mV 3.6mV 3.6mV 3.6mV 3.6mV 3.6mV .7mV .7mV .7mV .8mV .8mV

elliptical elliptical elliptical elliptical elliptical elliptical trygon PII micro hd micro hd micro hd micro hd

med med med med med med 15 15 15 15 15

2.0 2.0 2.0 2.0 2.0 2.0 2.8 2.8 2.8 2.8 2.8

6g 6g 6g 6g 6g 7g 4.2g 4.4g 4.0g 9g 16g



DL-304 DL-301MKII DL-103R DL-103 DL-160 DL-110 DL-102

$699 $329 $379 $229 $179 $139 $249


.18mV .4mV .25mV .3mV 1.6mV 1.6mV 3.0mV

elliptical elliptical conical conical elliptical elliptical conical

14 13 5 5 8 8 low

1.2 1.4 2.5 2.5 1.6 1.8 3.0

7.0g 6.0g 8.5g 8.5g 4.8g 4.8g 13.0g

S DL-304 S DL-301MK2 S DL-103R S DL-103 S DL-160 S DL-110 S DL-102

Black Green Blue Red Gold Grado Reference Platinum Sonata Master Reference Grado Statement Platinum Sonata Master Reference Statement

$40 $60 $80 $110 $180 $300 $500 $800 $1,200 $300 $500 $800 $1,200 $2,500


5.0mV 5.0mV 5.0mV 5.0mV 5.0mV 5.0mV 5.0mV 5.0mV 5.0mV .5mV .5mV .5mV .5mV .5mV

elliptical elliptical elliptical elliptical elliptical elliptical elliptical elliptical elliptical elliptical elliptical elliptical elliptical elliptical

20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20

1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5

5.5g 5.5g 5.5g 5.5g 5.5g 6.5g 6.5g 6.5g 6.5g 6.5g 6.5g 6.5g 6.5g 7.0g



Black Red Rosewood Signature Urushi Vermillion Urushi Sky Blue Urushi Wajima UrushiTsugaru Rosewood Signature Platinum Jade Platinum Onyx Platinum Bloodstone Platinum Tiger Eye Platinum Coralstone Platinum

$1,600 $2,600 $3,700 $4,300 $4,300 $4,300 $4,300 $5,900 $8,000 $8,000 $8,500 $13,000 $15,000


.6mV .6mV .6mV .4mV .4mV .4mV .6mV .2mV .2mV .2mV .2mV .2mV .2mV

quadrahedron quadrahedron quadrahedron quadrahedron quadrahedron quadrahedron quadrahedron quadrahedron quadrahedron quadrahedron quadrahedron quadrahedron quadrahedron

low low low low low low low low low low low low low

1.8-2.0 1.8-2.0 1.8-2.0 1.8-2.0 1.8-2.0 1.8-2.0 1.8-2.0 1.8-2.0 1.8-2.0 1.8-2.0 1.8-2.0 1.8-2.0 1.8-2.0

10.3g 8.2g 8.2g 9.4g 9.4g 9.4g 9.2g 12.8g 13.1g 12.4g 13.7g n/a 12.75g



Dorian Dorian Mono Argo i Helikon Skala Titan i Titan Mono

$749 $749 $1,195 $1,995 $3,200 $4,500 $5,500


.6mV .25mV .45mV .5mV .5mV .5mV .5mV

micro ridge micro ridge line contact line contact line contact line contact

12 12 12 12 12 12 12

1.9 1.9 1.75 1.7 1.7 1.7 1.7

6.4g 6.4 6.4g 8.0g 9g 10.5g 10.5g


Phase Tech

P-1 P-3

$1,800 $1,100


.25mV .27mV

line contact line contact

6 7.3

1.85 1.85

10.9g 12g













201 301 II 501 II 501 II Mono 5000 7000 9000 Harmony

$199 $750 $850 $1,200 $1,200 $1,995 $2,995 $4,000


4.0mV .3mV .4mV .5mV .5mV .5mV .6mV .5mV

elliptical conical elliptical conical elliptical elliptical elliptical line contact

15 low 9 9 9 9 9 9

2.0 1.8 1.7 1.7 1.7 1.7 1.7 1.9

6.0g 8.1g 8.1g 8.1g 11g 11g 11g 8.5g

S 201MM S 301IIMC S 501II MC S 501II MC MONO S 5000 S 7000 S 9000 S HARMONY MC


Oyster Black Pearl Pearl Blue Point Blue Point Special EVO III Blackbird Celebration II

$55 $75 $95 $299 $399 $799 $2,000


4.0mV 4.0mV 4.0mV 2.5mV 2.5mV 2.5mV .5mVV

conical conical elliptical elliptical elliptical elliptical elliptical

12 15 15 15 12 12 12

2.3 2.0 2.0 1.8 2.0 2.0 2.0

5.3g 6.0g 6.0g 6.3g 8.4g 9.6g 7g


Grado Prestige




Tracking Force Cartridge Weight

Part Number







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100% Fun

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PHONO PREAMPS Sutherland Ph.D… “…This is a ‘big’-sounding phono stage, and it was clearly fine-tuned by listeners who value threedimensionality…The Ph.D.’s actual speed when handling transients perfectly complemented Stevie Ray’s more intense moments, and it will confound those who fail to appreciate that dragging a chunk of mineral over plastic ripples can yield such solid notes…the two Sutherland pieces are eminently satisfying, and yet so deliciously quirky (without stinking of hand-built, catastrophe-in-waiting, audiophile shoddiness) that I can’t see any vinyl lovers resisting their utter adjustability and lack of coloration.” — Ken Kessler, Hi-Fi News, April 2006 “I have my Sutherland Ph.D. in my mastering room. When I audition LP test pressings I need the most accurate reproduction possible. Since I have the actual master tape right beside me, I need to hear exactly what is on my mastered LP, and the Sutherland does that for me. Also, the absence of hum or noise from my record playback is quite a joy after years of trying to ignore it. The battery powered Sutherland phono pre is so quiet I don’t even know it’s on. That is so important in my work. Record playback is now a treat!” — Mastering Engineer Steve Hoffman

SUTHERLAND Ph.D. Phono Preamp The Ph.D. doesn’t even have a power cord. Instead, 16 alkaline D cell batteries line the sides of the chassis. After about 800 hours of playing time (roughly half the life of a cartridge), a red light will indicate that your batteries are running low. The Ph.D. turns on the moment your stylus is stimulated. From there, the unit automatically looks for a signal every half-hour for just a fraction of a second. If it doesn’t find a signal, it will stay on for an additional half-hour with a yellow light indicating that it is preparing to turn off. What’s more, the Ph.D. has four different loading options and gain-stage settings that are simple to adjust. S PHD $3,000

ACOUSTECH PH-1P Phono Preamp Building on the design of the original PH-1, Ron Sutherland has created a Premium Edition. The PH-1P has gold-plated circuit boards with hand-matched parts that take its performance to the next level. In fact, the PH-1P received a coveted “Class-A” rating in Stereophile’s Recommended Components. What makes this even more special is that most of the “Class-A” competition costs several times the AcousTech’s asking price. S PH1P $1,500

AcousTech PH1P… “…the PH-1P gave me a welcome and worthwhile sonic improvement. The sound opened up. Highs became more extended. I heard more spatial resolution. I noted a small but significant gain in overall transparency, including better-defined bass…with either version of the PH-1, setting up for MM or MC is a breeze.” — Sam Tellig, Stereophile, August 2002

Sutherland Ph3D… “Sutherland’s PH3D has a simplicity and cleanliness that matches the elegance of its design… This sense of relaxed, unhurried ease allows music to develop in its own time and with its own pace. Combined with the textural and temporal insights the Sutherland makes vocals come alive. Great singers capture the listener, be it Neil Young, Lou Reed or Ella, their subtle vocal inflections and mastery of phrasing and placement making their voices captivatingly expressive…For fans of vocal and acoustic recordings this could be a no-brainer.” — Roy Gregory, Hi-Fi+, Issue 50

Manley Labs Steelhead… “A 2005 Golden Ear Award winner, Manley Labs’ Steelhead is one of the great preamps. Ostensibly a phonostage, the Steelhead also has a pair of line-level inputs (and the freshly caught Skipjack switcher lets you add more) that allows you to use it as your main preamp. Which is what you’ll want to do, as the Steelhead is one of the quietest, most detailed, and highly musical preamps out there.” – Wayne Garcia, The Absolute Sound, February/March 2005 22


The Absolute Sound 2007 PHONOSTAGE OF THE YEAR “In short, the Ph3D offers serious high-end performance at a near entry-level price.” – The Absolute Sound, Issue 178

PHONOSTAGE of the year 2007

SUTHERLAND Ph3D Phono Preamp Ron Sutherland’s at it again – introducing his third phono preamp. The Ph3D brings the virtues of a battery-powered phono stage to an even more affordable price point. Sutherland’s new design can be considered an introduction to high-end or a final destination – the Ph3D comfortably plays both roles. By focusing on the essential elements of “high end” values, Sutherland was able to make design decisions that deliver “high end” character and good value for the money. Everything Sutherland’s designed has resulted in rave reviews from throughout the Hi-Fi editorial community. The Ph3D is destined to be yet another classic. But don’t take our word for it. Try it now, and enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee. Call us at 800-716-3553 for more details on this beauty. S PH-3D $1,000 preamp of the year

MANLEY LABS Steelhead Phono Preamp


The Steelhead completely redefines what is possible in the arena of vinyl playback and music reproduction in general. It is also the most flexible phono-preamp ever designed. It will work with the lowestoutput Moving Coil and the most robust Moving Magnet cartridges. And its front panel impedance and capacitive loading options can be set “on-the-fly” while listening to your favorite recordings. Also has one line input. You can eliminate your preamp and use it as a stand-alone unit. S STEELHEAD $7,300


"…I'm not sure I've ever heard a more transparent phono preamp at any price, save for the Boulder 2008...” —Michael Fremer, Stereophile, July 2008

PRO-JECT Tube Box II Phono Preamp • Amplification and RIAA equalization for MM and MC cartridges. • Phono MM/MC selection switch located at the rear of the unit. • Dual-Mono circuitry utilizing two double triodes for improved channel separation. • Subsonic filter selection switch located at the rear of the unit. S TUBE BOX II $449

MUSICAL FIDELITY X-LPS Phono Stage V8 The circuitry in the X-LPSv8 is similar to that used in expensive electronics. The RIAA is very accurate, the noise ratio is excellent and overload margins are good. Generally, its technical performance on both MM and MC is equal to some highly expensive stand-alone phono stages. Subjectives are personal, but we think that the X-LPSv8 will stand comparison with the best. S X-LPS V8 $500.00

PARASOUND Zphono Phono Preamp

An entry-level phono preamp for a very reasonable price. We don’t think you’ll do better for $150. Take those LPs out of storage and get back to the real sound of vinyl. This elegantly simple and affordable component allows your turntable to be used with any preamplifier or receiver. S ZPHONO $150


GRADO PH-1 Phono Preamp The new Grado Phono Preamp, model PH-1, represents the most successful solution to one of the most complex technical challenges in the field of audio that Grado Labs has ever tackled. It can be compared to the undertaking of designing their highly acclaimed phono cartridges, headphones and their world renowned RA-1 headphone amplifier. S PH1 GRADO $500

AQVOX 2CI MKII Balanced Phono Preamp This preamplifier has many unique features: • Automatic adjustment with MC-cartridges connected to the balanced-current-amplifier XLR input • Genuine fully balanced (symmetrical) circuit design in the entire signal path — the PHONO 2 Cl is a highly precise Phonostage for MM and MC pick-ups. It is an excellent choice for all music lovers who would like to play their vinyl records on the highest level • No OP-Amps in signal path — fully discrete (single transistors) Single Ended Class A amplification technology • Passive RIAA Filters • No global overall feedback — the amplifier section runs without global overall feedback. In this way dynamic distortions are already drastically reduced. Short signal path by the use of only one amplifier stage per output stage. Call for more details on this new preamplifier and how it can fit into your system. S PHONO2Ci $1,499 (SILVER) S PHONO2Ci B $1,499 (BLACK)

PRO-JECT Tube Box SEII Phono Preamp The Pro-Ject Tube Box SE II is a cost effective way to achieve audiophile-quality amplification and RIAA equalization, using a pair of ECC83/12AX7 triode tubes for moving coil or moving magnet phono cartridges with up to 60dB gain (MC). The robust metal case shields the internal electronics from both vibration and electromagnetic interference while providing a compact layout space for the discrete dual-mono circuitry. Multiple selectable impedance settings are provided for both moving coil and moving magnet cartridge optimization. A subsonic filter provides attenuation of low frequency noise and rumble. An outboard power supply is included to minimize unwanted noise. S TUBE BOX SEII $699

MUSICAL SURROUNDINGS Nova Phonomena Phono Preamp What makes the Nova Phonomena unique from other battery-powered phono preamps at its price point is its rechargeable battery pack. These “smart” batteries disconnect from the circuit when charging and they self-charge if the unit goes unused for a week. This phono stage is dual mono with a fully discrete circuit for wide bandwidth; gain is adjustable from 40-60dB and loading is fully adjustable from 30 Ohms to 100k Ohms. The Phonomena can be used with any cartridge. S NOVAPHONOMENA $1,000


BELLARI Rolls VP129 Phono Preamp The Bellari Rolls VP129 is a compact phono preamp that bristles with classic audiophile features. The vacuum tube circuitry is based on a design from 1937, so you can be sure that the Bellari delivers golden-age stereo sound. S VP129 $250

1-800-716-3553 • WWW.ACOUSTICSOUNDS.COM 23


HERRON AUDIO VTPH-2 2MM/MC Tube Phone Preamp

NEW BELLARI VP530 Tube Phonostage with USB

State-of-the-art components and innovative design are combined using a purist approach that provides utmost clarity and reproduces the emotion, dynamics, and passion of the musical performance without adding or subtracting any colorations or distortions of its own. The VTSP- 2 employs a volume control system very similar to the highly-rated Herron Audio VTSP-1A/166, with the addition of a remote control and level display. It provides 100 steps of discrete and precise channel-to-channel matched level control. The electronic stepped attenuators provide distortionless volume control that will not degrade with time or use. S VTPH-2 $3650.00 (SILVER) S VTPH-2 B $3650.00 (BLACK)


Vacuum tube circuits have a natural warming effect on audio signals and they react differently than solid state devices by delivering smooth sharp transients in the music. The result of adding a Bellari tube phono preamp to your signal is a smooth round sound. Made in the USA. S VP530 $399

ROUGE AUDIO Stealth Phono Preamp High performance low noise outboard mm/mc phono section. Moving magnet (mm) or moving coil (mc) operation. High performance op amp circuit topology. Precise RIAA equalization. Four gain settings: 40dB, 50dB, 60dB, 65dB. Two heavy (2 ounce) copper circuit boards. Entirely designed and built in the USA. S STEALTH $795.00 (SILVER) S STEALTH B $795.00 (BLACK)



The SuperNova is a three input phono preamp intended for use with more than one turntable or a turntable with more than one tonearm. There is user adjustable loading and gain for each of the inputs. The loading and gain is set via switches and is accessible from the rear of the chassis. The SuperNova is fully dual mono and is powered from a remote dual mono power supply. The remote power supply supports NiMH rechargeable batteries but is designed to work perfectly without the batteries. The SuperNova has an 11 position variable output switched attenuator that allows direct connection to a power amplifier.



Built in California, the Phonomena II is a phono stage with incredible flexibility and performance. Based on the discrete circuit developed by Michael Yee for the Nova, the Phonomena II has rear-panel accessible switches for gain and loading. With 13 gain options and 17 loading options available for proper cartridge/system matching, this unit is the proverbial Swiss Army Knife, offering 221 electrical possibilities. Like its predecessor, the Phonomena, this new Mk II version remains a leader in a very competitive market. The Phonomena II remains a truly affordable phonostage with high-end refinement. $600



See our complete line of Preamps at



A high-performance phono stage at this price point is the epitome of premium components in a simple, elegant design. The Phono Box easily switches between Moving Magnet and Moving Coil internal jumpers. S PHONO BOX $159 S PHONO BOXII USB $199


“...another great bargain from the team of Ron Sutherland and Chad Kassem... The Sutherland Direct Line Stage’s performance is credible at any price; for $3000, it’s nothing short of incredible. Like Sutherland’s PhD, the Direct Line Stage gets you into the uppermost echelon of current audio gear for a relatively sane price...if you’re shopping for a line stage - any line stage at any price - the Sutherland Direct Line Stage should be on your audition list. And if you’re even remotely considering upgrading from a model of lower or similar price, put down the magazine and pick up the phone. You don’t want to miss this one.” —

Brian Damkroger, Stereophile, September 2006

“…The Director is a screamingly original solid-state line-level pre-amplifier… simply hit ‘play’ on your CD player or lower your stylus and The Director instantly senses what you’re listening to…Although Sutherland makes a point of this being a no-frills unit of sane pricing, its constituent parts give up nothing: The Director reeks of luxury…Damn, is this thing quiet. Despite it being mains-powered, it seemed to these ears to be as ghostly as its battery-driven sibling…this unit is about transferring information in the most coherent, unpolluted way possible.” – Ken Kessler, Hi-Fi News, April 2006,

SUTHERLAND Direct Line Stage The Sutherland Direct Line Stage fulfills the basic preamplifier functions of input selection, volume adjustment and gain but in an entirely unique and refined way. There’s no need to hit a switch to go from phono to CD or whatever other function. With The Direct Line Stage, you simply hit “play” or drop your stylus and let it figure out whether you’re playing CD or LP, etc. By focusing on sound and leaving out the unnecessary jewelry, Sutherland was able to keep the price down. S DIRECT $3,000


ROUGE AUDIO Metis Tube Preamp with Remote

A great-sounding, ALL-TUBE, line-level preamplifier, the Shrimp is very quick and lively sounding. Its transparent presentation will bring out new details from your favorite recordings. Direct-coupled, non-inverting, twotube gain stage uses 2 x 2AT7 and 2 x 7044. S SHRIMP $1,880


Four-into-one or three-into-two audiophile source selector. Can be used to send signals from the same source to multiple locations. Manley’s recording studio gear technology in a clever switch box. S SKIPJACK $900

The Titan Series of Rogue Audio amplifiers were engineered with the challenge of creating truly high-end products at entry-level prices. The Titan Series offers outstanding performance and build quality that is accessible to almost anyone with a love for great sounding music. Entirely hand-built in the USA, the Titan products are assembled to the same exacting standards as Rogue's most expensive amplifiers. Since their introduction in 2006, they have won numerous industry awards. - (2) 6SN7 line stage tubes - 12 dB gain line stage - Solid state phono w/ 35dB gain (before preamp) - Headphone amplifier - (3) line level inputs, (1) phono input The Absolute Sound 2007 - (1) variable output, (1) fixed output “Budget Component of the Year” - 18” W X 12.5” D X 4.5” H and Soundstage - 16 lbs (22 lbs shipping weight) S METIS $1,095 (SILVER) S METIS B $1,095 (BLACK)

“Reviewer’s Choice Award”

1-800-716-3553 • WWW.ACOUSTICSOUNDS.COM 25

PREAMPS PASS LABS X1 2-Chassis Preamp

HERRON AUDIO VTSP-3 Vacuum Tube Stereo A highly refined advancement over the VTSP-2 with the addition of a precision non-resonant plate voltage controller, two front panel selectable gain modes for system matching and improved tube circuitry for increased resolution. “I must award Keith Herron's model VTSP-3 preamplifier my highest possible recommendation and hope that many music lovers will have the opportunity to discover it for themselves.” – Karl Lozier, Positive-Feedback Online, Issue 35 S VTSP-3 $6,550 (SILVER) S VTSP-3 B $6,550 (BLACK)

HERRON AUDIO VTSP-2 Tube Line Stage The Herron Audio VTSP-2 vacuum tube preamplifier is designed to take the listener as close as possible to the original live musical performance. The VTSP-2 employs a volume control system very similar to the highly-rated Herron Audio VTSP-1A/166, with the addition of a remote control and level display. The VTSP-2 volume control provides 100 steps of discrete and precise channel-to-channel matched level control. The electronic stepped attenuators provide distortionless volume control that will not degrade with time or use. Available in black or silver.

The X1 continues the Pass Labs "Supersymmetric" tradition of the X0.2 by creating a superlative preamplifier with minimal parts in the signal path. Like its more sonically sophisticated sibling the X0.2, the X1 will also transparently convert un-balanced to balanced signals, allowing either to be used simultaneously. The X1 is comprised of two machined metal chassis. The X1 shares the same intuitive four-button remote control and front panel display as the X0.2 and the X2.5. The patent-pending volume control, designed by Wayne Colburn, defines a new state-of-the-art in concept and design. Essentially a fixed resistor attenuator under digital control, this feature allows for discrete and discriminating volume adjustments across a broad frequency spectrum. In addition, the X1 offers variable gain settings to further allow the audiophile to best serve the needs of other system components. Gain settings, as well as all other functions, are easily and intuitively adjusted from the remote control handset, smartly displayed on the vacuum fluorescent display panel. S XI $5,900

S VTSP-2 $4,995 (SILVER) S VTSP-2 B $4,995 (BLACK)


CROFT Micronaut Preamp with MC Input The Micronaut is a top class preamp that proves small is beautiful. Invoking the spirit of the legendary Micro, this circuit is even simpler and uses true fidelity components in a special circuit that is designed to work with amplifiers from budget to high end. The perfect design is handcrafted in England and beautifully finished. S MICRONAUT MC $3,690


HERRON AUDIO HL-1 Solid State Line Stage

CROFT Precession 1 Preamp

The HL-1 employs a volume control system very similar to the highly-related Herron Audio VTSP1A/166 with the addition of a remote control and level display. The HL-1 volume control provides 100 steps of discrete and precise channel-to-channel matched level control. The electronic stepped attenuators provide distortionless volume control that will not degrade with time or use.

The new Precession takes Croft design and performance up another level. Featuring Croft’s unique Zero Point technology, this new range of products offers state-of-the-art performance regardless of cost. The Precession is battery powered thus totally isolating your delicate audio signal from all power line noise! Due to the battery power, the Precession does not include a phono stage. Uses 10 AA batteries.

S HL-1 $3,495 (SILVER) S HL-1 B $3,495 (BLACK)




CAYIN 688R with KT-88 tubes Integrated Amp Yet another built-like-a-tank, classic-looking tube integrated amp from Cayin. The 688R integrated is a true dual mono design, with a potted toroidal power supply and potted output transformer for EACH channel. This 78-pound beast is even more powerful than the Cayin A-88T integrated, and that thing is no wimp. The 688R is loaded with eight KT-88 output tubes used for Class AB1 push-pull amplification. Output impedance is selectable, with 2, 4 and 8 ohm taps, allowing you to fine-tune your speakers. It’s also switchable between Ultralinear and Triode output modes. A preamp input allows the 688R to function solely as a power amp if that’s what you desire. Otherwise, four 12AX7s and two 6N6s are used in the built-in preamplifier. And the faceplate includes tone controls for both treble and bass, a novelty in today’s audiophile world. The 688R includes quality point-to-point wiring with premium capacitors and resistors. The unit is remote-controlled and comes with a detachable IEC-type power cord. S 688R/KT88 $4,295

DUSSUN V8i Integrated Amp

CAYIN H-80 Integrated Amp The hybrid circuitry, originally created by Cayin, provides the perfect balance between tube and solid-state electronics in an integrated amplifier. Like all Cayin components, the Cayin H-80A Integrated Amplifier is built in a heavy, solid chassis and comes with a full-function aluminum remote control. The front panel is easily navigated with simple buttons, a jog dial and dual blue backlit VU meters. Experience the smoothness of a tube input stage. For depth and dynamics, dual Class A, 80 watts per channel amplifiers!

The Dussun V series is a new kind of large power hyper Class A integrated amplifier. A technically successful adaptive-bias circuit achieves extra-large Class A power output with low power consumption and low heat production. The adaptive-bias circuit permits the amplifier to maintain Class A mode output even if the speaker's impedance drops largely and output power increases several times. This is different from the traditional Pure Class A amps, which inevitably return to Class B when the speaker load impedance goes down. S V8I $1,800

S H-80 $3,295

DUSSUN DS6i Integrated Amp CAYIN A-100T Integrated Amp

Special design features include the output stage peak current, which was designed up to 60A, and the transformer capacity per channel, which was designed up to 600 watts. In order to increase sound quality and to modify the V6i harmonic spectrum for much lower odd order harmonic wave energy, V6i employs the adaptive-bias circuit with an ideal specification.

The Cayin Audio A-100T is a remote-controlled tube integrated amp featuring a robust 100 watts per channel in Ultralinear and 50 watts per channel in Triode. Using KT-88 tubes, this beautiful, monster integrated amp imitates the Marantz 7C preamp and Marantz 9 amplifier. Talk about a marriage! Throw in the remote control and the price tag, and it really doesn’t get any better than this. Oh, but it does! The A-100T includes a unique Soft-Start circuit with a 30-second turn-on delay to extend the life of those gorgeous, glowing tubes. The top deck of the unit uses an integrated volt meter for easy bias adjustment of the output tubes. S A-100T $3,295

S V6I $1300

DUSSUN DS99 Integrated Stereo Amp

"…the DS99 reproduced balanced, defined sound of the highest order with extraordinary delicacy and refinement." – Jeff Stockton, Good Sound, August 2006

CAYIN A-88T Integrated Amp Another gorgeous, hand-crafted tube piece from Cayin, this one designed to deliver the sound of the classic McIntosh MC-275. Like its brothers the A-50T and A-70T, this amp includes remote control switching between ultralinear and triode operation. The craftsmanship is absolutely first-rate, featuring point-to-point wiring, and each unit is hand-numbered and signed by an inspector. S A-88T/KT-88 $2,395 (WITH KT-88 TUBES) S A-88T/6550 $2,495 (WITH 6550 TUBES)

S DS99 $600 1-800-716-3553 • WWW.ACOUSTICSOUNDS.COM 27


CREEK AUDIO CLASSIC 5350SE Integrated Amp Winners of numerous global awards, the 53 series continues to impress. Featuring solid brushed silver aluminum front panels, products from this range can be matched with any of the 50 series. S 5350SE $1,695

The Cayin Audio A-50T uses four EL34s for Class AB1 P.P amplification. The craftsmanship is absolutely first-rate, featuring point-to-point wiring, and each unit is handinitialed by a quality-control inspector. The toroid power transformer and EI audio transformer are specially manufactured for the A-50T with low magnetic leakage, wide frequency response and low impedance. Two 12AX7EHs and two 12AU7s are used in the preamplifier. One very cool feature is the ability to switch between ultralinear and triode by remote control. S A-50T/EL-34 $1,295

CAYIN A-70T Integrated Amp The A-70T is manufactured to deliver the sound of the classic Marantz 8B. It uses four KT88s for Class A2 P.P amplification. The toroid power transformer and EI audio transformer are specially manufactured with low magnetic leakage, wide frequency response and low impedance. Two 12AX7EHs and two 12AU7EHs are used in the preamplifier. Works with KT-88, 6550, EL34, 6CA7, 6L6 or KT66 tubes. One very cool feature is the ability to switch between ultralinear and triode by remote control. S A-70T $2,195

EXPOSURE 3010S Integrated Amp

EXPOSURE 2010S Integrated Amp The 2010S Integrated Amplifier features a highcapacity, 200VA custom-made toroidal power transformer and power supply capacitors as well as improved all-aluminum casework and extruded front panel to control resonance and stray electro-magnetic fields. High quality capacitors used in the signal path. There is a uniquely tuned short signal and power supply path PCB. Cascode circuitry is utilized for improved power supply immunity. Sanken bipolar output transistors are used for dynamic and performance. There is separate pre-amp output with Class A buffer stage. The 2010S is fbi-wiring compatible. Power output is 75 watts per channel into 8 ohms. Comes with remote control. Optional phono card available. Black or Silver. S 2010S INT AMPB $1,395 (BLACK) S 2010S INT AMP $1,395 (SILVER)

TELOS Gold-Plated Copper Caps Made of pure copper, the best effective material to isolate EMI and RFI noise absorption. They completely fit over unused connectors to protect them from oxidation, dust and corrosion. XLR plugs feature pure Teflon inside, the best material for isolation. S TA CAPS XLRM $35 PAIR S TA CAPS XLRF $35 PAIR S TA CAPS RCA $35 (SET OF 10)



Exposure's original 3010 series was lauded for being rich, dynamic and juicy in terms of bass. The sound has been refined to be a bit tauter in the lower-end and more open in terms of treble, without compromising on the richness of the mid-range. The sound quality of the 3010S series is now closer to that of Exposure's higher-end products. Moreover, the amplifiers are now even more capable of driving sophisticated speaker systems, especially in bi-amping mode (wherein the integrated amplifier can be wired to drive the tweeters while the power amplifier drives the woofers). You could say that for the new 3010S series, Exposure raised the bar for performance without raising the price. Optional phono card available. Black or Silver. S 3010S INT AMPB $2,295 (BLACK) S 3010S INT AMP $2,295 (SILVER)

CAYIN 265 Ai Integrated Amp A pure Class A transistor integrated amplifier with remote control. Generous heat-sinking allows for realistic thermal dissipation and operation. Produces a smooth and extended sound typical of the best Class A designs. S 265AI $1,750

ROUGE AUDIO Cronus Tube Integrated Amp with Remote The Titan Series of Rogue Audio amplifiers, of which the Cronus integrated model is a part, were engineered with the challenge of creating truly high-end products at entry-level prices. The Titan Series offers outstanding performance and build quality that is accessible to almost anyone with a love for great sounding music. Entirely hand-built in the USA, the Titan products are assembled to the same exacting standards as Rogue's most expensive amplifiers. Optional cage available. S CRONUS $1,795 (SILVER) S CRONUS B $1,795 (BLACK) S ROG COVER $110

“They’re going to have to work harder than hell to beat this thing.” “Its tunefulness and timing are beyond reproach and, among other things, it’s probably one of the most transparent amplification products I’ve ever heard at any price... The Exposure 2010S is a terrific amp, and... a bargain of the order of the Rega tonearm and Spendor’s entrylevel speakers. I know and like a lot of the folks whose products compete directly with the Exposure 2010S, but they’re going to have to work harder than hell to beat this thing.” -Art Dudley, Stereophile, November 2005

Call one of Acoustic Sounds’ equipment specialists at 800-716-3553 to find out more about Exposure High Fidelity Engineering, including about the 3010S and Classic series of products. All available in Silver or Black. S 2010S CD S 2010S INT AMP S 2010S POWER S 2010S PCARD

$1,395 $1,395 $1,195 $219

(CD Player) (Integrated Amp) (Power Amp) (Phono Card)

S 3010S CD S 3010S INT AMP S 3010S POWER S 3010S PCARD

$2,695 $2,295 $1,795 $495

(CD Player) (Integrated Amp) (Power Amp) (MC or MM Phono Card)









• Single PCM 1716 mono 24 true multi-bit DACs fitted to provide very high resolution.

• High capacity, 200VA custom-made toroidal power transformer and power supply capacitors. • Improved all-aluminum casework and extruded front panel to control resonance and stray electro-magnetic fields. • High quality capacitors used in signal path. • Uniquely tuned short signal and power supply path PCB. • Cascode circuitry utilized for improved power supply immunity. • Sanken bipolar output transistors for dynamic and vivid performance. • Separate pre-amp output with class A buffer stage. • Bi-wiring compatible. • 75 watts per channel into 8 ohms. • Improved SYSTEM remote control. • Three-year guarantee.

• Customized transport and control software.

• 110 watts RMS per channel into 8 ohms. • Six line inputs. • Option to fit a MC or MM phono module. • Bi-wiring compatible. • Separate preamp output with Class A buffer stage. • All-aluminum casework and extruded front panel to control resonance and stray electro-magnetic fields. • High quality capacitors used in the signal path. • Uniquely tuned short signal and power supply path PCB. • Cascode circuitry utilized for improved power supply immunity. • Fast bipolar transistor output stage for dynamic and vivid performance. • Full-function remote control. • Three-year guarantee.

• CD display can be turned off for improved sound quality. • Highly optimized audio output circuitry with multiple stages of supply regulation. • Large toroidal power transformer with separate windings for CD transport mechanism and audio stages. High capacity supply for audio stages. • Employment of a high-stability crystal clock reference and dedicated, improved power supply regulator for the transport and audio stages to ensure low jitter performance. • High quality double-sided PCBs for optimum layout and screening. • Improved all-aluminum casework and extruded front panel to control resonance and stray electro-magnetic fields.

• Full-function remote control. To order, call 1-800-716-3553, • Three-year guarantee.

• Twin Burr-Brown PCM 1704 24-bit mono DACs. • Highly optimized audio output circuitry with multiple stages of supply regulation. • Large toroidal power transformer with separate windings for CD transport mechanism and audio stages. High capacity supply for audio stages. • Employment of a high-stability crystal clock reference and dedicated, improved power supply regulator for the transport and audio stages to ensure low jitter performance. • High quality double-sided PCBs for optimum layout and screening. • Improved all-aluminum casework and extruded front panel to control resonance and stray electro-magnetic fields. • Full-function remote control. • Three-year guarantee.

or order online at



ORACLE CD2500 CD Player The Oracle CD 2500 uses the Philips CDM 12.4 Pro drive and laser system for its sonic virtue and ease of upgrade. The internal D/A converter is based on a Cirrus Logic chipset. This player epitomizes the classic, beautiful Oracle style with the famous performance and build quality. S CD2500 $9,950

ORACLE CD1500 CD Player The Oracle CD1500 player eliminates the need for internal preamplification circuitry. The electronic parts are very similar to Oracle’s famous CD 2500. S CD1500 $6,350

EXPOSURE 3010S CD Player Customized transport and control software. Twin Burr-Brown PCM 1704 24-bit mono DACs. Highly optimized audio output circuitry with multiple stages of supply regulation. Large toroidal power transformer with separate windings for CD transport mechanism and audio stages. High capacity supply for audio stages. Low jitter crystal clock and dedicated power supply regulator for transport and audio stages. High-quality double sided PCBs for optimum layout and screening. All-aluminum casework and extruded front panel to control resonance and stray electro-magnetic fields. Full-function remote control. Threeyear guarantee. Black or Silver. S 3010S CDB $2,695 (BLACK) S 3010S CD $2,695 (SILVER)

CREEK AUDIO Destiny CD Player The Destiny is not a replacement for the CD50mk2 but an additional model with a real step-up in performance. The Destiny uses an improved low phase noise, temperature-controlled, master clock oscillator. It uses separate, instrument-grade, OPA134 op-amps in the audio output to buffer each channel and the filtering of unwanted digital artifacts is improved. The op-amps in the output are also powered separately from their own low-noise regulators. Creek has also designed a truly stunning mains power supply for the Destiny, maintaining the isolation between digital and analog supplies. S DESTINY $2,495

CREEK AUDIO Evolution CD Player The Evo CD player uses a Philips VAM1201 laser assembly and low profile loader. This transport is different to the short-loader previously used by Creek in its CD43mk2, CD50 and CD53. However, the laser and chipset are the same. The short-loader transport became obsolete; hence the switch to alternatives, such as the ATAPI drive used in the more expensive Classic and Destiny CD players. S EVO CD $1,095 30



CAYIN CDT-17A CD Player The CDT-17A includes two 24-bit/192kHz DAC (PCM 1792 Burr-Brown chip); a true full-balanced design; full tube output (Russian 6922 Electro Harmonix tubes); digital, optical, balance (AES/EBU) output; a Philips CD7II transport; an independent power supply to analog, digital circuit; high-end, specially-designed transformers; and an aluminum/stainless steel faceplate and case.

MARGIO LABS 3-D Mat Designed to get the most from your SACD, DVDA, DVD-V, and CD discs by addressing issues centered around vibration, stray magnetism, static and optical diffraction.

S CDT-17A $2,195

S 3D MAT $95

CREEK Classic CD Player Sound quality on the Classic is superb. Using an improved and symmetrical layout with shorter signal paths, the player has much better measured performance than Creek’s original CD50, with much lower signal to noise and THD figures. The voltage to the digital and analogue circuitry, display and ROM drive are kept completely separate, for maximum interference immunity.

MARGIO LABS Signature 3-D Mat


EXPOSURE 2010S CD Player Highly optimized audio output circuitry with multiple stages of supply regulation. Employment of high-stability crystal clock reference and dedicated, improved power supply regulator for the transport and audio stages to ensure low jitter performance. "The 2010S (CD player) is up there with the best in its class. Fabulous treble, great dynamics and a weighty yet solid bottom-end make for a superb CD player." – What Hi-Fi, 2007

The Marigo Labs Signature 3-D Mat for CD and DVD utilizes a revolutionary and proprietary gold surface on top of antistatic black coating and optically absorbent green. With the Marigo Labs Signature 3-D Mat in a CD transport or a DVD player, you will see and hear a dramatic improvement. Inner detail, resolution and ambient information is enhanced tremendously in audio replay. The harmonic structure of instruments and human voice are revealed to be strikingly more lifelike. S 3DSIG MAT $199

S 2010S CDB $1,395 (BLACK) S 2010S CD $1,395 (SILVER)

OPTRIX CD Cleaning Spray MUSIC HALL CD25.2 CD Player “A remarkable-sounding CD player, this affordable winner from Music Hall offers very good clarity and resolution in the treble and middle registers, with a generally rich musical fabric, albeit with a touch of midbass thinness. Switching out the power cord to a better aftermarket unit made this unit bloom, and by the time you read this the manufacturer should have a better cord as part of the package.” The Absolute Sound 2006 Editors' Choice Awards Sallie Reynolds, The Absolute Sound, October 2006 S CD25.2 $600


Optrix is a cleanser/clarifier for use on CDs, DVDs and laser discs. It gives you incredible sound and picture improvement on all systems. Optrix removes surface contaminants (including those on new CDs) and applies an invisible surface interface that increases optical clarity for an astonishing increase in playback quality. S OPTRIX $16.99

1-800-716-3553 • WWW.ACOUSTICSOUNDS.COM 31


ACOUSTECH Limited • • • • • •


NITTY GRITTY Mini-Pro 2 The Ultimate two-sided LP cleaner automatically wets, rotates, scrubs and vacuums both sides simultaneously.

Two suction levels: 70% and 100% Single speed platter Low level of noise Small foot print: 15” x 15” Made of PVC Three-year warranty

S LIMITED $2,979

S MINI-P 2 $985

…STURDY, QUIET & CLEAN Made for AcousTech by Hannl

VPI HW-27 NITTY GRITTY Model 2.5 FI Automatic rotation during scrub and vacuum cycles. Oak cabinet. S NG 2.5 $575 (manual fluid application) RECOMMENDED COMPONENT S NG 2.5FI $679 (automatic fluid application)

HANNL Micro EL • Small footprint for restricted space • Single head only • Powder coated aluminum trim to reduce finger prints and smudges S MICRO $2,295

Quiet, simple and heavy-duty – the new HW-27 Typhoon, VPI’s best record cleaning machine yet. Everything VPI has learned in 27 years of manufacturing record cleaning machines is incorporated into this new design. The platter is made from solid acrylic sitting on a bearing assembly similar to a turntable and features a precision sheet metal chassis with all parts to +/- .004 inch. S VPI HW-27 $1,999.99 (115 VOLT)

NITTY GRITTY Model 1.5 Automatic rotation during scrub and vacuum cycles. Black vinyl wood-grain cabinet. S NG 1.5 $519 RECOMMENDED (manual fluid application) COMPONENT S NG 1.5FI $625 (automatic fluid application)

HANNL Aragon • • • •


Top-of-the-line model Additional carbon fiber brush to defeat static buildup Spare cleaning brushes included Quiet operation

S ARAGON $3,995

VPI HW-16.5 The HW-16.5 is VPI’s most-affordable record cleaning machine, but neither its build quality nor its cleaning power has been compromised. Clean your records with the HW-16.5, and hear what you’ve been missing. S VPI 16.5A $540





The HL Compact 7ES-3 is the core of the Harbeth sound. The launch model for the Radial driver, the Compact 7ES-3 is the quintessential sound of Harbeth: effortless, fantastically high resolution and seductive. S HL-C 7ES-3 $3,495 PAIR (CHERRY) S HL-C 7ES-3E $3,895 PAIR (EUCALYPTUS)

This British company, led by Alan Shaw and recently joined by Derek Hughes (formerly of Spendor), has an irrefutable reputation for quintessential and cuttingedge design and – most importantly – great sound. These speakers give you natural sound. There’s nothing overblown, nothing larger than life. Instead, music played through Harbeth speakers sounds like it’s supposed to – like music. It’s the wonderful, lush, dramatic, voluptuous and crystal clear sound of life itself. • old-world, handmade craftsmanship • perfect matching with sophisticated measurement equipment • design based on patented engineering process

▲ The award winning Super HL5 is the sixth generation of the Harbeth line that launched the company in 1977. The generous enclosure combines with the unique Harbeth Radial bass unit to create a warm, detailed sound that is completely box-less. S SUPER HL5 $4,995 PAIR (CHERRY) S SUPER HL5E $5,495 PAIR (EUCALYPTUS)

Industry-leading loudspeakers since 1977

The Monitor 30, featuring the patented Harbeth Radial cone, takes resolution a step further. The larger cabinet allows for greater power handling, and the Radial cone provides the most natural mid-band of any monitor. Used and trusted by sound engineers who are editing on very long shifts, the Monitor 30 is completely free from coloration and makes musicians and artists appear in front of you. S MONITOR30 $4,995 PAIR (CHERRY) S MONITOR30E $5,495 PAIR (EUCALYPTUS)

The Monitor 40.1 is the most neutral, revealing and thoroughly user-friendly monitor speaker available today. The ultra-resolution performance is due to Harbeth’s own patented Radial mid-band driver, developed because of the unacceptable performance of commercial polypropylene units and is seamlessly blended with the very best tweeter and bass unit by a complex crossover. Think of the Monitor 40.1 not as a loudspeaker, but a window onto the sound stage. S MONITOR40 $12,995 PAIR (CHERRY) S MONITOR40E $13,995 PAIR (EUCALYPTUS)

▲ The smallest Harbeth is the HL-P3ES-2. About the size of a shoe box, these incredible mini monitors have no equal for range and power. S HL-P3ES-2 $1,995 PAIR (CHERRY) S HL-P3ES-2E $2,295 PAIR (EUCALYPTUS) Acoustic Sounds will not sell these speakers in areas where there is already a Harbeth dealer. 1-800-716-3553 • WWW.ACOUSTICSOUNDS.COM 33

SPEAKERS Offered for sale in U.S. market only. Acoustic Sounds will only ship Klipsch Heritage products to markets in which there is no displaying Heritage dealer.

Acoustic Sounds now owns the exclusive U.S. mail-order rights to the revamped Klipsch Heritage Line. We didn’t apply for this exclusivity. Rather, we were chosen.

KLIPSCH Klipschorn Three-Way Speaker The original Klipschorn three-way loudspeaker, invented by founder and audio pioneer Paul W. Klipsch, has a unique musical truthfulness that has never been equaled. Commonly called a corner-horn speaker, the remarkably uncommon Klipschorn includes a highly efficient horn-loaded tweeter and midrange compression driver. Its patented folded-horn woofer delivers the low frequencies. As the only speaker in the world to be in continuous production for 60 years, the Klipschorn has remained relatively unchanged since its inception. In 2005, the company made some minor cosmetic and functional revisions to this legendary speaker, including the elimination of the inset collar, or spacer, between the upper and lower cabinets for a cleaner aesthetic appearance. A horizontal wall seal was added to improve the low frequency horn's response accuracy.


KLIPSCH LA Scala II Three-Way Speaker ▲

The Heritage Series La Scala II three-way loudspeaker provides a very Klipschorn-like performance with sparkling highs; extreme output, yet smooth midrange; and the unsurpassed low distortion bass response of the patented Klipsch folded-horn woofer. Utilizing the same horn-loaded drivers used in the Klipschorn and Belle Klipsch, the La Scala II is highly efficient and can produce high volumes with very little power and undetectable distortion. The La Scala II effectively unveils the recorded musical information, enabling you to hear the intricate detail and emotional response of the artist. S LA SCALA $5,500 PAIR (CHERRY) S LA SCALA W $5,500 PAIR (WALNUT) S LA SCALA B $5,500 PAIR (BLACK)

KLIPSCH Cornwall III Three-Way Speaker Initially introduced in 1959, the Cornwall speaker was designed to serve as a larger, full-range alternative to the Heresy when used as a center channel speaker between two widely spaced Kipschorns. When it was discontinued in 1990, there was an outcry from consumers resulting in a letter-writing campaign and even a petition to bring back this storied loudspeaker. This famed speaker, now dubbed the Cornwall III, is back and better than ever. A three-way design using horn-loaded compression drivers for the midrange and treble and a direct-radiating 15-inch woofer for the low frequencies, the Cornwall delivers the full-range bass response of the Klipschorn with sensitivity and output approaching the fully horn-loaded models. Available in Cherry Lacquer, Black Lacquer or Walnut Lacquer. S CORNWALL $3,500 PAIR (CHERRY) S CORNWALL W $3,500 PAIR (WALNUT) S CORNWALL B $3,500 PAIR (BLACK) 34


KLIPSCH LA Heresy III Speaker The Heritage Series Heresy III three-way loudspeaker delivers an exceptionally “big” sound filled with the moving, emotional elements that make your music such an important part of your life. The efficient high frequency and midrange horn drivers as well as the reliable 12-inch bass woofer work together to create a very smooth, low distortion, dynamic sound. The Heresy III's sealed enclosure is available in a wide variety of rich wood finishes. S HERESY $1,550 PAIR (CHERRY) S HERESY W $1,550 PAIR (WALNUT) S HERESY B $1,550 PAIR (BLACK)


VANDERSTEEN 5A The Vandersteen Model 5 has been in production since February 1997. One of the many unique features incorporated into the Model 5 is complete upgradeability. Over the last few years, Vandersteen has been working on upgrading the Model 5's performance with the latest state-of-the-art technologies. That work is now complete. The Vandersteen Model 5A improves over the now-discontinued Model 5 with a regulated power supply for the subwoofer amplifier, a new trilaminar woven fiber cone and high efficiency magnet system for the 5's patented midrange driver, new alloy chassis and aerodynamic magnet system for the tweeter, refined crossover to manage the new midrange and tweeter, and extreme matching of crossover-to-driver interface of the midbass, midrange and tweeter in the Anechoic Chamber. S MODEL 5A $16,900 PAIR S 2CE BASES $150 PAIR


VANDERSTEEN standard finishes include Oak, Dark Oak, Walnut, Dark Walnut, Cherry, Maple, Mahogany/Walnut and Black Oak.

Acoustic Sounds owner Chad Kassem has long said, “if you’re looking for the best sound with nice imaging, then the Model 2s are the best for the money. If you want heart-pounding bass, then you want the Model 5A.”

VANDERSTEEN 2Ce Signature The Model Two benefits from Vandersteen’s years of experience designing and building loudspeakers of unparalleled value and performance. It couples proven technology with advanced materials, construction and design for a speaker system that is always true to both science and music. S 2CE SIGII $1,995 PAIR S 1BASES $105 PAIR


VANDERSTEEN 1C High-Fidelity Two-Way The Model One uses the proven Vandersteen Aligned Dynamic Design to optimize the dispersion and transient accuracy of the drivers while maintaining the input signal's time and phase integrity. The drivers, their positioning and their associated minimum baffles were each developed with the aid of FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) computer analysis to minimize diffraction, cone break-up, multi-driver interference and out-of-band phase irregularities. The construction, alignment and positioning of the drivers allow a point-source wave front and maximize the phase coherence of the loudspeaker at the listening position. S 1C

$995 PAIR

VANDERSTEEN Quatro Signature The Vandersteen Quatro speakers provide enhanced performance by combining the 3a Signature and a pair of 2Wq's in a more aesthetically pleasing enclosure, simplifying the setup procedure and presenting a less imposing presence in the room. The Vandersteen Quatro has many of the same attributes as the Model 5 without the cost of the veneered cabinet. Also available as the Quatro Wood - an all-wood version of the Vandersteen Quatro. S QUATRO SIG $7,450 PAIR S QUATRO WOOD $10,700 PAIR (WOOD SIGNATURE MODEL)

1-800-716-3553 • WWW.ACOUSTICSOUNDS.COM 35


Stirling Broadcast STIRLING BROADCAST LS3/5a V2 Designed by Stirling Broadcast to meet the exacting requirements of the BBC LS3/5a specification. This version uses the new Stirling SB4424 + SB4428 drivers, and a very hi-grade “SuperSpec” crossover, all housed in thin-walled “Reference” matched veneer cabinets. The cabinets feature 9-mm birch plywood construction, removable veneered rear panel, fitted with double layers of bituminous pads. These cabinets are modeled after the famous LS3/5a serial number 001/002 pair featured in Hi-Fi News and Record Review. The “legendary” sonic character of the original LS3/5a has been retained, with the new model having the added benefit of a five-year warranty and the assurance of the future availability of spare parts. S V2 P $1,995 PAIR (EBONY) $1,995 PAIR (ROSEWOOD) $1,995 PAIR (ASH) S V2

$1,795 PAIR (CHERRY) $1,795 PAIR (WALNUT)


Each pair of Stirling speakers feature book-matched veneers. Ebony

“Suffice it to say, Doug Stirling and his designer have, through careful deliberation and experimentation, produced a surrogate that even the most hidebound LS3/5a purist could not fail to admire." — Ken Kessler, Hi-Fi News, Sept. 2005 Rosewood

STIRLING BROADCAST Cicable Cossovers for LS3/5a V2 The crossovers are designed as external units, so that they are not influenced by the loudspeaker cabinet vibrations and the magnetic field of the drive units. Special overdimensioned components will reduce the amount of distortion by more than 50 db, so that distortion mainly depends on the amplifier and not on the loudspeaker crossover design. Cicable uses specially wound autotransformers to achieve lossfree level matching of the tweeters. A positive side effect is a smoother impedance curve which is good for critical amps, especially valve amps. Special compensation networks smooth the impedance curve in the area of tweeter resonance even more. S CICABLE V2 $1,995




NEW GRADIENT Helsinki 1.5 Oiled Oak Speakers When Gradient designed and built their first Gradient loudspeaker 1.0, they had no idea how strong and everlasting a symbol for their company it would eventually become. It's become an iconic product that's stood the test of time. It was 25 years ago that Gradient decided to go their own way and not to follow anyone else. They've refused to fall to industry conventions and evident solutions. The idea of making a perfect loudspeaker was then their noble quest and it has led them to the path they are still traveling, one stubborn step at a time. The Gradient Helsinki series 1.5 is another step towards that goal of unique perfection. A loudspeaker concept born for their twisted way of thinking differently. There will be only a limited number of these handcrafted Helsinki loudspeakers. These new Gradients excel in their ability to throw a large soundstage while allowing the listener to hear individual musical lines within a performance without unraveling the performance as a whole. Height: 3 feet; weight: 50.6 pounds S HELSINKI 1.5 $8,000 PAIR

EPOS M22i Speakers

The current flagship of the Mi range of speakers, the 2.5- way M22i, has deeper bass and higher power handling than the M16i. In designing the M22i, the Epos engineering team designed a high performance two channel speaker that would be equally at home in a home theatre application.

S M22I $2,599 PAIR

EPOS M16i Three-Way Floor Standing Speakers with Plinth

The new Epos M16i is a floor-standing 2.5 - way speaker which excels in accuracy, dynamics, imaging and poise. This speaker was designed to be equally dynamic in a two-channel or home theatre application. The result is a loudspeaker with deep bass, a fast dynamic sound and very high power handling. It is equally at home playing music or movies and is of course magnetically shielded. S M16I $1,999 PAIR

1-800-716-3553 • WWW.ACOUSTICSOUNDS.COM 37


EPOS M12.2i Speakers

The current flagship of the Mi range of speakers, the 2.5- way M22i, has deeper bass and higher power handling than the M16i. In designing the M22i, the Epos engineering team designed a high performance two channel speaker that would be equally at home in a home theatre application. Stands not included. S M12.2I $1,199 PAIR

"…the speakers tear through the recording with breathtaking agility and a clarity of purpose that's hard to beat at this price – or any price, come to that…they communicate the music's message with a skill few rivals can match, let alone better. It's for that reason they get, and richly deserve, the full five stars." – What Hi-Fi

EPOS ELS 303 Three-Way Floor Standing Speakers

Entering the marketplace in June 2005 the ELS 303 is the latest powerful new speaker from Epos. Combining the sonic strengths of the ELS 3 bookshelf Choice speaker with an integrated 130mm woofer, this 2.5 way floor-standing speaker now covers a much wider range of frequencies than a bookshelf or stand mount speaker can. The ELS 303 utilizes the Swift Tweeter and Lightning 130 midrange driver from the ELS 3 with improvements to the cross-over and midrange linearity. Epos has also developed a new 130mm woofer, based upon the same chassis as the Lightning 130 midrange. It can be differentiated by the round dust cap and lack of cone damping material used on the outside. The woofer is coupled to the rest of the speaker in a 2.5 way fashion with a high linearity crossover which rolls off at 100Hz. This combines with the low frequency output of the midrange to give added power handling to the bass, while maintaining a very slim 150mm front baffle, which improves imaging at high frequencies. S ELS-303 $899 PAIR

EPOS M5i Two-Way Satellite Speakers

The M5i two-way bass reflex speaker may be the baby of the new series, but its performance belies its size. It is equally at home in a two-channel or home theatre application. As you would expect, it is fully shielded magnetically. Stands not included.

S M5I $899 PAIR

EPOS M8i Center Channel Speaker

Epos approached the design of its M8i center channel speaker exactly as you would expect - with no compromise to sound quality. Engineered specifically for the critical requirements of center-channel reproduction, it has powerful bass, a fast, dynamic sound and high power handling. It is, of course, magnetically shielded. Center channels can pose difficulties with placement but Epos has provided the perfect solution with the M8i. The cabinet is now rounded on the bottom and flat on the top. It is also supplied with a contoured plinth, so that the angle of the speaker can be adjusted to point at the listener. S M8I $849 38



Model R505 Subwoofer 500W high current Class D amplifier. Drive Unit: 12” heavy duty long throw, cast frame. *Dimensions: 15 x 16.75 x 16.5 Net Weight: 58 lbs

ELS-3 Loudspeaker A mini monitor with a performance level that is astounding. At this price, these little babies just can't be beat. The ELS-3 uses a two-way bass reflex design and incorporates a 130-mm woofer. It also has a dual magnet and shielding can, further enhancing its use in home theater setups. This new ELS-3 cabinet features a cost effective vinyl wrap finish. Stands not included.

S R-505 $1,995

S ELS-3 $399

Model R305 Subwoofer

300W high current Class D amplifier. Drive Unit: 10” heavy duty long throw, cast frame. *Dimensions: 12.5 x 14.25 x 13.5 Net Weight: 41 lbs

ELS-3C Center Channel Speaker

S R-305 $1,595

The Epos ELS-3C center channel utilizes the same drive units as the ELS-3 and is therefore ideally matched for use in a home cinema application.

S ELS-3C $349

Model R205 200 watt Powered Subwoofer 200W high current Class D amplifier. Drive Unit: 10” heavy duty long throw. *Dimensions: 11.5 x 13.5 x 12.5 Net Weight: 30.5 lbs S R-205 $1,195

ELS-SUB Active Subwoofer 300 watt powered subwoofer with a 10” driver with adjustable crossover and output levels.

REL products not sold in states where there is already an authorized dealer.

S ELS-SUB $799

REL makes a full line of high-performance subwoofers for

ST35 Speaker Stands 56-cm high (without spikes) and has a solid top plate.

use in two-channel audio and home theater systems. REL subwoofers can be driven by a pre-amp, an amp, or both (which is important in many home theater installations). They mate extremely well with a wide variety of speakers.

S ST35 (PAIR) $249

1-800-716-3553 • WWW.ACOUSTICSOUNDS.COM 39


Sound Anchor

Sound Anchor is committed to manufacturing the finest speaker stands for both high-end home and professional studio applications. They make custom amplifier stands, component stands and video stands for your home as well as custom studio furniture for the recording, post production and broadcast industries.

300 watt T1 Powered Subwoofer 300W high current Class AB amplifier. *Dimensions: 15.75 x 14.2 x 16.5 S REL T1 B $998 (BLACK) S REL T1 C $998 (CHERRY)

SOUND ANCHOR Four Post Speaker Stand

SOUND ANCHOR Three Post Speaker Stand

Stand for Harbeth Monitor 40 speakers.

Stand for Harbeth Monitor 20 speakers.



Stand for Harbeth Monitor 30 speakers.

Stand for Harbeth Compact 7 speakers.



Stand for Harbeth Compact 7 speakers.

Stand for Harbeth Monitor 30 speakers.


Stand for Harbeth Monitor 40 speakers. FOUR POST 14” TALL PAIR S SA40 4POST 14 $748

200 watt T2 Powered Subwoofer 200W high current Class AB amplifier. *Dimensions: 14.5 x 13.2 x 15.5 S REL T2 B $798 (BLACK) S REL T2 C $798 (CHERRY)


Stand for Harbeth Monitor 30 speakers. THREE POST 24” TALL PAIR S SA30 3POST 24 $586

Stand for Harbeth Monitor 20 speakers.

Stand for Harbeth Monitor 20 speakers.



Stand for Harbeth Compact 7 speakers.

Sand for Harbeth Compact 7 speakers.



Stand for Harbeth Monitor 30 speakers.

Stand for Harbeth HL5 speakers.



Stand for Harbeth Monitor 20 speakers.

Stand for Harbeth Compact 7 speakers.



Stand for Harbeth HL5 speakers. FOUR POST 16” TALL PAIR S SAHL5 4POST $649

Stand for Compact 7 speakers. FOUR POST 17” TALL PAIR S SAC7 4POST 17 $665

50 watt T3 Powered Subwoofer 150W high current Class AB amplifier. *Dimensions: 13.5 x 11.8 x 14 S REL T3 B $598 (BLACK) S REL T3 C $598 (CHERRY) 40

SOUND ANCHOR One Post Speaker Stand Stand for Harbeth Monitor 20 speakers.

Speaker stands for high-end home and professional studio applications.



Stand for Harbeth Monitor 20 speakers. ONE POST 24” TALL PAIR S SA20 1POST 24 $309

HEADPHONES GRADO GS1000 The GS1000 retains a sound that is pure Grado – rich, full-bodied vocals, excellent dynamics and an ultra smooth top end. The presentation is very detailed, the bass is deep and the music is very tight and non-fatiguing, all with a soundstage that is huge and unbelievable. Simply stunning. S GS1000 $995 2007 EDITORS’ CHOICE AWARDS

GRADO SR225 Probably one of our favorites of the Grado line, the SR225s are, to our ears, amongst the best-sounding open-backed headphones available at this price. The SR225s share the same features as the SR125 model but with an 50 percent increased air flow achieved through an improved rear metal screen and closermatched drivers. S SR225 $200

NEW iGRADO Street Style Headphones Designed specifically for the portable electronics market, it was Grado’s goal to design a street style headphone that was sonically better than anything currently available in that low end portable market. Great for ipod use. S IGRADO $49 (BLACK)

ULTRASONE iCans Headphones Ultrasone's new iCans were developed especially to help you recover all the rich sound you've been missing from your portable headphones. Designed for use with iPods and other portable audio devices the iCans create a big sound from small devices. Featuring our patented S-Logic technology and ULE standard magnetic shielding these are the best sounding safest portable headphones in the world. S ICANS $129

ULTRASONE HFI-2200 ULE These foldable, open-back headphones were developed for the professional sector and, due to more ear anatomy area, allow for an increased degree of transparency in combination with a remarkable spatial character. They feature Ultrasone’s S-Logic Natural Surround Sound System and their ULE technology, which was developed for users who spend many hours in headphones.

ULTRASONE HFI-780 These foldable closed-back headphones are developed from the studio sector and are distinguished by a frequency response especially tuned for DVD. Sophisticated home theatre and music enthusiasts will be overwhelmed by the extraordinary sound that appears as though you are listening to speakers several feet from your head. S HFI 780 $249


S HFI 2200ULE $295

ULTRASONE HFI-580 Tight powerful bass, precise and detailed instrument placement with an impressive power spectrum. Made for high power input with very efficient 50 mm heavy duty drivers and a persuasive sound intensity. They are ideal for bass players and drummers. S HFI 580 $189


ULTRASONE HFI-15G Open, supra-aural superior headphones with S-Logic Natural Surround Sound. This is a lightweight, open, supra-aural pair of headphones with 3D sound characteristics as a result of Ultrasone’s patented S-Logic Natural Surround Sound System. Great for ipod use. S HFI 15G $89

1-800-716-3553 • WWW.ACOUSTICSOUNDS.COM 41



GRADO HEADPHONES Grado headphones can reproduce as natural a soundstage from stereo recordings and provide as much listening pleasure as a good pair of speakers do. Grado headphones are free of room effects and placement problems, and they minimize any interference from external noise. They also offer portability and the ability to listen without worrying about the neighbors. With Grado headphones, you will hear recordings with greater clarity and with deeper bass than others! Grado headphones are the antithesis of

SR-225 Headphones

Grado’s best headphones are some of the finest available at any price. Those who like a warm, rich tonal balance and smooth highs and dynamic bass response will find much to like in these ’phones. The earpieces are made from a specially-cured Mahogany. Couple a pair of the RS-1s with the new Grado RA-1 headphone amp for reference-level sound quality. The RS-1s are the only product ever nominated by Stereophile for their Product of the Year distinction two years in a row!

S SR225 $200

SR-125 Headphones Grado’s ability to combine lightness with extreme rigidity and internal damping has been put to good use. S SR125 $150

S RS1 $695

mass production, as each Grado headphone is hand-assembled and

Share the same features as the SR-125 model but with a 50 percent increased air flow.

RS-1 Headphones

SR-80 Headphones RS-2 Headphones A close second in sonic quality to the RS-1s but using a smaller version of the specially-cured Mahogany earpieces.

closely scrutinized to meet full performance specifications in the U.S.A.


S RS2 $495

Built like the SR-60 but with a four-conductor connecting cable and larger ear cushions. S SR80 $95

SR-60 Headphones One of the best values in highperformance audio.

Grado Extension Cable

S SR60 $69

PRESTIGE SERIES SR-325i Headphones A 15 foot (450cm) extension cable terminated with a 1⁄4" (6.3mm) plug and a 1⁄4" (6.3mm) jack. S GREXT


Grado Y Adapter S GRADO Y $20

Grado Mini Adapter S GRADO MINI $14.95

These are the new improved version of the 325's. They feature a better driver and a new metal material and gold color that actually have better resonance qualities, adding/improving the overall sound. The way that the driver and the new housing move air and react to sound vibrations are now different than the old SR325. Thus, better sound. S SR325 $295 2007 EDITORS’ CHOICE AWARDS



SR-60 Replacement Pads Small, flat-style pads offered on the SR-60s. Fits all types of Grado headphones. S S-CUSH $10 (PAIR)

SR-80 Replacement Pads Large style pads found on most models of Grado headphones (except SR-60s). S L-CUSH $15 (PAIR)

HEADPHONES AKG K701 Headphones

AKG K 24 P Earphones Compact but on par with their larger counterparts in terms of sound, the AKG mini earphones bespeak painstaking design work resulting in superior sound quality with clean, detailed high and mid ranges as well as a surprisingly forceful low end. S K24P $34.95

AKG HEARO 999 Audiosphere II Wireless Headphones The transmitter uses AKG’s IVA technology to achieve a natural, 3-D listening experience, and you can choose between surround and stereo modes. It is also fitted with a Dolby Digital decoder. S HEARO999 $694

Whether you prefer the holistic approach or like to listen analytically, the K701 will turn perception into pure enjoyment. AKG is the first manufacturer in the world to use revolutionary flat-wire technology in headphones, namely, the K701. The result is a truly dramatic sound that places every musician at their correct location with pinpoint accuracy. This kind of agility, spaciousness, brilliant highs and velvety, punchy bass is simply miraculous. These superlative openback dynamic headphones provide an outstandingly accurate sound and excellent imaging S K701 $449.95

AKG K240 Headphones

AKG K206 K 24 P Earphones These ultra-light ear buds will settle into your ears comfortably, and the Turbo Bass feature delivers an incredibly powerful sound. In-line volume control. Perfect for joggers. S K12P $22.95

AKG K 12 P Earphones These ultra-light ear buds will settle into your ears comfortably, and the Turbo Bass feature delivers an incredibly powerful sound. Perfect for joggers.

The Studio version of these classic hi-fi stereo headphones uses XXL speakers with Varimotion diaphragms for higher sensitivity and a wider dynamic range. S K240STUDIO $129

K240 AKG Headphones endorsed by recording engineer Micajah Ryan… “When I go into a studio to track it is reassuring to find AKG headphones. Because the artist is both the audience and the performer in a tracking situation, using AKG headphones provides a consistency that is a necessity in a recording situation. When setting up a headphone mix, I always know what I can expect. They provide a clarity and comfortable fit that I never need to worry about. AKG 240s enclose the ears and block out noise that can disturb and distract the artist, while giving a realistic, full sound that is necessary for great performances.” — Micajah Ryan, recording engineer at Blue Heaven Studios

S K12P $17.95

AKG K601 Headphones These future-oriented, open-back dynamic headphones not only offer good wearing comfort but also deliver an incredibly detailed, full, yet crisp sound. This is the result of a new AKG Varimotion two-layer diaphragm that ensures optimum diaphragm motion for extremely accurate high frequency response and powerful low end. The overall sound is uncommonly natural and open. In short, the K601 are premium reference headphones for anyone who appreciates true highend equipment. S K601 $299

AKG K206 AFC Wireless RF Headphones Optimum radio transmission through walls and ceilings up to 330 ft. Semi-open circumaural design with patented AKG headband for automatic fit. Approximately 15 hours rechargeable battery life. S K206AFC $119.95

EC10 Cable Pro Earcandy Headphone Extension Cable A 10 foot extension cable terminated with a 1⁄4" (6.3mm) plug and a 1⁄4" (6.3mm) jack. S EC10

Micajah Ryan’s credits include recording engineer for two Bob Dylan records (Good As I Been To You and World Gone Wrong) and assistant engineer for projects with Guns N' Roses, Michael Jackson, Prince, Joe Cocker, Eddie Money and many more.

$89 1-800-716-3553 • WWW.ACOUSTICSOUNDS.COM 43


HD 650 Headphones The audiophile HD 650 is the ultimate in openaire, dynamic headphone design. Developed from the award-winning HD 600, the HD 650 features improved materials for even better sound reproduction. They captivate the listener with their expressiveness and emotion while maintaining absolute precision and lifelike reproduction. Enjoy sound in perfection! S HD650 $499.99


HD 280 Professional Headphones The HD 280 Pro boasts extremely robust construction combined with extensive features that meet the requirements of today’s most demanding applications. The unique collapsible design combined with swiveling ear cups offers maximum flexibility in any application. S 280PRO $99.99 ($200 RETAIL)

HD 600 Reference Headphone The HD 600 is an audiophile-quality, open dynamic hi-fi/professional headphone. The advanced-diaphragm material eliminates standing waves for the ultimate in bass resolution and detail retrieval. The ergonomic design makes the HD 600s comfortable to wear for long listening sessions. Combine these with the Musical Fidelity X-Can V3 and a set of AudioQuest interconnects for true, state-of-the-art headphone performance.

HD 485 Headphones The HD 485 are open, circumaural stereo headphones with exceptional sound characteristics and outstanding comfort. The HD 485 include a headphone holder that easily attaches to a table or shelf, making certain that the headphones are always at hand.

S HD600 $349.99

NOTE: Upgrade the performance of the HD 600 and HD 650 models with the Cardas Upgrade Cable!

S HD485 $119.95

HD 465 Headphones

HD 595 Headphones The HD595 is the premiere headphone of the range, boasting a new level of comfort and sound quality. Features include Sennheiser's E.A.R. technology and a highly constant, compressed cellulose fleece to reduce total harmonic distortion. Velour ear pads and highquality leatherette headband both provide outstanding comfort. S HD595 $259.99

Enjoy a new music experience: The HD 465 headphones offer a detailed sound image and excellent wearing comfort. Features detachable, single-sided cable, replaceable ear cushions and a twoyear warranty. S HD465 $84.95

HD 590 Precision Headphones The HD 590s are audiophile, open-aire, hi-fi stereo headphones that reproduce harmonic and superbly transparent sound with absolute minimum distortion. With a weight of only 9.4 ounces, a sophisticated design and a new dampening technique, the HD 590 is an ideal choice for the professional monitoring of classical music recordings. S HD590 $229.99

Cardas Upgrade Cable Ten or fifteen-foot upgrade cable for Sennheiser HD 580, HD 600 and HD 650 headphones. It will help you get the most out of your headphones. Terminated 1⁄4” at the amplifier end. S CARDAS REPLACE $185 (10’) S CARDAS REPL15 $254 (15’)



HEADPHONES PXC300 Noise Canceling Portable Headphones The foldable PXC 300 headphones with NoiseGard Advance active noise canceling technology let you enjoy music even in noisy environments. They reduce unwanted noise by up to 80 percent and the optimized circuit technology ensures reduced susceptibility to mobile phone interference. The PXC 300 is supplied complete with a protective soft case, batteries and aircraft audio adaptors. S PXC300 $219.99

PXC 250 Collapsible Headphones The PXC 250 is a closed, dynamic, supra-aural mini stereo headphone with NoiseGard active noise compensation. Due to their active and passive attenuation of ambient noise, they let you enjoy music even in noisy environments. The headphones are foldable and come with a convenient belt pouch, making them an ideal travel companion.


S PXC-250 $179.99 (SALE)

PX100 Foldable Mini Headphones The PX 100 open dynamic supra-aural mini headphones are perfect for mobile players. Their outstanding sound reproduction and foldable design make them ideal for outdoor use and traveling. S PX100 $69.99

RS140 Wireless Headphone The RS140 wireless RF headphone system features a switchable dynamic compression system for excellent speech intelligibility and balance control for optimum right/left volume adjustment. If necessary, a high output level can be adjusted to compensate for moderate hearing loss. Enjoy wireless freedom of sound with exceptional sound adaptation. S RS140 $219.99

PMX60 Neck-worn Sport Headphone The Open Aire, dynamic PMX 60 neckband headphones are the ideal choice for all portable audio sources. Lightweight, comfortable design provides for listening on the go. Their balanced sound image easily outperforms other mini headphones. S PMX60 $49.95

HD437 Ultra-Light Supraural Headphones Their powerful stereo sound and crisp bass make the HD437 the perfect partner for rock and pop music. Lightweight and very efficient, they are ideal for mini hi-fi systems or mobile audio sources. Includes convenient wind-up belt clip to store excess cable.

RS130 Wireless Headphone The RS130 is an open, circumaural RF wireless headphone system with switchable surround sound (“SRS headphone”). Its excellent sound image with outstanding bass response makes it an ideal choice for all types of music and for TV use. The system is extremely user-friendly due to its “easy recharge” function and intelligent auto-tuning. Acoustic and visual signals confirm the adjustment of new settings. An innovative, self-learning automatic level control ensures that the headphones always reproduce an optimum audio level. The RS 130 combines optimum comfort with a captivating surround sound experience. S RS130 $159.99

S HD437 $29.95

RS120 Wireless Headphone

PX 40 Mini Headphones The PX 40 are open, dynamic, supra-aural mini headphones for portable players. They are fitted with a convenient in-line volume control. S PX40 $24.95

The RS120 is an open, supra-aural wireless RF headphone system. Its transparent and well-balanced sound with great bass response makes this system an ideal choice for all types of music and TV applications. Furthermore, its innovative “easy recharge” function offers the ultimate in convenience when it comes to charging and storing your wireless headphones. S RS120 $119.95

1-800-716-3553 • WWW.ACOUSTICSOUNDS.COM 45

HEADPHONES ANTIQUE SOUND LAB MG OTL 32 OTL headphone amplifier with excellent preamplifier faculties. High voltage output optimized for AKG K1000 Headphones. Now includes carved wooden remote control transmitter, tube cage and dual outputs. S MGOTL32 $800

Image Headphones A unique blend of technology and fashion, this musthave audio accessory features patent-pending Contour Ear Gels for extreme comfort and a beautifully sleek black finish with distinct copper accents. Works with iPods, iPhones and other portable devices. S IMAGE $349.99

ANTIQUE SOUND LAB MG HEAD DT OTL MKIII Custom 3 Headphones These professional-quality earphones deliver performances just as the artists intended. Whether it's the spine-tingling riffs of an electric guitar or the incredible boom of a kick drum, you're going to get that "live on stage" euphoria courtesy of exclusive KG723 tweeters, KG731 woofers and a patent-pending electroacoustic crossover system.

The MKIII version makes this excellent headphone amp even better! All-tube SET design with OTL/transformer coupled outputs. Upgraded circuit and outboard power supply. S MGHEADOTLMKII $500

S CUSTOM3 $299.99

ANTIQUE SOUND LAB HB1 All class “A” SET/hybrid headphone amplifier. Separate power supply. S HB1 $300

Custom 2 Headphones Dynamic earphones are a must for true-to-life audio experiences and Custom-2 makes it a reality. A great intermediate solution for users who are concerned with great sound and comfort. Includes great traveling accessories. S CUSTOM2 $199.99

PRO-JECT Head Box SE MKII Headphone Amplifier Metal case shields the electronics from vibrational and electromagnetic interference. Connections for two headphone sets with individual volume adjustment. Gold-plated RCA connection sockets. Outboard power supply included. S HEAD BOXSEII $349

PRO-JECT Head Box MKII Headphone Amplifier Custom 1 Headphones A great entry-level solution for users who are concerned about great sound and great comfort. Delivering a "front row, center stage" listening experience at an affordable price, Custom-1 earphones employ exclusive KG332 balanced armatures for deeper bass, a more robust midrange and clear high notes. S CUSTOM1 $129.99 46


A great, compact headphone amp! Featuring RCA inputs and outputs, plenty of gain to drive almost any set of headphones, a very low signal to noise ratio and a gorgeous case, the Head Box MKII is sure to please. S HEAD BOX II $159


“The HA-1A may be the best thing that's ever happened to headphones...champagne sound for beer-budget bucks.” —Sam Tellig, Stereophile, June 2006

CAYIN HA-1A Vacuum Tube Headphone Amp The Cayin HA-1A is a fully adjustable high quality audiophile tube headphone amplifier. • Output Tube Mode switchable between triode & ultralinear. • Impedance Selector Switch for perfect interface with any headphones — switchable between 6 to 300 ohms. • Usable as a preamplifier (14dB gain). • Usable as an integrated amplifier — Power output: 1.2W x 2 (RMS, triode) or 2.2W x 2 (RMS, ultralinear). • Uses two EL 84s, a 12AX7 and a 12AU7 tube. • Weight: 151⁄2 lbs. Size (WDH): 51⁄8” x 13” x 9” S HA-1A $875

MUSICAL FIDELITY X-CAN V8 Headphone Tube Amplifier The X-CANv8 is a huge advance over the outgoing X-CANv3. The difference is similar to comparing an Audi A4 compared to an Audi RS4. They both look similar but the performance is light years apart. The X-CANv8 will drive any headphone easily (including the wicked AKG1000) and deliver sweet neutral dynamic sound with a colossal sound stage and effortless dynamic range. You simply don’t know what your headphones are capable of until they’re driven by an X-CANv8, it’s that good. Listen and you’ll have your ears and eyes opened to a new world. S MFXCAN V8 $550

GRADO RA-1 Headphone Amplifier Designed to take your Grado headphones to new sonic heights. Machined from a solid block of Mahogany, it derives its power from two 9-volt batteries, good for 40-50 hours of playing. S RA1 $350 S RA1AC (AC VERSION) $425 S RA1HG (HIGH GAIN) $425


NEW SHANLING PH 3000 Tube Headphone Amplifier Highly reliable 6N16B tubes are employed in SRPP preamplifier circuitry. Two buffered outputs are provided by incorporating two top quality TPA6120. Volume adjustment is accomplished by an ALPS Type 27 potentiometer achieving 0.5dB channel accuracy. Professional Neutrik headphone output sockets. CD and AUX inputs and pre-amplifier output. Audiophile-quality custom CMC RCA sockets ensure no-loss signal transmission. S PH 3000 $399

1-800-716-3553 • WWW.ACOUSTICSOUNDS.COM 47



AUDIENCE Adept Response High Intensity Power Conditioner

Adept Response uses only the finest conducting, filtering and transient suppression components. Even the power switch is exceptional, a very high quality magnetic circuit breaker. Each of the 12 outlets is individually filtered and double filtered from every other outlet, providing maximum componentto-component isolation. An entire audio or video system can easily be powered by the same conditioner, including everything from digital components and phonograph preamplifiers to power amplifiers. This extensive noise filtering creates a lower noise floor and improves low level resolution, providing superior sound stage presentation. Power amplifiers plugged into the Adept Response display increased dynamics and perform as if they were more powerful. Available in silver or black. S ADEPT

ISOTEK GII Mini-Sub The GII Mini-Sub is IsoTek's top of the range filter-based power-distribution system. The unit features six individually-filtered outputs, two of which are high current for power amplifiers or other high current drawing products. The unit uses a multiple filtering network and sophisticated gating principles to deliver unrivaled performance at this price point. Does Not Include Power Cord, Power Cord Sold Separately. S GII MINISUB $1,290



AUDIENCE Adept Response aR6 Power Conditioner Each of the 6 outlets is individually filtered and double filtered from every other outlet providing maximum component to component isolation. An entire audio or video system can easily be powered by the same conditioner, including everything from digital components and phonograph preamplifiers to power amplifiers. This extensive noise filtering creates a lower noise floor and improves low level resolution, providing superior sound stage presentation. Power amplifiers plugged into the Adept Response display increased dynamics and perform as if they were more powerful. S ADEPT 6 $2,800

ISOTEK GII Vision Along with the Mini-Sub, this is IsoTek's top of the line filter-based power-distribution system. In the case of the Vision, there is an extra layer of filtration for Audio/Video systems. The unit features six individually-filtered outputs, two of which are high current for power amplifiers or other high current drawing products. The unit uses a multiple filtering network and sophisticated gating principals to deliver unrivaled performance at this price point. Does Not Include Power Cord, Power Cord Sold Separately. S GII VISION $1,290

ISOTEK GII Sigmas At the rear of the unit you will note six high quality outlets, these are individually filtered to stop components from ‘talking’ to each other or corrupting the clean supply provided by the unit. This is achieved by a series of high quality filters on each of the outputs and a sophisticated ‘adaptive gating’ system which auto senses the requirement of filtering products connected to the medium current outlets need. Includes power cord. S SIGMAS $2,150

ISOTEK Mira Mira is IsoTek's dedicated high definition LCD, CRT, Plasma, HDTV and projector power center. Mira is also able to offer enhanced performance for primary electronics in the system. Its carefully chosen component parts and relatively generous proportions allow for an optimum design and functionality. S MIRA $400




Multi-Ways High-quality power distribution strips with upgradable flexibility. Available in four, six or eight-way configurations, this series of distribution strips offers surge protection coupled with proprietary technology which reduces product cross contamination. The Multi-Ways deliver astonishing performance and value for money. Upgrade to Gemini and Orion circuits for increased performance. Units can be wall mounted. S MULTIWAY4 $430 S MULTIWAY6 $485 S MULTIWAY8 $560

Gemini & Orion Flexible system of products that can grow as a system expands. Two high quality sockets provide clean power through an individually parallel filtered network. Orion offers multiple shunt, multiple series and multiple delta filtering coupled. Ideal for sparse high-end audio or AV systems. S ORION $745 S ISO GEMINI $520

Wall Bracket

Questions? Give us a call!

A simple discrete three-piece bracket assembly which allows the Multi-Ways, Gemini or Orion units to be wall mounted either vertically or horizontally. S WALLBRACKET $29.95

1-800-716-3553 1-800-716-3553 • WWW.ACOUSTICSOUNDS.COM 49


Richard Gray RGPC 1200S

AUDIENCE Adept Response aR1 High Resolution Power Conditioner

RGPC 1200S is housed in a knock-you-dead gorgeous rack/shelf-mountable component, black anodized front panel and a rearilluminated RGPC retro-looking logo. It is the power of two RGPC 400MK IIs, wired internally with 12-gauge wiring and 12 Hubbell AC Outlets. It includes a surge protection system, a six-foot 12-gauge heavy duty power cord, 20 amp IEC connector with twin 20 amp fast-blow fuses. S RG 1200 (BLACK) $2,195 S RG 1200S (SILVER) $2,195

The Adept Response will elevate the performance of your audio/video system to new heights like no other power conditioner. In addition to superior power protection, the Adept Response delivers the ultimate audio/video experience. Adept Response technology is considered to be the very best in providing clean ac power. The aR1p is designed like the renowned twelve outlet Adept Response, aR12. It is hand built without the use of circuit boards or clip on connections. It is built only with premium quality high current components throughout.


S ADEPT 1 $495

RGPC Pole Pig Like its big brother the SubStation, the Pole Pig acts as an isolation transformer that helps eliminate the annoying ground loops that can plague your system. The Pole Pig, with six Hubbell outlets, is perfect for isolating the front-end components (preamp, DVD player etc.) of a home theater system or for powering a complete high-end audio system. S RG POLEPIG $1,595

CABLE PRO PWR8W Integrity 8 Outlet Power Strip


RGPC 600S Offering all the same striking good looks and benefits of the larger RGPC 1200S at a more attractive price, the RGPC 600S is perfect for the more budget-conscious audio/video enthusiast with a smaller system. S RG 600 (BLACK) $1,395 S RG 600S (SILVER) $1,395


RGPC 400 Pro A four-outlet, audiophile-quality Power Delivery device with a 20-amp IEC cord for use with today’s high-powered amplifiers and digital devices. Designed to be placed next to the components needing line enhancement. Features four Hubbell AC outlets, 12-gauge internal wiring, a surge protection system, a six-foot 14-gauge power cord and an internal 20 amp IEC Connector and 15 amp slo-blow fuse. S RG 400PRO $795

The Noisetrapper Revelation II power strip takes AC power delivery to another level. No filters, no surge suppressors, no circuit breakers, we've even removed the fuse, so nothing compromises the AC signal. S PWR8W


ISOTEK NeoPlug NeoPlug is a plug-in design that builds upon the industry standard of a delta filter configuration across the three poles of the mains. Provides highly effective results when plugged next to noisy appliances. Due to the sophisticated circuitry, it will never be necessary to use more than two NeoPlugs in a home environment. S NEOPLUG $110

ULTRA SYSTEMS Noise Destroyer RGPC Extender The Richard Gray Extender answers the call for those who need additional outlets to add to an existing RGPC Patented Parallel Delivery unit. The Extender follows the Richard Gray mantra of delivering high current on demand with minimal loss. Utilizing heavy 12-gauge wiring, each of the Extender's six commercial grade Hubbell Outlets are wired independently to the power source so that all of the outlets receive the same amount of current. Designed specifically to be used with a Richard Gray 400, 600 or 1200 Parallel Delivery System, the RGPC Extender must be plugged directly into an RGPC Parallel Delivery System in order to provide non-sacrificial surge protection and noise removal. S RG EXTENDER $329 50


Noise Destroyer is a parallel AC filter – a classic wall-wart – which plugs into a "free" socket within the AC circuit. It consumes a tiny amount of current while it goes about getting rid of the RFI and EMI polluting the AC circuit, providing you with a lower noise floor and resulting in better audio and video performance. S NOISE DEST $449.95 (PAIR) S NOISE DEST EA $249.95 (EACH)



The Vesuvius is constructed of a braided arrangement of 10-gauge silver-plated copper. The dielectric is Teflon™ and glass. Yes, glass. The braided geometry is shielded and the shield drained to ground for absolute blackness. Terminations are Wattgate 330i and 350i, either silver or gold.

NRG-3 uses solid PerfectSurface Copper (PSC) conductors in a Self Shielding Counter-Spiral Hyperlitz. The nearly perfect surface finish and interior grain structure of PSC copper dramatically reduce distortion compared to OFHC or other metals.


Silver Circle Audio Power Cord

S AQ NRG-3 3 3FT $210

S VESU 6FT $800

AUDIENCE 6-foot Power Cord


The most often overlooked upgrade in high-performance music or film playback systems is the A/C power cable. The reality is that improving the quality of your component’s A/C cable can have a profound effect on the system’s sound. Once the PowerChords are in place you will be amazed by the lowered noise floor and removal of several layers of grunge and veiling that has been robbing your system from achieving its best sound. Other lengths available, call for pricing. S AUPC $504

AUDIOQUEST NRG-5 Power Cable NRG-5 uses solid Perfect-Surface Copper+ (PSC+) conductors in a Self Shielding Counter-Spiral Hyperlitz. PSC+ copper’s exceptionally high purity, nearly perfect surface finish, and refined interior grain structure dramatically reduce distortion compared to OFHC or other metals. The Counter-Spiral geometry minimizes conductor interaction while maintaining a fixed low-inductance relationship between conductors. S AQ NRG-5 3 3FT $455


AUDIOQUEST NRG-2 (IEC-3 POLE) AC Power Cable NRG-2 uses solid Long-Grain Copper (LGC) conductors in a Self Shielding Counter- Spiral Hyperlitz configuration. Solid conductors prevent strand interaction, which is the greatest single source of distortion in an audio cable or an AC power cable. The less complicated grain structure and fewer impurities within LGC copper significantly reduces distortion compared to normal high purity-copper. The Counter-Spiral geometry minimizes conductor interaction while maintaining a fixed regular relationship. S AQ NRG-2 3FT $105 S AQ NRG-2 6FT $150

AUDIOQUEST NRG-1.5 (C7-2 POLE) AC Power Cable NRG-1.5 uses solid PerfectSurface Copper (PSC) conductors in a Quad-Helix configuration. Solid conductors prevent strand interaction, which is the greatest single source of distortion in an audio cable or in an AC power cable.

We've found a power cord that not only sounds great but is priced so low that we couldn't believe our ears. This is one hell of a cord. Incredible sound. Now's your chance to steal a 6-footer at $200 or an 8-footer for $240. Don't miss out. S S S S



6 FT $200 8 FT $240 10 FT $280 12 FT $320

Gutwire Power Cord 6 FT

Gutwire power cable conductors are made of high purity oxygen-free copper. Noise floor and background noise are to be reduced to a minimum by utilizing multiple shielding. The lower the noise floor, the clearer you can get to the essence of music. Multiple shielding is used to reject most of the EMI and RFI. S GUTWIRE 6FT 6 FT $199

Gutwire B16 Power Cord 5 FT


S AQ NRG-1.5 6 6FT $150 S AQ NRG-1.5 3 3FT $105

AUDIOQUEST NRG-1 (C7-2 POLE) AC Power Cable NRG-1 uses solid Long-Grain Copper (LGC) conductors in a Star-Quad configuration. Solid conductors prevent strand interaction, which is the greatest single source of distortion in an audiocable or an AC power cable.

Did you know that the tightness of the jacket materials could change the sound? Gutwire jacket materials are designed to be loose. After numerous experiments, the tightness of the jacket materials does affect the sound significantly. If the jacket materials fitted the cable very tightly, the sound of music would have been very constraint and the "vividness" of music would have disappeared. S B16 5 FT $99

S AQ NRG-1 6 6FT $75 S AQ NRG-1 3 3FT $60 1-800-716-3553 • WWW.ACOUSTICSOUNDS.COM 51

FINITE ELEMENTE Cerapuc Ceramic Ball Interface


GINGKO Platform Cloud 11 for Scout The Cloud 11 offers the best performance with added features: • bottom plate designed with deeper wells for added safety in use • at 20" x 14 5/8", top plate accommodates components with larger footprints • extra thickness of the bottom plate and the top plate skirt improve vibration reduction performance S PLAT CLOUD11


1/4-20 threaded PRECISION COUPLER included. S S S S S



$619 (19” x 14”) $729 (19” x 18”) $829 (19” x 21”) $929 (19” x 24”) $1,399 (27” x 21”)




AUDIOQUEST Q Feet Set of four energy absorbing feet with "tray" which improves performance and protects furniture. Each foot supports about eight pounds.

SYMPOSIUM ACOUSTICS Ultra Platform Symposium’s Ultra is the standard of comparison for equipment isolation platforms. The Ultra will take your system to a new level – with more dynamics, richer, more detailed and extended bass, more expansive soundstaging and a quieter background, all without the blurred transients and bass resonance problems of compromise solutions. Have a “monster” amp? No problem! The Ultra has no weight limits – and is free of leveling problems. 3.5” total thickness; supplied with Precision Couplers; brushed aluminum top standard. Third constrained layer black top “Stealth Edition” optional, and also available in “Ampstand” version.

Fast resonance transfer is provided by an extreme hard high-tech ceramic ball. Precision machined stainless steel is used for achieving correct damping.


GINGKO Platform Cloud 10 for Scout The principle of this platform is simple: Eliminate outside vibrations and, in so doing, reduce any "smearing" in your soundstage. Basically, your equipment is isolated by a cushion of air. And man does it work. Talk about bass slam! Plus, the piece is gorgeous. Custom sizes are available in clear or black acrylic. (201⁄8” X 145⁄8” X 21⁄2”) S PLAT CLOUD10 $349

ACOUSTECH Speaker Dots Medium density Sorbothane discs (11⁄2" x 3/32") for use between speakers and stands. These blue discs are made from a very pure Sorbothane material (no carbon black additives) which prevents it from becoming gummy over time. S ATE SPKRDOTS 8PK $15.95

SYMPOSIUM ACOUSTICS Svelte Shelf Simple but effective, the Svelte Shelf sets new standards for an entry level acoustic shelf. At only 5⁄8” thick, it fits in places other isolation devices can’t go. Simply place it on top of existing rack shelves and surfaces for improved sonics with CD & DVD players, turntables, amps and preamps; it also works on TOP of components. Precision laser-cut, stainless steel sandwich technology improves bass control, dynamics, timbral purity, midrange and treble transients. Optional Precision Couplers ensure good coupling to component chassis, but the Svelte can be used with all hard footer devices. S S S S S S S S S S



$398 $478 $498 $449 $419 $315 $315 $355 $355 $389

(10” X 12” SET OF 2) (10” X 14” SET OF 2) (12” X 14” SET OF 2) (19” X 22”) (19” X 21”) (19” X 14”) (18.25” X 14”) (19” X 14” WITH COUPLER) (18.25” X 14” WITH COUPLER) (19” X 18” WITH COUPLER)


GINGKO Audio Mini-Clouds The Mini-Clouds remove 95 percent of the vibration between 5 Hz and 500 Hz. S MINI-CLOUDS $100 (SET OF THREE) S MINI-CLOUDS EA $33 (EACH)

The Vibrapod Cone

ACOUSTECH Vibration Dampening Material This material, which is used extensively by one of the world's premiere turntable manufacturers, features an adhesive backing from 3M for easy placement inside any component or on any component shelf. 4" x 6" Adhesive Back.

Use these new Vibrapod Cones to eliminate the internal and external vibrations that are hampering your system. Vibrapods are the most costeffective component isolation system that we have found. These cones can be used independently or in conjunction with Vibrapod Isolators.

S ATE VD4X6 $12.95



RINGMAT Small/Large Domes Small domes. S DOMES SM $40

Large domes. $55


FINITE ELEMENTE Immedia Resonator Sound-impairing intrinsic resonance from hi-fi components is now a thing of the past. Joint research with the University of Applied Sciences in Dortmund has resulted in the development of a simple but efficient resonance dissipating device that considerably reduces annoying resonance. Conventional attenuation of component cabinets, using mass blocks for example, is mostly without any real effect, as the newly generated intrinsic frequencies are affected by the musical spectrum to such an extent that the sound-impairing effects are simply relocated. The Resonator converts this resonance energy into heat across a broad band and specifically, thus redefining the sound of silence. S RESON B $745 (BLACK) S RESON S $745 (SILVER)

SYMPOSIUM ACOUSTICS Rollerblock Junior Want Rollerblock results at a lower price? Rollerblock Jr. doesn’t skimp on quality, because it’s made to the same stringent requirements of their famous big brother, the Series 2+. Rollerblock Jr. isolates your components to reduce distortion and improve imaging, air, and bass quality, and is also ideal for speakers - improving bass, soundstaging, imaging precision and more when used under loudspeakers and subwoofers. Available in sets of 3 or 4 with either standard Grade 25 chromium balls or optional Grade 10 tungsten carbide balls. S S S S


3 4 3T 4T


PRO-JECT Ground It Deluxe 2 Isolation Platform Finished in dark grey lacquer, the Ground It Deluxe comes complete with height adjustable, aluminum cone feet. Filled with granulate for universal damping.

SYMPOSIUM ACOUSTICS Rollerblock Series 2+ Series 2 Rollerblocks literally started a revolution in the field of component isolation footer devices with their innovative design, “fanatical” precision and jaw-dropping results! Made for those who demand maximum resolution and musicality from their components without adding colorations or “hifi” effects, Series 2 are the choice of serious audiophiles. Super-precision Grade 10 tungsten carbide bearings in a polished cup of optical precision achieves superior low frequency lateral isolation with simultaneous mechanical grounding. Machined from blocks of top-grade 7075 aircraft aluminum and “hard coat” anodized with a skin harder than steel, Symposium’s signature product delivers reference quality from digital sources, analog turntables, preamps, amplifiers and power conditioners. S RB2 3 $399 (SET OF THREE) S RB2 4 $499 (SET OF FOUR)


S GROUND IT 2 $249


SYMPOSIUM ACOUSTICS Point Pods Symposium’s mini-platforms have many uses: under components, rack and speaker points, or as damping pads. Slip Point Pods under the hard feet of your turntable and hear more resolution, cleaner transients, less “haze” and distortion. Ideal for use under very small components, such as mini-DACs and small power supplies. S POINT PODS $179 (SET OF FOUR)

We know it’s unfair - but ordinary cones and blocks just can’t compete with multi-layered Fat Padz, which simultaneously damp and isolate components and support surfaces, while converting unwanted vibration to harmless heat energy. You’ll hear richer, more satisfying bass, better dynamics, and a cleaner, more relaxed top end with Turntables, CD players, Preamps, Amps, and speakers. S FAT PADZ 4 $219 (SET OF FOUR)

1-800-716-3553 • WWW.ACOUSTICSOUNDS.COM 53

System Setup



AUDIOQUEST Sorbothane Self-Stick Sheet

Set of four. Stainless.

6" x 6" x 0.10" sheet can be cut to size to damp vibrations in almost anything.

S LG CONE $65 (32mm) S SM CONE $45 (22mm)


DOME Bases

The deStat completely removes dust and eliminates static on CD, DVD, LP and A/V equipment with fan-driven balanced ion flow. Use the deStat on your system components as well as media, power cables, line-level interconnects and speaker cables. The deStat operates on four AA batteries and takes just 10 seconds, while a safety circuit prevents shock from the discharge pin. S DESTAT $396

AURALEX MoPads Your loudspeakers are the most critical components you use to verify the quality of your system. To maximize their performance and to truly hear your recordings, you've got to isolate your monitors from their environment. S MOPADS $8

BRIGHT STAR AUDIO IsoNode The IsoNode isolation feet provide the most cost-effective upgrade in the industry. The unique IsoNode polymer rejects a wide range of vibration trying to enter from underneath the component. The highly compliant IsoNode acts as both a liquid and a solid for superior vibration control. Adhesive backing is included. Set of four. 1


Set of four. Stainless. S LG BASE $30 (32mm) S SM BASE $22 (22mm)

STAR SOUND TECHNOLOGIES APCD2 Coupling Disc for Audio Points Custom machined point protectors for your valuable surfaces. S APCD 2 $8.69

STAR SOUND TECHNOLOGIES Audio Points Quality machined brass cones. Available in different heights, diameter and weight capacities. Internally and externally threaded variations available.


(LG 1 ⁄4” X ⁄4” HOLDS 42 LBS) S ISONODE LG $24.99 (SM 3⁄4” X 3⁄8” HOLDS 30 LBS) S ISONODE SM $14.99

BILLY BAGS Black Steel Cone Cup Black Steel Cup for Isolation Tip. Will protect wood floors and top surfaces.


AP2.0AP1D AP1.5AP1D AP1.5AP-A AP 1.0AP-H AP 1.0AP-M AP1.0 AP.2APD

$44.99 $39.99 $34.99 $29.99 $29.99 $27.99 $18.49


This is the most advanced program for calibrating today’s televisions, including high definition, plasma and other state-of-the-art screens and home theater systems. Featuring the visual work of renowned cinematographer Allen Daviau (ET, Empire of the Sun, The Color Purple), DVE is the one...the only... calibration program that will render all the other calibration programs obsolete. S DVDI-0712 $24.99

DIGITAL VIDEO ESSENTIALS PAL Home Theater Setup This is the most advanced program for calibrating today’s televisions, including high definition, plasma and other state-of-the-art screens and home theater systems. Featuring the visual work of renowned cinematographer Allen Daviau (ET, Empire of the Sun, The Color Purple), DVE is the one...the only...calibration program that will render all the other calibration programs obsolete. S DVDI-0710 $24.99

CROSSCHECK Turntable Level IIt sounds simple, but it's all too often overlooked. If you want the best performance from your turntable, it's got to be level. VPI's cross check level allows you to level both the fore and aft planes with one simple tool. Highly recommended.


VIBRAPOD Isolators

MILTY Zerostat 3 Gun

Vibrapods are an extremely simple and effective design that trap air underneath their rubber body. This is used to isolate your components from outside vibration similar to high-end air platform devices. There are five different models available, which correspond to the weight of the equipment with which they will be used.

Zerostat 3 is a new development of the original piezo-electric pistol. It reduces static on insulating surfaces such as Vinyl records. The Zerostat produces negative and positive ions that couple with the positive and negative static charges on an object's surface, effectively neutralizing them.


2-3 LBS) S VP1 $6 RECOMMENDED 4-8 LBS) S VP2 $6 COMPONENT 8-12 LBS) S VP3 $6 14-18 LBS) S VP4 $6 22-28 LBS) S VP5 $6



S VPI LEVEL $11.99

CLEARAUDIO Bubble Level When all your equipment is level, performance is enhanced. Housed in a machined stainless steel base. S BBL $60

AUDIOQUEST Binding Post Wrench This quality double ended nut driver binding post will tighten your nuts without stripping them. Specially designed for audio. Wrench has metal inserts that fit 7/16" & 1/2". At $10 no one should be without one. S BINDPOSTWRNCH $10 RECOMMENDED COMPONENT




VPI HR-X Ring Clamp

Boston Audio's flagship product, the Mat 1 is a pure carbon record mat that sets a new standard for clarity in analog music reproduction. CNC machined and finished by hand, the Mat 1 is one of the most cost-effective upgrades you can make to your turntable.

Clamping a record at the periphery (outside edge of the record) solves the problems of wow on a record that is not completely flat. When you clamp a record at the disc's center, there is often still a visible warp at the outside of the record. You can see this by observing the tonearm move up and down because of the warp. The periphery clamp solves that problem.

S BA MAT1 $199

CLEARAUDIO Quadro Clamp This version of a beautifully designed record clamp is intended for all Clearaudio tracking tonearms. S QUADROCLAMP $195

CLEARAUDIO Twister Clamp A wonderful threepiece collet-type Record Clamp. Resonance control is effectively handled with this clamp through the clever use of three materials. First, the Delrin puck makes impedance-matching mechanical contact with the record label. Secondly, the brass collet puts an ultra-tight grip on virtually any turntable spindle. And finally, the stainless steel tension knob allows for proper tensioning of the clamp while adding resonate controlling mass. S TWISTER $100

AUDIOQUEST SorboGel Record Mat Using an AQ SorboGel Record Mat will greatly improve the sound of any turntable with a glass or metal platter. The AQ SorboGel Record Mat absorbs record and platter vibrations while maintaining a strong foundation for the record. S REC.MAT $95



VPI HR-X Center Record Weight

The Mystic Mat is composed of a layer of gelcoated resonance-controlling carbon fiber mated to a layer of CF polyurethane and followed by another sheet of carbon fiber. Its thin (about 3mm) profile makes it a perfect candidate for any table needing immediate musical improvements from conventional felt or rubber record mats. It fits snugly on your turntable's spindle and lies nice and flat on the platter with the smooth side down. The Mystic Mat is a hard mat and is lightweight. Lightweight clamp is included.

This hefty stainless steel weight is the perfect way to improve your favorite record's sound by dampening your LP for increased resolution. It's unthreaded design lets you use it with any turntable. S VPI A1113 $150

EXTREME PHONO “Speed” Carbon Graphite Turntable Mat The Speed is extremely thin (no adjustment to VTA), 0.47mm, to be exact. It can be laid over any turntable platter or any mat material (None Felt, Felt, Rubber, whatever) and it offers a tremendous performance boost. S SPEED $119

FUNK FIRM Achromat Universal Mat The Funk Firm introduces the next stage in vinyl evolution: Achromat. Achromat's new material matches records 100 percent. It can't get better. It doesn't stop there. Achromat is further optimized by the introduction of bubbles. These gradually increase internal damping, making Achromat more effective. The reduced weight helps for use as a universal mat.

THORENS 2 Part Platter Mat


Non-static platter mat consisting of fine granules (Indian rubber, cork, leather).

KAB Record Grip with Level


CLEARAUDIO Souther Clever Clamp Ingenious lightweight and affordable device for clamping the record to the platter. It is compatible with all turntables.


The KAB USA record grip reduces resonance and acoustic vibration of the record itself, freeing the stylus to do its intended job of tracing the groove. The result is better focus and detail to the soundstage. S KAB GRIP $29.95


THORENS Stabilizer This device achieves better contact between the record and the platter mat, whether it be felt or rubber. Resonances of vinyl records are well absorbed and the trackability of less than perfectly flat records is greatly improved. Due to the additional weight, a readjustment is needed on record players employing a suspended chassis. In most cases however this can be carried out by the user. S STABILIZER $179.95 S STABILIZER B $189.95

VPI Stainless Steel/ Delrin Record Clamp Designed exclusively for use with the VPI line of turntables, it is designed to offer a sonic improvement over the standard two-piece and one-piece all Delrin clamps. Tightens bass and provides better instrument focus. S VPI S CLAMP $150

PRO-JECT Record Puck Low-cost alternative to the Thorens and VPI center weights, the Pro-Ject Record Puck fits on virtually any turntable spindle and will effectively dampen record resonance. Stout brass composite puck weighs 1.65 pounds and is three inches in diameter, with a height of one inch. S PRO PUCK $85



Record Care

The DISC DOCTOR’S Miracle Record Cleaner for LPs & 45s, Shellac & Plastic 78s, Edison Diamond Discs Acetates & Lacquers Miracle Record Cleaner Concentrate


Available in pint, quart, 1⁄2 gallon and gallon bottles; a concentrate is available for international delivery. The 4 oz. flip-cap dispenser accompanies each bottle of cleaner. Detailed instructions are included. For LPs, 45s, Shellac & Plastic 78s, Edison Diamond Discs, Acetates and Lacquers (fluid only). S S S S


$25 $37.75 $60 $115




ACOUSTECH Big Record Brush Dissipate static and wipe away harmful dust, lint and dirt with one simple stroke of this handle-held large brush. Unlike some record brushes, this model fits across the entire radius of a 12-inch LP. Its bristles are made of a unique blend of soft natural hairs and conductive synthetic fibers that result in effective static dissipation. Packaged in a re-sealable pouch. For use on LPs, film, glass, plastics and negatives. S ATE SW-141GC $44.95 (12-INCH BRUSH) S ATE SW-140 $29.95 (5-INCH BRUSH)

ACOUSTECH Anti-Static Record Brush Simple to use and the best $18.99 you could spend as a record collector. Brush each LP side, and you’ll not only enjoy less surface noise but you’ll also increase the life of your records and phono cartridge. Over one million carbon fibers gently remove particles of dirt from the record grooves. S ATE RB $18.99

The DISC DOCTOR Quick Wash Record Cleaner

Zerodust LP Raiser

Removes dirt, grime, grease, mold and mildew and reduces static charge. Rinses residue-free by either manual or machine cleaning. Does not contain isopropyl alcohol. Specially formulated for use with vacuum based cleaning machines. S DD QW S DD QW2X S DD QW2XC


The DISC DOCTOR Stylus Cleaning Fluid


LAST Record Preservative

This cleaner does not leave a residue on the cantilever or stylus. Now includes stylus brush.

Chemically enhances the molecular stability, and therefore the cohesiveness, of your record groove surface so that it completely resists the damaging effects of stylus shock waves. The 30-second treatment affects the vinyl to a depth of about ten molecular layers and becomes part of the groove wall.


The DISC DOCTOR Miracle Record Cleaning Kits

S SF 200 $41

Kits contain 12” LP-sized applicators (Type A brush) plus cleaner. S S S S

Just a drop of LP Raiser liquid infiltrated in Z-Cloth is enough to perfectly clean either side of an LP, CD or DVD. Also removes electro static charge from the disc surface. Purifying work enables the disc to come back to the ideal status right after the record was produced. LP Raiser is made of 98 percent natural plant origin. Two Z-Cloth sheets come with a bottle of 30ml LP Raiser liquid.


$67 $79.75 $100.75 $157


LAST All Purpose Cleaner Superb for maintenance cleaning of records. Easy to use and apply. Two microfiber applicators included. S SF 300 $24

GRUV-GLIDE Record Treatment Gruv-Glide is a dry record treatment that actually enhances the sound of your records. In the past, even the highest quality cartridge could not truly access all the sonic nuances of a vinyl disc. Gruv-Glide changes all that by cleaning the groove and bringing out the best possible sound. Each kit contains one 4.5 oz. aerosol treatment, two specialized applicator pads, directions and a static tester. S GRUV $28.95



Cartridge/Turntable Setup

ACCESSORIES Cartridge Care BENZ AESTHETIX ABCD-1 MC Cartridge Demagnetizer


A battery-powered device that will do much to restore the performance of your Moving-Coil cartridge. Though recommended for most brands, give us a call to discuss compatibility with your model. S ABCD-1 $200

ACOUSTECH Stylus Brush Keeping your stylus free of debris is key in getting the most out of your listening session AND in preserving the life of your cartridge. With the AcousTech stylus brush, the job couldn’t be easier OR more effective. You’ll hear less noise and distortion and you’ll protect your investment. Always brush from the back of the stylus (the end nearest the cantilever) towards the tip. S ATE SB $9

The ULTIMATE Analogue Test LP

“Yes, I’ll occasionally set up a cartridge visually to listen casually. However, all serious listening is done by setting up with the ‘Ultimate Test LP,’ it’s always interesting to see how far off I am with a visual set up. Some of the adjustments are very fine. I don’t think one can be certain that their cartridge is set up right without this disk.” – Michael Yee, Michael Yee Audio

Analogue Productions set out to produce the ultimate test record. We’ve consulted many experts in the field, including mastering engineers, audio experts, turntable experts and audiophile listeners, to create a test record that’s never been made before. When Barry Wolifson from Sterling Sound in New York City called us with the same idea we had been thinking about – that being to create the ultimate test record – he and our audio expert Clark Williams began to brainstorm and research ideas until they were both completely satisfied with what should go on the record. Most of the test records in the past have been made to test a variety of equipment. This test record excludes silly cannon shots, typewriters, voices on one channel and other useless fluff. This one specifically addresses your turntable and cartridge. It’s designed to provide the basic test signals necessary to calibrate a turntable or cutting lathe as simply as possible. Most of the signals have specific implications, but it is certainly possible to use them in any number of novel ways. This record was mastered and cut on a Neumann VMS 80 lathe at Sterling Sound and pressed at Record Technology, Inc. on highquality, 180-gram virgin vinyl.

Zerodust The Zerodust cleans your delicate stylus without using brushes or fluids. The Zerodust will extend stylus life and enhance fidelity, and it can be used indefinitely. S ZERODUST $69

LAST Stylus Cleaner Removes even the toughest deposits, preventing stylus and record groove damage – protecting your records from abrasion damage caused by dirt that has adhered to the stylus tip. S SF 400 $22.50 (1⁄4 OZ)

LAST Stylast Stylus Treatment Dramatically reduces the friction at the stylus/groove interface resulting in: stylus life extension up to 10 times, reduced distortion and improved sonic performance, increased stylus tracking ability, increased stylus suspension life and reduced record wear. S SF 500 $33 (1⁄4 OZ)


Cartridge Setup 2007 EDITORS’ CHOICE AWAWRDS

AAPT 1 $39.99

KAB Speed Strobe Turntable Speed Tester The KAB SpeedStrobe features a 10" round “record” marked with numerous rings of rotational speed numbers and a quartz-locked, 9-volt-battery-powered, hand-held strobe. Just place the numeric “record” on your platter, turn the ‘table on and aim the strobe in its general direction. If the number corresponding to your desired rotation speed seems to be frozen in place on the “record,” your speed is dead on. If it slowly wanders forward or backward, it is going too fast or too slow and requires adjustment. S KAB STROBE $89.95


FEICKERT Universal Protractor A truly outstanding design that we at Acoustic Sounds give our highest recommendation. This protractor system is the best we’ve found for aligning your cartridge with ultimate accuracy for tonearms with an effective length from 8.6 up to 17.7 inches. The calculation of parameters were carefully carried out according to Lofgren’s equations aiming for reduction of the overall RMS distortion level caused by deviations from the ideal tangential position of your cartridge while tracking your records. The goal is to find a tracking geometry that suits LPs in a perfect way. Operation is simple, and the results are very rewarding. S UPROTRAC $250

Clear, sharp and precise indexed lines on the tools aid in accuracy and ease of use.

1-800-716-3553 • WWW.ACOUSTICSOUNDS.COM 57

ACCESSORIES CAIG Laboratories Audio/Video Survival Kit

CAIG Laboratories Squeeze Tube Essentials Kit Includes DeoxIT squeeze tube, ProGold squeeze tube, PreservIT squeeze tube and CaiLube MCL Liquid squeeze tube.

Includes DeoxIT D5MS-15, ProGold G5MS-15, CaiLube MCL5MS-H15, DeoxIT D100L-2C, ProGold G100L2C, CaiLube MCL100L-H2C, lint-free swabs, brushes, cloths, display box (5” x 8” x 1")

S K-2C $12.95

S SK-AV35 $34.95

CAIG Laboratories ProGold ProGold is a unique conditioning solution that improves conductivity and protects gold, base metals and other precious metal contacts and connections. ProGold provides long-lasting protection on gold, silver, rhodium, copper, bronze, nickel and other precious metals.

(PUMP 125 ML) S GXP5S-6 $35.95 (SPRAY 200 ML) S G5S-6 $20.95 SQUEEZE TUBE (100% SOLUTION 2 ML) S G100L-2C $5.95

CAIG Laboratories DeoxIT Power Booster D5 Spray DeoxIT is a fast-acting deoxidizing solution that cleans, preserves, lubricates and improves conductivity on metal connectors and contacts. Use as a general treatment for connectors, contacts and other metal surfaces. (5% SOLUTION, 200 ML) S D5S-6 $14.95 (Mini spray 5% solution 20 ml) S D5MS-15 $12.95 SQUEEZE TUBE (100% SOLUTION 2 ML) S D100L-2C $4.95

CAIG Laboratories Lint-Free Cloth, Polypropylene 3” x 4”

CAIG Laboratories ProGold G100L Brush Applicator ProGold is a unique conditioning solution that improves conductivity and protects gold, base metals and other precious metal contacts and connections. Use on plated connectors, contacts and metal surfaces for maximum performance and protection.

S LFC-C50 $8.95 (PACKAGE OF 50)

CAIG Laboratories Precision Cotton Swabs

(100% SOLUTION, 7.4 ML) S G100L $21.95 (12 PACK) S SWPP12 $7.95

WANT TO SELL YOUR RECORDS? We buy pre-owned LP collections, large and small. Call or email Paul at 800-716-3553 or 58

CAIG Laboratories Connector Cleaning Brushes


(12 PACK) S AB-12 $8.25

Kontak Cleaner & Conditioner Kontak is an advanced cleaning solution (CFC-free) originally developed for military applications. It completely removes all traces of contaminants on any connecting surface, and greatly enhances signal flow. Benefits include improved bass response, enhanced low-level detail and transparency and a greater sense of dynamic range. S KONTAK $39.99

Walker Audio Extreme Super SST Specially-processed, ultra-pure, micron-size silver flakes treated with deep immersion cryogenic process. Amazing! (EXTREME) S EXT SST $170

Walker Audio SST- Super Silver Treatment Super Silver Treatment will dramatically improve the sound and/or video of any system. SST is made from an ultra-pure, thin, long micron-sized silver flake suspended in an organic fluid for its dielectric characteristics and excellent sound. Simply apply a thin layer of SST to interconnects, power cords, speaker cables and other connectors and experience stunning results. S SST $90


The VERY BEST OUTER Record Sleeves Outer LP Sleeves Non-Resealable 2.5 mil Very simply, the best outer record sleeve we’ve ever come across. Ultimate protection and aesthetics in one package. These sleeves use a hybrid 2.5 mil polypro/polyester film. Rather than viewing your records through a cloudy sleeve, you’ll instead see them perfectly crystal clear. And each sleeve is die-cut to exactly 12.75 x 12.75 inches. These sleeves are much more rigid and tight-fitting than standard outer sleeves. Again, if you want the absolute best and best-looking outer sleeve, look no further.

The VERY BEST INNER Record Sleeves Polylined Record Sleeve These polylined inner sleeves are the undisputed audiophile choice for protecting your LPs from scratches. Paper sleeves just won’t do if you’re serious about your collection. S RS-197 50 $18 (QTY 50) S RS-197 100 $30 (QTY 100) S RS-197 600 $165 (QTY 600)

S ULT2.5 100 $18.99 (100 COUNT)

Outer LP Sleeves Non-Resealable 5.0 mil Just like the 2.5 model, this 5.0 model is very simply, the best outer record sleeve we’ve ever come across. The only difference is this 5.0 version is even more rigid and heavy-duty. Manufactured from crystal 250 micron clear polypropylene, with these sleeves you’ll see your records perfectly crystal clear, rather than through a cloudy sleeve. S ULT5.0 100 $33.99 (100 COUNT)

CEN-TECH Sound Pressure Level Meter • Seven SPL range make measurements from 50 to 126 dB • A and C weightings check compliance with safety regulations and perform acoustic analysis • Slow and fast response measure peak and average noise levels • RCA connector output connection to camera, home theater or test equipment • Threaded insert allows you to attach the meter to a camera tripod for increased accuracy S SLM $39.95

AcousTech Stylus Force Gauge


Accurate and simple to use – that’s the essence of a great stylus force gauge, and that’s what you get with this AcousTech model. We all know, or certainly we all should know, that dialing in your correct tracking force is absolutely essential for optimal record playback. If you miss on the heavy side, your sound becomes thick and sluggish. Miss on the light side, and your cartridge is more likely to mistrack and the sound will be light and anemic. The AcousTech gauge will accurately read your tracking force in .002 gram increments. S ATE SFG $129 ACCURATE WITHIN O.002 GRAMS


“…Not only is AcousTech's new gauge a relative bargain; it is small, has a backlit display, is incredibly easy to use, measures weights from 0.001 to 5.000 grams at the height of an LP's surface, and is said to be accurate to within .002 grams.” The Absolute Sound’s 9 “Must-Have” Analog Accessories — Wayne Garcia, The Absolute Sound, June/July 2007 1-800-716-3553 • WWW.ACOUSTICSOUNDS.COM 59

ACCESSORIES “Perfect sound becomes more… well, perfect.”


— Sam Tellig, Stereophile

Every vinyl enthusiast has records in their collection that are just too warped for any cartridge/arm to track. The DFV-1 is the one-button solution to your problems. The DFV-1 provides controlled-heat perfect flattening for all your warped records, even those with only slight irregularities just enough to unsettle your cartridge and cause mistracking. The DFV-1 doesn’t take up much room with its spacesaving, vertical design. Improved film heating technology optimizes the entire heating and cooling cycle for a perfectly flat LP that your cartridge – and you – will love! Just unlock and open the DFV-1, place the LP on the spindle, close and tap a single button! An LCD keeps you informed of progress with a tone sounding when done. S DFV-1 $1,628

“…The DFV-1 flattened any warped LP I threw at it, no matter the weight or warping, and did so without damaging the LP in any way I could see or hear…it will allow you to pick up for pennies (literally) albums that you would have had to pass on because of warping." — John Crossett, The DFV-1 doesn’t take up much room with its space-saving, vertical design. RECOMMENDED COMPONENT

FURUTECH LP Demagnetizer

The Furutech DeMag completely demagnetizes LPs and optical disc media such as CD, CD-R, DVD, MD, Game CD, Photo CD, SACD and DVD Audio. Plus it’s an indispensable accessory for keeping interconnect cables, connectors and power cords demagnetized to prevent magnetic signal distortion. S DEMAG $1,980



“…demagnetizing an LP definitively removed a high-frequency glaze or glare and seemed to enrich the midband… Demagnetizing LPs works. Better yet, once a record has been demagnetized, it seems to stay that way…And do not try one of these devices unless you’re prepared to buy it.” — Michael Fremer, Stereophile



SYMPOSIUM Isis Rack The Isis Rack combines two innovative technologies pioneered by Symposium: the Svelte Shelf and the Rollerblock isolation system. The combination makes for a startling advance in rack technology. If you want truly great performance from your music or home theater system, then you should know that what you place your components on makes the difference between good results and great results. Today’s electronic equipment is more and more sensitive to the distortions that come from an unexpected source – mechanical vibration. Even subtle vibration will affect the quality of what you hear and what you see, and the better your components, the more important vibration control becomes. Protected by two new U.S. patents, the Isis Rack fulfills the goals which any equipment rack should strive for – acoustic neutrality, simplicity of design, excellent energy drainage and dissipation, isolation from floor borne vibration, and an optimal mechanical ground path. The design goal of the “perfect” equipment rack has been addressed by the Isis Rack in a modular solution that offers the convenience of being expandable at any time to accommodate additional components. S ISIS S ISIS ULT

$4,799 $6,699 (FIVE SHELF)

"Although the system sounded very impressive without the Isis, the complete system now took on further dimensions, significantly more expansive, dramatic space/time improvements, better inner detail, better focus, better bass, but more than anything, a wide open sound that seemed to have been freed from confinement." – Ernie Fisher, The Inner Ear Report, Vol. 15

Call one of our equipment experts to discuss your options. 800-716-3553

Core Audio Rack: cherry shelves/silver tubes


Cambré Products superior performance • unparalleled design

FINITE ELEMENT Pagode Master Reference Series The Pagode Master Reference stands out with its well thought out design based on solid wooden frames in Canadian maple, highly damped absorber shelves and the tried-andtested pagode sidespike technology.

Cambré Products manufactures three lines of performance oriented equipment stands ranging in price from under $300 to around $1200. Cambré has worked with the famed Canadian National Research Council, which provides hi tech research facilities for loudspeaker design, in order to develop resonance control technologies, which are highly beneficial for equipment stands. All Cambré Products are shipped in a variety of attractive finishes and accommodate both audio and video systems with ease and are simple to assemble.

S HD03 $6,675 (4 LEVELS)

FINITE ELEMENT Pagode Signature Series

CAMBRE Core Audio Rack Core Racks are constructed using the highest quality MDF with hand picked veneers ensuring unique and artistic wood grains on every shelf. The shelves are engineered with “Acoustic Dampening Grooves” (ADG). ADG’s provide a neutral platform in which components can truly perform at their best. ADG’s on the undersides of the shelf allow airborne external vibrations to Core Audio Rack: maple shelves/silver tubes be dissipated before they can reach the electronic components on the shelf. Colors available: maple, cherry, rosewood, black ash or walnut with black or silver tubes. Specify shelf and tube color. S CORE 4SHELF $950 S CORE 5SHELF $1,200

After seven years, the Finite Elemente Pagode E Series is now getting a successor that will certainly also become a modern classic in audio rooms. The Pagode Signature promises an even better sound experience – not least because it comes with all the best extra features from its predecessor fitted as standard. Available in natural maple or anthracite (black). S PAGODE E12 S PAGODE E13 S PAGODE E14 S PAGODE E15

$2,175 $2,625 $2,700 $3,150

(3 LEVELS 24” H) (4 LEVELS 24” H) (4 LEVELS 33 1⁄2” H) (5 levels 33 1⁄2” H)

CAMBRE Timbre Audio Rack


Timbre Audio Video Racks offer real wood veneer finishes that are hand picked for their unique and artistic grains. Extreme care goes into the finishing of all Cambre racks. Colors available: maple, cherry, rosewood, black ash or walnut with black or silver tubes. Specify shelf and tube color.

Now with cable shield! Curved side panels, filigree equipment shelves, conical tensioning bolts, stabilizing back panel – to form a shelving system that is simply convincing. The innovative tensioning system uses basic elements of mechanics for its stability, and the resonance-optimized materials make it sound good.


Timbre Audio Rack: cherry shelves/black tubes

CAMBRE Entre Rack Entre Racks are an excellent hi-fi rack. These racks are built of the highest quality materials, to ensure the best quality support of your system. Black shelves. Specify black or silver tubes. S ENTRE EAB3 $290 (3 SHELF) S ENTRE EAB4 $350 (4 SHELF) S ENTRE EAB5 $370 (5 SHELF)


Entre Audio Rack: black shelves/silver tubes

TARGET AUDIO VW2 2-Shelf Wall Platform Pro-35 turntable stand holds LPs and one component. Optional brushed steel finish with black star granite high gloss top and shelves at additional cost.

Using a wall mount for your turntable will eliminate unwanted vibrations and improve sound quality. This shelf is essential if you have wood floors in your house.

S PRO35 $1,450 S PRO35BS $2,160 (BRUSHED STEEL)

Shelf size: 181⁄8”w x 14”d S VW2 $199

BILLY BAGS Pro-35 Turntable Rack

BILLY BAGS Pro-1.5-4 Audio Rack Considered the "Mini-Pro," this rack uses a one-and-a-half inch outer "exo-frame" as opposed to a two-inch variety as is used typically with the PRO racks. Achieve superior isolation by filling the legs with lead-shot and/or sand. Isolation tips or casters cost extra.

TARGET AUDIO VW1 Pro Wall Platform Single shelf version. S VW1 $159 Shelf size: 18 1⁄8”w x 14”d

S VW1PRO $169 Shelf size: 19 3⁄8”w x 16”d

S PRO1.5-4 $1,114

BILLY BAGS #5505 Audio Rack The stability and rigidity of these stands are unsurpassed. Available in brushed steel and graphite nebula.

See a large selection of racks listed with measurements at

S BBD5505 $1,108 1-800-716-3553 • WWW.ACOUSTICSOUNDS.COM 61

AURALEX Metro Diffusor diffusor panel

ACCESSORIES ACOUSTEC Foam Ruffles Square Room treatment is paramount to good sound with any system. That's a fact. But often, the stuff costs as much as the electronics you're using. That's what makes these foam squares so appealing. More importantly, this room treatment works. Rather than let the sound from your speakers slap against your walls, simply treat your room with these squares for incredible diffusion results. Call our audio experts at 800-716-3553 for ideas about placement. S ATE FR 2IN S ATE FR 3IN S ATE FR 4IN

$12.50 (16”/2” thick-Gray) $22 (16”/3” thick-Gray) $25 (16”/4” thick-Gray)

AURALEX Part Science PSSA22 SpaceArray There are diffusors that cost twice as much, but there's simply no reason for you to spend the extra money. SpaceArray diffusors work great, look great and they're w-a-y less expensive than anything else on the market that looks so good and works so well. The SpaceArray combines hemispherical acoustical diffusion with a top-quality wood finish. Auralex has based their design on a quasi-random series for superior performance without visual patterning and the result, both visual and aural, is quite stunning. S PSSA22


AURALEX Q’Fusor diffusor panel

The MetroFusor features the same distinctive, proprietary surface contour as our Metro acoustic foam Absorber for a clean, consistent, architecturally-pleasing appearance that looks upscale and attractive in even the most highbrow of environments. The MetroFusor is made from high quality EPS (expanded polystyrene), so it's lightweight, affordable, easy to paint and easy to mount. (2’ X 2’ X 2”) S METRODIFF $219 (White) - Box of 12

Room treatment is paramount to good sound with any system. That's a fact. But often, the stuff costs almost as much as the electronics you're using. That's what makes these simple, foam designs from Auralex so appealing. They work and they're reasonable. The DST LENRD Bass Traps are designed for low-frequency sound control. (1’ X 1’ X 2’) (charcoal) S DSTLENRD $45 S DSTLENRD 4PK $179

AURALEX B22 Pro Panels For the professional needing an aesthetic yet cost-effective alternative to full-wall custom fabric systems, Auralex ELiTE ProPanels cover the spectrum. ProPanels are fabric-covered, acoustic absorptive panels designed to absorb slap and flutter echoes, providing a more pleasing and accurate listening environment.(2’ X 2’ X 1”)

SonoFlat Panels are 2' X 2' X 2" panes made of Auralex's industry-leading Studiofoam and offer great absorption of mid to high frequencies. The edges are beveled, contributing to an elegant look not normally associated with acoustic foam. The panels can be installed easily and arranged in a multitude of attractive patterns. Colors available: Charcoal, Burgundy or Purple. Brown available on a limited basis.

(213⁄4’ X 213⁄4’ X 23⁄4’) S QFUSOR $399 (White) - Box of 14

(2’ X 2’ X 2”) S SONOFLAT2 $25


The 2" Studiofoam Wedges are Auralex's most popular seller. Use 'em to treat small to medium-sized areas. They effectively kill standing waves and flutter echoes and, when used in conjunction with the LENRD Bass Traps, they can effectively tame the full frequency bandwidth in virtually any room. This is your safest bet if you're tuning your room yourself without the help of a professional acoustician. 2' x 4' x 2” thick - EACH - specify color S STUDIOFOAM2 $34


The Q'Fusor Sound Diffusor is a design derived by combining a standard quadratic residue sequence with other mathematical techniques, creating a profile that optimizes scattering surfaces. Combine this with an overall depth of approximately three inches, and you have superior diffusion down to a frequency of around 800Hz. Sonically, this means more accurate control of sound reflections in your room without making the room sound flat. The Q'Fusor is a great step up from Auralex's very effective MetroFusor and, like all of their diffusors, is extremely affordable and easy to install.


AURALEX 2’ Studiofoam Wedge

Specify Color - Sandstone, Tiger Eye, Garnet, Obsidian



AURALEX 2’ Sonoflat

AURALEX Versa Tiles The VersaTile design allows it to be implemented in a variety of ways. It can be positioned to bridge a corner, creating a sizable air pocket that gives you some great low frequency absorption. It can also be placed on walls and ceilings with either side out, allowing for some sophisticated looks while offering superior absorption characteristics versus thinner, flat acoustic foam panels. 16” X 24” - EACH - Charcoal only S VERSATILES $25

AURALEX Tubetak Pro Liquid Adhesive Tubetak Liquid Foam Adhesive is a super-strong bonding adhesive that comes in a tube and applies easily with a standard caulking gun or a Tubetak Applicator, available separately. Please read instructions carefully before applying. S TUBETAK PRO $8.99


ECHO BUSTERS Phase 4 The Phase-4 tuning tower is a useful tool in the control of acoustics in a room. Its primary purpose is to operate as a fulltime corner bass trap as it stands on the floor. Rotation of the unit itself provides an additional benefit by exposing its absorptive or reflective sides to the rest of the room. The two absorptive sides are marked by the Echo Busters emblem on the top corner of the Phase-4 unit. S PHASE4

ECHO BUSTERS Echo Buster The most common bad acoustical environment is a bright reflective room. We’re not just talking about a sun-drenched, tile-floored barewalled room, although these are exactly the kind of rooms which are bad acoustical spaces. The sound bounces back and forth, mercilessly ricocheting off the walls, windows, floors and ceilings, dying out about three seconds after the sound was issued. Echo Busters are specifically designed to absorb the echoes, reverberations and distortions which smear the soundstage your speakers are trying to recreate. In reducing reflected sound, a quieter and more revealing listening environment will be created. Music may be played louder without discomfort, and it helps keep sound in your room where it belongs, not bouncing around the whole house. With proper treatment, you can still have your sun-drenched room and be drenched in sound as well.




ECHO BUSTERS Bass Buster 4’ x 9’ Bass Busters improve bass reproduction in your audio or home theater environment by removing unwanted low frequencies. Standing waves are formed by sound bouncing off walls, floors and ceilings and crashing into each other at certain points in the room. These low frequencies need to be removed to allow you to hear the full bass extension your speakers are capable of reproducing. Bass Busters increase the dimensionality of your soundstage imaging by reflecting unabsorbed sound in a hemispherical pattern back into the room. Bass Busters have many positions where they work best. Based on the Helmholtz resonator principle, Bass Busters are designed to absorb sound in the critical 60 Hz to 255 Hz frequency range. The Helmholtz resonator can be understood best by the example of blowing across the mouth of a bottle. The low frequency tone that you hear is the bottle’s resonant frequency. When bass-heavy music is played, the Bass Busters’ resonant frequency is excited and they resonate, or vibrate, sympathetically and wick off some of this bass energy from the room. This allows kick drums to sound tighter, pedal organs to sound deeper and better-defined. Standard Colors are: Quartz, White, Med. Grey, Grey Mix and Black. All Other colors are optional colors. These optional colors may have a slight additional charge and may increase the delivery time somewhat. For more information call 1800-716-3553. S BASS4X9 $325 RECOMMENDED COMPONENT



Check our web site for daily updates!


$295 (5’ X 23’) $220 (4’ X 18’)



ECHO BUSTERS Double Buster Double Busters create the soundfield diffusion that is the hallmark of a great acoustical space. By redirecting and scattering flat sound waves, a lively and involving listening experience is realized. Serving double duty through both absorption and reflection, Double Busters are invaluable for any home entertainment system. Available for wall mounting or on stands. Double Busters work best on side walls from the middle of the room back, as well as on the rear wall behind your listening position. Many people like to use them behind the speakers as well to create a livelier presentation of the music. Experimentation in your own system will ultimately tell what works best for you. S DOUBLE4X12



ECHO BUSTERS Corner Buster (Set of 4) Corner Busters are typically placed in the ceiling corners. This eliminates the "megaphone" effect corners are infamous for. Corners are also known for having ALL frequencies eventually find their way there. By neatly capping this corner juncture with a Corner Buster, you’ll create a surface that absorbs almost all the frequencies that hit upon it and prevent them from being ricocheted back into the room, amplified like a megaphone. The center of the Corner Buster has a reflective section which allows the higher frequencies to retain their sparkle while effectively eliminating mid-range echoes. Even the lower frequency bass notes are somewhat tamed due to the air space that’s created behind the Corner Buster acting as an efficient bass trap. S CORNER

$190 (Set of 4’)



1-800-716-3553 • WWW.ACOUSTICSOUNDS.COM 63

Blue Note w SA


8:38 AM

Page 4

Dexter Gordon Go CBNJ 84112 SA ABNJ 84112

$30.00 $50.00

Fred Jackson Hootin’ ‘N Tootin’ CBNJ 84094 SA ABNJ 84094

$30.00 $50.00

Ike Quebec It Might As Well Be Spring CBNJ 84105 SA $30.00 ABNJ 84105 $50.00

Ike Quebec Soul Samba Bossa Nova CBNJ 84114 SA* $30.00 ABNJ 84114 $50.00

$30.00 $50.00

Kenny Dorham Whistle Stop CBNJ 84063 SA ABNJ 84063

$30.00 $50.00

Sonny Rollins Vol. 2 CBNJ 1558 SA ABNJ 1558

$30.00 $50.00

$30.00 $50.00

The Three Sounds Bottoms Up CBNJ 84014 SA $30.00 ABNJ 84014 $50.00

Art Taylor A.T.’s Delight CBNJ 84047 SA ABNJ 84047

$30.00 $50.00

Lou Donaldson Here ‘Tis CBNJ 84066 SA ABNJ 84066

$30.00 $50.00

$30.00 $50.00

Jackie McLean Jackie’s Bag CBNJ 84051 SA* ABNJ 84051

Grant Green Green Street CBNJ 84071 SA* ABNJ 84071

$30.00 $50.00

Dexter Gordon Dexter’s Calling CBNJ 84083 SA* ABNJ 84083

$30.00 $50.00

Horace Silver Tokyo Blues CBNJ 84110 SA ABNJ 84110

John Coltrane Blue Train CBNJ 81577 SA* ABNJ 81577


$30.00 $50.00

Lou Donaldson Blues Walk CBNJ 81593 SA ABNJ 81593

$30.00 $50.00

Cannonball Adderley Somethin’ Else CBNJ 81595 SA* $30.00 ABNJ 81595 $50.00

Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers

Paul Chambers Whims of Chambers CBNJ 1534 SA $30.00 ABNJ 1534 $50.00

Lee Morgan Leeway CBNJ 84034 SA ABNJ 84034

Moanin’ CBNJ 84003 SA* ABNJ 84003


Kenny Burrell Midnight Blue CBNJ 84123 SA* ABNJ 84123

$30.00 $50.00

$30.00 $50.00

Grant Green Idle Moments CBNJ 84154 SA* ABNJ 84154

$30.00 $50.00

Hank Mobley A Caddy For Daddy CBNJ 84230 SA $30.00 ABNJ 84230 $50.00

Jackie McLean Capuchin Swing CBNJ 84038 SA ABNJ 84038

$30.00 $50.00

Become a Series Subscriber!

Acoustic Sounds’ own reissue label, Analogue Productions, is bringing you 25 cherry-picked Blue Notes as the best-sounding LP versions ever. Now, we offer you those same 25 titles in what will unquestionably be the best-sounding digital versions! That's right: 25 Blue Note titles on SACD - all Hybrid and all but two titles Stereo - shipping at two or three per month beginning in July 2008. Nine of these 25 titles will include bonus tracks not available on the LP versions.* • As we've done with the LPs, we're offering you the chance to sign up for the complete series for free shipping. We'll charge your card as the titles ship to you and we'll pick up the freight. To sign up for the series, email Leesa at The first three titles Lee Morgan/Lee-Way, Kenny Dorham/Whistle Stop, Jackie McLean/Capuchin Swing - Shipping Now!

Joe Henderson Page One CBNJ 84140 SA ABNJ 84140

$30.00 $50.00

*Includes Bonus tracks

John Patton Along Came John CBNJ 84130 SA ABNJ 84130

$30.00 $50.00 1-800-716-3553 • WWW.ACOUSTICSOUNDS.COM 65

B L U E N O T E prints What other legendary label has artwork as collectible as the actual records? These long historically famous session photos from Francis Wolff are absolutely gorgeous and make for the perfect supplement to your Blue Note Records collection. From 1939 to 1967, Wolff photographed nearly every Blue Note session. He’s as responsible for how we remember the look of John Coltrane as Rudy Van Gelder is for how we remember the sound. While Wolff never considered himself a master photographer, history certainly remembers him as one of the few great jazz photographers. Wolff died in 1971, but many of his thousands of images have been established as classics. Each numbered print is part of a limited edition of 500, and will not be reprinted. The image is 10”x 10,” printed on 11” x 17” acid-free paper with archival pigment inks. Acoustic Sounds Series Subscribers (see previous page) may request the print number matching their numbered-edition albums. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

John Coltrane BLUE TRAIN SESSION, 09/15/57 P COLTRANE 57 ......................................$150.00

Art Blakey

Art Blakey

Elvin Jones




P BLAKEY 58............................................$150.00

P BLAKEY 60 ..............................................$150.00

P JONES 64 ..............................................$150.00

Clifford Brown

John Coltrane with Lee Morgan

Max Roach




P BROWN 53 ............................................$150.00

P COLTRANE 57-1......................................$150.00

P ROACH 56..............................................$150.00

Thelonious Monk

Bud Powell with his son

Miles Davis




P MONK 52 ..............................................$150.00

P POWELL 58 ............................................$150.00

P DAVIS 54 ..............................................$150.00


BLUE NOTE books & cd/dvd Blue Note Book: Tribute to Alfred Lion This 6” x 8” book is more than 500 pages in length and includes a picture of each Blue Note LP cover along with the catalog number, recording date, location and personnel for each song listed. A short remembrance of Alfred Lion, as written by Ruth Lion, is also included. A must for Blue Note buffs. BOOK = S BK 13 ......................$50.00

Blue Note Album Cover Art: The Ultimate Collection Smaller in trim size, expanded in content, this compendium gathers nearly 400 of the legendary covers, spanning the ’40s to the ’70s, and features the greatest work of legendary Blue Note art director Reid Miles. Simple and sophisticated, moody and alluring, these covers continue to influence designers and excite jazz aficionados today.

Klipsch iGroove SXT Klipschs’ most compact and affordable iPod speaker to date, the iGroove SXT may be small but it delivers larger-than-life performances. Works with all iPods! • Exclusive horn-loaded technology • S-video output; IR remote control/charges any iPod with a 30-pin connector • iPod alarm clock instant wake functional • Compatible with other devices via auxiliary input S IGROOVE SXT $169.95

BOOK = S BK 26 ......................$19.99

Blue Note: Jazz Photography of Francis Wolff This volume is a collection of the jazz photographs taken from 1941 to 1968 by Francis Wolff, cofounder of Blue Note Records, to document the world's most famous jazz label. Vignettes tell the story of Blue Note Records. Includes never-before-published color images from Wolff's later years of photography. BOOK = S BK 14 ......................$29.98

Klipsch RoomGroove Wireless iPod speaker Alone the RoomGroove makes a great iPod speaker, but combine it with other RoomGroove speakers and you get an affordable, high-performance wireless home audio system that dynamically brings iPods, MP3 players and any device with a line level (or headphone) audio output to life. The RoomGroove iPod speaker utilizes premium woofers, crossovers, and horn-loaded tweeters to deliver accurate, efficient, and compromise-free acoustics. It features a retractable dock that charges all dockable iPods and comes with Apple universal well inserts to accommodate multiple iPod sizes. Other digital devices easily connect via an auxiliary input. S ROOM GROOVE $299 OUR PRICE! (RETAIL $349)

Blue Note: Perfect Takes Rudy Van Gelder’s delight in rediscovering the musical treasures that he first put on tape 40 or 50 years ago inspired Blue Note to ask him to select 10 tracks that epitomized what moved him musically with what satisfied him sonically. The result is Perfect Takes, a compilation of great jazz performances chosen and mastered by Rudy with his own revealing liner notes. Blue Note’s Tom Evered and Michael Cuscuna went to Rudy’s studio in Englewood Cliffs with video producer/director Chuck Fishbein. Over seven hours, the normally very private Van Gelder took them on a tour of the studio, recounted his professional life, offered anecdotes on famous sessions and expounded on his philosophy of sound. The revelatory and revealing footage was what every self-respecting jazz fanatic has been aching to see. This bonus 27-minute DVD is offered free with the purchase of Perfect Takes. CD + DVD = CBLU 73227 ........$19.98

Image Headphones

Custom 1 Headphones

A unique blend of technology and fashion, this must-have audio accessory features patent-pending Contour Ear Gels for extreme comfort and a beautifully sleek black finish with distinct copper accents. Works with iPods, iPhones and other portable devices.

A great entry-level solution for users who are concerned about great sound and great comfort. Delivering a "front row, center stage" listening experience at an affordable price, Custom-1 earphones employ exclusive KG332 balanced armatures for deeper bass, a more robust midrange and clear high notes. S CUSTOM1 $129.99.

S IMAGE $349.99

Blue Note Jazz Series Box S BOX B1 $75.00

Blue Note Box S BOX SACD B1 $50.00 Final Design Still Pending

We're in the process of creating a deluxe, numbered-edition box to house your Blue Note SACD collection from Analogue Productions. This box, limited to 1,000 numbered copies, will be the perfect way to display your complete collection in ultimate style.

Get the jump on this before they're all gone!

To go along with our 25 cherry-picked Blue Note Reissues projects - both on 45-RPM LP and on SACD - we've come up with a way to display your complete collections with ultimate class. These heavy-stock cardboard boxes, complete with four-color litho wrap that is foil embossed, will look absolutely killer on your shelf or wherever you decide to display these valuable collections. Limited Time Offer: Purchase the Blue Note LP Box before september 1, 2008 and receive a book of Blue Note photography by photographer Francis Wolff for free! That's a $30 value and a very cool 176-page book of beautiful photos of the musicians that make up your Blue Note collection.

Please Note - Box is empty. lps and sacds sold separately.

We've created a deluxe heavy-stock cardboard box, complete with four-color litho wrap to house your precious Fantasy 45 LPs.

Fantasy Jazz Series Box S BOX F1-2,3,4 $75.00 (each)

As you know, over the past five years, we've released 100 double-LP, 45-RPM, all-analog-mastered titles from the vast Fantasy catalog. The reviews - from the press and customers - have been like nothing we've ever experienced. Now, if you were one of the lucky ones to have collected them all, you can display them in this dandy box.

Please Note: Box is empty. LPs sold separately.

We've created a box for each of the four batches of 25 titles. Buy all four boxes for $200. Order online at



Below is a sampling of what critics and customers have said:

Miles Davis Quintet Workin’with the Miles Davis Quintet LP = AJAZ 7166 $50.00

Miles Davis - Miles Davis & The Modern Jazz Giants LP = AJAZ 7150 $50.00

Cannonball Adderley - Cannonball Art Pepper Quintet Adderley in San Francisco Smack Up LP = AJAZ 1157 $50.00 LP = AJAZ 7602 $50.00

John Coltrane Standard Coltrane LP = AJAZ 7243 $50.00

Bill Evans Interplay LP = AJAZ 9445 $50.00

Thelonious Monk The Unique Thelonious Monk LP = AJAZ 209 $50.00

Kenny Burrell with Coleman Hawkins - Bluesey Burrell LP = AJAZ 29 $50.00

The Modern Jazz Quartet Django LP = AJAZ 7057 $50.00

Miles Davis All Stars Walkin’ LP = AJAZ 7076 $50.00

“…It is now possible to believe that John Coltrane, Bill Evans and Sonny Rollins are in your music room without ingesting psychedelic substances to enhance your powers of perception… AcousTech definitely got it right!… Do whatever you have to, but make sure that you don’t miss these releases… Don't let this fantasy become a missed opportunity.” - Dennis Davis, Hi-Fi+

Thelonious Monk Quartet Misterioso LP = AJAZ 1133 $50.00

Count Basie Big Band Farmers Market Barbecue LP = AJAZ 2310-874 $50.00

Lightnin’ Hopkins Lightnin’ LP = AJAZ 1019 $50.00

Johnny Griffin The Little Giant LP = AJAZ 1149 $50.00

Tony Bennett & Bill Evans/The Tony Bennett Bill Evans Album LP = AJAZ 9489 $50.00

“They are simply magnificent. I cannot recall anything that can match them, not even the RCAs or the Mercuries.” - Zain Azahari, Acoustic Sounds customer

Count Basie Basie Jam LP = AJAZ 2310-718 $50.00

Bill Evans Trio How My Heart Sings! LP = AJAZ 9473 $50.00


Ella Fitzgerald & Oscar Peterson Dizzy Gillespie Ella and Oscar Dizzy Gillespie’s Big 4 LP = AJAZ 2310-759 $50.00 LP = AJAZ 2310-719 $50.00

Charlie Byrd Trio Byrd at The Gate LP = AJAZ 9467 $50.00

Sonny Rollins The Sound of Sonny LP = AJAZ 241 $50.00

Coleman Hawkins Good Old Broadway LP = AJAZ 23 $50.00

Sonny Terry Sonny is King LP = AJAZ 1059 $50.00

Wynton Kelly Gene Ammons The Soulful Moods of Gene Ammons Kelly Blue LP = AJAZ 1142 $50.00 LP = AJAZ 28 $50.00

Limited Edition 1,000 of each title TO ORDER, CALL 1-800-716-3553 The Fantasy 45 Series includes 100 titles, released in sets of 25. Go to to check out what’s available from sets 1 and 2.

"Some of the best pressings I own.… Keep me on the list for all 100." - Randall Fulton, Acoustic Sounds customer

“Basically, I think the sound quality is unmatched for any of these cuts that have previously been released by anyone else. They’re just wonderful. “ - Art Trujillo, Acoustic Sounds customer

Label – Label


IN STOCK, ALL AVAILABLE! CALL 1-800-716 TO ORDER THE WHOLE SET Below is a sampling of what critics and customers have said:

Bill Evans Quintessence LP = AJAZ 9529 $50.00

Charlie Byrd - The Guitar Artistry Vince Guaraldi Trio of Charlie Byrd A Charlie Brown Christmas LP = AJAZ 9451 $50.00 LP = AJAZ 8431 $50.00

Curtis Counce - You Get More Bounce With Curtis Counce LP = AJAZ 7539 $50.00

“…the set is representative of why Analogue Productions' line of 45rpm LPs is currently the Cannonball Adderley with Milt cat's pajamas in audiophile Jackson - Things Are Getting Better LP = AJAZ 1128 $50.00 software.” - Bob Gendron, The Absolute Sound, June/July 2005, Issue 154

The Wes Montgomery Trio A Dynamic New Sound LP = AJAZ 1156 $50.00

Coleman Hawkins The Hawk Relaxes LP = AJAZ 15 $50.00

Eric Dolphy Outward Bound LP = AJAZ 8236 $50.00

Arnett Cobb Sizzlin’ LP = AJAZ 7227 $50.00

Ella Fitzgerald Fine and Mellow LP = AJAZ 2310-829 $50.00

Art Pepper Intensity LP = AJAZ 7607 $50.00

Miles Davis The Musings of Miles Davis LP = AJAZ 7007 $50.00

Art Tatum/Ben Webster - The Tatum Group Masterpieces LP = AJAZ 2310-737 $50.00

Benny Carter Jazz Giant LP = AJAZ 7555 $50.00

John Lee Hooker Burning Hell LP = AJAZ 008 $50.00

Chet Baker Chet Baker In New York LP = AJAZ 1119 $50.00

Bill Evans Trio At Shelly’s Manne-Hole LP = AJAZ 9487 $50.00

John Coltrane with The Red Garland Trio - Traneing In LP = AJAZ 7123 $50.00

Art Blakey Jazz Messengers Caravan LP = AJAZ 9438 $50.00

Shakey Jake Mouth Harp Blues LP = AJAZ 1027 $50.00

“...My God I have died and gone to...The Village Vanguard!... Chad, Kevin and Steve have resurrected the giants of Jazz, and they now stalk me in my living room. Vinyl fans, get behind this mutha! The series is hot!” - Rich Brown, aka Speaker Boy, Klipsch Audio Technologies

"Your Fantasy 100 series are hands-down the best reissues I've heard. They're just outstanding. I've got many different copies of Art Pepper+ 11, including the original. Yours sounds ten times better. And I don't find that true with most reissues." - Ali Saad, Acoustic Sounds customer

Ella Fitzgerald and Joe Pass ...Again LP = AJAZ 2310-772 $50.00

Thelonious Monk Alone in San Francisco LP = AJAZ 1158 $50.00

Barney Kessel with Shelly Manne Red Garland Trio and Ray Brown - The Pollwinners Groovy LP = AJAZ 7535 $50.00 LP = AJAZ 7113 $50.00

Gene Ammons Nice an’ Cool LP = AJAZ 18 $50.00

Limited Edition 1,000 of each title TO ORDER, CALL 1-800-716-3553 The Fantasy 45 Series includes 100 titles, released in sets of 25. Go to to check out what’s available from sets 1 and 2.

1-800-716-3553 • WWW.ACOUSTICSOUNDS.COM 71

Very simply, there could be no better weekend for a blues-loving record collector. The Blues Masters at the Crossroads is a two-night blues blowout set in the intimate church-turned-recordingstudio sanctuary of Blue Heaven Studios. Just 450 people each night enjoy the most authentic, roots-based, historically relevant blues artists still living. During the day, we open our Acoustic Sounds warehouse for the chance to shop the world's largest selection of audiophile recordings and to demo our diverse lines of equipment in our world-class listening rooms.

Salina, Kansas might be out of the way, but be assured: You'll Be So Glad You Came!

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SETS A NEW STANDARD IN AUDIO EXCELLENCE Refer to this legend for easy recognition of recording processes, pressings & recommendations

“One of the most natural sounding recordings I’ve ever heard. Very enjoyable.” David Schwartz

24 Karat Gold CD

Acoustic Sounds Recommended

High Definition Compatible Digital by Pacific Microsonics

Manufactured by JVC

Manufactured by JVC

The Classic 24/96 24/192 Hybrid Digital Audio Disc HDAD

Manufactured by JVC

Manufactured by JVC


DVD Audio

Mastered at AcousTech Mastering


“The sound production is so clear you can drink it from the tap!”

200 Gram Vinyl Classic Records

Allen Butler PRESIDENT, SONY MUSIC NASHVILLE, 1993-2003 150 Gram

Tube Mastering

180 Gram High Quality LP Pressed at Record Technology, Inc. 180 Gram+

Blue Coast Collection: The E.S.E. Sessions

highest possible standards, acoustic music in its most lifelike form. CBCR 1012 SA 73



Single Layer Stereo SACD


Recorded at Blue Heaven Studios

SACD Super Audio Compact Disc

Under The Radar

Hybrid Stereo SACD

The Absolute Sound Recommended

Hybrid Mono SACD

Single Layer SACD

Single Layer Multichannel SACD

Hybrid Multichannel SACD

m virgin v gra in 0-



r ly fo

u s t iicve S o u n lu s

OP = Out of Print

SE = Special Edition

ALUM = Aluminum

UP = U.S. Pressing


pressed at RTI


TRANSLATION: This is an audiophile release of the

Stereophile Record To Die For


Label founder Cookie Marenco, a five-time Grammy nominated producer/engineer, has developed a patented-pending surround sound recording technique called Extended Sound Environment (ESE) that creates a holographic sonic image. ESE makes use of room and direct microphone placement to optimize full tonal response from the instruments and character of the room. Marenco assembled a cast of world-class engineers and technicians noted for their commitment to audio excellence. The disc features the work of 10 acoustic artists of various styles, and each recording used only the highest quality gear, including silver cabling throughout the process. No headphones, digital effects or overdubs were used. And while the musicians are relatively unknown, they are of top caliber and were hand picked for their performance abilities.

High Quality LP Pressing

180 Gram Vinyl Pressed at RTI from OJC Stampers.

THIS CATALOG... This catalog supersedes all previous prices in Acoustic Sounds catalogs and flyers. These prices are subject to change without notice.




Dead Can Dance – Garden Of The Arcane Delights

4AD LPs & SACDs The Mountain Goats – Tallahassee

The 4 track EP, Garden Of The Arcane Delights, is packaged separately in a replica of its original sleeve with the SACD edition. SACD = C4AD 72706 SA $16.99

John Darnielle’s songs have always dwelled on one or a combination of five subjects: relationship conflicts, food, water, pre-Colombian Mexico mythology, and talking animals. This record conjures paranoid visions of a couple permanently on the cusp of divorce; who have remained drunk for so long, they’re not sure of much else beyond the mutually destructive urge that holds their house together. LP = A4AD 72215 $15.98 (LP + MP3 coupon)

Dead Can Dance – Spleen and Ideal The primarily experimental structure of their second album, Spleen and Ideal, released at the beginning of 1986, dispelled any notion that the band deserved the post-Gothic label slapped on them by the music press. Spleen and Ideal defined a new richness of unification between voice and music, lyrics and structure, that suggested a concrete sense of the aural ideal the band were striving for. The title of this album was taken from a piece of poetry from the 18th Century Romantic poet, Baudelaire, and was chosen for the fact that it evoked the “conflict between sinning flesh (spleen), and the struggle to realize the ideal.”

The Mountain Goats – We Shall All Be Healed This, the follow-up to Tallahassee, is The Mountain Goats’ most accessible and commercial record of their notable career. Produced by John Vanderslice. “The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle has been one of the best songwriters of the ‘00s: he turns out mostly acoustic, remarkably consistent albums full of engaging, heart-rendering songs about things like failed marriages and speed freaks and liquor store employees shooting burglars in the face.” - Rolling Stone LP = A4AD 72401 $15.98 (LP + MP3 coupon) SACD = C4AD 72707 SA $19.99

The Mountain Goats – The Sunset Tree Following the success of We Shall All Be Headed, The Mountain Goats return with a third record for 4AD. The Sunset Tree was recorded by John Vanderslice at Prairie Sun Studios (a favorite haunt of Tom Waits, among others) in North Carolina. The album features long time collaborator Peter Hughes, along with Franklin Bruno, and acclaimed jazz cellist Eric Friedlander. “It’s rare to come across such specific and purposeful prose in modern pop. But, alongside Bright Eyes’ Conor Oberst and the Decemberists’ Colin Meloy, John Darnielle is helping bring fine lyric writing back to life.” - NY Daily News LP = A4AD 72508 $15.98 (LP + MP3 coupon)

Dead Can Dance – Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun Within the Realm of a Dying Sun, the band’s third album, was originally released in the summer of 1987. The eight songs that comprised the set were recorded at Woodbine Street Studios. With record sales worldwide increasing, the band was reaching a wider audience than ever before. SACD = C4AD 72708 SA $19.99

Dead Can Dance – Dead Can Dance On their eponymous debut album, Dead Can Dance, originally released in February 1982, they successfully harnessed a “bewitching barrage of sounds, layering grinding guitars and even a dulcimer-like yang chin over a taut wash of percussion.” If the range of the group is staggering, then so too is their disciplined economy, no song lasting more than four minutes or degenerating into formless cacophony. With the five group members continually interchanging instruments, only the vocals of Lisa and Brendan remain as a constant focus. SACD = C4AD 72705 SA $19.99


Dead Can Dance – The Serpent’s Egg The Serpent’s Egg was Dead Can Dance’s fourth album, originally issued in October of 1988. At the time of its release, Brendan and Lisa were in Spain writing and recording music for El Nino De La Luna, a film by Spanish director Augustin Villaronga, in which Lisa also made her acting debut. Spotted by the director whilst viewing videos of the group in his search for appropriate soundtrack material, Lisa was persuaded to become the leading lady in the film. SACD = C4AD 72709 SA $19.99

Dead Can Dance – Aion

4AD SACD Dead Can Dance – Into The Labyrnith The 1993 release saw the leaders of Dead Can Dance, Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard. embark on more individual personal paths. While Into the Labyrinth, their first U.S. release of all-new material, was considered a commercial breakthrough (it was 4AD's best-selling record at a million copies worldwide, and counting!), it is also their most divided. They both wrote songs independent of one another - on separate continents.

1990 marked the release of Aion, 12 songs written and produced by Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard predominately recorded at their own studio in Southern Ireland. Shortly after the release of Aion, Brendan and Lisa scored their second film for Spanish Director Augustin Villaronga, La Muerte Y La Primavera. Their first film score for El Nino De La Luna, in which Lisa made her acting debut, was selected as the official Spanish entry for the Cannes Film Festival. SACD = C4AD 72710 SA $19.99




Call 1-800-716-3553 or purchase online at


4AD – 4 Men with Beards

Dead Can Dance – Toward the Within

Scott Walker – Scott 1

Toward The Within, originally released in October 1994, was an audio document of the 1993 sell-out Dead Can Dance world tour. Recorded at the Mayfair Theater in Santa Monica, California, in front of an invited audience at the conclusion of the tour, the concerts were also filmed with the intent of releasing a long form concert film. This recording marked one of the final performances at the historic theatre, which suffered major structural damage in the 1994 earthquake. Despite being a live recording, Toward The Within includes 12 previously unrecorded Dead Can Dance tracks as well as material from their six previous studio albums.

“This is the album which Scott called ‘my obsession,’ and it is an LP for which you must open not only your ears but also your heard and your mind. There is great honesty of purpose in the selection of these songs by Scott for his first solo showcase, and the result is a fine example of original expression and unique interpretation.” – John Keats, original album liner notes LP = A4MB 149 $19.98

SACD = C4AD 72712 SA $19.99

Dead Can Dance – Spiritchaser Spiritchaser, Dead Can Dance’s 7th studio album, was released in June of 1996. It focused on the more percussive, tribal side of the group’s music, together with the vocals of Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard. The album was recorded over a twelve-month period, again at Brendan’s Quivvy Church studio, Ireland. It was the duo’s first studio album since 1993’s Into the Labryinth. SACD = C4AD 72713 SA $19.99

Scott Walker – Scott 2 “While every critic in the country raves about his powerful, controlled, communicative voice; his total lack of respect for phony attitudes and standards; his obvious and original talent; his sincerity and creative purpose – Scott remains worried that he has achieved nothing he intended. While the public is perfectly aware that an album with his name on the cover will contain the essential lyrics of Jacques Brel and the other poets he admires, as well as his own descriptive, penetrating language – he still searches for words and truths. While we all know that the vital, alive arrangements by Wally Stott, Peter Knight, and Reg Guest will hit us from all sides and electrify our imaginations; that his deep, flexible voice will convey the emotions of the song (so often singers try to twist the music to fit their style) Scott talks about messing about and getting down to business. They call it dedication.” – Jonathan King, original album liner notes, 1968 LP = A4MB 150 $19.98

The Mountain Goats – Heretic Pride

Scott Walker – Scott 3

The Mountain Goats have recorded four fine albums that have established them as a genuine cult phenomenon and confirmed John Darnielle’s status as one of the finest lyricists of his generation. Heretic Pride is a suite of songs about mythical creatures, imaginary cults, slasher films and pulp fiction novelists. Here, Darnielle has also come up with some of the most anthemic, impassioned and downright catchy songs of his career. LP = A4AD 72801 $15.98 (LP + MP3 coupon)

Scott 3, originally released in 1969, marked a big change in Walker’s approach to albums as, for the first time, the record is dominated by his original compositions. LP = A4MB 151 $19.98

The Breeders – Mountain Battles

Scott Walker – Scott 4

Their first album since 2002’s Title TK. By turns goofy, groovy, melancholy, strung-out, catchy, atmospheric, and at times, impossibly lovely, Mountain Battles underlines that Kim Deal is a songwriter and musician of rare intuition. Her songs move from offhand charm to emotional truth with casual grace, balancing scuffed-up noise against fraught silence; timeless structures against strange new shapes. And throughout is Kim’s unique voice - languid, urgent, bruised, and beautiful. Mountain Battles captures all the bittersweet electricity of classic Breeders records like Pod and Last Splash, and still manages to break new ground. Deluxe 28-page booklet included. LP = A4AD 72803 $16.98 (two LPs)

The fourth solo album from the enigmatic rocker who influenced the vocal styles of David Bowie and Bryan Ferry. Originally released in 1969, 4 was released to much critical acclaim and was the first Walker album to feature entirely original material. LP = A4MB 152 $19.98


4 Men with Beards LPs


Gene Clark – White Light

Dead Can Dance/Set of 9 SACDs

An early solo release by former Byrd Gene Clark, 1971’s White Light is widely regarded as one of the lauded singersongwriter’s finest albums. With its spare, largely acoustic arrangements, the record allows Clark’s plaintive vocals and emotional lyrics to come to the fore, as best revealed on the rootsy title track and the intimate “Where My Love Lies Asleep.” LP = A4MB 116 $19.98

long live analogue

Includes: Into The Labyrinth Toward the Within Spleen and Ideal Aion Dead Can Dance The Serpent's Egg Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun Spiritchaser Garden Of The Arcane Delights SACD = C4AD DCD SA $159.99

1-800-716-3553 • WWW.ACOUSTICSOUNDS.COM 75


EMI launches the first series of classic vinyl treasures. These limited edition gems are fully restored as originally released, and manufactured on 180-gram vinyl for premium sound! Some have not been available in over 30 years!

Coldplay X&Y ACAP 74786 $25.98 (2 LPs)

The Beach Boys Pet Sounds ACAP 34715 $20.98

Bob Seger and

Live Bullet ACAP 34323 $25.98 (2 LPs)

Coldplay A Rush of Blood to the Head ACAP 40504 $20.98

Coldplay Parachutes ACAP 27783 $20.98

John Lennon Imagine ACAP 03379 $29.98

Steve Miller Band Greatist Hits: ‘74 - ‘78 ACAP 11872 $20.98

Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsies ACAP 16319 $20.98

R.E.M. Document ACAP 21276 $20.98

Radiohead The Bends ACAP 29626 $20.98

Radiohead Amnesiac ACAP 32764 $25.98 (2-10” LPs)

Radiohead OK Computer ACAP 55229 $25.98 (2 LPs)

Radiohead Pablo Honey ACAP 81409 $20.98

Radiohead Hail to the Thief ACAP 84543 $25.98 (2 LPs)

Wings Band On The Run ACAP 99176 $20.98

Radiohead Kid A ACAP 27753 $25.98 (2-10” LPs)

A Perfect Circle Mer de Noms ACAP 49253 $25.98 (2 LPs)

Bob Seger and the Sivler Bullet Band

the Sivler Bullet Band

Nine Tonight ACAP 12182 $25.98 (2 LPs)


4 Men with Beards

The Flying Burrito Brothers – Burrito Deluxe

Fairport Convention – Unhalfbricking

The Burritos’ second A&M album, released in 1970, is full of country/folk echoes and Sneaky Pete’s pedal steel whinings. LP = A4MB 153 $19.98

The transitional album before Fairport Convention invented folk rock with Liege And Lief, on this album they stretch out on longer numbers and introduce Dave Swarbrick, who plays some particularly fine fiddle on the lengthy “A Sailor’s Life.” Richard Thompson continued to mature with “Genesis Hall” and “Cajun Woman.” Equally impressive is Sandy’s beautiful voice on her stellar composition “Who Knows Where Time Goes.” LP = A4MB 158 $19.98

Velvet Underground & Nico – Velvet Underground & Nico

Fairport Convention – Liege and Lief In the decades since its original release, more than one writer has declared Fairport Convention’s Liege & Lief the definitive British folk-rock album, a distinction it holds at least in part because it grants equal importance to all three parts of that formula. While Fairport had begun dipping their toes into British traditional folk with their stellar version of “A Sailor’s Life” on Unhalfbricking, Liege & Lief found them diving head first into the possibilities of England’s musical past, with Ashley Hutchings digging through the archives at the Cecil Sharp House in search of musical treasure, and the musicians (in particular vocalist Sandy Denny) eagerly embracing the dark mysteries of this music.

Perhaps one of the most influential albums of all time. Punk, new wave, goth – you name it; most any alternative rock genre owes its birth to this record and this group. This record is a diverse collection of garage rock, pop, strippeddown R&B and love songs. Lou Reed takes the listener on a ride through tales of drugs and sexual exploration. What’s more, the album’s cover art, by Andy Warhol (who also is credited as Producer), remains among the most recognizable ever. Thirty years after its debut, this record still hasn’t lost its power. LP = A4MB 154 $19.98

The Velvet Underground – White Light / White Heat If the Velvet Underground’s debut record was a shot at the conventions of rock music, White Light/White Heat, released on Verve later that same year (1967), was a full on nuclear blast. Relative to this record, The Velvet Underground & Nico was a gentle slab of folk-rock. From the amphetamine-fueled, and inspired, opening of the title track to the 17 minute assault that is “Sister Ray” White Light/White Heat hardly lets up for a second, with the haunting “Here She Comes Now” being the album’s only mellowing moment. One of the most difficult, challenging and ultimately beautiful pop records of all time, considered by many to be the Velvets greatest record. LP = A4MB 155 $19.98

The Velvet Underground – The Velvet Underground

LP = A4MB 159 $19.98

Funkadelic – Funkadelic The 1970 debut from Detroit’s nastiest, most shredding funk-rock group. Arising from the ashes of George Clinton’s Plainfield, New Jersey-led R&B group, The Parliments, Funkadelic formed in the late ‘60s and, in addition to Clinton, included the blazing guitar of Eddie Hazel, organist Mickey Atkins, rhythm guitarist Tawl Ross and drummer Tiki Fulwood. Though firmly rooted in funk and soul, Funkadelic incorporates a dark psychedelic element, influenced by Hendrix and Sly Stone, to create a sound that was unparalleled at the time and since. Sampled by everyone from DJ Shadow to Ice Cube, De La Soul and the Beastie Boys, Funkadelic still sounds fresh today and is the first solid example of George Clinton’s eccentric genius. LP = A4MB 160 $19.98

Following the departure of John Cale in 1968, and the addition of Doug Yule on bass, the Velvet Underground released this, their self-titled third LP in 1969. More subdued and lyrically compassionate than the first two records it is nonetheless equally powerful and many consider “The Couch Album” to be the Velvet Underground’s finest work. The Velvet Underground certainly features some of Lou Reed’s finest songwriting from the narcotic beauty of “Candy Says” and “I’m Set Free,” to the angular jangle of “What Goes On” and “I’m Beginning To See The Light.”

RECOMMENDED Analogue Productions LPs & SACD (Blue Note) Dexter Gordon – Dexter Calling “I have my two new Blue Note LPs here and as I sit writing this I am listening to the Dexter Gordon, WOW!…sitting here listening to this wonderful music, just clean, no background noise, a black background, like the studio that they recorded this in, it is wonderful. The instruments coming out of the sound stage positioned as they were recorded, this is a real treat.” – Miller Steel, Acoustic Sounds customer

LP = A4MB 156 $19.98

Fairport Convention – What We Did On Our Holidays Sandy Denny’s haunting, ethereal vocals gave Fairport a big boost on her debut with the group. A more folk-based album than their initial effort, What We Did On Our Holidays was divided between original material and a few wellchosen covers. This contains several of their greatest moments. LP = A4MB 157 $19.98

Dexter Gordon connects immediately with the sublime rhythm section of Kenny Drew, Paul Chambers and Philly Joe Jones on this, his second Blue Note album. The material ranges from Drew originals to pieces from Gordon’s score for the Los Angeles production of “The Connection” to stunning performances of the standards “The End Of A Love Affair” and “Smile.” LP = ABNJ 84083 $50.00 (two 45-RPM Limited Edition LPs) SACD = CBNJ 84083 SA $30.00

Call 1-800-716-3553 or purchase online at 1-800-716-3553 • WWW.ACOUSTICSOUNDS.COM 77


4 Men with Beards – A&M

Funkadelic – Maggot Brain Maggot Brain, from 1971, is Funkadelic’s all-out masterpiece. Absolutely no one working in soul and funk at the time had the scope, vision and, let’s be honest, sheer lunacy to pull off the kind of record that George Clinton and his collaborators have made here. Eccentric funk jams are bookended by two of the heaviest tracks (“Maggot Brain” and “Wars Of Armageddon”) ever committed to tape. The title track and album opener is nothing short of mindblowing. An essential classic and the deepest album to come out of the Parliament-Funkadelic camp. LP = A4MB 161 $19.98

Adele JV LPs Adele – 19 The minute you hear that voice, the hair stands up on the back of your neck and you realize this is someone special. Critically acclaimed UK soul singer Adele is releasing her debut album 19 in the states after debuting at No. 1 on the British charts. She’s just 19, but Adele sings like a woman three times her age. LP = AADL 30624 $19.98 (two LPs + MP3 coupon)

Cluster – Sowiesoso Moebius and Roedelius, a.k.a. Cluster, released this, their fourth album in 1976. Electronic rhythms combine with bubbling synths, piano and guitar to create sonic landscapes of pure bliss. Some of the greatest ambient electronic music ever, Cluster were on the cutting edge of German space-rock and pioneers whose influence can still be felt today. LP = A4MB 162 $19.98

Aftermath LPs Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP Eminem’s masterful second record has the chops and the credentials to go along with it. The Marshall Mathers LP won the 2001 Grammy Award for Best Rap Album, “The Real Slim Shady” won the Grammy for Best Rap Solo Performance and the record was also nominated for the Grammy for Album of the Year. Expanding upon his debut, Eminem’s follow-up is both funnier and darker than his debut and the production is nearly as evocative as the raps, with liquid basslines, stuttering rhythms, slight sound effects and spacious soundscapes. LP = AARM 90629 $24.98 (two LPs)

Eno, Moebius, Roedelius – After The Heat Originally released in 1978, Brian Eno’s second album collaboration with Dieter Moebius and Hans-Joachim Roedelius of Cluster is full of blessed-out instrumentals, made up of repeated synthesizer patterns and sustained guitar. Reminiscent of the ambient style from Eno’s collaborations with Robert Fripp, After The Heat is a classic piece of German kosmische musik. LP = A4MB 163 $19.98

Abkco CDs The Rolling Stones – Singles Collection (The London Years) The three-disc box set Singles Collection: The London Years contains every single the Rolling Stones released during the ‘60s, including both the A- and B-sides. It is the first Stones compilation that tries to be comprehensive and logical – for all their attributes, the two Hot Rocks sets and the two Big Hits collections didn’t present the singles in chronological order. For those who want a little bit more, the Singles Collection is absolutely essential. CD = CABK 92312 $49.99 (three discs)

A&M LPs The Hives – Black And White Album “The Black and White Album showcases the Hives’ garage-rock giddiness via a lively batch of succinct songs stoked by howled crescendos, minimalist beats, and searing melodies…Dynamically punchy, tonally vibrant, and immediate, their music has never sounded so necessary away from the stage.” Music = 4/5; Sonics = 4/5 – Bob Gendron, The Absolute Sound, February 2008 “Although The Black and White Album features the same ecstatic, semi-ridiculous guitar thrashing that characterizes most of the band’s previous work, it also sees the Hives expanding their sound to include more bass and songs that clock in over three minutes. This time, the band ditched its native Fagersta, Sweden to record, mostly in Oxford, Mississippi, soliciting help from a handful of all-star producers. With all that muscle behind the boards, it’s not surprising that this is also the Hives’ cleanest record to date.” - Pitchfork LP = AA&M 1003001 $15.98

Supertramp – Breakfast In America

RECOMMENDED Analogue Productions LPs & SACD (Blue Note) Kenny Burrell – Midnight Blue Alfred Lion considered this his favorite production as well he should have. Without piano, Burrell, Stanley Turrentine and company get a clean open sound and a deep groove on such now classic compositions as the title tune and “Chitlins Con Carne,” which has become a blues band staple.

LP = ABNJ 84123 $50.00 (two 45-RPM Limited Edition LPs) SACD = CBNJ 84123 SA $30.00



Breakfast In America was pretty much the peak of Supertramp’s career after the minor success of their five previous albums. Standout tracks include the big hits “The Logical Song” (No. 6 UK, No. 7 US ‘79), “Breakfast In America” (No. 9 UK ‘79) and “Take The Long Way Home” (No. 10 US ‘79). LP = AA&M 137081 $19.98

Peter Frampton – Frampton Comes Alive The biggest selling live album in rock history with sales over 10 million copies. Let Frampton Comes Alive make you feel alive–again! LP = AA&M 165051 $24.98 (two LPs)

Thorens celebrates 125 years of business with the finest LP sampler ever assembled. The music was hand-picked by Acoustic Sounds CEO Chad Kassem and by the team at Reference Recordings. Featuring: Rickie Lee Jones, Nancy Bryan, Susan Tedeschi, Myra Taylor, The Staple Singers, Isaac Hayes, Jean Knight, Shelly Manne, Clark Terry, Freddie Hubbard, Dizzy Gillespie, Chet Baker, Bill Evans, Wes Montgomery, Hugh Masekela, Classical from Reference Recordings, and Blues from Acoustic Sounds’ own Blue Heaven Studios.

Thorens 125th Anniversary LP (3 LPs) ATD 125 $59.99

Music selections include Female Vocal, Jazz, Blues, Rhythm & Blues and Classical.

Every song meets the criteria of excellent performance, perfect recording and flawless mastering. What better way to celebrate such a monumental anniversary for one of the absolute leading brands in analog high fidelity than with this to-die-for LP sampler?

Also Available from Thorens: Staatskapelle Dresden/ Berlioz, Bruckner, Strauss, Shostakovich (2 LPs) This double album is intended by Thorens as an homage to the 460-year-old Staatskapelle Dresden orchestra.

ATD 8064




A&M – Analogue Productions (Blue Note)

The Police – Zenyatta Mondatta 1980’s Zenyatta Mondatta was the U.S. breakthrough, reaching platinum, the Top 10 (again No. 1 U.K.) and harvesting the Top 10 Grammy winner “Don’t Stand So Close To Me,” Top 10 “De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da” and another Grammy for “Behind My Camel.” LP = AA&M 775311 $19.98

Analogue Productions LPs & SACDs Susan Tedeschi – Just Won’t Burn Just Won’t Burn, Susan Tedeschi’s 1998 debut, alerted blues and rock fans that there was a new chick on the scene. She was very good looking, and she could wail – on vocals and guitar. What an incredible talent! People took serious notice, and a new, deserving star was born. Tedeschi can flat out play guitar, and her singing is accurate, passionate but perfectly restrained. Everything is proportionate on this album, a true masterpiece. Tedeschi turns in seven outstanding originals and four well-chosen covers. LP = AAPB 1164 $25.00

Rickie Lee Jones – It’s Like This “This lovely set of intimately arranged and meticulously recorded covers, originally issued in 2000, is precisely the kind of semi-obscure album in need of a quality all-analog reissue…The superbly natural sound produced by this record is what spending big bucks on an audio system is all about. Set the volume appropriately and Ms. Jones’ll draw you into the studio for a personal song recital…This is one to savor.” Music = 9/11; Sound = 10/11 – Michael Fremer, “…this effort from 2000 shows Jones conjuring such magic with the material that she deserves as much attention for reworking standards as do Carly Simon or

RECOMMENDED Analogue Productions LPs & SACD (Blue Note) Hugh Masekela – Hope “Here’s another masterpiece from Chad Kassem and Kevin would swear that you are listening to a master tape in your living room...this one is great for showing off what your stereo system can do. “ – Jeff Dorgay, Tone Audio, No. 15, 2008 “...Believe me, this double 45 makes the CD sound like digital dog crap. If you thought the CD sounded good, you ain’t heard nuttin’ yet.” - Michael Fremer, Wow! Hugh Masekela never sounded more real - the BEST Masakela album, a definitive must have!” - Danny Kaey, Positive-Feedback Online A longtime audiophile demonstration disc. Hope will show off your system’s dynamic range as well as any record ever released. Hugh Maselkela, the outstanding South African trumpeter, assembled a seven-piece group and recorded this great set live at Washington, D.C.’s Blues Alley. The songs stretch over a period of nearly five decades and serve as an informal guided tour of Masekela’s life. The songs are honest and bare, and as for the sound - WOW! LP = AAPJ 82020 $50.00 (two 45-RPM Limited Edition LPs) SACD = CAPJ 82020 SA $30.00



Linda Ronstadt. Kicking off with Steely Dan’s ‘Show Biz Kids,’ and with appearances by Joe Jackson and Ben Folds, among the highpoints is the Beatles’ ‘For No One’ that ranks as among the finest Beatles cover ever. And considering that they number in the tens of thousands, that’s about as high as praise gets.” Recording = 5/5; Performances = 5/5 Album of the Month – Ken Kessler, Hi-Fi News, April 2008 “The Rickie Lee Jones 45rpm is AWESOME UNREAL AMAZING!!! I have to get a backup copy. I’ll play this one to death.” – Danny Kaey, Positive-Feedback Online Not since Billie Holiday has there been a vocalist who so completely transforms a song into her own. On It’s Like This, eclectic folkie Rickie Lee Jones envelops standards, showtunes, ‘70s soul, and even slick jazz-rock, interpreting them with her familiar childlike, breathy shouts. In a very similar vein as 1991’s Pop Pop, Jones pulls together a collection of diverse songs from throughout the 20th century and gives them a sparse, fragile spin, kind of like Diana Krall and Bjork sharing coffee at an all-night diner. Produced by Bruce Brody (who has also worked with Maria McKee and Bette Midler), this album is really a showcase for the dynamic vocalist - her voice pitching and yawing like a sloop far out at sea. Several notable artists scatter themselves unobtrusively throughout the album like Joe Jackson, Ben Folds, John Pizzarelli, and Taj Mahal; each lend a subtle bass line or harmony vocal, cautiously not stepping on any of Jones’ delicate lines. LP = AAPP 51056 $50.00 (two 45-RPM Limited Edition LPs) SACD = CAPP 51056 SA $30.00

Ry Cooder & V.M. Bhatt – A Meeting By The River “…This record is a must-have for fans of Ry Cooder’s explorations into global sounds. The playing is out of this world, and, on these cuts, it has less of a world music feel, and is almost bluesy at times. With the original sessions captured at 15 i.p.s. on all custom deParavicini gear, this is the ultimate stereo test record. The sound is as real, open and airy as it gets; not one more molecule of tone could possibly be put onto these black discs!” – Jeff Dorgay, Tone Audio, No. 15, 2008 “… …Passionate, mysterious, intricate, earthy, ethereal, moody and mystical, the rich musical improvisations on this recording defy categorization…The recording is as astonishing as the music: a harmonically complex, three dimensional, two-microphone purist production that will easily take its place at the top of the sonic heap in your record collection and that’s a guarantee…this is among the most spacious, convincing three-dimensional recordings you will ever hear…An essential record in any 21st century vinyl collection.” Music = 11/11; Sound = 11/11 – Michael Fremer, Music Angle, “The quintessential 2 mic Blumlein recording, a musical extravaganza – on 45rpm it destroys the early ‘90s CD!” – Danny Kaey, Positive-Feedback Online “…Astonishingly, the four conversational yet adventurous tracks captured on A Meeting by the River were unrehearsed jams between the two masters, who had met only minutes before the session. The lesson is that Cooder and Bhatt not only knew how to play, but how to listen.” – Daniel Durchholz, Stereophile, February 2007 American composer, musicologist and guitar legend Ry Cooder teams with North Indian musician Vishwa Mohan Bhatt to create an exquisite musical realm, with both musicians playing exceptional slide guitar. Their collaboration evokes musical elements from many cultures and styles. Percussion by Sukhvindar Singh on tabla and Cooder’s 14-year-old son Joachim on dumbek. This recording won a Grammy Award. LP = AAPW 29 $50.00 (two 45-RPM Limited Edition LPs) SACD = CAPW 29 SA $30.00

Analogue Productions (Blue Note) 45-RPM LPs & SACDs “…How do these new deluxe re-issues stack up to the alternatives?…Not surprisingly, the big difference comes from the 45-RPM cutting. The faster cutting speed creates greater dynamic range and the sense of more air around the instruments, which stand out in better relief and give that you-arethere feel. The tradeoff requires you to flip the record twice as often, a small price to pay for this level of enhanced realism…These new issues maintain that timbral accuracy and at the same time bring out the piano sound like never before…for the first time Blue Note re-issues sound right.” – Dennis D. Davis, Hi-Fi+, Issue 57 “...pure bop genius...I’ve always loved this music but I didn’t remember it sounding this good!...Just a small warning: Once you start playing these Blue Note recordings you will be hooked.” - Dan Babineau, Tone Audio, No. 14 2008

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Analogue Productions (Blue Note)

John Coltrane – Blue Train

Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers – Moanin’

John Coltrane’s most important and best selling album after A Love Supreme. This was the first fully realized masterpiece by Coltrane. The superbly executed and blended ensembles have a haunting quality and each solo is a memorable treasure. LP = ABNJ 81577 $50.00 (two 45-RPM Limited Edition LPs) SACD = CBNJ 81577 SA $30.00

Art Blakey’s most successful album gave us Bobby Timmons’ “Moanin’” and Benny Golson’s “Along Came Betty” and “Blues March,” tunes so powerful that Blakey played them almost every night for the next 30 years. This beautifully performed and recorded session made the Jazz Messengers a jazz institution and put Golson, Timmons and Morgan to the forefront of jazz. LP = ABNJ 84003 $50.00 (two 45-RPM Limited Edition LPs) SACD = CBNJ 84003 SA $30.00

Cannonball Adderley – Somethin’ Else One of the best known record dates in the history of modern jazz, the chemistry among Adderley, Miles Davis, Hank Jones, Sam Jones and Art Blakey is amazing. Their reworkings of “Autumn Leaves” and “Love For Sale” are masterpieces. Miles’ title tune and Nat Adderley’s “One For Daddy-O” are classics. LP = ABNJ 81595 $50.00 (two 45-RPM Limited Edition LPs) SACD = CBNJ 81595 SA $30.00

Lee Morgan – Lee-way This album is unique within Lee Morgan’s vast and rich Blue Note discography. With then current employer Art Blakey, band mate Bobby Timmons on piano, Paul Chambers on bass and Jackie McLean on alto saxophone, the trumpeter abandons time constraints and stretches out on four, soulful, hard-bop compositions (the first and the last are by Cal Massey). These hard bop masters are constantly inspired by Blakey’s explosive grooves. LP = ABNJ 84034 $50.00 (two 45-RPM Limited Edition LPs) SACD = CBNJ 84034 SA $30.00


Hot Music

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Propelled by the timeless hit “Roundabout,” Yes’ fourth album, Fragile, became an instant classic and is undoubtedly one of prog-rock’s finest moments. It was the first Yes record to feature Rick Wakeman on keyboards and the first to display the inimitable artwork of Roger Dean. And it’s now been remastered by the incomparable team of Kevin Gray and Steve Hoffman at AcousTech Mastering. Typical of Kevin and Steve’s work, this version of Fragile is warmer, richer and airier than the 1971 original. Rediscover a classic.

Atlantic (Analogue Productions) AAPP 7211 $29.98



Analogue Productions (Blue Note) – Anti

Jackie McLean – Capuchin Swing

Fred Jackson – Hootin’ ‘N Tootin’

This is pure exceptional hard bop by Jackie McLean with Blue Mitchell, Walter Bishop, Jr., Paul Chambers and Art Taylor with all the wonderful elements of any classic Blue Note album: memorable compositions, strong solos and great feeling. But Capuchin Swing also finds the great alto saxophonist looking toward new frontiers with the harmonically edgy “Francisco.” LP = ABNJ 84038 $50.00 (two 45-RPM Limited Edition LPs) SACD = CBNJ 84038 SA $30.00

In Hootin’ ‘N Tootin’, the listener is afforded the opportunity of hearing numbers of a famous orchestra noted for its smart arrangements along the rhythm and blues influence. The moods expressed are in the “down home” and “down to Earth” groove. Under the leadership of Fred Jackson, tenor sax, the listener is propelled into the world of the new truth. LP = ABNJ 84094 $50.00 (two 45-RPM Limited Edition LPs) SACD = CBNJ 84094 SA $30.00

Jackie McLean – Jackie’s Bag

Dexter Gordon – Go

In terms of composition, leadership and playing, this is probably Jackie McLean’s greatest album, culled from two different sessions, separated by 20 months. A sextet session with Tina Brooks and Blue Mitchell. LP = ABNJ 84051 $50.00 (two 45-RPM Limited Edition LPs) SACD = CBNJ 84051 SA $30.00

Dexter Gordon considered this his finest album, and few would disagree. With the perfect rhythm section of Sonny Clark, Butch Warren and Billy Higgins, this tenor giant reinvents standards like “Three O’clock In The Morning,” “Second Balcony Jump” and “Guess I’ll Hang My Tears Out To Dry” and introduces his most famous composition, “Cheese Cake.” LP = ABNJ 84112 $50.00 (two 45-RPM Limited Edition LPs) SACD = CBNJ 84112 SA $30.00

Kenny Dorham – Whistle Stop Rightfully considered one of Kenny Dorham’s best, this album features great originals and great trumpet playing. The superb cast consists of Hank Mobley, Kenny Drew, Paul Chambers and Philly Joe Jones. The title tune and “Philly Twist” are often heard, but the entire album represents a great composing achievement for KD. LP = ABNJ 84063 $50.00 (two 45-RPM Limited Edition LPs) SACD = CBNJ 84063 SA $30.00

Anarchy Music LP Buzzcocks – Orgasm Addict Live Includes supercharged performances of classic Buzz tracks such as “Orgasm Addict,” “What Do I Get,” “Every Fallen In Love,” “Everybody’s Happy Nowadays” and much more! LP = AARY 8114 $16.98


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Anti LPs


Bob Mould – District Line

Black & Blue LP (Pure Pleasure Records) Illinois Jacquet – God Bless My Solo “Jacquet’s big tenor sax sound comes on strong from the first beat and never lets up in this outstanding release from the French Black & Blue label…great sound married to a terrific performance. Every cut is outstanding…Pure Pleasure has done a good job of selecting a little known gem, mastering it well and pressing it on pristine Pallas vinyl. This is one of their best releases.” Recording = 9/10; Music = 9/10 – Dennis D. Davis, Hi-Fi+, Issue 58 The solo referred to in the title, God Bless My Solo, is that in “Flying Home,” which Illinois Jacquet made into a Decca Records microphone in May 1942. This solo became one of the two or three most influential solos in all of jazz history, an 80-second masterpiece. Nearly every tenor player who followed made it a priority to learn that solo, note for note. But “Flying Home” marked neither the beginning nor the end of Jacquet’s seven-decade career. He was one of jazz’s great survivors, thought of as an outrageous musician when he was young but hailed as a classic figure in old age. He was as effective with romantic jazz ballads as he was with the explosive performances with which he made his reputation. Jacquet is heard in top form throughout this quartet set, recorded for the French Black & Blue label, whilst touring throughout Europe in the 1970s. LP = APPR 008 $34.99



Guitarist/singer/songwriter Mould returns to form as a solo artist on his Anti debut. District Line combines the fire of his earliest work in Husker Du, the accessibility of his alternative rock, genre-defying trio Sugar and the introspection found in his solo releases. He describes it as “stories of my simple life in a complicated town,” that being his adopted city of Washington, D.C. Working with Fugazi drummer Brendan Canty, Mould has returned to the live band sound of Husker Du and Sugar to kick out 10 songs that sound as youthful, energized and immediate as anything he has ever recorded. This is a full on rock ‘n’ roll record. LP = AANT 86910 $17.98 (includes MP3 coupon)

Devotchka – A Mad And Faithful Telling This four-piece multi-instrumental outfit fuses gypsy, Greek, Slavic, and mariachi with American punk and folk roots. Directors Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris chose DeVotchKa to score Little Miss Sunshine in 2006, the breakout indie film of the year, garnering four Academy Award nominations and earning DeVotchKa a Grammy nod for Best Soundtrack. Their stage set up is fortified by sousaphone, accordion, piano, violin, a bouzouki, upright bass, percussion, trumpet, drums, and a Theramin. LP = AANT 86940 $17.98 (includes MP3 coupon)


Anti – Asthmatic Kitty

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Dig, Lazarus Dig!!! Last seen under the gleeful guise of 2007’s Grinderman, a no-nonsense rock ‘n’ roll excuse to head down to the basement and shout, now Nick Cave returns to his full time Bad Seeds co-conspirators for this release. “Grinderman was deliberately spare and the concepts were pretty simple,” explains Cave. With Dig, Lazarus Dig!!! We allowed ourselves to get expansive.” It picks up where Grinderman left off, filled with Stoogified electric guitar, driving beats, and Cave’s literate, seductive, and firmly tongue-in-cheek lyrics. LP = AANT 86943 $19.98 (includes MP3 coupon)

Man Man – Rabbit Habits This record matches the fierce energy of Man Man’s non-stop live shows, which utilize a variety of more traditional instruments (accordion, Moog, xylophone) along with such noisemakers as soup pots, shoes, squeaky toys, and a fire extinguisher. With a following that sells out clubs coast to coast and with a kinetic stage presence, Man Man are a musical contagion waiting to happen. LP = AANT 86942 $19.98 (includes MP3 coupon)

Arista (Classic Records) LPs The Alan Parsons Project – I Robot The man behind the recording of Dark Side of the Moon is none other than Alan Parsons. If you want to hear what is his definitive recording and a bit of the Dark Side then this is it. I Robot was produced and engineered by Alan at Abbey Road Studios and is an audiophile’s dream recording. Transferred on an all-tube cutting system from the original 1/4” analog master tapes at Bernie Grundman Mastering. LP = AARC 7002 $32.99

The Alan Parsons Project – The Turn of a Friendly Card Although numerous doubts abounded that concept albums with thematic focus were not what people wanted to hear, Alan Parsons’ somewhat egomaniacal projects always found a broad public. Of course one can listen to the perfectly styled sound of the music which this man created at the mixing console and concentrate on its programmatic contents or wallow in its esoteric tonal depths. But you don’t have to, for Parsons’ velvety mixture of ballads and rock numbers will get your ears’ nerve endings tingling without lyrics and themes. The album The Turn Of A Friendly Card includes two of Parsons’ very best songs: “Time,” with its beautiful harmonies, and the gently swinging “Games People Play” which opens with Empire fanfares. That the instrumental tracks are find favor with almost all rock fans is hardly surprising because the music more often than not emulates the driving sound of Brit Rock rather than bombastic “sonic souffles” (Rolling Stone). But be that as it may, the title certainly holds its promise. The sales figures for this album clearly show that this “friendly card” has definitely turned up trumps for Alan Parsons. LP = AARC 8226 $32.99

Artist First LP The Duke Spirit – Neptune The follow-up to their 2005 release, Cuts Across The Land. “Leila Moss, whose voice seems to hold some kind of Bjorkesque urgency and Icelandic guttural angst, is a proper lady of rock, a la Harry, Sioux, or Hynde...something we need amongst the tiny ‘angry’ indiepixiemen of today,” Clash “Neptune is choc-a-block with tracks so deadly they could slaughter, not only from 30 paces, but while blindfolded” - NME LP = AAFT 20014 $15.98 (includes MP3 coupon)

Arts & Crafts LPs Jason Collett – Here’s To Being Here Here’s To Being Here captures the essence of Jason’s live performances and features the energy and musicianship of his touring band, Paso Mino. “This is very much an old school guitar record, in the sense of it being very tasteful…that’s one of the greater accomplishments of this record,” says Collett, “recording in bigger spaces and live off the floor allowed us to capture some of the band energy. This allowed for spontaneous creations, which led to many wonderful little accidents.” Here’s To Being Here was recorded and produced in Collett’s hometown of Toronto by musician/producer Howie Beck. The album also features guest performances by fellow Broken Social Scene member and Apostle of Hustle front man Andrew Whiteman, as well as long-time friend Tony Scherr (Norah Jones, John Scofield, Bill Frissell) and Liam O’Neil (The Stills) to name a few. LP = AA&C 30001 $14.98

The Constantines – Kensington Heights Formerly signed to Subpop in the U.S., Constantines first rocked their way out of Guelph, Ontario, in 1999, issuing their initial, eponymous full-length. The album’s raw, moody mix of arty dub-punk with traditional rock energy and pop angles was immediately and roundly embraced. Constantines topped the college radio charts in North America. Constantines’ music, as well as their thundering and inspired live shows, has continually earned the band a loyal following from both music writers and music fans alike, drawing comparisons to The Clash, Bruce Springsteen, Fugazi and Nick Cave. The band has toured extensively throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe since the release of their self-titled debut, and have shared the stage with the likes of Foo Fighters, The Weakerthans, The Hold Steady and Guided by Voices, to name a few. LP = AA&C 32001 $15.98

Asthmatic Kitty LP Cryptacize – Dig That Treasure This trio includes Nedelle Torrisi (former Kill Rock Stars artist, The Curtains, Why?, Xiu Xiu), Chris Cohen (The Curtains, Deerhoof, Cass McCombs) and Michael Carreira (music teacher). Every song here is a miniature journey, a free fantasia, a dreamy habitat built out of the minimum of material. Sudden rhythmic gestures and frequent key changes will leave you feeling pleasantly disoriented. LP = AASK 56038 $14.98

We love this stuff RECOMMENDED Blind Pig LP Buddy Guy & Junior Wells – Drinkin’ TNT ‘N’ Smokin’ Dynamite “Junior Wells simply breathes fire into his harmonica…Buddy Guy’s guitar solos are hot & wild.” – Detroit Metro Times Produced by Bill Wyman and recorded live at the Montreaux Jazz Festival in 1974, Drinkin’ TNT ‘N’ Smokin’ Dynamite is a superb blues set, featuring not only Buddy Guy and Junior Wells but also Pinetop Perkins. A must for any blues lover. LP = ABPG 1182 $20.98

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Astralwerks – Atlantic

Astralwerks LPs

Atlantic LPs The Kooks – Konk The Kooks are back with the release of their eagerly anticipated sophomore album Konk. This is the stunning follow up to the hugely successful Inside In/Inside Out, their breakout debut which sold more than 100,000 albums in the US and more than 2 million copies worldwide. Konk continues the freewheeling spirit that made America embrace The Kooks and demonstrates how they have upped their game with this collection of dynamic new songs. LP = AASW 19375 $16.98

B-52’s – Funplex

Led Zeppelin – The Song Remains The Same

Funplex is the first record of the 21st century from the B52s. “It’s loud, sexy rock and roll, with the beat pumped up to hot pink” says guitarist Keith Strickland. Eleven fresh new songs, crafted by the groundbreaking band that put Athens, GA on the musical map in the late ‘70s, and conquered the world with its savvy hooks, unconventional approach to music-making and original style. “Funplex sounds like us, updated,” adds Fred Schneider. “It’s the B-52s now - or fifteen years from now.” LP = AASW 88283 $20.98 (LP + CD)

Half-Speed Mastered by Stan Ricker and pressed on 180-gram virgin vinyl at RTI. Led Zeppelin’s landmark concert film – originally released in ‘76 and capturing highlights from the band’s three-night stand at Madison Square Garden in 1973 – is remastered and expanded with six additional historic song performances on a deluxe four-LP reissue featuring liner notes by Cameron Crowe! The release is part of a global Led Zeppelin event preceded by Mothership, the band’s first-ever comprehensive collection and culminating with the band’s performance at a benefit tribute concert for the late Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun. This updated soundtrack includes six songs that were not on the original release: “Black Dog,” “Over The Hills And Far Away,” “Misty Mountain Hop,” “Since I’ve Been Loving You,” “The Ocean” and “Heartbreaker.” LP = AATL 357564 $59.98 (four LPs)

Lupe Fiasco – Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool Supergrass – Diamond Hoo Ha Supergrass is back. A fantastic new album entitled Diamond Hoo Ha, a brand new home on Astralwerks, an extensive summer tour with Foo Fighters and a sixth studio album showcasing the youthful energy and witty musical stylings of these Britpop pioneers. After a dozen years, Supergrass (Gaz Coombes, vocals and guitar; Mick Quinn, bass and vocals; Danny Goffey, drums and vocals; Rob Coombes, keyboard) have rolled back home, and rolled back the years, while marching firmly into the future. “We wanted a record where you got all of Supergrass,” says frontman Gaz. “The joy, the intensity, the darkness, the melodies. All of those have always been important to us and still are.” Hence Diamond Hoo Ha, an energetic album bristling with hooks to hang your coat off and melodies to lose your shoes to. LP = AASW 97341 $19.98

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It’s not easy being a best kept secret, especially for an artist who is constantly mind traveling and has so much to say. It has to be just as hard when one of hip-hop’s greatest and most respected MC’s tells one of the most powerful record executives in the world that the talents of the person he’s representing are similar to his own five years ago. That’s exactly what rap legend Jay-Z told then Arista Records CEO L.A. Reid in a meeting back in 2002 about wunderkind Lupe Fiasco. Since, the Chicago native has become one of the most highly regarded and coveted of today’s artists. The Cool is his second release for Atlantic. LP = AATL 368316 $21.98 (two LPs + Bonus CD)

Simple Plan – Simple Plan Welcome to Simple Plan, not just an album but a statement of artistic ambition and growth from the Montreal-based quintet. As you’d expect from any band that would call its debut album No Pads, No Helmets…Just Balls, the self-titled release is a fearless, without-a-net excursion into dynamic music-making, taking what we love best about Simple Plan – the unbridled energy, the ripping guitars, the hook-filled melodic sensibility – and incorporating a slew of inventive sonic approaches informed by new collaborators such as Nate “Danja” Hills, Max Martin and Dave Fortman. LP = AATL 384956 $13.98 (colored vinyl)

Jason Mraz – We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things

Blind Pig LP Johnny Shines & Snooky Pryor – Back To the Country In the early 1950s, Johnny and Snooky recorded sides for the J.O.B. label that helped lay the ground work for Chicago’s electrified, small band blues. Reunited four decades later in the Texas hill country, they took the opposite tack with a set of acoustic, country blues that returned them to their roots in the Mississippi delta. Robert Johnson, the proud, tormented genius of Delta blues and mentor of a young Johnny Shines, is the spirit hovering over Back To The Country. Remastered from the original analog tapes with a new design for this limited edition LP. LP = ABPG 4391 $20.98

“Out of the mellow folk-pop dudes who’ve surfed to stardom on Jack Johnson’s wave, Jason Mraz may be the most entertaining, since he’d rather crack a joke than ruminate on life and stuff…His third studio (release), We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things, includes pleasantly lightweight jams with beachy guitars (‘Live High’), R&B horns (‘Make It Mine’), even playful scat singing (‘I’m Yours’). Of special note is ‘Lucky,’ Mraz’s bubbly duet with Colbie Caillat, which should have girls swooning all summer long.” – Entertainment Weekly LP = AATL 448508 $17.98



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Atlantic – Bar None

The Virgins – The Virgins

Liz Phair – Exile in Guyville

The self-titled debut from New York City band The Virgins is a 10-track serving of party tunes written about the New York City life and everything in between. The New York based quartet have already been featured in major publications such as Spin, Rolling Stone, Alternative Press and New York Times Style Magazine. LP = AATL 480572 $15.98

It’s been 15 years since the release of the groundbreaking Exile in Guyville. Phair recently signed with ATO Records, which has now released a special anniversary edition of her landmark debut album. Conceived as a songby-song response to the Rolling Stones’ Exile On Main Street, Exile in Guyville was released in 1993 and ranked No. 1 that year on both the Village Voice Pazz & Jop critics poll and Spin magazine’s year-end critics poll. Incredibly influential to this day, its place as a seminal rock album has been reaffirmed by its inclusion in countless historical “Best Of” lists over the past 15 years. LP = AATO 21627 $24.98 (LP + CD)

ATO Records CDs & LPs My Morning Jacket – It Still Moves

Aware/Columbia LPs Newton Faulkner – Hand Built By Robots

On the simplest level, My Morning Jacket is a five-piece band from Louisville, Kentucky, solidly built around the vocal and songwriting talent of group leader Jim James. Their sound is lonesome, haunting, classic but shot through with both a rock and soul sensibility that pays tribute to the band’s roots, but is delivered with much less of a sense of place than a matter of heart and soul. It Still Moves was the band’s first album since signing worldwide to Ato/RCA. LP = AATO 21599 $19.98 (two LPs)

Newton Faulkner’s debut album, featuring the single “Dream Catch Me,” is already a No. 1 record in the U.K. Billboard calls it “a confident, impressively kaleidoscopic effort featuring simple, Jack Johnson-y beach tunes (‘People Should Smile More’), yearning post-grunge ballads (‘Uncomfortably Slow’) and virtuoso instrumentals.” LP = AAWA 22312 $19.98 (includes MP3 coupon)

My Morning Jacket – Z

John Mayer – Continuum

“Epic sounds from the Big Country, with a pocketful of soul and sanctified song. The Kentucky quintet’s fourth album is a religious experience.” - Mojo Magazine LP = AATO 21601 $19.98 (two LPs)

My Morning Jacket – Acoustic Citsuoca: Live at the Startime Pavilion This release features tracks pulled from gigs in Athens, Austin and Dallas in late 2003. It is mostly lead singer Jim James acoustic, with one full band song “The Bear.” Other tracks include “Sooner,” “Bermuda Highway,” “Golden” and “Hopefully.” LP = AATO 21624 $19.98 (two LPs)

John Mayer’s third studio album Continuum follows the multi-platinum Room For Squares (2001) and Heavier Things (2003) and marks his first turn as producer. It is his most soulful, cohesive collection yet and he says it’s no accident that this project is where all of his efforts, his potential and his disparate influences fully come together. Continuum represents maturity, both musically and thematically for Mayer who knew this album would tackle larger ideas than those that defined his previous albums. “This record is infinitely playable,” he says. “I built so many corner into these songs I cannot wait to play them live.” LP = AAWA 27976 $16.98 (two LPs)

Bar None LPs Rilo Kiley – More Adventurous Simultaneously bold and understated, bombastic and intimate, tragic and triumphant. It’s an album full of uplifting songs of heartbreak, traditional pop from the future, country music from the city and other manners of oxymoronic perfection. This LP includes an alternate version of the song “A Man/Me/Then Jim.” LP = ABAR 31041 $13.98

Order online anytime! My Morning Jacket – Evil Urges “You could keep biting your nails, waiting for a Zeppelin reunion tour. Or you can see My Morning Jacket, here and now, make their own Physical Graffiti in your face.” – Rolling Stone “There’s a theme of moral confusion that runs through the whole record,” says Jim James, frontman of My Morning Jacket, explaining the title of the band’s new album, Evil Urges. “The world today is such a confused place. Things that people think are good values are obviously twisted, but there are other things considered evil that obviously aren’t. There is real evil out there, but Evil Urges is about how all of these things that you’ve been told are evil really aren’t, unless they’re actually hurting something or somebody.” LP = AATO 21626 $19.98 (two LPs + CD)


RECOMMENDED Blue Note LP (Classic Records) Amos Lee – Amos Lee Amos Lee is one of those special singer songwriters that comes along very infrequently. On this, his first release, he sings songs from the heart that we can all relate to and does so with a voice that we all wish we had. Amos opened for Norah Jones on her 2004 European tour and for Bob Dylan and Merle Haggard in 2005. This record is produced by Norah Jones band member Lee Alexander. LP = ABNC 97350 $32.99

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Bar None – Blue Note

John Vanderslice – Emerald City

Muddy Waters – The Lost Tapes

The high quality 180-gram version of John Vanderslice’s Emerald City will make you never want to listen to a CD again. The already amazing tracks from the CD sound stunningly gorgeous on vinyl, due in large part to the mastering of renowned engineer John Golden. The album takes its title from the term used by those on the ground to refer to the “Green Zone” in Iraq, but its themes are broad. “The most important songwriter of the moment.” Esquire LP = ABAR 31066 $19.98

These recently discovered performances showcase a true blues legend at the height of his powers. The songs are culled from two live appearances in 1971 by Muddy with a heavyweight ensemble of backup musicians, including George “Harmonica” Smith, Pinetop Perkins, Sammy Lawhorn, Pee Wee Madison, Calvin “Fuzz” Jones and Willie “Big Eyes” Smith. Though Muddy Waters in concert in those days was better than Waters on record, not many of his shows seem to have been taped, and that only boldfaces the value of this previously unreleased set of live recordings from 1971. LP = ABPG 5054 $20.98

Black & Blue (Pure Pleasure Records) LPs

Jimmy Thackery – Guitar This is the record Jimmy Thackery’s fans clamored for, a compendium of his hottest guitar instrumental tracks from the Blind Pig vaults. After departing Washington DC-area blues band The Nighthawks, Jimmy formed the power trio Jimmy Thackery & The Drivers in order to put the spotlight firmly on his aggressive blues rock guitar playing. Originally released with a slightly different program on CD in 2003, this collection represents what many consider to be his most vibrant and creative period. LP = ABPG 5083 $20.98

Harry ‘Sweets’ Edison & Earl Hines – Earl Meets Harry “Leave it to European labels like Black & Blue to come up with inspired pairings of musicians who American labels never seem to get around to considering. This 1978 meeting between pianist Earl Hines and trumpeter Harry “Sweets” Edison is a match of masters, covering tunes they had likely performed hundreds of times in their respective careers. Everything seems to gel in the opening track, a strident take of ‘I Cover The Waterfront,’ with plenty of trills by Hines in support of Edison’s brilliant open horn…There is nothing like two veterans at the top of their game joining forces for a record date.” – All Music Guide

Tommy Castro – Painkiller Tommy Castro is one of the most popular and creative roots artists to emerge in recent years. Teamed here with esteemed producer John Porter (Taj Mahal, Keb Mo, Santana, B.B. King, Elvis Costello, Buddy Guy), Tommy has crafted a killer collection of new tunes in his signature rock ‘n’ soul style. “San Francisco’s Tommy Castro is known as a major blues player. But there’s always been a good deal of soul and rock in his blues, and some of the top tunes on Painkiller show those influences in the best possible light.” Billboard LP = ABPG 5111 $20.98

LP = APPR 007 $34.99

Blind Pig LPs Charlie Musselwhite – The Harmonica According to... Unique within his long and varied body of recorded work, this 1978 session features Charlie Musselwhite offering a virtual master class in blues harmonica style and performance, playing 13 tunes in 13 different keys. A tourde-force from a giant of the blues harmonica. Remastered from the original analog tapes with a new design for this limited-edition LP. LP = ABPG 5016 $20.98


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RECOMMENDED Capitol CDs Oh By The Way: Pink Floyd Studio Album Box Set This is a CD box set of the entire Pink Floyd catalog packaged in mini-vinyl reproductions. The perfect gift for the Fanatical Floyd Fan. Only 10,000 of these box sets will be produced. CD = CCAP 11267 $299.99 (16-CD brick) (Limited to 10,000 box sets)

Blue Note LPs Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis – Two Men With The Blues The event was simply billed as “Willie Nelson Sings the Blues,” but the historic two-night stand on January 12 and 13, 2007 at Jazz at Lincoln Center was far more than that. Call it a summit meeting between two American icons, Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis, two of the most significant figures in modern-day country and jazz, who discovered common ground in their love for jazz standards and the blues. Their performance stirred the sounds of New Orleans, Nashville, Austin and New York City into a brilliantly programmed mix that was equal parts down-home and cosmopolitan, with plenty of swing and just a touch of melancholy. To say that these shows were a hot ticket would be an understatement. Luckily, the tapes were rolling and the results of this unique collaboration now constitute the Blue Note album Two Men With The Blues for everyone who couldn’t cram into The Allen Room. LP = ABLU 04454 $18.98

Amos Lee – Last Days At the Lodge Last Days At The Lodge is Amos Lee’s third record, following his first two critically acclaimed and tremendously successful records, Supply and Demand (2006) and his 2005 self-titled debut. The new record is produced by Don Was and features Lee on guitars, Doyle Bramhall, Jr. (Eric Clapton) on guitar, Spooner Oldham (Neil Young, Aretha Franklin) on keys, Pino Palladino (The Who, D’Angelo) on bass and James Gadson (Bill Withers) on drums, along with many others. LP = ABLU 06289 $18.98

Hot music for Summer! 86



Blue Note – Blue Note (Classic Records)

Cassandra Wilson – Loverly For Thunderbird, her 2006 Blue Note recording, vocalist Cassandra Wilson explored the outer reaches of jazz with a multi-layered sonic approach piloted by pop producer TBone Burnett. This time, Wilson ventures into another fascinating direction with Loverly, a tantalizing, rhythmicallydriven collection of jazz standards given new luster with a top-drawer band of friends that includes Marvin Sewell on guitar, Jason Moran on piano, Herlin Riley on drums, Lonnie Plaxico on bass and Lekan Babalola on percussion, with special guest appearances by bassist Reginald Veal and trumpeter Nicholas Payton. LP = ABLU 07699 $19.98

Various Artists – Droppin’ Science: The Greatest Samples From the Blue Note Lab Blue Note has long been the exemplar in jazz, being the home of some of the most important jazz recordings ever made. What most don’t know is that 50 years after the label’s inception, the music would prove to be an integral resource of a whole new movement and genre: hip-hop. From A Tribe Called Quest to Gang Starr to Dr. Dre to the Beastie Boys, Blue Note has been the source of a deep groove, a soulful vamp, or hittin’ beat that we associate with some of the greatest hip-hop songs. Blue Note is Droppin’ Science, bringing it back to the lab of the jazz, funk, and soul chemists who gave the label some of the most influential and groundbreaking music of their time. LP = ABLU 14402 $24.99 (two LPs)

Al Green – Lay It Down In his highly anticipated third Blue Note album of new material, R&B/soul legend Al Green delivers a new urban sound with Lay It Down, a fantastic collection of original songs carefully crafted by Green and co-producers Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson (The Roots) and James Pyser (Jill Scott, Mariah Carey, Erykah Badu). With arrangements showcasing the Dap-Kings Horns and strings by Larry Gold, all couched in Green’s rich and timeless vocals – highlighted by duet partners Corinne Bailey Rae, Anthony Hamilton and John Legend – this album is truly classic with a modern twist, expressing the best of the history and future of R&B/soul. LP = ABLU 48449 $19.98 (two LPs)

Blue Note (Classic Records) LPs Lou Donaldson with The 3 Sounds – LD+3 The Three Sounds were a very popular group in the late 1950s/early ‘60s and for good reason. Pianist Gene Harris, bassist Andy Simpkins and drummer Bill Dowdy always knew how to lay down an irresistible groove, they infused every song they played with a heavy dose of the blues and they could out-swing any combo while never being stingy with the soul. The same could be said for altoist Lou Donaldson. Influenced by Charlie Parker but a bluesier player, Donaldson in the 1950s held his own on sessions with Clifford Brown, Thelonious Monk and Jimmy Smith while gaining a strong following with his series of Blue Note recordings. LD+3 is a very special recording from 1959 featuring Donaldson and the Three Sounds really inspiring and pushing each other. LP = ABNC 4012M $32.99 (mono)

Horace Silver Quintet & Trio – Blowin’ The Blues Away Along with his Songs For My Father, Blowin’ The Blues Away constantly ranks as one of pianist Horace Silver’s finest group of original compositions. For decades, only former band-mate Art Blakey could match Silver in ears for talent and the feeding grounds their groups became, spawning players who later became jazz giants. The group assembled here is no exception. This exact lineup would eventually stay intact, becoming the incarnation of the first Blue Mitchell Quintet, with Chick Corea replacing Silver. The aforementioned Blue Mitchell along with Junior Cook on tenor, Gene Taylor’s bass and drummer Louis Hayes help

Silver deliver a fine mix of tempos including the ballad “Peace” and the gospel/soul-tinged “Silver Sadie,” both of which became jazz standards. On “The St. Vitus Dance” and “Melancholy Mood,” Silver reverts back to his early trio days with confidence and imagination. LP = ABNC 4017M $32.99 (mono)

Donald Byrd – Byrd In Hand One of the greatest things about Blue Note’s golden age was the open policy of musician’s pairings. If a leader did not have a set working band at the time, the cream of east coast players, unless prevented contractually, might be called in for a studio date. The resulting lineups on a vast amount of the label’s prime releases often featured multiple horn greats, fronting equally extraordinary rhythm sections. Nowhere was this more evident than in many of the recordings booked for trumpeter Donald Byrd. Byrd In Hand brings aboard twin saxophones; Charlie Rouse on tenor and baritone master Pepper Adams, who would continue to appear on Byrd’s records for years to come. Rouse, bassist Sam Jones and drummer Art Taylor had played with Monk and were a brilliant, collective choice. Completing the sextet is pianist Walter Davis Jr., who contributes two masterful songs of his own, “Bronze Dance” and “Clarion Calls.” Their inventive take on the standard “Witchcraft” is a highlight not to be missed. LP = ABNC 4019M $32.99 (mono)

Donald Byrd – Fuego The vast majority of the trumpet kings of jazz never strayed from their original instrument and with good reason and results. But as history tells us, experimentation is inevitable. A few found their voice with the mellower flugelhorn (such as Art Farmer, Clark Terry, Thad Jones) or the smaller cornet (including Bix Beiderbecke, King Oliver, Rex Stewart). On too rare of occasion, the runt of the family, the “pocket trumpet,” measuring only nine inches in length, was taken up by the likes of Don Cherry, Ted Curson and, for his 1959 release Fuego, Donald Byrd. Personally writing all six of the original compositions for this album, a tight band of New York monsters were gathered; especially Jackie McLean whose alto brought balance to the unique high timbre of Byrd’s minute horn. The great Duke Pearson’s piano fills in admirably as does the highly underrated bass playing of Doug Watkins. LP = ABNC 4026M $32.99 (mono)

We love this stuff NEW MUSIC ARRIVES DAILY – STAY UPDATED WITH OUR “NEW ARRIVAL” EMAILS. SIGN UP ON OUR WEBSITE TODAY. RECOMMENDED Columbia LP Steve Winwood – Nine Lives Nine Lives expands on all the many phases and turns of Steve Winwood’s lustrous career, bristling with his pure joy of music-making. The new songs range from the inspiring “Fly” to the burning “Dirty City” (featuring a guest appearance by longtime friend Eric Clapton, hot on the heels of their acclaimed Madison Square Garden concerts together) to the simmering “Hungry Man,” joining a canon that spans more than 40 years to include some of the most beloved songs of modern pop and rock. With his signature work with the Spencer Davis Group (“Gimme Some Lovin’”) to Traffic (“Dear Mr. Fantasy,” “The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys”), Blind Faith (“Can’t Find My Way Home”) and 30 years of solo ventures (“Higher Love,” “Roll With It”), Winwood continues creating an era-bridging soundtrack of distinctive artistry. LP = ACOL 22250 $23.98

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45-RPM LPs & SACDs

Analogue Productions Reissues Ry Cooder & V.M. Bhatt/ A Meeting By The River American composer, musicologist and guitar legend Ry Cooder teams with North Indian musician Vishwa Mohan Bhatt to create an exquisite musical realm, with both musicians playing exceptional slide guitar. Their collaboration evokes musical elements from many cultures and styles. Percussion by Sukhvindar Singh on tabla and Cooder’s 14-year-old son Joachim on dumbek. This recording won a Grammy Award. 45 RPM LP AAPW 29 $50 (two LPs) SACD CAPW 29 SA $30

Mastered at AcousTech by Kevin Gray with Water Lily president Kavi Alexander from the original one-inch analog master tapes on a Studer C-37, custom-modified by Tim de Paravicini.

Hugh Masekela/ Hope A longtime audiophile demonstration disc, Hope will show off your system’s dynamic range as well as any record ever released. Hugh Masekela, the outstanding South African trumpeter, assembled a seven-piece group and recorded this great set live at Washington, D.C.’s Blues Alley. The songs stretch over a period of nearly five decades and serve as an informal guided tour of Masekela’s life. The songs are honest and bare, and as for the sound – WOW! 45 RPM LP AAPJ 82020 $50 (two LPs) SACD CAPJ 82020 SA $30

Rickie Lee Jones/ It’s Like This

These two titles were mastered from the original half-inch analog tapes by Kevin Gray at AcousTech,

Not since Billie Holiday has there been a vocalist who so completely transforms a song into her own. On It’s Like This, eclectic folkie Rickie Lee Jones envelops standards, showtunes, ‘70s soul, and even slick jazz-rock, interpreting them with her familiar childlike, breathy shouts. In a very similar vein as 1991’s Pop Pop, Jones pulls together a collection of diverse songs from throughout the 20th century and gives them a sparse, fragile spin, kind of like Diana Krall and Bjork sharing coffee at an all-night diner. Produced by Bruce Brody (who has also worked with Maria McKee and Bette Midler), this album is really a showcase for the dynamic vocalist - her voice pitching and yawing like a sloop far out at sea. Several notable artists scatter themselves unobtrusively throughout the album like Joe Jackson, Ben Folds, John Pizzarelli, and Taj Mahal; each lend a subtle bass line or harmony vocal, cautiously not stepping on any of Jones’ delicate lines.

45 RPM LP AAPP 51056 $50 (two LPs) SACD CAPP 51056 SA $30




Blue Note (Classic Records) – Brushfire Records

Horace Parlan – Movin’ & Groovin’

Jackie McLean – Capuchin Swing

This 1960 trio date was pianist Parlan’s first of many great releases for Blue Note. The Pittsburgh native, who overcame polio as a child that left his right hand crippled, had gained some serious props with his contributions on two of Charles Mingus’ best albums the year prior (Mingus Ah Um, Blues And Roots), and was now ready to step out on his own. Choosing to tackle mostly standards, Parlan channels his idol Bud Powell’s classic trio dates with the able assistance of Blue Note regulars Sam Jones, bass and drummer Al Harewood. The result is an eclectic mix, interpreting the works of Tadd Dameron, Duke Ellington, Milt Jackson and Burke-Van Heussen plus a Parlan original, “Up In Cynthia’s Room,” which became one of his signature pieces.

This is pure exceptional hard bop by Jackie McLean with Blue Mitchell, Walter Bishop, Jr., Paul Chambers and Art Taylor with all the wonderful elements of any classic Blue Note album: memorable compositions, strong solos and great feeling. But Capuchin Swing also finds the great alto saxophonist looking toward new frontiers with the harmonically edgy “Francisco.” LP = ABNC 4038M $32.99 (mono)

Suzanne Vega – Beauty & Crime

LP = ABNC 4028M $32.99 (mono)

Beauty and Crime is possibly Suzanne Vega’s best effort since her debut album and likely even better than the highly acclaimed Solitude Standing. Mixed by Tchad Blake and recorded at both Sear Sound in New York and Olympic Studios in London, the sound of this record is full of depth and nuance that every audiophile and music lover will love. Mastered and cut on Classic Records’ “All Tube” cutting system by Bernie Grundman, this LP release is a must-have and not to be missed. LP = ABNC 68270Q $32.99

Dizzy Reece – Soundin’ Off Maybe not exactly the first Dizzy that comes to mind when discussing jazz, this Jamaican-born, British-raised trumpeter overcame whatever burdens that nickname may have wrought to become a highly respected player in the New York scene. He enhanced that rep by recording some truly excellent albums for the Savoy, Blue Note and Prestige labels among others. His robust and passionate playing styles always seemed to inspire other musicians in his company. The contributions of the esteemed trio invited; pianist Walter Bishop, Jr., bassist Doug Watkins and drummer Art Taylor unilaterally match the front man’s fire and bold approach to each tune. LP = ABNC 4033M $32.99 (mono)

Lee Morgan – Lee-way This album is unique within Lee Morgan’s vast and rich Blue Note discography. With then current employer Art Blakey, band mate Bobby Timmons on piano, Paul Chambers on bass and Jackie McLean on alto saxophone, the trumpeter abandons time constraints and stretches out on four, soulful, hard-bop compositions (the first and the last are by Cal Massey). These hard bop masters are constantly inspired by Blakey’s explosive grooves. LP = ABNC 4034M $32.99 (mono)

Brownswood LP Jose James – The Dreamer The debut album for New York jazz singer Jose James, whose soulful warmth is reminiscent of Terry Callier and Jon Lucien. Often referred to as a jazz singer for the hip-hop generation, James combines jazz, soul, drum'n'bass and spoken word into his own unique brand of vocal jazz. LP = ABWR 74968 $34.99 (import)

Brushfire Records LPs Matt Costa – Unfamiliar Faces

Duke Pearson – Tender Feelin’s Another one of Blue Note’s multi-talents who, as did label-mates Ike Quebec, besides recording a cadre of wellreceived albums, went on to produce titles for the label. On this, his second album for Blue Note, Atlanta native Pearson goes the trio route, giving the selections a relaxed but also highly lyrical keyboard approach. Gene Taylor’s bass and Lex Humphries’ drumming perfectly complete and balance the triad, with strong arrangements of “On Green Dolphin Street,” “When Sunny Gets Blue” and “I’m A Fool To Want You.” LP = ABNC 4035M $32.99 (mono)

When Matt Costa sat down to write what would become Unfamiliar Faces, the follow-up to his 2005 debut fulllength Songs We Sing, the singer/songwriter took his most treasured belongings and put them on a shelf – then stared at them and just let the memories flow. “That way I could see everything that I loved,” he explains (the collection included his favorite books, a giant wooden pipe and a box of 45-speed records from the late 1950s). “I let my imagination wander. Regular life isn’t as exciting as an imaginary life.” LP = ABFR 986701 $15.98 (two LPs)


Lou Donaldson – Sunny Side Up In the late fifties and early sixties, alto saxophonist Lou Donaldson recorded primarily with his own quartet with pianist Herman Foster or with organ trios. Occasionally, he’d break the mold as he did on this February 1960 session that was strictly a hard bop affair which includes trumpeter Bill Hardman and pianist Horace Parlan. There’s still plenty of funk in evidence as Goose Grease bears out, but Hardman’s Politely, Softly As In A Morning Sunrise and The Man I Love find Lou digging deep into his bop roots. LP = ABNC 4036M $32.99 (mono)

Columbia LP Bill Withers – Greatest Hits Awesome sound! Check out Track Two, “Use Me,” for a true reference track. A good sampler of Withers’ hits, plus a few key album tracks, it covers his transition from funky acoustic-guitar-rooted soul to smooth urban pop. LP = ACOL 37199 $15.00

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Candid (Pure Pleasure Records) – Capitol (Pure Pleasure Records)

Candid (Pure Pleasure Records) LP Nancy Harrow – Wild Women Don’t Have the Blues “Although singer Nancy Harrow made a strong impression with this debut recording, she did not lead another record date until 1978 other than a lesser-known effort for Atlantic in 1966. Obviously the years of obscurity were not deserved, for this set is a near-classic. Harrow is heard in her early prime singing such veteran songs as ‘All Too Soon,’ ‘On The Sunny Side Of The Street,’ the sevenminute ‘Blues For Yesterday,’ and the title cut (originally done by Ida Cox in the 1920s).” – All Music Guide LP = APPR 9008 $34.99

Radiohead – The Best of Radiohead The first-ever Radiohead Best Of compilation in the marketplace. This four-LP, limited edition set includes 13 additional standout tracks, including cuts not on Radiohead’s previous studio albums, a deluxe packaging. Two-time Grammy Award winners, Radiohead have sold over 25 million albums worldwide. LP = ACAP 212107 $99.99 (four Limited Edition LPs)

Capitol (Pure Pleasure Records) LP Nat King Cole – Penthouse Serenade

Capitol LPs Coldplay – Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends Coldplay is one of the biggest bands in the world, having sold 32.5 million albums worldwide, with their last album X&Y selling over 10 million. They have won four Grammy awards, six Brit awards, three Q awards and two NME awards as well as the top Ivor Novello award, numerous VMA and MTV Europe awards and a World Music award. Now the band Rolling Stone once named “biggest rock band of the year” is ready to take the world by storm once again as they release their highly anticipated fourth studio album Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends. The album comprises 10 brand new tracks, recorded in London, Barcelona and New York with producers Brian Eno and Markus Dravs. LP = ACAP 16965 $39.99 (out of print)

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Stravinsky Ballets Slip Case + Booklet AMER 3 - $109.99

“The year after he formally disbanded his trio to turn his attention to vocal pop music, Nat “King” Cole reversed himself and went into the studio with guitarist John Collins, bassist Charlie Harris, and drummer Bunny Shawker and recorded Penthouse Serenade, a quiet, reflective set of standards like “Somebody Loves Me” and “Laura” that he performed instrumentally at the piano. The album confirmed that, whatever success he might be having as a singer, he hadn’t lost his touch.” – All Music Guide LP = APPR 332 $34.99


OCTOBER 17 & 18, 2008 DON’T MISS IT! see page 72

Three famous and famous-sounding ballets by Stravinsky, all conducted by Antal Dorati - packaged together by Speakers Corner. Includes slip case and deluxe 12-page booklet.

Included works: Mercury SR90216 Stravinsky: Petrouchka/Antal Dorati/The Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra SR90226 Stravinsky: The Firebird/Antal Dorati/The London Symphony Orchestra


SR90253 Stravinsky: The Rite of Spring/Antal Dorati/The Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra


Capitol (Pure Pleasure Records) – Chesky

Louis Prima with Keely Smith, Sam Butera & the Witnesses – The Wildest A tireless showman and an underrated musical talent, Louis Prima swung his way to icon status thanks to an irresistible, infectious sound whose appeal translated across generations. Normally a swing artist, Prima’s distinctive sound also encompassed New Orleans-style jazz, boogie-woogie, jump blues, R&B, early rock and roll, and even the occasional Italian tarantella. Regardless of what form his music took, it swung hard and fast, with a rolling, up-tempo shuffle beat. His greatest period of popularity coincided with his marriage to singer Keely Smith, whose coolly sophisticated vocals and detached stage manner made a perfect counterpoint to Prima’s boisterous presence. A veritable greatest-hits album, The Wildest! is a gem of Louis Prima’s catalog. LP = APPR 755 $34.99

Carpark Records LPs Beach House – Devotion Feeling lonely tonight? Turn off the TV and lower the lights. Baltimore duo Beach House have returned with their sophomore full length entitled Devotion. Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand have written 11 delicate pop tunes about love, feeling, and, of course, devotion. Their new album is a surefire antidote to the winter blues. The recording is crisper, the songs are fuller. This is a band that is taking the pop duo format to the limit. The organs, slide guitars and reverb are still there, but Beach House lay out some new sounds for their newest offering. LP = ACPK 70042 $15.98 (two LPs)

CBS (Speakers Corner) LPs

Chandos SACDs Elgar: Symphony No. 3/Richard Hickox Following the success of Symphony No. 1, which was Gramophone’s Editor’s Choice, and Symphony No. 2 which was Classic FM magazine’s Disc of the Month, the BBC National Orchestra of Wales conducted by Richard Hickox here performs Elgar’s Symphony No. 3 as elaborated and orchestrated by Anthony Payne. Gramophone’s reviewer noted that by “bringing out the glory of Elgar’s orchestral imagination” the BBC National Orchestra of Wales and Richard Hickox reveal a new dimension of Elgar. SACD = CCHA 5057 SA $19.99

Wagner: The Ring: An Orchestral Adventure/Neeme Jarvi It’s been more than 15 years since Neeme Jarvi and the RSNO made a new recording for Chandos. This recording marks Jarvi’s return to Scotland in his capacity as Conductor Laureate at the Royal Scottish National Orchestra. This 67-minute, orchestra-only version of Wagner’s famous opera cycle, Der Ring des Nibelungen is arranged by Henk de Vlieger, arranger, composer and percussionist in the Netherlands Radio Philharmonic. The work was commissioned by the orchestra and the result is a 14-section fiery musical spectacle entitled The Ring, an orchestral adventure. This symphonic “compilation” compresses Wagner’s four mighty Ring operas, yet includes all the major themes and “leitmotifs.” SACD = CCHA 5060 SA $19.99

Chesky CD & SACDs

Santana – Lotus

Various Artists – Romance in Rio

Recorded in Japan in July 1973, this massive live album was available outside the United States in 1974 but held back from domestic release until long into the CD age. It features the same “New Santana Band” that recorded Welcome and combines that group’s jazz and spiritual influences with performances of earlier Latin rock favorites like “Oye Como Va.” LP = ACBS 66325 $100.00 (three LPs)

Alone there is something intriguing about a night in Rio, but combined with the right music it can become rather captivating. A new compilation from Chesky Records combines the romantic mid tempo music with the toxic vibe of Rio. This album features selections performed by some of the most well known artists of today, as well as the past. With the splendid quality of this recording, one can enjoy the subtleties of the sun setting, even if played in the middle of the day. CD = CCRJ 335 $18.98

Central Control International LP Barry Adamson – Back To The Cat “A chaotic jazz-funk shuffle…brass-backed, Sixties-style soul…breezy country-and-western…swampy Southern States blues – (Adamson’s) new songs shone brightest.” – The Times “All over the place, swinging through dark pop, atmospheric instrumentals, and demented circus music…unique with great personality.” – Pitchfork Back To The Cat is the work of one of the most original, inventive, distinctive voices in British contemporary music at the height of his considerable powers. With a full consignment of brass and strings and a wealth of musicology behind him, Barry Adamson is about to take you on an epic adventure in sound. LP = ACCI 7 $15.99


The Larry Coryell Organ Trio – Impressions “Larry Coryell is the most innovative guitarist since Charlie Christian. Paul Wertico is one of the most versatile and musical drummers in music today.” – Whitney Balliett “Sam Yahel is clearly one of the most promising new organists on the New York City and international scene.” – Michael G. Nascos, Jazziz SACD = CCRJ 337 SA $19.99

The Jazz Side of The Moon: Music of Pink Floyd/Yahel/Moreno/Hoenig/Blake “Sam Yahel is clearly one of the most promising new organists on the New York City and international scene…” – Michael G. Nascos, Jazziz “Ari Hoenig is a magician!” – Batteur Magazine “(Mike Moreno) is a versatile and increasingly prominent guitarist…” – The New York Times “Seamus Blake is gaining increasing recognition as one of the finest and most creative young players emerging in jazz.” – All About Jazz SACD = CCRJ 338 SA $19.99

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Chesky – Classic Records

The Monty Alexander Trio – The Good Life “Alexander’s playing is kaleidoscopic, energetic, musically knowing; it delights the mind as well as the senses.” - New York Post “Monty Alexander is one of those musicians whose playing takes virtuosity as a matter of course. His pianistic technique is breathtaking and one would be hard-pressed to think of an equal.” - Baltimore Sun “Alexander is living, breathing music; the most crackling, swinging and thoughtful piano playing of our time.” - Kansas City Times SACD = CCRJ 340 SA $19.99

Cisco LP & Gold CD Jennifer Warnes – The Hunter This album, originally released in 1992 and long out-ofprint in the U.S., was Warnes’ follow-up to her Famous Blue Raincoat. The Hunter features covers of Todd Rundgren’s “Pretending To Care,” the Waterboys’ “Whole of the Moon,” Donald Fagen’s “Big Noise, New York” along with an original composition that featured Leonard Cohen, “Way Down Deep.” Mastered from the original analog tapes by Bernie Grundman. LP = CATALOG # PENDING $32.98 Gold CD = CATALOG # PENDING $24.98 (September release)

Various Artists – The Ultimate Demonstration Disc, Vol. 2 “Audiophile reviewers use words like ‘transparent’ and ‘soundstage depth’ all the time, but rarely describe exactly what the words mean. With the original and now this new UDD I spell out what to listen for on each tune. And since Chesky recordings are made by and for audiophiles the entire recording chain – the microphones, mic preamps, mixer, and analog-to-digital converter – is custom built to high-end standards…Chesky Records has learned a lot over the past thirteen years so it’s no surprise the Ultimate Demonstration Disc, Volume 2 sounds even better than Volume 1. Enjoy!” – Steven Guttenberg SACD = CCRJ 343 SA $19.99

Choice (Pure Pleasure Records) LPs Irene Kral – Where Is Love “…a classic set originally cut for the Choice label, a program of ballads exquisitely interpreted by singer Irene Kral and pianist Alan Broadbent. The tempos are all quite slow, but the emotional yet cool intensity given by Kral and Broadbent means that there are no slow moments. Among the songs given definitive and memorable treatment are Blossom Dearie’s ‘I Like You, You’re Nice’ and Bob Dorough’s ‘Love Came On Stealthy Fingers,’ ‘Never Let Me Go,’ and especially ‘Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most.’” – All Music Guide LP = APPR 1012 $34.99

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Classic Records HDADs & LPs Gary Karr – Plays Double Bass Gary Karr became an audiophile favorite largely as a result of the King Super Analogue recording of Albinoni’s Adagio in G minor. In 1959, Karr made his first record entitled Gary Karr Plays Double Bass, a collection of pieces from Ecles, Ravel, Bloch and others for Golden Crest Records. A few years later a second recording of Alec Wilder compositions for Bass and Piano and Bass and Guitar was also released on Golden Crest. On this outstanding second effort Karr is accompanied by Bernie Leighton on piano and Fredrick Hand on guitar. After auditioning the master tapes Classic Records decided that these two wonderful recordings by a stellar bass musician needed to be reissued. This two-disc HDAD includes both 16/44.1 CD and a DVD Audio disc at 24/192 and 24/96. LP = ACCS 2000Q $43.99 (two LPs) HDAD = CHDD 2013 $24.99

Shostakovich: Symphony No. 5/Pavel Kogan This first in the series of “Classic Records Presents” features Pavel Kogan conducting his Moscow State Symphony Orchestra performing a piece of music they both know and understand well. The venue for the recording is the famous Congress House in Graz, Austria. The performance and the Elite recording are equally superb. Many argue that Russian Orchestral music is best performed by Russians and this performance lends credibility to that assertion. The recording was mastered and cut by Bernie Grundman using Classic’s all-tube analog cutting system and pressed on 200-gram vinyl. This package also includes a bonus 7” recording of Shostakovich’s The Coachman’s Dance, which, cut at 45 RPM, is a real thrill and a Kogan favorite encore piece. LP = ACCS 2001Q $32.99 (LP + seven-inch 45-RPM vinyl) HDAD = CHDD 2020 $24.99


Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade/Pavel Kogan The multi-Grammy winning Elite recording team of Marc Aubort and the late Joanna Nickrenz extract a fantastic recording of the legendary warhorse composition which is a staple of the Moscow State Symphony Orchestra and Maestro Pavel Kogan’s repertoire. Recorded at the famous Festival House concert hall in Salzburg, Austria, this performance is slightly faster in pace than many other interpretations which builds a tension that brings new light to the orchestral nuances that Korsakov so carefully crafted. The recording was mastered and cut by Bernie Grundman using Classic’s all-tube analog cutting system and pressed on 200-gram vinyl.

Decca LP (Speakers Corner) Peggy Lee – Black Coffee During the early ‘50s, Peggy Lee rode high on the strength of her own taste into stardom – she was a glamorous beacon whose sultry voice gave her performances a shimmering eroticism. Black Coffee may be the greatest album of genuine “concept albums.” Originally recorded in 1953, Lee turned Black Coffee into a jazz project – something no other mainstream pop singer had done up to that point. Many years later, Lee named this album as her own favorite.

LP = ACCS 2002Q $32.99 HDAD = CHDD 2021 $24.99 ™

LP = ADEC 8358 $34.99



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The Doors Vinyl Box Set - Limited Edition 180 gram ARHI 01 - $179.99 The Doors Vinyl Box Set - Limited Edition 180 gram Plus Book Combo ARHI 03 - $225.00

A limited-edition, seven-LP box - covered in faux lizard skin - with 12" 180-gram HQ vinyl reissues of the original stereo mixes of the band's six Morrison-era studio albums PLUS a copy of their '67 debut album in mono! All remastered by Bernie Grundman! All pressed at RTI! Step it up even further by adding a coffee table book - The Doors By The Doors, a huge, gorgeous volume in which the band tells its own story. Stuffed with never-before-seen photos, revealing interviews and more.


Cleopatra – Columbia (Speakers Corner)

Neil Diamond – Home Before Dark

Cleopatra LPs Nico – All Tomorrow’s Parties Limited to 300 copies. Artwork included on promotional Album Flat. No actual LP jacket included. Comes with collector’s pin and patch. A best-of compilation from one of the most enigmatic and profoundly influential females in psychedelic rock music, Nico! Features hypnotic versions of cult classics such as “All Tomorrow’s Parties,” “Janitor Of Lunacy,” “Femme Fatale,” “Sixty Forty” and more! LP = ACLP 2055 $16.98

Tangerine Dream – The Vintage Years Anthology A special, limited edition vinyl box set featuring 10” reissues of the band’s first incarnation (The Ones), their 1972 epic classic “Ultima Thule” (Parts 1 and 2”), plus a 12” of highlights of their career. A dream come true for electro-ambient fans. Tracks selected by TD founder Edgar Froese with detailed personnel listings. LP = ACLP 2577 $29.98 (Limited Edition three LP box set)

Home Before Dark is the long awaited new album from legendary artist Neil Diamond. Home Before Dark was produced by Rick Rubin, who also produced Diamond’s critically acclaimed 12 Songs. “Like Johnny Cash’s Rubin-produced American Recordings series, Home Before Dark cuts the music down to its essence, scrapping the overproduction that has marred Diamond’s albums since the Eighties.” – Rolling Stone LP = ACOL 15465 $19.99

Miles Davis – Jazz At The Plaza Vol. 1 Recorded at a Columbia press party in 1958, this spontaneous LP features the Miles Davis Sextet that had the giant talents of John Coltrane, Cannonball Adderley and Bill Evans. Their performances of “Straight, No Chaser” (mistitled here “Jazz at the Plaza”), “My Funny Valentine” (Davis’ feature), “If I Were a Bell” and “Oleo” are consistently exciting. LP = ACOL 32470 $10.00 LP = ACOL 32470H $15.00 (180 gram)

Miles Davis – In A Silent Way

Columbia LPs Charles Lloyd – Discovery! Charles Lloyd’s recorded debut as a leader was made while he was a member of the Cannonball Adderley Sextet. Doubling on tenor and flute, Lloyd teamed up with pianist Don Friedman, either Eddie Khan or Richard Davis on bass, and Roy Haynes or J.C. Moses on drums. This out-of-print LP has among its highlights “Little Piece” (dedicated to Booker Little), “Days of Wine and Roses,” “Sweet Georgia Bright,” and the initial full-length version of “Forest Flower.” Lloyd’s Coltrane-inspired sound was already in place, and his flute playing was becoming distinctive. The music is essentially melodic but advanced hard bop, a strong start to an important career. LP = ACOL 9067 $10.00 LP = ACOL 9067H $15.00 (180 gram)

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With In A Silent Way, the elements of popular music, blues and electronics that had been implicit in Miles Davis’ previous recordings now came center stage, and the trumpeter never looked back again. In A Silent Way is Miles’ Birth of the Cool/Miles Ahead/Kind Of Blue for the rock generation. LP = ASON 26947 $29.99 (import)

Columbia (Pure Pleasure Records) LP Duke Ellington – Ellington Uptown Recorded in December 1951 and 1952, Ellington Uptown joins stunning, extended works of recent vintage (“A Tone Parallel to Harlem,” “The Liberian Suite,” “The Controversial Suite”) with fresh looks at such bona fide classics by Ellington and alter ego Billy Strayhorn, as well as “Perdido,” co-written by longtime star valve trombone soloist Juan Tizol. LP = APPR 4639 $34.99

RECOMMENDED Geffen LP Jimi Hendrix – Axis: Bold As Love January of 1968 brought Axis: Bold As Love, an album that expanded Jimi’s six-string flame with celestial clarity and also brought his rapidly evolving songwriting gift to the fore. It was recorded at Olympic Studios in London. After the U.S. release of Are You Experienced and American tour dates that left jaws dropped, anticipation was very high about the next Jimi Hendrix album. Many fans and critics consider this follow up, Axis: Bold As Love, his best collective effort. Released in November of 1968, it immediately garnered high praise for it’s incredible performances and innovative engineering by Eddie Kramer. The album was to spawn many hits including “Up From The Skies,” “If 6 was 9,” “Spanish Castle Magic,” “Little Wing,” and “Castles Made of Sand,” among others. Again joined by Noel Redding’s bass and Mitch Mitchell on drums. LP = AGEF 11601 $24.98 (Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound)



Columbia (Speakers Corner) LPs Miles Davis – Miles Smiles Except for the taping of a live performance at the Portland Festival, Miles Davis’ discography for 1966 only lists the recordings made for the LP Miles Smiles. How strange when one considers the usual large output of Miles and his ensembles for Columbia Records in the Sixties. The bass player Ron Carter was best suited for the complicated rhythm part and remained Miles’ “number one” in a quintet which gave a new interpretation to compositions by Wayne Shorter and jazz hits such as “Freedom Jazz Dance” by Eddie Harris and Jimmy Heath’s “Gingerbread Boy.” Every second of the nine-minute-long “Footprints” by Shorter is an absolute highlight, while the drumming of the young Tony Williams in “Freedom Jazz Dance” is full of vitality, with a quick pulse and even described as “threatening” in the liner notes. This music is neither “new stream” nor “old guard” but good modern jazz according to Anthony Tuttle. That’s exactly what Miles Smiles was upon its release 40 years ago – and that’s what it is to this day! LP = ACOL 9401 $34.99


Columbia (Speakers Corner) – Coppertree Records

The Byrds – Greatest Hits The original release of this album in the summer of 1967 was a landmark moment in the Byrds history. After four highly acclaimed albums and a wealth of singles, the group could look back on a career in which they had rewritten the book of contemporary American music. Every time the Byrds released a new record they seemed to coin a fresh musical adjective. After folk rock, jazz rock and raga rock, they were labeled “space rock,” having introduced science fiction and new age themes into songs like “Mr. Spaceman” and “5-D.” Even while pushing forward towards their most musically experimental period, they were feeling the burden of their own history. Both “So You Want To Be A Rock N’ Roll Star” and “My Back Pages” saw them looking back a little sardonically at all they had achieved. Their classic first era was punctuated by the release of this compilation. LP = ACOL 9516 $34.99

Contraphonic LP The Lesser Birds of Paradise – Space Between Those who enjoyed the lovingly arranged String of Bees, the Lesser Birds of Paradise’s previous long player, will welcome with open arms Space Between, the group’s latest recording. Vocalist/guitarists Tim Joyce and Mark Janka and drummer Greg Thomas have crafted another nuanced set of finely wrought and imaginatively scored songs. Space Between is an affecting recording that often speaks softly, but with beguiling results. LP = ACPH 64 $13.98

Coppertree Records LPs

Johnny Cash – At San Quentin Johnny Cash was a country legend even during his lifetime, although, or perhaps because, he was very different from the numerous country singers with checkered shirts. When performing he chose to wear black as a symbol of solidarity with the oppressed and those who had no rights. His chosen outlaw image was just as convincing as the train-like boom-tiddy-boom sound of his rhythm group who lent their typical sound to many of his 500 songs. At the very zenith of his career, Cash (who himself had committed a few minor offenses) had the idea of singing and playing for the bad guys behind the prison walls for nothing. Initially his suggestion to market the live recording was rejected, but finally his record company decided to release the album At Folsom Prison. Fired by the success of his jailhouse recording, Columbia Records released At San Quentin shortly afterwards. The recording, in which Cash and his combo were frequently applauded more or less at the end of each verse, exceeded all expectations. Today it is still considered by Cash fans to be the best live recording by the “man in black.’ LP = ACOL 9827 $34.99

The Mahavishnu Orchestra – The Inner Mounting Flame The liner notes for The Inner Mounting Flame were written by the guru Sri Chinmoy – now that’s a real sales point! The music too burns right from the very first note to the last as though it were licked by the flames of hell fire. The wealth of ideas, sheer vitality and supreme soloistic virtuosity of the five top-notch musicians from four different countries is absolutely first class. In addition there is their truly dreamlike interplay; one could say they were born and grew up with the same “spirit.” “Meeting Of The Spirit,” “The Dance Of Maya” and “You Know You Know” are the highlights of his first Mahavishnu Orchestra. Aspiration – struggle, hope and desire – is seen as an inner mounting flame which takes man towards “divine perfection.” Well, opinions differ of course. But what is certain is that this music from 1971 is still amazingly fresh and creative even 36 years later – and luckily it is available once again in the form of a vinyl disc. LP = ACOL 31067 $34.99

Santana – Caravanserai To attempt to categorize Carlos Santana’s music is, for the prophets of rock music, rather like dancing on the edge of a volcano. While the New York Times acclaimed the band as a reincarnation of Dizzy Gillespie’s Cuban-jazz big band from the end of the Forties, Rolling Stone spoke of a “methadrine trip without visions.” Organ-player Gregg Rolie offered a very simple explanation of the origins of the highly differentiated sound coloring and the throb and chirp of the Afro-Cuban polyrhythms: he succinctly remarked that each member of the multi-cultural band “just played the music which he had grown up with.” Just how thrilling this sounds is already evident from the first number on the disc, with its sounds of nature, twisted rhythms and little snatches of melody, which – as in several other titles – remains spellbinding even without the fascinating drive of Santana’s lead sound. Of course there is plenty of solo material on the guitar which manifests itself in exuberant improvisations with a fusion of rock, salsa and jazz elements. LP = ACOL 31610 $34.99

Ron Sexsmith – Time Being Coppertree Records start their vinyl campaign with a lavish 180-gram pressing of Ron Sexsmith’s Time Being. His eighth album proper, and his first to have the tender loving Coppertree vinyl treatment. Considered the singer/songwriter’s songwriter, Ron Sexsmith has earned immense respect from his peers, critics and a devoted international audience. The Toronto-based singer/songwriter boasts a who’s who of celebrity endorses such as Paul McCartney, Elton John, Elvis Costello, Steve Earle (who produced Ron’s 2001 album, Blue Boy), Sheryl Crow, John Hiatt, Bono, John Prine, Radiohead and Chris Martin (who dueted on the track “Gold In Them Hills”). LP = ACTR 001 $19.98 (import)


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RECOMMENDED Hungaroton LP (BoxStar) Vivaldi: Lute Concertos & Trios/Daniel Benko It’s easy to take a musical talent like Daniel Benko for granted. Most of us don’t know enough about the lute to recognize the difficulty involved in playing it. Also, many Baroque groups make the music sound like sonic wallpaper, so a soloist’s virtuosity tends to go unnoticed. This often has to do with the conductor’s approach, but the distant sound found on many recordings of early music is also to blame. “Politically correct” originalinstrument recordings of the digital era and the safe programming of “morning mood” FM radio has also done little to make Baroque music more interesting in our modern time. Every so often, however, a recording of Baroque music comes along that is worthy of notice. This 1978 Hungaroton record featuring Daniel Benko and Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra is that kind of recording. BoxStar has taken an already exceptional recording to a higher level. Utilizing the mastering talent of Bernie Grundman and his all-tube mastering system, this new 180-gram LP has better detail, sharper imaging and a greater sense of live music making. Pressed on HQ vinyl, the music on this record transcends the stigma of “early music” and becomes a thrilling event for lovers of all music. The original release of this record was on The Absolute Sound’s List of recommended recordings. LP = ABOX 11978 $29.98

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Coppertree Records – Daptone Records

Blanche – Little Amber Bottles The return of Blanche with Little Amber Bottles is a worthy follow-up to their much-lauded If We Can’t Trust the Doctors and a red-hot dish for Coppertree Records to serve up. Detroit’s finest Goth-Country sprites get a healthy helping of lavish 180-gram heavyweight vinyl, accompanied by a double weight, embossed gatefold sleeve. Little Amber Bottles is an album of redemption, and while it finds Blanche in an angrier mood, that tone is alternately aggressive and dreamy. The personal songwriting is more developed, with textured arrangements often soaked in reverb, resulting in a sophisticated, soulful simple sound. LP = ACTR 002 $19.98 (import)

Chuck Prophet – Soap and Water As per usual, Coppertree Records bestow upon you a heavyweight 180-gram audiophile pressing coupled with a double weight, embossed outer sleeve and full color inner sleeve. Soap and Water is the eighth studio album by solo artist/guitar slinger extraordinaire Chuck Prophet. For this one he relocated to Nashville and bedded down for a month at the Alex the Great Recording Studios with producer Bard Jones (Yo La Tengo, Dolly Parton, Josh Rouse) manning the desk. Joined by his own band The Mission Express (alongside Todd Roper of Cake on drums) and the Spinto Band. Hell, they even drafted in the local Methodist children’s church choir for a few tunes. Soap and Water sees him blending his twisted soul-country-rock; a Alex Chilton-meets-Waylon Jennings via Dylan thing, with that Fender Telecaster he’s had since his Green On Red days weaving a singular common thread throughout. LP = ACTR 004 $19.98 (import)

Daptone Records LPs Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings – Dap Dippin “…Rife with rugged bass lines, choppy guitars and bumping brass, the album starts with a wild ‘star-time’ build-up, introducing Sharon Jones herself as ‘badder than badder’…go shake your tail feather.” – Mojo “…Listeners will be barreled over by 30 minutes of bona fide, soul-shaking funk…an album of authentic soul and funk, a sound many contemporary bands fail to achieve…outrageously groovy beats.” - CMJ Brothers and Sisters, it’s time to put aside that record you’ve been trying to get down with and get down with this! Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings are about to turn you on to their new brand of dynamite soul. As the top featured act in the Daptone Funk & Soul Revue, Sharon Jones has earned a reputation as the Baddest Soul Sister on the circuit, electrifying audiences from coast to coast with her funky dynamic soul energy. She comes on strong and funky. LP = ADAP 001 $13.99

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Sugarman 3 & Co. – Pure Cane Sugar The greatest album to date from Sugarman 3 – one of the funkiest combos of the past 50 years! The group’s organ/sax sound has never sounded so great – and it’s pumped up even further here from some added guest instrumentation, including drums from Bernard Purdie, plus vocals on a number of cuts from deep funk legends Lee Fields, Charles Bradley and Naomi Davis. The whole thing is as funk as funky can be. LP = ADAP 002 $13.99

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The Songs of Leonard Cohen 20th Anniversary Edition Available on Gold CD and 45 - RPM LP Mastered by Bernie Grundman from Jennifer’s own analog master tapes. Includes Bonus Tracks.


Deluxe, hardcover book-style packaging with improved photographic elements and notes not included in the 20th Anniversary CD r e l e a s e .

On Famous Blue Raincoat: The Songs of Leonard Cohen, Jennifer Warnes rearranged and reinterpreted some of Leonard Cohen’s greatest songs for a unique album that remains the ultimate tribute to Cohen’s music. It was greeted with rave reviews, and made numerous year-end best-of lists. Jennifer Warnes/ Famous Blue Raincoat: 20th Anniversary Edition Gold CD CCISG 8011 $29.99 Famous Blue Raincoat 20th Anniversary Edition 45 RPM LP set features two LPs of quiet virgin vinyl, a 24-page 12” square booklet with complete lyrics, five bonus tracks (four from the Shout! Factory CD plus a Cisco exclusive analog demo recording of “A Singer Must Die,” with one missing verse added and a breathtakingly upfront vocal by Jennifer), production notes and exclusive photographs, all packed in a beautiful box for excellent presentation and preservation of your investment. Jennifer Warnes/ Famous Blue Raincoat: 20th Anniversary Edition 45 RPM Vinyl LP ACIS 7060 $79.99


Daptone Records – Domino

The Mighty Imperials – Thunder Chicken Every once in a while a young group will arrive on the scene that is so dynamic and heavy that they make their more experienced contemporaries stop in their tracks to check out the new sound. The Mighty Imperials is just such a group. They play their instruments with a masterful discipline and prowess you would only expect from more seasoned musicians. It is no wonder that veteran soul singer Joseph Henry so readily accepted an invitation to sit in on a recording date with these young bloods. Henry’s soul-rocking vocal style, most known for his hit single “Who’s The King?” is a perfect compliment to the Mighty Imperials’ raw funk sound. LP = ADAP 003 $13.99

Bob & Gene – If This World Were Mine... In Soul’s prime, Darrell Banks, Donnie Elbert, Dyke and the Blazers and Jimmie Raye all left their hometown of Buffalo, New York. Resident William Nunn stayed behind with good faith in the ground under his feet. During the fall of 1967 Nunn began assembling a recording studio in the basement of his house and opened a club in the city. Both outlets would give young resident talent as well as touring Soul stars an opportunity to record and perform in his hometown. Today, an untold mass of brittle and profound Soul and Gospel recordings remain. Though both only 15 at the time, William’s son Bobby Nunn and friend Eugene Coplin from down the street, would give William Nunn’s Mo Do imprint its first vinyl outing with their stirring single “You Gave Me Love.” Over the next few years, Bob & Gene’s name would appear beneath the Mo Do label on a handful of some of the deepest and sweetest Soul sides ever carved into wax. LP = ADAP 010 $13.99

The Budos Band – The Budos Band II Like the deadly scorpion on the album’s cover, The Budos Band’s second release, The Budos Band II, creeps stealthily over the hot sand. It is with unmistakable purpose that each beat of the music drives forth, one footstep of many to carry the Scorpion toward its meaning. With his tail arched high in readiness, he maneuvers patiently under the scorching desert sun, and chooses his prey. With its 22 legs, three horns and hallucinogenic venom, The Budos Band, the unheralded emperors of Instrumental Staten Island Afro-Soul, continue to rule. The band commands their listeners to follow them on this their second journey into the depths of their poisonous vision. Through 10 exciting new instrumentals, the Budos Band pours themes at once resonant and ethereal over Herculean rhythms. LP = ADAP 011 $13.99

Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings – 100 Days, 100 Nights Since the 2005 release of their Naturally LP, the band has continued to build a worldwide following for their raw and soulful recordings and blistering live performances. Like the highly acclaimed Naturally LP before it, 100 Days, 100 Nights was recorded in their self-built, self-operated, all analog recording studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn and bares the unmistakable Daptone Soul Sound – highly in demand among music fans and tastemakers alike. In the last year, producers such as Kanye West, Mark Ronson, Hank Shocklee and Kenny Dope have been among those who came knocking at Daptone’s door seeking the inimitable Dap-Kings sound. The Dap-Kings lend a tougher edge to their own productions for such artists as Rhymefest, Lily Allen, Ghostface Killah and Amy Winehouse. Meanwhile, Sharon Jones herself has passed the time between touring lending her soulful voice to projects for Lou Reed, Rufus Wainwright, They Might Be Giants and others. LP = ADAP 012 $13.99

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For the Summer!

Decon LPs Plantlife – Time Traveller The year 2004 saw the release of Plantlife’s debut album The Return of Jack Splash to wide international critical acclaim and praise from luminaries such as Gnarls Barkley, Pharrell, The Chemical Brothers and RJD2. Since then, Jack Splash has been honing his production and writing skills for the likes of Alicia Keys, John Legend, Groove Armada, Beyonce, Missy Elliott, Lauryn Hill, Ne-Yo, Jamie Foxx and Britney Spears to name but a handful. He is now coming back with the highly anticipated Time Traveller, an album that continues to bring together the best of ‘70s soul, funk and rock, ‘80s electro freak out, ‘90s b-boy politics and 2008’s futuristic ideals. “Plantlife have already been named as the new Outkast.” – Rolling Stone LP = ADCN 700163 $16.98 (two LPs)

Die Slaughterhaus LP Black Lips – Good Bad Not Evil This debut succinctly epitomizes all that’s special about Atlanta’s favorite flower punk sons: the uncontained energy, undeniable songcraft and unrivaled showmanship are all on full display, as is a newfound sense of the world around them. Songs like “Katrina” and “Bad Kids” spare none of the Black Lips’ trademark smirk and smear, but also demonstrate a purpose and perspective not always at the forefront of the band’s music. Good Bad Not Evil traffics in the kind of ragged rock harmony missing from record stores for so long. LP = ADSL 028 $16.98

Domino LPs Clinic – Visitations Hardly any bands make it to their fourth album these days. And fewer still get there sounding as individual as Clinic. Clinic are distinctive in the way that The Fall, The Residents or Missy Elliot are distinctive. It’s hard to mistake their sonic fingerprint for anyone else’s, yet because they keep exploring the outer limits of their thing, they always sound fresh. LP = ADOM 128 $16.98 (includes CD of album with bonus track)

Animal Collective – Strawberry Jam How do you describe Animal Collective? With every new record you hold your breath. Early releases like Spirit They’ve Got and Here Comes The Indian pulled each other apart in a kaleidoscope of ideas. Sung Tongs leapt out of the speakers full of sophisticated, primitive campfire hollers and harmonies. Feels was more mysterious and celestial, a little more introverted. Throughout their recordings, the band always sound starry eyed, as if intoxicated by their ability to fuse a basic need to pummel and scream into some strange new harmony. In terms of its scale and vision on the band’s sixth studio album, Strawberry Jam feels like space dust and radar falling on the desert and making it bloom. Strawberry Jam is the sound of a band spinning wildly and intoxicated, at the cusp of their powers, as thick and sweet and colorful as it sounds. LP = ADOM 156 $19.98

Steve Reid Ensemble – Daxaar This legendary jazz drummer has played with the likes of Brown, Coltrane, Davis, Kuti, Sun Ra and many more. He’s also one of the most joyful and hopeful people on Earth, still optimistic that bringing music to the people can help solve the world’s problems. Daxaar is a series of improv sessions recorded with longtime collaborator and producer Lieran Hebden on electronics. The ensemble also consists of keyboards, guitar, bass, trumpet and percussion. LP = ADOM 165 $19.98

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Domino – Drag City Animal Collective – Water Curses

Randall of Nazareth – Randall of Nazareth

Animal Collective returns with the Water Curses EP, featuring four previously unreleased tracks. The title track, “Street Flash” and “Cobwebs” emanate from the same fruitful Wavelab Studio sessions that produced the critically acclaimed album Strawberry Jam. And the final track “Seal Eyeing” was recorded at the Rare Book Room Studio in January of this year. All the tracks show the band propelling themselves forward on their mad genius trajectory. LP = ADOM 169 $9.98

“It takes a certain amount of confidence to call yourself Randall Nazareth, even if your name is really (Randall Huth to be exact) and you do come from Nazareth – Pennsylvania, anyway. Yet while Randall Huth may not quite pull off the walking-on-water, loaves-and-fishes type miracles his stage name implies, he does something fairly remarkable. He breathes eerie, perfectly natural life into the picked blues styles he inhabits, tracing ghostly sketches of rural Americana without sounding in the least bit weighted down by tradition.” - Dusted LP = ADRG 347 $16.98 (Limited Edition)

Clinic – Do It!

Six Organs of Admittance – Shelter From the Ash

Their fifth studio album is a summer album, a warped Technicolor celebration - pop music and severe cut-ups going from melody to acid psychosis to acoustic, usually in the same song. Do It! is a skewed pop amalgam of Motown, Exuma, deep lounge, and The Balloon Farm, amongst many. Songs about living for the day, love, escaping witchhunts, and more. LP = ADOM 173 $18.98 (includes MP3 coupon)

Drag City LPs

It’s been an exhilarating year of life for Ben Chasny, the heraldic presence behind Six Organs of Admittance, alternately thrilling and trying as he negotiated the everswirling path of Six Organs as well as the spin he put on Comets On Fire, Current 93, Badgerlore and even the band of Bonnie “Prince” Billy for one golden European run. But nothing brought more pleasure than retiring to his aerie, far from the flies of the marketplace. There, he could see the future again – and stare in awe as his fingers traced an accompaniment even his very mind could not have imagined. Shelter From The Ash features a most fluid combination of electric and acoustic Six Organs Of Admittance styles. LP = ADRG 348 $16.98

Baby Dee – Safe Inside the Day

Mayo Thompson – Corky’s Debt To His Father “…skewered, eccentric, country folk filtered through a Tourettes sensibility.” – Alternative Press “With a folkier bent than his group projects, Thompson projects himself as a loveable oddball of sorts, stringing together free-associative, non-sequitur lyrics against chord progressions and time signatures that, as is his wont, refuse to adhere to accepted norms.” – All Music Guide LP = ADRG 049 $20.98 (seven-inch vinyl)


A short autobiographical something written on the occasion of the completion of this album: “I was born in Cleveland, Ohio. This album is very much about the street I grew up on. Where The Earlie King ruled without mercy. And Bobby Slot and Freddy Weiss invented the Dance of Diminishing Possibilities. I left for New York in 1972 and eventually became a musician. I was good at the sacred and I was good at the profane but I could never get the hang of anything in between and I went from the street to the church to the street again and then I stopped. I found myself back in Cleveland and began to write songs. And then I stopped writing song. I thought I had said everything I had to say and there was nothing left to say so I simply stopped. And then I remembered Bobby Slot and Freddy Weiss and my own father and all the little ghosts that lived with us and I realized that there was something left to say after all. The inside is bigger than the outside, more important, and less destructible.” - Dee LP = ADRG 351 $14.98

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RECOMMENDED Island LP (Classic Records) Jethro Tull – Aqualung “…This newest Aqualung is the definitive version and if you love this record, it’s worth the money. You will hear musical details and colors not previously revealed on any other version and Mr. Anderson’s vocals will literally be in your lap, they are so purely and intimately rendered on Bellman’s cut. On no other version do the acoustic guitars have both believable attack and sustain.” Music = 9/11; Sound = 9/11 – Michael Fremer,

The Valerie Project – The Valerie Project “Joseph Gervasi and I had been talking about doing a synergistic film/music project for some time, and both of us brought up Valerie. It so happed that Joseph owned a 16mm print of the film. I was blown away by its dreamlike imagery, old-world purity, psychedelic candor and mesmerizing soundtrack.” Greg Weeks (of Espers) is describing the genesis of a new musical review entitled The Valerie Project. Inspired by a classic of Czech New Wave cinema, Jaromir Jires’ Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders (1970), Greg, joined by members of Espers and other Philadelphia groups such as Fern Knight, Grass, Fursaxa, Timesbold, Woodwose and Rake (as well as enigmatic electronicist Charles Cohen), conceived a new soundtrack to the film. Key to The Valerie Project’s conception is how reframing the film’s action with an alternate soundtrack draws new interpretations from a work of depth and changeable meaning. LP = ADRG 352 $20.98 (two LPs)

Bonnie ‘’Prince’’ Billy – Ask Forgiveness Following the many intensities of The Letting Go and its three singles and EP, Bonnie “Prince” Billy went to Philadelphia to cool out with a record of covers. But the combination of summery days, Philadelphia streets and the way that Bonnie is ambushed the cooling process, producing eight sizzlers instead and creating the need to Ask Forgiveness. Covering a handful of diverse songwriters (Newbury, Gudmundsdottir, Anzalone, Ochs, Billy, Haggard, Caldwell and Kelly), Bonnie makes each one of their songs his own simply, through the process of having taken it within and loving it – and then singing it out again, in good company.

The ultra-classic Aqualung cut from the original analog master tapes and pressed on 180-gram vinyl at RTI. The release features, for the first time since the original Chrysalis release, an authentic linen textured gatefold jacket and original label art. Really, does it get any better? LP = AISC 9145 $32.99



LP = ADRG 354 $11.98


Drag City – EMI

J. Spaceman & The Sun City Girls – Mister Lonely

Metallica – Master of Puppets Master Of Puppets was Metallica’s last album with bass player Cliff Burton. Burton was killed in a traffic accident. He was replaced by Jason Newsted. Metallica’s irresistible rise to the top continued with this enigmatic 1986 album. LP = AELE 470844 $16.98 LP = AELE 470908 $29.98 (two 45-RPM LPs)

A lot of talent is on board for this film and its companion soundtrack. Mister Lonely is the latest from director Harmony Korine, who wrote the incendiary script for Kids and went on to direct films like Gummo and Julien Donkey-Boy. Supplying music are J. Spaceman, a.k.a. Spiritualized leader Jason Pierce, and the legendary experimental rock band Sun City Girls. Alas, the two acts didn’t collaborate on the soundtrack, instead submitting their contributions separately. Together, though, the songs create what Drag City calls “a flowing musical accompaniment” to the film, which follows the travails of a Michael Jackson impersonator. LP = ADRG 360 $18.98

EMI XRCDs Herold: La Fille Mal Gardee/ Barry Wordsworth

Neil Hamburger – Sings Country Winners America’s hardest working, most profoundly suffering Funnyman returns with his eighth Drag City release. No two Neil Hamburger albums have ever been alike, but this one will throw even the staunchest fan for a loop: Neil Hamburger sings country and western. As with the classic “celebrity vocal” album by the likes of William Shatner and Telly Savalas, Neil’s personality shines through even when his vocal chords don’t. Seven originals and three obscure covers pack in a maximum of storytelling and pathos in the tradition of the late great Porter Wagoner. On this release, Neil is backed up by a “too good for Neil Hamburger” band who ensure that the sound is vintage country rather than unwanted novelty – or worse yet, the universally-hated sound of contemporary country radio. LP = ADRG 363 $14.98

Edition Hera DVD Audios Carmen Piazzini – Piazzini Meets Mozart The program notes relate how the home of the young Carmen Piazzini was a meeting place for such luminaries as Gieseking, Arrau, Rubinstein and Toscanini. Her father was a world-famous chess player, and she was a prodigy who tells of her love for this music. However, for most, the technical aspect of this recording will be a major draw. This remarkable set illustrates DVD-Audio’s massive storage capacity. Imagine: all of the Concertos and Sonatas on two discs! DVDA = CHER 2200 $56.99 (two discs)

Elektra LPs Metallica Like You’ve Never Heard Them Before! Half-Speed Mastered from the Original Analog Tapes at Mobile Fidelity! Cut at 45 RPM and pressed on 180-gram virgin vinyl RTI! Packaged in a Premium Stoughton gatefold jacket with universal “Louder, Faster, Heavier” branded bellyband.

La Fille mal gardee is one of Sir Frederick Ashton’s most enchanting ballets, and it quickly became popular after its first performance by the Royal Ballet at Covent Garden on January 28, 1960. The ballet’s origins date back almost 200 years. The first version, which had a different title, was the creation of the French choreographer Jean Dauberval (1742-1806), who presented a story-ballet in the style of this master, Jean Georges Noverre, at the Grand Theatre, Bordeaux, on July 1, 1789, just before the French Revolution. XRCD = CEMI 501118 $39.99

Massenet: Le Cid - Offenbach: Overtures/ Louis Fremaux More than any others of Massenet’s operas, Le Cid may be said to be an essay in the “grand” Meyerbeerian style. It was first performed in 1885, with the great Jean de Reszke in the title role. Le Cid was the name given to Rodrigo de Vivar, a famous Spanish knight of the 11th century whose exploits, as recounted by various authors, have inspired many operas, most of them now forgotten. Massenet’s story is an adaptation of a tragedy by Pierre Corneille (1606-1684). Le Cid challenges his beloved’s father, who has insulted the knight’s father, to a duel, and kills him. The distraught daughter swears vengeance over the father’s dead body, but in the end the lovers are reunited. The ballet occurs in Act II and provides the opportunity for much seductive and exotic Spanish flavored music, set at a spring festival in the square in Burgos. XRCD = CEMI 501127 $39.99

Ketelbey: In a Persian Market/John Lanchbery In a Persian Market (1920) is an “Intermezzo-scene” which bears a descriptive synopsis: the camel drivers approaching, the cries of beggars, entry of beautiful princess (represented by a languorous theme given at first to clarinet and cello and then full orchestra)…she watches the jugglers and snake-charmers…the Caliph passes by, interrupting the entertainment…all depart, their themes heard faintly in the distance, and the marketplace becomes deserted. XRCD = CEMI 501129 $39.99

Metallica – Kill ‘Em All Occasionally one album can be pinpointed as the turning point in a musical genre. Kill ‘Em All is one such album and, boy, did the heavy metal genre need a transfusion of new blood. Herein trad metal was stripped of its late-’70s pomposity and reduced to its base element of brutal sonic force. The rhythm section of Burton and Ulrich do a masterful job, as does rhythm guitar ace and vocalist James Hetfield, on a set that owes a debt to punk as much as to Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. LP = AELE 343612 $16.98 LP = AELE 343676 $29.98 (two 45-RPM LPs)

Holst: The Planets/Andre Previn Early in 1914, Gustav Holst told a friend: “As a rule I only study things that suggest music to me…Recently the character of each planet suggested lots to me.” This marked the beginning of the composition of his biggest orchestral work, a suite of seven movements. The first to be sketched was Mars – prophetically, for the First World War began just as he completed it. The order of the composition of the remainder was Venus and Jupiter in the autumn of 1914, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune during 1915 and Mercury in 1916. The orchestration of the complete work was also finished in 1916.

Metallica – Ride The Lightning Metallica turned the metal world on its ear with their debut album, Kill ‘Em All and then blew its mind with the follow-up, Ride The Lightning. The riffs and arrangements are more intricate, the lyrics are more intelligent and biting and James Hetfield’s growl is meaner. LP = AELE 424572 $16.98 LP = AELE 424636 $29.98 (two 45-RPM LPs) XRCD = CEMI 501130 $39.99

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EMI – Epic

Elgar: Cello Concerto/ Sea Pictures/Sir John Barbirolli

EMI (Testament) LPs Vivaldi: Four Concerti/Nathan Milstein

Jacqueline Du Pre’s career lasted just 11 years, but within that space of time she achieved a reputation as one of the finest cellists of the twentieth century. Not long after her debut in 1961, at the age of 16, she played the Elgar Cello Concerto in public for the first time with great success. In August 1965 she recorded the work for HMV. Her conductor was Sir John Barbirolli, a famous Elgar interpreter who as a young man had known the composer. Though Du Pre went on to make many other superlative recordings it is in the Elgar Concerto, and this recording, that she is most remembered. The work’s richly romantic, nostalgically autumnal mood is a fitting and appropriate memorial to an artist who performing career was cruelly cut short by a disease at the age of 42. In August 1965, Barbirolli made a second Elgar recording with another outstanding young artist, the mezzo-soprano Janet Barker, whose finely sung, imaginative interpretation of the beautiful song cycle Sea Pictures makes an ideal coupling for Du Pre’s performance. XRCD = CEMI 501132 $39.99

While Vivaldi was imitated and paraphrased for several decades in the 18th century, his style is actually quite inimitable. His admirers could add to but not originate the formula. This is why his singular voice speaks to us now with such genuine directness and individuality. LP = AEMI 2518 $34.99

Nathan Milstein – Music of Old Russia Although he moved to the USA in 1929 and even took on American citizenship in 1942, Nathan Milstein is often referred to as perhaps the last “Russian” among all Russian violinists due to his art of playing – which is governed wholly by intellect. This does not mean that Milstein plays in an academic or cool manner, his art is thoughtful and controlled – in the very best sense of the meaning. And this should certainly not be equated with “deliberateness.” On the contrary. Milstein’s tremendous virtuosity takes the works he covers to new heights. LP = AEMI 2563 $34.99

Suppe: Overtures/Marriner, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Despite his early ambitions to become a lawyer or a chemist, Francesco Ezechiele Ermenegildo Cavaliere SuppeDemelli changed direction and joined Vienna’s musical scene in 1840. As third conductor of the Theater in der Joesfstadt he was required to conduct and compose incidental music for popular farces and folk plays. The success of Offenbach’s Orpheus in the Underworld made him determined to cash in on the latter’s success with echt – Viennese works of his own. Decca was equally keen to capitalize on the advent of commercial digital recording in the early 1980s with a collection of Suppe Overtures. Four years later, in 1989, Sir Neville Marriner and the ASMF recorded a similar program for EMI. XRCD = CEMI 501119 $39.99

Bach: Concerto in D Minor for Two Violins/Nathan Milstein & Erica Morini “He could well have been the most nearly perfect violinist of his time.” – Harold Schonberg These EMI recordings show Milstein at his best. The remastering is excellent and the original recording quality is superb by any standard. And the performances? Well, it’s Milstein! LP = AEMI 2579 $34.99

EMI (Classic Records) LP Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells A quintessential “studio production” in pop music lore, Mike Oldfield conceived an eclectic mix of both standard and odd instruments, along with classical and rock elements, to achieve a steadily building, layered texture, totally unheard of at the time. After being shopped and rejected at other labels, Richard Branson chose it as the first release for his Virgin Records in 1972. Originally tagged with the working title Opus 1, Oldfield, who had been playing and recording professionally since his teens, oversaw the entire production and played most of the parts himself, eventually layering over 30 different instruments and sounds. Listeners had fun trying to identify each and remember the order in which they appeared. The original LP eventually sold over 16 million copies and topped the UK charts for weeks. The eerie opening section was famously featured in the soundtrack to the motion picture The Exorcist, winning the Grammy in 1974 for Best Instrumental Composition. Chris Bellman does the mastering honors on this reissue, using the original master tapes and Classic’s all-tube cutting system. LP = AEMC 2001 $32.99


Epic LPs Augustana – Can’t Love, Can’t Hurt Can’t Love, Can’t Hurt is the follow up to their 2005 debut album, All The Stars and Boulevards, which has scanned 300,000 and spawned the hit, “Boston,” which is certified platinum – over one million tracks sold. First single, “Sweet and Low,” is already Top 20 at Triple A. LP = AEPI 03064 $19.98 (includes MP3)

The White Tie Affair – Walk This Way

EMI LP (Testament) Rabin: The Magic Bow/Felix Slatkin Beautiful full-dimensional stereo. Michael Rabin, violin; Felix Slatkin conducting The Hollywood Symphony Bowl Orchestra. Works by Kreisler, Massenet, Sarasate and others. Gorgeous sound on this amazing record.

“Chicago-based pop group the White Tie Affair make melodic, ‘80s-influenced rock that also features a heavy dance-oriented sound informed as much by contemporary artists like Fall Out Boy and Justin Timberlake as it is more iconic artists such as Duran Duran and Loverboy. Featuring the talents of Chris Wallace (lead vocals), Sean-P (guitar and programming), Ryan Hollywood (keyboards and guitar), and Tim McLaughlin (drums), the White Tie Affair released their debut album, Walk This Way, on Slightly Dangerous/Epic Records in 2008.” – All Music Guide LP = AEPI 08833 $19.98 (includes MP3)

LP = AEMI 8510 $34.99

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Epic – Everest (Classic Records)

Sara Bareilles – Little Voice

Khachaturian: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra/Hugo Rignold

“It’s a collection of songs that pretty much mean the world to me. They chronicle my life, my relationships, my basket-case-ness, and my utter devotion to trying to write honest stuff down and share it…What kind of music is it? I write mostly on piano and I’m a girl, so lots of people say it’s Norah Jones, or Fionna Apple. That’s fine. I love Norah’s subtlety and Fiona’s fierce lyrical powers. But I also have an affinity for the playful and intelligent-pop of people like Elton John and Ben Folds.” – Sara Bareilles LP = AEPI 29345 $19.98 (includes MP3)

A Hugo Rignold/LSO performance of this brilliant showpiece for orchestra with piano accompaniment performed superlatively by Peter Katin. The recording, another of the great Bert Whyte efforts, was staged in 1959 at London’s famous Walthamstow Hall, the site of many famous Decca recordings. The LP, as are all reissues from this series, was cut directly from the 35mm magnetic film using a vintage Westrex 1551 tape machine, with specially built playback electronics that are vastly superior to any others used on these machines. LP = AEVC 3055Q $32.99 HDAD = CHDD 2027 $24.99 (two discs)

Pearl Jam – Vitalogy Wider in scope than any 70mm film, Vitalogy is the album on which Pearl Jam demands that the pigeonholing cease and desist once and for all. Whether by throwing meatless bones at some blindly zealous fans, or by moving their sound out of the grunge-land that they once called home, Vedder and company present this tour de force as a treatise to win over the alternative non-believers and drop the excess baggage of fame. LP = AEPI 66900 $29.99

Epitaph LP The Weakerthans – Reunion Tour From Winnipeg, Manitoba, The Weakerthans’ lyrical music speaks of the vast open spaces and broken industrial dreams in which it was created. Founded in 1997, they hold deep roots in the indie scene, and have three albums and over 90,000 sales behind them. On their new release, literary lyrics could stand alongside a Raymond Carver or Russell Banks short story, while the music channels the spirit of punk, alt-country, and barroom rock and folk. LP = AEPT 86877 $17.98

European Pressings LP R.E.M. – Out of Time R.E.M.’s 1991 release features the masterpiece and bigtime hit “Losing My Religion.” Out of Time included more production than their previous stripped-down, live-sounding releases. This record features string sections, keyboards, mandolins and cameos by the B-52’s Kate Pierson and rapper KRS-1. LP = ABRIHQ 26496 $35.00

Bartok: Concerto for Orchestra/Leopold Stokowski Bartok’s Concerto for Orchestra derives its name from the approach taken in treating instrument groups within the orchestra in a “concertante” or soloist manner throughout the piece. This virtuoso treatment, for example, is notable in the fugato section of the first movement where the brass are highlighted as well as in the second movement where pairs of instruments appear consecutively creating a brilliant passage. Stokowski’s interpretation of his popular Bartok composition was recorded at the Houston Civic Center by Bert Whyte and team and originally released in March of 1961. The HDAD Plus is a two-disc set consisting of a two-sided DVD-10 disc containing DVD Audio and DVD Video formats, plus a bonus CD from a separate 16 bit/44.1 kHz two channel capture done simultaneously for the CD format to avoid noninteger down sampling and hence provide for maximum quality – all transferred directly from the 35mm magnetic film using a vintage Westrex 1551 tape machine. LP = AEVC 3069Q $32.99 HDAD = CHDD 2028 $24.99 ™

NEW MUSIC ARRIVES DAILY – STAY UPDATED WITH OUR “NEW ARRIVAL” EMAILS. SIGN UP ON OUR WEBSITE TODAY. RECOMMENDED Lost Highway LPs Shelby Lynne – Just A Little Lovin’ “Shelby Lynne…doesn’t just take on Springfield classics like ‘Breakfast in Bed’ or ‘The Look Of Love.’ Lynne goes one better, making the songs her own with clever phrasing and steamy tempos…Sonics are warm, wide, and rich in detail and transparency. At just under 40 minutes it’s the perfect analog running time.” Music = 4/5; Sonics = 4.5/5 – Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound, March 2008

Everest (Classic Records) HDADs & LPs Scriabin: Le Poeme d’extase/Leopold Stokowski La Poeme d’extase is a big, one-movement work in sonata form that combines the elements of a symphony and a tone poem. The work highlights Scriabin’s development and exploitation of new harmonic ideas including chord structures constructed on intervals of a fourth instead of a third. Coupled on this release is another Stokowski/Houston performance of Amirov’s Azerbaijan Mugan recorded on March 16, 1959 at the Houston Civic Center. Amirov’s composition, masterfully performed by Stokowski and the Houston, exhibits the complicated system of mode scales and fixed melodic patterns characteristic of music of the East. The LP was cut directly from the 35mm magnetic film using a vintage Westrex 1551 tape machine, with specially built playback electronics that are vastly superior to any others used on these machines. LP = AEVC 3032Q $32.99 HDAD = CHDD 2026 $24.99 (two discs)

“…The spare arrangements, made up mostly of backing guitar, keyboards and drums, put the focus – as it was on Springfield’s records – on the voice, which sounds spectacular, multi-dimensional, and present enough to touch.” Stereophile Recording of the Month, March 2008 – Robert Baird, Stereophile, March 2008 Just A Little Lovin’ is Shelby Lynne’s personal tribute to Dusty Springfield. Produced by Phil Ramone and recorded at Capitol Studio A, this beautiful and meaningful interpretation of Springfield’s songbook was cut to tape with zero frills. It’s the real deal. LP = ALOS 978901 $12.98

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APO 2001 Jimmy Rogers Blue Bird LP = AAPO 2001 CD = CAPO 2001

APO 2002 Nancy Bryan Lay Me Down $25 $16

APO 2005 Jimmy D. Lane Legacy


LP = AAPO 2005 CD = CAPO 2005

$25 $16

APO 2003 Jimmy D. Lane Long Gone $25 $16

LP = AAPO 2003 CD = CAPO 2003

APO 2006 Jimmie Lee Robinson Remember Me

APO 2007 Little Hatch Goin’ Back

LP = AAPO 2006 CD = CAPO 2006

LP = AAPO 2007 CD = CAPO 2007

$25 $16

APO 2004 Hubert Sumlin I Know You $25 $16

LP = AAPO 2004 CD = CAPO 2004

$25 $16

APO 2008 Eomot RaSun Three Days Walkin’ $25 $16

LP = AAPO 2008 CD = CAPO 2008

$25 $16

APO 2009 Weepin’ Willie At Last, On Time

APO 2010 Honeyboy Edwards Shake‘Em On Down

APO 2011 Jimmie Lee Robinson All My Life

APO 2012 Little Hatch Rock With Me Baby

LP = AAPO 2009 CD = CAPO 2009

LP = AAPO 2010 CD = CAPO 2010 SACD = CAPO 2010 SA DVD = CAPOD 2010

$25 $16 $25 $30

LP = AAPO 2011-45 (45 RPM, 2 LPs) CD = CAPO 2011 SACD = CAPO 2011 SA

LP = AAPO 2012-45 (45 RPM, 2 LPs) CD = CAPO 2012

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LP = AAPO 2015-45 (45 RPM, 2 LPs) CD = CAPO 2015 SACD = CAPO 2015 SA

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APO 2014 Henry Townsend My Story

APO 2013 Nancy Bryan Neon Angel LP = AAPO 2013-45 (45 RPM, 2 LPs) CD = CAPO 2013 SACD = CAPO 2013 SA

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LP = AAPO 2017-45 (45 RPM, 2 LPs) CD = CAPO 2017 SACD = CAPO 2017 SA

CD = CAPO 2014 SACD = CAPO 2014 SA

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APO 2018 Noah Wotherspoon & The Stratocats Buzz Me CD = CAPO 2018

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APO 2015 Wild Child Butler Sho’ ‘Nuff


APO 2017 Myra Taylor My Night To Dream


LP = AAPO 2002 CD = CAPO 2002

APO 2016 Harry Hypolite Louisiana Country Boy $30 $16 $25

LP = AAPO 2020-45 (45 RPM, 2 LPs) CD = CAPO 2020 SACD = CAPO 2020 SA

CD = CAPO 2016 SACD = CAPO 2016 SA

$16 $25

APO 2021 Big George Brock Heavyweight Blues

APO 2020 Jimmy D. Lane It’s Time $16

$30 $16

$30 $16 $25

CD = CAPO 2021



Everest (Classic Records) – Fone

Leopold Stokowski – Wagner

Colour Revolt – Plunder, Beg, and Curse

This release is a compilation of Stokowski/Houston performances recorded at Houston Civic Center by Bert Whyte and originally released in 1960. Compositions include Stokowski arrangements of Wotan’s Farewell and Magic Fire Music from Wagner’s Die Walkure, Mazurka in A minor, Prelude in D minor and Waltz in C sharp minor by Chopin. Also included is the not-often-performed-orrecorded Fantasy on a Hymn Tune composed by Thomas Canning. The HDAD Plus is a two-disc set consisting of a two-sided DVD-10 disc containing DVD Audio and DVD video formats, plus a bonus CD from a separate 16 bit/44.1 kHz two channel capture done simultaneously for the CD format to avoid non-integer down sampling and hence provide for maximum quality – all transferred directly from the 35mm magnetic film using a vintage Westrex 1551 tape machine. LP = AEVC 3070Q $32.99 HDAD = CHDD 2029 $24.99 (two discs)

Make no mistake, Colour Revolt are from Mississippi. In Stereogum’s “Band To Watch” their EP was described as, “…the band exploring Broken Social Scene-tinged dream pop, post-rock meltdowns, Isaac Brock’s vocal assaults, and dirty, post-grunge dynamics. There’s even a bass line that nods to Surfer Rosa. But after you’re finished playing RIYL, you’re left with a buzz-worthy debut from a group of hungry, young Southerners.” LP = AFAT 11111 $14.98

Hayden – In Field & Town Hayden has spent more than a decade creating somber, subdued music, which makes In Field & Town such a startlingly pleasant change. Hayden hasn’t done away with the intimacy of his previous work, nor does the singer’s seventh studio album change his melancholic nature. For all intents and purposes, In Field & Town paints the same picture as Elk-Lake Serenade and The Closer I Get, but it does so with brighter colors and wider brush strokes, capturing the slow demise of a relationship with a mix of pianos, trumpets, guitars, vibraphones, harmonica and percussion.

Everloving LP Don Cavalli – CryLand “Don Cavalli’s second album is a classic blend of moments of interest in a framework that just doesn’t quite hold the interest. Within the framework of a fairly standard electric blues set, turns such as the repeated “how how how” on “Aggression” signal Cavalli’s best gift, an ability to lock into a key moment and make it work in an almost obsessive fashion.” – All Music Guide LP = AEVR 90009 $16.98

LP = AFAT 11151 $14.98

R.L. Burnside – First Recordings The raw, powerful, authentic delta blues emanating from Mississippi’s living legend R.L. Burnside on First Recordings will please blues purists and audiophiles alike. Recorded in 1968 by George Mitchell utilizing “a portable $168 recorder, a shack and lots of cheap rum,” Burnside’s dynamic voice, foot stomp, acoustic guitar encapsulate the emerging mastery of a voice unmarked by 35 years of Northern Mississippi hard living. LP = AFAT 80365 $14.98

Fat Cat Records LP Animal Collective – Sung Tongs In their Sung Tongs incarnation, Animal Collective is once again the duo of Avey Tare and Panda Bear, and this is perhaps their most perfect, accessible work to date, a luscious flowering and flowing together of deeply catchy, hook-filled songs and intricately textured arrangements. Built around the core elements of Avey and Panda’s gorgeous vocal harmonies and twin acoustic guitar strumming, the album has been lovingly worked through the studio to provide a rich and fully expansive mix of stunning sonic depth, detail and placement. LP = AFCT 612081 $14.98

Filmguerrero LP Menomena – Friend And Foe Friend and Foe shines Northwest indie songcraft through a Chicago post-rock lens, illuminating the quiet recesses with an unpredictable, experimental light. “Beautiful and ominous.” – The Absolute Sound “Equal parts free jazz, Talk Talk, and XTC.” – Magnet LP = AFLM 73106 $20.98

Fone LP Various Artists – Sintonie 1998-2007

Fat Possum LPs T-Model Ford – Don’t Get Out Talkin’ It “If hard times and suffering qualify man to sing the blues, then T-Model Ford can be said to be overqualified.” – Jay McInerney, The New Yorker “A cheerful psychopath and an indomitable force.” – Fat Possum Records Don’t Get Out Talkin’ It is T-Model Ford at his best. This 10” vinyl has it all: T-Model’s raw punk-blues, re-mixes and a special almost stream-of-conscious-type rant of T-Model arguing into the studio mic to anyone who would listen. A must have for blues fans, record collectors and fellow psychopaths. LP = AFAT 11101 $11.98 (10-inch vinyl)


OCTOBER 17 & 18, 2008 DON’T MISS IT! see page 72

Only 496 copies of this title will be pressed. This is a total audiophile production: A pure analog recording using a Master Ampex ATR-100 modified by David Manley; Pure analog cutting, cutting of the lacquers has been made with the support of analog delay – no digital device is used for this operation; One stage pressing process - instead of the three usual steps, the stamper is directly made from the lacquer. LP = AFON 015 $49.99 (200 gram)

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Friday Music – Goldenlane Records

Friday Music LPs

Galaxia LP The Doobie Brothers – Minute By Minute This 4X Grammy Award winning album from 1979 includes some of their biggest hits like “What A Fool Believes,” “Minute By Minute” and “Dependin’ On You.” The Doobie Brothers are an American institution. Founded in 1970 in the San Francisco Bay area, they continue to tour yearly, and release new music on a regular basis. Friday Music Vinyl is proud to kick off its first release with such a great rock classic like Minute By Minute. LP = AFRM 9000 $22.98

America – America America by America is simply one of the finest sounding albums of the classic rock era, as it proved itself a smash with the fans and critics alike when it was first released in 1972. Originally a No. 1 album, containing the smash “A Horse With No Name” (as the album title is often referred), this masterwork is now presented on 180-gram audiophile vinyl on the Friday Music label. Friday Music’s Joe Reagoso has carefully and painstakingly gone to serious lengths of quality control, studio expertise and sonic resonance to master the ultimate listening experience of this legendary California trio’s most loved work. Known for their history of developing hit songs and albums, America was also in the forefront of making excellent sounding albums. Just wait until you hear this incredible new pristine version. LP = AFRM 9001 $21.98

The Mumlers – Thickets and Stitches Thickets and Stitches, the debut album from Bay Area indie rock ensemble The Mumlers, is an amalgamation of wry, witty lyrics and traditional rock instrumentation tastefully embellished by more unusual elements including swelling brass, plaintive slide guitar and just a touch of accordion. “Not many artist can shoot off their musical career with such a bold creativity and be taken seriously, or be seriously good. The Mumlers have created an album, Thickets and Stitches, that have done just that. These storytellers of youth will draw you in with their adventurously attractive instrumental jamborees and smooth bluesy acoustics to compliment the vocals of the gifted Will Sprott. They have captured what it means to be young, in love with life, and fearless in a world of oh-so-serious cynical scenesters.” – Indie Rock Reviews LP = AGLX 29 $13.98

Geffen LPs Steely Dan – Gaucho For Gaucho, Fagen, Becker and their long-time producer Gary Katz employed their usual all-star lineup of musicians, among them singers Patti Austin, Michael McDonald and Valerie Simpson; guitarists Mark Knopfler, Larry Carlton, Rick Derringer and Steve Khan; horn players Michael and Randy Brecker, David Sanborn and Tom Scott; pianist Joe Sample, and drummers Steve Gadd, Rick Marotta, Jeff Porcaro and Bernard “Pretty” Purdie. The result was a popjazz album worthy of its illustrious predecessor, Aja. LP = AGEF 1693 $19.98

Fueled By Ramen LP Paramore – Riot!

Aerosmith – Pump

“‘Next big things’ come and go, but it is obvious that Paramore has something special – both talent and staying power. With their new Fueled By Ramen collection, Riot!, they announce that they have the passion and the songs to take themselves to the next level.” Laced with catchy melodies and spunky lyrics, Paramore’s sophomore album, produced by David Bendeth, delivers an exhilarating, heart-pounding rush of alternative rock. It reflects a much stronger and mature band, and even features fans singing on one of the tracks. LP = AFBR 159612 $13.98

Following on from their creative renaissance with Permanent Vacation, Aerosmith make it a double whammy with the dynamite Pump. Obviously drinking the carrot juice must have had it’s benefits! Pump is actually the biggest selling album in Aerosmith’s career – a mighty 7 million sales to date and still counting. LP = AGEF 24254 $19.98

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Jimi Hendrix – Are You Experienced? The debut release from The Jimi Hendrix Experience is widely regarded as the greatest, most influential debut release from any artist. When first released in 1967, Are You Experienced turned the music world upside down as Hendrix showed everyone exactly what it meant to be “experienced.” LP = AGEF 211608 $24.98 (two LPs)

Bill Berry and His Ellington All-Stars – For Duke Hot Warehouse Find... Get ‘Em Soon, Before They’re Gone! For Duke is an exceptional direct-to-disc recording, originally released on vinyl in 1978. With sound to die-for and an initial limited production run, this title has become very collectible on both LP and CD. In fact, the original M&K label in America has gone out of business and this title and others have gone out of print. We’ve come across just a handful of these CDs and don’t expect to have them for long. Don’t delay. This has been heralded as the best direct-to-disc recording of 1978. The album is also being recognized world-wide as containing some of the finest jazz music ever recorded. Features eight of Ellington’s best tunes. CD = CM&K 1001 $29.99



Goldenlane Records LPs James Brown – Cold Sweat Live! Limited to 300 copies. Artwork included on promotional Album Flat. No actual LP jacket included. Comes with collector’s pin and patch. A knockout punch of vintage James Brown in concert. Features energetic live performances of Brown’s numerous hits such as “Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag,” “I Got You (I Feel Good),” “Georgia On My Mind,” “Cold Sweat” and many more. LP = AGLR 2061 $16.98


Goldenlane Records – Hear Music

The Archies – Greatest Hits – Sugar Sugar

Beethoven: Symphony No. 3 ‘Eroica’/Andrew Manze

Limited to 300 copies. Artwork included on promotional Album Flat. No actual LP jacket included. Comes with collector’s pin and patch. Sticky sweet groovy goodness a-plenty can be found on this greatest hits collection from The Archies. Features bubble gum classics “Sugar Sugar,” “Bang Shang A Lang,” “Jangle” and more. LP = AGLR 2221 $16.98

Groove Attack LP Jackson Analogue – And Then, Nothing

Emerging from a dark depression, Beethoven chose art rather than death, thus embracing a notion of destiny and heroism, which links him to heroes of the past – and of his present. The Eroica Symphony, dedicated initially to Napoleon, and ultimately “to the memory of a great man,” was to prompt contemporary commentators to seek out interpretations in the Iliad. It was this work which first inspired the concept of a “symphonic poem”: here, it is the metaphor that serves the music, and not the contrary. SACD = CHAR 807470 SA $19.99

Harte Recordings LP John Phillips – Wolfking of LA

This is the first full-length release from the Isle of Wight five-piece Jackson Analogue. Their raw and soulful rock ‘n’ roll is influenced by Muddy Waters, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Family and the ‘90s rock and grunge bands of their own youth. Analogue music for the digital age. It’s about passion, not fashion. LP = AGAT 106 $14.98

“A genuine lost treasure.” – Rolling Stone In 1969, when John Phillips was moving past The Mamas & The Papas, he assembled a collection of songs at his home studio that would eventually become his first solo album, the only one to be released during his lifetime. It is an album reflective of the changing era, and the everchanging composer and arranger. LP = AHRT 100 $18.99

Groove Note Direct-to-disc LPs Various Artists – Percussion Direct The very first release from the new all-analogue, vinylonly Groove Note Black label: Percussion Direct was cut direct-to-disc on the weekend of December 15 and 16, 2007. The album features a heavily percussion oriented program spread over four 45-RPM direct-to-disc sides with performances by Bill Cunliffe, Paulihno Da Costa, the Larry Karush Percussion Quartet, the Robin Cox Ensemble, Mark Ferber and Darek Oles. This LP set is packaged in a highgloss deluxe gatefold jacket with top-quality inner sleeves. LP = AGRN 1041 $49.99 (two 45-RPM LP Direct-to-disc)

Happy Jack Rock LP Robert Pollard – Superman Was a Rocker Robert Pollard’s Superman Was A Rocker is a return to old ways for Pollard. This mini-album (13 songs, 30 minutes) finds Pollard using recording methods that he hasn’t engaged in since the old GBV days. Pollard recently poured through a bunch of old cassette tapes of his and found some great instrumentals that he either wrote or cowrote and never used. He decided to go into the studio and put vocals (and melodies) over them. The music spans a 20+-year period. Due to the span of time and body of work from which the clips were accessed, many of the classic GBV alumni appear on this album; Tobin Sprout, Mitch Mitchell, Kevin Fennell, Doug Gillard and Nate Farley. LP = AHJR 15 $10.98

Harmonia Mundi SACDs Stile Antico – Heavenly Harmonies At the heart of the religious disputes which ravaged 16th-century England, Tallis and Byrd in these pieces embody two opposing tendencies: the former’s austere, homophonic Protestant psalm tunes, in which the clarity of the biblical texts was paramount, contrast with the latter’s Catholic motets, which constantly heighten musical expressivity and emotiveness. Yet, far from being stifled by the rigour of one camp or the traditionalism of the other, the creativity of these two masters of the English music thrived on such constraints as they dedicated themselves to the service of their art and of God. SACD = CHAR 807463 SA $19.99

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Heads Up SACD Ilembe: Honoring Shaka Zulu/Ladysmith Black Mambazo “…This SACD is the best vocal multichannel production I ever heard with Tracks 8 and 11 in my mind being the best of all.” – John Nemaric, Audiophile Audition, Today, Shaka Zulu is regarded as one of the greatest leaders in African history. His combination of warrior discipline, visionary leadership, innate creativity and unshakable belief in a united nation continues to resonate to this day in South Africa. He is revered as the single figure who gave birth to the indomitable fighting spirit of the Zulus - the same spirit that enabled South Africans to persevere amid the European domination of their homeland for nearly two centuries of apartheid. “He was a warrior, an athlete, a singer, a dancer, a visionary, he was so many things,” says Joseph Shabalala, lead singer and founder of Ladysmith Black Mambazo. SACD = CHED 9133 SA $19.99

Hear Music LPs James Hunter – The Hard Way British retro-soul singing sensation James Hunter returns with The Hard Way and takes a giant step toward staking his place in the pop-soul pantheon alongside Sam Cooke and Jackie Wilson, Charlie Rich and Van Morrison. The eagerly awaited follow-up to 2006’s highly successful Grammy-nominated album People Gonna Talk. LP = AHER 30851 $17.98

Paul McCartney – Amoeba’s Secret Paul McCartney’s Amoeba’s Secret on Super Limited Edition 12” Vinyl EP! Get it soon, ‘cause they’ll be gone fast! This four-track vinyl EP was recorded live at Amoeba Music in Hollywood in a secret in-store performance June 27, 2007. Vinyl release only! Will not be released as a CD or digitally! LP = AHER 554687 $9.99

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MORE NEW SACDS Avanti Classic Hybrid Multichannel SACD Polina Leschenko - Liszt Recital.................................................................CAVC 1027 SA.............19.99 Avie Hybrid Multichannel SACD Shostakovich: Symphony No. 10/Semyon Bychkov...................................CAVI 2137 SA.............18.99 Bayer Records Hybrid Multichannel SACD Bach: Goldberg Variations/Burkard Schliessmann ................................CBAY 100326 SA.............34.99

2L Hybrid Multichannel SACDs Morten Gaathaug - Musica de Camera ............................................................C2L 44 SA.............19.99 Ola Gjeilo - Stone Rose ....................................................................................C2L 48 SA.............19.99 4AD Hybrid Stereo SACDs Dead Can Dance - Toward the Within .....................................................C4AD 72712 SA.............19.99 Dead Can Dance - Into The Labyrnith .....................................................C4AD 72711 SA.............19.99 Dead Can Dance - Spleen and Ideal ........................................................C4AD 72707 SA.............19.99 Dead Can Dance - Aion ............................................................................C4AD 72710 SA.............19.99 Dead Can Dance - Dead Can Dance ........................................................C4AD 72705 SA.............19.99 Dead Can Dance - Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun ...........................C4AD 72708 SA.............19.99 Dead Can Dance - The Serpent's Egg .....................................................C4AD 72709 SA.............19.99 Dead Can Dance - Spiritchaser ................................................................C4AD 72713 SA.............19.99 Dead Can Dance - Garden Of The Arcane Delights .................................C4AD 72706 SA.............16.99 Dead Can Dance - Set of 9 SACDs .............................................................C4AD DCD SA ..........159.99 Accent Hybrid Multichannel SACDs Miriam Allan - The Wonders of the World...............................................CACC 24185 SA.............19.99 Haydn: Harpsichord Concertos in F & G/Sigiswald Kuijken....................CACC 24188 SA.............19.99 Bach: Cantatas for the Complete Liturgical Year, Vol. 6/Sigiswald Kuijken ..................................................................................................................CACC 25306 SA.............19.99 Aeolus Hybrid Multichannel SACDs Froberger: Johann Froberger Edition, Vol. 5/Bob Van Asperen ..............CAEO 10501 SA.............18.99 Maleingreau: Symphonic Organ Works Vol. 1/Peter Van de Velde ........CAEO 10611 SA.............18.99 Alba Hybrid Multichannel SACDs Mika Vayrynen - The Tree of Life .................................................................CABC 220 SA.............17.99 Saint-Saens: Organ Preludes, Fugues & Fantasies/Jan Lehtola, organ......CABC 225 SA.............17.99

BIS Records Hybrid Multichannel SACDs Jón Leifs: Edda, Part 1 - The Creation of the World/Hermann Baumer ..................................................................................................................CBIS M1350 SA.............18.99 Glazunov: Violin Concerto in A Minor/Tchaikovsky: Souvenir d'un lieu cher/Andrew Litton ..................................................................................................................CBIS M1432 SA.............18.99 Emma Kirkby (soprano) & Jakob Lindberg (lute) - Musique and Sweet Poetry ..................................................................................................................CBIS M1505 SA.............18.99 Grieg: Olav Trygvason, Orchestral Songs/Ole Kristian Ruud ..................CBIS M1531 SA.............18.99 Purcell: Victorious Love/Carolyn Sampson .............................................CBIS M1536 SA.............18.99 Mahler: Das Lied von der Erde/Lan Shui .................................................CBIS M1547 SA.............18.99 Schumann: Symphony No. 1 in B flat Major/Thomas Dausgaard..........CBIS M1569 SA.............18.99 Bach: Complete Cantatas, Vol. 37/Masaaki Suzuki..................................CBIS M1621 SA.............18.99 Bach: Cantatas, Vol 38. /Masaaki Suzuki.................................................CBIS M1631 SA.............18.99 Sharon Bezaly (flute), Love Derwinger (piano), Barbara Hendricks - French Delights ..................................................................................................................CBIS M1639 SA.............18.99 Grieg: Choral Music/Grete Pedersen........................................................CBIS M1661 SA.............18.99 Beethoven: Symphony No. 1 & 6/Osmo Vanska.....................................CBIS M1716 SA.............18.99 Mendelssohn: The Complete String Symphonies/Lev Markiz (Single Layer Stereo) ..................................................................................................................CBIS M1738 SA.............18.99 Mendelssohn: The Complete Concertos/Lev Markiz (Single Layer Stereo) ..................................................................................................................CBIS M1766 SA.............18.99 Cambria Hybrid Multichannel SACD A Light in the Forest - Anne Roos.............................................................CCAM 1166 SA.............17.99 Cantate Hybrid Multichannel SACD Annegret Siedel, Pieter van Dijk - Spielen in Die Orgel...........................CCAN 58029 SA.............15.99 Carus Hybrid Multichannel SACDs Homilius: Passion Cantata/Fritz Naf (2 discs) .........................................CCRS 83262 SA.............34.99

Bach: Organ Arrangements/Jan Lehtola, organ...........................................CABC 233 SA.............17.99

Challenge Records Hybrid Multichannel SACDs Kuijken String Quartet - Kuijken Two Generations..................................CCHR 72181 SA.............15.99 Schubert: Die schöne Müllerin/Christoph Prégardien, tenor & Michael Gees, piano

Alia Vox SACDs

..................................................................................................................CCHR 72292 SA.............18.99

Haydn: Seven Last Words of Christ on the Cross/Jordi Savall (Hybrid Multichannel) ......................................................................................................................CALI 9854 SA.............23.98 Monteverdi: Vespro della Beata Vergine/Jordi Savall (Hybrid Stereo) .......CALI 9855 SA.............29.98

Chandos Hybrid Multichannel SACDs Schmidt: Das Buch Mit Sieben Siegeln/Kristjan Jarvi (2 discs)............CCHA 5061/2 SA.............29.99

The Route of the Orient - Jordi Savall (Hybrid Multichannel) (2 discs).....CALI 9856 SA.............49.98 Analogue Productions Hybrid Stereo SACDs Ry Cooder & V.M. Bhatt - A Meeting By The River ......................................CAPW 29 SA.............30.00 Hugh Masekela - Hope..............................................................................CAPJ 82020 SA.............30.00 Rickie Lee Jones - It's Like This .............................................................CAPP 51056 SA.............30.00 Analogue Productions (Blue Note) Hybrid Stereo SACDs Lee Morgan - Lee-way..............................................................................CBNJ 84034 SA.............30.00 Kenny Dorham - Whistle Stop..................................................................CBNJ 84063 SA.............30.00 Jackie McLean - Capuchin Swing ............................................................CBNJ 84038 SA.............30.00 Arts Music Hybrid Multichannel SACD Nino Rota: Complete Works for Viola, Violin & Piano/Gabriele Baldocci & Marco Fornaciari ..................................................................................................................CART 47718 SA.............17.99 Atma Classique Hybrid Multichannel SACD Christopher Jackson - Roma Triumphans ...............................................CATC 22507 SA.............16.99

Channel Classics Hybrid Multichannel SACDs Liaisons Vol. 1: Music of Scarlatti & Bartok/Dejan Lazic.....................CCCS M23407 SA.............24.98 Bach: Cantatas/Johannette Zomer........................................................CCCS M23807 SA.............19.99 Johannette Zomer and Fred Jacobs - L'Esprit Galant..........................CCCS M24307 SA.............19.99 Ivan Fischer - Beethoven: Symphony No. 7.........................................CCCS M25207 SA.............24.98 Mozart: Complete Sonatas for Keyboard and Violin/Gary Cooper and Rachel Podger ...............................................................................................................CCCS M25608 SA.............24.98 Fade Control: Music of Fulvio Caldini/Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet ...............................................................................................................CCCS M25707 SA.............24.98 Dvorak: Concerto for Cello and Orchestra/Peter Wispelwey................CCCS M25807 SA.............19.99 Shostakovich: String Quartets 2 & 4/Amsterdam Sinfonietta .............CCCS M26007 SA.............19.99 Frommermann - Music of the Comedian Harmonists .........................CCCS M26807 SA.............24.98 Elgar: Complete Songs for Voice and Piano Vol. 1/Amanda Roocroft (soprano), Konrad Jarnot (baritone), Reinild Mees (piano)...................................CCCS M27507 SA.............24.98 Ning Feng - Hello Mr. Paganini .............................................................CCCS M80807 SA.............19.99 Chesky Hybrid Multichannel SACD

Audite Hybrid Multichannel SACDs Elmar Lehnen - Ajoutez la Trompette!.....................................................CAUD 92556 SA.............18.99 Rathgeber: Messe von Muri Company/Cappella Murensis - Ensemble Arcimboldo ..................................................................................................................CAUD 92559 SA.............17.99



Various Artists - The Ultimate Demonstration Disc, Vol. 2.....................CCRJ 343 SA.............19.99 Christophorus Hybrid Multichannel SACD Da Palestrina: Motetto Cantantibus Organis/Rombach...........................CCHP 77288 SA.............19.99

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MORE NEW SACDS Coviello Hybrid Multichannel SACDs Bach: 6 Suites for Violoncello Solo/Martin Ostertag (2 discs) ...............CCOV 20708 SA.............41.98 Katharina Bauml - Mater Matris Christi - Music From the Choir Books of Annaberg ..................................................................................................................CCOV 20714 SA.............20.99 Handel: Alexander's Feast or the Power of Musik/Marcus Bosch (2 discs)....CCOV 30715 SA.............41.98 Pepping: Passion According to St. Matthew/Stefan Parkman................CCOV 40801 SA.............20.99 Reinhold Friedrich - Brass 5.1 .................................................................CCOV 50710 SA.............20.99

CPO Hybrid Multichannel SACDs Haydn: String Quartets Op. 20/Pellegrini-Quartett (2 discs).................CCPO 777173 SA.............33.99 Franck: Bußpsalmen Nürnberg 1615/Manfred Cordes .........................CCPO 777181 SA.............16.99 Ries: Die Konige in Israel/Hermann Max (2 discs) ...............................CCPO 777221 SA.............33.99 Hausegger: Natursymphonie/ Rasilainen/Ari Rasilainen.......................CCPO 777237 SA.............16.99

CSO Resound Hybrid Multichannel SACD Mahler: Symphony No. 6/Haitink/Chicago Symphony Orchestra ........CCSO 901804 SA.............19.98

Dacapo Hybrid Multichannel SACDs The Young Danish String Quartet - Nielsen: String Quartets Vol. 2............CDAC 6220522 SA.............16.99 Thomas Dausgaard - Langgaard: Symphony No. 1 ...........................CDAC 6220525 SA.............16.99 Owain Arwel Hughes - Riisager: Benzin..............................................CDAC 6220527 SA.............16.99

EBS Records Hybrid Multichannel SACDs Mahler: Symphony No. 1 in D major/Heiko Mathias Forster ....................CEBS 6150 SA.............18.99 Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: Concerto for Violin & Orchestra in E Minor/Theo Wolters .....................................................................................................................CEBS 6153 SA.............18.99 Strauss: Spharenklange (Music of the Spheres)/Heiko Mathias Forster .....................................................................................................................CEBS 6156 SA.............18.99

Farao Hybrid Multichannel SACD Bruckner: Symphony No. 4/Enoch zu Guttenberg.................................CFAR 108051 SA.............19.99

Glossa Hybrid Multichannel SACDs Elgar: Symphony No. 1 in A flat Major/Martyn Brabbins......................CGLO 922204 SA.............20.99 Bach: Motets/Bo Holten .........................................................................CGLO 922205 SA.............20.99 Groove Note Hybrid Multichannel SACD Jacintha - Best of Jacintha..........................................................................CGRNSA 1042.............19.99

Harmonia Mundi Hybrid Multichannel SACD Paul Hillier - Scattered Rhymes.............................................................CHAR 807469 SA.............19.99 Linn Hybrid Multichannel SACD Claire Martin - Perfect Alibi .........................................................................CLIN 316 SA.............22.99

Neos Hybrid Multichannel SACDs Spahlinger: For Seven Pianos/James Avery............................................CNEO 10710 SA.............19.99 Kubik: Songs of Zhivago for tenor and orchestra/Ronald Zollman ........CNEO 10711 SA.............19.99 Ospald: Tschappina-Variationen for Ensemble/Peter Hirsch...................CNEO 10712 SA.............19.99 Dan Dediu - Piano Pieces.........................................................................CNEO 10713 SA.............19.99 John Cage: Seven for Flute, Clarinet, Percussion/Daniel Grossman ......CNEO 10720 SA.............19.99 Arditti Quartet - Donaueschinger Musiktage 2006, Volume 1 ................CNEO 10724 SA.............19.99 Jörg Widmann - Donaueschinger Musiktage 2006, Vol. 2.....................CNEO 10725 SA.............19.99 Martin Smolka - Donaueschinger Musiktage 2006, Volume 3...............CNEO 10726 SA.............19.99

Northwest Classics Hybrid Multichannel SACDs Telemann: Sonatas and Fantasies/Pauline Oostenrijk..........................CNWC 211193 SA.............24.99 The Gothenburg Combo - Soundscapes..............................................CNWC 611094 SA.............24.99

Oehms Hybrid Multichannel SACDs Pachelbel: Organ Works/Joseph Kelemen, organ .......................................COEH 613 SA.............19.99 Bach: Goldberg Variations/Hansjorg Albrecht ............................................COEH 625 SA.............19.99 Wagner: Tristan and Isolde: The Duet Scenes/Deborah Polaski & Johan Botha ......................................................................................................................COEH 626 SA.............19.99

Ondine Hybrid Multichannel SACDs Rautavaara: Manhattan Trilogy: Symph No. 3/Leif Segerstam.................COND 1090 SA.............18.98 Shostakovich: Symphony No. 5/Christoph Eschenbach ..........................COND 1109 SA.............19.98 Sibelius: Kullervo/Leif Segerstam..............................................................COND 1122 SA.............18.98 Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 3/Olli Mustonen......................................COND 1123 SA.............18.98 Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 6/Christoph Eschenbach.............................COND 1131 SA.............18.98

Opera Rara Hybrid Multichannel SACDs Pacini: Alessandro nell' Indie/David Parry (3 discs) .....................................CORC 35 SA.............77.98 Donizetti: Imelda de Lambertazzi Mark Elder (2 discs).................................CORC 36 SA.............51.98 Pentatone Hybrid Multichannel SACDs Beethoven: Symphony No. 1 & 3/Philippe Herreweghe .......................CPEN 186313 SA.............19.99 Sibelius: Symphony No. 5 & 7/Sir Colin Davis......................................CPEN 186177 SA.............19.99 Dvorak: Symphony No. 6/Yakov Kreizberg............................................CPEN 186302 SA.............19.99

Praga Hybrid Multichannel SACDs Schubert: String Quartet No. 15/Prazak Quartet & Beethoven String Trio ................................................................................................................CPRA 250240 SA.............22.98 Mozart: Haydn Quartets Vol. 1/Prazak Quartet......................................CPRA 250242 SA.............22.98

Querstand Hybrid Multichannel SACDs Bruckner: Symphony No. 8/Herbert Blomstedt (2 discs) ...........................CQUE 604 SA.............23.98 Bruckner: Symphony No. 7/Herbert Blomstedt...........................................CQUE 708 SA.............19.99 Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 6, 'Pathetique'/Kurt Masur............................CQUE 711 SA.............19.99

LSO Hybrid Multichannel SACDs Mozart: Requiem/Sir Colin Davis ...............................................................CLSO 0627 SA.............19.99 Mahler: Symphony No. 6/Valery Gergiev ..................................................CLSO 0661 SA.............19.99 MDG Hybrid Multichannel SACDs Fischer: Missa St. Michealia Archangeli/Rainer Johannes Homburg .............................................................................................................CMDG 9051477 SA.............19.98 Mendelssohn: Auf den Flugeln/Claudius Tanski.................................CMDG 9121489 SA.............19.98 Shostakovich: Symphony No. 4/Roman Kofman ..............................CMDG 9371208 SA.............19.98 Mozart: Concertos for Piano and Orchestra, Vol. 3/Christian Zacharias .............................................................................................................CMDG 9401488 SA.............19.98 Motette Hybrid Multichannel SACD Bach: Goldberg Variations/Winfried Bonig..............................................CMTT 13494 SA.............16.99

Songlines Hybrid Multichannel SACDs Michael Blake Sextet - Amor de Cosmos ..................................................CSGL 1567 SA.............17.99 Chris Gestrin - After the City Has Gone: Quiet...........................................CSGL 1568 SA.............19.99 Poolplayers - Way Below the Surface........................................................CSGL 1569 SA.............17.99 Wayne Horvitz Gravitas Quartet - One Dance Alone..................................CSGL 1571 SA.............17.99 Sony Hybrid Multichannel SACD Art Tatum - Piano Starts Here: Live at The Shrine..................................CSON 22218 SA.............19.99 Talent Hybrid Multichannel SACDs Shostakovich: The Barshai Arrangements/Conrad van Alphen......................CTAL 72 SA.............18.99 Marco Guidarini - Paysages ..........................................................................CTAL 106 SA.............18.99 Tudor Hybrid Multichannel SACDs

Musicaphon Hybrid Multichannel SACD Roman Brogli-Sacher - Postwar Sounds, Switzerland ..........................CMPH 56901 SA.............17.99

Scharoun Ensemble Berlin - Mozart & Brahms ........................................CTUD 7137 SA.............17.99 Stravinsky: Le sacre du printemps/Jonathan Nott ....................................CTUD 7145 SA.............17.99

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Heinz Records – Hyperion

Heinz Records LP

Hungaroton SACD Pink Martini – Sympathique

“This is rich, hugely approachable music, utterly cosmopolitan yet utterly unpretentious. And it seems to speak to just about everybody…from grade-schoolers to grandmothers to the young and hip and beautiful.” – Washington Post Sympathique, Pink Martini’s wildly popular debut album, was released in 1997. It has gone on to sell 800,000 copies worldwide and has taken the band around the world on tours to the Cannes Film Festival as well as across Europe, Lebanon, Japan and Taiwan, among other far-flung destinations. Nominated for Song of the Year and Best New Artist in France’s Victoires de la Musique awards, the album is Platinum in France and Gold in Canada, Switzerland, Greece and Turkey. LP = AHNZ 1 $15.99

Hometapes LP

Bartok: Rhapsody/Scherzo/Violin Concerto/Zoltan Kocsis The three Bartok works on this disc have met very different fates. All three were written when the composer was young, yet they cannot be considered juvenilia. Bartok was very well aware that with these pieces he was starting his series of mature works; this is shown by the designation of the Rhapsody as the opus one. The three works have different characters; yet in many ways they are linked. The Rhapsody dates from 1904-05, the Scherzo from 1904, and the two-movement Violin Concerto from 1907-08. They were written for similar apparatus too: a combination of a solo instrument and a symphony orchestra. SACD = CHUN 32504 SA $18.98

Hyena Records LP Brad Laner – Neighbor Singing

“…a sun-splattered psych-popper…melting in and out of kaleidoscopic ‘ooh-la-la’ harmonies, tinkling glocks, and vintage, tube-crackling guitars.” – Stereogum Brad Laner’s musical career dates back to the ‘70s. After playing in punk bands and getting roped into playing bass on live TV with Captain and Tennille, Laner founded Debt of Nature and was signed by the Minutemen to their New Alliance label, also home to Husker Du. In the ‘80s, Laner was the drummer for the legendary Savage Republic. The early ‘90s followed with the formation of his brainchild, Medicine, who were signed to Rick Rubin’s Def American label and Creation in the UK. In 1995 Laner formed Lusk with members of Tool, The Replicants and Failure, released one album and quickly disbanded. That same year he began recording more electronic leaning material under the name Electric Company and subsequently released 10 albums under that name in 10 years. Then, from the hills of Los Angeles, came Neighbor Singing. LP = AHMT 020 $15.98

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey – Lil Tae Rides Again Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey re-emerges with their most ambitious, idiosyncratic and mind-expanding album yet – Lil Tae Rides Again. The fearless, eternally exploring trio from Tulsa, Oklahoma appeared for only a handful of tour dates and summer festivals in 2007. Rumors swirled among fans regarding the reasons for such scarcity. JFJO’s intent, however, was never in question. They simply went underground to create music on their own terms, in their own universe, on their own timetable. The trio enlisted eccentric electronic music futurist Tae Meyulks to produce. He shared in the trio’s vision to record an album awash in sprawling soundscapes, minimalist melodies and subliminal themes. LP = AHYE 9366 $16.98

Hyperion SACDs Jeffrey Skidmore – Fire Burning in Snow

long live analogue NEW MUSIC ARRIVES DAILY – STAY UPDATED WITH OUR “NEW ARRIVAL” EMAILS. SIGN UP ON OUR WEBSITE TODAY. RECOMMENDED Mercury Living Presence LPs (Speakers Corner) Antal Dorati – Stravinsky Ballets Three famous and famous-sounding ballets by Stravinsky, all conducted by Antal Dorati packaged together by Speakers Corner. Includes slip case and booklet. Included Works: Mercury SR90216 Igor Stravinsky: Petrochka/Antal Dorati/The Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra Mercury SR90226 Igor Stravinsky: The Firebird/Antal Dorati/The London Symphony Orchestra Mercury SR90253 Igor Stravinsky: The Rite of Spring/Antal Dorati/The Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra LP = AMER 3 $109.99 (slip case + Booklet) (three LPs)

“For fire burning in snow is the effect of love.” The final line of Juan de Araujo’s Dime, amor gives this recording its title and conjures up the passion and dramatic contrasts which make this disc such a delight. Araujo (1648-1712) is considered by many commentators as the greatest Latin American composer of the Baroque, although much of his music remains largely unheard. Little is known about the man and there is almost certainly more material to uncover. Born in Spain, he emigrated at a young age to South America. After a turn as organist at Lima Cathedral, he lived in Panama and Cuzco, where a few of his manuscripts survive, and from 1680 he spent the last third of his life as organist at the cathedral of La Plata, now the Bolivian judicial capital of Sucre. This program includes one of his largest works, the triple-choir setting in 11 parts of the first great Vesper Psalm Dixit Dominus. This substantial work vividly captures the dramatic elements in the text with a dazzling display of polychoral techniques. SACD = CHYP 67600 SA $24.98

Schumann: Humoreske & Sonata in F sharp minor/Angela Hewitt “…The recording is superb; as always, Hyperion discs remain the benchmark for recorded piano sound. And of course Angela Hewitt is always incredible, both as pianist and historian. Very highly recommended.” – Tom Gibbs, Audiophile Audition, In the concert hall, Angela Hewitt’s recent Schumann performances were hailed for their “urgency, jubilation and introspection” (The Daily Telegraph). Now for the first time she has recorded two of the composer’s greatest piano works for Hyperion. To his beloved Clara, Robert Schumann (1810-1856) described the Piano Sonata No. 1 in F sharp minor as “a cry from my heart to yours. From the work’s arresting first bars to the ensuing bounce of the “Allegro vivace” first movement and right through to the majestic finale, Clara’s imprint is on every page – an influence that Angela Hewitt traces in some detail in the accompanying essay. SACD = CHYP 67618 SA $21.99

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Imperial (Pure Pleasure Records) – Interscope

Imperial (Pure Pleasure Records) LP

INO Records LP

Smiley Lewis – I Hear You Knocking

P.O.D. – When Angels & Serpents Dance

Smiley Lewis made several fabulous singles, had a booming, terrific voice and received the same great backing and support that defined the city’s R&B sound. But Lewis’ records seldom made it outside New Orleans, even though they were frequently brilliant. This great anthology contains the four that did make the charts, among them the signature song “I Hear You Knocking.” LP = APPR 9141 $34.99

P.O.D., the multi-platinum, Grammy nominated rock band, is back with its most aggressive, poetic effort to date. When Angels And Serpents Dance, produced by Jay Baumgartner (Evanescence, Godsmack), redefines what a hard rock album can be. In addition to the highly anticipated return of original guitarist, Marcos Curiel, the album features guest artists Mike Muir (Suicidal Tendencies), Paige Hamilton (Helmet) and The Marley Sisters. LP = AINO 92551 $19.98 (includes MP3)

Important Records LP Thuja – Thuja

Intelligent Noise Records LP Joshua James – The Sun Is Always Brighter

“It’s all in the combination of musical and non-musical textures and overtones; the casual yet supremely confident touch of four real masters.” – The Wire Improvisational Bay Area quartet Thuja creates aural landscapes that capture the reverberations of wood and wire, the sounds of breaking sticks and scraping stones, and the ambience of their surroundings into a shifting, dynamic musical framework. The members of Thuja play off each other and the space they inhabit with a natural instinct, succeeding in conjuring spectral compositions that are at once abstract yet inviting. LP = AIPT 173 $17.99 (Limited Edition)

Impulse (Classic Records) LPs John Coltrane – One Down, One Up - Live at the Half Note These live recordings capture the classic John Coltrane Quartet at full strength in what would prove to be its last year of existence. The 1965 Half Note recordings, taken from late-night radio broadcasts and until now available only as inferior-quality bootlegs, have long had legendary status among aficionados – especially the extended performance of “One Down, One Up,” regarded by many as one of Coltrane’s greatest recorded improvisations. Newly transferred from Coltrane’s personal master tapes, these remarkable performances can at last be heard with the fidelity they deserve. LP = AIMP 238001 $43.99 (two LPs)

Impulse (Speakers Corner) LP John Coltrane – Impressions Released on the Impulse label in a gatefold sleeve, Impressions is John Coltrane’s seventh album, which brings together recordings made between 1961 and 1963. The two live numbers “India” and “Impressions,” recorded during “evenings in Hell” (as Rudy Van Gelder called the smoke-filled Village Vanguard), are the highpoints on the LP. Although he only had a mixing console and a tape recorder placed on two tables next to the stage, Van Gelder managed to make full-bodied, intensive recordings of the quintet. Dolphy plays the bass clarinet in “India” and the alto saxophone in “Impressions”; the result is a new sound coloring, which demands that Coltrane perform with even greater expression. The ballad “After The Rain” has Roy Haynes on the drums and is one of these unmistakable hymn-like solo excursions which became a trademark of John Coltrane in his middle period. LP = AIMP 42 $34.99

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The debut from this Nebraska native features sparse, lyrically charged songs with topics that vary from war to drug addiction. Throughout, Joshua’s unique voice engages in a visceral manner, ranging from silky intimacy to raw, gutwrenching emotion. LP = AINR 20 $15.98

Interscope LPs Nine Inch Nails – Y34RZ3R0R3MIX3D Spun off from Year Zero, the No. 2 charting album, Y34RZ3ROR3MIX3D features a stunning diversity of remixers, from Joy Division and New Order’s Stephen Morris to classical crossover pioneer Kronos Quartet and hip-hop poet Saul Williams; from avant-garde leader Bill Laswell, electronica’s Olof Dreijer from The Knife, Interpol drummer Sam Fogarino and post-punk revivalists The Faint to an unknown fan who submitted a remix via the Internet. “I’m very pleased with the way it turned out,” says Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. “Remix records can be disposable garbage, but this collection feels good to me.” LP = AINT 1036701 $44.98 (three LPs)

RECOMMENDED Music Matters LPs (Blue Note) Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers – A Night in Tunisia Art Blakey was, without doubt, one of the most explosive and rock-solid swinging drummers of all time. He also is one of the finest bandleaders and discoverers of new talent the music has ever known. On the title cut of 1960’s A Night in Tunisia, Art is at his most passionate, starting off with a solo full of polyrhythms, color and fire, nearly primal in its intensity. The word “fire” can easily apply to this version of the Jazz Messengers, featuring the blistering trumpet of Lee Morgan, the highly original tenor-saxophonist Wayne Shorter, the funky pianist Bobby Timmons and the always-reliable bassist Jymie Merritt. In addition to their remarkable instrumental prowess, Morgan, Shorter and Timmons were skilled songwriters. Each contributes a song or two to this classic set, including Timmons’ “So Tired.” However, it is the 11-minute version of Dizzy Gillespie’s “A Night in Tunisia,” given arguably its greatest recording, that really makes this album a transcendent jazz listening experience for the ages. LP = AMMJ 4049 $50.00 (two 45-RPM LPs)

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More EMI Testament releases…

WAGNER: THE RING CYCLE Recorded live by Decca at the 1955 Bayreuth Festival, conductor Joseph Keilberth vividly captures the unique acoustic and stage/pit balance of the Bayreuth Festival theatre. In stereo. Wagner: The Ring Cycle (4 box sets/19 LPs, 4 booklets, outer box included) ATES 0119 (numbered) $759.98 ATES 0119S (non numbered) $600 Wagner: The Ring Cycle (4 box sets/19 LPs, 4 booklets, outer box not included) ATES RING .........................................$500 Wagner: Das Rheingold – The Ring Cycle (box set/3 LPs) ATES 1390..........................................$110

Wagner: Die Walkure – The Ring Cycle (box set/5 LPs) ATES 1391 .........................................$180

Wagner: Siegfried – The Ring Cycle (box set/5 LPs) ATES 1392 ........................................$180

Wagner: Gotterdammerung – The Ring Cycle (box set/6 LPs) ATES 1393.........................................$215


Brahms: Violin Concerto in D/ Oistrakh/ Szell/ Cleveland Symphony Orchestra AEMI 2525......................$34.99

Chopin: Piano Concerto No. 1/ Pollini/ Philharmonia Orchestra AEMI 370........................$34.99

Bruckner: Symphony No. 3 in D minor/ Schuricht/ Vienna Philharmonia Orchestra AEMI 2284...........................$34.99

Dvorak: Symphony No. 7/ Giulini/ London Philharmonia Orchestra AEMI 3325...........................$34.99

Mozart: Horn Concertos/ Karajan/ Philharmonia Orchestra AEMI 1140...........................$34.99

WAGNER: THE FLYING DUTCHMAN The recording features a breathtaking performance by the Bayreuth Festival Chorus and Orchestra under the baton of Joseph Keilberth as it was recorded live in 1955 by Kenneth Wilkinson. Three-LP box set includes a 28-page booklet.

Elgar: Cello Concerto & Sea Pictures/ Barbirolli/London Symphony Orchestra AEMI 655 .......................................................$34.99 Paganini: Concerto No.1/Wieniawski/ Concerto No. 2/Violin/Rabin/Goossens AEMI 8534 .....................................................$34.99 Puccini: Tosca/V. De Sabata & V. Veneziani AEMI 1094/5.................................................$60.00 Mozart: Violin Concerto No. 3/D. Oistrakh/ Philharmonia Orchestra/Galliera AEMI 2304 .....................................................$34.99 Brahms: Violin Concerto/Kogan/Kondrashin/ Philharmonia Orchestra AEMI 2307 .....................................................$34.99 Mendelssohn: Symphony No. 3 A Minor ‘Scotch’/Overture/Philharmonia Orchestra AEMI 2342 .....................................................$34.99 Ravel: Orchestral Works/Cluytens/Paris Conservatoire Orchestra/4 LPs AEMI 2476 ...................................................$120.00 Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade/Beecham/ Royal Philharmonic Orchestra AEMI 251 .......................................................$34.99 Rachmaninov: Piano Concerto No. 4/ Michelangelli/Gracis/Philharmonia Orchestra AEMI 255 .......................................................$34.99 Canteloube: Songs Of The Auvergne/ Chausson: Poeme de l’amour et de la mer/ Jacquillat/Lamoureux Orchestra (Paris) AEMI 2826 .....................................................$34.99 R. Strauss: Don Quixote/ Till Eulenspiegel Kempe/Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra AEMI 326 .......................................................$34.99 Dvorak: Piano Concerto/Kleiber/Richter/ Bavarian State Orchestra AEMI 3371 .....................................................$34.99 Bach: Violin Concerto in E /Vito/LSO/ Mozart Violin Concerto No. 3 in G/Kubelik/RPO AEMI 429 .......................................................$34.99 Ida Haendel/Bach Sonatas & Partitas/3 LPs ATES 3090 ......................................................$74.95 Wagner: Gotterdammerung/ Knappertsbusch/6 LPs ATES 6175 ....................................................$175.00

Wagner: The Flying Dutchman (box set/3 LPs) ATES 1384.........................$115

NEW EMI Testament releases…

Nathan Milstein/ Erica Morini Bach: Concerto in D minor for Two Violins Sonata in C for Two Violins Vivaldi: Concerto grosso, Op. 3 No. 11 AEMI 2579........................$34.99

Nathan Milstein Vivaldi: Four Concerti AEMI 2518...........................$34.99

Nathan Milstein Music of Old Russia: Tchaikovsky/ Rimsky - Korsakov/ Glazunov/ Mussorgsky/ Rachmaninov AEMI 2563...........................$34.99

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Michael Rabin Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra Felix Slatkin The Magic Bow AEMI 8510...........................$34.99



Nick Drake – Pink Moon

Island LPs

“…His voice conveys, in its moans and breathy whispers, an alluring sensuality.” – Rolling Stone “One voice, one guitar, one set of beautifully dolorous songs…the equivalent of an amble down a darkened country road.” – Entertainment Weekly A truly classic, beautiful and must-own record. This music is as harrowing and dark as anything Robert Johnson or Charley Patton ever cut. Drake, who was suffering considerable psychological distress, sends a message that’s simultaneously terrifying and beautiful. The lyrics and melodies are simple, making them nakedly striking. This was the third and final album.

Mariah Carey – E=MC2 The eleventh studio album of Mariah Carey’s career is the follow-up to The Emancipation Of Miami, Carey’s worldwide 10 million selling No. 1 album that generated three Grammy Awards. Carey’s newest release features guest producers C. “Tricky” Stewart, Jermaine Dupri, DJ Toomp, Stargate, Will I Am, Bryan Michael Cox, Nate “Danjahandz” Hills” and James Poyser. LP = AISL 1027201 $15.98

LP = AISL 1745697 $19.98

Janet Jackson – Discipline “It’s the idea that unifies the songs on this record. As a concept, and even a lifestyle, discipline goes extremely deep. It can be applied to so much about ourselves. In my case, I see it as one of the defining aspects of my character. Discipline was there for me from the start. But it was not until this record that I began to understand its full meaning. In putting Discipline out front – as both the title of the album and title of a song about sexual surrender – I wanted to announce that I was venturing into new creative waters. That meant working with producers like Jermaine Dupri, Rodney Jerkins and Ne-Yo, whose songs spoke to the immediacy of my emotions. Like all my records, this one, whether intentional or not, has autobiographical roots. It’s difficult for me to work any other way. I don’t feel it, if I don’t believe it, I can’t sing it.” – Janet Jackson LP = AISL 1073501 $15.98 (two LPs)

long live analogue

Portishead – Third “As radical reinventions go, Third is surprisingly natural. You can credit Gibbons as the familiarizing factor: She possesses a voice that seems impossible to shackle to just one musical setting, even if it already sounds perfectly at home in brooding downtempo ambience. As the most recognizable component of the group, she has the most established stylistic tendencies – subtle quivers, an ability that expresses anxious vulnerability better than nearly any other singer – and she slips back into them comfortably when she needs to.” - Pitchfork LP = AISL 1114201 $15.98 (two LPs + MP3) LP = AISL 1766390 $59.98 (Vinyl Box Set)

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Al Green/ Lay It Down ABLU 48449 $19.98

John Prine Fair & Square AOBY 034 $24.98

John Hiatt Same Old Man AWST 5011 $18.98

Ray Davies Working Man’s Cafe AWST 5010 $24.98

The Black Keys Attack & Release ANON 292476 $18.98

The Raconteurs Consolers of the Lonely AWAR 456060 $29.98

Steve Winwood Nine Lives ACOL 22250 $23.98

Drive By Truckers Brighter Than Creation’s Dark AWST 5009 $24.98

John Fogerty Revival AFAN 30523 $17.98

Van Morrison Keep It Simple ALOS 1065801 $19.98

Jack Johnson Sleep Through The Static ARPB 1058001 $15.98

Lizz Wright The Orchard AVFC 1761022 $49.99

Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Lifeline AEVR 900015 $21.98

Mary Gauthier BetweenDaylight and Dark ALOS 896501 $18.98

Shelby Lynn Just A Little Lovin’ ALOS 978901 $12.98

Neil Diamond Home Before Dark ACOL 15465 $19.99 111


Island – Jealous Butcher

Cat Stevens – Tea For The Tillerman

Okkervil River – The Stage Names

Tea For The Tillerman is one of Cat Stevens’ finest albums and a gem in the crown of early 1970s singer/songwriterdom. Stevens manages to have his cake and eat it too, simultaneously achieving pop accessibility and artistic relevance. The feel is decidedly gentle and spare. Apart from the occasional string section, Stevens is accompanied only by a three-piece band as he sings his introspective lyrics with appreciable favor. LP = AISL 1775312 $19.98

This record dynamites the moss-covered castle walls of 2005’s Black Sheep Boy to let in the glaring sun. Riddled with characters real and fake, with the relics of high culture and the crumpled up trash of low culture, The Stage Names is a cinemascopic take on the meaning of entertainment in the modern world. Reverberant with echoes of Motown snap and girl group pop, redolent with ripe whiffs of dirty rock ‘n’ roll, shining with the shimmy of Bo Diddley, with the shimmer of the Velvets, with the swagger of the Faces and with a glittery sprinkling of cheap perfume to disguise the stink, The Stage Names is a relentlessly paced and ruthlessly thrilling journey.

Jagjaguwar LPs

LP = AJAG 52110 $14.98

The Pink Mountaintops – The Pink Mountaintops

Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago

The rock ‘n’ roll road can be a long and lonely one. And it leaves much time for the mind to wander, to fixate and to obsess over the human body and all its wondrously dirty parts. Enter Pink Mountaintops. Their debut record begins with “She caught my eye and I was on fire” and it ends with a repetitive begging plea “Don’t walk away!” from a reworking of Joy Division’s “Atmosphere.” In between these bookend statements, mountains are fucked, an ode to rock ‘n’ roll groupies is sung, and tales of loose panties and exmodels are exposed. LP = AJAG 52067 $14.98

Pronounced “bohn eevair,” French for “good winter” and spelled wrong deliberately. This debut is centered around a particular aesthetic; Justin Vernon, the primary force behind Bon Iver, moved to a remote cabin in the woods of Northwestern Wisconsin at the onset of winter, alone for three months. This solitary time fed a bold, uninhibited new musical focus. All his personal trouble, lack of perspective, heartache, longing, love, loss and guilt that had been stockpiled over the past six years was suddenly purged into song. The NY Times called this record “irresistible” and it was given a “recommended” rating by Pitchfork. LP = AJAG 52115 $14.98

Black Mountain – Black Mountain There is no simple life, and these are not simple times. The mythical days of clearer heads, of moral certainty, and of men and women acting with resolute spirit are behind us (if those times ever existed). Black Mountain, from Vancouver, British Columbia, write, perform and record music that speaks (and sings) to this realization: that solutions are rarely simple, that the world is as complex as it is ambiguous, and that music sprinkled with an inoculating dose of madness may well be the Pied Piper that takes us all back into the primordial mountain, where our hearts can be made steady and our minds can be set free.

Jakob Dylan JV LP Jakob Dylan – Seeing Things Produced by Rick Rubin at his home studio in the Hollywood Hills throughout 2007. With its direct, open production and moving themes, Seeing Things is the continuation of Rick’s groundbreaking work and sheds new light on Jakob Dylan as a singer and songwriter. This is Jakob Dylan’s first solo album and showcases his raw and dynamic performance on a mostly acoustic set. LP = AJAK 02328 $19.98 (includes MP3)

LP = AJAG 52070 $14.98

The Pink Mountaintops – Axis of Evol Pink Mountaintops is Stephen McBean (and also many of his friends when the full band is assembled to play live). McBean has been in numerous groups over the last two decades. As a 13 year old, he played in a band called Jerk Ward, playing hardcore influenced by the Neos, Discharge, Crucifix and whoever else was fast or the fastest. His other bands to date have been a straight out punk outfit, a crusty punk/metal band, and, most recently a pscyh-tinged maximal rock group whose self-titled debut record, Black Mountain, captured a great amount of critical acclaim. With Axis of Evol, Pink Mountaintop’s second full-length record, McBean has once again created something much greater than the sum of his influences. LP = AJAG 52083 $14.98

Black Mountain – In The Future Favorite psych-and-prog-spiritual pioneers Black Mountain are back with In The Future, their second fulllength album that resonates with the same epic ring, beloved deep rock touchstones and genuine folk fragility that made their self-titled debut full-length an instant classic. The new album possesses immense breadth, seamlessly showcasing short and classic folk-pop gems along with driving modern rock masterpieces, peaking with “Bright Lights,” a 17-minute multi-dimensional opus that gives Pink Floyd’s “Echoes” a run for its money. LP = AJAG 52090 $16.98

Jaro LP J.R. Monterose – The Message This 1959 hard bop date features the tenor sax of leader J.R. Monterose, the piano of Tommy Flanagan, the bass of Jimmy Garrison and the drums of Pete La Roca. LP = AJAR 5004 $10.00

Jealous Butcher LPs Laura Veirs – Carbon Glacier Laura Veirs’ songs are steeped in natural imagery, blending influences ranging from folk to blues to punk. A Seattle resident by way of Colorado, Veirs’ background in geology and kinship with the rugged landscape she grew up in meld together with her punk performing roots to form an unusual musical outlook. LP = AJBT 64 $14.99

Colin Meloy – Colin Meloy Sings Live! A 15-song set documenting The Decemberists leader’s 2006 solo trek across the U.S. The set runs the length and breadth of Colin Meloy’s songwriting career, covering his days as part of Missoula’s Tarkio up through the current Decemberists catalog. Meloy’s charmingly awkward stage banter, coupled with the passion and introspection given to the songs in this solo live context, make this record a wonderful view into the songwriter’s creative world. LP = AJBT 65 $23.99 (two LPs)


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Hot Music For Summer!


Jive Records – JVC

Strauss: Ein Heldenleben/Erich Leinsdorf

Jive Records LPs Bullet For My Valentine – Scream Aim Fire “The expectations are huge for Bullet For My Valentine’s second full-length, and Scream Aim Fire won’t silence the critics, but will satisfy the band’s fans. The songs are slick and melodic with big hooks and singalong choruses. Bullet For My Valentine’s musicianship and songwriting have improved and matured, and there aren’t nearly as many filler songs.” – Chad Bowar, LP = AJIV 21393 $16.98 (two LPs)

J Records LPs

The Boston Symphony Orchestra led by Erich Leinsdorf featuring violinist Joseph Silverstein performing Richard Strauss’ Ein Heldenleben. XRCD = CJVC 24046 $29.99

Respighi: Pines & Fountains of Rome/Arturo Toscanini Arturo Toscanini conducts the NBC Symphony Orchestra performing Respighi’s Pines Of Rome, Fountains Of Rome and Roman Festivals. Tracks 1-4 were recorded in 1953, 58 were recorded in 1951 and 9-12 were recorded in 1949. XRCD = CJVC 01 $34.99

Dvorak: Symphony No. 9/Arturo Toscanini Alicia Keys – As I Am Alicia’s most innovative album to date is a collection of music with no boundaries. Influenced by everything from hip-hop to soul to rock to classical music, As I Am is every bit a sense of rebellion and empowerment. The new album features collaborations with some of the biggest hit makers in music and includes the smash hit single “No One.” LP = AJAY 11513 $21.98 (two LPs)

Arturo Toscanini conducts the NBC Symphony Orchestra for this 1953 recording of Dvorak’s Ninth Symphony. XRCD = CJVC 02 $34.99

Beethoven: Symphony No. 9/Arturo Toscanini The NBC Symphony Orchestra led by Arturo Toscanini performing Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony featuring Eileen Farrell, Nan Merriman, Jan Peerce, Norman Scott, Robert Shaw Chorale directed by Robert Shaw. Recorded in 1952. XRCD = CJVC 03 $34.99

Arturo Toscanini – Toscanini Plays Your Favorites


Conductor Arturo Toscanini with the NBC Symphony Orchestra plays your favorites from Beethoven, Brahms, Berlioz, Sibelius and more. Tracks 1-6 were recorded in 1953 and tracks 7-9 were recorded in 1952. XRCD = CJVC 04 $34.99

Mozart: Serenade No. 10/Jean-Francois Paillard

Bruckner: Symphony No. 5/Lovro von Matacic

The Paillard Wind Ensemble conducted by Jean-Francois Paillard performs Mozart’s Serenade No. 10 “Gran Partita.” XRCD = CJVC 24035 $29.99

Bruckner’s Fifth Symphony is performed here by Lovro von Matacic and the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. XRCD = CJVC 0203 $39.99 (two discs)

Jean-Francois Paillard – Melodies Japonaises

Bruckner: Symphony No. 7/Lovro von Matacic

The Jean-Francois Paillard conducting a Chamber Orchestra featuring Lily Laskine, harp, Christian Larde, flute and Jacques Chambon, oboe, performing Japanese Melodies. XRCD = CJVC 24036 $29.99

Lovro von Matacic conducts the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra for this recording of Bruckner’s Seventh Symphony. XRCD = CJVC 0204 $39.99 (two discs)

Beethoven: Violin Concerto in D Major/Ferdinand Leitner

Schubert: Piano Quintet (Trout)/Jan Panenka

The London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Ferdinand Leitner featuring violinist Toshiya Eto performs Beethoven’s Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 61. XRCD = CJVC 24039 $29.99

Pianist Jan Panenka is joined by members of the Smetana Quartet and Frantisek Posta for this recording of Schubert’s Piano Quintet (Trout). XRCD = CJVC 0205 $34.99

Toshiya Eto – Mendelssohn & Tchaikovsky

Dvorak: Symphony No. 9/Karel Ancerl

Violinist Toshiya Eto is joined by the New Philharmonia Orchestra conducted by Edward Downes performing Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in E Minor Op. 64 and Tchaikovksy’s Violin Concerto in D Major Op. 35. XRCD = CJVC 24040 $29.99

Karel Ancerl conducts the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra in performing Dvorak’s Ninth Symphony. XRCD = CJVC 0206 $34.99

Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade/Andre Previn Andre Previn conducts the London Symphony Orchestra for this audiophile quality recording of Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade. XRCD = CJVC 24041 $29.99

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Stravinsky: Rite of Spring & Fireworks/Seiji Ozawa Seiji Ozawa and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra perform the Rite of Spring & Fireworks by Stravinsky. XRCD = CJVC 24042 $29.99

Respighi: Feste Romane/Strauss: Don Juan/Zubin Mehta Zubin Mehta and the Los Angeles Philharmonic perform Respighi’s Roman Festivals and Richard Strauss’ Don Juan for this high-quality recording. XRCD = CJVC 24043 $29.99

Kodaly: Suite From Hary Janos & Peacock Variations/Erich Leinsdorf Erich Leinsdorf leads the Boston Symphony Orchestra for this recording of Kodaly compositions. XRCD = CJVC 24044 $34.99

Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition/ Britten: Young/Seiji Ozawa Seiji Ozawa conducting the Chicago Symphony Orchestra performing Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition and Britten’s The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra, Op. 34 (Variations and Fugue on a Theme of Henry Purcell). XRCD = CJVC 24045 $29.99

Okeh/Epic LP (Pure Pleasure Records) Keb’ Mo’ – Keb’ Mo’ “Keb’ Mo’s self-titled debut is an edgy, ambitious collection of gritty country blues. Keb’ Mo’ pushes into new directions, trying to incorporate some of the sensibilities of the slacker revolution without losing touch of the tradition that makes the blues the breathing, vital art form it is…his gutsy guitar playing and impassioned vocals, as well as his surprisingly accomplished songwriting, make Keb’ Mo’ a debut to cherish.” – All Music Guide LP = APPR 57863 $34.99

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K7 – Lilith

Jason Anderson – The Hopeful and the Unafraid

K7 LPs The Herbaliser – Same as It Never Was Blending hip-hop, sampled breaks and jazz, The Herbaliser have, with their five Ninja Tune full lengths, remained stalwarts of the creative downtempo scene for more than a decade. Their inimitable formula has been slowly refined, culminating with 2002’s Something Wicked This Way Comes which many fans agree is the group’s finest effort yet. With their debut for !K7 Records, it’s clear that the group’s evolution is still in progress. As the title suggests, Same As It Never Was sees The Herbaliser employing more of a live band sound (indicative of their transition from a duo to a five piece), showing they can produce scratchy funk to rival groups like the Dap Kings

With six officially released albums, two more in the can, four probably never to see the light of day, and a few live albums on the shelf, Jason returns to K with this release; an organic documentation of songs he’d been playing every night for half a decade on the road. As such, all the vocal parts are first takes, as he tries to capture the energy he loves putting into every show, wanting to please audiences and make them feel alive. LP = AKAY 61189 $14.98 (LP + CD)

Lance Rock LP Neko Case – Fox Confessor Brings The Flood

and El Michaels Affair. LP = AK7 72261 $21.98 (two LPs)

Kill Rock Stars LP Elliott Smith – Either/Or This singer/songwriter can say more with a whisper than most folks can with a scream. The gently insinuating despair of Smith’s work communicates volumes about the heartbreak and alienation that is the bane of 20th century boys with too much time on their hands. Smith’s day job fronting the aggressive post-punk band Heatmiser provides him with the necessary yang to produce the quiet, evocative yin of his solo work. On Either/Or, Smith observes a production ethic that retains a lo-fi looseness without sacrificing any sonic clarity. His songs of loss and loneliness have the broken-poet aura of Smog or Mark Eitzel, but he offsets the gloom with a hatful of damnably catchy melodies and progressions, turning suffering into pop and making it signify. LP = AKRS 60269 $10.98

K Records LPs Tender Forever – Wider While Melanie Valera’s debut, The Soft And The Hardcore, folded all the nervous butterflies of courtship into infectious pop songs, Wider goes even deeper. Melanie’s voice soars and dips, catching you off guard with the conviction of a woman who knows her own strength. Each song moves you deeper into that warm, dimly lit place we all want to be: the eloquent, blunt, fantastic tragedy where big harmonies, insanely contagious hooks and a turn of phrase can make you feel that the world is good; that those calluses can yield; that the soft focus of the future feels clear and present. LP = AKAY 61188 $14.98

RECOMMENDED Liberty LPs (BoxStar)

Neko is a major poet by any standard, a songwriter less interested perhaps in traditional narrative form than in distilling a pure moment in time. She claims no genre, nor utilizes any classic formula for her songs and singing. More than anything she thrives in the spaces in between her music. After two years in the making, Fox Confessor Brings The Flood is in many ways the sum total of her journey. LP = ALRR 042 $19.98

Legacy LPs Various Artists – Conquer The World: The Lost Soul Of Philadelphia International Records Philadelphia International Records was a hotbed for some of the most celebrated stars of the Seventies, solo stars like Teddy Pendergrass, Lou Rawls and Billy Paul epitomized style and sophistication, while powerhouse groups such as the O’Jays, Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes, The Three Degrees and the PIR house band MFSB put a message to the music. This is a limited-edition vinyl pressing of some of the most powerful and influential Philly soul ever waxed. LP = ALEG 19588 $16.98

Billy Joel – The Stranger By the summer of 1977, Billy Joel was still searching for the elusive hits that would make him a viable artist on Columbia Records. His first four albums for the company had yielded only the minor hit “Piano Man,” but nothing that would cement Billy’s place on the artist roster. In June of that year, Billy played the last shows of the Turnstiles tour at New York’s Carnegie Hall. The hometown shows were sold out and Columbia recorded them for posterity. In the audience one night was the legendary recording engineer Phil Ramone, who was making a name for himself as a producer of artists like Paul Simon, Phoebe Snow and Bob Dylan. Ramone liked what he saw and wanted to immediately start working with Billy and his band – something no other producer wanted to do. The band recorded nine songs that would come to define Billy’s various influences and styles, including “Scenes From An Italian Restaurant,” “The Stranger,” “She’s Always A Woman” and “Only The Good Die Young.” This 30th Anniversary Edition is pressed on 180-gram vinyl and includes a download card for the two-CD Legacy Edition. LP = ALEG 31858 $19.98 (30th Anniversary Edition)

Lillith LPs Cream – Disraeli Gears

Julie London – Julie Is Her Name, Vol. 1 Much like Dean Martin's 1954 debut LP (Dean Martin Sings), Julie London's recording career started on the silver screen in the 1940s. In 1955 she made her debut LP on the newly formed Liberty Records. Recorded in August of that same year, in state-of-the-art mono sound, Julie Is Her Name is regarded by jazz buffs and ‘50s pop enthusiasts as a genuine classic! This LP features the hit single “Cry Me A River” and her stellar performances of “I Should Care” and “No Moon At All.” Returning to the original full-track master, Boxstar's 45-RPM/two-LP set is mastered by Bernie Grundman on his all-tube disc cutting system and the LP is pressed by RTI on silent HQ-180 vinyl. Nothing comes between the listener and Julie. Supported by the legendary Barney Kessel on guitar and Ray Leatherwood on bass, this new LP release brings back memories of the cool ‘50s. Whether you were a cool swinger in the ‘50s or you're a cool hi-fi lovin' swinger today, you will be transported to a time when a 15” coaxial speaker, a 20 watt amplifier and a girl who looks like Julie were all that mattered. These are limited edition LPs so order your copy today. LP = ABOX 3006 $49.98 (two Limited Edition 45-RPM LPs) 114


Arguably the first supergroup, Cream with Disraeli Gears in 1967, achieved massive worldwide success and ensured their place in rock’s hall of fame. Disraeli Gears has long been regarded as a classic, transforming Cream from visionary blues-based revivalists to psychedelic pop/rock heroes, and was a pivotal moment in the development of heavy rock. LP = ALIL 140 $22.98

Affinity – Affinity The self-titled album by the short-lived outfit Affinity displays a lot of potential, which if not wholly successful has an individuality separating them from their more jazzy and progressive peers...At times overambitious. And a plethora of cover versions given the progressive treatment instead of Affinity originals is a major letdown. But as an early work of post-’60s progression, this album is a pleasurable experience recalling the days when musicians and singers really worked hard at what they did. - All Music Guide LP = ALIL 145 $29.98 (two LPs)

Japanese L I M I T E D E D I T I O N • O N E P R E S S I N G O N LY


Definitive audiophile versions of classic titles from the Universal catalog, mastered from the original analog tapes and pressed on 200-gram virgin vinyl.

The Rolling Stones Through the Past, Darkly AUNJ 9002 $49.99

Eric Clapton Slowhand AUNJ 9024

KISS Destroyer AUNJ 9011

The Police Synchronicity AUNJ 9029


Stan Getz And Joao Gilberto Stan Getz & Joao Gilberto AUNJ 9068 $49.99



Ella Fitzgerald Mack The Knife-Ella In Berlin AUNJ 9079 $49.99

Nirvana Nevermind AUNJ 9009

Nick Drake Pink Moon AUNJ 9032



Jimi Hendrix Axis: Bold As Love AUNJ 9007 $49.99



The Police/Outlandos d’Amour ......................AUNJ 9026 $49.99 The Police/Zenyatta Mondatta ........................AUNJ 9027 $49.99 The Police/Ghost in the Machine ....................AUNJ 9028 $59.99 Eric Clapton/461 Ocean Boulevard..................AUNJ 9003 $49.99 The Carpenters/Now & Then ..........................AUNJ 9015 $49.99 10 CC/The Original Soundtrack ......................AUNJ 9041 $49.99 ABBA/Arrival ..................................................AUNJ 9016 $49.99 T. Rex/Electric Warrior ....................................AUNJ 9008 $49.99 T. Rex/My People Were Fair & Had Sky in Their Hair ..................................AUNJ 9033 $49.99 T. Rex/Prophets Seers & Sages ......................AUNJ 9034 $49.99 T. Rex/Unicorn ................................................AUNJ 9035 $49.99 T. Rex/Beard of Stars ......................................AUNJ 9036 $49.99 T. Rex/T. Rex ..................................................AUNJ 9037 $49.99 Free/Fire and Water ........................................AUNJ 9020 $49.99 Soft Machine ..................................................AUNJ 9012 $49.99 Tudor Lodge....................................................AUNJ 9042 $49.99 Paul Mauriat/Reflection 18..............................AUNJ 9014 $49.99 Nick Drake/Bryter Layter ................................AUNJ 9031 $69.99 Bob Marley/Catch A Fire ................................AUNJ 9044 $49.99 Bob Marley & The Wailers/Burnin’..................AUNJ 9045 $49.99 Bob Marley and The Wailers/Live ..................AUNJ 9046 $49.99 Bob Marley and The Wailers/Exodus ..............AUNJ 9047 $49.99 Millie Small/Best of Millie Small ....................AUNJ 9048 $49.99 Georgie Fame/ Rhythm & Blues At the Flamingo....................AUNJ 9043 $49.99 Marvin Gaye/What’s Going On ........................AUNJ 9017 $49.99 Stevie Wonder/Innervisions ............................AUNJ 9021 $69.99 Muddy Waters/The Best of Muddy Waters ....AUNJ 9019 $49.99 Stan Getz/Getz Plays ......................................AUNJ 9065 $49.99 John Coltrane/Ballads ....................................AUNJ 9066 $49.99 Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong/ Ella and Louis ..................................................AUNJ 9073 $49.99 Count Basie/April in Paris ..............................AUNJ 9081 $49.99 Charlie Parker/Now’s The Time ......................AUNJ 9080 $49.99 Sarah Vaughan/Sarah Vaughan ......................AUNJ 9074 $49.99 Duke Ellington & John Coltrane......................AUNJ 9077 $49.99 Clifford Brown/Clifford Brown With Strings....AUNJ 9071 $49.99 The Oscar Peterson Trio/We Get Requests ....AUNJ 9067 $49.99 Wynton Kelly Trio/Smokin’’ At The Half Note ..AUNJ 9083 $49.99 Bill Evans/Montreaux Jazz Festival..................AUNJ 9069 $49.99 Clifford Brown & Max Roach/Study in Brown ..AUNJ 9072 $49.99 John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman ..............AUNJ 9076 $49.99 Bill Evans/Alone ..............................................AUNJ 9082 $49.99 Bill Evans & Jeremy Steig/What’s New ..........AUNJ 9078 $49.99 Gerry Mulligan/Night Lights............................AUNJ 9075 $49.99 Hank Williams/Best ........................................AUNJ 9013 $49.99 Tokiko Kato/Manatsuno Yoruno Concert ........AUNJW 9011 $49.99 Mozart: Symphonies No. 40 & 41/Karl Bohm AUNJC 9012 $49.99 Beethoven: Violin Sonatas/Yehudi Menuhin, violin & Wilhelm Kempff, piano ......................AUNJC 9018 $49.99 Beethoven: Symphonies No. 8 & 9/ Leonard Bernstein ..........................................AUNJC 9019 $74.99 Karl Bohm/Brahms: Symphony No. 1 ............AUNJC 9013 $49.99 Brahms: Piano Concerto No. 2/Eugen Jochum ..AUNJC 9015 $49.99 Mahler: Symphony No. 2 Resurrection/ Claudio Abbado ..............................................AUNJC 9021 $74.99 Argerich Plays Chopin & Brahms/Martha Argerich..AUNJC 9016 $49.99 Debussy: Preludes Book 1/ Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli ........................AUNJC 9017 $49.99 Beethoven: Symphony No. 3: Eroica/Herbert Von Karajan/The Berlin Philharmonic Orch ....AUNJC 9011 $49.99 Dvorak: Slavonic Dance/Rafael Kubelik ..........AUNJC 9014 $49.99

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Lilith – Linn

Martha & The Vandellas – Dance Party

The Devil’s Trill: Sonatas by Tartini and Veracini/Palladian Ensemble

One of the top “girl groups” of all time (Rock & Roll Hall of Famers since 1995) Martha Reeves & the Vandellas, dominated the female side of Motown of the mid sixties, although unlike the Supremes, led by the breathy and demure Diana Ross, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas had a stronger, more soulful sound, which made Top 10 hits of Holland-Dozier-Holland creations like “(Love Is Like A) Heat Wave,” “Nowhere to Run,” “Honey Chile” and their anthem, “Dancing In The Street.” This classic 1965 release is one of their best full-length albums because not only does it feature the hits, it is also packed with Motown dance standards of the day like “Hitch Hike” and “The Jerk.”

This new recording by the Palladians in their new line-up includes programmatic sonatas by Tartini with a link to a sonata by Veracini. Tartini kept his work strictly private unlike the canny “Vivaldi Mania” that was happening, concealing mottos and fragments of contemporary poetry. His sonatas are programmatic and include “mimics of diabolical laughter of a scorned princess” (Devil’s Sonata) and “a psychological study of abandonment, rage and despair” (Didone Abandonata). “A group whose quick-witted inventiveness and almost supernatural internal rapport never fail to delight, whatever the music.” – Gramophone “Crisp, stylish and technically impeccable playing.” – Daily Telegraph “Sparkling playing with a sense of uninhibited joy: breathtaking.” – BBC Music Magazine SACD = CLIN 292 SA $22.99

Arnie Somogyi’s Ambulance with Eddie Henderson – Accident & Insurgency

LP = ALIL 147 $22.98

Bob Marley & The Wailers – Rasta Revolution While Rasta Revolution contains the duplicate cuts “400 Years” and “Duppy Conqueror” from African Herbsman and is from roughly the same early-’70s period, there is a distinctly mellow feel to the record. Souful and subdued bass-led roots tracks are the foundation here, as exemplified by the pulsing “Try Me” and the playful yet stinging “Rebel’s Hop.” Produced by Lee “Scratch” Perry, Rasta Revolution contains some tracks that rank among the best music Bob Marley & the Wailers were to produce. Most notable is the stirring “Soul Rebel,” which features a beautiful blending of Marley’s plaintive singing accompanied by the Wailers’ tight backing harmonies. Also excellent are “Reaction,” the very danceable “It’s Alright,” and of course, the almost psychedelic “Mr. Brown.” While not quite as consistent as African Herbsman and Catch a Fire, Rasta Revolution captures Bob Marley & the Wailers at their peak. - All Music Guide LP = ALIL 149 $22.98

SACD = CLIN 306 SA $22.99

Fiona Mackenzie – Elevate The captivating debut solo album by Scottish singer/songwriter Fiona Mackenzie. These are songs with a distinct, northern European character. Her writing and singing technique are affected by a spectrum of influences spanning Hungarian folk music, Nick Cave, Kate Bush, Cocteau Twins and Bjork, as well as the Scottish and Gaelic traditions. Co-produced by The Blue Nile producer Calum Malcolm, traditional acoustic instruments and electronic elements blend to create a forward-thinking music that remains rooted in heritage. Mackenzie’s emotive selfpenned lyrics paint a picture and the sound at times is hauntingly Celtic.

Tropicalia: Ou Panis Et Circensis/Various Artists This is the compilation that helped to define the sound of Tropicalia, a Brazilian label whose artists made huge and influential strides in creating exotic pop that was as influenced by psychedelia as it was by samba, bossa nova, and more traditional South American genres. Tropicália not only includes tracks from the label’s most important acts (Gilberto Gil, Os Mutantes, Caetano Veloso, Gal Costa), but presents a large number of collaborations between these artists, many of which are simply amazing. Given the fact that many of the original Tropicalia releases have not been reissued or are not widely available, the compilation stands as a near-definitive package for the sound, and a great opportunity for anyone unfamiliar with the artists to experience an amazing and hugely important genre. - All Music Guide LP = ALIL 150 $22.98

The Cure – Three Imaginary Boys The undisputed leaders of the early gothic scene, the Cure recorded their debut album in May 1979. This unusual power trio lineup lasted for only this album, making it unique in its essentially minimal sound. This is a reissue of the original UK pressing. LP = ALIL 300 $23.98 (picture disc)

Linn LP & SACDs

“Engagingly fresh, full-bodied, subtle.” – The Guardian Accident and Insurgency features five of the UK’s most exciting young jazz musicians, in collaboration with U.S. jazz legend, trumpeter Eddie Henderson. The record consists of 11 original compositions inspired by the people and places of Aldeburgh on the beautiful Suffolk coast, where the album was recorded. Tracks combine traditional jazz instruments and improvisation as well as modern electronic techniques and soundscapes of local noises creating a new innovative sound.

SACD = CLIN 307 SA $22.99

Various Artists – Mozart: Symphonies 38-41 “Mackerras’s performance is as thrilling as one would expect from this great Mozart conductor.” – The Sunday Times This eagerly anticipated addition to the Scottish Chamber Orchestra series sees Mozart specialist Sir Charles Mackerras deliver a truly memorable recording of Mozart’s last four symphonies. The “Vienna” Symphonies show Mozart at his most diverse, both in musical content and in orchestral coloration. SACD = CLIN 308 SA $34.99 (two discs)

Barb Jungr – Just Like a Woman “If Randy Newman is the thinking person’s pop singer, Barb Jungr occupies a similar niche in this country.” – The Sunday Times Just Like A Woman is Barb Jungr’s hymn to the late, great Nina Simone. This beautiful, haunting album combines Barb’s compelling arrangements and resolute delivery to bring a fresh perspective on songs associated with her heroine Nina Simone. SACD = CLIN 309 SA $22.99

Pamela Thorby – Garden of Delights Over the last few years recorder player Pamela Thorby has quietly established herself as preeminent in her field. Her virtuoso playing can be heard on numerous CDs of music ranging from the medieval period to the present day. Always stylish in whichever repertoire she chooses, Pamela’s musicianship puts her in a class of her own on her chosen instrument. Here she teams with harpist Andrew Lawrence-King for works by Van Eyck, Susato and Schop. SACD = CLIN 291 SA $22.99

long live analogue 116




Linn – Lost Highway

Jonathan Freeman-Attwood – Trumpet Masque “Compelling listening…red-hot performances.” – The Scotsman “Attwood is an extraordinary player who switches between fizzy fireworks and tender pathos with ease.” Metro “Apart from his nimble dexterity, Freeman-Attwood’s playing is just as striking for the beauty of his lyrical phrasing and his richness of colour.” - Gramophone Virtuoso trumpeter Jonathan Freeman-Attwood and pianist Daniel-Ben Pienaar present the third in the series of works “re-imagined” for solo trumpet - an imaginative and thrilling interpretation of Baroque works. SACD = CLIN 310 SA $22.99

Ian Shaw – Lifejacket “A reminder of what an important talent he is.” – Observer Music Monthly “The (Joni) Mitchell influence is palpable on the songwriting.” – The Scotsman Ian Shaw fulfils his life ambition to release an album of originals in Lifejacket. Shaw has been interpreting the great songwriters for most of his career, from Harold Arlen to Fran Landesman, David Bowie to Thom Yorke, then more recently Joni Mitchell, on his highly acclaimed Drawn To All Things. A review of that album posed the question: “Isn’t it time Shaw unlocked his own diary?” “For years now, Ian Shaw has been topping Britain’s Best Jazz Singers polls.” - Mojo SACD = CLIN 311 SA $22.99

Handel: The Messiah/John Butt Acclaimed across the media as the Messiah of choice, Linn is pleased to announce that this special recording is their first classical album to be released in their popular 180-gram vinyl series. “The freshest, most natural, revelatory and transparently joyful Messiah I have heard for a very long time.” – Gramophone Magazine The Dunedin Consort’s recording of Messiah won the “Baroque Vocal” category at the 2007 Classic FM Gramophone Awards and won the Baroque Music Award at the Midem Classical Awards 2008. LP = ALIN 312 $109.99 (three LPs) SACD = CLIN 285 SA $34.99 (two discs)

St. Matthew Passion – Dunedin Consort “Crisp singing and clear diction is matched by outstanding technical ability by the singers.” – Sunday Herald The Dunedin Consort, under the direction of John Butt, follows its award-winning recording of The Messiah with J.S. Bach’s Matthew Passion. This recording cements the Consort’s reputation as a group with particular expertise in Baroque music and performance practice. SACD = CLIN 313 SA $34.99 (three discs)

Lost Highway LPs Hayes Carll – Trouble In Mind Deluxe gatefold double 180-gram vinyl package. “He evokes Townes Van Zandt lyrically, Guy Clark emotionally, Steve Earle stylistically and Ray Wylie Hubbard spiritually.” – Boston Globe If you haven’t already heard of Hayes Carll, you soon will. In the three years since his self-released second album, Little Rock, became available, Carll has toured relentlessly in North America and abroad (performing over 200 shows a year), founded a successful singer-songwriter music festival on the Gulf Coast of Texas, secured a record deal with Lost Highway and has even seen Little Rock become the first self-released album to reach No. 1 on the Americana Music Chart. He’s only getting started. On his new album, Trouble In Mind, the 32-year-old Carll navigates his way through both stormy weather and calm, sun-drenched waters with ease, emerging with songs that melt even the hardest heart in town or heat up a roadhouse. LP = ALOS 1045201 $15.98 (two etched LPs) (includes MP3)

Willie Nelson – Moment of Forever Countless western movies have centered around the theme of a young Turk coming into town to try to take down a legendary gunslinger. Well, for the past couple of decades, Willie Nelson has turned that imagery on its head, attracting countless younger artists eager to soak up some of his musical mojo and infuse the master’s work with some of their own spirit. Moment Of Forever, the latest of these matches made in…well, most likely in an out-of-the-way Texas watering hole, matches Willie with Kenny Chesney. The very idea of these seemingly disparate characters coming together is intriguing enough on paper. What really counts, however, is how it works on disc – and work it does, with Chesney’s production bringing out Nelson’s natural warmth and grace the way a snake charmer lures a cobra out of hiding. LP = ALOS 1045301 $19.98 (two LPs) (one etched LP)

Van Morrison – Keep It Simple In keeping with the album title, Keep It Simple does not boast the big horns or string arrangements of some of Morrison’s previous work. What it does feature are gorgeous songs rich with emotion, depth and beauty. “I felt I had something to say with these songs.” – Van Morrison LP = ALOS 1065801 $19.98 (two LPs)

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RECOMMENDED Reprise DVD Audio & LPs Donald Fagen – Morph the Cat “This is the best-sounding Steely Dan or Donald Fagen album that I’ve heard. Prepare to be blown away. Better yet, put a diaper on.” – Chad Kassem, Acoustic Sounds CEO This is a CAN’T MISS, SERIOUSLY AWESOME RECORD. The music is GREAT. The sound is UNBELIEVABLE. Mastering is by Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray at AcousTech. The pressing was done at RTI on virgin 180-gram vinyl. Very simply, Morph the Cat has all the makings of AN AUDIOPHILE CLASSIC. Don’t wait for it to go out of print and up in price. Donald Fagen himself approved the test pressing – and he approved the very first version that Hoffman and Gray sent! Fagen is known for being a perfectionist, and he’s rejected many a lacquer from some of the most famous mastering engineers. For Hoffman and Gray to nail it the first time around is a big deal. You’ll hear why Fagen was impressed. Hoffman and Gray cut from the 15-inches-per-second, half-inch analog tape. “The reason it was done at 15,” Hoffman said, “was to preserve the tremendous bass response.” And the bass response on this record is just that – TREMENDOUS! This is Fagen’s first solo album in 13 years and includes all of his signature musical depth, uniquely layered lyrics and entertaining subject matter. Morph The Cat is another contemporary classic from half of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame duo Steely Dan. It’s the newest chapter chronicling the most sophisticated music in rock. “We’re all gratified that he’s so enthusiastic about vinyl,” Hoffman said of Fagen. “Warner Bros. is also very enthusiastic about the medium.” Indeed, Warner Bros. is serious about vinyl. Finally, one of the major labels has gotten it right when it comes to LP. So often, we get a great record with a good pressing only to have it ruined by a shoddy inner sleeve that scuffs the vinyl when it’s packaged. Not this time. Warner Bros. went all-out. Morph The Cat comes in a deluxe, thick cardboard gatefold jacket and the vinyl is packaged in rice paper inner sleeves. This is a quality release – from the music, to the mastering, pressing and even packaging. DVDA = CREP 49976 $22.99 (DVDA + CD) LP = AREP 49975 $34.98 (two LPs)

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Lost Highway – Matador

Elvis Costello & The Imposters – Momofuku “…he’s brought all of his pop sensibilities back to this record, along with some great playing (and some killer organ tracks) by the Imposters….Analog lovers rejoice. This one was recorded to analog tape and pressed to four sides of vinyl ‘for clarity.’ There’s even a track titled ‘Wow and Flutter.’” – Tone Audio, No. 15, 2008 LP = ALOS 1110901 $17.98 (two LPs)

Luckyhorse Industries LP Minus The Bear – Highly Refined Pirates Their debut full-length blends catchy melodies and choruses, punching and angular riffs, and wellplaced doses of electronic atmospheres. This is the vinyl version of their release on Suicide Squeeze Records. LP = ALHI 37009 $11.98 (orange vinyl)

Lucky Seven CD Furry Lewis – Fourth & Beale “An endlessly amused singer and guitarist who entertains us with his elastic sense of time and simple but deeply weird guitar interjections…He breaks rules because he’s interested, as are many Memphis musicians, in playing the molecules instead of the notes.” – No Depression Recorded at his home in Memphis in 1969, towards the end of his life, this poignant album functions more as a historical document than a recording of the blues legend at his best, but Furry Lewis’ voice and guitar-pickin’ still have the ability to transport the listener, imbued with both the ruefulness and the bemusement of a man who’s seen it all. CD = CLUC 9202 $15.00

Lyrinx SACD Muza Rubackyte – Bach, Busoni, Beethoven After completing her studies at the Tchaikovsky Conservatoire in Moscow, where she became the youngest assistant-professor, Muza Rubackyte was prizewinner at the famous “All Union” Competition in Saint Petersburg, intended to select the best musicians of the Soviet Union, and was awarded the Grand Prix in 1981 at the Liszt-Bartok International Piano Competition in Budapest. After this competition, she joined the Lithuanian resistance movement, which earned her the removal of her passport until 1989 when she was able to leave the USSR. It was in 1989 in Paris that she won first prize in piano at the International Competition Les Grands Maitres Francais of the Association Tryptique, founded by Ravel, Dukas & Roussel. SACD = CLYX 2238 SA $29.95

Matador LPs The New Pornographers – Mass Romantic Comprised of members from several other acclaimed indie bands, including Dan Bejar (Destroyer), Carl Newman (Zampuno) and Neko Case, the New Pornographers ride high with fierce pop energy, lush harmonies and songwriting that emphasizes irrepressible melodies. LP = AMAT 10540 $11.98

The New Pornographers – Electric Version Electric Version is the second album from Vancouver’s supergroup The New Pornographers, featuring Carl Newman (Zumpano), Neko Case (Neko Case), Dan Bejar (Destroyer) and other local luminaries in a joyful cascade of slightly jaundiced power pop songs that will knock your socks off. LP = AMAT 10551 $11.98

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The music of Dead Can Dance has long been considered Audiophile Classic. Now, their complete discography is on Hybrid Stereo SACD. Into the Labyrinth Toward the Within Spleen and Ideal Aion Dead Can Dance The Serpent’s Egg Within the Realm of a Dying Sun Spiritchaser Garden of the Arcane Delights (four-song EP)


C4AD 72711 SA C4AD 72712 SA C4AD 72707 SA C4AD 72710 SA C4AD 72705 SA C4AD 72709 SA C4AD 72708 SA C4AD 72713 SA C4AD 72706 SA

$19.99 $19.99 $19.99 $19.99 $19.99 $19.99 $19.99 $19.99 $16.99


Matador – Mercury

Mission of Burma – Signals, Calls & Marches Out of print on CD for three years and unavailable on vinyl since the 1980s, the hugely influential Mission of Burma debut record is back with some remarkable extras, including unreleased studio tracks, a DVD of concert footage from 1979 and 1980 and a thick booklet with interviews and ephemera. Remastered from the original analog tapes, Signals, Calls & Marches contains their bestknown song “That’s When I Reach For My Revolver.” The deluxe gatefold vinyl has been re-cut all-analog from the original half-inch tapes by George Marino at Sterling Sound. LP = AMAT 10730 $29.98 (two LPs + DVD)

Mission of Burma – Vs. Mission of Burma’s second and final studio album was released in the fall of 1982, just months before they broke up. The band were at the pinnacle of their songwriting and performing skills. Vs. is a strange and exciting record, full of depth and harmonic color. Unlike its predecessor, it begins slowly, with a fever dream of guitar workouts, drone and tremelo, in “Circles,” “Trem Two” and “Dead Pool.” The album pivots around the central track, “Mica,” perhaps the band’s finest moment – about a woman’s descent into unreality and madness. At the end, Vs. expands with the triumphant melodic anthems “The Ballad Of Johnny Burma” and “That’s How I Escaped My Certain Fate.”

Cat Power – Jukebox Deluxe “She inhabits other people’s songs with a fierce conviction that’s sometimes startling.” – Mojo After establishing herself on the 2007 Matador-released album The Greatest as the indie world’s answer to Norah Jones, Cat Power’s Chan Marshall returned to the format of 2000’s The Covers Album for Jukebox, tackling tracks made famous by Hank Williams (“Ramblin’ (Wo)man”), Bob Dylan (“I Believe In You”), James Brown (“Lost Someone”) and Frank Sinatra (“New York”), among many others. Marshall proved herself a unique interpreter on The Covers Album, deftly folding a diverse set of songs into her own dark, dreamy sonic world. She expertly stays the course on Jukebox, sublimating the masculine bravado of songs by these artists into her own muscular yet decidedly feminine musical template. LP = AMAT 10793 $29.98 (two LPs)

MC Records LP R.L. Burnside – Acoustic Stories Recorded in 1988 at the peak of R.L. Burnside’s power, this LP version includes a never before released track, “Gambler’s Blues.” Acoustic Stories features harp player John Neremberg. The album balances originals with a handful of well-selected covers, including three John Lee Hooker tunes. Mastered from the original analog tapes. LP = AMCR 61 $17.98

LP = AMAT 10731 $29.98 (two LPs + DVD)

Mission of Burma – The Horrible Truth About Burma This record has been unavailable on vinyl since it was originally released in 1984. Remastered and restored to its correct sequence with three bonus tracks. Thirty-two page booklet contains ephemera, photos and interviews. The vinyl is true all-analog, HQ 180 pressing. DVD Features: Live at the Bradford Ballroom, Boston, March 12, 1983 (evening show) LP = AMAT 10732 $29.98 (two LPs + DVD)

Dead Meadow – Old Growth A remarkably clear, powerful and confident recording that should elevate the trio into the pantheon of the great guitar bands of our time. Darlings of both the stoner rock and the modern psychedelia worlds, Dead Meadow transcend both and have created a sound all their own. “Deafening riffs from outer space delivered in perfect slow motion.” – Drowned In Sound LP = AMAT 10750 $22.98 (Limited Edition)

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks – Real Emotional Trash “I am not a present to be opened up and parceled out again,” our man insists on “Gardenia,” track seven of his new album. Ha! That’s what you think, pal. From the day nearly two decades ago when the first scratchy sounds of Pavement floated in the ether above Stockton (crown jewel of California’s Central Valley), the music of Stephen Malkmus has been the gift that keeps on keepin’ on. These songs may sprawl like the Central Valley, they may spread out like a jet’s flame, but when they reach that last tract house they gracefully spread their wings and head for the unclaimed land beyond. LP = AMAT 10772 $19.98 (two LPs)

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Mercury LPs Duffy – Rockferry Young Walsh singer Duffy, whose debut album Rockferry is now shipping, has captivated English audiences with her current single “Mercy,” now in its third week at No. 1 on the UK national chart. Amazingly, this was based on download sales only. “The year’s biggest talent,” raves Q magazine in England. “The pocket-sized Welsh girl with the voice of a ‘60s soul diva.” Rockferry was recorded in England with exSuede guitarist-turned-record-producer Bernard Butler, Jimmy Hogarth and Steve Booker. LP = AMER 1082201 $15.98

Elton John – The Captain & The Kid The Captain & The Kid is John’s collaboration with his long-time writing partner, Bernie Taupin. More than 30 years after the release of their landmark No. 1 multi-platinum album, Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy, the duo returns with this sequel. The new album features 10 new songs reflecting the intimate lives and public times spanning the long-standing songwriting partnership of Elton John and lyricist Bernie Taupin. In fact, for the first time, both John and Taupin are featured on an Elton John album cover. The album tells the story of John and Taupin when they arrived in Los Angeles 30 years ago, through the ups and downs of their lives, to present day. “The album is a celebration of our lives and our lifetimes, of our music and of the music we love. The Captain & The Kid continues our story. You can’t look back, we’re looking ahead,” says John. LP = AMER 1705730 $19.98

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Mercury – Milan Records

Def Leppard – Hysteria Where Pyromania had set the standard for polished, catchy pop-metal, Hysteria only upped the ante. Pyromania’s slick, layered Mutt Lange production turned into a painstaking obsession with dense sonic detail on Hysteria, with the result that some critics dismissed the record as a stiff, mechanized pop sell-out (perhaps due in part to Rick Allen’s new, partially electronic drum kit). But Leppard’s music had always employed big, anthemic hooks, and few of the pop-metal bands who had hit the charts in the wake of Pyromania could compete with Leppard’s sense of craft; certainly none had the pop songwriting savvy to produce seven chart singles from the same album, as the stunningly consistent Hysteria did. Joe Elliott’s lyrics owe an obvious debt to his obsession with T. Rex, particularly on the playfully silly anthem “Pour Some Sugar On Me” and the British glam-rock tribute “Rocket,” while power ballads like “Love Bites” and the title track lack the histrionics or gooey sentimentality of many similar offerings. The strong pop hooks and “perfect”sounding production of Hysteria may not appeal to diehard heavy metal fans, but it isn’t heavy metal-it’s pop-metal, and arguably the best pop-metal ever recorded. Its blockbuster success helped pave the way for a whole new second wave of hair-metal bands, while proving that the late-’80s musical climate could also be very friendly to veteran hard rock acts, a lead many would follow in the next few years. LP = AMER 1775319 $19.98

there for good measure. Once again, Byron Janis - whose brilliant interpretations of Rachmaninov’s repertory have influenced whole generations of pianists - has made a benchmark recording in which he amalgamates tremendous energy with great tranquility. He revels in the late-Romantic ecstatic harmonies, dazzles us with his transparent presentation of the internal structures, and displays great vigor in the weighty themes. The emotional middle movement is also glorious in that Janis enjoys the the full the interplay of passion and reverie with expansive chords and dark-hued tonalities. LP = AMER 90260 $34.99

Merge Records LPs Neutral Milk Hotel – On Avery Island Jeff Magnum creates a world of his own on this debut; trombone, keyboards, overdriven acoustics, beautiful songs. LP = AMRG 29403 $9.98

Neutral Milk Hotel – In the Aeroplane Over the Sea The anxiously awaited second album. Jeff’s powerful solo acoustic guitar, full horn section marches, history, religion and sex. Everything you hoped for and more. LP = AMRG 29436 $10.98

Spoon – Kill the Moonlight A staggering achievement, with stylistic range and emotional depth far beyond that of prior Spoon works. Mind blowing, life affirming rock ‘n’ roll. LP = AMRG 29515 $12.98

KISS – Alive! Produced by Eddie Kramer and recorded at Electric Lady Studios in New York City in August 1975 during a tour, Alive may not have matched Frampton Comes Alive in sales, but it put Kiss on the map in the eyes of the music-buying public. Songs such as “Deuce” and “Cold Gin” became staples for hard-core fans and “Rock and Roll All Nite” became an anthem for everyone else. Chock full of solid rock and roll hooks that pack a consistent punch, Alive established Ace Frehley as a certified guitar god. LP = AMER 8227801 $24.98 (two LPs)

Mercury Living Presence (Speakers Corner) LP

The Devil Makes Three – The Devil Makes Three Mixing styles from the ragtime and country music of the twenties and thirties to the rock-and-roll and punk music of their adolescence, The Devil Makes Three pushes the boundaries of acoustic music. Citing influences as varied as Steve Earle, the Reverend Gary Davis, Memphis Jug Band and Django Reinhardt, the band combines tight vocal harmonies with idiot-savant finger style guitar to create an exciting and original sound. LP = AMIL 36321 $14.98

Rachmaninoff: Concerto No. 2 in C Minor/Antal Dorati

Javier Navarrete – Pan’s Labyrinth

The Second Piano Concerto represents Rachmaninov’s escape from a crisis lasting several years during which he experienced one catastrophe after another. At the suggestion of his psychiatrist, who had prophesized that he would write wonderful music, he turned once again to the work - and it brought him his greatest success to that date. Although the piano writing demands enormous technical dexterity, the composer was apparently not solely aiming at producing a virtuosic showpiece, since the piano part clings snugly to the orchestra like an accompaniment for long stretches, although it does triumph powerfully here and

Pan’s Labyrinth unfolds through the eyes of Ofelia, a dreamy little girl who is uprooted to a rural military outpost commanded by her new stepfather. Ofelia lives out her own dark fable as she confronts monsters both otherworldly and human. Spanish composer Javier Navarrete brings the music of Pan’s Labyrinth alive. It captures the fantastical mood of the film – a fairy tale fantasy for adults, set against the backdrop of the Spanish Civil War – with all of the tension and imagination of this rich, layered film. LP = AMIL 36353 $24.98 (two Limited Edtition LPs)

David Lynch – Mulholland Drive

RECOMMENDED Republic LPs Jack Johnson – Sleep Through The Static “At this point in my life I weigh about 190 lbs. and my ear hairs are getting longer. I also have a couple of kids. My wife popped them out, but I helped. Some of the songs on this album are about making babies. Some of the songs are about raising them. Some of the songs are about the world that these children will grow up in; a world of war and love, and hate, and time and space. Some of the songs are about saying goodbye to people I love and will miss. We recorded the songs onto analog tape machines powered by the sun in Hawaii and Los Angeles…All of these songs have been on my mind for a while and it is nice to share them. I hope you enjoy this album.” – Jack Johnson LP = ARPB 1058001 $15.98 (two LPs + MP3)


Milan Records LPs


For the first time, the highly acclaimed soundtrack to Mulholland Drive is now available on 180-gram LP. Winner of over 30 awards, in addition to numerous nominations including Academy Award for Best Director (David Lynch), this is a must-have for any soundtrack or vinyl enthusiast. LP = AMIL 36370 $24.98 (Limited Edtition LP)


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Mint Records – Mobile Fidelity

Little Feat – Little Feat

Mint Records LPs

Little Feat was discovered and signed to the Warner Brothers label by legendary producer Russ Titelman. The band’s 1971 self-titled debut instantly established Little Feat as a fresh slice of musical Americana. This eclectic group of talent, formed for barely a year, were steeped in their love of rock, R&B, blues and country with just a pinch of New Orleans spice. After honing their unique blend in clubs and on the road, they were able to capture the magic of their live shows in the studio. The resulting release, tastefully assisted by guests Ry Cooder on bottleneck slide and Sneaky Pete’s pedal steel, was one of the most unpretentious and timeless recording debuts since Music

Bella – No One Will Know Bella’s coyly titled Mint debut No One Will Know is filled with dreamy girl-boy-girl vocals, synthy hooks and punchy rhythms – the stuff to which to practice your dance moves in your living room. Since forming in 2003, Bella have toured extensively in Canada and up and down the West Coast of the US. In this time, Bella’s multi-talented members have become known for their electrifying live shows, switching up their instruments and treating onlookers to spontaneous and wild dance parties. LP = AMNT 108 $19.99

The Pack A.D. – Tintype Holding the torch high in today’s garage rock revival, Vancouver duo The Pack A.D. strikes with a raw, hell-torn, blues-rock swagger that is equally contemplative and unflinching. “Tintype is a triumph.” – Nerve Magazine “Incredible debut.” – The Georgia Straight LP = AMNT 111 $19.99

Mobile Fidelity LPs, Gold CDs & SACDs Roy Orbison – All Time Greatest Hits of Roy Orbison First audiophile CD version mastered in its entirety directly from the original analog masters, not copies. This famous Roy Orbison collection had originally been compiled by Monument Records in 1972 and has stayed in print ever since. Permission to bring the first-generation masters to California for direct transferring was eventually granted (most for the first time). The resulting MoFi Gold CD now sets the standard in the mastering of these historic songs. Gold CD = CMOB 774 $29.99

Chuck Berry – Chuck Berry is on Top – St. Louis To Liverpool After the laborious but rewarding work put into their Little Richard hits package (SACD 2028) in 2006, MoFi turned its sight on finalizing the production on two classic albums by the legendary Chuck Berry. Nearly two years and 15 analog reels of tape later, they are truly excited about the exclusive pairing of …Berry Is On Top (1959) with St. Louis To Liverpool (1964). Like the Richard albums, both Berry titles originally were compilations that Chess Records had actually assembled from singles and various sessions for their 12” debuts. While lucky with St. Louis to Liverpool, whose reels had been retained intact, the real fun was …Berry Is On Top, where the majority of songs were each on separate spools which had to be hunted down, identified and auditioned. Gold CD = CMOB 776 $29.99

Marc Cohn – Marc Cohn Cohn’s debut album is masterfully produced and features brilliantly crafted musical arrangements that perfectly accentuate his soulful, rich baritone timbre and graceful, contemplative piano performances. Songwriting styles vary from the Memphis/Elvis/Graceland mythic imagery of the hit single to the seemingly Springsteeninspired writing of “Silver Thunderbird.” LP = AMOB 1291 $29.99 (Limited Numbered-Edition)

long live analogue

From Big Pink. LP = AMOB 1299 $29.99 Gold CD = CMOB 770 $24.99

Linda Ronstadt – Don’t Cry Now After her breakthrough on Capitol Records with The Stone Poneys (Different Drum) plus some acclaimed solo releases, Linda Ronstadt jumped to David Geffen’s bourgeoning Asylum roster, joining The Eagles and Jackson Browne to form the genesis of the “California Country-Rock” sound. Don’t Cry Now, her first for Asylum, was released in 1973 and would help solidify Ronstadt as one of the premiere female pop vocalists for the next two decades. This is one of the most exceptional sounding female vocalist recordings of the 1970s. Guest appearances include guitar work by both the Eagles’ Glenn Frey and super session man Larry Carlton, plus harmonica by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s Jimmy Fadden, bass and drums by L.A. A-teamers Lee Sklar and Russ Kunkel and pedal steel by Sneeky Pete. LP = AMOB 1300 $29.99 Gold CD = CMOB 768 $24.99

The Allman Brothers Band – Idlewild South The sophomore release from America’s sovereign Southern rock band, the Allman Brothers’ Idlewild South is easily their greatest studio album. Unlike the band’s labyrinthine live shows, which are distinguished by their immense, walloping swamp rock, this album focuses on the considerable songwriting capabilities of Gregg Allman and Dickey Betts. Showcasing the original lineup, before multiple tragedies began taking their toll on the band; the lightning slide guitar of Duane Allman, the vocals and Hammond B-3 of his brother Greg Allman, lead guitarist Dickey Betts, bassist Berry Oakley and the thunderous drum tandem of Butch Trucks and Jaimoe Johanson, this album lays bare their talent for weaving disparate but distinctly Southern elements of rock, gospel, soul, jazz and R&B into a cohesive and original whole. LP = AMOB 1301 $29.99 Gold CD = CMOB 769 $24.99

RECOMMENDED Rock The House LPs (Classic Records) Jimi Hendrix – Blues While Hendrix remains most famous for his hard rock and psychedelic innovations, more than a third of his recordings were bluesoriented. This LP contains 11 blues originals and covers, eight of which were previously unreleased. Recorded between 1966 and 1970, they feature the master guitarist stretching the boundaries of electric blues in both live and studio settings. Besides several Hendrix blues-based originals, it includes covers of Albert King and Muddy Waters classics, as well as a 1967 acoustic version of his composition “Hear My Train A-Comin’.” - Richie Unterberger LP = ARTH 2006-180 $43.99 (two LPs)

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Sugarman 3 and Co. Pure Cane Sugar ADAP 002 - $13.99

Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings 100 Days, 100 Nights ADAP 012 - $13.99

Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings Naturally ADAP 004 - $13.99

Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings Dap Dippin ADAP 001 - $13.99

The Mighty Imperials Thunder Chicken ADAP 003 - $13.99

The Budos Band The Budos Band II ADAP 011 - $13.99

The Daktaris Soul Explosion ADAP 009 - $13.99

Bob & Gene If This World Were Mine... ADAP 010 - $13.99


Mobile Fidelity – MSMusic Productions

Frank Sinatra – Nice ‘N’ Easy On Nice ‘N’ Easy, Frank Sinatra selected a collection of songs he sung early in his career and it’s a classic mix of breezy mid-tempo numbers and beautiful ballads. Conducted and arranged by Nelson Riddle, Nice ‘N’ Easy contains 12 pieces of pure perfection including definitive versions of “That Old Feeling,” “How Deep Is The Ocean,” “I’ve Got A Crush On You,” “Try A Little Tenderness,” “Embraceable You” and “Dream.” This album rolls along steadily from the first tune to the last, charming everyone along the way. Gold CD = CMOB 790 $29.99

Frank Sinatra – Sings for...Only the Lonely In 1958, Frank Sinatra recorded Frank Sinatra Sings for…Only the Lonely, one of five collections recorded for Capitol, consisting of saloon songs and bluesy ballads, lamenting lost love and heartache. Recorded over three days in Capitol’s famous Studio A, Only the Lonely features sumptuous arrangements by Nelson Riddle who coconducts here with Sinatra’s resident concertmaster Felix Slatkin. The result is arguably his greatest ballads album. Gold CD = CMOB 792 $29.99

Motown LPs Marvin Gaye – I Want You Another in a series of superb wandering groove albums from the premier sweet soul singer. He took the standard three-minute pop soul song and expanded the format. It is Gaye that is responsible for today’s smooching urban R&B; he was for much of his career many years ahead of the game. Built around the title track, the album is a theme album and as such should be played as a whole. LP = AMOT 952921 $19.98

Erykah Badu – New Amerykah Part One (4th World War) Universal Motown’s multi-platinum-selling, Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter/actress Erykah Badu returns to the music scene with her new album New Amerykah featuring the debut single “Honey.” Laced with Erykah’s bluesy grit and MC style vocals, the song is bolstered by producer 9th Wonder’s razor-sharp hip-hop beats. Badu describes the song as “an old school track with some funk on it.” The album is part one of the series New Amerykah Part 1 & 2. LP = AMOT 1080001 $15.98 (two LPs)

MRI Associated Labels LP Matthew Ryan Vs. The Silver State – MRVSS MRVSS is an arrival that’s been 25 years in the making for Ryan. “Everyone I know and love is in this record…including myself, there’s a lot of myself in there…they all speak to where I’ve been, where my friends have been, but not where we’re going. I want us all to figure that out. I want everyone to win.” MRVSS is the sound of a brilliant writer and a careening band fusing the passion, indignation, hopes and struggles of its characters with intimacy and an explosive, anhemic cinema. Utterly human and wide-awake, it’s music that feels like a Scorcese film for the ears. LP = AMRI 0008 $19.98

The Pixies – Doolittle “After 1988’s brilliant but abrasive Surfer Rosa, the Pixies’ sound couldn’t get much more extreme. Their Elektra debut, Doolittle, reins in the noise in favor of pop songcraft and accessibility. Producer Gil Norton’s sonic sheen adds some polish, but Black Francis’ tighter songwriting focuses the group’s attack. Doolittle’s most ferocious moments, like ‘Dead,’ a visceral retelling of David and Bathsheba’s affair are more stylized than the group’s past outbursts.” - All Music Guide SACD = CMOB 2033 SA $24.99

Art Pepper – The Way It Was! When The Way It Was! was issued in 1972, Art Pepper’s fans were surprised and pleased to discover that 16 years before, he had recorded with the enigmatic, underrated tenor saxophonist Warne Marsh. The four pieces on which they collaborated were among both men’s best work of the mid-Fifties. To complete the album Contemporary added previously unissued tracks from Pepper’s famous encounters with two great Miles Davis rhythm sections and a 1960 Pepper performance of “Autumn Leaves” that he regarded as one of his best solos. Pepper’s own liner notes present his typically trenchant evaluations of the music and the players.

MSMusic Productions LPs Various Blues Artists – O Blues, Where Art Thou? Original Classic Blues Recordings from John Lee Hooker, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee and more. Bobby Shad, the legendary producer, recorded a group of southern blues artists in the late 1940s and early 1950s who were to become blues legends. These are original “field recordings” recorded on a Magnecord tape recorder, which was way ahead of its time. The sound is as clear as the day they were recorded. Artists featured include John Lee Hooker, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Ray Charles, Brownie McGhee and many more. The album was produced by Bobby Shad and compiled and remastered for AUDIO FIDELITY by the maestro of mastering, Steve Hoffman. LP = AMSM 005 $22.99


SACD = CMOB 2034 SA $24.99

Rock The House LP (Classic Records) Madeleine Peyroux – Half the Perfect World Half the Perfect World is the much-anticipated follow-up to Peyroux's breakthrough album, Careless Love. The record focuses on songs written by contemporary artists such as Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits and Fred Neil. The album also features an unforgettable duet with K.D. Lang on the Joni Mitchell classic “River” and four co-written originals including the single “I’m All Right.” LP = AMOB 2288 $39.99 (two LPs)

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John Lee Hooker – The Healer The Healer was oddly a major mainstream breakthrough for John Lee Hooker. The album was one of the first to feature a wide array of guest stars, including Bonnie Raitt, Keith Richards, Johnnie Johnson and Los Lobos and Carlos Santana. The album immediately captured widespread media attention because of all the superstar musicians involved in its production and has to date been John Lee’s most successful release. Recorded in analog and mixed to quarter-inch 15ips analog tape, the sound is better than almost any other Hooker recording. Transferred from the original quarter-inch analog tapes by Bernie Grundman using Classic’s “all-tube” cutting system, this version has a warmth and comfort this record has never had. If you’re a John Lee Hooker fan, then this is a must! Great sound and classic Hooker guitar and vocal performances. “…a classy affair without flaws, the grittiest of blues legends kickin’ the butts of Robert Cray, Los Lobos and a slew of others. Simply a must-have album.” – Hi-Fi News LP = ARTH 2018 $32.99

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MSMusic Productions – Music Matters (Blue Note)

Various Artists – O Reggae, Where Art Thou? Here is a package of 14 of the most interesting roots sounds from the classic age of reggae music in Jamaica, 1971 through 1974. Fourteen all-time great tunes by some of Jamaica’s long-forgotten voices, and some of those who are still making hit after hit long after these pieces first saw the light of the Caribbean day. LP = AMSM 006 $22.99

Various Artists – O Gospel, Where Art Thou? The music in this album, originally released on SACD by Audio Fidelity, represents the true sound of spirituals. This record presents groups from New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, Memphis and New Orleans. Some of these are the very popular standards that are so well known to followers of this music; others represent some of the more interesting spirituals that people have requested through the years. LP = AMSM 007 $22.99

The Rockin’ Rebels – Wild Weekend The Rockin’ Rebels turned out some great instrumental rock and roll in Buffalo, New York from the late ‘50s to the early ‘60s. In fact, the opening song and title track from this collection – “Wild Weekend” – was one of rock’s biggest instrumental hits in 1963. Dig in for a taste of what realdeal early rockers sounded like. LP = AMSM 008 $34.99

Music Matters (Blue Note) 45-RPM LPs

NEW MUSIC Hank Mobley – Soul Station If the title of “Mr. Blue Note” had been given out to a performer, tenor-saxophonist Hank Mobley would have been its recipient. Mobley’s smooth tone and style defined the hard bop era. He put plenty of emotion and intensity into every note he played. During 1955-70, Blue Note’s greatest years, Mobley led 25 Blue Note albums and appeared as a sideman on many others. Soul Station, a quartet gem from 1960, is unusual for Hank in that Mobley is the only horn, heading a group that includes pianist Wynton Kelly, bassist Paul Chambers and drummer Art Blakey; needless to say, a stellar rhythm section! This album features Hank Mobley at the peak of his powers, taking lengthy solos full of passion and drive. LP = AMMJ 4031 $50.00 (two 45-RPM LPs)

Horace Parlan Trio – Us Three Us Three, featuring pianist Horace Parlan, bassist George Tucker and drummer Al Harewood, is one of Blue Note’s greatest trio albums. The piano-bass-drums trio has long been the most compact of all jazz combos, a complete orchestra with just three pieces. Some trios have been completely dominated by its pianist including the Oscar Peterson and Art Tatum Trios. The trio on Us Three is a bit different for it features three superior jazz men who constantly play off of each other, communicating immediately and telepathically in sensitive yet funky interactions. LP = AMMJ 4037 $50.00 (two 45-RPM LPs)

Tina Brooks – True Blue Besides assuming the leader’s duties on this date, Tina Brooks also wrote five of the six songs used here for basis of improvisation. That they are more than just this is exemplified by the way they achieve the gamut of moods from the down and dirty “Good Old Soul” to the warm and embracing “Nothing Ever Changes My Love For You.” “Up Tight’s Creek” and “Miss Hazel” are boppish swingers. LP = AMMJ 4041 $50.00 (two 45-RPM LPs)

Lou Donaldson with The 3 Sounds – LD+3 The Three Sounds were a very popular group in the late 1950s/early ‘60s and for good reason. Pianist Gene Harris, bassist Andy Simpkins and drummer Bill Dowdy always knew how to lay down an irresistible groove, they infused every song they played with a heavy dose of the blues and they could out-swing any combo while never being stingy with the soul. The same could be said for altoist Lou Donaldson. Influenced by Charlie Parker but a bluesier player, Donaldson in the 1950s held his own on sessions with Clifford Brown, Thelonious Monk and Jimmy Smith while gaining a strong following with his series of Blue Note recordings. LD+3 is a very special recording from 1959 featuring Donaldson and the Three Sounds really inspiring and pushing each other. LP = AMMJ 4012 $50.00 (two 45-RPM LPs)

Art Blakey – The Big Beat Art Blakey was one of the greatest of all jazz drummers, a masterful talent scout and the inspiring leader of the Jazz Messengers. For 35 years (1955-90), the Jazz Messengers featured brilliant young talent who were pushed by Blakey to write new music and play at their very best. Few lineups could compete with the 1960 edition of the Jazz Messengers featured on The Big Beat. Blakey, the “old man” of the band at 30, is joined by bassist Jymie Merritt and three brilliant stylists who were not only exciting soloists but very skilled songwriters: trumpeter Lee Morgan, tenorsaxophonist Wayne Shorter and pianist Bobby Timmons. LP = AMMJ 4029 $50.00 (two 45-RPM LPs)

Horace Parlan Trio – Speakin’ My Piece Like Django Reinhardt, Horace Parlan did the impossible and turned a disability into an advantage. Stricken with polio as a youth that left him with a partially paralyzed right hand, Parlan became a major jazz pianist who developed a highly original rhythmic style. By the time he recorded the classic Speakin’ My Piece in 1960, he had convinced Charles Mingus (who hired him in 1957) that he was one of the most soulful pianists on the scene. LP = AMMJ 4043 $50.00 (two 45-RPM LPs)

Kenny Drew Trio – Undercurrent Kenny Drew was an underrated master of bebop. A brilliant pianist who started with the example of Bud Powell and then developed his own sound within the style, in the ‘50s Drew worked with the likes of Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young, Charlie Parker, Buddy DeFranco, Dinah Washington and Art Blakey. By 1960 when he recorded Undercurrent, Drew had already led 10 albums of his own, mostly with duos and trios. Oddly enough he only had the opportunity to lead two albums in his life for Blue Note, an early effort from 1953 and the classic Undercurrent. LP = AMMJ 4059 $50.00 (two 45-RPM LPs)


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Music Matters (Blue Note) – New West

Jackie McLean – Bluesnik Jackie McLean’s slightly acidic tone on alto can be instantly identified. He perfectly symbolizes the intensity, passion, excitement and urgency of New York in the 1960s. Born in 1932 and part of the musical generation that matured in the shadow of Charlie Parker, McLean served his apprenticeship at the very top, recording with the likes of Miles Davis, Charles Mingus and Art Blakey. However, Jackie McLean is best known for a brilliant series of Blue Note albums recorded from 1959-67. Bluesnik is, on the surface, one of McLean’s most accessible recordings, since the six songs are all blues-based. However, McLean remains quite explorative here, clearly inspired by his excellent sidemen (trumpeter Freddie Hubbard, pianist Kenny Drew, bassist Doug Watkins and drummer Pete La Roca). McLean stretches himself, showing every side of the blues. The results are exceptional to say the least. One listen to Bluesnik tells you that this is one of Jackie McLean’s masterpiece recordings. Engineer Rudy Van Gelder was up to the challenge of this fine session, getting all of this passionate soul on tape with exceptional fidelity. LP = AMMJ 4067 $50.00 (two 45-RPM LPs)

Myspace Records LPs Pennywise – Reason To Believe Reason To Believe, the ninth studio album from punk heroes Pennywise and their first with Myspace Records, represents a bristling return to the roots of their unmistakable sound. The music of this album, charged by the political and economic realities of our time, also highlights the personal spiritual and emotional issues of band members Jim Lindberg, Randy Bradbury, Byron McMackin and Fletcher Dragge. Reason To Believe takes Pennywise fans to new territory along a trail that the band has blazed over the span of their nearly 20-year-long career. In addition, the vinyl version contains two bonus tracks not available elsewhere. LP = AMSP 10015 $17.98 (two LPs)

New West LPs Steve Earle – Washington Square Serenade

Horace Silver – The Cape Verdean Blues Horace Silver, the influential hard bop/soul jazz pianist, songwriter and bandleader, was riding high in 1965. His “Son For My Father” had become a hit, he had put together a new and brilliant quintet and he had the opportunity to use the masterful trombonist J.J. Johnson as a guest on his new album for Blue Note Records. On the resulting album, The Cape Verdean Blues, Johnson joins one of Silver’s greatest bands, a group boasting two brilliant new stars…tenor saxophonist Joe Henderson and the young trumpeter Woody Shaw. Henderson and Shaw push Silver to take some of his most forward looking solos, and the pianist’s compositions in turn push the soloists to the West African homeland of Silver’s father. “Pretty Eyes” was Silver’s first original waltz. “Nutville” is both complex and uniquely catchy. The Cape Verdean Blues is simply one of the most inspired sessions of Horace Silver’s long and outstanding career. LP = AMMJ 4220 $50.00 (two 45-RPM LPs)

Mute Records LPs

“The city hasn’t changed as much as real estate agents would have you believe,” Steve Earle explains about his adopted hometown of New York City. “Specifically, my neighborhood hasn’t changed that much. I point people in the right direction so that they can take their picture like the cover of Freewheelin’ all the time.” That’s easy enough for Earle these days, because he and his wife, singer-songwriter Allison Moorer, now live on the very Greenwich Village street on which the famous cover shot for The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan (1962) was taken. In that photo, Dylan and his then girlfriend Suze Rotolo huddle against the cold as they walk along a snowy New York street. It’s an indelible romantic image that captures the idealism of the folk revival that was gathering momentum in New York at the time. Steve Earle’s gripping new album, Washington Square Serenade, is a loving tribute to that era, that movement, that music and the city that gave them all a nurturing home. “That period changed pop music,” Earle says. “It made lyrics much more important.” LP = AWST 5002 $18.98

Drive By Truckers – Drive-By Truckers/ Set of 5 titles Goldfrapp – Seventh Tree Seventh Tree is written and produced by Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory and was recorded at their own studio deep in the English countryside. It follows up the critically acclaimed Supernature album, released in 2005. Supernature went platinum in the UK and went on to sell over a million copies worldwide. From the captivating electronic balladry of Mercury-nominated debut Felt Mountain and its dance floor-burlesque follow-up Black Cherry, Goldfrapp have consistently surprised and delighted with each new album, adeptly body-swerving both stereotypes and imitators alike. LP = AMUT 69381 $16.98

LP = AWST DBT $99.00 (five-LP set)

Drive By Truckers – Gangstabilly “This was our weakest album and we didn’t really known how to do what we were trying to do yet. It does, however, have ‘The Living Bubba,’ which is still the best song I’ve ever written, ‘Panties In Your Purse,’ which was one of Cooley’s earliest creations, and ‘Late For Church,’ which was written by our original bass player Adam Howell and is one of the weirdest and sublime things we ever recorded.” – Patterson Hood, Drive By Truckers LP = AWST 5004 $24.98 (two Limited Edition LPs)

Moby – Last Night After the meditative electronica of 2002’s 18 and the singer-songwriter moves of 2005’s Hotel, Moby returns to the dance floor with a vengeance of his new album Last Night. Spanning hands-in-the-air, Smiley-faced rave anthems, cosmic Giorgio Moroder-styled Euro-disco, hiphop both old school and underground, and downtempo, end-of-the-night ambience, Last Night is a dance music tour de force that looks back at Moby’s deep roots in the club scene at the same time as it embraces the future. LP = AMUT 69383 $16.98 (two LPs)


Drive By Truckers – Pizza Deliverance “I’ll always have an extra soft spot for this one. We recorded it in my living room on Jefferson Rd. in Athens, Georgia in five days in mid-January 1999. You can hear my dogs fighting over which one gets to eat the other’s puke in the background of ‘Mrs. Dubose.’ On that Sunday afternoon we invited a bunch of friends over and got plowed and recorded takes of ‘Nine Bullets,’ ‘The Company I Keep’ and a drunken, unplanned ‘The President’s Penis Is Missing,’ which we ended up laughing so hard at we put it on the album only to see most early reviews concentrate on how terrible it was.” – Patterson Hood, Drive By Truckers LP = AWST 5005 $24.98 (two Limited Edition LPs)

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New West – Ninja Tune

Drive By Truckers – Decoration Day “This one probably makes the biggest difference on vinyl of any of the reissues. I’m thrilled with how well this album has aged and how good it sounds on vinyl. Glen Schick in Atlanta remastered it and did an excellent job. Please note, it was too long for one disc, but too short for four sides, so it is three sided. Sequenced that way, it flows like the suspension on a 76 Eldorado, burns a little too much gas, but tops out at around 120. I couldn’t be happier to see this album finally getting it’s needle-dropping due.” – Patterson Hood, Drive By Truckers LP = AWST 5006 $24.98 (two Limited Edition LPs)

Drive By Truckers – The Dirty South

Drive By Truckers – Brighter Than Creation’s Dark “Our most controversial and polarizing album. I’m frequently told it’s someone’s favorite one of our albums. Then 10 minutes later someone tells me how much they hate it. I’ve been through periods of both emotions at different times myself. Upon listening to it two-plus years later I still have decidedly mixed feelings…’Space City’ is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard and ‘A World of Hurt’ is probably my second favorite song I’ve written. ‘Wednesday’ sounds like Adam’s House Cat and I always liked that band.” – Patterson Hood, Drive By Truckers LP = AWST 5009 $24.98 (two LPs)

“This is our best selling album and I think it’s aging really well. This one sounds quite different on vinyl and in the best of ways. It almost sounds like different mixes on some songs. It came out on vinyl in the UK a few years back. Their packaging was better than the new reissue, but I think this generation (with mastering by Sterling) sounds a little better.” – Patterson Hood, Drive By Truckers LP = AWST 5007 $24.98 (two Limited Edition LPs)

Ray Davies – Working Man’s Cafe

Drive By Truckers – A Blessing and a Curse

John Hiatt – Same Old Man

“Our most controversial and polarizing album. I’m frequently told it’s someone’s favorite one of our albums. Then 10 minutes later someone tells me how much they hate it. I’ve been through periods of both emotions at different times myself. Upon listening to it two-plus years later I still have decidedly mixed feelings…’Space City’ is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard and ‘A World of Hurt’ is probably my second favorite song I’ve written. ‘Wednesday’ sounds like Adam’s House Cat and I always liked that band.” – Patterson Hood, Drive By Truckers LP = AWST 5008 $19.98 (Limited Edition LP)


Working Man’s Café, a new studio album by legendary musician and Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame member Ray Davies (founder, singer, songwriter of The Kinks), features 12 new songs written by Davies and co-produced with Grammy-Award winning producer/engineer Ray Kennedy. The album focuses on the plight of the worker, the every day man around the world. It is Davies’ “American record” (many of the songs were written in the U.S.) describing the changes he’s seen in this country since he first started visiting in the ‘60s. LP = AWST 5010 $24.98 (two LPs) Same Old Man was recorded at Highway 61 Recordings and produced by John Hiatt. Appearing on the album are Kenneth Blevins on drums, Patrick O’Hearn on bass and Luther Dickinson on guitar, mandolin and national resonator. John’s daughter, Lilly Hiatt, sings harmony on the songs “Love You Again” and “What Love Can Do.” John Hiatt’s career has spanned more than 30 years and his songs have been covered by everyone from Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, and BB King to Iggy Pop, Three Dog Night and The Neville Brothers. John Hiatt began his solo career with the 1974 album Hangin’ Around the Observatory. Hiatt’s landmark 1987 release Bring The Family received critical praise and was his first album to chart in the U.S. In 1993, Rhino Records released Love Gets Strange: The Songs of John Hiatt, which collected many of the cover versions of his songs that were recorded during the 80s and 90s. 2000’s Crossing Muddy Waters was released on the independent imprint Vanguard Records to critical acclaim and called “The most natural and relaxed John Hiatt album. LP = AWST 5011 $18.98

Old 97’s – Blame It On Gravity

Shout Factory Gold CD & LPs (Cisco)

Some bands blast out of the gate and never recapture their early energy. Other bands establish themselves as models of consistency. Still other bands take a while to find themselves. And then there are bands like the Old 97’s, who blast out of the gate, establish themselves as models of consistency, take a while to find themselves and then, 15 years in, deliver a glorious record that sums up everything about them that fans have always loved. With Blame It On Gravity, the seventh Old 97’s record and the second for New West, the band has made its definitive statement. It is a 13-song powerhouse of an album that finds the band turning up the amps and returning to the

Famous Blue Raincoat: 20th Anniversary Edition/Jennifer Warnes Mastered by Bernie Grundman. Cut at 45 RPM! Pressed on HQ 180-gram virgin vinyl! Approved by Jennifer Warnes herself, who announced upon first listening, “That’s it!!!” Famous Blue Raincoat 20th Anniversary Edition 45 RPM LP set features two LPs of quiet virgin vinyl, a 24-page 12” square booklet with complete lyrics, five bonus tracks (four from the Shout! Factory CD plus a Cisco exclusive analog demo recording of “A Singer Must Die,” with one missing verse added and a breathtakingly upfront vocal by Jennifer), production notes and exclusive photographs, all packed in a beautiful box for excellent presentation and preservation of your investment. The 45-RPM version of this great title is a much more refined and satisfying listening experience. Bass is deeper, highs glisten but aren’t excessive and Jennifer’s non-EQ’d voice becomes a “living presence” in your listening room. An important and much-loved record like Famous Blue Raincoat deserves to be heard exactly as the artist intended. On Famous Blue Raincoat: The Songs of Leonard Cohen, Jennifer Warnes rearranged and reinterpreted some of Leonard Cohen’s greatest songs for a unique album that remains the ultimate tribute to Cohen’s music. It was greeted with rave reviews, and made numerous year-end best-of lists. Gold CD = CCISG 8011 $29.99 LP = ACIS 7060 $79.99 (two 45-RPM LPs)



satisfying crunch of its early records. LP = AWST 5012 $18.98

Ninja Tune LP Fink – Distance and Time If Biscuits for Breakfast, Fink’s debut album for Ninja Tune, signified a partial seismic musical shift for both artist and label, then Distance and Time realigns both sides of the tectonic plate. This glorious follow-up showcases Fink’s sharpened knack for thoughtful songwriting that details fragmented moments full of heartache and hopeful promise, steeped in sonic palettes rich with dub, blues, folk and acoustic soul. LP = ANJA 136 $22.98



Wagner: The Ring Cycle LP = ATES 0119 (numbered) $759.98 LP = ATES 0119S (non-numbered) $600 (four box sets/19 LPs, four booklets)

Mercury Living Presence: Russian Recordings LP = AMER 2 $165 (five LPs)

The Bee Gees – The Studio Albums 1967-1968 LP = ARHI 74872 $119.98 (six LPs)

The Doors – Limited Edition LP = ARHI 01 $179.99 (seven LPs) LP = ARHI 03 $225.00 (seven LPs plusThe Doors By The Doors coffee table book)

Pink Floyd Echoes – The Best Of LP = AEMI 36111 $49.99 (four LPs)

Red Hot Chili Peppers Stadium Arcadium LP = AWAR 49996 $99.98 (four LPs)

Creedence Clearwater Revival Absolute Originals

Ravel: Complete Orchestral Works – Andre Cluytens LP = AEMI 2476 $120 (four LPs)

Alison Krauss and Union Station – Live LP = AMOB 3281 $59.99 (three LPs)

AC/DC – Vinyl Box LP = AEPI 90643 $199.99 (15 LPs)

Jimi Hendrix – Classic Singles Collection Vol. 2 (black vinyl) LP = ARTH 1008-45B $59.99 (10 seven-inch singles)

John Coltrane Heavyweight Champion LP = ARHI 7784 $250 (12 LPs with booklet)

Jimi Hendrix Voodoo Child Box Set LP = ARTH 2016Q $75.00 (four LPs)

Jimi Hendrix Live at Woodstock LP = ARTH 2014Q $74.99 (three LPs & Bonus 7” 45)

Bob Dylan Rolling Thunder Revue LP = ACCS 86882Q $79.99 (three LPs)

Bob Dylan – Bootleg Series Vol. 4, The “Royal Albert Hall” Concert 1966 LP = ACCS 65759Q $69.99 (two LPs)

Thelonious Monk The Riverside Tenor Sessions LP = AAPJ 037 $250 (seven LPs)

Miles Davis – Complete Studio Recordings of the Miles Davis Quintet 1965 to June 1968 LP = AMOS 177 $295 (10 LPs)


Jimi Hendrix The Jimi Hendrix Experience LP = AMCA 112316 $99.99 (eight LPs)

Bach: 6 Cello Suites/Janos Starker LP = AMER 39016 $109.99 LP = AMER 39016A $200 (A = autographed) (three LPs)

Nick Drake Fruit Tree LP = AISL 1745703 $99.99(three LPs & DVD)

Brahms: Violin Concerto/Jascha Heifetz, violin/Fritz Reiner LP = ALSC 1000-45Q $600 (33 45-RPMs)

LP = AAPP CCR7 $250 (eight LPs) 45 RPM = AAPP CCR7-45 $200 (eight 45-RPM LPs) SACD = CAPP CCR7 SA $250 (seven discs)



Nonesuch – Numero

Nonesuch LPs & CDs The Black Keys – Attack & Release Until now, guitarist-singer Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney of the Black Keys took an extreme do-ityourself approach to record making, hunkering down in a basement studio or setting up equipment in one of the abandoned factories of their native Akron, Ohio. Their modus operandi was more séance than session. With a minimal set of tools, they conjured up a big, swaggering blues-rock sound, seemingly drawn from some distant time and place yet too weirdly original to even be called retro. For this album, however, the Black Keys decided not to go it alone; Attack & Release is the result of one of the most audacious – and eagerly anticipated – collaborations in alternative rock history. As producer, Auerbach and Carney chose Danger Mouse, the mega-eclectic sonic mastermind behind the Grammy Award-winning Gnarls Barkley’s St. Elsewhere and its multiformat hit, “Crazy,” as well as the music-industry provocateur who created the mother of all mash-ups, The Grey Album. The Black Keys also designed to work at an established studio. Suma Recording, a legendary spot in northeast Ohio renowned for its supply of great vintage gear, provided just the right ambiance for the guys. As Carney put it, Suma “smells like a moldy cabin and looks like a haunted house.” LP = ANON 292476 $18.98 (LP + entire album bonus cd) (half speed mastering by Stan Ricker)

The Magnetic Fields – Distortion The band’s eighth album and second Nonesuch release is a follow-up to 2004’s critically acclaimed i, an album that’s songs all began with the letter “i,” and that’s sound Magnetic Fields songwriter and frontman Stephin Merritt has referred to as “self-conciously soft rock.” Distortion is both a departure from and a response to i: an album of three-minute power-pop songs, composed and produced by Merritt and co-sung by Merritt and his longtime friend Shirley Simms. On Distortion, every instrument (except the drums) was made to purposely feed back, creating a distorted ambient roar that informs this album’s sound. LP = ANON 327036 $18.98

Emmylou Harris – All I Intended To Be On her third Nonesuch record, Emmylou Harris assembles an extraordinary cast of veteran musicians and fellow singers, all of them longtime friends, for a set that indeed showcases this Nashville icon and 2008 CMA Hall of Fame inductee as all she has intended to be, a singularly expressive vocalist, a brilliant interpreter of other people’s songs and a graceful and confident songwriter. In particular, the album displays Harris’ ability to bring new life to songs that may have been overlooked, forgotten or lost along the way. LP = ANON 480444 $24.98 (two LPs + bonus CD)

Numero LPs Various Artists – Home Schooled: The ABCs of Kid Soul You know Michael, Jermaine, Tito, Marlon and Jackie, but what about Altyrone Deno Brown, Michael Washington or Little Murray & the Mantics? Home Schooled, the 16th record in Numero’s library of the lost, looks at the unknown side of the early ‘70s kid soul revolution. Beyond the Osmonds, the Five Stairsteps and the Brighter Side of Darkness lay hundreds of aspiring children (or parents) bent on becoming the next Michael. Numero has selected 17 of their favorites. A detailed and photo-stuffed booklet breaks down the history of the phenomena, while the disc straddles the line between historical artifact and wild mix tape. LP = ANUM 101615 $21.98 (two LPs)

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Various Artists – Eccentric Soul: The Prix Label When Numero’s first album, Eccentric Soul: The Capsoul Label, was issued in 2004, it was lauded as Columbus, Ohio’s answer to Motown. To the outside world, the capital city’s soul heritage was an anomaly in a landscape dominated by Detroit, Memphis and Chicago, but to those living inside I - 270, Capsoul was just one of dozens of tiny imprints being ignored. Across town, the tiny custom studio Harmonic Sounds was cutting and releasing equally as brilliant and left-of-center material on their Prix imprint, but it’s what they didn’t release that makes this record so special. In addition to 11 previously issued cuts, Numero has thrown on eight more tracks that turned up at an estate sale. Demos, finished masters and what can only be described as “studio tomfoolery” are all here waiting to be discovered. Just like the Prix label was in 1973. LP = ANUM 101516 $21.98 (two LPs)

Various Artists – Wayfaring Strangers: Guitar Soli Bridging the gap between American Primitive pioneers John Fahey, Robbie Basho and Leo Kottke and the California Modernists William Ackerman, Alex de Grass and Michael Hedges, Guitar Soli explores the private side of the solo guitar movement from 1966-1981. While Takoma and Will were laying the groundwork for the New Age marketing juggernaut of the mid-80s, these 14 loners were picking away in tiny cafes and selling records hand to hand. LP = ANUM 101813 $21.98 (two LPs)

Various Artists – Eccentric Soul, Vol. 9: : The Big Mack Label This series in the Eccentric Soul series examines the oil stained underside of the Motor City sound. There are no gold records, million dollar buyouts, or quaint museums at the end of the story, just a handful of four figure 45s, a box of photographs and a condemned building. If Detroit was once an ocean of soul, the Big Mack label was certainly an island. LP = ANUM 828411 $21.98 (two LPs)

Various Artists – Good God! A Gospel Funk Hymnal A collection of this nature can only exist in hindsight. “Gospel Funk” is a genre in the same way that deep soul or acid folk blues are, created by collectors and enthusiasts as a way to define a subsection of another genre. There aren’t any labels, artists, or producers that focused strictly on funky gospel music; rather, there were a couple hundred groups that had a funkier number in their repertoire. The Numero Group has spent the last year scouring LPs and 45s for tracks that fit this bill and have collected 18 standouts from this newly minted genre. The album is a mix of primitive choirs, spacious breaks, congas, elderly rappers impersonating the devil, cast recordings, thumping bass and JB impressionists, all with a heavy slathering of gospel gravy. LP = ANUM 834818 $20.98 (two LPs)

Various Artists – Eccentric Soul: The Deep City Label Possibly the most influential of all the ‘60s Miami soul labels, the Deep City sound not only changed the MetroDade area but set the tone for disco powerhouse TK’s impressive run in the ‘70s. The singles on Willie Clark and Johnny Pearsall’s Lloyd and Deep City labels are Florida’s rarest of the rare, and Numero Group has collected the best of their four-year run here. Includes Betty Wright’s and Paul Kelly’s first sides, the can’t-miss-but-did diva Helene Smith, obscure work by Frank Williams & the Rocekteers, as well as a previously unreleased acetate by the Moovers. LP = ANUM 885612 $21.98 (two LPs)


One Little Indian – Ozit

Diana Krall – Love Scenes

One Little Indian LPs

All that Diana Krall has accomplished thus far is surpassed by the beauty, sensuality and humor she brings to her intimate new album, Love Scenes. In her own magical style, Diana interprets love songs from across the musical spectrum with a new and compelling maturity. LP = AORG 005 $39.99 (two LPs)

Bjork – Volta “Once again finding harmony and creating alchemy between seeming opposites, on Volta Bjork is bold but thoughtful, delicate yet strong, accessible and avant…Volta could very easily sound scattered, but this isn’t the case. Instead, it finds the perfect balance between the vibrancy of her poppier work in the ‘90s and her experiments in the 2000s.” – All Music Guide LP = AOLI 808001 $18.98 (two LPs) (import)

Diana Krall – All For You All For You is a tribute to the Nat King Cole Trio by a woman who is better equipped than any other jazz musician of her generation to evoke the spirit of Nat Cole. Diana Krall, who listened eagerly to Cole’s records as a child, grew up to be that rarest of birds: a singer-pianist as comfortable and distinctive in one role as the other. You couldn’t prove it by her; Krall’s modesty is a byword in the business. But her colleagues know better and are quick to say so. “She plays all that piano,” guitarist Russell Malone says, shaking his head and grinning, “and then she sings like that! I don’t think she knows how good she is.” This was one of the most requested CDs at the HI-Fi 97 audio show.

Opus 3 SACDs Peder af Ugglas – Beyond On this album, Peder brings his musical mind to the frontier. There are 12 soulful songs that do not need lyrics, all of them featuring Peder af Ugglas’ superb technique on the piano, on the organ, on the guitar – slide or no slide – on the pots in the kitchen accompanied by a…clock! SACD = COPU 22072 SA $29.95

LP = AORG 006 $39.99 (two LPs)

Rickie Lee Jones – Pop Pop

Lars Erstrand – Swingcerely Yours

An eclectic collection of covers from one of jazz-pop’s most eclectic performers, Pop Pop travels from the stage to tin pan alley through Jimi Hendrix’s sky. Rickie Lee Jones cradles each of these songs with her pleading, gentle voice, backing them with subtle orchestration courtesy of notable performers including Robben Ford, Joe Henderson, and Charlie Haden. LP = AORG 007 $29.99

Lars Erstrand has for many years been ranked as one of the three best vibraphone players in the world. In Paris 1976, he actually played with Benny Goodman. Opus 3 has long been associated Erstand, dating back to an album featuring jazz violin player Gunner Lidberg. In fact, they have made six albums with Erstrand and this collection is the best from his first five Opus 3 albums recorded between 1983 and 1995. All of these selections were remastered directly from the original analog tapes. SACD = COPU 22081 SA $29.95

Original Recordings Group LPs Diana Krall – Live In Paris “Live in Paris offers listeners Diana Krall’s understanding of the musical techniques of composition, piano, and vocal improvisation on 12 songs from the Great American Songbooks of Cole Porter, Harold Arlen, George and Ira Gershwin and contemporary artists Joni Mitchell and Billy Joel. Accompanied by the award-winning Anthony Wilson on guitar, John Pisano on acoustic guitar, John Clayton on bass, Jeff Hamilton on drums, and Paulinho Da Costa on percussion as well as the Orchestra Symphonies European on ‘Let’s Fall in Love’ and ‘I’ve Got You Under My Skin,’ the lovely vocalist heightens your listening pleasures with distinctive phrasings and tangible pathways to inside the creative imagination by getting inside harmony, the changes, and melodic structures.” – All Music Guide LP = AORG 003 $39.99 (two LPs)

Diana Krall – The Look Of Love From the luxurious opening chords of the first track, even before Diana Krall has sung a single beautiful note, her new Verve release -- The Look Of Love -- has us hooked. After winning a Best Jazz Vocal Performance Grammy for 1999’s platinum-selling When I Look In Your Eyes, Diana Krall delivers her best album yet -- a lush, cinematic collection of ballads and bossa nova tunes. The Look Of Love brings to mind such classic Frank Sinatra albums as and Only The Lonely. But the elegant piano solos, the sensual vocals and the wickedly-modern sense of humor are, inimitably, all Krall. LP =AORG 004 $39.99 (two LPs)

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Beck – Odelay Originally released in June of 1996, Beck’s second major label album, Odelay, was his chance to prove that he was no one-hit wonder. His major label debut, Mellow Gold, had produced the hit single “Loser,” but there was a sense he hadn’t quite won over everyone and it was hard to tell exactly who Beck was. Was he joking? Was he serious? Was he simply some sort of beat-poet novelty act? With Odelay, he enlisted the Dust Brothers, most famous at this point for being behind the boards for the Beastie Boys’ 1989 sonic-collage opus Paul’s Boutique. Together they crafted a classic. In honor of its 10th Anniversary it is now being released in this incredible Deluxe Edition 180-gram, four-LP box set, which includes a 24-page booklet. An absolute must have for any Beck fan. LP = AORG 010 $79.99 (four Limited Edition LP Numbered Box Set)

Ozit LPs Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band – Dust Sucker The new Ozit vinyl sets are all deluxe in terms of packaging, gatefold sleeves with PVC protective covers and all 180-gram vinyl. These sets are limited to 1,000 copies only worldwide and will not be around for too long. This two-LP set includes the 12 tracks from the Captain’s own tape of the original Bat Chain Puller album (you will never have heard these tracks in this quality). When Mojo did a feature recently on classic lost albums, this was one of the main albums featured. There are a further seven extra tracks, including five live recordings of tracks from Bat Chain Puller, plus a version of “Well Well Well” featuring Rockette Morton and a live festival performance of “My Human Gets Me Blues.” LP = AOZT 8006 $34.99 (two LPs) 1-800-716-3553 • WWW.ACOUSTICSOUNDS.COM 129


Pacific Jazz – Plain Recordings

Pacific Jazz (Pure Pleasure Records) LPs Joe Pass – Sounds of Syanon

also had to do with the artistic development of the composer. In the end Liszt wanted to open up new musical directions. SACD = CPEN 186171 SA $19.99

“A significant recording, as this is Joe Pass’ debut on vinyl. It was recorded while Pass was still a patient at the Synanon Drug Center in California. Made with fellow patients, Pass proved to be a star. It is interesting to note that Pass played an electric solid body Rock guitar, as he did not even own a guitar at this time. His legendary chops are especially evident on ‘Projections’ and ‘Hang Tough,’ featuring some of his cleanest playing ever recorded.” – All Music Guide LP = APPR 48 $34.99

Brahms: Symphony Nos. 2 & 3/Marek Janowski “…Final words: no orchestra could ask for better sound than PentaTone provided, and PentaTone could not have found a more high-principled orchestra than the PSO and conductor Janowski. This recording is a joint labor of love and we pray that would never cease as an example of what can really be done artistically and technologically if an orchestra and a recording label are in synch. Thank you all.” Audiophile Audition Multichannel Disc of the Month, February 2008 – John Nemaric, Audiophile Audition

John Lewis – Grand Encounter This classic session is the ultimate in cool jazz. Bill Perkins’ mellow tone matches quite well with the quiet but inwardly passionate playing of pianist John Lewis, guitarist Jim Hall, bassist Percy Heath and drummer Chico Hamilton. Lewis is featured with the rhythm section on “I Can’t Get Started,” Hall is added for “Skylark,” and the full group plays three standards plus Lewis’ memorable and atmospheric “2 Degrees East, 3 Degrees West.” LP = APPR 1217 $34.99

Park The Van LP Dr. Dog – Easy Beat References like the Beatles and the Band are so casually bandied about when describing young bands undeserving of the comparison that it takes perfection like Dr. Dog’s EASY BEAT to remind everyone what those names mean in the first place. Balancing the Beatles’ hummable genius--and their crucial tension between guts and songcraft--with the Band’s rustic, everything-for-theensemble approach, Dr. Dog have crafted a record with enough canonical musicality to sate rock traditionalists and enough underproduction and scuzz to satisfy the indie kids. Not since Guided By Voices’ BEE THOUSAND has such a pop masterpiece emerged from a basement. Sure to attract a rabid cult of indie-rock fans - NY Times Loaded with three-part harmonies, orchestral strings, heavy reverb, and fuzzy guitars - Rolling Stone LP = APTV 71100 $13.98

SACD = CPEN 186308 SA $19.99

Schumann: Symphony Nos. 1 & 2/Lawrence Foster The title used by Schumann naturally brings to mind program music par excellence. But the composer had already removed the movement titles (Start of Spring, Evening, Joyful Company, Full Spring) in the manuscript. He wanted to “depict” not to “paint.” In the music one can easily comprehend the development of his poetical thinking right up to it’s fulfillment in the Finale. The “romantic” idea means the subsuming of the constituent movements under one poetic concept. Furthermore the whole symphony is concentrated towards the Finale. The “motto” for the complete work is a trumpet motive at the beginning of the first movement which appears in various guises throughout the movements – sometimes impossible to miss, sometimes nearly unrecognizable. SACD = CPEN 186326 SA $19.99

Plain Recordings LPs Elliott Smith – XO Following the success and acclaim of his two releases on the Kill Rock Stars label, as well as an Oscar nomination for the use of his song “Miss Misery” in the film Good Will Hunting, the late Elliott Smith signed with Dreamworks for the 1998 release of XO. With a major label budget for this, his fourth full-length album, Smith was able to craft a fully realized masterpiece, fulfilling the promise of previous releases. Though firmly in the McCartney/Lennon/Rundgren/Davies school of songwriting, Smith was nothing if not an original. White vinyl. LP = APLN 126 $18.98

Paw Tracks LP Panda Bear – Person Pitch

Elliott Smith – Figure 8

“Animal Collective drummer Noah Lennox goes by the pseudonym Panda Bear and is known for wearing a costume in concert, so it’s no surprise if people don’t take him seriously. But on his third album, he proves he’s a firstrate solo artist. Person Pitch is a marvelous, hazy trip full of Beach Boys-inspired psychedelia. On the opener, ‘Comfy in Nautica,’ he establishes his purpose with this choice phrase: ‘Try to remember always just to have a good time.’” – Rolling Stone LP = APAW 710141 $15.98

Elliott Smith’s fifth release, Figure 8, is a lush and beautifully melancholy collection of pop songs. Gone is the intimate lo-fi feel of his Kill Rock Stars albums, replaced by intricate arrangements and orchestration. One gets the feeling that the sound of his earlier work was not by choice but by economic necessity and Smith was now, with a major label budget and backing, able to establish himself as a true pop craftsman. Two LP set; one red vinyl, one blue vinyl. LP = APLN 127 $22.98 (two LPs)

Rufus Wainwright – Rufus Wainwright

Pentatone SACDs

“What separates Rufus Wainwright and the other second-generation singers who sprang up at the same time (Sean Lennon, Emma Townshend, and Chris Stills the most notable among them) is that Wainwright deserves to be heard regardless of his family tree; in fact, the issue of his parentage is ultimately as immaterial as that of his sexuality – this self-titled debut cares little for the rock clichés of an earlier generation, instead heralding the arrival of a unique and compelling voice steeped most solidly in the traditions of cabaret. Like his folks, Loudon Wainwright III and Kate McGarrigle, he’s a superb songwriter, with a knack for elegantly rolling piano melodies and poignantly romantic

Liszt: 12 Etudes d’execution transcendante/Claudio Arrau The Etudes d’execution transcendante presented in this interpretation by Claudio Arrau are their third and final version from 1851. Liszt was already busy with this work as a 15-year-old boy. At the time he had planned 48 etudes in all major and minor keys. A second version was dedicated to Czerny and in another edition to his friend Chopin. It was published in 1839. Here highly virtuoso elements are already noticeable. The final version focused even more on a musical value. In the Etudes d’execution transcendante one can study Liszt’s “mania for revision” which, similar to Bruckner, didn’t only have a biographical background. It 130


lyrics.” – All Music Guide LP = APLN 128 $19.99 (two LPs)


Plain Recordings – Polyvinyl Record Co.

The La’s – The La’s

Cream – Disraeli Gears

With their chimey guitars and hooky songwriting, Liverpool’s The La’s become one of the most influential onehit wonder bands of the 1990s. Although their early efforts stalled on the charts, the re-release of “There She Goes” in 1990 predicted the Britpop renaissance that was still years away. The fact that the band disappeared soon after, never issuing a sophomore effort, only enhances their reputation as unlikely pop heroes. Bassist John Power went on to form Cast in 1993 which continued the very similar sound. LP = APLN 129 $16.99

Arguably the first supergroup, Cream with Disraeli Gears in 1967, achieved massive worldwide success and ensured their place in rock’s hall of fame. Disraeli Gears has long been regarded as a classic, transforming Cream from visionary blues-based revivalists to psychedelic pop/rock heroes, and was a pivotal moment in the development of heavy rock. LP = APLD 1775315 $19.98

PJ Harvey – Rid Of Me

Blind Faith – Blind Faith

PJ Harvey’s second album, 1993’s Rid Of Me, is an artpunk classic that pushes the genre, and with it the listener, to extremes. Alternating between searing noise/feedback and sparse open spaces, Rid Of Me is truly an emotional experience. As usual, legendary producer Steve Albini maximizes every sound and space, working with that exacting, mechanical precision that he has come to be known for, the perfect complement to Harvey’s harsh, stark, disturbed songwriting. LP = APLN 134 $16.98

Blind Faith was cursed at its very inception by being billed as a supergroup. This was truly a pity, because for all the classic beauty of its only recording, Blind Faith was a band that never had a legitimate opportunity to come together as a performing ensemble. Hyped to the hilt and rushed into a massive, chaotic tour, the band fell apart after its final American concerts when Eric Clapton packed it in to join Delaney & Bonnie’s band. LP = APLD 1775316 $19.98

Mr. Bungle – Disco Volante

Eric Clapton – 461 Ocean Boulevard

“Mr. Bungle is the musical equivalent of a David Lynch movie. On its uncompromising second release, Disco Volante, the group focuses its sound a bit more than on its 1991 self-titled debut but still keeps things unruly and completely unpredictable. This is a band whose sole purpose is to break all the pre-existing rules of music and doesn’t think twice about taking chances. What they’ve created in the process is a totally original and new musical style and an album that sounds like nothing that currently exists.” – All Music Guide LP = APLN 137 $18.98

Clapton’s 1974 comeback album after his long reclusive struggle with heroin. This is Clapton’s second studio album, following his Derek & The Dominos Layla masterpiece. Clapton fan favorites like “Let It Grow,” “Willie and the Hand Jive,” “Motherless Child” and his version of “I Shot The Sheriff” make this an essential record. LP = APLD 1775316 $19.98

Polydor LPs

ABBA – The Album James Brown – Live at the Apollo

An astonishing record of James and the Flames tearing the roof off the sucker at the mecca of R&B theatres, New York’s Apollo. When King Records owner Syd Nathan refused to fund the recording, thinking it a commercial folly, Brown single-mindedly proceeded anyway, paying for it out of his own pocket. He had been out on the road night after night for a while, and he knew that the magic that was part and parcel of a James Brown show was something no record had ever caught. Hit follows hit without a pause with “I’ll Go Crazy,” “Try Me,” “Think,” “Please Please Please,” “I Don’t Mind,” “Night Train,” and more. The affirmative screams and cries of the audience are something you’ve never experienced unless you’ve seen the Brown Revue in a Black theater. LP = APLD 434791 $19.98

Van Morrison – Tupelo Honey Part of Van Morrison’s living-in-the-country-and-takinglife-easy series of early-1970s albums, Tupelo Honey is full of the organic mix of soul, folk, blues and rock that was his signature sound at the time. The freewheeling “Wild Night” bursts at the seams with the pure joy of living, carried along by R&B horns and Morrison’s own soulful invocations. LP = APLD 1775313 $19.98

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ABBA’s fifth album was a marked step forward for the group, having evolved out of Europop music into a worldclass rock act over their previous two albums, they now proceeded to absorb and assimilate some of the influences around them, particularly the laid-back California sound of Fleetwood Mac (curiously, like ABBA, then a band with two couples at its center), as well as some of the attributes of progressive rock. LP = APLD 5499701 $19.98

Polyvinyl Record Co. LPs of Montreal – The Sunlandic Twins Hailing from Athens, of Montreal have carved their own niche in the indie-pop world, establishing themselves as a uniquely twisted band that thrills fans with compelling live performances, delights critics with their constant innovations and refinements, and continually showcases their musical evolution that culls together influences as varied as Brian Eno, Television, Prince and The Shins. The Sunlandic Twins is their most cohesive and adventurous record to date. It plays out like an electro pop opera. LP = APRC 088 $13.98



Polyvinyl Record Co. – RCA

Matt Pond PA – Last Light This deluxe edition is double 180-gram vinyl, packaged in a gatefold jacket with an LP-only bonus track as well as a code inside for a free digital download of the album. Brooklyn-based Matt Pond PA is the musical project of singer-songwriter Matt Pond. Pond specializes in thoughtful, evocative indie pop with equal allegiance to rock’s and chamber flavors (he often uses strings), a recipe he refines beautifully on 2007’s Last Light. Pond is joined by some excellent musicians on Last Light, including vocalist Neko Case (whose haunting, melancholic music bears a resemblance to Pond’s), and a host of strong instrumentalists. Yet it’s Pond’s songs that stand out here; the compositions are literate, wistful and affecting, proving in every way equal to their lovely presentation. LP = APRC 143 $15.98

Headlights – Some Racing, Some Stopping Their sophomore follow-up to Kill Them With Kindness is based around acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, drums and other instrumentation and combines the pop sensibilities of previous efforts with a more restrained approach to songcraft that results in a clearer, concise musical vision. LP = APRC 149 $13.98

Someone Still Loves You Boris – Pershing This is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Broom. SSLYBY have shared stages with Mute Math, Of Montreal, Sound Team, Catfish Haven, and Chin Up Chin Up, to name a few. Spin declared them the band that “could succeed The Shins” and enthusiastic press rolled in. Now, they’re raising the bar even higher with Pershing. Quirky chord changes amid massive hooks and addictive melodies. LP = APRC 151 $13.98

Premium CDs Various Artists – Acoustic Vocal This 24bit/192kHz remastered album contains tunes such as “Close To You,” “You’ve Got A Friend,” “Penny Lane” and includes artists like Marianna Leporace, Maira Martins, Roberta Lima and more. CD = CPRE 27920 $19.99

Various Artists – Best Audiophile Voices Vol. 5 Top2 Music’s best-selling product, Best Audiophile Voices, has come to be synonymous with memorable tunes, quality vocals, smooth arrangements and superior recordings. Little needs to be said about Volume 5. Simply enjoy more in the same tradition. CD = CPRE 27921 $19.99

Psychic Circle LPs Various Artists – Fairytales Can Come True: UK Popsike From the Late ‘60s Twenty tracks of enchanting UK pop-psych, compiled by legendary psych musician and Psychic Circle label-head Nick Saloman. You’ll find the pre-Fairport lain Matthews, the only single from Jackie Lomax’s Lomax Alliance, Gallagher & Lyle’s unique response to Pet Sounds and a Troggs-like gem from P.J. Proby’s hairdresser. Compilers and collectors alike know that there was some wonderful music coming out of the UK in the late ‘60s and it wasn’t all-out psychedelia or floor-filling blue-eyed soul. These are dazzling tracks, all very melodic and very refreshing. LP = APSY 7006 $34.99 (two LPs)

Pure Audiophile LPs Sergio Mendes – Timeless It’s easy to think that since Santana made his big comeback using a lot of contemporary pop stars it would become the formula for the artists of yore to edge their way back into the limelight. Sergio Mendes, the best-selling Brazilian recording artist of all time, plays piano on a Black Eyed Peas track – “Sexy” from Elephunk – and the jam’s a smash. of the Peas decides to hook up for a fullon collaboration with Mendes, because he’s a huge fan. Being the hotshot producer of the moment, recruited everyone from Q-Tip, Justin Timberlake and John Legend to Jill Scott, Black Though (the Roots) and Stevie Wonder (just to name a few) to sign on. Recorded in both Brazil and the House of Blues in Encino, the set revisits many Mendes and Brazilian songbook classics and reworks them in the modern beat-driven idiom. LP = APUR 015 $50.00 (two LPs)

Pure Pleasure Records LP Blood, Sweat & Tears – Blood, Sweat & Tears Winner of three Grammies in 1970, this absolutely mind-blowing album peaked at No. 1 on the U.S. charts, staying there for seven weeks, going double platinum by the end of 1969 and stayed on the Top 40 for 66 weeks. It’s actually in 13th place for best-selling albums of all time in the U.S. with about three million copies sold. Arguably, the Blood Sweat & Tears that made this self-titled second album – consisting of five of the eight original members and four newcomers, including singer David ClaytonThomas – was really a different group from the one that made Child Is Father to the Man, which was done largely under the direction of singer/songwriter/keyboard player Al Kooper. They had certain similarities to the original: the musical mixture of classical, jazz and rock elements was still apparent, and the interplay between the horns and the keyboards was still occurring, even if those instruments were being played by different people. LP = APPR 9720 $34.99

RCA SACDs Mahler: Symphony No. 4/David Zinman

Proprius SACD Georg Gulyas – Georg Gulyas Plays Bach Georg Gulyas’ two previous discs on the Proprius label have won widespread critical acclaim. The latest of them, featuring music by Albeniz, Ponce and Tarrega was awarded the prize for Best Instrumental Music at the 2006 Audiophile Recordings Awards in Hong Kong. Georg Gulyas has made a number of appearances with the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra. In recent years he has also toured in Japan, the USA and Latin America and he regularly performs in Russia. SACD = CPRO 2041 SA $29.99

“Most Mahler recordings these days are worth hearing; this is one to live with.” - The Philadelphia Inquirer “Everything is beautifully placed...with exemplary clarity and brightness.” - BBC Music Magazine Best-selling American conductor, David Zinman conducts the Tonahalle Orchestra Zurich on Mahler: Symphony No. 4, the most accessible and one of the loveliest symphonies in the cycle. Celebrated soprano Luba Orgonasova is the soloist for the fourth movement’s beloved song “Das himmlische Leben.” SACD = CRCA 16852 SA $14.98


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Late Arrivals! U2 - War AISL 1083201 $19.98

To celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the vinyl album format, Universal is releasing 22 new and classic LPs. And if this first batch is successful, UNI says they plan to continue their "Back To Black" campaign. Yeehaw!

U2 - Boy AISL 1084301 $19.98 U2 - October AISL 1082901 $19.98

Check out the first of what we hope will be many titles to come

Supertramp Breakfast in America AA&M 137081 - $19.98

Peter Frampton The Police Frampton Comes Alive Zenyatta Mondatta AA&M 165051 - $24.98 (2LPs) AA&M 775311 - $19.98

Jimi Hendrix Axis: Bold As Love AGEF 11601 - $24.98

Steely Dan Gaucho AGEF 1693 - $19.98

Jimi Hendrix Are You Experienced? AGEF 211608 - $24.98 (2LPs)

Aerosmith Pump AGEF 24254 - $19.98

Cat Stevens Tea For The Tillerman AISL 1775312 - $19.98

Elton John The Captain & The Kid AMER 1705730 - $19.98

Def Leppard Hysteria AMER 1775319 - $19.98

Van Morrison Tupelo Honey APLD 1775313 - $19.98

Cream Disraeli Gears APLD 1775315 - $19.98

Blind Faith Blind Faith APLD 1775316 - $19.98

KISS Marvin Gaye Alive! I Want You AMER 8227801 - $24.98 (2LPs) AMOT 952921 - $19.98

Eric Clapton 461 Ocean Boulevard APLD 1775318 - $19.98

James Brown Live at the Apollo APLD 434791 - $19.98

ABBA The Album APLD 5499701 - $19.98

Eminem The Marshall Mathers LP AARM 90629 - $24.98 (2LPs)



RCA – Reference Recordings

Beethoven: Symphony Nos. 4 & 7/Paavo Jarvi

Real World LPs Big Blue Ball – Big Blue Ball

Grammy-award winner Paavo Jarvi, the celebrated Music Director of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, leads the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen on the second disc of Sony BMG Masterworks’ first Beethoven Cycle recorded for multichannel hybrid SACD. The Estonian-born Jarvi is one of the world’s most sough-after conductors; in addition to his duties with Cincinnati, he is the Artistic Director of the Deutsch Kammerphilharmonie Bremen, Music Director of the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra and was just named the next Music Director for L’Orchestre de Paris. SACD = CRCA 21418 SA $18.98

RCA Living Stereo (Classic Records) LP

An album of all-star international collaborations which grew from “recording weeks” at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios in the early 1990s. Featuring Gabriel, Karl Wallinger, Joseph Arthur, Sinead O’Connor, Papa Wemba, Natacha Atlas, Holmes Brothers, Hukwe Zawose and more. Produced by Gabriel, Wallinger (World Party) and Stephen Hague (Pet Shop Boys, New Order). LP = ARWL 150 $19.98 (two LPs) LP = ARWL 152 $24.98 (150 gram) (two blue 45-RPM Limited Edition LPs)

Red Ink LP

Khachaturian: The Masquerade Suite/ Kabalevsky: The Comedians/Kiril Kondrashin

Glen Hansard, Markerta Irglova – Once Academy Award Winner: Music (Song) Once - “Falling Slowly” Music and Lyric by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova The starring roles in Once, the little movie that could by writer/director John Carney, stars the Frames’ Glen Hansard and Czech singer and songwriter Marketa Irglova. The songs, representing those of character Guy, and his collaborator Girl, are made up of simple and attractive acoustic pop, full of guitars, piano, a small drum kit and electric bass, with some supplemental instruments. Sung by one, the other, or the pair, they offer a sweet and moving little soundtrack to this quirky film that offers no easy

One of the best sounding recordings in the Living Stereo catalog, especially Side Two with The Comedians. LP = ALSC 2398Q $32.99

RCA Red Seal SACDs Schumann: Das Paradies Und Die Peri/Nikolaus Harnoncourt “The musical adventurer par excellence…the scholarly conductor with temperament, the thinking musician who makes music with rough edges.” – Gramophone A new live recording of the rarely performed Schumann Oratorio by the critically acclaimed German conductor Nikolaus Harnocourt. Das Paradies und die Peri tells the story of the Peri, a creature from Persian and Islamic mythology. She has been expelled from Paradise and tries to regain entrance by giving the gift that is most clear to heaven. Eventually, the Peri is admitted after bringing a tear from the cheek of a repentant old sinner who has been moved by a child praying. SACD = CRCA 27155 SA $24.98 (two discs)

RECOMMENDED Verve Forecast LPs Lizz Wright – The Orchard Every once in awhile here at Acoustic Sounds, we identify an artist or record that may have previously flown under the radar but that we think has a real chance to become a big-time audiophile hit. Lizz Wright’s The Orchard is exactly that kind of record. At first, we were struck by the beautiful quality of the gatefold jacket. We then noticed that production credits went to Craig Street, who has also produced Norah Jones, Holly Cole, Cassandra Wilson, John Legend and many others. But the real treat came when we gave it a spin. Very sparse arrangements, good, beefy bass and killer music. In short, it’s great music, recorded very well. Lizz Wright’s first two Verve releases, Salt and Dreaming Wide Awake, established her as one of the jazz world’s most celebrated rising stars, both an accomplished songwriter and a versatile, deeply expressive singer. On her third album, The Orchard, the Georgia-bred, New York-based artist takes a substantial leap forward, transcending genre distinctions to deliver a vibrant, intensely creative milestone. The largely self-penned The Orchard finds Wright mining her own experience to create an unmistakably personal musical statement. The warmth and resonance of Wright’s gospel-trained contralto is matched by the intimacy and authority of such original compositions as “Coming Home,” “My Heart,” “Another Angel” and “When I Fall.” LP = AVFC 1761022 $49.99 (two LPs) (import) 134


answers and asks plenty of questions. LP = ARED 10586 $19.98

Reference Recordings HDCDs Mary Preston – Organ Odyssey “A magnificent instrument – registered perfectly. Mary Preston’s playing is exciting and impeccable. In short, this is a perfect match of performer, music and organ, and the result is as it should be, a great recording.” – Organist’s Review “Mary Preston’s playing is uniformly brilliant. The opening Dupre unfolds in a most satisfying way; the Widor is projected with immense character and yet finesse, while the Durufle Suite seems to be second nature to her. A wonderful record to which one can return each time to find greater depths.” – American Organist Anyone who loves organ music and great sound will be thrilled! One of America’s grandest pipe organ installations, by C.B. Fisk. Preston is the Resident Organist and Principal/Lay Family Chair with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. HDCD = CREF 113 $16.98

Mike Garson – Jazz Hat! Best known as the music director for David Bowie, Mike Garson is perhaps the most versatile pianist working today. For this project, Garson attracted some big names in jazz: Briam Bromberg (bass), Eric Marienthal (sax) and Ralph Humphry (drums). The “Prof.” Johnson HDCD recording was made in a fine concert hall, and has RR’s most vivid jazz sonics. These tracks were initially released as The Oxnard Sessions, Vol. II in 1993. The re-release includes a long-outof-print solo improvisation, “A Gershwin Fantasia.” HDCD = CREF 114 $16.98

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Reprise – Reprise (Classic Records)

Reprise DVDs, DVD Audio, CDs, & LPs Donald Fagen – Nightfly Trilogy: The Nightfly, Kamakiriad, Morph The Cat Nightfly Trilogy is an unprecedented seven-disc box set spotlighting Steely Dan co-founder Donald Fagen’s three acclaimed solo albums: The Nightfly, Kamakiriad and Morph The Cat. The box features CDs of each of the nowclassic albums, plus a trio of groundbreaking Music Video Interactive (MVI) discs, one for each title. Rounding out the expansive set, which was produced in collaboration with Fagen, is a seventh bonus CD compiling 10 audio rarities, including previously unreleased cuts. MVI is a new DVD-based music format that, in addition to offering a complete album and all the features of an audio disc, delivers more video and interactive extras – there is also one-click capability to save digital music files onto any hard drive. Each Donald Fagen MVI disc is presented in Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 Surround Sound with bonus material in Advanced Resolution PCM Stereo (48kHz/24-bit). DVD = CREP 43325 $59.98 (three DVDs + four CDs)

Serj Tankian – Elect The Dead That System of a Down had become one of metal’s most popular, creative and ambitious acts by 2007 was no secret and was underscored by the appearance of Elect The Dead, the solo debut by System lead singer and lyricist Serj Tankian. Like his music with System of a Down, Tankian’s solo work is highly progressive, blending metal, industrial, acoustic passages and jazz and classical flourishes in one bone-crushing, carnivalesque mindwarp. LP = AREP 286076 $24.98 (two LPs + Bonus CD)

Disturbed – Indestructible Nearly a decade after the release of their groundbreaking debut, The Sickness, Disturbed have become one of the most respected bands in the hard-rock universe thanks not only to pummeling riffs and jackhammer beats but passionate insights into our troubled times. Three platinum-plus albums – Believe and Ten Thousand Fists charted No. 1 – have led to Indestructible, the group’s darkest, angriest outing yet. LP = AREP 411132 $29.98 (two LPs + CD)

Mudcrutch – Mudcrutch “I just finished a record with Mudcrutch, my old band before the Heartbreakers. I am over the moon about it. I couldn’t have hoped for it to be as good as it came out.” – Tom Petty Tom Petty and his childhood buddy Tom Leadon go back a long ways in bands together. They initially were in a Gainsville, Florida band called the Epics before forming Mudcrutch along with Mike Campbell and Randall Marsh. This was all before the Heartbreakers, obviously. Well now, more than 30 years later, Mudcrutch is back together and includes Heartbreaker Benmont Tench. The group recorded 18 old and new songs, 14 of which made this self-titled release. LP = AREP 455868 $29.98 (two LPs + bonus cd)

Foxboro Hottubs – Stop Drop and Roll!! Green Day’s Side Project Imagine a big-time punk-pop trio from the Oakland area deciding, for fun, to record a cool song that reminded them of ‘60s garage rock – adventurous, reckless and edgy but with a “doo-doo-doo” party sound. Imagine the lovechild of an unholy marriage between The Stooges and Tommy James and the Shondells. Imagine the track, “Mother Mary,” leaking out and amazingly going Top 20 Modern Rock. Imagine the mysterious “new” band then deciding to release an EP for free on the Internet. Now imagine a fulllength album – an actual album you can hold in your hands, just like way back before the dawn of the new millennium! Imagine Foxboro Hottubs and the album Stop Drop And Roll. LP = AREP 471100 $18.98 (LP + CD)

Reprise (Classic Records) LPs Neil Young – Chrome Dreams II Thirty years after Neil Young’s original 1977 Chrome Dreams recording – an album that was surprisingly shelved by the record company – Young recaptures the fire and diversity of that period. Drawing from three songs written previously and seven new songs, the latest Neil Young includes a wide mix. Acoustic, electric, aggressive, melodic – it’s all that and more. Young, with a backing band that includes Crazy Horse drummer Ralph Molina, bassist Rick Rosas and pedal steel guitarist Ben Keith, jams through 10 numbers, including two monster tracks that time out at 18:30 and 13:00. Chrome Dreams II is Young’s seventh studio album in as many years. LP = AREP 311932 $39.98 (two LPs)

Neil Young – Live at Massey Hall Given an “official” release by Young’s planned-archive series, this follow-up to his Live at the Fillmore East (featuring Crazy Horse) is an all-acoustic, solo outing from January 1971. Only 25 years ago, and with the highs (and lows) of the Buffalo Springfield, CSN&Y and three solo albums under his belt, Neil went home to Canada and delivered a majestic set of just voice and either flat-top guitar or piano. Bootlegged recordings of this tour are infamous among fans and have been passed around for decades. The official mix from his personal tapes is a Godsend, positioning the listener front row center, catching a budding rock legend in his early prime. Mastered by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering from analog master tapes prepared by John Nowland at Neil’s Ranch and pressed exclusively on Classic Records’ proprietary 200-gram super vinyl profile. LP = AREP 43328Q $43.99 (two LPs) (200 gram)

Neil Young – Living With War: In The Beginning A stripped-down, unpolished version of 2006’s Living With War, with choir and overdubs having been jettisoned, delivers an even more powerful, jacked-up conduit of the message. Recorded live in the studio in only two weeks with sparse musical support, it’s hardly subtle themes and lyrics (“Let’s Impeach The President”) are Young’s personal shock and awe, commenting, as he had swiftly done on the 1969 Kent State killings (“Ohio”), on the political turmoil in the U.S. and its war on terrorism. The original version fanned the flames and both doves and hawks were glad when it faded from the news. This new version is bound to keep the heat up for some time. Mastered and cut by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood from the original demo mix master tapes gives this compendium edition a rawer, more edgy sound – similar to other recent NY releases. Additionally, all new gatefold artwork makes this package a natural, “must have” alternate version of the first release of Living With War in 2006. Includes 14page album-sized booklet. LP = AREP 43265Q $32.99 (200 gram)

Neil Young – Live at Fillmore East The long-anticipated first release of many promised live shows from Young’s personal archives, Live at the Fillmore East from 1970 (on the same bill with Miles Davis: how cool is that?!), has only been heard on various bootlegged versions, until now. This tour, in support of the album Everyone Knows This Is Nowhere, features Young backed by Crazy Horse plus renowned arranger and future Young collaborator, the late Jack Nitzsche on piano. Staples such as “Down By The River,” “Cowgirl In The Sand” and “Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere” get the full, stretched treatment that Young’s shows would become famous for. A great slice of prime Neil Young and friends in all their raw, ragged and rockin’ glory. Mastered and cut by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood from analog master tapes prepared by John Nowland at Neil Young’s Studio. LP = AREP 44429Q $32.99 (200 gram)

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Republic – Rock The House (Classic Records)

Republic LP

Rhode Island Guild CD Mason Jennings – In The Ever

Singer/songwriter Mason Jennings is one of the bestkept secrets in pop music. In his adopted home of Minneapolis his shows draw 3,000 fans. He was handpicked by music supervisor Randall Poster to perform two Dylan songs, “The Times They Are A-Changin’” and “The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll,” in Todd Haynes’ acclaimed I’m Not There, both on the soundtrack album, and lip-synched by Christian Bale in the movie. And now, his sixth full-length album, In The Ever, is being released on Jack Johnson’s Brushfire Records, after the chart-topping performer personally recruited him for the label. In The Ever continues Jennings’ spiritual journey, informed by his love of influences like Leadbelly, Mississippi John Hurt, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and Led Zeppelin. Johnson appears one track as guest artist. LP = ARPB 1124001 $15.98 (includes MP3)

Rhino LPs

Rhode Island Chapter of American Guild of Organists – Pipes Rhode Island “…The sonic impact of this CD is tremendous: crushing, thunderous, tight deep-bass notes shudder the air and rattle loose objects. In fact, when played too loud, the sustained pedal notes blow the circuit breakers in my house.” Stereophile Records To Die For – Larry Greenhill, Stereophile, February 2008 “…A delightful program that I highly recommend to all organ connoisseurs.” – Atlanta Audio Society Pipes Rhode Island is the first-ever survey recording documenting many of the historical and significant pipe organs of Rhode Island, featuring 11 different organs in English Renaissance, North German Baroque, Italian, American Classic, American Eclectic and French styles. John Marks of JMR and Stereophile magazine assisted in production and engineering. CD = CRIA 101 $16.99

Rhymoi Music LP Various Artists – Juno The soundtrack album for 2007’s Fox Searchlight Pictures’ feature film Juno blends alt-rock stand-outs and classic hits for an engaging musical companion to the acclaimed coming-of-age tale. Ellen Page, who stars as Juno in what is being hailed as a major breakthrough performance, was actively involved in selecting music for the film. Highlights include The Moldy Peaches’ “Anyone Else But You” (Page and co-star Michael Cera also perform their version to close the album) – Kimya Dawson’s “So Nice So Smart” and the Mott the Hoople classic “All The Young Dudes.” LP = ARHI 432700 $13.98

The Pogues – If I Should Fall From Grace With God Fronted by the poetic spirit and raging, often besotted stage antics of lead singer-songwriter Shane MacGowan, The Pogues made unforgettable music that terms such as “Celtic punk”, “trad-fusion”, or “progressive-folk” only begin to describe. This, their 1988 masterpiece, produced by Grammy winner Steve Lillywhite, marked their Billboard album chart debut. Standouts include “The Broad Majestic Shannon”, “Bottle Of Smoke”, “Birmingham Six”, and “Fairytale Of New York”. LP = ARHI 74156 $17.98

The Pogues – Rum, Sodomy and the Lash Fronted by the poetic spirit and raging, often besotted stage antics of lead singer-songwriter Shane MacGowan, The Pogues made unforgettable music that terms such as “Celtic punk”, “trad-fusion”, or “progressive-folk” only begin to describe. This is their brilliant second LP, produced by Elvis Costello. Highlights include “The Sick Bed Of Cuchulainn”, “I’m A Man You Don’t Meet Every Day”, “The Band Played Waltzing Matilda”, and “A Pair Of Brown Eyes”. LP = ARHI 74157 $17.98

Bootsy’s Rubber Band – Stretchin’ Out In William “Bootsy” Collins started off with his brother Phelps “Catfish” Collins in The Pacesetters in 1968, which soon after became the backing band for James Brown. Three years later he joined George Clinton’s Parliament/Funkadelic. By 1976 he went solo, continuing in the P-Funk vein, creating imaginary characters, silly lyrics, and most importantly, some of the nastiest funk known to mankind. Stretchin’ Out In features some of Bootsy’s best known songs, including “Stretchin’ Out (In A Rubber Band)” and “I’d Rather Be With You”. Pressed on 180-gram HQ heavy vinyl. All original packaging. LP = ARHI 76445 $17.98

Various Artists – Dream of An Opera To present the best of the Chinese national treasures, this collection features 10 of the best known operas, chosen from an archive of thousands. Of more than 300 opera forms, the 10 different pieces here are by far the most popular and each distinctly representative of a local culture. Featuring Peking, Kun, Yu, Yue and Chuan operas amongst others, the album brings one surprise after another, never allowing a moment of dullness. Oriental instruments varied in tonality and texture ring with vitality that so closely resembles the human voice, listeners will surely be amazed. Supported by an ensemble matching the power of Western philharmonics, the thinness and delicacy of Chinese opera is exchanged for a stronger, rounder and warmer sound. LP = ARMC 006 $39.99 (deluxe box and booklet)

Rock The House (Classic Records) LPs Various Artists – Music From Vanilla Sky Existing vocabulary fails to illustrate the depth and magnitude of a life in speculation as conveyed in Cameron Crowe’s film Vanilla Sky. This modern, pop culture thrill-ride will leave your brain tingling and your previous perspective on everything quite shaken. This is in part due to the equally evocative and contemporary soundtrack featuring the likes of R.E.M., Radiohead, Sir Paul McCartney, Peter Gabriel, Red House Painters, Josh Rouse, Siqur Rose, Jeff Buckley, Bob Dylan, Nancy Wilson and the Chemical Brothers among others. Each limited edition two-LP set comes with an actual piece of the film itself! Now on 200gram vinyl! LP = ARTH 2002Q $43.99 (two LPs)

Dido – No Angel The title notwithstanding, this debut from the former Faithless singer is pretty angelic-sounding stuff. You’re bound to think of Sinead O’Connor, but the comparison is as misleading as it is inevitable. Granted, Dido’s ethereal vocals here frequently recall O’Connor; but Dido’s music, while inventively augmented with electronics, is generally less adventurous. Ditto No Angel’s lyrics, which focus almost exclusively on love, lust, and relationships. That said, the fact remains that this is an auspicious and highly listenable album; atmospheric, seductive, and beautifully produced and sequenced. - Jeff Burger LP = ARTH 2003 $32.99


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Rock The House (Classic Records) – Rough Trade

Jimi Hendrix – Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues

Rockwell Records LPs Elvis Presley – I Was The One

As part of the numerous compilations issued in conjunction with the major television documentary series The Blues, this is a collection of blues-oriented Hendrix recordings. There is a previous compilation of Hendrix’ blues-oriented work in 1994, simply titled Blues, but very little of that material is repeated on this release. This release works as a fine grouping of some of Hendrix’ bluesiest recordings for those listeners who want to plunge especially deep into one facet of his repertoire. “Red House” and “Voodoo Chile” are by far the most celebrated tracks here. The fine Earl King cover “Come On (Let the Good Times Roll)” (from Electric Ladyland) is the only other song that came out in Hendrix’ lifetime. The other selections vary from inspired (“Hear My Train a Comin’,” recorded in early 1969 with the original Jimi Hendrix Experience lineup, and a solo “Midnight Lightning”) to straight ahead jams, with Hendrix’ imaginative virtuosity and affinity for the blues evident. This being a posthumous Hendrix release, it couldn’t be complete without a couple of previously unissued tracks to tempt the completists Those are the 1969 outtakes “Georgia Blues,” on which Hendrix is actually more like a backing musician for Lonnie Youngblood (who takes lead vocals), and “Blue Window,” a nearly 13minute outing that gives vent to his jazzier tendencies, the arrangement also featuring organ, three saxophones and two trumpets. The liner notes about Jimi’s blues record-collecting habits by mid-’60s girlfriend Faye Pridgon are also pretty cool. A must for Hendrix LP lovers. LP = ARTH 2009 $43.99 (two LPs)

A beautiful 12-inch picture disc, limited to just 2,000 copies worldwide. Featuring The King’s earliest studio recordings from 1954, 1955 and 1956, this picture disc is stunning and highly likely to increase in value and become a collectors item in the future. LP = ARWR 002-P $39.99 (picture disc)

Elvis Presley – Any Way You Want Me Any Way You Want Me is a beautiful 12-inch picture disc limited to just 2,000 copies worldwide. This release feature The King’s studio recordings from 1956. LP = ARWR 003-P $39.99 (picture disc)

Beth Orton – Central Reservation On her stunning sophomore album, Central Reservation, Beth Orton slips free of the electronic textures that colored her acclaimed 1996 debut, Trailer Park, stripping her music down to its raw essentials to produce a work of stark simplicity and rare poignancy. With the exception of a pair of Ben Watt-produced tracks (“Stars All Seem To Weep” and a remix of the title cut), Central Reservation rejects synthetic sounds and beats all together in favor of an organic atmosphere somewhere between folk, jazz and the blues; the focal point is instead Orton’s evocatively soulful voice, which invests songs like “Sweetest Decline” and “Feel To Believe” with remarkable warmth and

Blind Willie McTell – Atlanta Strut Atlanta Strut, pressed on heavyweight black vinyl, features Blind Willie McTell’s earliest recordings from 1927 through 1929. A folk hero and an inspiration to many, Blind Willie McTell was a long way removed from the tortured, troubled bluesmen of the Delta scene. Yet by helping define the East Coast style with his precise, distinctive 12-string guitar playing and his clear, melodic voice, his role in the development of the blues was no less important. LP = ARWR 004 $19.99

honesty. LP = ARTH 2011 $43.99 (two LPs)

Dido – Life for Rent Life For Rent doesn’t offer anything that drastically different from Dido’s debut album, No Angel. She has a sweet, warm voice and a knack for tuneful modern folk-pop that sounds intimate while being confidently catchy and nicely atmospheric. Dido’s songs easily work their way into the subconscious, and the records are well-crafted enough to be engaging on repeated plays. This is one that’s sure to become an audiophile favorite. LP = ARTH 2015 $32.99

Rough Trade LPs Scritti Politti – Early Scritti Politti appear here in their classic post-punk bass/drums/guitar trio. Early collects the entire Rough Trade discography 1978-1981 from the debut Skank Bloc Bologna EP, 2nd Peel Session, Pre-Langue EP, through to the lovers soul breakthrough of The Sweetest Girl. Essential listening. LP = ARUF 188 $19.98 (two LPs + MP3)

Aaron Neville – Warm Your Heart Aaron Neville collaborates with Linda Ronstadt, Rita Coolidge, Dr. John, David Lindley and others on this starstudded effort. The album starts with a great version of Randy Newman’s “Louisiana” and also includes “Feels Like Rain,” “Ave Maria,” “Please Stay,” “Angola Bound” and the hit “Close Your Eyes” as a duet with Ronstadt. This longtime audiophile favorite was produced by Neville, Ronstadt and George Massenburg who also engineered and mixed the tracks. This is one of those records that gets to the end of a side too quickly, but what a delight when you turn it over to play the other side. Mastered by Bernie Grundman from the original master tapes and cut on an all-tube cutting system. LP = ARTH 5354 $32.99


The Long Blondes – Couples Familiar retro influences, like Pet Shop Boys, Blondie, and Pulp are recalled but not imitated, resulting in an original and relevant sophomore album. With their signature down-to-earth narratives forming intelligent and sharp observations about romance and life, one might get an impression of a group with their feet firmly on the ground. These lyrics, however, are set to a rich, synthy, electronic sound that suggest the moment New Order’s eardrums first vibrated to house and disco in NYC, 1981. The Long Blondes’ Kate Jackson sings like she has amazing taste in lipstick, delivering smart, sex-as-a-weapon lyrics with a swaggering smirk that conveys both glamcharged confidence and femme-specific vulnerability. - Spin LP = ARUF 464 $15.98 (includes MP3)

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Roulette (Pure Pleasure Records) – Secret City Records

Roulette (Pure Pleasure Records) LP

Saddle Creek LPs

Betty Carter – Now It’s My Turn

Bright Eyes – Lifted or The Story is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground

Arguably the most adventurous female jazz singer of all time, Betty Carter was an idiosyncratic stylist and a restless improviser who pushed the limits of melody and harmony as much as any bebop horn player. The husky-voiced Carter was capable of radical, off-the-cuff re-workings of whatever she sang, abruptly changing tempos and dynamics, or rearranging the lyrics into distinctive, off-the-beat rhythmic patterns. LP = APPR 5005 $34.99

Rounder LP

Nebraskan singer/songwriter Conor Oberst began combining troubadourism with emo rock at a ridiculously early age, inspired by the older, more literate Nebraska cult hero Simon Joyner (whose huge influence is somehow always overlooked by journalists). Recording prolifically for local indie label Saddle Creek, Oberst (as Bright Eyes, with or without accompaniment) gradually refined his Neil Young-with-ADD sound over the years. Lifted or The Story is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground is his most ambitious outing to date, featuring keyboards, horns, woodwinds, strings, etc. LP = ASAD 461 $18.98

Kathleen Edwards – Asking For Flowers

Cursive – Happy Hollow

Kathleen Edwards’ Asking for Flowers is her first new album in three years, and the acclaimed artist’s most penetrating collection to date. Asking for Flowers features eleven new songs, all written by Edwards, and finds her performing at the peak of her creative powers. LP = AROU 1115 $19.98

After more than a year’s hiatus, Cursive’s reemergence finds the freshly reconstituted quartet as self-assured and assertive as ever. And rather than retread familiar artistic ground for which they’ve accrued accolades by the vanload, Cursive has unfurled their most adventurous and accomplished work to date, Happy Hollow. Happy Hollow is an expansion of Cursive’s trademark discordant swell: dissonant yet distinctively melodic guitar sounds and frontman Kasher’s ever-cathartic yowl mesh and clash with horns, piano, accordion and other various instrumentation. LP = ASAD 941 $12.98

Tokyo Police Club – Elephant Shell

Rykodisc LPs Joe Jackson – Rain When Joe Jackson went into an East Berlin recording studio with the rhythm section that has accompanied him, off and on, for nearly three decades, he had the most strikingly simple line-up in mind: just piano, bass, drums and his unmistakable, eternally yearning voice. As he later pondered a name for his compellingly to-the-point collection of 10 new songs, he took a similar approach. “I wanted something elemental because that’s the kind of album I wanted to make,” Jackson explains. “There is no padding on it at all; the album is stripped to the bare essentials, so I hope it has a timeless quality. The title seems to fit.” LP = ARYK 10921 $16.98

Gary Louris – Vagabonds As singer, guitarist and songwriter of the Jayhawks, Gary Louris built a deeply compelling body of music whose artistry and integrity won the loyalty of an international audience and the respect of both critics and his peers. With Vagabonds, Louris launches into his solo career on a high note, delivering a deeply felt, exquisitely crafted set that features some of his most evocative and personallycharged work to date. LP = ARYK 10925 $19.98

Their 2006 EP, A Lesson In Crime, elicited raves from Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, Interview, Blender, and Nylon, among others. Since then, TPC have been touring virtually nonstop, pausing only to release last year’s Smith EP and the digital-only single, “Your English Is Good.” Now Ontario’s favorite sons offer their first full-length title. LP = ASAD 10116 $14.98

Neva Dinova – You May Already Be Dreaming Neva Dinova’s third full-length is a lush, largely electric affair, rich with the rural textures that pepper releases from the band’s Omaha contemporaries. They have continually evolved their melancholic sound, making masterful use of counterbalanced melodies and poetic lyricism. This is their most fluid and realized effort to date. LP = ASAD 10117 $14.98

Secret City Records LPs Plants and Animals – Parc Avenue

Elf power – In a Cave Elf Power’s ninth album, In A Cave, blasts them past their familiar territories of their previous records and lands them on exciting new terrain. Granted, the Elves’ sound is still founded on the bedrock attributes that make them memorable: Andrew Rieger’s otherworldly lyrical stances, their easy way with melody and an overall eclectic approach towards making music. In A Cave finds Elf Power filtering their powerful live sound through varies, experimental recording processes and approaches; the new album plays like a spirited, exploratory series of treatments on the tried-and-true Elf Power sound. LP = ARYK 10942 $16.98



Parc Avenue is the hotly anticipated full-length debut from Montreal trio Plants and Animals, a sprawling opus that owes as much to the spirit of Nina Simone and Ali Farka Toure as it does to the epic sound of Montreal contemporaries Arcade Fire (whose Sarah Neufeld guests on the album). Recorded entirely to analog tape, from classic ‘70s guitar tones to folky ballads and sea shantiesturned-post-rock, Parc Avenue is a monumental release in the sense of rock and roll roots re-invented. LP = ASCR 008 $22.98 (two LPs)

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Secretly Canadian – Sheffield Lab

Secretly Canadian LPs

Sheffield Lab CDs

Jens Lekman – Oh You’re So Silent Jens

Erich Leinsdorf – The Sheffield-Leinsdorf Sessions, Volume I

Preceding his successful debut full-length, When I Said I Wanted To Be Your Dog, Lekman released three little gems. Gems that didn’t reach as far as the LP…but damn, were those perfect nuggets. First came Maple Leaves (a concise pop masterpiece with such poignant hits as “Black Cab” and “Maple Leaves”), then came the Rocky Dennis EP (a more personal and bittersweet affair in which Jens celebrates and eventually retires his enormous alter ego, Rocky Dennis) and You Are The Light (the perfect harmony between the previous two EPs including the wondrous title track of horns, love and misdemeanors). Now, at last, all of that lost material on one release.

L.A. Philharmonic, Erich Leinsdorf, conducting. Prokofiev: “Excerpts from the Ballet,” Romeo and Juliet; Debussy: “Afternoon of a Faun;” Wagner: “Forest Murmurs” (from Siegfried). This memorial tribute to Mr. Leinsdorf features a completely remastered edition from Sheffield’s internationally acclaimed direct disc recording sessions. CD = CSHE 10043 $17.99

Various Artists – The Sheffield Pop Experience All the vocal and instrumental performances that have wooed pop listeners and critics alike on one CD! Selections feature Michael Ruff, Clair Marlo, Thelma Houston, Tower Of Power and many more. CD = CSHE 10053 $19.99

LP = ASEC 126 $14.98

Throw Me The Statue – Moonbeams The Seattle band’s debut is a wondrous concoction of fuzzed out synths, brass ensembles and epic vocal melodies. At the album’s core is a sharp sense of melody, a cutting lyrical honesty and a bludgeoning beat that brings to mind the whimsy of Magnetic Fields, the lyrical expanse of The Microphones and the lo-fi bliss of Eric’s Trip. LP = ASEC 168 $14.98

Richard Swift – Richard Swift As Onasis Richard Swift is like a Harry Nilsson for the aughts, with jaunty, tuneful songs that nudge show-tune territory, but are saved in time by a cloudy, thoroughly indie sensibility. On Richard Swift As Onasis, Swift adopts a more experimental attitude, with less songcraft but lots of exciting excursions into greasy blues, organ-fueled krautrock, and Pixies-ish angst-pop. Big distorted guitars, minimal vocals, and simple, joyfully sloppy drumming prevail over the stylistic shifts. LP = ASEC 50173 $14.98

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Amanda McBroom – The Amanda Albums Amanda McBroom’s recording career began on an MGM soundstage where Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers had overdubbed the sounds of their tap routines over 40 years before. It was 1980 and she recorded direct-to-disc – not tape, no overdubs, no mixing, no fixing – for the prestigious vinyl audiophile label Sheffield Lab Recordings. Growing Up In Hollywood Town became an audiophile classic around the world and set a new standard for vinyl recording and Hi-Fi stereo reproduction. Billboard called the LP a “stunning artistic success” and Amanda became “the queen of the high end” for the purity of her vocals and the emotional depth of her songs. Sheffield released a second McBroom direct-to-disc recording entitled West Of Oz in 1981. Both recordings were compiled and rereleased as Amanda by Sheffield in 1996. CD = CSHE 10080 $19.99

My Morning Jacket/ Z AATO 21601 ..........................................$19.98 My Morning Jacket/ Acoustic Citsuoca AATO 21624 ..........................................$19.98 My Morning Jacket/ It Still Moves AATO 21599 ..........................................$19.98 My Morning Jacket/ Evil Urges AATO 21626 ..........................................$19.98 Liz Phair/ Exile in Guyville AATO 21627 ..........................................$24.98 Radiohead/ In Rainbows ATBD 21623 ..........................................$16.98 Rose Hill Drive/ Moon is the Earth AMEG 1223............................................$15.98 Black Keys/ Chulahoma AFAT 10321............................................$14.98 Hayden/ In Field & Town AFAT 11151............................................$14.98 Elmo Williams & Hezekiah Early/ American Made AFAT 20020............................................$16.98 Joe Callicot/ Ain’t A Gonna Lie to You AFAT 80360............................................$16.98 Black Crowes/ War Paint AMRI 611275 ........................................$17.98 Dinosaur Jr./ Beyond AFAT 10811............................................$19.98 Son Volt/ On Chant and Strum ALEG 12883 ..........................................$29.98 Wild Sweet Orange/ We Have Cause to be Uneasy ARED 21356 ..........................................$16.98 The Ting Tings/ We Started Nothing ARED 28925 ..........................................$16.98 “I Buy Vinyl” Tote S VINYL BAG ........................................$9.95



Sheffield Lab – Sony

Madalyn Parnas, violin & Cicely Parnas, cello – Parnas Double This brand new release introduces two extraordinary young musicians, violinist Madalyn Parnas, 16, and cellist Cicely Parnas, 14, in brilliant performances of fascinating repertoire for violin and cello – colorful and dramatic duos which span the period of the late nineteenth to the beginning of the twenty-first century. Dan Czernecki’s natural stereo microphone pickup captured the instruments and the acoustical space with accurate and very pleasing spatial placement, depth and smooth frequency response. The musical performances are dynamic, expressive and virtuosic to a high degree. CD = CSHE 10082 $19.99

Sheffield Lab – The Sheffield Track & Drum Record Dynamics and sheer energy at their best! The drum solos are a severe test for any Hi-Fi system if played – as they should be – extremely loud (a live drum kit sounds very loud). A realistic 3D image is included too. A great demonstration disc. CD = CSHE 10081 $19.99

Various Artists – My Disc: The Sheffield A2TB Test CD A Sheffield favorite, this disc thoroughly evaluates not only your components performance, but the listening environment, and your personal critical listening ability as well. six complete music tracks from Sheffield, plus 80 technical tracks using the In The Ear (ITE) recording process - using the transfer function of the human head ear canal, encoded into the recording. CD = CSHE 10508 $17.99

Silver Arrow LP The Black Crowes – Warpaint Warpaint is The Black Crowes’ first album of all-new studio material in seven years! Mention The Black Crowes to any music fan and you will get a jaw-dropping response! The Black Crowes have sold more than 20 million albums worldwide and are known as one of rock’s best live acts. The title of their new effort is said to signify “the revolution that could take place in all our souls.” Produced, engineered and mixed by Paul Stacey, Warpaint features 11 songs, all of which were written by Chris and Rich Robinson, except “God’s Got It” by the Reverend Charlie Jackson. Two new band members – guitarist Luther Dickinson (of North Mississippi Allstars) and keyboardist Adam MacDougall – join Chris and Rich and drummer Steve Gorman and bassist Sven Pipien. LP = AMRI 611275 $17.98

Body of War: Songs That Inspired an Iraq Veteran/Various Artists Body Of War is an intimate feature documentary about 25-year-old Thomas Young, who was paralyzed from a bullet to his spine while serving in the U.S. Army in Iraq. His story about dealing with his disability and finding his own unique and passionate voice against the war so moved Eddie Vedder that he wrote the song “No More” for the film. That song headlines this soundtrack, a musical anti-war statement that spans genres and generations. From country to punk, hip-hop to Modern Rock. “The songs collected here are the sounds that have helped to inspire me and keep me going as I struggle to find the strength to deal with my new physical limitations while trying to find the energy to fight when many parts of my body and brain are telling me to stop…Each song you hear you’re hearing because I found a meaning in it that helped focus a number of emotions and turn them into something that I hope will ultimately be positive.” – Thomas Young LP = ASIR 435772 $24.98 (three LPs)

Softail Records LP Ray Montford – A Fragile Balance Critically acclaimed Canadian guitarist-composer, Ray Montford unveils his sixth album, A Fragile Balance, his most cinematic to date. Inspired by a series of unforeseen events, this is a soulful exploration of life’s journey’s, highlighted by Montford’s buttery blues/rock electric tones and deft acoustic fingerstyle work. Beginning with the haunting melody of “Honour This Land,” the album builds to a peak of rock orchestration in the epic “When Darkness Takes Flight,” propelled by powerful drumming reminiscent of the late John Bonham. Dynamically recorded with sparse arrangements and great sonics, the result is a cohesive tale of a mature artist. This is instrumental music that commands to be heard – at a healthy volume – offering a depth that will reveal new insights with each listen. LP = ASFT 07 $29.99

Sonic Youth Records LP Sonic Youth – J’Accuse Ted Hughes The seventh installment in Sonic Youth’s series of experimental and sometimes instrumental releases on the band’s own SYR label features on the A-side a previously unreleased 22-minute drone piece recorded at the All Tomorrows Parties festival in the UK in April of 2001. At ATP, the band previewed instrumental and early versions of songs from the then soon-to-be recorded NYC Ghosts & Flowers album, and this exclusive performance was the premiere of “J’Accuse Ted Hughes.” LP = ASYR 07 $10.98

Sony LPs Bach: The Art Of The Fugue/Glenn Gould

Sire LPs Armor For Sleep – Smile For Them New Jersey dream rock quartet Armor for Sleep’s emotionally charged lyrics, energetic live shows, and D.I.Y. work ethic have won them a loyal fan base. Singer/songwriter/guitarist Ben Jorgensen began writing songs the summer before his freshman year at college, and recorded two of them at a local studio. Weary of playing all the instruments himself, the self-admitted recluse found kindred spirits in bassist Anthony Dilonno and cousins Nash Breen (drums) and P.J. DeCicco (guitar). Buzz for the band grew quickly and their debut hit in the summer of 2002. Smile For Them is their third release. LP = ASIR 242108 $11.98

“‘The foremost pianist this continent has produced in recent decades,’ wrote critic Alfred Frankenstein in High Fidelity Magazine. ‘A pianist of divine guidance,’ added Jay Harrison in the New York Herald Tribune. A distinguished European critic, Heinrich Neuhaus, noted that he plays Bach ‘as if he were one of the pupils of the Thomasschule cantor…The music seems to speak through his playing.’ Such is the praise that has greeted each appearance of Glenn Gould, the distinguished Canadian pianist, who now adds new laurels to his crown as an organist.” – from the original 1962 liner notes LP = ASON 14764 $29.99


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Mozart: Piano Concerto/Glenn Gould “This record contains two Concerti which represent, virtually, the terminal positions of the literature for piano and orchestra. Possibly greater contrasts and/or historical point could have been obtained had we linked a concerto grosso (Handel, for instance) with a concerto grosso (Hindemith, perhaps) but for the purpose of illustrating the transition into and out of the great concerto manner these two works will do very well indeed. The assumption is, of course, that the concerto idée is now more or less an unserviceable mould for the present techniques of musical composition, although in the guessable future composers will undoubtedly find other means to satisfy the primeval human need for showing off.” – from the original 1962 liner notes LP = ASON 14765 $29.99

Stauss: Enoch Arden/Glenn Gould Enoch Arden was written in 1890 when its 26-year-old composer was fast becoming the most talked about young musician in Central Europe. In 10 years or so of intense activity he had managed to acquire two respectable conducting appointments (Meiningen and Munich Opera), to acquire a most formidable mentor in the person of Hans von Bulow and to turn out a dazzling succession of compositions – each one of which spoke the language of romantic tonality with an evermore singular Bavarian accent – culminating in the three most accomplished symphonic poems of his generation: Don Juan, Macbeth and Death and Transfiguration. LP = ASON 14766 $29.99

Glenn Gould – Plays His Own Transcriptions of Wagner Orchestral Showpieces In this album, Glen Gould demonstrates another facet of his Protean music personality. With these performances of his own transcriptions of excerpts from the works of Richard Wagner, he proves, beyond doubt, to be an interpreter whose knowledge of his basic material reveals a true correspondence of edge of his basic material reveals a true correspondence of feeling with the original author. More, he shows himself to be a creator of extraordinary imagination and fidelity in his transformation of Wagner’s orchestral sonorities into the languages of the piano. Mr. Gould’s transcription of the “Siegfried Idyll” was premiered on a radio recital for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in early 1973. Including herewith are some first-person program notes in the form of a conversation between Glenn Gould and C.B.C. announcer Ken Haslam on the pitfalls and pleasures of piano. LP = ASON 14828 $29.99

Bach: Goldberg Variations/Glenn Gould “…for once we have no inclination to comment that this music is better on the older instrument. Let Gould play it and it becomes a thing of superb power and pride on the modern piano…Glenn Gould is a pianist with rare gifts for the world. It must not long delay hearing and according him the honor and audience he deserves. We know of no pianist anything like him of any age.” – The Washington Post, 1956 LP = ASON 14853 $29.99 (150 gram vinyl)

George Michael – Faith Faith made George Michael an international solo star, selling over ten million copies in the U.S. alone as of 2000. Perhaps even more impressively, it also made him the first white solo artists to hit No. 1 on the R&B album charts. Faith’s ingenuity lies in the way it straddles pop, adult contemporary, R&B and dance music as though there were no distinctions between them. LP = ASON 23523 $29.99

Meat Loaf – Bat Out of Hell Pomp and circumstance of the grandest order for the multi-platinum Meat Loaf and his songwriting mentor, Jim Steinman. The grandiose intro to the title track was indication enough of the tone of the album, with songs stretching out over what at times seemed like musical infinity. LP = ASON 26948 $29.99

Jeff Buckley – Grace Jeff Buckley was many things, but humble wasn’t one of them. Grace is an audacious debut album, filled with sweeping choruses, bombastic arrangements, searching lyrics and, above all, the richly textured voice of Buckley himself, which resembled a cross between Robert Plant, Van Morrison, and his father Tim. LP = ASON 26950 $29.99

Herbie Hancock – Headhunters Head Hunters was a pivotal point in Herbie Hancock’s career, bringing him into the vanguard of jazz fusion. Hancock had pushed avant-garde boundaries on his own albums and with Miles Davis, but he had never devoted himself to the groove as he did on Head Hunters. Drawing heavily from Sly Stone, Curtis Mayfield and James Brown, Hancock developed deeply funky, even gritty, rhythms over which he soloed on electric synthesizers, bringing the instrument to the forefront in jazz. It had all of the sensibilities of jazz, particularly in the way it wound off into long improvisations, but its rhythms were firmly planted in funk, soul and R&B, giving it a mass appeal that made it the biggest-selling jazz album of all time (a record which was later broken). Jazz purists, of course, decried the experiments at the time, but Head Hunters still sounds fresh and vital two decades after its initial release, and its genre-bending proved vastly influential on not only jazz, but funk, soul and hip-hop. LP = ASON 26999 $29.99 (import)

Art Tatum – Piano Starts Here: Live at The Shrine Michael Jackson – Thriller A deluxe, gatefold 180-gram 25th Anniversary Edition of one of the most significant pop releases in music history! Includes a bonus LP with previously unreleased tracks, mixes and an unreleased song from the Thriller sessions. Released November 30, 1982, Thriller would go on to break all sales records while garnering a record seven Top 10 singles and 12 Grammy nominations. It remains one of only three albums to stay on the Billboard 200 Top 10 for one full year. This 25th Anniversary Edition of Thriller celebrates this ground-breaking album with previously unreleased tracks. New tracks include exclusive remixes from Kanye West, Akon, Fergie and along with previously unreleased tracks from the original Thriller sessions, newly mixed and mastered by Michael Jackson. LP = AEPI 23344 $19.99 (two LPs) (25th Anniversary Edition)

This is the second re-performance SACD to be released by Zenph Studios; the first was the completely re-created 1955 Glenn Gould Columbia recording of Bach’s Goldberg Variations. The Zenph Studios Project Team sourced the original 78s cut by Art Tatum in 1933 for the first four tracks of this CD. These were the first four commercial sides by the pianist, who died in 1956. Tracks 5 thru 13 came from a live concert presented by Gene Norman in LA in 1949. That was just when magnetic tape was being introduced in the U.S. by Ampex. The point is that the Zenph processing identifies every parameter of every note originally recorded and ignores all the noise, distortion, speed variations and other artifacts in the primitive recordings. Zenph’s computer algorithms replicate exactly what Tatum’s fingers and feet did. The album includes nine virtuosic solos recorded Live at the Shrine, along with Tatum’s first four commercial recordings from 1933, including “Tiger Rag” – considered to be his signature performance. SACD = CSON 22218 SA $19.99 1-800-716-3553 • WWW.ACOUSTICSOUNDS.COM 141


Southern Lord – Sub Pop

Band of Horses – Everything All the Time

Southern Lord LPs

Guitarist/vocalist Ben Bridwell and bassist Mat Brooke formed Band of Horses in 2004 after the dissolution of their nearly 10-year run in northwest melancholic darlings Carissa’s Weird. Carissa’s Weird trafficked in sadly beautiful orchestral pop, whose songs told unflinching stories of heartbreak and loss, leavened with defeatist humor. Band of Horses rises from those ashes. Buoyed by Bridwell’s warm, reverb-heavy vocals, the group’s woodsy, dreamy songs ooze with amorphous tension, longing and hope. Both raggedly epic and delicately pensive, this is an album painted gorgeously in fragile highs and lows. LP = ASUB 70690 $11.98

Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter – Like, Love, Lust, And The Open Halls of the Soul “Spellbound music, rapt in fatalism and sorrow.” – The New York Times The word “artist” these days is used to refer to pretty much any musician, but few songwriters or performers approach their musical life with the degree of intense concern as does Jesse Sykes. Although originally a visual artist (she holds a degree in philosophy from the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design), Sykes sings that “only music sets my soul free.” She always, however, brought a deep visual sense to her textually (and texturally) rich songwriting. Raised in the cold damp of upstate New York, Jesse Sykes moved to the cold damp of the Pacific Northwest and started to make music (described at one time by Sykes herself as “spooky American music”) that feels equally at home during a drive across the desert as it does next to a cozy fire in the woods. LP = ASNL 891 $16.98 (two LPs)

Flight of the Conchords – Flight of the Conchords This acclaimed Kiwi novelty band follow the release of their six-track Grammy Award-winning The Distant Future with their full-length debut. Features fully fleshed-out and professionally recorded versions of the duo’s concerts and TV favorites. Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement’s trademark acoustic guitars lead the blitz, backed by a diverse array of instrumentation and production technique. If amazing, delightful, and hilarious is your idea of funny, then prepare for undisappointment. These fifteen songs pay homage to Pet Shop Boys, censorship, Marvin Gaye, sexism, Shabba Ranks, and backhanded compliments.

Steamhammer CDs & LPs The Who – Live at the Royal Albert Hall Recorded live at the Royal Albert Hall on November 27, 2000. All of the big hits are here along with some lesserknown cuts. Special guests include Bryan Adams, Noel Gallagher, Kelly Jones, Kennedy, Eddie Vedder and Paul Weller. CD = CSTM 74882 $34.99 (three discs) LP = ASTM 19342 $49.99 (four LPs)

LP = ASUB 70715 $15.98

Band of Horses – Cease To Begin These songs are strikingly beautiful, if less elliptical and more straightforward, with more sophisticated arrangements than the last record, 2006’s Everything All The Time. Produced by Phil Ek. LP = ASUB 70745 $10.98

Grand Archives – Grand Archives

Stockfisch Records SACD Ravel: Miroirs & Gaspard de la Nuit/Patrick O’Byrne Patrick O’Byrne, internationally renowned pianist and professor of piano in Bremen, recorded famous piano pieces from Maurice Ravel in Northeim. Miroirs and Gaspard de la nuit belong to the most difficult pieces written for piano. O’Byrne’s interpretation on the Stockfisch SACD has it all: Impressionist sound painting to enjoy and savor. SACD = CSFR 4049 SA $29.99

Sub Pop LPs

While Seattle is famous for many things, sunlight isn’t one of them. Yet illumination and warmth suffuse the selftitled debut from this Emerald City quintet. Dark times do not necessarily call for dark music. While singer/guitarist Mat Brooke’s previous ensembles (Band Of Horses, Carissa’s Weird) often shied away from light, he’s changed direction with this band. Like the timeless classics of The Mamas & The Papas or The Turtles, it responds to the turbulent times of its genesis with hope, high spirits and a sense of camaraderie. LP = ASUB 70754 $13.98

The Shins – Oh, Inverted World

The Gutter Twins – Saturnalia

The Shins appeared out of the middle of New Mexico as if by magic, though they had been around for a while under several other names on several different labels. In a landscape of boy bands, pre-teen chanteuses, and nu metal, the literate, ‘60s-influenced jangle of the Shins’ debut seems a bizarre anomaly. This is indie rock that channels Love and Creation rather than the Ramones and Sex Pistols. LP = ASUB 70550 $9.98

The first album from the collaboration forged in late 2003 by Mark Lanegan and fellow maverick singersongwriter Greg Dulli. Saturnalia finds the Dulli-nicknamed “Satanic Everly Brothers” going even deeper into the shadows than ever before. It proves rootsy but baroque, handmade yet modernist, teeming with siren melodies that don’t resolve. LP = ASUB 70761 $13.98

Iron and Wine – The Creek Drank the Cradle

Foals – Antidotes

Iron and Wine, the recorded word of one Samuel Beam, is one of those one-guy-and-his-tape deck affairs. The Creek Drank the Cradle is filled with hushed, restrained vocals, affecting lyrics from a naturalist’s perspective, exploring relationships and the hope born from them, all of which come across as though whispered to you personally, accompanied by guitar, banjo and slide guitar. Taken as a whole, The Creek Drank the Cradle, Iron and Wine’s debut, is an ode to an older South; a part of America that is defined by “traditional values,” pastoral imagery and arcane manners. Or maybe that’s just what we want to hear.

This is the debut from Oxford, England’s five-piece dance-rock band. Completing the circuit between the minimalism of American composer Steve Reich, guitars that sound like insects, and tennis player Andy Roddick, theirs is a uniquely winning formula. Driving percussion high in the mix, guitars played above the 12th fret, no chords, and splashes of synth color all come together like the schematics for a piece of precision engineering. LP = ASUB 70775 $13.98

LP = ASUB 70600 $11.98

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Suicide Squeeze Records – Sundazed

Suicide Squeeze Records LP Minus The Bear – Menos El Oso Three years removed from the riveting full-length debut, Highly Refined Pirates, this highly stylized Seattle indie-pop group flaunts substantial glitch-riddled prog-pop on their second full-length. Weaving through territories long established by ‘70s prog-rockers (Yes, Rush), ‘80s proto punks (Fugazi) and ‘90s art rock mind-f*cks (Jawbox, Joan of Arc), Minus The Bear invoke the modern love affair between dance-driven strategy and lush, Upper Pacific sweater rock. Features appearances by Judah Nagler and Josh Staples (The Velvet Teen), Michael Richardson (The New Trust) and Heather Duby. LP = ASSQ 80047 $11.98

Kenny Burrell – A Night at the Vanguard Kenny Burrell is a genre-defining guitarist whose lowvolume fret board excursions have hushed large crowds in noisy nightclubs for over five decades. To say Burrell is a great jazz guitarist is like saying Charlie Parker played excellent alto sax. The favorite guitarist of musical legends ranging from Duke Ellington, George Benson and Dizzy Gillespie to B.B. King and Jimi Hendrix, Kenny Burrell is revered today as an artist whose recent live and recorded appearances have become events of epic proportions. Tracked for the Argo label in 1959, Burrell’s A Night at the Vanguard is a prime example of the masterful art of this Detroit native. Accompanied by a superb rhythm section of bassist Richard Davis and Roy Haynes on drums, Burrell weaves his magic before a spellbound Village Vanguard crowd. LP = ASUN 219 $19.98

Sunbeam Records LP

Kenny Burrell – Blue Bash!

Jaki Whitren – Raw But Tender Possessor of one of the finest voices of her generation, Jaki Whitren was just 19 when she recorded this soulful collection of country-tinged folk-rock in 1973. Featuring members of Matthews Southern Comfort and Fotheringhay, as well as guitar legend Albert Lee. “With all the recent fuss surrounding Gap model Joss Stone, you could be forgiven for assuming no gutsy female British teen had ever recorded an album before. But at just 18 Jaki Whitren was signed to CBS and made one of the most impressive debuts of the time.” – Record Collector “A superb acoustic folk-rock album with country and blues overtones, ranging from soft and sweet to powerful and angst-ridden.” – The Tapestry Of Delights LP = ASBM 5025 $24.99

Sundazed LPs Wes Montgomery – Smokin’ At the Half Note Smokin’ at the Half Note by Wes Montgomery and Wynton Kelly, originally released by Verve in 1965, shouldn’t need a build-up for anyone whose ears have been open for the last 40 years. When you begin a live session with 13 minutes of “No Blues,” a cornerstone of the Miles Davis Quintet with Hank Mobley, circa 1961, you’d better have your stuff together. Montgomery, one of a handful of truly great 20th century jazz guitarists, and Kelly, the ultimate piano accompanist, are backed by Miles’ fabulous Kind of Blue rhythm section consisting of bassist Paul Chambers and drummer Jimmy Cobb. This 1965 live set is indeed smoking! LP = ASUN 213 $19.98

Another side of the multi-faceted Mr. Burrell is fully revealed on Verve’s Blue Bash! by Kenny Burrell and Jimmy Smith, a 1963 set which finds the storied twosome focused strictly on blues-related material. Burrell’s flowing guitar lines are the perfect complement to the soulful sound of Smith, the man who almost single-handedly pioneered the use of the Hammond B3 organ in jazz. Backed at times by bassists George Duvivier and Milt Hinton as well as powerful big-band drummer Mel Lewis, Burrell and Smith dig into the gospel-ish “Travelin’” with as much fervor as they lavish on the Little Willie John/Peggy Lee chart item “Fever.” LP = ASUN 220 $19.98

Buddie Emmons – Steel Guitar Jazz The flying fingers of steel guitar virtuoso Buddy Emmons – unspooling blazing lines that nobody had ever heard before – made him an obvious choice for Grand Ole Opry’s national spotlight and to tour in the bands of country icons Ernest Tubb, Ray Price, Little Jimmy Dickens and Roger Miller. But this one-time child prodigy from Mishawaka, Indiana, who’d picked up the instrument at the age of 6, was always looking beyond the Nashville skyline to play in settings that would stretch his prodigious talent to the max. In 1963, Emmons conquered his musical Everest by hooking up with tenor sax man Jerome Richardson, pianist Bobby Scott, bassist Art Davis and drummer Charlie Persip to cut a landmark jazz album that opened a lot of eyes and added steel guitar to the jazzman’s everexpanding arsenal. In restoring this rare classic to vinyl, Steel Guitar Jazz has been cut from the original Mercury Records stereo masters – and it sounds positively devastating! LP = ASUN 221 $16.98

The Monkees – Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones, Ltd Wes Montgomery – Movin’ Wes

Wes Montgomery demonstrates on his 1964 Verve debut album, Movin’ Wes, just what fabulous sounds he coaxes from his instrument, no matter how he gets it done. Wes is accompanied here by a 12-piece mini-big band consisting of multi-reed man Jerome Richardson, a trumpet section consisting of Clark Terry and Basie veterans Ernie Royal and Snooky Young, trombonists Urbie Green and Jimmy Cleveland and a rhythm section of pianist Bobby Scott, bassist Bob Cranshaw and drummer Grady Tate. Wes shines like a diamond on show tunes “People” and “Matchmaker,” moody Ellington chestnut “Caravan” and a handful of originals, forever reversing the old proverb: It ain’t the way you do it, it’s what you do. Rest assured, Wes Montgomery can do it. LP = ASUN 214 $19.98


By 1967’s Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd., the band had found a balance between writing and performing their own material and utilizing the talents of their Los Angeles songwriting teams and studio musicians. The result is an artistically satisfying mix of progressive experimentalism and pop smarts. LP = ASUN 5048 $14.98

Spirit – Clear Spirit wrote the book on the sound they created: a potent synthesis of high-voltage rock, folk, jazz, blues and avant garde electronica. LP = ASUN 5082 $18.98

Hot Music

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Sly & The Family Stone – Set of 6 Titles

Sly & The Family Stone – Fresh

LP = ASUN SFS $89.00 (six LPs)

When bassman Larry Graham and drummer Greg Errico split before the 1973 Fresh sessions, Sly and the Family Stone kept the pedal on cruise-control as though nothing had happened. Refrying the old Doris Day chestnut, “Que Sera, Sera,” helped brighten the mood considerably from the almost scary sound of Riot. But even though “If You Want Me To Stay” stormed the charts, Sly’s increasingly erratic behavior was a bellwether that the glory days of Sly and the Family Stone seemed numbered. LP = ASUN 5148 $16.98

Sly & The Family Stone – A Whole New Thing A Whole New Thing, from 1967, lays the funky ‘n powerful groundwork for a revolutionary concept that ranks right up there with the pioneering studio work of the Beatles and Brian Wilson. The tunes take unexpected, necksnapping turns, and Sly’s lyrics are anything but your average pop fodder. And nobody used horns as effectively as Sly Stone. LP = ASUN 5143 $16.98

The Byrds – Live At Royal Albert Hall 1971 Sly & The Family Stone – Dance To The Music The breakthrough Top Ten single that became the name of their sophomore album was everywhere in 1968! As well as being the most innovative “introduce the band” track ever, hearing Larry Graham, Cynthia Robinson, Rosie Stone, Greg Errico, Freddy Stone and Jerry Martini name-checked by Sly is so addictive it might cost the unwary a few days in rehab. As Sly says in the liner notes, his band is “as funky as nine cans of wet magic shave.” To which Cynthia answers, “All the squares go home!” LP = ASUN 5144 $16.98

Sly & The Family Stone – Life

From their earliest days as 12-string-wielding folkrockers, to the thrilling psychedelic excursions of their raga-rock period to their 1968 birthing of country-rock, the Byrds were always accorded a hero’s welcome in England. What better place to record founding Byrds member/guitarist/singer Roger McGuinn’s new version of the band – featuring fret board ace Clarence White, bassist Skip Battin and drummer Gene Parsons – than London’s Royal Albert Hall! Rescued from a tape that had sat forgotten in McGuinn’s climatized garage for decades, this stellar 1971 set, featuring live versions of the current band’s studio faves (“Lover of the Bayou,” “Chestnut Mare”) as well as adventurous reworkings of Byrds classics (“Mr. Tambourine Man,” “My Back Pages,” “Eight Miles High,” “So You Want to Be a Rock ‘n’ Roll Star”) might be the most accurate and stirring live performance yet of the legendary Los Angeles combo. LP = ASUN 5189 $28.98 (two LPs)

Who could resist the carnival carousel oompah of the third album’s title track morphing into one of the Family Stone’s most hypnotic sides: a blood-pumping refrain that brought one of Sly’s 10 Commandments (“You don’t have to die before you live”) down from the mountain. “Fun” gets its groove on with “When I party, I party hardy,” words to live by according to WNEW DJ Rosko, who says in the LP’s notes, “You will regret you only have two ears to listen to Sly and the Family Stone.” He got that right! LP = ASUN 5145 $16.98

The Unites States of America – The United States of America The United States of America, led by respected modern classical avant garde musician Joseph Byrd, cut a wide swath through the 1968 world of rock, just then comfortably selling in to its backwoods dreams of countryrock to find the debut U.S.A. album howling like an infant terrible on its front doorstep. At the center of the U.S.A.’s fiercely experimental universe were the icy-cool vocals of the beautiful Dorothy Moskowitz, keeping this tumultuous sound from spinning out of control in every direction. Almost predictably, the U.S.A. disbanded before it could record a second album, but its brilliant, self-titled effort was

Sly & The Family Stone – Stand! By the time the Family Stone’s fourth album was released in 1969, the dam had burst: They were full-fledged rock stars! No fewer than four tracks from Stand! were certified national smashes, led by the euphoria-producing “I Want To Take You Higher” and Sly’s heroic, rainbowcoalition-evoking plea for racial tolerance, the unforgettable “Everyday People.” At the time, “People” seemed like the apocalyptic blast from Gabriel’s trumpet, waking the world to the beginning of a Brand New Day. LP = ASUN 5146 $16.98

Sly & The Family Stone – There’s a Riot Goin’ On According to legend, Sly’s disillusionment with progress in the Civil Rights movement, coupled with personal problems, led to a two-year delay before Riot appeared in 1971. What’s evident in the grooves is that the Family Stone’s sound got darker and even funkier. “Family Affair” was a monstrous chart item. Sly’s hugely successful nonalbum single “Thank You (Fallentinme Be Mice Elf Agin)” is turned on its ear here as the hypnotic “Thank You For Talkin’ To Me Africa.” LP = ASUN 5147 $16.98


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certainly one for the ages. LP = ASUN 5211 $18.98

The 13th Floor Elevators – Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators For the first time in 40 years, here it is in dangerously powerful MONO, exactly as it was intended: the stupefying debut album by Texas’ heroic psychedelic point-men, the 13th Floor Elevators. The unearthly banshee howl of Rocky Erickson, the blistering guitar of Stacy Sutherland and the demented electric jug of Tommy Hall haven’t sounded this scary since their glory days in the third eye of the lysergic hurricane. LP = ASUN 5218 $18.98

Various Artists – Don’t Press Your Luck! The IN Sound of the 60’s Connecticut The pounding garage-rock din emanating from the jungles of deepest Connecticut could overwhelm the senses, causing the weary NY commuter to become disoriented! Who knew that the most deranged ‘66-’68 teenage mayhem imaginable would come from Wallingford’s Trod Nossel Studios, whose owner/producer Thomas “Doc” Cavalier (a former dentist) recorded top-flight acts as diverse as the tough ‘n’ melodic Shags (“Don’t Press Your Luck”), the R&B-consumed Wildweeds (“No Good to Cry,” featuring a pre-NRBQ Al Anderson on vocals) and fuzzed-out punks the Bram Rigg Set (“I Can Only Give You Everything”). Sundazed presents, on double LP vinyl, the high-impact, garage-rock havoc – at least two-thirds of it totally unreleased – that finally tears the lid off Connecticut’s best-kept rock ‘n’ roll secret! LP = ASUN 5219 $24.98 (two LPs)


Sundazed – Tee Pee Records

The Pretty Things – S.F. Sorrow By 1967, The Pretty Things, the long-haired English group whose shocking, maraca-rattling, R&B-fueled sound and outrageous antics had made parents of teenage music fans long for the good old days of the Rolling Stones, had breathed in the perfumed air of psychedelia – and they’d moved on! Cut in the same studio where the Beatles and Pink Floyd were changing the world of pop music daily, S.F. Sorrow was the enthralling, cradle-to-grave saga of Sebastian F. Sorrow, a landmark release now credited with being the world’s first rock opera – a full year ahead of the Who’s Tommy. LP = ASUN 5224 $16.98

TBD Records LP Radiohead – In Rainbows Variously hailed as “the best band in the world” (Q Magazine), “Rock’s best live band” (Rolling Stone) and No. 1 of Spin’s 40 Most Influential Artists, Radiohead has arguably become the most acclaimed and adventurous force in modern music. Radiohead’s latest, In Rainbows, was originally released October 10, 2007 as a pay-what-you-wish digital download exclusively via LP = ATBD 21623 $16.98

Team Love LPs Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins – Rabbit Fur Coat Rabbit Fur Coat is a rare album in today’s marketplace: a singular collection highlighting a singular voice, and an album equally suited to the darkest parts of midnight and the bright light of day. Throughout the record, wild and wooly characters come and go – lovers, fighters, mothers, fathers and assorted chancers and charlatans – but all are grounded in Jenny’s inimitable worldview, one where the fantastic is possible but reality is sometimes far too real. Jenny Lewis’ magnificent solo debut is the only winter coat you’ll need. LP = ATLV 08 $13.98

The Pretty Things – Singles ‘64-’68 The Pretty Things never made it to America in the 1960s. While their contemporaries were touring the States, building brand recognition and layering the foundation for longterm careers in the business, the Pretty Things were toiling in clubs and concert halls across Europe, or – more bizarrely – attempting to conquer New Zealand (they succeeded only in outraging it). Whether through bad judgment, bad timing or simple bad luck that vital mid-60s U.S. tour never happened. But somehow word still got around, and for those in the know the Pretty Things became a secret touchstone, their image and their music signifying the wildest and most exciting extremes of the English sound. Despite their low profile, the Pretty Things had an impact on countless American garage bands from the Seeds to MC5. LP = ASUN 5234 $28.98 (two LPs)

A Weather – Cove The debut from this indie-folk outfit is moody and warm, rife with odes of looming loss, hopeful notes to self, and hushed revelations that speak directly to the yearning heart. It’s intimate music to curl up with. A Weather has received generous media buzz for its “lush folk,” “bedroom bards,” “quiet folk-pop,” “darkly fuzzy, warm and tender acoustic folk-pop” and “hush-pop.” LP = ATLV 126 $13.98

Sussex LP Bill Withers – Still Bill “Bill Withers came into his own on his third album, Still Bill. Released in 1972, the record is a remarkable summation of a number of contemporary styles: the smooth soul coming out of Philly, smoky, late-night funk via Bobby Womack, bluesy Southern soul, and ‘70s singer/songwriterism. It’s rich, subtly layered music, but its best attribute is that it comes on easy, never sounding labored or overworked.” – All Music Guide LP = ASUS 7014 $10.99

The Felice Brothers – The Felice Brothers Their distinct brand of songwriting and the lawless sound they’ve forged has earned them comparisons to Woodie Guthrie, a young Springsteen, and the Scorcese film, “Gangs Of New York”. In these tales of murder, pathos, lust, and love, you’ll find an honest new brand of American storytelling and song. Scruffy and scratched Americana that recalls Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark, and early Springsteen. - Time Out London The Felice Brothers’ Catskills folk is rough around the edges and intoxicating. Ryan Adams, eat your heart out. Metroland / Best Of 2007

Tacet LP Beethoven: Symphony No. 5/Wojciech Rajski Wojciech Rajski conducts the Polish Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra performing Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5. Released on 180-gram vinyl. LP = ATAC L164 $32.99

LP = ATLV 127 $18.98 (two LPs)

Tee Pee Records LP Witch – Paralyzed

Takoma SACD Leo Kottke – 6-And-12 String Guitar 6- and-12 String Guitar is the album that gave notice to the world, or the part of it that pays attention to steel-string guitars, that 24-year-old Leo Kottke was remarkable. Known to aficionados as “the armadillo album,” for its cover illustration, the collection captured Kottke’s eclectic, innovative style in all its crispness, melodic vitality and rhythmic urgency. The release in 1969 of 6- and-12 String Guitar on the Takoma label amounted to automatic recognition and approval because the label was run by John Fahey, a modern pioneer of syncopated, finger-style guitar. Kottke has gone on to record dozens of albums and become an icon in the fingerpicking acoustic guitar business with a following that Rolling Stone says elevates him to “cult level.” He is a rarity, a popular guitar hero who has the respect of leading musicians of all genres. SACD = CFAN 6503 SA $18.99

Witch is Dave Sweetapple (bass), J Mascis (drums) and Kyle Thomas (guitar/vocals), but they’re no indie-metal super group or side project; that would underestimate the band members’ commitment. This follow-up to their 2006 self-titled debut remains true to the classic heavy rock sound of the first, but has evolved as the band has learned to play to each other’s strengths. They’ve returned to their punk roots and attack with a more aggressive tempo. This record burns with hostility. LP = ATP 90085 $14.98


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Telarc – Thrill Jockey

The Drift – Memory Drawings

Telarc SACDs

The follow-up to their debut Noumena. Though the music on this release is familiar, there’s a depth to both the performance and production that feels new. The direct-toanalog tape mix is used as another instrument to help shape each song, channeling the mythos of late 60s jazz and late 70s dub classics. They’ve also expanded their influences with shades of afro-beat and disco-soul. LP = ATRL 53134 $19.98 (two LPs)

Prokofiev: Symphony No. 5 ‘Lieutenant Kije Suite’/Paavo Jarvi “I have always wanted to record Prokofiev’s Symphony No. 5,” says Jarvi. “I consider it one of the best symphonies of the 20th Century. Symphony No. 5 is brilliant in its newness, language and construction. On the other hand, Lieutenant Kije Suite shows the much lighter side of Prokofiev as he brings the character to life in a unique and almost comical way.” SACD = CTEL 60683 SA $19.99

The Control Group LP El Perro Del Mar – From The Valley To The Stars

Michael Gandolfi – The Garden of Cosmic Speculation The Garden of Cosmic Speculation, an hour-long work inspired by architect Charles Jencks’ mystical garden in Scotland and Jencks’ book of the same name. Spano conducted the world premiere of Gandolfi’s original 20minute, four-movement work at the Tanglewood Music Center in 2004, followed by performances with several American orchestras, including the ASO. It was so well received in Atlanta that, as part of the orchestra’s Atlanta School, the ASO commissioned Gandolfi to add additional movements to the piece, each of which he named after different features in Jencks’ garden. The Miami Herald wrote that the newly revised piece “manages to consistently beguile the listener, with some of the most original, masterfully scored and communicative new music heard in several seasons” and “shows evidence of a new major talent on the music scene.” SACD = CTEL 60696 SA $19.99

Ravel: Bolero/Erich Kunzel Bolero, the newest release by Erich Kunzel and the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra on the Grammy award-winning Telarc label, takes the listener on an exotic, breathtaking musical journey from Spain to Baghdad and back again. SACD = CTEL 60703 SA $19.99

Temporary Residence Limited LPs Explosions in the Sky – All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone Thirty seconds is all you’ll need to believe in the tragedyturned-majesty of All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone, Explosions In The Sky’s long-awaited fourth album. The hands-over-your-face, drop-to-your-knees opening track is only the beginning of the dominating brilliance of this record. The album is a massive leap forward, showcasing a broader instrumental range and their most focused, efficient songwriting to date. LP = ATRL 53099 $19.98

Envy – Compiled Fragments 1997-2003 Celebrating the release of their new EP Abyssal, and in conjunction with their forthcoming North American tour, Temporary Records is re-introducing Envy’s colossal back catalog. This collection of singles, rare tracks and unreleased gems maps Envy’s storied transformation from pioneering spastic hardcore masters of exquisite, triumphant doom. Originally released in 2003 on the group’s own Sonzai Records in Japan, it has never been available domestically, nor released on vinyl. “This is everything you’ve ever wanted doom to be, rife with beautifully picked guitar parts, revelatory screams, the texture we’ve all come to expect from similar acts (Pelican, Red Sparowes) and the consistency we all wish Boris had.” - Skyscraper LP = ATRL 53130 $19.98 146


El Perro Del Mar’s second album From the Valley To the Stars is a 16-track opus, chock-full of non-traditional folk songs that explore the world at large. It’s a gorgeous album, full of hope and longing. El Perro Del Mar is joined at times on the record by members of the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and the Gothenburg Symphonic Choir. El Perro Del Mar’s 2006 debut album garnered high-profile raves everywhere from Rolling Stone to Pitchfork to NPR to the New York Times. Says the London Times “A minimal Phil Spektor sound. Unique and magical.” LP = ATCG 40238 $16.98

The Null Corporation LPs Nine Inch Nails (NIN) – Ghosts I-IV Brand-new, 36-track instrumental collection on four LPs with a double gatefold jacket. Nearly two hours of all-new music composed and recorded over an intense 10-week period. Ghosts I-IV sprawls Nine Inch Nails across a variety of new terrain. “I’ve been considering and wanting to make this kind of record for years, but by its very nature it wouldn’t have made sense until this point. This collection of music is the result of working from a very visual perspective – dressing imagined locations and scenarios with sound and texture; a soundtrack for daydreams. I’m very pleased with the result and the ability to present it directly to you without interference. Please enjoy the first four volumes of Ghosts.” – Trent Reznor LP = ANUL 26 $39.99 (four LPs)

Thrill Jockey LPs Thalia Zedek – Trust Not Those in Whom Without Some Touch of Madness Zedek has remained a constant force in the indie music landscape for over 20 years, having sung with Dangerous Birds, Live Skull, and Uzi, among others. She garnered her largest audience while fronting Come and releasing four records on Matador. On her latest solo effort, cello, lap steel, and piano add restrained yet undeniably powerful touches to her pointed and dark songs. An artist of enduring quality, she’s one of the most compelling and strong performers wielding a guitar today, and this is easily the finest recording of her career. LP = ATHJ 70148 $11.98

The Fiery Furnaces – Widow City This brother-sister duo balance melody, originality and a seemingly endless arsenal of instrumental ideas. Their songs often transcend categories, redefining the pop song through rapidly changing tempos and inventive sound selections. This record, their first on Thrill Jockey, features some of the finest, catchiest Furnace compositions to date. Compelling, beautiful, strange, dense and magical, Widow City is musical terrain entirely of the duo’s making. Double LP in an old-style, tip-on gatefold jacket. Includes a coupon for a free MP3 download of the entire album. LP = ATHJ 70189 $13.98 (two LPs)


Thrill Jockey – Tonefloat Records

Thank You – Terrible Two This Baltimore band have played with the likes of Beach House, Dan Deacon, Daniel Higgs, Celebration, WZT Hearts, and Ponytail. Beat-diggers and electronic artists will have a rich resource in the recorded output of the band, each track having the potential to be chopped and screwed, looped and loped into new soundtracks and sample beds. LP = ATHJ 70198 $12.98 (two LPs + MP3)

Tonefloat Records LPs Kingfisher Sky – Hallway of Dreams Following a decision to part ways with within temptation, a band who were experiencing their first international breakthrough at the time, drummer Ivar De Graff starts writing new music with vocalist Judith Rijnveld. With diverse influences such as Heart, Clannad, Tori Amos, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, Mike Oldfield, Pink Floyd and Porcupine Tree, the writing resulted in a style that isn’t easy to categorize, though the term progressive myth rock seems to cover all bases: one moment dreamy and atmospheric, then heavy and brutal the next. LP = ATFR 43 $34.99 (colored vinyl) (import) (includes bonus seven-inch)

Tianxian Music Ltd Gold CD Various Artists – Drum Feast in China Drum Feast In China celebrates composer An Zhisuan with this Limited Edition 24-karat Gold CD housed in a beautiful wooden box engraved with gold lettering. The serial number is engraved into the wooden case. Gold CD = CTXM 009 $39.99

Saint Drum in China - Various Artists Saint Drum in China celebrates Chinese Percussion with “Plowman’s Song,” which is a Taiwanese folk song, “A Welcome Rain One Spring Night,” which features female vocals and “The Story of the Old Couple” is a song of dance. This limited edition 24 karat Gold CD is housed in a beautiful hinged wooden case engraved with gold lettering. The serial number is engraved into the wooden case. Gold CD = CTXM 007 $39.99

Anja Garbarek – Smiling and Waving As a child growing up around Oslo, Anja Garbarek learned from her father, jazz composer and saxophonist Jan Garbarek, that the only rule worth following is that there are no rules. She doesn’t take much notice of other people’s instructions – “because I always have to find my own way of doing things” – but that message stuck. It has guided her career, and is indelibly stamped across her extraordinary third album, Smiling and Waving. Recorded in 2000 in London, this strange and shimmeringly beautiful album brought together a team of mavericks who shared Anja’s conviction that the only way for music to go in the 21st century is forwards. And few modern performers are better qualified to move in that direction than Anja Garbarek. LP = ATFR 44 $34.99 (colored vinyl) (import) (includes bonus seven-inch)

Porcupine Tree – We Lost The Skyline On October 4, 2007, Porcupine Tree showed up for an in-store performance and signing session at Park Avenue CDs in Orlando, Florida, with 200 fans also in attendance. Although it was originally planned that the full band would play, lack of space dictated that it was only the two guitarists/singers Steven Wilson and John Wesley who delivered an impromptu performance, including many songs rarely (if ever) played by the band, making for a very special and intimate show. Fortunately, this one-off event was captured by a remote recording facility and the complete eight-song, 33-minute performance is now available on 180-gram vinyl in a gatefold sleeve.

Time Bomb LPs Social Distortion – Greatest Hits In the late 1970s the first raw, sloppy, speeding guitar chords began to blare from the garages and backrooms of a Southern California suburb called Orange County. They echoed a sound forged in the preceding years in the seminal punk undergrounds of New York City and London. By 1979, a 17-year-old-kid named Mike Ness had formed Social Distortion with drummer Casey Royer and brothers Rikk and Frank Agnew. Local Los Angeles KROQ-FM deejay Rodney Bingenheimer embraced Orange County music, playing highlights from its major local bands, including Social Distortion, on his Sunday night radio show. In 1981, Social Distortion released their first single, “Mainliner/Playpen,” on the Posh Boy label. By 1990, they were on a major label. This Greatest Hits album is the first ever career-spanning collection from Social Distortion. LP = ATMB 43548 $19.98 (two LPs)

Tomlab LP Thee Oh Sees – The Master’s Bedroom Is Worth Spending a Night In Following 2007’s understated and unjustly ignored Sucks Blood, this release weaves John Dwyer’s (OCS, Coachwhips, Pink & Brown) signature AM radio howl with the catchiest of driving tunes, Brigid Dawson’s gorgeous harmonies, heightened fidelity, thick spring-reverbed bombast, mighty drums and an undeniable pull. “Tunes only a soulless vampire couldn’t enjoy.” – Audio Lunchbox LP = ATLB 56717 $15.98

LP = ATFR 46 $34.99 (import)

No-Man – Schoolyard Ghosts Schoolyard Ghosts is No-Man’s sixth official studio album and the band’s first since 2003’s Together We’re Stranger. A powerful combination of memorable and heartfelt songs, ambitious and atmospheric arrangements and unique and emotive vocals, the album sees the duo of Tim Bowness and Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) expanding the band’s already rich sonic palette by collaborating with the likes of ex-American Music Club pedal steel ace Bruce Kaphan, King Crimson’s drumming powerhouse Pat Mastelotto, Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree), Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree/King Crimson) and the London Session Orchestra. LP = ATFR 48 $49.99 (two LPs) LP = ATFR 48C $69.99 (two Limited Edition colored LPs + seven-inch vinyl)

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Top Music International – Universal

Almarro: Hearing the song Listening to the silence/Leslie Ritter, female vocal & Scott Petito, guitar

Top Music International LPs Various Artists – Lover’s Romance Vol. 1 Romance of the North Sea

- Limited Edition - High Precision Mastering - Mastering Monitor: Almarro M1A - Power System: Isoclean Power Conditioning System - Mastered with Zu Cable - HQ-180-gram Premium Virgin Vinyl - Made in the Netherlands LP = ATOP 9011 $49.99

- Limited Edition - Mastering Monitor: Almarro M1A - Power System: Isoclean Power Conditioning System - Mastered with fap Cable - HQ-180-gram Premium Virgin Vinyl - Made in the Netherlands LP = ATOP 3804 $49.99

Touch & Go Records LPs Mozart: Serenades & Divertimenti/Sandor Vegh

TV On the Radio – Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes

In 1952-53 Sandor Vegh began a period of close cooperation with Pablo Casals, in which Vegh has served as his partner at the Festival de Prades. He has conducted his own chamber orchestra (1962-1964), the Gulbenkian Orchestra in Portugal (1970-1973) and the Marlboro Festival Orchestra in the United States (1974-1977). In 1962 he founded his own festival in his present home city of Cervo, Italy, where he performs with famous colleagues. In 1978 Vegh became conductor of the Mozarteum’s Camerata Academica, reorganizing the ensemble by placing in it graduates of his masterclasses.

Pop, rock and art songs about discordant living, misrepresentation, life, afterlife, love and love “after hours.” Scandalous. Undeniably catchy songs with incredible production, arrangements, champion crooning and a host of extras. “They sound like Pere Ubu meets Belfegore meets The Tar Babies meets a way less chilly Notwist with a smidge of Metric thrown in.” - Jane LP = ATAG 20954 $14.98

Pinback – Autumn of the Seraphs

LP = ATOP 3805 $49.99

Pharos – Dynamic Voices This recording features 12 tracks by Marc Canto, a 36year-old tenor who once did a contest on television as Boccelli and also performed on Dutch television in a popular opera program, and William, the Spanish-type 32 year old who was once part of the San Remo song festival in Italy. The duo is joined by the London Session Strings conducted by Roberto Bautista in this medley program. LP = ATOP 9010 $49.99

Call 1-800-716-3553 or purchase online at RECOMMENDED Track LPs (Classic Records) The Who – Quadrophenia After the worldwide success of Tommy, Pete Townshend decided to take a second stab at "rock opera" and 1973's Quadrophenia was the result. Its premise is rooted in a teenage perspective in 1964-'65, and the friction between "mods and rockers" in the London and Brighton regions of the UK. The four-way split personality of the central figure "Jimmy" has been admitted by Townshend as also being based on the distinct personalities of the four band members. The legendary Glyn Johns' production is both powerful and stunning with the writing and arrangements, featuring maybe the most tasteful use of both sound effects and synthesizers in rock recording, brilliant. This LP was mastered and cut from the original analog master tapes by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering using Classic's all-tube analog cutting system. Gatefold artwork including tipped-in 44-page booklet are given the usual Classic authenticity treatment down to the paper stock being original. LP = ATRK 2657013 $32.99 (150-gram vinyl) LP = ATRK 2657013-180 $49.99



Their fourth full-length and second on Touch & Go contains melodies that are more dynamic and aggressive. This record is tighter, the drumming more immediate and crisp. Autumn of the Seraphs is for both rabbits and people, for good days and for bad. LP = ATAG 21000 $15.98

Ubiquity LP Clutchy Hopkins – Walking Backwards Don’t ask us who Clutchy Hopkins is; we don’t know. Just Google “Who is Clutchy Hopkins” and see what comes up. This album might as well be the crackly soundtrack to a vintage spaghetti western crossed with a ‘70s porno. Rickety breaks and beats and busted keyboard sounds pop out against lush strings. It’s an eerie blend of dusty-bar blues, mariachi soul and hard times funk that sounds like it was recorded in a remote backyard shack. LP = AUBI 11221 $19.98

Universal DVD & LPs Nirvana – MTV Unplugged In New York For the first time EVER on home video…The complete performance of Nirvana – Unplugged In New York, mixed in 5.1 surround sound. Featuring two songs not originally broadcast plus five previously unreleased rehearsal performances. Includes the original broadcast version and the MTV News: Bare Witness Special featuring interviews with the band and audience members. DVD = CUNI 1026309 $19.98

The Eagles – Long Road Out of Eden “…Nearly every one of their classic rock radio staples has a doppelganger here, as the J.D. Souther-written ‘How Long’ recalls ‘Take It Easy,’ the stiff funk of ‘Frail Grasp on the Big Picture’ echoes back to the clenched riffs of ‘Life in the Fast Lane’ and while perhaps these aren’t exact replicas, there’s no denying it’s possible to hear echoes of everything from ‘Lyin’ Eyes’ and ‘Desperado’ to ‘Life in the Fast Lane.’…It’s all calculated, all designed to hearken back to their past and keep the customer satisfied, but yet it often manages to avoid sounding crass, as the songs are usually strong and the sound is right, capturing the group’s peaceful, easy harmonies and Joe Walsh’s guitar growl in equal measure.” – All Music Guide LP = AUNI 1754695 $34.99 (two LPs)


Universal – Venus

The Rolling Stones – Rolled Gold Plus The Rolling Stones are a household name all over the world, with their music reaching out to fans of all genres and ages. This collection of the band’s early hits was originally released in 1975 and contains some of the most groundbreaking and unsurpassed music in rock ‘n’ roll history. Newly expanded, Rolled Gold Plus is an extended version of the original – the first time the compilation has appeared since the mid-’70s. The brand-new edition of Rolled Gold Plus is pumped up with 12 tracks, making it 40 tracks instead of the original 28. It fills in the gaps with American singles like “Tell Me” and album cuts that have become Stones staples, along with extending the timeline into 1971 with “Brown Sugar” and “Wild Horses,” the two biggest early Rolling Stones Records singles. LP = AUNI 5303284 $54.99 (four-LP box set) (import)

UP Records LP Doug Martsch – Now You Know

The Boxmasters – The Boxmasters “Electric hillbilly music is probably the best description of The Boxmasters. But the real idea behind The Boxmasters was both musically and in live performance, it was like watching a combination of 60’s television shows like Dean Martin, Johnny Cash Show, all those variety shows, with electric hillbilly music – it’s a great blend.” – Billy Bob Thornton What do you get when you take the influence of the Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Kinks and the Animals and then combine them with Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, Roy Acuff and Hank Williams? It could only be The Boxmasters. Fashioned after a 1960’s-era mod band, The Boxmasters were founded by W.R. “Bud” Thornton and Grammy-winning engineer/guitarist J.D. Andrew. LP = AVAN 79862 $29.98 (two LPs)

Vanguard (Pure Pleasure Records) LPs Charley Musselwhite’s Southside Blues Band – Stand Back

Doug Martsch is best known for the music that he has made as Built To Spill, as well as for his work with the Treepeople and the Halo Benders. With all of these bands, the focus had been to a greater or lesser extent pop oriented. With his solo album, largely recorded at home, Doug went in a different direction, exploring his love for the stripped down folk blues medium. Quite a departure indeed from what he had done before, the minimal arrangements as well as instrumentation create a completely different sound as well as mood. The fact that Doug plays without very many effects and finger picks on much of the album seems to have opened quite a few ears to just how talented a guitar player Doug is. The lo-fi quality of the recording also adds to the immediacy of it, as does the fact that Doug plays the majority of the music himself. LP = AUPR 80099 $10.98

Outstanding ‘60s electric blues, featuring a young Musselwhite as he finds hones his distinctive harp style, and Harvey Mandel with incredible guitar accompaniment. Vanguard may have spelled his name wrong (on every record hereafter he was named “Charlie”), but this is a very solid debut especially for a 22 year old. LP = APPR 79232 $34.99

Joan Baez – Any Day Now Any Day Now is Joan Baez’ all-Dylan album, including a cover of the Richard Manuel/Bob Dylan song “Tears of Rage,” first released on The Band’s Music From Big Pink. LP = APPR 79306-7 $49.99 (two LPs)

Vanguard LPs Shawn Mullins – Honeydew Shawn Mullins’ vibrant new album Honeydew is teeming with humanity – hobos, railroad workers, traveling salesmen, homeless troubadours, fearful old people, youngsters yearning to escape from a dead-on existence and several generations of family members, living and dead. Honeydew is the follow up to Mullins’ Vanguard debut, 9th Ward Pickin’ Parlor. LP = AVAN 79830 $24.98 (two LPs + CD)

Vapor Records LP Jonathan Richman – Because Her Beauty Is Raw And Wild

Levon Helm – Dirt Farmer

Richman is one of modern music’s most original artists, and quite possibly the friendliest, most sincere live performer on the face of the earth. This is his fifth release on Vapor, and his first new album in three years. Features eleven new tracks, plus a new version of “Old World” and a Leonard Cohen cover, “Here It Is”. LP = AVAP 453180 $29.99

This is an all-acoustic offering from one of the greatest voices in Rock and Roll history. Dirt Farmer was recorded at Levon’s Woodstock, New York studio with Amy Helm (Olabelle) and famed multi-instrumentalist/producer Larry Campbell (Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Rosanne Cash). Dirt Farmer is Levon’s first solo, studio album in 25 years. LP = AVAN 79844 $24.98

Venus LPs The Watson Twins – Fire Songs

Eddie Higgins Trio – Secret Love

Fire Songs is the full-length debut by identical twins Chandra and Leigh Watson – The Watson Twins. Gaining fans in the indie-rock, folk and alternative-country music scenes, The Watson Twins – whose visual presence equals their vocal presence – can’t be easily categorized. Their music is an evocative approach to warm, familiar sounds, which intrigue and enchant. The Kentucky-born duo count folk, gospel, blues and country as early influences. LP = AVAN 79859 $29.98 (Limited Colored Vinyl)

Bop pianist Eddie Higgins has led sessions for Replica (1958), Vee-Jay (1960), Atlantic and Sunnyside; back in 1960, he recorded as a sideman for Vee-Jay with Lee Morgan and Wayne Shorter. LP = AVEN 19188 $29.99 (import) (200 gram)

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Venus – Verve (Speakers Corner)

Eddie Higgins Trio – You Are Too Beautiful

Nicki Parrott – Moon River

Veteran jazz pianist Eddie Higgins has performed and recorded with many of the biggest names in jazz, including Coleman Hawkins, Jack Teagarden, Stan Getz, Dizzy Gillespie and Wayne Shorter. His discography as a bandleader includes more than 25 recordings. LP = AVEN 19189 $29.99 (import) (200 gram)

Jazz bass player and vocalist Nicki Parrott delivers her playing and singing in a very intimate, soft and sparse style, making for a very fine and fine sounding set of jazz. LP = AVEN 19194 $29.99 (import) (200 gram)

Steve Kuhn Trio – Plays Standards

Ted Rosenthal Trio – My Funny Valentine

“Steve Kuhn has had an interesting career. A talented jazz pianist, he has worked in many types of setting through the years. He began classical piano lessons when he was five, studied with Madame Chaloff, and accompanied her son, baritonist Serge Chaloff, on some gigs when the pianist was 14. He freelanced in Boston as a teenager, graduated from Harvard, and moved to New York where he worked with Kenny Dorham’s group (1959-1960). Kuhn was the original pianist in John Coltrane’s Quartet, playing for two months before McCoy Tyner succeeded him. He was with the bands of Stan Getz (1961-1963) and Art Farmer (1964-1966)…he formed an acoustic trio in the mid-’80s, which has been his main vehicle ever since.” – All Music Guide LP = AVEN 19190 $29.99 (import) (200 gram)

Eric Alexander – My Favorite Things Boasting a warm, finely burnished tone and a robust melodic and harmonic imagination, tenor saxophonist Eric Alexander brings a seasoned veteran’s proficiency and poise to his recordings. “I’m not consciously trying to do things differently from record date to record date,” explains the 34-year-old Galesburg, Illinois native. “I’m just really adhering to formula of assembling good musicians that I’m comfortable playing with, getting quality material - a combination of originals and standards and perhaps some new arrangements on standard tunes - and trying to make the kind of recording that a jazz fan or musician can put on and enjoy listening to from start to finish.” LP = AVEN 19191 $29.99 (import) (200 gram)

Ken Peplowski Quartet – When You Wish Upon A Star “One of the top clarinetists of the 1990s and a very talented tenor player, Ken Peplowski has helped keep the tradition of small-group swing (and occasionally Dixieland) alive. He made his professional debut at ten and played locally in Cleveland. After spending 1978-1980 touring with the Tommy Dorsey ghost orchestra (directed by Buddy Morrow), Peplowski settled in New York, freelanced in a variety of settings and played with Benny Goodman. By 1987 he was a Concord artist and has since recorded frequently for that label, backing Mel Torme and Rosemary Clooney, and leading his own sets including brilliant duets with guitarist Hoard Alden.” – All Music Guide LP = AVEN 19192 $29.99 (import) (200 gram)

New York Trio – Always What a trio indeed! Bill Charlap on piano, Jay Leonhart on bass and Bill Stewart on drums, all doing jazz classics. LP = AVEN 19193 $29.99 (import) (200 gram)

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Ted Rosenthal first achieve international recognition by winning first prize in the second annual Thelonious Monk International Jazz Piano Competition. Since that time he has performed with many of the jazz greats of our time, including Gerry Mulligan, Art Farmer, Phil Woods, Bob Brookmeyer, Jon Faddis, Benny Golson and James Moody. “Rosenthal is a pianist of rarest skill, weaving rapid single note lines that span out into rich chordal patterns, parallel octaves and hints of the blues.” – Leonard Feather, The Los Angeles Times LP = AVEN 19195 $29.99 (import) (200 gram)

George Garzone & Trio Da Paz – Night Of My Beloved A powerful tenor saxophonist whose adventurous flights with his longtime band the Fringe have made him a legend in the Boston area, George Garzone has spent most of his life as a jazz educator. He began on the tenor when he was six, played in a family band, and attended music school in Boston. In addition, Garzone has guested in many situations, touring Europe with Jamaaladeen Tacuma and gigging with Danilo Perez, Joe Lovano, Jack DeJohnette, Rachel Z and John Patitucci, among others. LP = AVEN 19196 $29.99 (import) (200 gram)

Harold Mabern – Misty “One of several excellent hard bop pianists from the Memphis area, Harold Mabern has led relatively few dates through the years, but he has always been respected by his contemporaries. He played in Chicago with MJT + 3 in the late ‘50s and then moved to New York in 1959. Mabern worked with Jimmy Forrest, Lionel Hampton, the Jazztet (1961-1962), Donald Byrd, Miles Davis (1963), J.J. Johnson (1963-1965), Sonny Rollins, Freddie Hubbard, Wes Montgomery, Joe Williams (1966-1967) and Sarah Vaughan.” – All Music Guide LP = AVEN 19197 $29.99 (import) (200 gram)

Verve (Speakers Corner) LP Stan Getz with guest artist Laurindo Almeida Stan Getz’ fifth bossa nova LP was not a great sales success in the Sixties. The compositions were not at fault, nor was the somewhat forceful tone of the saxophone. More likely it was because the critics no longer regarded “New Wave” as new, and maybe they (unjustly) missed the melancholia of Astrud Gilberto’s singing on this album. Yet the voice of Brazilian singer Laurindo Almeida is full of spontaneity and inspiration, it is assured, full of freedom and expressiveness, which is not often found in such an amalgamation of jazz and Brazilian drive. Almeida composed the musically strongest number on this compilation and added to that he is also a virtuoso classical guitar player. Getz performs highly expressive solos but remains jazzy and favors long drawnout improvisations. LP = AVER 8665 $34.99

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Vice Records – Vinyl Lovers

Cream – Goodbye

Vice Records LP

Goodbye was Cream’s last album before breaking up in 1969. Originally released on Polydor in ‘69, Goodbye features their last hit single “Badge.” Half of this album was recorded live in concert and the other half features some of Cream’s most exquisite studio work. LP = AVLL 900068 $27.98

Dark Meat – Universal Indians Imagine the Stooges meeting Crazy Horse with killer marching band horns, wailing gospel backing vocals, ripping Eddie Hazel guitar leads, and Albert Ayler free jazz freakouts. Athens’ Dark Meat, a 17-piece hippie rock fest featuring double drums, boundless guitars, massive horns, strings, and ensemble voices, has been giving earth shaking performances all over the south for the last three years. LP = AVIS 80004 $16.98

Rod Stewart – Gasoline Alley Rod Stewart’s second solo effort, a rocking acoustic folk album of considerable inspiration and conviction! One of the best-selling British recording artists of all time (six consecutive No. 1 albums and 24 Top 10 singles), Rod Stewart, along with playing in the Jeff Beck Group and the Faces, was also releasing solo work as well. Released in 1970, Gasoline Alley is in a style that Stewart developed and honed and which dipped into Stewart’s working class Scottish origins. Featuring a mix of original work and well selected and executed covers, Stewart’s unique and true voice, shines on this classic record. LP = AVLL 900075 $27.98

Vinyl 180 LPs Tubeway Army – Replicas Tubeway Army’s second album, Replicas, credited to Gary Numan & Tubeway Army, was released in early 1979. Its accompanying single, “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?” was a leftfield smash, topping the UK charts and sending Replicas to No. 1 on the album listings as well. LP = AVIN 001 $24.98

Sandy Denny – Sandy “Sandy Denny’s second post-Fairport solo offering, produced by then-future husband Trevor Lucas, is a beautiful blend of the traditional style with which she is most often associated and a slightly more lavish sound that would become more prevalent in her later work. Lucas does an excellent job of balancing the two and creates an exquisite backdrop for Denny’s gorgeous songs and majestic voice.” – All Music Guide LP = AVLL 900099 $27.98

Gary Numan – The Pleasure Principle Released late in 1979, The Pleasure Principle spawned the international hit “Cars,” a Top 10 hit, and went to No. 1 in the U.K. A rock album with no guitars, Numan used synthesizers fed through guitar effects pedals to achieve a phased, heavy metal tone. Self-produced in a fortnight on the cheap, The Pleasure Principle sounded like nothing else and remains one of Numan’s most highly regarded efforts today. LP = AVIN 002 $24.98

John Cale – Fear After more than a decade spent in the USA, first as a member of LaMonte Young’s entourage, then as a founding member of the Velvet Underground, Cale finally returned home to the UK to continue producing acts as diverse as Patti Smith, The Squeeze, Sham 69, among others. He also continued to write and play music as a solo artist and 1974’s Fear, with guest appearances by fellow island musicians, Brian Eno, Phil Manzanera and Andy MacKay (Roxy Music) is his first effort back on home turf. This album is not mainstream by any means but a relatively accessible brand of Cale-crafted rock, which ranges from even and radiant to completely unhinged. Includes two

Vinyl Lovers LPs John Mayall And The Bluesbreakers – Plays John Mayall Live at Klooks Kleek John Mayall is perhaps more famous for those who passed through his band than for his actual music. One of the godfathers of British blues rock, Mayall’s debut album, recorded in 1964, just prior to Eric Clapton joining the band, with Roger Dean on guitar, was recorded live and, uncommonly for the time, featured almost all original material. Three bonus tracks. LP = AVLL 900013 $27.98

John Mayall And The Bluesbreakers – Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton This seminal British blues album gave Clapton the chance to finally show his chops, not surprisingly, launching Clapton into stardom. Recorded in 1966 during Clapton’s short stint with the Bluesbreakers, just after leaving the Yardbirds and before he joined Cream. Includes four bonus tracks. LP = AVLL 900020 $27.98

bonus tracks. LP = AVLL 900105 $27.98

New York Dolls – Too Much Too Soon “After the clatter of their first album failed to bring them a wide audience, the New York Dolls hired producer Shadow Morton to work on the follow-up, Too Much Too Soon. The differences are apparent right from the start of the ferocious opener, ‘Babylon.’…Not only were they punk rock before punk rock was cool, but they remained weirder and more idiosyncratic than any of the bands that followed. And they rocked harder, too.” – All Music Guide LP = AVLL 900112 $27.98


long live analogue

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Vinyl Lovers

Nico – The End

Traffic – Mr. Fantasy

Originally released in 1974 and produced by John Cale, The End found Nico caught in a dark no-man’s land inhabited by ghosts of her past, the late Jim Morrison on “You Forgot To Answer” and her cover of the Doors’ “The End,” her teenage rapist on “Secret Side” and her homeland on the controversial rendering of the German national anthem “Das Lied Der Deutschen.” Cale, Eno and Manzarek all play on the album and the result is a kind of pre-goth dance of the dead. LP = AVLL 900129 $27.98

Riding fairly high on the success of their singles, the band, whose members included Jim Capaldi, Steve Winwood, Chris Wood and Dave Mason, released its 1967 debut LP, which also soon shot up to the number 16 slot on the UK albums chart. Aided by their use of unusual instruments (Winwood played the organ, Wood played flute and Mason the sitar) they created a hybrid of pop/blues rock with a sound that was somewhat unique for the time and which soon made them international superstars. This deluxe reissue includes five bonus tracks and a poster. LP = AVLL 900181 $27.98

The Allman Brothers Band – Eat A Peach

Cream – Wheels of Fire

Released in 1972 as an ode to fallen brother Duane Allman, Eat A Peach is widely considered among the very best of the Allman Brothers’ vast output. The record is split between new-at-the-time studio recordings and classics recorded live from the Fillmore East sessions. There’s also a round of studio tracks recorded before Duane’s death. Classic cuts include “Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More,” “Melissa,” “One Way Out,” “Trouble No More,” “Blue Sky” and “Little Martha.” LP = AVLL 900136 $35.98 (two LPs)

Like the band’s previous two released, Cream’s third album, Wheels Of Fire (1968), also topped the charts. Although it was criticized at the time for being a somewhat disjointed album, divided into one LP of new studio material and one LP of live material, it redeems itself because “White Room” has gone down in the annals as one of the great moments in Rock and Roll. Features four bonus tracks including the super rare “Desert Ride.” LP = AVLL 900198 $35.98 (two LPs)

Joe Jackson – Look Sharp!

T. Rex – My People Were Fair & Had Sky in Their Hair...But Now They’re Content to Wear Stars

Joe Jackson’s 1979 debut, featuring the Top 40 hit, “Is She Really Going Out With Him?” not only made Jackson an instant star, both in his native UK and abroad, it also helped further propel sharp witty new wave a la Elvis Costello to greater exposure around the world. But Jackson was no copycat, and his sharp songwriting has earned him five Grammy nominations over the course of his career. Contains two bonus tracks and a pin like in the original release on 10” LP format. LP = AVLL 900143 $35.98 (two 10-inch LPs)

Before Marc Bolan became the glam rock superstar behind T. Rex, he was just a hippy boy with a guitar writing mystical Tolkien-inspired folk songs populated by fairies and ogres. But thanks to producer Tony Visconti, this boy and his trusty drum-playing friend Steve Peregrin Took soon had a record contract and this was their debut album, which actually made it to the top of the British charts in 1967. Contains one bonus track plus lyric sheet. LP = AVLL 900204 $27.98 (two LPs)

Cream – Fresh Cream

Os Mutantes – Mutantes

When the band formed in 1966, Eric Clapton was already fairly well known by this time, having already performed and recorded with the Yardbirds and John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers. But it wasn’t until Cream that Clapton became a global superstar. Breaking free of the traditional rock and roll song for a more improvisational/jazz influenced take, the band’s long jams gave birth to a whole new approach to rock music. When their debut album Fresh Cream was released in 1966 it immediately became the standard by which all other bands of the era were judged. Includes five bonus tracks.

Fusing traditional Brazilian music, psychelia, rock and a good dose of pure experimentalism, with the release of their 1968 debut, OS Mutantes quickly became giants in the outer fringes of pop music, soon reaching mythic proportions. On their second album, Mutantes, released in 1969, the band continued in this same vein of boundary crushing, featuring tracks like the futuristic “Dois Mil e Um.” LP = AVLL 900211 $27.98

LP = AVLL 900167 $27.98 (180 gram) (five bonus tracks) LP = AVLL 990168 $27.98 (140 gram) (clear red vinyl) (no bonus tracks)

John Mayall And The Bluesbreakers – Hard Road More than a compilation, this album is a complete document of the Bluesbreakers’ recordings with Peter Green, of which “A Hard Road” was just the most prominent part. Contains 16 bonus tracks, including several non-LP singles (among them the 1967 B-side “Rubber Duck,” which has never before appeared on LP. LP = AVLL 900174 $35.98 (two LPs)

The Cure – Faith Recorded in 1981, this classic album took the band further down the road of despair with an album full of mournful atmospheric rock, including their hit single “Primary.” Includes six bonus tracks from the CD deluxe version. LP = AVLL 900228 $35.98 (two LPs) (180 gram) LP = AVLL 990229 $27.98 (140 gram) (grey vinyl)


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Vinyl Lovers

The Cure – Pornography

The Alan Parsons Project – Tales of Mystery and Imagination

Pornography, still considered by many to be their best, was the band’s darkest album to date, cementing their role as beacons of the emergent gothic rock genre, with the band sporting their signature red lipstick and big hair look for the first time during this tour. LP = AVLL 900235 $35.98 (two LPs) (180 gram) LP = AVLL 990236 $27.98 (140 gram) (clear red vinyl)

This debut album released in 1976 was a concept album, with the songs based on the writings of Edgar Allen Poe and Alan Parsons and Eric Woolfson. Parsons had just finished work on Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and had produced for EMI Records. Woolfson, a songwriter and composer, was working as a session pianist. Based on Woolfson’s Edgar Allen Poe concept, the two wrote the songs for this album with Parsons producing and engineering. The album was well received, with the song “The Raven” featuring vocals by actor Leonard Whiting. Includes two bonus tracks with eight-page booklet. LP = AVLL 900280 $27.98

Rod Stewart – The Rod Stewart Album Rod Stewart’s 1969 debut album was critically acclaimed in both the UK and the US, and Rod was hailed as an inspired singer and songwriter on the cutting edge of a new kind of folk rock. Features Keith Emerson on organ. LP = AVLL 900242 $27.98 (two LPs)

Julian Cope – World Shut Your Mouth By the time World Shut Your Mouth, Cope’s solo debut, was released in 1984 the Teardrop Explodes had only just disbanded. Cope by this time had a considerable reputation as being a drug fiend and borderline lunatic, but he knew how to use these qualities to his advantage, both musically and in terms of PR. Cope knowingly launches himself into an ethereal world, at times wistful, at times angst ridden inspired psych influenced space pop. LP = AVLL 900303 $27.98

The Allman Brothers Band – At Fillmore East Considered by many to be one of the best live albums of all time, this classic, album by the Allman Brothers, recorded at the pinnacle of their success, was a huge hit for the band. In 1971 the Allman Brothers were already one of the most popular groups in America, but by the time this album hit the streets their brand of Southern rock had become a national obsession. One of Rolling Stones’ “500 Greatest Albums Of All Time,” it was the band’s last with guitar hero Duane Allman who was killed in a motorcycle accident later that year. Contains two bonus tracks. LP = AVLL 900259 $35.98 (two LPs)

John Cale – Slow Dazzle After more than a decade spent in the USA, most prominently as a member of the Velvet Underground, Cale finally returned home to the UK to continue producing acts such as Patti Smith, the Squeeze and Sham 69, among others. He also continued as a solo artist and 1975’s Slow Dazzle, is his second release on his native soil, with guest appearances by Brian Eno, Phil Manzanera, Chris Spedding and Andy MacKay. LP = AVLL 900266 $27.98

The Cure – Seventeen Seconds Released in 1980 as the follow up to their debut album, Three Imaginary Boys, and featuring a new lineup that included Simon Gallup and Mathieu Hartley, this is the album that gave the band their first hit (“A Forest”), and also began to solidify the brooding atmospheric sound that would soon make these fathers of goth international pop icons. Special limited edition on white vinyl. LP = AVLL 900358 $35.98 (two LPs) (180 gram) LP = AVLL 990359 $27.98 (140 gram) (white vinyl)

The Jam – This is the Modern World The band’s second album was released in 1977, just after their debut record. Despite generally bad reviews from critics at the time, the album does have its shining moments (“Life From a Window” and “The Modern World,” for example). But it is also interesting as a piece of history for its lyrical content, which, as the album’s title promised, is a snapshot of a day in the life of the declining British Empire during the late 1970s. Eight bonus tracks from the BBC sessions. Gatefold jacket. LP = AVLL 900365 $27.98

John Cale – Helen of Troy Helen Of Troy, featuring Brian Eno, Chris Spedding and Phil Collins, and released in 1975, was Cale’s third and final release for Island. It is a dark and eclectic look into the soul of music on the dawning of the punk rock era. Featuring a cover of Jonathan Richman’s brilliant “Pablo Picasso” and the title track “Helen Of Troy.” LP = AVLL 900273 $27.98

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New York Dolls – New York Dolls The year: 1973. The band: the New York Dolls. Coming on stage looking like a bunch of doped up drag queens and sounding like a train wreck, they split rock and roll wide open and suddenly there was something new. The deranged son of rock and roll: punk rock. And kids all around the globe went, “oh yeah!,” and picked up an electric guitar and a feather boa. LP = AVLL 900372 $27.98

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Vinyl Lovers – Vocomotion Records

Os Mutantes – A Divina Comedia Ou Ando Meio Desligado

The Velvet Underground – White Light / White Heat

The third album, released in 1970 from these geniuses of whacked out Brazilian psychedelic rock. They may have been trying to pay homage to their better-known icons back in the States, but in doing so created something that went beyond all that until, 30 years later, they became the ones that everyone was trying to imitate. This album is further testimony to their limitless creativity. LP = AVLL 900389 $27.98

If the Velvet Underground’s debut record was a shot at the conventions of rock music, White Light/White Heat, released on Verve later that same year (1967), was a full on nuclear blast. Relative to this record, The Velvet Underground & Nico was a gentle slab of folk-rock. From the amphetamine-fueled, and inspired, opening of the title track to the 17 minute assault that is “Sister Ray” White Light/White Heat hardly lets up for a second, with the haunting “Here She Comes Now” being the album’s only mellowing moment. One of the most difficult, challenging and ultimately beautiful pop records of all time, considered

Stevie Wonder – Talking Book Released shortly after Wonder completed his 1972 tour with the Rolling Stones, and peaking at No. 3 in the U.S., it is the second release in what is widely regarded as his classic period, a period in which Wonder broke completely with the Motown sound and philosophy. Despite the strong initial disapproval of label execs, Wonder forged ahead and was rewarded with phenomenal success, forcing Motown to grant him complete artistic freedom over his work and proving to the music industry that R&B artists could find widespread appeal with rock audiences. Featuring the No. 1 pop and R&B hit, “Superstition.” Gatefold jacket. LP = AVLL 900396 $27.98

by many to be the Velvets greatest record. LP = AVLL 990045 $27.98 (140 gram) (clear purple vinyl)

Cream – Wheels of Fire Like the band’s previous two released, Cream’s third album, Wheels Of Fire (1968), also topped the charts. Although it was criticized at the time for being a somewhat disjointed album, divided into one LP of new studio material and one LP of live material, it redeems itself because “White Room” has gone down in the annals as one of the great moments in Rock and Roll. Features four bonus tracks including the super rare “Desert Ride.” LP = AVLL 990199 $27.98 (studio version) (140 gram white vinyl)

John Mayall – The Turning Point Recorded live in 1969 during a show at NYC’s famed Fillmore East just after Mick Taylor left to join the Rolling Stones. The album instead featured the guitar playing of Jon Mark and John Almond on sax and flute but no drums. This created a sound that was radically different from their previous releases. Contains three bonus tracks. LP = AVLL 900402 $35.98

Cream – Wheels of Fire-Live Like the band’s previous two released, Cream’s third album, Wheels Of Fire (1968), also topped the charts. Although it was criticized at the time for being a somewhat disjointed album, divided into one LP of new studio material and one LP of live material, it redeems itself because “White Room” has gone down in the annals as one of the great moments in Rock and Roll. Features four bonus tracks including the super rare “Desert Ride.” LP = AVLL 999192 $27.98 (live version) (140 gram white vinyl)

Rod Stewart – Never a Dull Moment Rod Stewart’s second album, released in 1971, hit No. 1 in the UK and US and songs “You Wear It Well” and “Twisting The Night Away” were huge international hits as well. And it is easy to see why after giving Never A Dull Moment a spin. His own special brew of folk rock is rock solid on this album. This is Rod Stewart at his creative peak still sounding his very best. LP = AVLL 900419 $27.98

Virgin LP Sex Pistols – Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols Britain in 1976 was a country divided by class and deeply wounded by industrial unrest and unemployment. The music industry was almost comatose and the effect was over-blown supergroups producing self-indulgent “progressive rock.” Consequently, the stage was set for four working-class, individualistic and dispossessed teenagers to create chaos and mayhem among the established order of the music business in 1977. They produced one of the most influential albums in rock music. They were the Sex Pistols. LP = AVIR 2086 $39.99 (import + seven-inch)

Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On Originally released in 1971, the What’s Going On album is widely considered to be Marvin Gaye’s masterwork. A social commentary on American life that remains poignant 30-plus years later. However, executives were initially dead set against its release, calling the single “uncommercial.” Thankfully the executives eventually relented and the song soon became a huge hit, going down in history as one of the greatest R&B songs of all time. Includes two bonus tracks and gatefold jacket. LP = AVLL 900426 $27.98



Vocomotion Records LP Voices on the Dark Side – Dark Side of the Moon A Cappella Dark Side of the Moon A Cappella is an all-vocal version of Pink Floyd’s magnum opus Dark Side of the Moon. No instruments were used in the recording of this unique version of the album. Eight singers and one “vocal percussionist” (similar to a beatboxer) recreate the original work in its entirety. The album was recorded without breaks between the tracks (as in the original), and is as close to the original in timing as possible. Produced and mixed by the renowned a cappella producer Freddie Feldman, this recording breaks new ground in both the worlds of a cappella and rock. LP = AVOM 107 $35.00


Volcom Entertainment – Warner Brothers

Volcom Entertainment LP Birds Of Avalon – Outer Upper Inner Minimal overdubs and editing made for a quick and experimental session that was perfect for the band’s new songs on this title. Raleigh, NC’s Birds Of Avalon drive their catchy, complex songwriting to simpler, hazier pastures for a good counterpoint to the denser full-length. LP = AVLM 2349 $10.98

The White Stripes – Conquest Number three of three new singles from The White Stripes’ latest album, Icky Thump – each version comes on different colored vinyl in a deluxe 7” pic sleeve with bonus trading card and poster. This version (red vinyl) features an alternate “acoustic mariachi version” of the single “Conquest,” backed with the previously unreleased “Cash Grab Complications On The Matter,” both produced by Beck. LP = AWAR 402748 $5.99 (seven-inch 33 1/3 red vinyl)

R.E.M. – Accelerate

Warner Brothers LPs, DVD & CD Seal – System System is the latest installment of Seal’s massively successful career, and first new material since 2003’s Seal IV. System, with it’s shimmering melodies, glistening layers of synths and acoustic guitar, and supple, electronic beats, “is a return to my roots,” Seal says. “I wanted to go back to the guitar, to the very first instrumental I wrote ‘Crazy’ and ‘Killer’ on, and get back to the fundamentals of what I really love to do.” For what he calls a “quintessential Seal album,” Seal opted to collaborate with Stuart Price, best known for his work on Madonna’s Confessions On A Dance Floor. Indeed Seal’s pure vocal gift – his soaring baritone that has become a signature on such hits as “Kiss From A Rose,” “Fly Like An Eagle” and “Get It Together” – amplify the dreamy atmosphere on new tracks “Swoosh,” “Amazing” and “Wedding Day,” an emotional ballad Seal wrote the morning he wed supermodel Heidi Klum, with whom he has three children. LP = AWAR 279868 $18.98

R.E.M. – R.E.M. Live The fourteenth album from modern rock’s most acclaimed band – a 2007 inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – is R.E.M.’s first live album. R.E.M. Live documents performances in February 2005 at the Point indoor venue in Dublin, Ireland, a city that has become a second home to the band. With a set list of nearly two hours, spanning the band’s entire career, R.E.M. Live offer the “greatest hits” on stage. LP = AWAR 303740 $44.98 (three LPs + Bonus DVD)

The White Stripes – Conquest Number one of three new singles from The White Stripes’ latest album, Icky Thump – each version comes on different colored vinyl in a deluxe 7” pic sleeve with bonus trading card and poster. This version (black vinyl) features the Spanish-influenced single “Conquest,” backed with the previously unreleased “It’s My Fault For Being Famous,” produced by and featuring Beck. LP = AWAR 402620 $5.99 (seven-inch 33 1/3 black vinyl)

The White Stripes – Conquest Number two of three new singles from the White Stripes’ latest album, Icky Thump – each version comes on different colored vinyl in a deluxe 7” pic sleeve with bonus trading card and poster. This version (white vinyl) features the Spanish-influenced single “Conquest,” backed with the previously unreleased “Honey, We Can’t Afford To Look This Cheap,” produced by and featuring Beck. LP = AWAR 402684 $5.99 (seven-inch 33 1/3 white vinyl)

Accelerate, the first studio album in four years from R.E.M., finds modern rock’s most acclaimed band returning to the striped-down, guitar-driven power that first enraptured fans. Helmed by the band and, for the first time, Jacknife Lee (co-producer of U2’s ‘05 Grammy Album of the Year How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb, The Hives and Snow Patrol), Accelerate puts the 2007 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame group once again firmly behind the wheel of alternative rock, a genre R.E.M. helped invent. LP = AWAR 418620 $29.98 (two 45-RPM LPs + CD)

Madonna – Hard Candy Madonna’s 11th studio album, and her final record under her Warner Bros. contract, features vocal collaborations with Justin Timberlake, Pharrell Williams and Kanye West along with production credits from Timbaland, Timberlake, Williams and Nate “Danja” Hills. LP = AWAR 470972 $32.98 (one black LP) (two candy LPs + bonus cd)

The Raconteurs – Consolers of the Lonely The Ranconteurs are a new band made up of old friends, consisting of Jack Lawrence, Patrick Keeler, Brendan Benson and Jack White. The seed was sewn in an attic in the middle of a hot summer when friends Jack White and Brendan Benson got together and wrote a song that truly inspired them. The inspiration led to a creation of a full band with the addition of Lawrence and Keeler. While each of these four individuals have had successful careers with their own bands, the culmination of all of their talents is what truly makes The Raconteurs a force to be reckoned with. Their second album, Consolers of the Lonely, contains 14 new recordings. This LP is 180 gram vinyl with a tri-fold sleeve. It was mastered at AcousTech by Kevin Gray from 1” tape. LP = AWAR 456060 $29.98 (two LPs)

The Raconteurs – Salute Your Solution “Salute Your Solution,” the lead track from the Raconteurs album Consolers of the Lonely – now available as a 12” single, cut at 45 RPM. Limited Edition. Get ‘em while they last! LP = AWAR 511322 $10.98 (12-inch 45-RPM single)

we love this stuff 1-800-716-3553 • WWW.ACOUSTICSOUNDS.COM 155


Warner Brothers – XL Records

James Taylor – Mud Slide Slim For the follow up to his classic Sweet Baby James, which rivals Tapestry’s place in the boomer canon, archetypal sensitive singer-songwriter Taylor wisely elected not to stray too far from the approach that had worked so well on his previous album. One of the most memorable tunes here, “Hey Mister That’s Me Up On The Jukebox” is one of the more effective songs to bemoan the plight of the lonely balladeer, evidence that Taylor mined the introspective troubadour style long before it became a mawkish sham. In other words, don’t blame the father for the sins of the wayward sons. Mastered from the original analog tapes. LP = AWAR 305980 $24.98

ZZ Top – Fandango Released in 1975, ZZ’s blazing follow-up to Tres Hombres features equal Texas-sized helpings of studio and live cuts, including “Thunderbird,” “Backdoor Medley” and their all-time classic “Tush.” Side Two of this classic, recorded in the studio, is as good as it gets both musically and sonically. Side One was recorded live at the Warehouse in New Orleans in 1975. This is a stone-cold killer! Mastered from the original analog tapes. LP = AWAR 306172 $24.98

Water Lily LP Trumpet & Organ: Music of the Baroque/Ronald Thompson, trumpet & Emma Diemer, organ One-step plating process. Mastered by Tim de Paravicini and pressed at RTI. Baroque chamber music by Bach, Telemann, Buxtehude and others. A sonic delight! Co-produced by Conrad Johnson. LP = AWATLE 13 $19.95 (Limited Edition)

He Xun-Tain & Dadawa – Paramita The master producer He Xun-Tian presents a brand new wonder. The same team that brought you Sister Drum (including the famous female singer Dadawa Zhu Zhe-Qin) creates a grandeur celestial reality where the mantras of Heart Sutra are ringing in a beautiful way to be memorized easily. With pipa melody played by 81 musicians, drums that electrify your senses and New Age touch mixed with Zen poems, this album is not Buddhist music or Chinese folk songs, but an audio alchemy of Eastern and Western music to fulfill the hearts of all the people in the world. In 2002, He Xun-Tian was invited to compose a musical work to celebrate the rebuilding of Lei-feng Tower of Hang-zhou, and the result is this amazing Paramita. With no complicated philosophy or difficult melody, the music expresses a simple beauty. The 260 Chinese characters of Heart Sutra flow like a tender river with his magical rhythm, and carry you to a celestial reality full of the light of wisdom and love. XRCD = CWND 85258 $24.98

Dadawa – Seven Days Dadawa is the artistic name of Zhu Zheqin, a young Chinese woman who is celebrated both in China and the West. Dadawa has been well received in the West, the beauty of her voice and soft, ambient music appealing to both fans of Asian and New Age music. She is a native of Changsha, Hunan, China and has traveled China and the world extensively as both a musician and adventurer. Dadawa’s many performances and recordings have received rave reviews in the New York Times, Time Magazine, Washington Post and The Times. Dadawa returns to singing with 2006’s Seven Days, an album that finds Chinese folk melodies replacing the Tibetan ones of previous albums while keeping the lush, ambient orchestration. Musically, the concept heads more towards Chinese traditional folk songs. However, her trademark beautifully sung melody lines, East Asian percussion and ambient electronic and classical instrumentation persists. XRCD = CWND 89149 $24.98

XL Records LP Tapes ‘N Tapes – Walk It Off The Minneapolis-based band’s first record since 2006’s widely lauded The Loon which established them as ones to watch. Tapes ‘N Tapes’ signature sound is distinctly their own concoction: shaky vocals, bursts of lo-fi guitars, and haunting keyboard refrains. Jittery rock that’s found the sweet spot where experimental song structure meets melodic accessibility. The unique in an era of slick 80s chic, mixing the opaque jams of Pavement with the bruised-teen freakiness of The Pixies, while adding cocktail jazz and TexMex folk music like thrift store finds. - Spin LP = AXLR 40338 $18.98

Wind Music XRCD2 CDs Various Artists – Eastern Fragrance Sound of East Asian instruments combine to create the sensation of dancing amidst a floral garden. This unique album effortlessly caught worldwide attention at the Music Exhibition of MIDEM in France. It employs Asian instruments to portray the extraordinary nature of bamboo, the calming fragrances of chrysanthemums, the alluring gestures of plums and the charming character of pine. Sit back and relax in this harmonious natural scene, sense the gentle Eastern breeze as you listen to these distinctive melodies. Beautiful garden scenery is portrayed by the traditional Chinese instruments in this recording.

RECOMMENDED Warner Brothers LP

XRCD = CWND 80003 $24.98

Rickie Lee Jones – Rickie Lee Jones Easily one of the most impressive debuts by a singer/songwriter ever. This one features a very strong collection, highlighted by the hit "Chuck E's in Love." "Grounded in jazz, copping its wit from jump blues, the music Ms. Jones made transformed the American musical canon into her private theater and hiding place." – The New York Times "Rickie Lee Jones is, arguably, the greatest song stylist of her generation." – Interview Magazine

Tengger – Tengger Heaven A famous vocalist, Tengger grew up in the Mongolian wild prairie. His unique voice possesses the same strength and spirit of the Mongolian people who often have to fight against harshness of nature for survival. However, beneath the stern façade, the hidden gentle feelings for the love of his hometown are also secretly revealed through the songs that he composes and sings. XRCD = CWND 85002 $24.98

Mastered from the original analog tapes.

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LP = AWAR 306108 $24.98

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Last Minute Additions

Domino LP


ADOM 181

4 Men With Beards LPs A4MB A4MB A4MB A4MB

164 165 511 512

17.98 16.98

Fat Wreck Records LP

Broken Social Scene – Feelgood Lost (two LPs) 18.98

AFWK 70729

Scarlett Johansson – Anywhere I Lay My Head (Limited Edition)

Whiskeytown – Strangers Almanac (two LPs)


Getback Records LP 19.98

Retribution Gospel Choir – Retribution Gospel Choir (Limited Edition) 19.99 Muddy Waters – I'm Ready

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – Have Another Ball! (LP + CD) 12.98

Geffen LPs AGEF 1102001


AGET 2037

John Mayer – Where the Light is: Live in Los Angeles (four LPs) 39.98

Nina Simone – Black Is The Colour Of My True Love’s Hair


Guided By Voices, Inc. LP AGBV 01

Robert Pollard – Robert Pollard Is Off to Business


Hear Music DVDA & LP AHER 30895

Columbia LPs ACOL 22665

19.98 12.98

Billy Bragg – Mr. Love & Justice Lyrics Born – Everywhere At Once

AEPI 174281 AEPI 28088

Blue Sky (Pure Pleasure Records) LP APPR 34928

Los Lonely Boys – Forgiven Love As Laughter – Holy

Epic LPs

Aural Exploits LP AAUR 3001


ADRG 367

Atco LP AATC 454588

Bonnie ‘’Prince’’ Billy – Lie Down In the Light

Drag City LP 19.98 19.98 19.98 19.98

Arts & Crafts LPs AA&C 5


Anne Briggs – Anne Briggs Anne Briggs – The Time Has Come Bauhaus – The Sky’s Gone Out Bauhaus – Burning From the Inside

Anti LPs AANT 86712 AANT 86804

The Last Shadow Puppets – The Age of the Understatement

CHEAR 30822

John Mellencamp – Life, Death, Love And Freedom (LP) John Mellencamp – Life, Death, Love And Freedom (DVDA)


U2 – October U2 – War U2 – Boy

19.98 19.98 19.98


Columbia (Pure Pleasure Records) LPs APPR 9737

Laura Nyro – New York Tendaberry


Concord LPs ACON 30846

John Williams – Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of The Crystal Skull (two Original Soundtrack LPs) 24.98

Coppertree Records LP ACTR 006

Phosphorescent – Aw Come Aw Wry (import)


Island LPs AISL 1082901 AISL 1083201 AISL 1084301

Language of Stone LP ALAN 007

Silver Summit – Silver Summit


Matador LP AMAT 10828

Darla Records LPs ADAR 700891 ADAR 701111

My Morning Jacket – Tennessee Fire (colored vinyl) (two Limited Edition LPs) My Morning Jacket – At Dawn (colored vinyl) (two Limited Edition LPs)

ADGR 2530402 ADGR 139383 ADGR 2707097 ADGR 2531093

AMER 1147601


Naim LPs ANAM 110

Mozart: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 19 & 27/ Fricsay 34.99 Strauss: Also Sprach Zarathustra/ Karajan 34.99 Chopin & Liszt: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 1/ Abbado 34.99 Mahler: Symphony No. 9/ Giulini/ Chicago Symph Orch (two LPs) 65.00 Messiaen: Quatuor pour la Fin du Temps/ Barenboim 34.99 Eleanor McEvoy – Love Must Be Tough


ANON 79669



Charlie Haden – The Private Collection (three LPs)


Wilco – Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (two LPs + bonus CD)


Endless Boogie – Focus Level (two LPs)


Dr. Dog – Fate (LP + CD)


No Quarter LPs ANOQ 013

Park The Van LP Polyvinyl Record Co. LP APRC 157


Sugarland – Love On The Inside

Nonesuch LPs


Diverse Records LP ADIV 012


Mercury Nashville LP 24.98

Deutsche Grammophon (Speakers Corner) LPs ADGR 18383

Fucked Up – Year of the Pig

Architecture In Helsinki – Like It Or Not EP



Last Minute Additions

PPM Records LP APPM 14

Tonefloat Records LPs Eric Copeland – Hermaphrodite



122 166 182 200

The Use of Ashes – White Nights: The Hand of Tzafkiel Porcupine Tree – Lightbulb Sun (two LPs) (import) Porcupine Tree – Lightbulb Sun (two numbered Limited Edition colored LPs)

ATFR 56 The Libertines – Up the Bracket British Sea Power – The Decline of British Sea Power (two LPs) The Fiery Furnaces – Gallowsbird’s Bark The Libertines – The Libertines The Fiery Furnaces – Blueberry Boat (two LPs) British Sea Power – Open Season

14.98 19.98 15.98 14.98 19.98 15.98

Justin Currie – What Is Love For Will Hoge – Draw the Curtains

19.98 16.98


Rykodisc LPs ARYK 10924 ARYK 10929


34.99 44.99 54.99

Touch & Go Records LPs ATAG 20862 ATAG 20879

Polvo – Exploded Drawing Polvo – Shapes

16.98 12.98

Jamie Cullum – Catching Tales (import)


Universal LP AUNI 9873431

Universal Records (Japanese Imports) LPs Saddle Creek LPs ASAD 120

Son Ambulance – Someone Else’s Deja Vu (two LPs)


Ween – Pura Guava


Schnitzel LP ASHN 1255210

Secretly Canadian LP ASEC 177

Bodies of Water – A Certain Feeling


9003 9004 9006 9007 9008 9009 9010

Beethoven: Symphony No. 6/Karl Bohm R. Strauss: Also Sprach Zarathustra/Karl Bohm Strauss: Don Quixote/Herbert von Karajan Tchaikovsky: Herbert von Karajan – VSO Mozart: Piano/Karl Bohm – VSO Chopin: Etudes/Karl Bohm – VPO Orff: Eugen Jochum – Berlin Deutsche Opera

49.99 49.99 49.99 49.99 49.99 49.99 49.99

Maggie Bell – Queen Of The Night Maggie Bell – Suicide Sal

27.98 27.98

Gnarls Barkley – The Odd Couple (two Limited Edition LPs)


Vinyl Lovers LPs 14.98

AVLL 900433 AVLL 900440

Sony LPs ASON 97695

Matisyahu – Youth (two LPs)


Waxploitation LPs AWAX 8001

Sub Pop LPs ASUB 70727 ASUB 70770

Oxford Collapse – Remember The Night Parties CSS – Donkey

11.98 13.98

Hot music for Summer!

Sundazed LPs ASUN 5212 ASUN 5213

Dennis Wilson – Pacific Ocean Blue (three LPs) (blue vinyl) The Astronauts – Competition Coupe

36.98 16.98


Table of the Elements LPs ATOE 95 ATOE 97

Oren Ambarchi – A Final Kiss On Poisoned Cheeks 19.98 Lee Ranaldo – Countless Centuries Fled Into The Distance Like So Many Storms 19.98


70153 70187 70190 70196 70199 70201

Extra Golden – Ok-Oyot System Extra Golden – Hera Ma Nono Tunng – Good Arrows Thalia Zedek Band – Liars and Prayers The Accidental – There Were Wolves Arbouretum & Pontiak – Kale (Limited Edition)

12.98 12.98 12.98 12.98 12.98 12.98

Tompkins Square LPs ATMP 1738 ATMP 1745

James Blackshaw – Celeste/Sunshine James Blackshaw – Lost Prayers & Motionless Dances/White Goddess


New West LPs Norah Jones – Live From Austin TX What a ride it's been for Norah Jones since that night in March 2002, when she revealed her rich, seductive tones performing in a cramped room above an Indian restaurant in downtown Austin at a South by Southwest showcase. A few months later she recorded her first Austin City Limits. Now, after five years, many millions of CDs sold, a shelf full of Grammy awards, and worldwide acclaim, Norah returns to ACL as one of the most successful and respected recording artists of the decade. This performance from June 14, 2007, includes some of those now classics that captivated an audience longing for heartfelt music. It also highlights her growth as a serious songwriter on her third record, Not Too Late. LP = AWST 5017 $24.98 (two LPs)

15.98 1-800-716-3553 • WWW.ACOUSTICSOUNDS.COM 159



All mastered at AcousTech by Kevin Gray and Steve Hoffman and pressed on HQ 180-gram vinyl at RTI. We’ve heard either test pressings or final production copies of each of these mega hit records, and our advice is to buy ‘em all! These are true audiophile-grade major releases!

Because Sound Matters! Warner Brothers isn’t cutting corners with their latest batch of LPs. Everything – the titles, IN STOCK! James Taylor Sweet Baby James AWAR 274300 $24.98

COMING SOON James Taylor Mud Slide Slim AWAR 305980 $24.98

IN STOCK! ZZ Top Fandango AWAR 306172 $24.98

Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio Midnight Sugar CTBM 10024 SA $32.99

Rickie Lee Jones IN STOCK! Rickie Lee Jones AWAR 306108 $24.98

IN STOCK! ZZ Top Tres Hombres AWAR 274492 $24.98

Isao Suzuki Trio-Quartet Blow Up CTBM 10022 SA $32.99

Joni Mitchell IN STOCK! Blue ARHI 74842 $24.98

Ayako Hosokawa Mr. Wonderful CTBM 10031 SA $32.99

the mastering, the pressing, the artwork – is audiophile-grade.

To order, call 1-800-716-3553, or order online at

George Kawaguchi’s The Big 4 The Big 4 CTBM 10033 SA $32.99

Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio Live at the Misty CTBM 10038 SA $32.99

Masayuki Takayanagi/ Ginparis Session

CTBM 10023 SA


Isao Suzuki Quartet +1/ Blue City

Sunao Wada Quartet +2/ Coco’s Blues

CTBM 10025 SA


Hiroshi Fukumura Quintet/ Morning Flight

CTBM 10037 SA


Teruo Nakamura Group/ Unicorn

CTBM 10026 SA


Terumasa Hino Quintet/ Live!

CTBM 10039 SA


Hidefumi/ Toki Quartet/ Toki

CTBM 10027 SA


Shoji Yokouchi Quartet/ Blonde on the Rocks

CTBM 10040 SA



CTBM 10028 SA


Yoshiko Goto/ Day Dreams

CTBM 10041 SA


Shigeko Toya With the Masaru Imada Trio

CTBM 10029 SA


Kosuke Quintet/ Mine

CTBM 10042 SA


Mari Nakamoto/ Unforgettable

CTBM 10030 SA


Masaru Quartet/ Now!

CTBM 10043 SA


Hidehiko Matsumoto/ Sleepy

CTBM 10032 SA


Mine, Kosuke Quartet with Kasai, Kimiko

Hideto Kanai Quintet/ Concierto de Aranjuez

CTBM 10034 SA


Yellow Carcass in the Blues

CTBM 10044 SA


Masaru Imada Trio/ Standards

CTBM 10035 SA


CTBM 10046 SA


Isao Suzuki Trio/ Black Orpheus

CTBM 10036 SA









The Reference Room includes Avalon Sentinel loudspeakers, the Pass Labs X1 preamplifier and matching 350.5 amplifier, the Manley Labs Steelhead phono preamp, the SME 20/2 turntable with a Shelter Harmony cartridge and the SME 30/2 turntable with a Koetsu Jade cartridge. Avalon speakers designed by Neil Patel.

We built the Acoustic Sounds Showroom so that we’d have a dedicated and treated area to evaluate our audio equipment and recordings. It also serves as a space to offer our customers products that may not be available through our mail-order catalog or that may be limited by territorial restrictions. We aim to make the Acoustic Sounds Showroom the finest demonstration space for truly high-end, two-channel audio. Our team of audio experts welcomes your inquiries about the products, and we sincerely hope that you’ll visit our Showroom in Salina, Kansas to hear exceptional Hi-Fi for yourself. Call us at 800-716-3553 to make an appointment.

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